The Captive Mind, 2017

MGE relates this snapshot of human interaction in late-liberal America, describing a young woman’s condition of living-in-unreality:

The other day I was driving through a gentrifying neighborhood in Detroit, and I witnessed a disgusting scene that I see time and time again in this city. A black guy, probably in his early 20’s, walking along the sidewalk eating out of a fast food bag. As he sauntered down the street, he simply threw his trash on the ground as he ate, burger wrapper, french fry box, empty paper cup, napkins, ketchup packets, and finally the bag itself. This was done in view of a trash can placed at the end of the block. If there is anything disgusts me it’s littering. If I see someone litter, I immediately know everything I need to know about that person’s character. I see this all the time in Detroit, driving behind an Escalade for instance, when the tinted window is rolled down just enough to shove multiple bags of trash right onto the street. This is why if you go to Detroit, one of the first things you will notice is garbage everywhere.

When I saw this the other day, I pointed it out to my white liberal passenger, partially out of my disgust but also to needle her to see what her (predictable) reaction would be. She of course, launched into a litany of excuse making straight out of her freshman “Race, Gender, Class” text book… “he’s not educaaaated!! it’s apaaaathy!! It’s Povertyyyyy!! It’s a reaction to gentrificaaation!!!” I pointed out that he is wearing air jordan’s that cost well over $100, and she had a pre-packaged excused for that too: “It’s important for People of Color, especially low income, to dress so as to appear higher than their Socioeconomic Status (SES)..” She was palpably annoyed that I had the gall to criticize a Person Of Color, and implied that I check my white privilege. Now I am quite certain if that scene played out in a rural area with a white guy littering (which I never see), she would be the first to fume on about him being a white trash redneck, hick.

This is the kiked out feminized garbage that is being indoctrinated into every student who enters the University system… if you talk to just about any Millennial, especially female, who has been exposed to this they will be well versed in this jargon… white privilege, white supremacy, patriarchy, People of Color, systemic racism, microaggressions, colonized spaces, safe spaces, “becky’s”, mediocre whiteness, whiteness in general, blah blah blah. Just ask Pete, I think it was him who made the comment on Millennials on a previous thread. It is not uncommon at all for even white (women) mostly to adopt this mush-brained worldview that is framed entirely by identity politics, as you saw above with that latino girl hysterically ranting about how Trump is committing “literal genocide.” If you think that is over the top, you have no idea… there are late stage Millennials I know that talk like that all the time. They think they are being smart and edgy when they go on like this. My boomer Mom didn’t quite believe it until one day she was called a white supremacist for making an innocuous comment on Facebook that was related to real estate, nothing to do with race. Jordan Peterson had a good lecture explaining why this stuff appeals to women so much; it has to do with the maternal instinct warped in the wrong direction.

Bottom line, these so called enlightened liberal women see People of Color as their little pets, who just haven’t been trained well, like a pit bull they adopted who bites the mail man. Since I care nothing for women’s opinion of me, I usually push back pretty hard. If you encounter a man who talks like that, well that’s a sad thing to witness – I’m just grossed out by his presence and the stench of weakness that follows him.


Now back to me, PA.

I’m fascinated by the process through which thought, and even someone’s very soul, can be corrupted. In 1953 Czesław Miłosz wrote The Captive Mind, a monumental work about the symbiosis between totalitarian regimes and the human mind.


38 thoughts on “The Captive Mind, 2017

  1. With filagreed precision, PA makes his points into a well-reasoned calligraphed whole.

    You DON’T see whites engaging in wholesale littering, and even when it (rarely) happens, the abuser knows he’s doing wrong. That’s the thing about the negroes … they don’t even know they’re doing wrong. It’s like they don’t have any conscience — zilch — either social or personal.

  2. And here’s another thing. On Heartiste’s website you’ll find PA’s list of “things cuckservatives say.” Remember the thing about Detroit which is apropos here? Pa wrote cucks say UNIONS destroyed DETROIT. UNIONS.

    The majority black population that took over shoddy substandard housing from early 1900s whites are never mentioned.

    Is there ANYWHERE in the world where majority black presence leads to improvement, not degradation? I’ll pay $50 if you can name one. In fact, you know what? – next time I encounter a lib I’m a gonna offer him my take on the sit-rep and see if he can win the Big Fifty. In Canada that bill’s a red color — like their politics.

    (Oh, by the way, the lib journalist who made the patriotic states RED and the socialist ones BLUE is cute … very cute. Someone needs to hack his head off with a rusty knife like that Greyhound passenger on a bus bound for Winnipeg who met a RL schizo).

  3. MGE, you may still be invested in the System. That’s why you feel outrage when a groid litters.

    This isn’t a white man’s country anymore. It belongs completely to the minos and the jews.

