Women Are Choosing

There is a youngish married woman who, contrary to all of her apolitical or Trump-supporting girlfriends, is an armchair social justice warrior who makes a daily habit of squirting anti-White posts on Facebook. Her friends roll their eyes when her name comes up and some have unfollowed her because they find her posts irritating.

She is an anachronism. On matters of identity, there is nothing left to debate. What’s left is signalling. In other words, informing your peers on where your loyalty belongs.

NFL’s Take a Knee campaign is a prominent example of such signalling. It was never a debate on “freedom of expression” — it is an affirmation of identity. White GenZ kids are getting red-pilled younger and younger as events pull them onto history’s stage.




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  1. These girls know that blacks kill each other.
    These girls know that when a cop kills a black, the black shot first.
    These girls are seeing, now, that blacks blame whites for every problem they have.

    Blacks whine. Chicks hate whiners.

    They’re now seeing that the line separating “good” and “bad” is by color.

  2. One can use their own tricks against them

    They say about nazis, that nazis have FOS, but they have to pay for it. We can do the same.

    I use virtue signaling with this kneeling thing too. You can virtue signal that you are a true Murkan, and that they hate the USA.

    Just troll them. Call them commies or too good to stand for the flag. Then you can play the good guy, while they are the heathen.

    If they kneel next to you, sing EXTRA loud, right in their ear. Preferably with a shit-eating grin on your face.

    The hidden struggle is that its miggers who kneel and whites who stand. One has to exaggerate this difference.

  3. Far fewer NFL players have knelt before games today. Many knelt right before the anthem, then stood and locked arms when it started.

    Leave it up to the negro to do something stupid like alienate conservative white males aged 35+ – they are the main corporate sponsors, apparel buyers and season ticket and box ticket holders. If their interest drops, NFL revenue drops and those white male consumers WILL NOT be replaced by equally affluent SJW’s, dirt-poor Hispanic border jumpers, NYC Jewish liberals or left coast fruitcakes who fill their Facebook feed with “support” for the NFL “protesting” players but don’t bother to watch on TV or buy tickets themselves.

    This is turning out to be a big winner for our cause, it’s helping wake our people up once again. An idiot like Romney in office would’ve tiptoed around this like a PC fool, instead Trump is there with a gasoline can in one hand and a vial of nitro glycerin in the other.

  4. It’s astonishing that you, PA, are choosing the subversive tactic of identifying all females as “women.” What of those females who are not yet “women” or have, for one reason or another, forfeited their womanhood? How do you speak to them when you ONLY EVER ADDRESS “woman?”

    PS. I see a bunch of young girls in those photos. Seeing “women” is wishful cuck speculation.

  5. These anti-wS figured that if white man didn’t possess some primitive ritual signifying a white boy catapulting to manhood then the legal age of eighteen would do…

    What is takes to be a white woman can not merely slither off the tongue of a cucked up mind.

  6. I like that “Jack and Diane” angle you are increasingly using, PA. That world is alien to any WN under 30. They have never seen such a thing.

    The USA pre-1990 is like a mythical land to the young. It is year zero for them. They’ve never known what it is to live without being persecuted.

    I have tried showing them media from the 80s. They almost don’t believe it is real.

    It helps immensely to only consume movies, TV or music from before 1990 to “stay white.” I can’t recommend it enough.

    The past was more advanced than the present. You call it “freezing the culture” but is just avoiding 30-50 years of degradation. Many “technologies” were far more advanced in the past. Feminism, multiculturalism, and gay-luv always show up at the end of empires.

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  8. White GenZ kids are getting red-pilled younger and younger as events pull them onto history’s stage.

    So it would seem.

    That first picture is really great.

    Check out that there are two Asian girls in the line-up and they know to stand. The one in the middle of the line-up is a classic follower. See how she is looking around at what the others are doing.

  9. It helps immensely to only consume movies, TV or music from before 1990 to “stay white.” I can’t recommend it enough.

    The Bee Gees. / no sarc


    Also in the first picture, to make the obvious point (that the picture makes better).

    The black girl, whose face is not an ugly gorilla, is making the wrong decision. She should stand with her teammates who are the cheerleaders.

    Of course they are going to hold it against her. Wouldn’t it be great to get an inside view of their locker-room drama.

