Private and Public Hell

Toward the end of yesterday’s Periscope, Vox Day goes on a fascinating tangent about the development of the Gamma male and the Social Justice Warrior. Replying to someone’s question, he explains how SJWs are the way they are because they are dealing with personal pain that in many cases, especially among the males, has its origins in their low social status during their formative years:

For every boy, there comes a critical moment when the boy has to decide whether he’s gonna stand up and fight or whether he is going to try to talk his way out of it. And the boys who talk their way out of it, if they allow themselves to delude themselves into thinking that they had won a victory, they are at extreme risk of becoming Gamma males and SJWs.

And the reason is, that they’ve began to lie to themselves about reality. They’ve began to construct, to lay the foundations of the delusion bubble that they’re surrounded in. Because the key thing about both Social Justice and Gamma males is that they lie relentlessly to themselves. They lie to everyone else, but the first person that they lie to is themselves.

And so… I think that you could build a moderately reasonable case to argue that they are literally insane. I’m not totally sure about that… but their rejection of reality and their insistence on the ability of their words to construct the reality that they prefer, is something that is at least akin to madness.

Their lies to themselves involve the idea that others are fooled. They also involve the idea that they had been victorious.

He offers Pajama Boy and John Scalzi as examples of deluded Gamma males. Specifically in their cases, their grandiose claims of being formidable debaters.

There is so much dishonesty and so much delusion tied up in it, that you know it comes from a place of psychological torment. These are people who are literally living in their own Hell every day, and the only way that they can escape it, is to try to bring that Hell to the world.

And that Hell, they had brought to the world.

I’ll tie together two seemingly unrelated things, VD’s comment above and the video below. The video contrasts footage of Muslim children’s procession in the U.K. chanting religious slogans with a video of native children in Poland marching in patriotic colors.

Hell is… demographic engineering in Western Europe.

The reason to see the short video, especially if you’re English, is two-fold. Watch its first half for a confirmation that the leaders of your country are illegitimate, therefore there is a problem to be solved. And its second half, as a reminder of what is possible in your own country — an aspirational “how things can be” vision demonstrated in Eastern Europe, where the caprices of history, human effort, and God’s own grace are protecting their people from invasion. The scene from Poland is a burst of sunlight.

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  1. The irony is, many WNs think blogging or memes is revolution, the same error gammas are make when they try to talk their way out of trouble.

    Victory “feels like” being feared and respected. A man that doesn’t fight back has failed himself.

    The whole movement is moving towards revolutionary violence as a solution. You can see it everywhere now. It will take years for it to learn how to do it properly.

    To inflict pain and suffering on one’s enemy is a good thing. It is the “cure-all” WNs are seeking, the magical formula they have been missing.

    Every group needs enforcers. No cop or soldier, anywhere, discards violence. In fact, they love it, because it is the source of power.

    I recommend WNs not turn the other cheek. When someone screws you, screw them back! Harder even. It is a great therapy and feels fantastic.

  2. The Males Mysteries — Violence and the Ethics of Its Application

    Wiser men then you and I, have called violence and the ethics of its applications, the male mysteries because words don’t do it justice. Perhaps it can be spoken about allegorically, and there is a place for its consideration

    But as with the corresponding female mysteries sex and childbirth; as a topic of exposition, it is for those who didn’t get the memo.

  3. hard work, hardship, struggle, and pride are necessary to excellent character.

    I’m reading a Laura Wilder book, Farmer Boy, to my kids, a few chapters each night. I loved this book as a child, and I still do. Though lightly fictionalized and not necessarily perfect in its chronology, it details a young boys life in a time where hard work was necessary, and built the very character he required to become a man. Schooling had little to do with his education. Later in life, that farmer boy failed, often, but still found love, respect, and eventually a modest prosperity.

    No matter the times or places, people who expect success with ease are deadly poison to a society. Perhaps we’re too careful and oh so precious about everything and everyone being a success, so much that we’ve defined failure as success so as not to hurt feelings.

    Hence, Gamma.

    There sure are a few Bible verses about such things. They ring hollow on many ears. Greek and Roman myths, too.

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  5. I checked Amazon, Elk. There’s no book by that title.

    WN is not at the “ethics” stage of violence yet. WNs cannot even perform the basics of the work yet.

    I’m not sure I see any “authority” on violence in this world who both can do violence and write upon its ethics….and I only want to read about violence from those who can do it.

    I don’t like Poland as an example of fighting multiculturalism. They were not occupied by minos. We and the Brits have to take the step of forcibly removing the enemy; they did not. The Soviets and the Nazis were both white, former occupiers of Poland.

