The Right To Bear Arms (meme by a CH reader)

More an oracle than a commenter, Captain Obvious at Chateau Heartiste created this graphic:


This one hits instantly, which is the measure of a meme.

Americans, being normal people who do what normal people do, have rolled over for every abuse: integration, immigration, abortion. Flight makes more sense than fight where escalation gets you total war. But they have been firm in defense of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The right to bear arms, we feel it in our gut, is the line that must be held because once you are disarmed, there is neither a fight nor a flight option.

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  2. Rights, like muscles, have to be flexed and worked to remain useful.

    America’s founders left their sons two great weapons: Freedom of Speech and the 2nd Amendment, in case things went wrong. FOS is over. 2A is virtually over.

    Minos do not believe in our rights. Thus, most rights will be lost. When Murkans are disarmed, you’ll see things get real serious and the restraint come off our enemies.

  3. Most Millennials and Gen Xers aren’t even remotely familiar with the Romanovs. That meme is DOA outside preaching to the choir.

  4. Colby, although the younger generations might not know the Romanovs, they might get the idea that certain somebodies ordered the execution of the Romanovs. They might even look into the history of and the people behind Bolshevism. We can only hope.

  5. Most Millennials and Gen Xers aren’t even remotely familiar with the Romanovs. That meme is DOA outside preaching to the choir.

    I agree with you, but I take this photo in a different direction anyway: it underscores the transience and brevity of human generations, when we realize that there are people living today who were drawing breath while the Romanovs were alive.

    Think about that, and *then* think how your actions and your life’s trajectory impacts the long arc of history.

  6. “This one hits instantly, which is the measure of a meme.” — o.p.

    Like good comedy, good memes hit the hind-brain and only after that, the intellect catches up. Which is why I posted Captain Obvious’ work here — it struck me as perfect instantly as I first saw it. And that’s the magic of memes.

    I think the memes I made, which are on the blog sidebar, are pretty good — but — they rely on the frontal lobes to process the message. With that stuff, I was stepping out of my creative comfort zone.

  7. Though I believe that this mouse-sketch in PowerPoint of a modern prole fat girl, along with a NüBasicBitch, capture their subjects aptly. From an old post titled “Girls”:

  8. The character sketches in PA’s computer drawings are good.

    The blob girl above reminds of those creatures in the AR promotional video meme that was featured here about a month ago. It had a scene that showed three angry SJW’s get vanquished by the Nazi Shitlords.

    But their hopeful transformation was that they didn’t get vanquished into piles of bloody protoplasm, but instead turned into librarians.

    Which was a very, uh, progressive way to show that “WE are the good guys.”

    And which point might be reaffirmed. At some places, for instance CH and i have heard it on TDS too, they have gone on about the gloriousness of “shaming” and it’s kind of like, grow up.

    “We’re gonna bring back shaming and everything’s gonna be great!”

    Where is the adults table anyways.

  9. Chertoff has such an authentic face. He looks like he wants to kill you.

    Alex Linder, who is back again on hiatus, makes some top-tier rhetorical points. Also, he rips Vox apart on his getting hung up on the distinction between dialectic and rhetoric, and which getting hung-up reveals that Vox doesn’t really get what rhetoric is.

    Linder suggests that point, and i clarified it there; it is dead on, in my estimation. Vox doesn’t get rhetoric for shit.

    But Linder’s rhetorical point about Chertoff and his associates, is that those guys are the very blood line descendants of the people who did what they did to millions of pious Russians for instance boil them alive and then make them eat the bones and bodies of their own family.

    And as bad as that was, they did worse. They would surgically slice open people and have them run out their own intestines. Which “begs the question” [incorrect usage?] of how does one possibly motivate someone to do that — to run out their own intestines? because by all accounts: they did, to the tune of tens of meters.

    I figure that children were held hostage. Do this, or we dismember these here children.


    But the people who did that, Linder maintains that it is their very bloodline descendants who are behind the covert government whatever we call it. Chertoff is a Russian name that means the Devi’s Own.

    Oddly enough about that man, his voice is like Wormtongue’s.

  10. As long as i am on the soap opera box, Weev is by his own account, jewish.

    And he looks more or less exactly like Allen Ginsberg. Literally to the point where their pictures are hardly distinguishable.