    But the larger point, which point i have made many times and specifically to the ex-serial poster here, is that any blacks of real character, are almost obliged to take the side of Whitey.

    But they can’t do that, for some reason. And that reason is that they don’t have the White man’s (some might say flawed) condition of being primarily motivated by principles.

  10. It seems as though I’m the only one who has daughters who are not “women” even though one is at the oh-so arbitrary age of eighteen thus conferring some kind of memetic magic in the minds of a milked mass of maternity-voided man-boys.

    If the white fathers of a deracinated and limp-twisted West are to get their white daughters off the bait and farrow THEN it starts with destroying all public notions of an automatic “womanhood” abiogenically derived and in direct contradiction to a forceful fatherhood.

    Women aren’t born…

    And eighteen years old is not a universal transition from female to woman.

    Real womanhood is racially motivated and then exemplified by those white females most truly desirous of a racially-inspired womanhood.

    This is another start point in the aim of dissolving the enforcement of totalitarian integration.

  11. @camolst,

    that NFL administrative article you linked to seems to imply that overall the league is dismayed by Trump’s actions; meaning, their net result is to divide the league’s financial contingents and thus interests…. I do recall you predicting this controversy back when Kaepernick was first getting started.

    Thor, what do you make of all this and where do you think it will culminate?

  12. I like the Bee Gees.

    They have what the blacks call “swagga”. White men have to get their groove back.

    There’s a WN named “Hell by the Dashboard” on jewtube. He talks about how whites need to develop an attitude problem again. Hell grew up during WWF’s attitude era and liked Shawn Michaels “Sexy Boy” LOL.

  13. Ryu, how is this for White Swagger? There are many more examples, such as Iggy Pop or Bryan Ferry, but this is a particularly good one. Not long after this performance, the singer (Roky Erickson) was committed to a hospital for the criminally insane, where he languished for many years. Upon his release he played in a band with a family friend. I saw him perform on Halloween night ten years ago in a sold out-club, one of the best live shows I’ve ever attended. I had the opportunity to meet with him after the show, and it was a transcendental experience. BTW – He is from Texas, USA.

  14. Quote fron nikcrit:

    “@camolst (sic),

    I do recall you predicting this controversy back when Kaepernick was first getting started.”

    Camlost is low key one of the most insightful and smartest commenters here. I always take the time to read what he has written. It doesn’t surprise me that he predicted the current clash in the NFL.

    [agreed — PA]

    PS – I’m in weekend mode right now.

  15. — I have tried showing them media from the 80s. They almost don’t believe it is real.

    This TV commercial is from 1992, but same idea. I remember seeing it run frequently:

  16. The original post is sparse in words because it’s visual, more about the photos. I hope the point was clear enough though: that White women (as represented by girls in the post) are having to choose a side.

    They’ve always, to the best of their comprehension, stood with their men, outliers aside. Yet these Kneeling demonstrations are now part of a larger social movement of identity politics entering the spaces in which young unmarried high-SMV girls had previously been insulated from those things.

    It’s not easy for women, at that age, to know whom to follow when on one hand they have their healthy instincts and traditional social reinforement, and on the other hand, politically correct messaging from “authorities.”

    By those three photos, they are choosing well because the media-education system has less sway than it did a generation earlier. Maybe their parents told them “don’t even think about disrespecting your anthem.” Maybe they have normal boyfriends and social circles, in which political correctness is mocked.

  17. Cam is right. The people who support BLM protests (which is basically what kneeling during the national anthem is) are not the ones who buy tickets or watch games. There are some exceptions, but definitely a minority. Kneeling during the anthem is turning into a black thing. I think that is why these white (and Asian) cheerleaders stood.
    I can’t see the milk commercial being produced today. There would most likely be an interracial angle to it.

  18. Perhaps the government should decree that blacks, browns and jews are not permitted to sing or stand for the anthem? They can just mill around in a pen of some sort while such celebrations take place.

    OT: What are the odds the Las Vegas shooter, apparently an old guy who hates country music, is another Bernie Boomer (after the Scalise shooter)? Is this the way they want to go out?

  19. I can’t help but be base and think, yes, they should kneel courtesy before their betters and masters.

    Blacks kneel, while Whites Take A Stand. Beautiful.

    And those girls likely have daddies and boyfriends or at least healthy social groups they don’t want to disappoint. No ‘sharks in that bunch, I’d wager.

