Whom Does This Political Ad Help?

An outfit called the Latino Victory Fund created this … unsubtle political ad against Ed Gillespie, the GOP candidate in the 2017 Virginia governor race. Gillespie is not reputed to be farther to the right than an ordinary establishment Republican.

Civic nationalism is confirmed dead. Traditional American iconography has been conceded to Whites, beginning with the NFL’s racialization of the “Star Spangled Banner.” With this campaign ad, we have come closer to completing a circle — as originally codified by U.S. Congress in the Naturalization Act of 1790 and now confirmed in every way but de jure, America is a White nation.

51 thoughts on “Whom Does This Political Ad Help?

  1. On the one hand, this feeds into the musings of those on the left. Or at least, fuels that narrative about such things.

    But on the other, it comes across as stupid. Maybe because I’m not an idiot, but–well, now, as I write this, I get what you’re saying PA. Maybe some folk’ll shake their head trying to make heads or tails about this.

    I see it as shitlib fodder for them and their ilk. I guess I’m seeing it as favoring the shitlibs since their entire spectrum of anything political is always fear and that Whitey is bad.

  2. — I sense great meme potential with this

    Lucius Somesuch writes at CH:

    “OMG try this out! Play the ad without the sound, then crank this for your alternate soundtrack!”

    I just did it. Make sure both videos begin at the same time — uncanny sych. LOL!

  3. This is the type of stuff Democrats will have to do more and more frequently to stoke up the non-white turnout as whites leave the party and as their National Leaders focus on their “b-bb-bbbut Russia!!” obsession, which puts blacks and Hispanics to sleep.

    CNN ran that “Terror in Charlottesville!!” headline for 5 days, I think.

  4. The Bond track made me crack a smile. Those two combined need to be their own video. Fade to black right before the ‘reject hate’ part comes on and it’s golden.

  5. The video is downright campy, it’s so hamhanded. Nonetheless, the anti-White hate is real. The fact that no token “good white” is shown blows the fig leaf off multiculturalism. The video will push yet another lib and cuck toward the AltRight, aka racial and ethnic identity. (Hence the title of the post).

    Years ago, Steve Sailer noted that it’s not memory past atrocities that stokes ethnic hatreds, it’s the sight of foreign children playing on the land where yours should rightfully be playing. Real estate, in other words. For Americans, seeing your iconic leafy suburb with all of those foreign kids there … the video is reaching somewhere deep.

    Speaking of Sailer, I didn’t know this when writing the post but he already had this video up, along with some background info. Apropos the Hispanic discussion, two very white conquistador-Americans have produced this ad: actress Eva Longoria and gay designer Henry Munoz.

  6. lolz I’m sure the AyRab “vote” will just love how that ad Bennetons their hijabette with a bugeyed non-descendent of one of their 17 million nagger slaves.

    “Virgina had a few . . . (((optional extras))). . . installed.

    “Brace yourself!”

  7. Lucius, that 007 tune was an uncanny find. I thought the same thing about the Abeed with the Mohametanette. Maybe they’re trading off the muzz vote for the black vote. Or they’re just dummies in a liberal bubble.

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  9. Yes… That video is so amazingly dissonant for how absolutely out of place all the minokids happen to be. In other words, only the white truck driver appears to be in a “hood” of his own while neither the nigger, migger, sand jigger nor zippity zipper actually collectively collates ON THEIR OWN ACCORD in order to give rise to a neighborhood of such obvious whitey feelz.

  10. I will gladly vote for Ed Gillespie in this pozed out shitlib bastion where I live. A Gillespie win will cause more SWPL screeching around here. And I love it!

  11. Wagner’s Flight Of The Valkyrie or Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony would be good soundtracks to that ad too.

  12. “There are still some people who are willing to go out and clean the trash off the streets themselves.”

    Neighborhood watch: It works.

  13. Cut to black, then:

    Report Crimes, Suspicious Activity and Suspected Child Exploitation of Missing Children

    Call ICE (866) 347-2423
    or Contact us at
    Washington Field Office
    2675 Prosperity Avenue 3rd Floor
    Fairfax, VA, 20598-5216
    Phone: (703) 285-6200

    Email: Washington.Outreach@ice.dhs.gov

  14. I absolutely LOVE it when a political ad will yield the exact opposite of its leftist producers’ intent.

    I laughed my way through the entire minute. “Where’s the wall? Does the truck have ICE on its door?”