    I for one have always thought that weird half-white jews can be evaluated on their merits and for their efforts and contributions cut some slack.

    When i say that Weev is by his own account jewish, that statement has to be qualified as hearsay; there is internet evidence to that effect.

    Him looking exactly like Ginsberg however is a matter of public record.

  11. You don’t have to know that family to get the point – gun control gets your family killed. If you find out who they were, you start to get another point.

    I might change the text to read: “when government bans guns, families get slaughtered. “. It would avoid raising the question “Jews ban guns?”

  12. I keep seeing that advertisement on TV too.

    WTF is a nigger doing in the snow? Its like a survival movie where you root for the elements to win.

  13. — The character sketches in PA’s computer drawings are good

    Thanks Elk. What takes the fattie sketch to a higher level of caricature is the asymmetry of her boobs, as drawn, which is because she’s not facing the viewer at attention. Rather, she is subtly leaning whichever way. This nod to hyper-realism not only gives her an evocative feeling of motion and heft, but also smell. I can almost smell her B.O.

    — Chertoff is a Russian name that means the Devil’s Own.

    Very true, and it did not occur to me until after you had said that. “Dyabol” is “devil” in Russian proper. “Chert” (черт) is old colloquial. “-ov” (Germanized into “-off”) is an “of, from” suffix.

    — This dance routine was actually approved by a high school principal in Miami

    My first reaction was “that’s demure dancing by their standards” until the obvious hit me, they are wearing NC17 lingerie. And appropriating Japanese culture with those fans (but I think blacks are allowed to appropriate civilization, otherwise they’d be running around as naked cannibals).

    — Hollywood is on a mission

    Word on the street is, Whites 25 y.o. and under mock medias’ ham-handed pushing of zoophilia.

    — Also, the note the deafening silence from late night comedians over the Weinstein scandal

    1930s German antisemitic cartoon, 2017 Harvey Weinstein:

  14. “(but I think blacks are allowed to appropriate civilization, otherwise they’d be running around as naked cannibals).”

    –before I read that, I was already about to say, ‘they culturally appropriated those boots from White hookers”–not that hooking is White per se, but where the hell would blacks have ever got footwear period from if not from Whites?

  15. I’m not up to speed on this Milo email hack scandal, and I haven’t read the piece elk linked to nor the Linder piece he’s referencing, and I didn’t log on just to grouse yet more about VD, but since elk brings him up– it has occurred to me that a lot of Vox’s behavior of late suggests that Milo played an Ivankner role in his ear.

    I don’t want to attribute overly nefarious-sounding motives, but it occurred to me today that the funding for the rather risible “Alt Hero” project could be a kind of quid pro quo for his role in attempting to purge the “Swastika panties” crowd.

    Technically, it’s always been obvious to me that VD tendentiously misreads Aristotle’s Rhetoric, though I credited him with making a “creative misinterpretation.” But the endless harping in rhetoric/dialectic is an aspie tell.

    God damn the SJWs, but I really do have to feel sorry for the grandkids of the Dread Ilk who are going to get Alt-Hero in their Christmas stockings.

    And surely to heaven there’s a better way to make use of $75,000 in donations than on a goofy comic book that no one will read.

  16. You should be suspicious of non-traditional WN types.

    Jack Donovan and Mino are gay. Rooshie is a Muzz. Why on Earth would they help straight white men?

    The “core” of nationalism has always been the Nazi / racist element. Nazis have been a part of WN since the late 1950s. They are one of the most enduring and loyal groups.

    Nobody can purge Nazism from WN. Can’t be done. Just like whites are the founding population of the USA, Nazis are the founding population of WN.

  17. Historic NatSoc iconography has tapped into something almost occult-like in its power of image that the more authentically-American imagery such as the Minutemen tri-corner hat don’t. That’s why the swastika and torchlight rallies make even pro-White people uneasy — it’s like there an apprehension about messing with something that can unlock uncontrollable powers.

    Is Nazi / racist element at the core of American nationalism? Racism, yes (while understanding the fact that “Racism” is a Marxist term for pathologizing the healthy in-group cohesion that’s by definition at the core of every national identity). Americans in particular have historic memory of clearing the continent of Indians and managing a large African population.

