Senator Ben Sasse, Cuckservative Eloi


He’s the adult wearing the red shorts. Take a look at Richard Spencer’s remarkably good article. The gist: Senator Benjamin Sasse (R-Neb.) tweets “muh Russia.” Spencer zings him, in response to which the senator retaliates with a volley of eleven replies that at turns insult Spencer and wax cuckservative. In the linked article, Spencer comments on the senator’s prolixity:

With a PhD from Yale, Sasse, no question, has high intelligence. But a man like Sasse truly reveals the limits of mere intelligence. For what’s the point of intelligence if one’s soul remains that of a goofball and pushover? Sasse has apparently written a book about being an adult without really becoming one, for being an adult—and not just a smart soy boy—means putting aside childish things.

Among those eleven tweets, Spencer receives unsolicited advice on how to be happy, upon which he reflects:

One of Sasse’s saddest moments is when he tells me that I would be happier if I simply gave in and believed what he believes. I’m a pretty fun guy . . . but perhaps he’s right? Perhaps I would be “happier” if I clung to his gooey Americanism, much like a dying man clings to rosary beads or a crumpled photo of his sweetheart. But to even offer this advice is to assume that “happiness” is a value. I’ve visited retirement homes, preschools, and facilities for the mentally retarded; in all cases, the constituents seemed exceedingly happy.

Happy. The face of another buffoon whose emotional life begins and ends with happy:


There are sociopaths, as well as goodhearted but credulous people in mainstream politics. What they have in common is their reliance on childish language to articulate their relationship — and by virtue of their public role, our connection — with manifest reality. Those of us who find that level of communication deceptive or inadequate don’t trust these men’s good faith and judgment, respectively. People who say things like this sincerely:


… are not psychologically equipped to deal with the great unraveling, when every event in the news contradicts their disavowals of identity politics.

Earnest civic nationalism is the home of an unserious person. Times have changed since the centrist consensus of the Reagan era. When events belie the banalities about “universal dignity,” the fallacy of insufficient cynicism becomes, to put this gently, the intellectual error of the Eloi. Guileless adults, when compelled by a universalist ideological narrative, are led to make an idol of equality. What’s at the end of that road goes by a number of names, among them something one Rev. Jim Jones had termed “revolutionary suicide.”

People's Temple Cult Commits Mass Suicide In Guyana

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  1. I never liked Sasse, but those tweets sum up how truly delusional the man is.

    I’ve met many like him over the yesrs, thry got lucky enough in their youth to have mentors or a connected family, and they think everything around them works as long as everyone keeps the faith. Therefore, any deviation from the faith (which always seems to change) is not a good faith dispute, it’s both a sin against the faith and a moral threat to the public good.

    I wonder how much of his moral code the Honorable Senator takes to his committee assignments.

  2. These guys have about the intellectual comportment of the happy-clappy cultists at the airport. We are indeed lucky that they are our democratically elected rulers. And Chuck Schumer.

  3. That shyster with the coffee cup is looking at Sasse and his buddy and telling them “You’re two stupid goyim!”.

  4. I’m unhappy. I’m depressed. And why shouldn’t I be? Born in 1983, I have only the vaguest memories of a White America.

    Now a divorced father of two (my life would be different had I discovered RP/MOS a decade sooner), my country, community and way of life has been taken from me. Why should I be happy? And what would happiness give me, exactly? No, it is the anger – the righteous anger – that drives me, that makes me strive to build a world that my son can be proud of being a part of and want to contribute to.

    If this world, at peak r-selection, is what it means to be a member of Western Civilization then burn it all down and we will start over. I owe it to my ancestors and my descendants.

  5. Are you channeling Larry Auster today PA? I always thought Auster’s comments about Eloi were rather accurate.

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  7. That was a good article by Spencer.

    Men like Sasse just don’t want to believe what they’re eyes are seeing. Or, they’re looking at life through rose colored glasses.

    These are the types that will quite literally crumble should they finally accept what’s going on. They’d self-combust in some fashion; become zombies muttering “I can’t believe . . .”

  8. You are wrong to think men like that are harmless, though they appear harmless.

    Men like that run the Surveillence State. They pass laws. They hold power over you.