  6. — I don’t like Poland as an example of fighting multiculturalism.

    I don’t show Poland as an example of how to fight multiculturalism. I show it as an example of what is possible in England. It’s right there in the original post.

  7. I suppose it is encouraging. I don’t speak Polish, but while the Arab kids were chanting Ally Hackbar, the Polish thing looked like they were part of a soccer rally. One shows a commitment to their god; the other to a game.

    [That’s being obtuse. The kids are obviously on their way to watch a game (in which their team looks like their older brothers rather than rental apes), not to a church at the moment of filming. Poland is a Christian country. — PA]

  8. Yet, what is most poignant about the video is the stark visceral sense of foreboding in recognizing the violent contrast between a parasitic mindset under the guise of “religion” and the Jonathan Livingston Seagull ethos of Polish Christian simpliciter.

  9. Think of the alt-rite’s condemnation of the “altruistic pathology” of mainstream Christianity? The “condemnation” is actually an accusation of inefficient parasitism. Now, how does an alt-writer condemn a parasitic religion like Islam?

    *He* pays subtle deference to their devout parasitism.

    What HE NEVER DOES is conceptualize a Polish Christianity that is neither “altruistically pathological” nor “devoutly parasitic.”

    In other words, an alt-writer never authors the story of white (S)upremacy in a Polish context.

  10. Another obvious aspect of the video is the differing innocence of the children involved in these unequal acts of “community.” The white children are, by the objective standard, SUFFERING LESS of an abuse of their natural innocence AT THE HANDS of their caregivers in comparison to the Islamic children. In other words, the Islamic authority figures are damaging their childrens’ naturally objective innocence with an aggressive sense of emergent “community.”

  11. Part of the reason the Muslims are so religiously fanatic is because they see themselves in opposition to the native English. I bet in Pakistan they are not so into their religion. The Polish children don’t have as much of a reason to express their Christianity, since everyone is Christian.

  12. I agree the only way to build character (and consequently self confidence) is through hard work and accomplishment. Unearned privileges hurt a person’s character and lowers their self esteem. You cannot talk your way into being a confident person.
    I do know liberals who are hard working and accomplished people. They are not social justice warriors, however. They don’t have the time for remaking society and instead focus on personal goals.

  13. It’s a good thing that they don’t want to assimilate. Assimilation means intermarriage along with other ways of ‘splitting the difference’ between the host and the visitor. Suffice it to say, the English people have nothing to gain by assimilating that strain of alien.

    In the modern Western mind, ethnic diversity is unquestioned. It’s a matter of habit because few people have seen a White society in which everyone, from the elite on down to the streetcorner tough, belongs to the same nation. Once you see it, you reject contrary models.

  14. Midnight Ave J:

    Funny you should mention the Laura Wilder books. I recently purchased as a gift for my daughter the box set DVDs of the Little House on the Prarie television show, which I remember watching as a kid. This past weekend, the whole family (including grandparents who were visiting) sat down and watched the first episode (after the pilot), entitled “Harvest of Friends.”

    I “cut the cable” years ago and so the only TV service we get is over-the-air broadcast, which we rarely watch. (My children are still young and mostly the only thing they are allowed to watch are DVDs that we’ve approved.) Although I don’t watch much television these days, I know enough about how degenerate, anti-White, and pozzed it has become. Watching that first episode of Little House on the Prarie was like a breath of fresh air.

    For those not already familiar with the series, it follows a settler family who move out west (sometime in the mid-1800s). There is the father, the mother, and three young daughters.

    In “Harvest of Friends,” the family purchases their little 100-acre homestead and the father builds his family a small wooden home (“real glass windows!” one of the girls exclaims); then he works day and night in town to get the supplies and farm equipment he needs to plant his first crop, which he works on at night and in his “spare” time. New to town, the father becomes known as a man who is hardworking, trustworthy, and willing to help a stranger in need. In his own time of need, he reaps the seeds of friendship that he has sown among the townspeople.

    It brought tears to my eyes. Not just because of the story itself — the tale of a loving White family struggling for survival on the frontier, building their own life as a family and the nation itself — but also because of what we have lost even from a few decades ago, from the time when Little House on the Prarie was the type of wholesome television program that we created and enjoyed together, as a People.

    There was no anti-White narrative; no subversion of core family values; no degeneracy; no smart-ass “fuck you Dad” element. The father was shown as a good man, the leader of his family, imperfect but honorable; his wife a loving mother and devoted helpmate (she had her disagreements with him, but her faith and trust in him was unquestioned). Christianity was shown as an integral part of life, as was Christian charity, without requiring explanation or justification. The children were grateful for their very few material possessions and looked up at their parents with admiration and out at the world with wonder.

