A Short Post on the Evolution of White Nationalism

WN 1.0 — The Prophets. From 1950s racial integration to the dawn of the internet.

Belligerent rhetoric, zero traction with the public. Their reach and appeal were limited by centralized media and by the general feeling of well-being in America, along with the almost total absence of mud in Europe. George Lincoln Rockwell is the most familiar figure. “Turner Diaries” and “The Camp of the Saints” were its best known literature.

WN 2.0 — The Advocates. The internet era until the election of Donald Trump.

“We are white separatists, not white supremacists.” The internet broke the controlled media, with Jared Taylor best representing the ideological basis for White racial interests. HBD, Game, NRX converged into an overall coherent narrative whose end is not the persuasion of our adversaries, but a foundation for our own faith in our destiny. This is when the intellectual war was won.

WN 3.0 — The Heroes. Began with the Holy Victory of November 8, 2016.

As events have shown, they (they = all of them) will not let us separate. The Obama administration, in its second term moved murderously against Whites worldwide, making it clear that they don’t want peace. WN is moving to the heroic phase, literally with Donald Trump being the first modern figure in the West to inspire young Whites.

This is a quickly written post that I may expand later. I want to throw it out there as-is for now.

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  1. It is well to note at the start, that the same degradation that has occurred in general since 1960 has occurred to WN itself.

    Our talking points today are not superior to those of the past. A WN in 1960 would have the same “equipment” as a WN today. They had a form of memes, like those cartoons Rockwell put out.

    WN today is far less than he would have been in 1960. Back then, they only got the cream of the crop. Now, it is obvious to any thinking white man that WN is necessary.

    I would say WN has regressed, not progressed. Yes, we have more WN-aware people. But what is their commitment? What is the quality of action of those people?

    The question – which everyone wants to know – is who will correct the personally correct the problems?

    The usual answer is “someone else.” There will be no collapse. The USG has total control over our lives now. America is a total police state today; let that be your starting point. No one is coming to save us.

    The WN today is still moralistic and decadent. He still has “hope.”

    I do trust that the white boys of the future, who will have nothing, will do whatever it takes to survive. Stealing, robbing, anything.

  2. WNism could afford to make mistakes in the 60’s, 70’s, even the 80’s… the country still had margin for error.

    We’re at a critical juncture now because of the demographic changes that accompanied the amnesties of Reagan, the “refugee programs” of Carter, conservatism inc.’s failure to embrace Pat Buchanan and the idiocy of the Bush looove,looove, looove for illegal immigrants. (ya know, those “natural conservatives” who are just dying to come here and behave like slightly darker white people)

  3. we still need a considerable faction of the elite to sympathize with us

    hopefully the increasing radicalization (and insanity) of the left will bring big players to our camp

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  5. what happens when white politicians figure out that they have very little future in the democreep party?

  6. — A WN in 1960 would have the same “equipment” as a WN today.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Steam engine was invented in Ptolemaic Alexandria but it remained a useless novelty because there was no place for it in the social or economic infrastructure of the time.

    Life in America of WN 1.0 was too nice to bother with apocalyptic politics. Only cranks, misfits, provocateurs, and visionaries were active.

    Even up to 2001, things looked great for most people who didn’t pay too close an attention. I partied with young people in cheap apartments. Everyone was White and good looking girls were everywhere.

    By 2004 or thereabouts, L. Auster was saying that most Americans are still liberal and that will change when they will personally feel the pain of dispossession. I think it’s reasonable to say that we’re there now.

  7. Glengarry, Camlost: thanks, that’s great news. I did some quick reading on Kurz. He’s 31 years old, single but dating an attractive woman whom he’d apparently known for years. Just bringing it up, because like physiognomy, conjugal/familial abnormality correlates with political performance. I.e., most of (the much older) anti-White leaders in Western Europe are childless.

  8. oh, lol. Didn’t notice that Glenngarry already posted the news about the election in Austria.

    However, not all MSM is treating it as evenly as our two articles:


    “The triumph of the far-Right in Austria is not surprising. It has never atoned for its Nazi past “ — by Felix Simon.

    It won’t be long before the NY Times starts to paint this as a “dark” turn in Austrian politics and connects it to the same “rising tide” that caused the “terror in Charlottesville.” (gasp!!)

  9. — “It has never atoned for its Nazi past “

    It’s like crying Racism.


    Americans and Europeans have been shown, plenty clearly, that with anti-Whites there is no such a thing as redemption, however justified or made-up the historic grievance and no matter how hard and sincere the effort to “atone.”

    Good for Austria. Beautiful country, I spend several months there decades ago in a little mountain village. Per Google Maps streetview, it still looks the same (except that the house we stayed in burned to the ground years later… I found an archived local news article about that). I picked up German quickly while living there and after a short time I was able to have rudimentary conversations and understand TV shows.

    By they way, I once read a persuasive case for the theory that Jörg Heider was assassinated. The acknowledged facts are that his car took on extreme speed for no apparent reason and he died in a crash after losing control of it. Great physiognomy in the late Heider.

    Even a bit of resemblance in facial structure with Sebastian Kurz.