  20. Lothar,

    That 13th Floor vid was good. Thank you for that.

    A big part of the “Year Zero” approach is recognizing that we are so far gone it is almost incomprehensible. Even the most jaded WN can barely perceive how much has been lost. I’m included in that.

    Race is critically important. There are things in the past that could not be replicated today, at any price, with any number of people working on them. Included is “romantic love.” Dead today.

    The electronic and computer technology today is nothing compared to the losses in “human technology.”

  21. This is turning out to be a big winner for our cause, it’s helping wake our people up once again.

    The BLM narrative is just nignog woe as me fantasy pushed down our throats by the jew media machine. In 2016 police killed 243 blacks, and only 16 of them were unarmed. But if you pay attention to the MSM, you would think that number would be much higher, because every time a black guy is shot by a cop, the media spins into a frenzy. But when a white guy gets killed by the cops it’s crickets. Truth is, blacks are shot by police at only slightly higher rates than whites on a per capita basis, but at a much lower rate than one would expect for how much violent crime they commit.

    What we should be talking about is how black males are 6% of the population but commit 50% of the homicides… oooh but can’t talk about that can we? Or how about the fact that they have made up 42% of all cop killers over the past decade? In 2016 only 243 whites killed a black person. The rate at which blacks kill whites is something like 300% higher.

    but whatever, feels before reals… go ahead Kapernick take the knee in your sanctimonious display of victimization fantasy. Those black bodies piling up are at the hands of your own people you dumb fuck but keep blaming it all on da white man. It’s cute til it’s not anymore, and our patience is wearing thin.

  22. PA, are you fighting the temptation to write about the latest “outrage” 🙂

    Oh Lord, how could this happen! ZOG’s going wall 2 wall. Call Schlomo, the goyim love it!

  23. — are you fighting the temptation to write about the latest “outrage”

    No, as I don’t have anything original to say about it. Others do insightful news analysis (Sailer, VDay), it’s not my focus.

  24. “The daily outrage” blogging had its place. It’s the first stage of red-pilling. I’ll occasionally see someone on facebook post those kinds of things, as they’re working through their initial encounter with reality or trying to shake their friends awake.

    It’s an awakening normie phase. There is anger to be dealt with. All of us went through it. For the rest of us, it’s “no shit, I already knew that dindus are impulsive meatbags and the government is not on our side.”

  25. Rooshi had a good article on his site today. Apparently, he now knows it is all about race.

    I am curious, what his angle is. Why should he care what happens to us? He can’t “sense” what’s coming. It won’t matter if he’s a good Muzz. If whites do wake up, he won’t have a place in any white country.

  26. From roosh’s article:

    If you want to know why there is a war against white people, I would start by asking yourself who is in control of the liberal establishment, and if that group of individuals may possess a pathological hatred towards the white race. Their movement used to put a “progressive” or intellectual veneer over kill whitey, but now they don’t even bother to hide it

    The mask is indeed slipping:



    That’s an impressive resume you have there Ms. Geftman-Gold. I wonder how you climbed so high to your executive roles in the media despite being such an obvious basic bitch. Must have some great (((connections)))

  27. The alt-rite re-raised a lowered bar on the issue of analyzing reality with abject objectivity. Reality is what it is and crushes all anti-reality everywhere, inevitably. This is alt-rite baited Principle Zero.

    So Rooshi is taking just another baby step. The dominating cabal prophets perpetuating “white” self-annihilators and only utilizes precious resources to submit racially-incarnated (S)upremacists.

    The “white” sheep are led to a slaughter…

    And it is within this “leading” that nearly all of the “white” sheep simply envision and fantasize of the greenest grasses.

    A real cabal targets the wolves under the kinetic cover of the delirious masses.

    In the sickNarrative, the “white supremacist” is the only real wolf.

    In the rightNarrative, reality is equal and yet not the same…

    The white (S)upremacist is the wolf in man’s clothing.

  28. The making of an anti-racist mass murderer…

    Father was a “psychopath…” Thoughts of patricide.

    Fathered no children… Thoughts of and/or participation in infanticide.

    Divorced and tolerant of miscegenation. Out-of-body homodykish thoughts towards racinated white females.

    Fathering a gambling habit… No thoughts of the Eternal or perpetuating metaphysically.