    Is Nazi at the American national core as well? It’s a question worth asking. The dismissal is: “Americans have nothing to do with Teutonic imperialism.” However, consider two facts: one, the American* gene pool is half-German. Two, America has always been an imperialist nation.

    [* I am moving away from calling anything that is not of British Isles-German ancestry “American,” with allowance for assimilation of other Europeans.]

  18. “Americanism” is getting airing on Gab, with Andrew Anglin promoting it as the forward direction for WN. This developed with the NFL kneel/stand affair, in which blacks and liberals have effectively conceded the US flag and anthem to, basically, pro-Whites. As for American iconography, the Bald Eagle is its strongest symbol.

  19. “, in which blacks and liberals have effectively conceded the US flag and anthem to, basically, pro-Whites.”

    –that’s an excellent reframe. My “fear” was that the Anthem would just get removed altogether: essentially, a “win” for KultMarx by taking away something from Whites because it’d be “raciss” to have it. But in their attempt to ‘nazify’ everything American, it may just hand us a win instead: if the flag, the Bald Eagle, the Anthem become imbued with forbidden energy by their vilification from the Left, then these once-staid symbols become charged with rebellious energy.

    Your rumination on the Nazi imagery is itself quite brilliant, and digs at some sort of chthonic mystery I think I’ve tried to circle around but failed to get at.

    I was amused the other week to find, closing my eyeballs for some reason to the cover of my Penguin Classics edition of the Dhamapada, that lo and behold, there are swastikas carved into the “Footprints of the Buddha”. Swastika panties everywhere, oy vey! OM.

  20. The very first “big name” WN was George Lincoln Rockwell. A Nazi.

    And from his National Socialist party, HAC, the National Alliance, Pierce, Mason, and so many others. I’d have no problem saying Nazis are the core of WN, and always will be.

    Consider the “history” of WN, from the 1950s – 2017. Nazis from the start to today. The Alt Right are children in comparison, starting around 2007.

    I only have a small swastika on my avatar now. FP didn’t like me to have a big one, from the symbol Manson created.

  21. I’ve called Greg Eliot the “conscience of the chateau” before, but perhaps it’s more accurate to describe him as the (sometimes ornery) superego (((lolz))) of the chateau, with Captain Obvious the oracular id.

    Which shouldn’t imply any deficit in the method behind CO’s “madness”. Indeed, he’s one of the most thorough record-keepers and analysts of the methodologies at our enemies’ disposal.

    If kids don’t know about the Romanovs, then they will have to learn.

  22. — But in their attempt to ‘nazify’ everything American, it may just hand us a win instead: if the flag, the Bald Eagle, the Anthem become imbued with forbidden energy by their vilification from the Left, then these once-staid symbols become charged with rebellious energy.

    Well said!

    That too:

    — If kids don’t know about the Romanovs, then they will have to learn.

  23. — I’ve called Greg Eliot the “conscience of the chateau” before, but perhaps it’s more accurate to describe him as the (sometimes ornery) superego (((lolz))) of the chateau

    I like Greg, would love to have a drink with him one day.

    Two things: One, he diminishes himself in replying to every troll-jab that comes his way. In an online argument, he who has the last word loses. Two: “this is why we lose” needs to go. Worst running quip ever.

  24. ““this is why we lose” needs to go.”

    –lolz I hadn’t thought of that one, but it’s certainly become clear that not only does the slightest hint of ‘conspiracy theory’ set him off, but he responds to it in such a formulaic way that it is close to scriptlike.

    Whenever somebody comes along to take up the normie perspective, GE invariably salutes them with a “Finally! someone at the chateau who speaks with some sense!”

    I attribute it to his Midwestern (?) attitudes, but admittedly it’s a bit Kaiser Soze-esque.

    I also noticed today, briefly scanning Popoli, how VD is always using the word “reliably”. He dismissed Derbyshire as “a binary thinker”, which of course is one of those VD charges he’s so plentiful with that one is tempted to say it might not mean what he thinks it means (I myself have my gripes with Derb and his own highhanded attitudes, but I think John is clever enough to reliably catch a false dilemma when he sees one).

