Senator Ben Sasse, Cuckservative Eloi


He’s the adult wearing the red shorts. Take a look at Richard Spencer’s remarkably good article. The gist: Senator Benjamin Sasse (R-Neb.) tweets “muh Russia.” Spencer zings him, in response to which the senator retaliates with a volley of eleven replies that at turns insult Spencer and wax cuckservative. In the linked article, Spencer comments on the senator’s prolixity:

With a PhD from Yale, Sasse, no question, has high intelligence. But a man like Sasse truly reveals the limits of mere intelligence. For what’s the point of intelligence if one’s soul remains that of a goofball and pushover? Sasse has apparently written a book about being an adult without really becoming one, for being an adult—and not just a smart soy boy—means putting aside childish things.

Among those eleven tweets, Spencer receives unsolicited advice on how to be happy, upon which he reflects:

One of Sasse’s saddest moments is when he tells me that I would be happier if I simply gave in and believed what he believes. I’m a pretty fun guy . . . but perhaps he’s right? Perhaps I would be “happier” if I clung to his gooey Americanism, much like a dying man clings to rosary beads or a crumpled photo of his sweetheart. But to even offer this advice is to assume that “happiness” is a value. I’ve visited retirement homes, preschools, and facilities for the mentally retarded; in all cases, the constituents seemed exceedingly happy.

Happy. The face of another buffoon whose emotional life begins and ends with happy:


There are sociopaths, as well as goodhearted but credulous people in mainstream politics. What they have in common is their reliance on childish language to articulate their relationship — and by virtue of their public role, our connection — with manifest reality. Those of us who find that level of communication deceptive or inadequate don’t trust these men’s good faith and judgment, respectively. People who say things like this sincerely:


… are not psychologically equipped to deal with the great unraveling, when every event in the news contradicts their disavowals of identity politics.

Earnest civic nationalism is the home of an unserious person. Times have changed since the centrist consensus of the Reagan era. When events belie the banalities about “universal dignity,” the fallacy of insufficient cynicism becomes, to put this gently, the intellectual error of the Eloi. Guileless adults, when compelled by a universalist ideological narrative, are led to make an idol of equality. What’s at the end of that road goes by a number of names, among them something one Rev. Jim Jones had termed “revolutionary suicide.”

People's Temple Cult Commits Mass Suicide In Guyana

Women Are Choosing

There is a youngish married woman who, contrary to all of her apolitical or Trump-supporting girlfriends, is an armchair social justice warrior who makes a daily habit of squirting anti-White posts on Facebook. Her friends roll their eyes when her name comes up and some have unfollowed her because they find her posts irritating.

She is an anachronism. On matters of identity, there is nothing left to debate. What’s left is signalling. In other words, informing your peers on where your loyalty belongs.

NFL’s Take a Knee campaign is a prominent example of such signalling. It was never a debate on “freedom of expression” — it is an affirmation of identity. White GenZ kids are getting red-pilled younger and younger as events pull them onto history’s stage.