    It is a reminder of what has been ripped from us; a reminder of the twisted black soul of hatred that daily spits on our collective sense of identity, history and destiny and is trying to stamp us out forever; of the hell that modern-day America has become for our People.

    A remnant of that People, the nation that existed when this show was made is still with us and we must do all that we can to protect, nuture, and rebuild our People. I have never been more pessimistic than I am now about the possibility of a way out of this mess without upheaval and violence. But these are the cards we’ve been dealt. You can bury your head in the sand or you can fight back.

  15. Michael Landon had that quality.

    Some white men it just comes out of them. Christopher Reeve was like that also.

    Little House on the Praire was about 1975- technology. Between then and now, 40 years of reverse progress. We’ve moved backwards.

  16. Sorry to maybe burst your bubbles but (((Michael Landon))was born Maurice Eugene Orowitz. Jew.

    Melissa Gilbert? Jew.

    The show was more or less historically accurate in terms of dress, life ways, etc, it wasn’t very much true to the real Laura’s life. And the poz had touched it. I remember SJWy themes in the show, from watching the first run, as a child. All those feel good messages about racism with the halfbreed Indian boy, Hester Sue (who was invented for the purposes of bringing racial justice to the show, didn’t exist in the books), even one episode devoted to anti semitism when a Jew undertaker rolls into town and Albert stands up for him.

    One episode was about divorce and how we shouldn’t shun divorced single moms or their kids. Plenty of poz back then. So, it’s nice to see images of a life and time gone by, but it comes at a price, so watch with a jaundiced eye

  17. J – Well I’m only one episode in, but I’ll keep an eye out for the SJW-creep you mention as the seasons progress; a shame, since it started out so well. I have only vague memories of the show from my own childhood. I’d still trade today for 1975 in a heartbeat.

  18. I have only vague memories of the show from my own childhood. I’d still trade today for 1975 in a heartbeat.

    1875. Little House on the Prairie was set in 1875.

  19. Great post Nobody.

    I saw that episode. Mr Ingalss can’t get the lumber cut in time that he agreed to do (for some good reasons) and won’t get paid, by the nasty Irishman who will be glad to screw him, but the townsfolk hear about his situation and everyone comes in and lends a hand. After all, as they no doubt would have said:

    Many hands makes for light work

    Another thing about that episode, is that Michael Landon is shown shirtless in bed, and at that time, that was very racey. He was a remarkably good-looking man. Apparently he was a great athlete in high school, in New Jersey or something he set a state record in the javelin throw (of all marks).

  20. The big problem with the tv show Little House on the Prairie is its location. The desert hills of California look nothing like the prairie in Southwest Minnesota.

    That town of Walnut Grove still exists and it is surrounded by commercial agriculture of soybeans and corn now. However, they have made a minor but significant tourist attraction out of that their history, that is in fact very well done; or was, when i was there five years ago. They do some dramatic re-enactment out in a field, and believe me, there are no niggers going to that play; and no jews neither.

    The Ingalls during their first winter out on the prairie, dug a hole in the banks of the Walnut Creek and that is where they wintered through.

  21. Suburban_Elk: My reference to 1975 was in response to Ryu’s comment that the show was made in 1975. (I knew that the story took place in the 1800s, but I didn’t know which decade.)

    I don’t know whether Landon’s jewish roots (I read his mother was Catholic and his father jewish) influenced the show in its later SJW-themed episodes (per J’s comment above); ditto for Gilbert. But even if it has some jew influence, this type of television show is worlds away from the satanic degeneracy (((they))) are pushing today.

    Going back to 1875 would be an adventure. But I was alive in 1975 and just getting back there would be worth fighting for.

    I can’t speak for the rest of the series, but the “Harvest of Friends” episode is quality, pro-White family entertainment.

  22. Little House on the Prairie had no shortage of “progressive” content worked into the storylines, though. Especially on the issue of race.

  23. I used to watch Landon’s “Highway to Heaven” in the 80s and it got quite pozed by then.

    Of course, the content then would be considered nothing compared to today. But one can see the progression.

  24. Another great video about the decline of England, set to a song by the quintessential English rock band, The Kinks. Side-note: The runner-up for most English band is Mark E. Smith’s The Fall.

    The same song (“Living on a Thin Line”) was prominently featured in one of the best episodes of The Sopranos (“University”).