    But with Vox, whenever someone rubs him the wrong way or criticizes him, we can be sure that this behavior was already “reliably” anticipated by Vox himself.

  25. –in fairness, the Alt-Hero panel of the parents reunited with their little girl is affecting, despite my skepticism about the project itself. Though I remember that that particular scene was teased MANY moons ago, so who knows if it’s even representative of the drift of the finished (?) product.

  26. See the exchange between Greg Eliot and James Bowery (posting as jabowery), in the Age of Chaos thread.

    Eliot’s limited capacyit is on full display and he insists on the last word, calls (the one and only) Bowery a a snarky “CTer” and argues semantics with him like a jew — rather than considering his ideas, which is what the intelligent man does.


    Greg might ask himself two things: 1) if so many of his jests fall flat, then who is he talking too, himself? And secondly his playing the caricature of the old man, is overblown and self-important. Plenty of old men around here, Greg — nothing special about that in itself.

    Check out the exchange. Greg doesn’t respond to the presented ideas at all. He says that until CTer’s get their stories straight, that their suggestions need not be considered. And further, his criticism is based on said suggestions being presented without proper qualification as suggestions. Low level shit-tier normie posting, and in response to a VIP.

  27. GE’s wordplay is clever, and he is convincing as an old school man.

    But the last word thing is a rhetorical — and dialectical! — error.

    And the hang-up about anything verging on the dreaded conspiracy, is its own topic.


    At the very least, Paddock was not a drugged-up accountant real estate guy; at the very least he was a trained killer and in which case he would have been working with others.

    Ryu says that the contention (mine) that, Paddock as a beyond middle-aged soft-handed nobody couldn’t pull off such scale of urban warfare, reveals a defeatist attitude and unwillingness to fight.

    Hahaha. A lot of Arabs believed that Osama took down the WTC because it made them feel like men, winning a round against the more usually more competent White guys. The official story sucked their dick. So it is ironic to see WN’s susceptible to the same fantasy-based feel-good thinking: See, White Men can Do It too!

  28. Mark Steyn suggests that the real-life Paddock was in fact played by Ben Affleck, the Accountant.

    Mark Steyn doesn’t believe in “conspiracy theories,” Heavens to Betsy no.

    But he is willing to go that far!

  29. rather than considering his [Bowery’s] ideas, which is what the intelligent man does.

    So here’s a conjecture inspired by the below picture* and reports of Stephen Paddock’s body being found with Antifa literature:

    Antifa is being used by Islamic extremists to foment a civil war in the US between the Nation of Settlers and the Nation of Immigrants. Islamic radicals are not likely subject to the same self-deception as the Nation of Immigrants: That being that “immigrants built the US”. The individualistic Nation of Settlers, deprived of a formal Declaration of War, will be chaotic — but know that they are capable of building the US again from the ground up without the Nation of Immigrants. The Nation of Immigrants doesn’t believe this. So the Nation of Settlers can Samson-Option modern infrastructure out of existence and the Nation of Immigrants will be dead. However, the US as a modern nation state dies with them.

    The Islamicists understand that when things get rough, Sharia Law becomes attractive. Due to the long time that has passed since the US Constitution was operational, and the need for rule of law in the aftermath, Sharia Law will be an obvious framework to adopt. Women will resist this but in a situation where Green Acres Is the Place To Be, their protestations — driven to inexhaustible moral certitude by nearly a century of “women’s rights” and support of mass immigration — will merely alienate their men even more. These men, seeing the teachings of Paul about women in the church having been totally ignored by all of the JudeoChristian Protestant denominations except, perhaps, the LDS, will be ripe for Islam.

    *About the time it was certain that Trump would be the Republican nominee, there is a pretty good chance Stephen Paddock was in Dubai with his live-in girlfriend, Marilou Danley — perhaps taking this picture of her. Ms. Danley’s original nationality is likely Indonesian. Indonesia is majority Islam with a substantial and growing radical component.

  30. Greg Eliot is always hostile to conspiracy theories. I generally am very skeptical of them, but I try not to be hostile to them.
    Greg’s “this is why we lose” often comes accross as someone who wants his side to lose so he can be seen as winning the argument.
    I agree that always having the last word comes accross as the one who cares more (about the disagreeing person’s opinion). In general, letting them have the last word is good. It’s hard to know when to let it rest, though.