    Truth. I’ve had holocaust fatigue for decades. I have never seen Schindler’s List or any other jew victim cult films aside from Sophie’s Choice and she wasn’t even a Jew and the story isn’t really about her anyway (the film makes Stingo seem secondary when it’s really his story, not Sophie’s…) .

    I taught high school for a bit. We had a woman come in and talk about her life “among the hidden” you know, those Jew babies taken in and raised in white Christian homes to keep them from being sent with their kind to the camps. Oh the resentment she had for her lost culture and forced Christian upbringing.

    Fuck them all.

    Lately on FB people have been circulating some inspirational vid about a Jew woman and her twin who supposedly witnessed mengele personally torturing twins. They were injected and infected yet somehow lived to 90 some years old…now she makes millions as a holocaust speaker. The racket never ends and Whites are their emotional hostages.

    Night of the long knives…the sleepers are awakening and pretty damned grumpy about it.

  11. — I taught high school for a bit. We had a woman come in and talk about her life “among the hidden” you know, those Jew babies taken in and raised in white Christian homes to keep them from being sent with their kind to the camps. Oh the resentment she had for her lost culture and forced Christian upbringing. (Midnight Avenue J)

    The praise given to Christians in Poland who sheltered Jews ought to be tempered with a condemnation over the fact that they exposed their families and neighbors to death. When a sheltered Jew was discovered by the Occupant, everyone who lived in that building was summarily put up against the wall and shot, including infants, even immediate neighbors who did not know about it. It is not virtuous or heroic to endanger unknowing third parties for the sake of your own moral impulse.

    the film makes Stingo seem secondary when it’s really his story, not Sophie’s…

    The book did that as well. It was a similar narrative device as in “The Great Gatsby,” in which the narrator is not interesting in his own right, he is more of an observer and as such, the reader’s eyes on the world in the story.

    “Sophie’s Choice” came off to me as written with a sympathetic predisposition, over which the author imposed a disingenuous political judgment. Synopsis: Sophie lost her Nazi collaborator husband and father, her two children, and came to America to be fucked to death by a mentally ill Jew.

  12. PA, it’s the ending that is desired for all Whites. We lose, they win, even if they have to kill themselves to have victory.

    I refuse to be moved by this bullshit. It costs me dearly in terms of friendship and certain family relationships, but I refuse.

    For some weird reason, my Polish Catholic mother has decided to incorporate jewish stuff into our holiday celebrations. She and my sister (a single mom) light a menorah at the Christmas table. Mom burns some jew candles in jars for some reason.

    I host Wiglia every year. They tried to do that menorah crap at my table one year. I said no. They don’t come anymore.

  13. Here are a couple of terms I came up with when contemplating the typical shitlib/boomer/neocon mentality:

    Ethnic naivism
    Racial naivism

    Haven’t put my finger on the term for ‘gays – just like us!!!’ yet, but just wait. I think it’s good to start superciliously categorizing their defective arguments, mentalities and world views.

  14. “She and my sister (a single mom) light a menorah at the Christmas table.”

    Ethnocultural mimicry, Prof Glengarry would call this confused expression of pseudo-virtue. If you’d like to pursue this: Ask them if they’re Catholics. How can they be Catholics if they worship as Jews? etc.

  15. Glengarry, I think that the proper word is naïveté, not nativism. Sorry to be a vocabulary Nazi, but I couldn’t help it

  16. Naivism, not nativism, dear fellow. And while I agree your meaning is quite acceptable, I do prefer putting an -ism on it for proper academicization. It also adds an element of ideological boneheaded mulishness to the label, don’t you think?

  17. Glengarry, that is a solid coinage.

    I can imagine the papers now. “Outsourcing the Semiotic Abyss: Mutipolar Myopia and American Racial Naivism 2001-2020”

  18. That actually leads me to a serious point. There is no reason the right can’t make use of postmodernism for our own purposes. Whether we should or not is another matter, but nothing about postmodernism is inherently leftist. E.g. progressive morality is just a social construct, maaaan. Postmodernism is just will to power dressed up in jargon. You see Bowden slip into this sometimes with his virtuous cruelty and lauding of colonialism simply as an expression of dominance. If you don’t like the religious right, wait until you see the post-religious right.

  19. Nozdryov, excellent point. As one example, I briefly tested out deconstructing judaism, which apparently was deeply disconcerting to the participants. There was a quick edict, basically ‘stop talking about this with the goyim’, which I found amusing in this most argumentative of races.

    PS. Ethnic Realism and Naivism in Modern Political Thought: A Reconsideration

  20. PA, I’m late to the party, but wanted to comment all the same.

    WN 1.0 isn’t complete w/o the Ruby Ridge –> Waco –> OKC sequence, as well as the Unabomber, who specifically targeted contributors to the infrastructure of the US police state.

    In that context, WN 1.0 –> 2.0 begins with two events – publication of the Unabomber Manifesto & the OKC bombing – and ends with the 9/11 attack. These bookend a transition from a nation that perceives a hidden threat to a nation which knows the threat & can name it.

    It’s also worth noting that Rush Limbaugh broadcasts nationally not long before all this stuff goes down, & his popularity is perceived by leftists as “racist,” despite his milk toast alignment with WN interests. He will probably retire sometime during Trump’s second term.

    We truly live in interesting times.

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