  29. This is the biggest news story in awhile, and we all want to know what is going on, and what are the implications, and what’s next.

    Allow me this boomer-post qualification: I am not following the news. And further, don’t even know how to anymore. What are the good channels and networks now?

    However. As re this event. For starters.

    The question of whether or not the kill and casualty count is feasible, for a single shooter, of that guy’s description and background (which is to say non-military specialist), in that set-up and with whatever supposed hardware — the question of whether or not that kill and casualty is feasible, is A REALISTIC QUESTION.

    A specialist with the necessary background, in guns and hardware and military ops and killing people, can evaluate that question and have an answer.

    Five hundred hits, by one guy, who is a regular guy?

    It was such a target rich environment that most bullets will hit a body?

  30. I am not pushing the conspiracy angle, yet, but would like to see that question evaluated.

    Is it feasible that one guy with those guns has that many hits and that many kills, from that position and in that timeframe?

    It wasn’t feasible with JFK and it wasn’t feasible in many other instances.

    There was an interesting article about the spree killer psycho in Australia who SUPPOSEDLY racked up a count of whatever, maybe around 40, written by someone with seemingly a background in tactical operations of that sort, just tore apart the feasibility of a having a kill ratio with hand guns side arms in the hands of anyone other than Jason Bourne or James Bond. It just doesn’t work like that; and that Australian was a mentally deficient half-wit.

    In other words that spree kill was a black op by psycho specialists, and a team of them at that.

    On the other hand, maybe at that stadium in Vegas there were so many people that most bullets would find a target.

    I would repeat that it doesn’t seem like it would be a difficult question to evaluate, by people in that line of work.

  31. My belief is that it was a black op.

    It is odd that as such, a leftist antifa would be the patsy.

    I guess that “they” are trying to sew chaos, and inspire more antagonism from Trump supporters.


    However in a sense, speculating on “motives” is very much missing the point.

    They do what they do, just like a dumb animal does what it does. Just like a post-wall bitch does what she does. Habit mainly: in the past it sort of worked, and momentum, and they don’t know what else to do.

  32. In radically autonomous environment, the default assumption towards an event like this is “false flag.” Yet, anti-racism is real and existentially consequential; athough, a deracinated majority IS NOT going to be able to pinpoint the ideological pathology explicitly. So “we” could have an instance of a real anti-racist mass murderer needing an air of “false flagness” to facilitate in obscuring in the minds of the masses his mass murderous act of anti-racism, i.e., anti-white supremacy, FOR THE SAKE of a deracinated majority unwilling to know the homicidal essence of an anti-racist.

    In other words, the most prolific of MRKN “white” mass murderers wasn’t killing “white supremacists,” rather, he was annihilating fellow anti-racists KNOWING a demonic media could transform him, posthumously, into a politically correct villain. And so, Paddock will need to be transformed into a “white supremacist” by the MessMadia for the very reason that a large swath of his victims and the general public are anti-racists needing to understand why they were ruthlessly targeted and without having to venture outside the confines of the sickNarrative?

  33. Elk, it was a concert, not just some night on the Vegas Strip. With that many people packed together, all you have to do is sight in on the general area and pull the trigger. Against an elevated position, going prone does not help unless you have cover. The shooter could rain fire on the crowd without much difficulty. It is not hard. A couple of explosives to pen people in and it could have been much worse.

    I would not be surprised at all if many of the casualties and fatalities were from the crowd and not enemy fire. Getting trampled is a real possibility in a panicked mass of people. Especially if you are already wounded and are lying down or have fallen.

    The Shadowed Knight

  34. It’s not as simple as it is made out to be.

    For example the thread about tying a banner to an overpass. If you were to do that, it would end being technically more challenging than you thought it would. All sorts of practical problems would come up that you hadn’t thought of beforehand and were not equipped to deal with on the spot.

    As an intelligent White man, you would figure it out, but it would take time and practice, and experience, and know-how. And that last — know-how — is the crucial detail.

    And that’s with a highway overpass.

    The technical challenges of urban warfare. For starters, i know nothing about it.

    But i do know that it’s not as easy as one would think.

    The idea that Joe Blow just pulls off the tactical op with those results, is quite the stretch. On the level of JFK and 9/11.