  31. Being a consevative amongst liberals, and having an unspoken reluctance to engage in political discussions, is more effective than attempting to present thoughtful arguments. I don’t know why this is, but I have found it to be so. I think PA said it might work better with a female conservative.

  32. hostile to conspiracy theories. I generally am very skeptical of them, but I try not to be hostile to them.

    So Lara do believe the official conspiracy re 9/11?

    And if so, then why refer to other interpretations specifically as conspiracy theories?

  33. I can’t even get over the referring to the non-New York Times version of events as “conspiracy theory.”

    The New York Times says that this is what happened, and half the time what they say happened is a conspiracy; and then but any other ideas are derided as conspiracies.

    Such pockmarked use of language!

  34. They are pulling military actions against the civilian population.

    See 9/11. See JFK.

    Sailer believes that Oswald acted alone and did the shooting in Dallas.

    Sailer and Cochran; Pleasureman and CH; Fred Reed and Mark Steyn; The Death Panel in its monotone no-dissent-allowed entirety; Camlost and Lara; others too: think that buildings spontaneously collapse into their own footprints, at special times during certain months.

    Has a skyscraper building ever collapsed into its own footprint as the result of other than deliberate demolition. Honest question, yes or no?

  35. I mostly believe the official story, but I am well aware that there are many unanswered questions. One good one is how all those people managed to make cell phone calls from the hijacked planes. I’ve never tried it, but apparently it is almost impossible to get cell phone reception on an in flight airplane.
    Honestly, the whole thing is too much for me to think about, so I don’t.

  36. With regards to 9/11, I fully subscribe to the controlled demolition explanation. I was convinced by the one-hour version of the AE911Truth video “Explosive Evidence” and by my subsequent reading of arguments from both sides. Falsifiable theory: the official explanation is inconsistent with observed facts, therefore a new investigation is indicated.

    I don’t go into motives and into the weeds on “how” because that takes you into the realm of speculation — but I do have plausible explanations of how it could have been done. Elevator upgrades in July 2001. Marvin Bush (W’s brother) was a principal at the firm that provided security at the complex. Outside of the geopolitical dimension, property owner Larry Silverstein had motive.

    There are videos on YouTube with really far-out theories. My assumption is that they are put up by government’s proxies to discredit the responsible work of Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth and others by association. Extreme example of crazy theories I’ve seen: the four planes landed at a military base in Ohio, the passengers and crew were herded into a hangar and never heard from again, the buildings were struck with remote-controlled drones.

    I also do not believe in the official explanation for JFK’s assassination.

    As to other events, I’m agnostic on the following assertions:

    – Dunblane and Sandy Hook. Without claiming to know a lot on either, I doubt they were fake events played by crisis actors. I do give credence to theories that there were quasi-state actors involved.

    – Paul Wellstone and JFK, Jr. plane crashes: no idea if pilot error / mechanical failure or political murder.

    – Las Vegas last week: no idea.

    On OKC and Norway: I go with the official explanation, solo actors (with convicted accomplices in Tim’s case).

  37. I have never seen another building collapse like that. I have never seen a plane fly into a building either.

  38. Alot of people don’t want to face how vulnerable they are. The police and military don’t protect the public much.

    Columbine certainly wasn’t a false flag.

    And who planned it and carried it out? Teenagers. The style was not dramatically different than that at Vegas.

    You don’t have to be a genius to fight back.

  39. Elk, Lara, are you people commenting at the chateau under noms de plume? I appreciate elk’s detailed insights, but I can’t recall if he’s ever been credited in the comments at CH before (then again, I can’t recall ever seeing Greg Eliot anywhere outside the chateau, so perhaps there’s a whole world I’m missing).

    Many of my favorite Sandy Hook videos have been shoahed lately, but I will swear my life it is fake. A Hannukah After School Special for the entire nation. There is a vast trove of “forensic” evidence to this effect, but it is finally the copious trail of lies and bad bad bad acting out of the “parents” mouths that condemns them. Subsequent psy ops fake events have been comparatively more discreet, which perhaps accounts for why SH remains such a conspicuous problem for TPTB.

