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Suburban_elk’s observant eye, the desire to follow a thought wherever it may lead, and his dark wit make blogging awesome. These aren’t even a best-of; they are fragments of longer comments that he wrote within the same week or two, which I made into memes here.









Camille Paglia Connects the Transgender Fad with Cultural Collapse

What interests me, is — which culture is collapsing and which is ascendant? The modern West has many cultures, and the prevailing expression of liberalism isn’t anyone’s here, whether by upbringing or by a conscious choice.

As introduced in the YouTube video below: “Author, art professor, feminist, and cultural commentator Camille Paglia speaks on the current transgender mania, the wisdom of early medical & surgical intervention (calling it ‘child abuse’), and how the explosion of gender identities is a recurring sign of cultural collapse throughout the history of civilization.”

She calls out the social mechanism for drug-induced interruption of puberty and unalterable surgical sex changes:

I personally believe that anyone who collaborates in an intrusion to a developing child’s body and mind is guilty of child abuse. A crime against humanity, because such a child is not prepared to make such a decision […] I think that it’s become a fashion. The ‘transgender’ definition has become a kind of convenient label for young people who may simply feel alienated.

At the end of the video, she calls it evil. Or as put in this fantastic cover/parody of Eminem’s White America:

All I hear is: “Nazi, Nazi, time to end all this
White supremacist patriarchy”
From kikes and feminists,
Commies telling women that man is the problem
And chopping the dick off a toddler
Cause you think his gender is wrong
Is a commendable option

But this degenerate present
Has us reminiscing the past
When then the same Satanic shit
Was met with swastika flags

She goes on to describe feminism along Heartiste’s own definition, which is: “The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.” Is she a reader? In her words:

The collaboration of the bureaucratic machinery has to do with the assault on masculinity… Everything is about expanding women’s rights, but it is also about terminating men’s, and defining men out of existence. Masculinity is by definition toxic, masculinity does not exist.

Paglia speaks rapidly, in the manner familiar to those who know highly intelligent people whose thoughts race ahead of their words. Based on a short conversation she and I had two decades ago, I can confirm that she is also exceedingly charming in person.

Here she makes the connection between sexual decadence and the broader cultural one:

I have always been fascinated with the subject of androgyny… I explored it in history. The more I explored it, the more I realized that historically, the movement toward androgyny occurs in late phases of culture, as a civilization is starting to unravel. You can find it again and again in… Greek art and all of the sudden see it happening. All of the sudden… the sculptures of handsome nude young men athletes that used to be very robust in the archaic period suddenly begin to seem like wet noodles.

The people who live in such periods, in late phases of culture, whether it’s the Hellenistic era, whether it’s the Roman empire, whether it’s the Mauve Decade of Oscar Wilde in the 1890s, whether it’s the Weimar Germany…

She said “Weimar.”

… people who live in such times feel that they’re very sophisticated, they’re very cosmopolitan. [Fey voice] Homosexuality, heterosexuality, so what, anything goes, and so on. But from the perspective of historical distance, you can see that it’s a culture that no loner believes in itself.

And then what you invariably get, are people who are convinced of the power of heroic masculinity, on the edges. Whether they are the Vandals and the Huns, or whether they’re the barbarians of ISIS, you see them starting to amass on the outside of culture, and that’s what we have right now.

There is a tremendous — and rather terrifying — disconnect between the infatuation with the transgender movement in our own culture, and what’s going on out there.

When you read mainstream liberal articles, at The New Yorker and such, you will pick up on an effeminate sensibility, along with an elegiac note in the prose. The barbarians aren’t always from another country.

“You Will Not Replace Us”

Small flash-mob rallies in liberal-controlled cities; larger demonstrations in Red State locations, where police is less likely to attack pro-White participants. That’s the lesson of the earlier experience in Charlottesville.

Richard Spencer & co promised that they’ll be back, and indeed they revisited Charlottesville last night, also with tiki torches. This was a smaller-scale repeat of the unqualified success of the nighttime portion of the August 11-12 Unite the Right rally.

“You will not replace us” is the call to arms. The slogan has rustled some jimmies. How does the establishment and its SJW proxies oppose that without forfeiting any pretense to legitimacy in the eyes of observers? Forget legitimacy for a moment — how do you oppose that slogan and not be a monster? The chanting begins by the video’s 7:00-minute mark:

A man then speaks into the megaphone after 7:30:

Hello Charlottesville, we’re back and we have a message. We’re back and we’re gonna keep coming back.

You will not replace us!

You will not erase us!

After this short introduction, Richard Spencer takes the megaphone:

Charlottesville, your city has become symbolic. It’s become symbolic for the oppression of speech. That is, our speech. Speech that your mayor and the Governor of Virginia might disagree with. Your city is now symbolic of their suppression of our rights as U.S. citizens. Your city has become symbolic for the tearing-down of the symbols of the history of this nation. The history of our people, of White people of Virginia and of the South, and of the entire United States. Your city has become a symbol of this great erasure of who we are.