    The only thing I can say is that some states (example CT) are so saturated with invaders that an ad such as this might actually work. I don’t know about VA (but most of those East Coast states are so f’ed up that I tend to think they’re as irredeemable as is Sweden.)

    We’re in a step-wise dance from “This is intolerable” to “We’re doing something about it.” Those who came to the USA because its people invited exploitation (from Mestizos doing manual labor to Indians (dot) helping to loot Medicare/Medicaid) will go home as soon as lifeboat ethics of a major economic bust blossom. Readers of this blog are at the leading edge of seeing an ad like this as an instruction manual, but when the Gravy Train of limitless borrowing ends, that wave will turn into a 100 meter tsunami.

  15. — There are still some people who are willing to go out and clean the trash off the streets themselves.

    Now that you mention it, they did get corralled near a dumpster.

    — Neighborhood watch: It works.

    That’s why Obama’s DOJ tried to outlaw it by criminalizing Zimmerman’s act of self-defense.

    — I don’t know about VA (but most of those East Coast states are so f’ed up that I tend to think they’re as irredeemable as is Sweden.)

    Northern Virginia (DC suburbs) is densely populated and diverse, but its White residents are heavily upper-middle-class and liberal/cuckservative. It was one of the few spots in the country that voted for Rubio in the 2016 GOP primaries. Drive two hours southwest, and you start seeing Confederate flags everywhere.

    Coastal mid-Atlantic is very f’ed up but not irredeemable. Ironically, it’s the highest income zip codes surrounding DC that are the worst, with Middle Eastern mystery meat service sector workers and foreign-born brown middle classes. The mid-tier counties are diverse but still solidly White, with plenty of self-segregation. White teenagers in service sector jobs and White blue-collar workers is the norm.

  16. Man, that was a great video PA.

    Truck driver was badass. If we just drive out trucks down the street, we’ll win!

    “Here come de white man….run!”

  17. The purpose of the video is to provide moral cover to the leftists for tomorrow’s next leftist -backed violence.

    See the Nov. 4 and 8 leftist protests.

  18. Looks like a typical (((Hollywood))) movie condensed into 1 minute. Only thing missing is the truck going over a cliff at the end and exploding.

  19. LOL, this commercial really explains why the Middle East is such a lovely place to leave – full of these same angelic children and totally devoid of hat-wearing. white confederate males!!

    We’ve got vast areas in Atlanta that have demographics similar to this commercial, and this is how they look:

    “Little Mogadishu” aka Clarkston

    And those little innocents all grown up!!

  20. If the ad was in any way true to life,and if the creators had a sense of humor,the ad would show the little beaner waking up and an adult beaner male come to the bed…and get all Kevin Spacey on his ass.

  21. This is one of my favorite political ads of all-time. It’s right up there with Willie Horton.

    The people who actually take this ad seriously are the same ones who post on twitter about their “woke” 8 year olds who are ready to resist the Orange Cheeto Drumpf.

    PS – I am a fan of loud guitars, and the way this ad is edited ensures it pairs well with hard charging hard rock songs. My personal favorite is the proto-punk anthem, “City Slang.” If you start both videos at the same time, Fred “Sonic” Smith sings “No place to run” at the moment the mystery meat squad are chased into the alley by the Confederate Truck. I rewatched the ad a few times while the song kept playing, and it still made sense.

    Some other songs that paired well in a thematic and rhythmic manner were “Four Horsemen” and “Creeping Death’ by Metallica, “The Hunter,” by Danzig, “Search and Destroy” by Iggy and the Stooges, “Bite it you Scum” by GG Allin, “Overkill” by Motorhead, and of course, ‘White Power” and “Boots and Braces,” by Skrewdriver.

    Sto Lat!

  22. Liberal cognitive dissonance – they run an ad about white men mowing down innocent burka-wearing Muslims in the USA… and guess what happens in NYC? Muslim runs down 8 people in a rented Home Depot truck.

    But they can still maintain the fantasy that “confederates” are the biggest threat to the safety of non-whites in the USA today.