    But it’s Las Vegas that finally is turning so many who previously would not tolerate “CT” explanations. They have the brother, they have the girlfriend, they have a venue with wall-to-wall surveillance and security, and they are publicly blathering like a looped audio of the duh-duh-duh-duh-DUUUUUU-DUUUuuuu cue. “Can somebody please help explane to us what the possible motiviviashun kould B?”

  40. Sorry that joke was too much of an low hanging fruit. (it’s funny cuz it’s true!)

    There is a whole world out there. And it’s full of video poker addicts, frog ugly dick-sucking flips and hard-ass arms dealers who think nothing of killing the cattle. In other words, what world is that?

    This mean old world. I went to the cafe yesterday, and sat around for awhile.

    I go there on my days off sometime around two or three, when the local high school lets off and they come in. I saw a black pill. GE would not approve of relating this story, whereas Nikcrit is laughing his ass off.

    But this girl who was big boned but typical Nordic face and not completely boney and insensitive — in other word, top shelf — had the number 19 on her letter jacket, which means that she (likely) just past the age of consent, which here is halfway reasonable 16 and totally bone-able by any ethical standard.

    But she is sitting with her legs in the air — literally, as kids are wont to do. That posture is totally inappropriate, but a lifetime of slack and ease can lead to it. And after all, if one is not reclined, then what is one facing toward?

    But then these other high schoolers come in, and a very light skinned nigger sits at her table, and they have all sorts of friendly posturing up to hand holding. He was a six-footer and approximately quadroon. The point being that she loved the attention and the controversy. PA, please note, that I gave them nothing of that, more than i could. In fact it was so disgusting that I left.

    But the flip side of that, is that it is so typical. This girl is not trash at all. Like i said, top shelf. 16. And we send them to school with these high-yellas who get their hair at age 11 or 12. But it is interesting to note — and very much a black pill — that the local social structures at that high school, are not in place along race lines. As it was 30 years ago, the athletes even the niggers, get status and no one says shit.

  41. As an online hardass, I am supposed to have done something? Realistically i do disapprove and what else is there.

    Approaching fifty years of age, I am totally out-muscled. I can’t face off the varsity football strong safety letterman. I couldn’t do that in hs, and certainly can’t do it now.

  42. CH is worth following for the drama, at this point. I disagree with his contention that “Game can save the West.”

    That is laughable.

    Game is basically play-acting as a man, to impress women who don’t have real men to compare that act too, and thereby fooling them. I would say that that is a fair characterization of Game as it has been described; in any case, that is my impression.

    We don’t need play-actors. We need real men who have been, but more to the point, are now willing, to be put to the test.

  43. “How to censure a mudshark” is a good subject.

    Life doles out plenty of punishment, and it never ends for them. A day in the life of a ‘shark is one slight and shiv after another. That’s why they all become so hardened and nasty. There is an EE girl I know who married a nog and visits her country once a year, always alone. The one time she brought her half-goblins there, a man at a store smirked and said “your parents must be very proud.”

    Unfortunately, punishment happens after the damage has been done.

    Ultimately though, White men who mix are a bigger problem and should be discouraged more strongly. A mudshark’s kid gets reabsorbed into the black pool. But a White man’s brown colonial trophies are integrated into our society, with paternal investment.

  44. — “Game can save the West.” // That is laughable.

    I’ll respectfully disagree. Game is more than 2007 vintage PUA cliches, it’s a mindset of mastery. Some fake it till they make it, some just shake off the things that need to be unlearned.

    Mindset of mastery is a first step in getting what you want. Political liberation will come but we’re not there yet.

  45. Game is far from playacting. In a word, it’s building up a man for what a man should be and more importantly, can be.

    It’s what men were before oh, I’d say the mid-60s, and they were taught this from fathers, uncles, and other older men of their community.

    As for Greg Eliot of the Chateau, I agree with PA, as he’s someone I’d like to meet and have a drink with. At times his desire to get in the last word can become tiresome, though I feel in general he has a high standard and expects that of fellow brothers-in-arms.

    And what can be said about Captain Obvious that isn’t already obvious.