    Here is That One Guy on MPC,

    I agree with the framework of the metapolitical stategy that he presents. It is high-level black ops trying to get Americans disarmed of their semi-autos. And yeah it’s the same people who did it to Russia.

  35. Guns are hardware, as the reader may or may not know. All sorts of practical and technical challenges come up in their use.

    How calloused were what’s-his-name’s hands?

    If you are Joe Bloe faggot — a professional gambler who made his money in real estate?! — his hands were not too calloused.

  36. It’s sort of like being an underwater welder. The reality of it, is that one to train for years to attain the basic competence to work at a journeyman level.

    And urban warfare is not a dilettante’s hobby. The notion that one gets an idea in one’s head, and prepares for a year, and pulls it off, is absurd.

    It is a misconception that is based on our own fatally flawed computer screen reality existence.

    Steve Sailer has a current thread where the typical disagreements come in to play. Sailer believes the cover story about this, and about 9/11 for that matter.

    Which is ironic, because he knows on some level, about the “mechanical technical underwater welder type-of-guy” that is required for this shit. He made a post about the movie where Clooney was the shooter in Europe, and how Clooney with his pretty-boy face was miscast in that role.

    That is exactly my point. Guys who can do that sort of work are blue-collar shop guys, and Sailer is correct that they don’t usually look like Clooney. Sailer also in that post (many years ago) noted that the Black Irish (real life too) tough guy Markey Mark does sort of have that look, and that he was better case in the movie Shooter.

  37. Paddock does have the ex-pat look, and clearly he was an intelligent and capable guy.

    But just deploying (is that even the correct word) all those rounds, from a hotel room, will involved technical challenges that a novice rookie will not have foreseen.

    But the question as a whole, whether he was the lone gunman or not, should not get bogged down in those details about how he could possible have overcome the practical challenges in the execution of his plan.

    The overall likelihood is that he would not have been so successful.

    And then considering the patterns of history, and as the MPC poster suggests, the plans that the over-arching jew control freaks have used in the past.

  38. “For example the thread about tying a banner to an overpass. If you were to do that, it would end being technically more challenging than you thought it would. … As an intelligent White man, you would figure it out, but it would take time and practice, and experience, and know-how.”

    If you’re not in the middle of a career but more of a WN drifter, examine some banners to see who is responsible for them, then get a job as display advertising specialist, or whatever the name may be, at that firm for a couple of months. Now you know how to hang banners and much more.

  39. — The reality of it, is that one to train for years to attain the basic competence to work at a journeyman level. // And urban warfare is not a dilettante’s hobby.

    I am a fan of Elk’s Underwater Welder archetype. Unrelated – back in high school “underwater basket-weaving” was the shorthand for a useless college major.

    A way to think about the difference between someone with years of training and experience vs someone with theoretical knowledge but little hands-on… The experienced pro will:

    Do things efficiently and fast

    Not be delayed when something goes wrong or a complication happens

    Never, ever say “oh crap, I never expected that”

    Always have an accurate feel for how long something will take

    Can fuck off and waste time and catch up in a burst of effort

    Always feel calm, even when operating at high RPMs

  40. Good for her. Women do want to choose well, but they first need to feel resolve on the part of the men.

    Don’t have links at the moment but it is alleged that at least in one case, a black offensive line intentionally let their White QB get injured on sacks as retaliation for standing for the anthem. Also allegations of black defensive linemen doing fist salutes when sacking a White QB.

  41. I like that woman. She took a big risk, though. If you look at her picture, she is somewhat dark skinned with dark eyes. It goes to show that some of our strongest supporters are not the stereotypical blond, blue eyed Aryans.

  42. Don’t have links at the moment but it is alleged that at least in one case, a black offensive line intentionally let their White QB get injured on sacks as retaliation for standing for the anthem.

    The QB should talk to management about whether he should be traded. If the OL does it again, ask to be traded and leak it to the news. Or just skip to step 2.

  43. Was that the Raiders, with the QB being left vulnerable by his Offensive Line?

    If it really happened, that is an interesting ethical dilemma for the QB in question.

    Put yourself in his shoes, and what should you do, and what would you do?

  44. If tape reviews prove OL’s sabotage, how can the coach/owner not cut them all from the team? Yes, it was Oakland Raiders I read that allegation about. Snopes says “never happened” but that’s what you would expect them to say. I haven’t seen the game so I can’t judge.

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