    That smile you see is a con. He is an actor, a symbol. You don’t know what he is really feeling. He knows what he is doing.

  9. The shooter is not being portrayed as a right winger. This makes me think it was real. There are plenty of angry losers in this world.

  10. I’m going to look into the Vegas shooter case, in about 2-3 weeks.

    Right now it is too hot. It is not well to react so strongly to such a small thing.

    Every week now in Europe, there is a Muzz stabbing or car attack. It doesn’t warrant any unique coverage.

    There is nothing strange or unusual about homicide. There are about 11,000 per year in the USA, roughly 30 a day.

  11. The surveillance state is in the service of the analytics state which is in the service of the profiling state which is in the service of the archetype state which is then in the service of the {{{narrating}}} state.

    When determined men exemplify exalted archetypes, reality is made in the now.

    {{{They}}} told “us” that we were in the “information age” and that the inherent value to a mined byte is an “open source” secret.

    Paddock defies the archetype.

    And everyone is left scrambling.

  12. I googled a picture of Sasse’s wife. She’s average-looking with a constant sneer on her face. Based on that, I’d say Sasse is a low Delta with heavy Gamma traits, if not an actual Gamma.

  13. The rambling 11-reply volley to Spencer’s one Tweet also makes him look like a tool. Game 101 fail.

    As to Auster, funny you should say. It so happens that my first visit to VFR in 2003 was on a link from Sailer, and it was something about Eloi.

  14. It’s a shame that Spencer has been so utterly delegitimized by the polite-company gatekeepers. As effective as his takedown of Sasse was in that rebuttal, he probably only reached a few dozen who weren’t already in his camp. I’m not sure his best path forward for regaining momentum in his/our cultural crusade, but I think his influence can only grow in very small increments, barring some cataclysmic outside event.

    The alt-right advocates with the best chance of breaking through in force are the normie converts who already had a platform.

  15. Spencer came across as a little too ambitious and inexperienced. Ramzpaul, Jared Talyor, Steve Sailer, and John Derbyshire come across as more chill, which is why I think they are not as easy to take down. It could be an age thing, but they just have more appeal to me. I think Spencer has potential, he just needs to put in more time.

  16. WN is not a mass movement.

    The time commitment is too long. 5+ years to become a good WN? It’s too much for the modern Murkan attention span. That Vegas story will be forgotten inside 14 days.

    I could compare it to Arnold and fitness. Very few people are actually bodybuilders like Arnold. The lifestyle is too hard. But most can relate to wanting to look how he looked and being fit.

    So the goal isn’t to turn everyone into a bodybuilder, but just to get them into the gym.

    WN isn’t about turning every white into a WN. Won’t happen. What we seek from the public is a primative sort of racism; they just have to hate minos and jews.

    And turning every white into a Nazi? Ha. How many people today could even sit down and read Mein Kampf? Work and study are for the few today.

  17. PA, you dirty jew.

    “A “city boy” shouldn’t feel free to run around farmin’ country chatting up the local girls without the fear of getting his throat cut.:

    How dare you refer to throat-cutting LOL. Threats?

    You have anger issues and may need therapy PA 😦 I’m frightened……

  18. She’s right, comrade. Perhaps more than she knows.

    White men love violence. It comes naturally to them. Look at our Vegas shooter – first time in, no support, kills 50+ of the enemy, wounds 500+. Fantastic work.

    At one time, white men were great builders of civilizations.

    Now, they must become great destroyers of the same.

    You’d see alot more of this if the Electronic Surveillence Grid wasn’t in place. The whole purpose of the police now is to hold white men down.

  19. Naaz Modan:

    “How America has silently accepted the rage of white men”

    Oh you haven’t seen anything yet, cupcake.

    Funny how the media is simultaneously decrying the fact that this white guy hasn’t been labeled a terrorist in the media, while simultaneously calling for him to be labeled a terrorist.

    We call people “terrorists” because they commit acts of terror in the name of an ideological or political cause. We call people “mass murderers” because they commit mass murder. We call people “lone wolves” because they’ve acted alone. It has nothing to do with race or religion.