  46. Game is far from playacting. In a word, it’s building up a man for what a man should be and more importantly, can be.

    Does one use Game at work then, in REAL work that is with other men and no women?

    Do i even have to answer that question?

    I could relate my own story, or I can leave it to whoever else. Do you use Game, with other men, at work or in other Mannerbund activities?

    Yes or No?

  47. I don’t mean to literally have the last word, but my argument stands solid up there.

    Because either

    A) Game is used in the Mannerbund and or at Work with other Men, or
    B) It has little to nothing to do with being a Man, and is so far from what is necessary to save the West, as to be a laughable suggestion as such means and toward such end.

  48. — Do you use Game, with other men, at work or in other Mannerbund activities?

    I don’t know if you read Alpha Game. Two or so years ago VD and a guest-writer wrote a good number of posts on the male Sociosexual hierarchy. Some of it was practical advice on recognizing and correcting Gamma habits. Other posts in that time period were more theoretical, about the reciprocity of male dominance and submission (i.e., leadership and rank, and the mutual obligation and respect).

    If you’re asking about specifically the sexual seduction aspect of Game… then that doesn’t, obviously, literally apply to Mannerbund dynamic. Indirectly or rather broadly as salesmanship or charm, it does.

    I bring him up a lot, and that’s the price (or benefit) of reading here regularly… Czeslaw Milosz. I first in fact came across a Game concept when reading his 1959 autobiography 20 years ago. Right before the war, he had a stint working in an office of a radio station, where he attributed his rapid advance in status to a balance of “hard work and impudence.”

  49. The simple point, to be made non-contentiously, is that Game in its application is with women.

    That is what the god-damned concept MEANS, in the minds of just about everyone.

    That is not my prescriptive description, to win the argument — rather, that is what Game means, to whomever you would ask.

    Unless someone wants to make the case that a man confused adolescent uses Game at Work with Men, in order to become the man he can be.

    Which to me, seems like a very very very very very very very very very stretched argument. But hey make your case.

  50. I see that we have cross-posted.

    A broader concept of Game is necessary for it to have utility in saving the West. I agree with that.

    Game IS a large concept. The very word has so many applications. McCarthy of course gets all philosophical about it. Everything is a game, and then the Game itself is very recursive. Every game we play, is inside another game, which is inside another, and the key being that rules are yet to be written.

    The rules of the game are determined by the outcomes of the games beneath them. And so on. And the only ones playing are the ones … playing.

    In a sense, a man is not alive, if he has not game. And but women are a single application of it. I agree if game is considered in that sense. However, THAT sense is NOT the sense that the concept has been developed at CH. Not that i have seen, at all.

    So if anyone wants to elaborate on that.

  51. Game in the sense of being alive, and playing the game of life, might save the West. What else possibly can.

    (Which Game is a variation on the Ontology Project that never got off the ground, back in the day at Majority Rights.)

    What White people need is a sense of being alive, rather than being half-dead like so many of us are.

  52. White people need two things to feel alive:

    1. Work

    2. Belief that their work has a meaning and purpose.

    Define “work” broadly.

  53. “But the flip side of that, is that it is so typical. This girl is not trash at all. Like i said, top shelf. 16. And we send them to school with these high-yellas who get their hair at age 11 or 12. But it is interesting to note — and very much a black pill — that the local social structures at that high school, are not in place along race lines. As it was 30 years ago, the athletes even the niggers, get status and no one says shit.” (Elk)

    I refer to this as “The Judgement of High School” in the blog post of the same name. To considerably oversimplify, the USG Primary and Secondary Education systems are based on feedback loops run utterly amok.

    Ryu’s reference above about CT is quite relevant for that topic.

  54. When CH references that “game can save the West”, I attribute that as meaning men need to find their balls again, sack up and not allow themselves to be such pushovers and a bunch of mewling betas. It’s about men going after what they want, rather than thinking less of themselves and settling.

    Case in point: CH’s latest point about the lesser beta relates to this.

    As for using Game at work, yeah, I do, but within the confines of a professional environment. There’s a touch of the wink-and-the-nod to the ladies, at least those that catch my eye, and never as I would outside of work. Then there’s red-pilling other men, which I constitute as an aspect of Game.

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