The New Fletcher Memorial Home

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. –– from The Deceleration of Independence


Above from left to right, in haiku form:

Failed his term. Equipped
not, to wrestle the beast. Then,
loathed America.

Not American.
A Chicago wallflower.
Not a President.

Never honored his
word. WASP aristocracy
old blood gone occult.

Simian grin. Wrong way
after 9/11. Lives
and limbs thrown away.

Lucifer’s capo.
Butterball concupiscence.
Butcher of Waco.

Imbecile traitors,
five is enough. So enters
the God-Emperor.

Songs written by Roger Waters, whose father Lt. Eric Fletcher Waters was killed in the battle of Anzio when Roger was one year old, are landscapes haunted by pointless waste. In The Fletcher Memorial Home, he sends the tyrants to their proper resting home. He gets the names wrong but he worked with what he knew.

15 thoughts on “The New Fletcher Memorial Home

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  2. Italian Gaga
    (Ciccone too) donned demon
    mask, now can’t remove

    Sunny sweethearts meet
    Pedowood, MK Ultra
    Bye, Brittney, Miley

  3. In other news, it looks like the deep state is laying the Trump piss dossier at the feet of Clinton. Along with their Russia collusion fiasco ending up a Clinton-Russia uranium bribery case, it looks like they want her out. Clear the decks.

    (And never mind Obama’s role in all of this. Please.)

  4. Article in today’s WaPo: “After Charlottesville, things began to change for Trump’s GOP critics in the Senate”

    Flawed as it was, Charlottesville is still helping to highlight the most loathsome race-traitor cucks for all of Trump’s base to see.

  5. Recent topic of highway overpass banner — Brett Stevens on Gab came up with a killer phrase. Not in the banner context but it works perfectly:

    “Diversity Is Over”

  6. You must have some heavy juice, PA. I see Roissy winging you:

    “Bonus Shiv (it’s all related once you identify the anti-White source malignancy): PA on why Whites shouldn’t race-mix. The cruelest and truest of shivs: the cold heart gazes upon one’s own children and remains unmoved when it sees nothing of oneself in them.”

  7. Have liberals and SJW’s have done little else besides “scream helplessly at the sky” over Trump since November?

    They act as if he has all power over everything under the sun. When those two big hurricanes came they even blamed it on Trump killing Obama’s bullshi*t Paris Climate “deal.”

  8. The original post covers living Presidents. I created one for Reagan for a comment at CH today:

    California pride,
    grandeur, rushing time, Hinckley.
    Bye, California

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