(A female voice begins shrieking in the background, carries on for the length of the speech.)

We always come in peace. We came in peace in May, we came in peace in July, we have come in peace right now. And we will continue to come in peace to speak at your city because we care about our heritage. We care about who we are. Not just as Virginians, not just as Southerners, but as White people — White people in this country, and White people around the world. We care about who we are and we will take a stand.

(Spencer’s voice now takes on an impassioned note.)

We’ll take a stand at Charlotesville, we’ll take a stand in Washington DC, we’ll take a stand anywhere and everywhere. So you’re gonna have to get used to it. You’re gonna have to get used to the alt-Right. You’re gonna have to get used to White identity. You’re going to have to get used to uncucked young men who are willing to stand for our future, so get used to it. There’s gonna be a lot more crying, sweetheart…

(Laughter among Spencer’s comrades)

… I’m sorry about that. But we’re gonna come back. We’re gonna come back again and again and again. Gentlemen, let’s sing a song that you and I know good and well.

They sing Dixie. Then, they chant “You will not replace us” and merry laughter follows. Then, they chant several times:

The South will rise again!

Russia is our friend!

Other people then speak. Watch it while the video it is still up on Youtube.

Well done, gentlemen.

The Right To Bear Arms (meme by a CH reader)

More an oracle than a commenter, Captain Obvious at Chateau Heartiste created this graphic:


This one hits instantly, which is the measure of a meme.

Americans, being normal people who do what normal people do, have rolled over for every abuse: integration, immigration, abortion. Flight makes more sense than fight where escalation gets you total war. But they have been firm in defense of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The right to bear arms, we feel it in our gut, is the line that must be held because once you are disarmed, there is neither a fight nor a flight option.

Senator Ben Sasse, Cuckservative Eloi


He’s the adult wearing the red shorts. Take a look at Richard Spencer’s remarkably good article. The gist: Senator Benjamin Sasse (R-Neb.) tweets “muh Russia.” Spencer zings him, in response to which the senator retaliates with a volley of eleven replies that at turns insult Spencer and wax cuckservative. In the linked article, Spencer comments on the senator’s prolixity:

With a PhD from Yale, Sasse, no question, has high intelligence. But a man like Sasse truly reveals the limits of mere intelligence. For what’s the point of intelligence if one’s soul remains that of a goofball and pushover? Sasse has apparently written a book about being an adult without really becoming one, for being an adult—and not just a smart soy boy—means putting aside childish things.

Among those eleven tweets, Spencer receives unsolicited advice on how to be happy, upon which he reflects:

One of Sasse’s saddest moments is when he tells me that I would be happier if I simply gave in and believed what he believes. I’m a pretty fun guy . . . but perhaps he’s right? Perhaps I would be “happier” if I clung to his gooey Americanism, much like a dying man clings to rosary beads or a crumpled photo of his sweetheart. But to even offer this advice is to assume that “happiness” is a value. I’ve visited retirement homes, preschools, and facilities for the mentally retarded; in all cases, the constituents seemed exceedingly happy.

Happy. The face of another buffoon whose emotional life begins and ends with happy:


There are sociopaths, as well as goodhearted but credulous people in mainstream politics. What they have in common is their reliance on childish language to articulate their relationship — and by virtue of their public role, our connection — with manifest reality. Those of us who find that level of communication deceptive or inadequate don’t trust these men’s good faith and judgment, respectively. People who say things like this sincerely:


… are not psychologically equipped to deal with the great unraveling, when every event in the news contradicts their disavowals of identity politics.

Earnest civic nationalism is the home of an unserious person. Times have changed since the centrist consensus of the Reagan era. When events belie the banalities about “universal dignity,” the fallacy of insufficient cynicism becomes, to put this gently, the intellectual error of the Eloi. Guileless adults, when compelled by a universalist ideological narrative, are led to make an idol of equality. What’s at the end of that road goes by a number of names, among them something one Rev. Jim Jones had termed “revolutionary suicide.”

People's Temple Cult Commits Mass Suicide In Guyana

Women Are Choosing

There is a youngish married woman who, contrary to all of her apolitical or Trump-supporting girlfriends, is an armchair social justice warrior who makes a daily habit of squirting anti-White posts on Facebook. Her friends roll their eyes when her name comes up and some have unfollowed her because they find her posts irritating.

She is an anachronism. On matters of identity, there is nothing left to debate. What’s left is signalling. In other words, informing your peers on where your loyalty belongs.

NFL’s Take a Knee campaign is a prominent example of such signalling. It was never a debate on “freedom of expression” — it is an affirmation of identity. White GenZ kids are getting red-pilled younger and younger as events pull them onto history’s stage.