    “Producer Terence Winter has said that it is the series’ most asked about song.” -Wikipedia

  25. Another classic UK band. The first place I ever heard the term White Power.

    Their records have been banned from almost every music shop for as long as I can remember. But of course that has only added to their renown.

    The one record of theirs that I own I discovered in a charity shop for one dollar…

  26. The Dark Musician-Lord of the Tutu just took a moment to denounce National Front for having a Jew fag coming out among its members. Yeah, be sure to tell MILO’s black husband that next time you meet up, dear. Because you’re all about loyalty, aren’t you.

    OK, maybe I’m getting just a tiny bit tired of the Darkest of Dark Mestizos repping it for the Truly True Right with his Very Feminine Morons yepping along. I won’t belabor the point. Time, instead, to change channels.

  27. “With his trolling of the NFL, Trump has done what is likely to go down in history as the most important thing of his Presidency: he has forced all enemies of America to openly disavow the nation, and to state plainly that they are not – and in fact never were – a part of it.”
    . . .
    Very soon, we will see the same attack we have seen on the Confederate flag and monuments on the American flag and the monuments to our Founding Fathers.

    We will hear a rallying cry from these people: I am not American.’

    And when we start hearing that cry, we have a very clear answer: ‘we are.'”

  28. Sometimes you can’t fight back because your violent reaction is what the agressor wants and will be twisted against you. Assualt is a felony and follows you for life. They can also trump up the charges too. That means you can’t vote or own guns. Especially if you are a conservative and the agressor is a liberal. God gave us a hyoid bone for a reason and for all the pontificating vox does, I highly doubt he’s ever been in a hostile interaction outside of a dojo.

  29. So there’s business about Trump calling the family of the slain soldier and saying “he knew what he signed up for” in some allegedly callous way. We had 4 soldiers killed in Niger, 3 black and 1 white.

    Which family has been in the news making that complaint and just made 400K today off Gofundme.?

    Any guesses? It’s a very difficult question, you’ve got only a 25% chance!!

  30. Florida governor declares State of Emergency after Richard Spencer threatens to sue and gets permission to speak on the campus:

    Having been to Gainesville and the University of Florida many times I can tell you this one could get interesting. It’s the most hippie/granola school in that state and is one of the few deep south SEC/ACC schools that doesn’t have a strongly conservative student body, along with the Univ of Virginia and Duke. (both of which have a student body that strongly trends toward law school or government-oriented careers)

  31. *** if you remember, Richard Spencer spoke at Auburn (central Alabama) last year, and the Antifa turnout was laughably low and pitiful even though the MSM did their best not to reveal that.

  32. — I’m reading a Laura Wilder book, Farmer Boy, to my kids, a few chapters each night. I loved this book as a child, and I still do. Though lightly fictionalized and not necessarily perfect in its chronology, it details a young boys life in a time where hard work was necessary, and built the very character he required to become a man. Schooling had little to do with his education. Later in life, that farmer boy failed, often, but still found love, respect, and eventually a modest prosperity.

    If you’re a newish reader here, last year I posted “Great Books for Boys,” which also features many excellent recommendations in the comments:

  33. For all of the criticism Spencer gets, there is still the law of “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

    I think Spencer has finally gotten smart enough to have someone watch his back at all times.

    If you remember, we were all incredulous when he was in Berkeley last year doing an interview on the street in close proximity to protesters and some antifa was able to (literally) walk right up and crack him in the head while he sat there talking to the journalist.

    I still don’t know what to make of that incident – a White Nationalist who doesn’t know to have his guard up 24×7 in California. Of all people…

  34. Leftist places have drifted far away from any law or order, farther than one probably would expect. The justice system itself seems pretty twisted and corrupt these days. Wonder why … why … why … why?

  35. For all of the criticism that Richard Spencer gets, there is still the law of “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”


  36. I would have preferred it if those soldiers had died on the Med, heroically gunning down waves of rubber boats packed with they just want a better life at your expense. What is the US doing in Niger of all places?

  37. Camlost,

    If you are referring to the famous Richard Spencer punch that was the birthplace of a thousand leftie memes, I should note that it occurred not in Berkeley but in Washington DC on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.

    The famous Berkeley punches are Nathan Damigo striking Moldylocks and the origin of Based Stickman.

    I have family who lived in and attended college in Berkeley. It’s a strange place, unique even in the SF Bay Area, which is already strange enough to begin with. But there is much to love about it as well.

    I recently read that California was second only to Texas in the sheer number of people who voted for Trump. We are outnumbered, to be sure, but there are still plenty of us here. There is a a large presence of “undercover” shitlords here.