    We also so happen to be involved in a war on terror, that is directed at Muslims, not because of “islamophobia” but because it is Muslim Jihadists who have declared war on us. Remember 9/11?

    Remember Micah Johnson, the Dallas cop killer? Did anyone in the city, state, federal government label him a terrorist? What about Gavin Long, the Baton Rogue cop killer? Seung-hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, was called a “lone wolf”, is that because of his … Asian privilege? To be fair, Dylan Roof was not labeled a terrorist although he could be described as both a terrorist and a lone wolf, like Omar Mateen.

    And I will bring this up yet again: Loretta Lynch attempted to scrub references to ISIS from Omar Mateen’s 911 call. She actually did that. Could you imagine the screeching that would ensue if Jeff Sessions attempted something similar with the Vegas shooter?

    Anyway, on a lighter note, this happened at Berkley

    Yeah, a bunch of Latino snowflakes didn’t study for their midterm and stage a protest in class demanding a take home exam just for them, because…. racism.

    Here’s the video, have a vomit receptacle nearby:

    most contemptible is the elderly boomer lefty impotently prattling on about all his social activism in latin america while the students openly mock him. Don’t you get it you cuck? They don’t fucking like you because you are white. You could have rescued 100 Puerto Rican babies from the Hurricane Maria and they still would hold you in contempt. And instead of being grateful for being accepted as a student at one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in the world, spots that could have been taken by more talented white kids, these Lantinx simply shit upon the opportunity they were handed due to Affirmative Action, which was NEVER MEANT FOR THEM.

  20. BTW, if Trump cucks and bails out Puerto Rico, it’s all over for me. Another fucking wealth transfer from productive white people to lazy brown third worlders. Theres a whole generation of hard working white people burdened by student loans and Obamacare, who are paying for all this. Where’s our bailout?

    Ohhh but they have super cool dances, and Justin Bieber did a remix of Daddy Yankee!!!

    Despacito, this is how we do it in Puerto Rico….

  21. It was either Elk or Lucius who recently wrote a great rant about Despacito. Something about it being the epitome of r-selection hell…

  22. showing an apparent suicide note

    I’m not seeing anything that could be described as such. Am I missing something.

    It was either Elk or Lucius who recently wrote a great rant about Despacito. Something about it being the epitome of r-selection hell…

    I’ll confess I like the song. It’s catchy. An exemplar of multiculturalism.
    I like multiculturalism actually… of the sort in which I have my nation, you have yours. I owe your culture nothing, and you owe mine nothing. That way we can genuinely appreciate the best of our respective cultures without resentment.

  23. From the cernovich link, Laura Loomer tweets conspiratorially

    “Why are there clean shell casings on top of the blood puddle?”

    You dummy, the shell casings were on the carpet already, when he shot himself in the head, the blood oozed out and soaked the carpet underneath them.

    There will be a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding this incident because there is no apparent motive as of yet. Occam’s razor favors the most simple explanation. This is a man who had a particular death wish, one in which he would take out as many people as he could with him. The psychology of such a wish is an existential hatred for existence itself. What is the best way to express contempt for not just your own life, but for the very fact that life, as meaningless and random as it appears to be for some? You kill a lot of innocent people on your way out. This man probably had this idea in his head for a long time. He probably thought about it and planned it in between video poker binges. Imagine spending hours at a time for years on end, into a slot machine, that spins randomly to decide the fate of the money you put into it. A sisyphean effort of the crudest sort.

  24. “Happy. The face of another buffoon whose emotional life begins and ends with happy:

    These idiots have the logic and mental faculties of children. As ulric mention they live in connected circles. Anything outside of thay doesnt exist. The logic they have is put basically as follows: If I were to throw a brick through their window itd be there faulr because they must have done something to provoke it.

    Sometimes I dream of a summer camp for stunted adults where where they sent to live in the minority ghettos. Then we would see true change come to the USA and the West.