  23. There are two ways of seeing this ad.

    Black Pill: SJWs always project. Running down White kids in leafy suburbs is what they are now green-lighting. The ad is an a-priori justification for the coming attacks against us.

    White Pill: The Left lives in a delusion-bubble, as evidenced by the unreality of what’s shown and by their inadvertent defiling of the mohammedan girl. They are afraid of us and desperate to hold their coalition together.

    [Blogging-wise October was an all-time best month in traffic, both in terms of unique visitors (past record was Feb. 2016) and page views (Sep. 2016). Those numbers are well into the thousands. Thank you for reading, and to the bloggers who link to my posts.]

  24. This ad is ridiculous. I would like to get a liberal white person’s opinion on it. I could see some of them talking about how scary the truck driver is.

  25. This ad is especially relevant after the recent Truck Bowling incident in NYC. I guess it sucks to be a tourist in the Big Apple. Most of the dead apparently didn’t have the average New Yorker’s ability to run-and-hide.

  26. Time’s up. Score is Trump 42, gutless keyboard liberals 0.


    NFL’s biggest sponsor making a big ruckus over the protests, says league fails to get situation “under control”. The owners are going to panic right away.

    I knew it would all fall apart as soon as it started costing players actual $$$. They don’t have the conviction or the guts to stick it out permanently if it costs money $$, thus proving that their BS claims of “police brutality” never had any merit in the first place.

  27. Nobody is really serious today except straight white males.

    We lose our jobs, families, freedom and lives over this stuff. I consider any liberal or mino to be posers. They are not revolutionaries anymore.

    That’s why I’m not afraid of antifa or BLM action types. They don’t have the conviction.

  28. PA: “White Pill: The Left lives in a delusion-bubble, as evidenced by the unreality of what’s shown and by their inadvertent defiling of the mohammedan girl. They are afraid of us and desperate to hold their coalition together.”

    I believe this is correct. we’re living through the mother of all narrative collapses. MAD (mutually assured destruction) means it probably won’t go hot (unless it goes REALLY hot). and the interwebs means it probably won’t stop. just a slow, steady, high-definition march towards a more truthful human conversation.

    the next major assaults from the Abyss will likely through AI and genetic engineering. the red queen never sleeps.

  29. — the red queen never sleeps.

    An eye on the next war.

    The peril of the first half of the 20th century was the belligerence among militarized European ethnostates. Communism during the second half of the century entailed massive industrial pollution, the threat of a nuclear war, gulags, and then-recent memory of Jewish-led Bolshevik genocides.

    (Note that I am not listing the Communist economic model as one of its evils; at macro-scale, there are tragic tradeoffs between the extremes of efficient free market and sclerotic centralized economy.)

    The current peril is the population replacement of Whites through the flooding of the West with genetic garbage.

    Various versions of post-humanism, if that’s what’s on the horizon, would be qualitatively different than what we’re dealing with now, but just as evil.

  30. Latino Victory Project

    Cristóbal J. Alex


    Prior to launching Latino Victory with Henry R. Muñoz III and Eva Longoria, Cristóbal spent more than five years in philanthropy serving at both the Open Society Foundations and the Ford Foundation. During that time Cristóbal led more than $60M in investments designed to increase political participation in communities that have been historically excluded from our democracy.

    Sara J. Le Brusq

    Vice President

    Sara obtained her M.S. in Global Affairs from New York University while working in the office of philanthropist and global financier George Soros…


  31. WT*F – I just noticed the “them/them/theirs” at the end of the email I sent about the DNC not wanting to hire straight white males? Anyone else notice that?!!

    That’s her preferred gender pronouns. OMG, and she’s got it listed as a normal part of her email signature.

  32. Listing one’s Preferred Gender Pronouns is now the protocol in liberal circles such as university administration.

    As to the Latino Victory Project, no surprise that this filth is traced to Soros.

    The Newsweek article reads like wishful thinking. They wish we envisioned antifa like killer robots.

  33. Curious why they zoomed in on southern Maryland and a very remote part of the Eastern Shore. Those are rural low-density areas. The state’s worst traffic is on/around the top part of the DC Beltway and the I-270 corridor running north-west, connecting Washington DC with the so-called technology corridor and dense suburban development of lower Montgomery County. The I-95 / 295 corridor between DC and Baltimore is almost as heavy.

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