    On the subject of “Great Books for Boys,” I highly recommend the Penrod series by Booth Tarkington. My father gave me his Penrod books when I was a young man, and they were an instant favorite.

    Penrod is a Tom Sawyeresque impish character who is always getting himself into some kind of trouble.

    The first review on Amazon mentions that Penrod is “rather dated in its racial views.” So Disney-style pozz will definitely not be a factor!

  38. Cam,
    It is a lack of humility on that widow’s part. Of course the MSM indulges her in her worst tendencies. Having a black man be a special forces officer is an accomplishment, She should show some dignity and quietly honor him. Instead, his widow has to make it all about her.

  39. — “he knew what he signed up for”

    That’s preferable to the maudlin infantilization-rhetoric we’ve been hearing since Oliver Stone’s “Platoon” percipitated a cultural polarity-flip from hating military men to pitying them. Had I gotten maimed during my Army service, I’d rather hear what Trump said than pity.

    You can also talk about honor and sacrifice — but there is little honor and sacrifice, certainly no service to your nation, on overseas imperial/mercenary missions.

  40. Whenever the question of manhood’s association with violence arises I’m left confused.

    To me, and how I raised my sons, masculinity is defined by self-restrained power. I told my sons what I believe: If it’s not worth killing someone over, it’s usually not worth fighting. And if it is worth killing, get to it fast, first and without mercy.” None of my sons encountered much conflict in their formative years. Does this mean they are spineless weasels who “talked their way out of confrontations?” Not to the best of my knowledge, so the notion that the absence of a history of successful fist-fights is a gamma tell is, to me, incomplete at the very least.

    There is literally no animal more dangerous than a man. No other creature on Earth can kill at a distance, and even the shortest, scrawniest man has testosterone’s influence giving him the necessary cocktail for dealing death. The weakest man is stronger than all but the strongest, most masculine woman. The typical man can reach out, grab a typical woman by the hair or neck, and do whatever he wishes…beat her head against a wall, slap her into unconsciousness, choke her out, you-name-it. And if he’s unrestrained, there’s not one thing she can do about it unless she’s already pointing a gun at him. The canard that she can kick him in the nuts is utter stupidity. An enraged man won’t even notice the pain, all her actions will do is blow even more of his circuit breakers, potentially unleashing his entire rage on her. Women don’t usually survive unrestrained male rage.

    The smallest man in the room can, on taking offense to another’s insults, pull a gun or a knife and end the life of his adversary, no matter how tough, well-trained or “badass” that man may be. Combat that is not play-fighting ends with death or often maiming injury. People die from fist fights, and people go to jail for long periods of time for such things. I tire of the TeeVee version of how all this stuff rolls out.

    A man understands that he has this power. He understands that restraining his rage is the greatest task he encounters. He understands that deference to the weak (especially the woman with whom he shares a “foxhole” in life’s contest) is strength, not weakness, for it is HE who exercises it, not some outside force.

    I do not agree that fistfights are a necessary rite of passage. I’ve met too many permanent adolescents who engaged in them to believe they are a signal of manhood. What this tells me is that the inquiry of what produces weak men is far more complicated than just “fight or talk.” (For the record, I think it’s genetic, and people like Scalzi are literally genetic/behavioral mutants as discussed in an excellent VDare column. )

  41. — the notion that the absence of a history of successful fist-fights is a gamma tell is, to me, incomplete at the very least

    VD’s key distinction was, that the Gamma-path is blazed at a formative moment when a boy convinces himself that he had WON a fight by talking his way out if it.

  42. Ah so. I have my disagreements with some of his positions. In this case, the larger issue is one of self-delusion. A young man who learns how “great he is” by reframing reality to match his secret-king ego-mirror engages in a much broader vice, only a subset of which deals with interpersonal conflict. The same young man will find an egocentric explanation for why the pretty girls don’t pay him much attention. Notice how many such men promote the notion that the plain or ugly women they marry are actually “better” than the pretty ones who ignored them.

    The degree to which a person’s mental model of the world differs from ultimate reality is a direct measure of their sanity (or of its lack.) What everyone calls “gammas” are, to me, men for whom the gap between their mind’s construct and ultimate reality is quite large, approaching the gulf that defines schizophrenia. I don’t know what are necessary or sufficient experiences for the establishment of that gulf. Perhaps believing he “won” a fight with his words is one. How that young man relates to other young men, to his mother and father, and with the girls in his social milieu would all seem reasonable sources for delusion’s building blocks. (I might add that this is part of small-man’s-syndrome, too.)

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