  25. The shooting by one man with zero technical expertise and experience is simple unfeasible.

    Here is from Zero Hedge:

    #6 How did someone with “no military background” and that wasn’t a “gun guy at all” operate such advanced weapons? Because what we are being told by the mainstream media just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I really like how Natural News made this point…

    Far from what the firearms-illiterate media claims, these are not systems that any Joe off the street can just pick up and use to effortlessly mow down 500 people. Running these systems requires extensive training, experience and stamina. It is physically impossible for a guy like Stephen Paddock to operate such a system in the sustained, effective manner that we witnessed, especially when shooting from an elevated position which throws off all the ranging of the weapon system.

    Far from being a Navy Seal, Stephen Paddock is a retired accountant senior citizen with a gambling problem and a flabby physique. The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.

  26. Occam’s Razor as a concept is often misused. It is not the simplest explanation if it does not realistically account for what happened. The Occam’s Razor explanation does not account for the technicalities of the operations. One man with no gun experience and no training does not pull off that operation.

    What happened was a large scale sacrifice slash killing in a covert war by the secretive fucks who have access to covert military operations.

    That the Killing Floor was beneath the Illuminati Pyramid, and that it was shot down from the 32nd floor, which number is a Freemason symbol, and that the word “paddock” means livestock holding pen — those are all deliberate symbols that the cult of those people use. Those are their deliberate footprints.

    They are engaged in ritual slaughter of their slave population. That is what they do.

    They like to kill people in the Middle East, and Americans are all rah rah about that. But they also like to kill people here.

    To them it is a win win.

  27. I have no inclination toward following the details of this story, beyond the basics.

    But for fuck’s sake, consider the pattern with JFK and 9/11. Otherwise intelligent people, such as Sailer and (i think re 9/11) Pleasureman and Greg Cochran, think that those three WTC’s fell into their footprint as a bizarre happenstance.

    But it is frankly absurd. Has a multi-story building EVER in the history of world, collapsed into its footprint from other than demolition. And then when it happens three times in the same morning, that is a coincidence?

    And then people talk about Occam’s Razor as being the simplest explanation because otherwise so many people would have to be involved. Well Occam’s Razor does not account for what happened, so it does not apply.

    But the pattern with Vegas is the same in that, it is a Lone Gunman explanation that is not realistic and does not plausibly account for what happened.

  28. Maybe Anders’ action was a conspiracy theory also?

    He didn’t have any military training. How could a normal man without technical experience and endurance shoot 80 people?

    It’s inconcievable! We all know – only cops and soldiers can kill. After all it takes years of experience and many pushups to be able to pull a trigger.

    At least I’m learning why so many don’t fight back.

    They don’t think they can. There is nothing special about military skills. For white men, they come naturally. With a good setup, you don’t need to be Rambo or even to aim. Just pull the trigger and it is fish in a barrel.

    It seems that a major consequence of military and cop worship is the notion that it takes magical powers to do missions. You need to be 20 years old, do 300 pushups in 2 minutes, situps and chins to have the power over life and death.

    Not so.

    Any white man can inflict major damage on the System anytime he wants. Most don’t “want.” It isn’t the skill they lack, it is the desire.

  29. A lot of old-timers such as Sailer and Cochran, cannot conceive that the now cartoonishly memed Illuminati actually exist and view the rest of the world as their charge and slaughterhouse, because it is gross and evil.

    Such touching cognitive dissonance, or something. We drop phosphorous bombs on people as a matter of course, and accept that Jason Bourne is not so far fetched, but when it comes to country music in America, or skyscrapers in New York, such things as off limits.

    They wouldn’t touch those things, because America and Apple Pie?

  30. Maybe Anders’ action was a conspiracy theory also?

    The correct term, in the real-speech community that considers these questions as adults — is not “conspiracy theory” it is false flag.

    And the slanted meaning and misuse of “conspiracy theory” is old news. Anyone even using the term conspiracy theory, as opposed to the correct and clearer concept of false flag, reveals his prejudice.

    As far as was or was not Breivik a false flag, I don’t know.

  31. It’s inconcievable! We all know – only cops and soldiers can kill. After all it takes years of experience and many pushups to be able to pull a trigger.

    At least I’m learning why so many don’t fight back.

    As usual, Ryu is reading into others his own frustrations and problems. Which is the reason he is a tedious poster.

    Did I say that Ryu is a tedious poster?

    Ryu, were you waiting from someone to say something interesting in the morning, in order to project the frustrations that you have, for you own inability to inflict your will onto things?

    Try making something you can point to. Do something with your hands. You will be a more interesting person.

  32. If Ryu doesn’t get some new and better material, what is the value of his commentary.

    Yeah man we get it — going out and machine-gunning a bunch of strangers does not appeal to normal healthy people.

    I mean jesus fucking christ, do we have to pretend that is a valuable insight?

    How many times is the guy gonna say hello?

  33. The reason that people don’t go out and kill a bunch of other people, is because good reasons that don’t need explanation.

    Whatever trolls need this explained to them — please leave.

  34. I think Ryu is definitely working with law enforcement in some capacity. He is likely a low level informant.

  35. Maybe I’m a WN infiltrating law enforcement.

    Infiltration works in many ways. What most know about is cops trying to infiltrate WN. It can certainly possible to go the other way around.

    I’ve been very insistent that most WNs need LEO training now.

    …what really surprises me, is that no one studies LE sources on their informant programs, how they are run, how much people are paid, and so on. There is no need to ‘guess’ at how things work.

    The Golden Age of undercover work is over. It was dying by the 80s and dead by the 90s. Because there are no more groups.

    There is a whole universe of possibility out there. I wish WN would explore it.

  36. I don’t think that Ryu is any kind of LEO or informant.

    If he was (as Frodo would say) I think that he would appear more fair but feel less foul. (no offense, Ryu)

  37. In many ways, it is an honor, a rite of passage. Most advanced nationalists I know of have been called agents.

    Of course, I understand the why.

    …but the whole movement is moving towards violence now. They’ve tried everything else. I want them to succeed and GAWI, not get caught the first time out.

  38. Paddock as patsy — a persuasive case laid out by Johnny Redux at CH.


    1. Paddock was a long-time gambler, and addict. People with addictions, of any type, make good marks for use as patsies. No exact details on that, at this time. Gamblers at his level (casinos, online, etc.) burn through a LOT of $$. As anyone who gambles knows, the house more-often-than-not wins. That means Paddock, more than likely (even if he had some big wins), had incurred a lot of debt. And these people like to get paid.

    2. In return for paying off his debts, and maybe supplying him with more stacks of cash, he entered into some sort of deal with some very shady people.

    3. The shady people (deep state operatives and/or Mossad agents) asked him to do some innocent, although probably illegal, acts at first, to see how he performs, and to “own” him (i.e., once he committed a crime, he was threatened to continue or face a steep prison sentence). So, the requests of him escalated in number and seriousness. He may have been buying and running guns for them, laying the foundation to set him up.

    4. THEY have him fly to hotels in various places that are, unbeknownst to him, near major concert venues, to give the appearance that he is scoping out various concerts.

    5. Shit was getting real, so he told his Asian gf to bug out…some place far away…and he would wire some money to her. He would get the hell out of dodge, too, if things got bad and he had to leave (so he thought).

    6. They have him get ready for a “big buy” of weapons at the Mandalay Hotel, for which he is requested to bring various weapons in an wait for further instructions. He probably did set up video to look for the buyers and/or police to warn him in regards to the sale, but not a mass-murder shooting. Notice that it was never mentioned that he made any attempts to block the doors to his hotel room and barricade them with all the furniture, appliances (like the refrigerator), etc. to slow down any SWAT attack.

    7. They show up, put a bullet in his brain, and then start blowing people away (with at least two shooters). Dead men tell no tales.

    8. They escape because, conveniently, the door to the hotel room was NEVER barricaded. So, one cannot tell if anyone left the room or not if it was never barricaded but merely locked instead (hint: hotel doors can be unlocked and locked from the outside).

    9. If no video of the entrance doors to each of the adjoin hotel rooms show up, showing who was going in and out that day, you can BET that there is a massive cover-up.

    Kind of like the missing video from the Pentagon, one of the most secure buildings in the world with cameras pointing everywhere, or from any nearby buildings, showing a jet flying into it on 9/11.


  39. Good find, PA.

    Murka is so locked down now, even gov operations should be getting caught. They can’t get past CCTV, FRS, LPRs unless they have inside help.

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