    You care too much and it is being used against you. Give it up.

    Today, YOU are the nigger slave on the plantation. You’re cleaning up after your masters, that negro included. That’s why you didn’t confront him either – he belongs to the ruling class and has police protection.

    I recommend that you learn how to litter.

    Try it! Who gives a rip? No black will narc on you. Maybe a white will, but there are more white snitches than black.

    There is order and there’s chaos. WNs must learn chaos. Miggers are wonderful teachers of this. Trying to MAGA or rebuild now? Too early.

  4. “Is it possible that young women are so outraged because they are craving infant contact in a society that makes that very difficult?” — Jordan ‘B is for Bigboy’ Peterson

    Yes, Jordy, it is possible. However such generalized speculation about emotions and their causes, while titillating, is imprecise and unscientific.

    I guess i agree with it. Women are “outraged” because it is difficult for them to fulfill their real biological imperative, which is to have children and more than that, all that goes with it including the painful vagina adventures that is childbirth.

    That is what we have been saying in the Red Pell Zone for ten fucking years, but hey never mind us.

    “#2 of questions to get crucified for asking: Do feminists avoid criticizing Islam because they unconsciously long for masculine dominance?”

    Welcome to the Red Pell Zone, Mr Peterson. You will find that such statements have been common knowledge for going on fifteen years now. But still — nice of you to notice!

    Continue on your quest to titillate the normies. Life in Canada, eh?

  5. My criticism of Jordy Bigboy Peterson is his soft balling of modern women in describing them as “outraged” as opposed to unhappy and unhealthy and fat and bitchy and wasteful and wasted.

    Or anything other than a word that is somewhat “empowering”.

    In his capacity as an academic, he is part of that empowering milieu and he might see them at a life stage before where it has caught up to them.

    The reality is those women about whom we are talking, “outraged” is such a one-sided and frankly flattering description.

    The reality is unhappiness and depression and a lot of ice cream and unpleasantness.

    I have the pleasure of seeing a lot of these women, and it occurred to me today, that the ones who still have some (SMV) value, and kind of know the score that they have to get a grip and fast — they can’t be more, uh, genuine in their interpersonals because a lifetime of habits isn’t something that one changes on a dime.

    Pre-wall and post-wall women are mocked in the Sphere for their doubling-down on bitchiness, but it doesn’t strike me as doubling down — it’s just more of the same but now it seems so much worse without the tight ass to sweeten up the deal.

  6. Edit that rant as follows:

    My criticism of Jordy Bigboy Peterson is his soft balling of modern women in describing them as “outraged” as opposed to what they are which is unhappy and unhealthy and fat and bitchy and wasteful and wasted.


    it’s just more of the same but now their behavior seems so much worse without the tight ass to sweeten up the deal.

  7. Recently i have had the (mis)pleasure of seeing a lot of women, and those White women who are not mothers are frankly tragic.

    We joke a lot about them, and in this part of the Sphere, a tremendous amount of ill will colors the conversation. I have a tremendous amount of ill will, for all the women who were not willing to suck my dick, but at this stage in the game, it is impossible not to be more concerned about the scale of it all, and not in some gay cliche MPC sense of that word.

    All the misery in the world, all the unhappiness. These are normal regular people who can’t form meaningful relations.

    What percentage of 20-year old women are going to have even halfway satisfying families, ten years from now? and what awaits them further on in the future?

  8. I have recently realized that most Americans are emotionally crippled, because it is doing adult things that makes one into an adult.

    And those adult things — what are they these days?

    Men can perhaps be adults without having children, but generally speaking women cannot.

    I don’t mean to hijack MGE’s excellent thread-leading comment; it is more or less related though, if the topic is whatever became of Jack and Diane?

  9. You DON’T see whites engaging in wholesale littering, and even when it (rarely) happens, the abuser knows he’s doing wrong. That’s the thing about the negroes … they don’t even know they’re doing wrong. It’s like they don’t have any conscience — zilch — either social or personal.

    White people built the suburbs and to this day are paving over the most fertile soil in the world.

    We do it in this here suburb, so that property taxes stay low.

    We literally put in parking lots, that are — again, literally — used maybe .1 per cent of the time, over the best farmland in the world, because those are “best business practices”.

    Are we saying that jews control the local politics?

    It seems to me that it is White people, who do this. So complaining about niggers and their trash is hypocritical.

  10. There was a field nearby that got bought up by a church, and this church put in an acre-and-a-half parking lot that is never used. This field has great soil: it is the same (i would guess) that i cultivate in my own yard.

    Instead of making something useful out of that ground, they paved it over. And the irony of it is that doesn’t even ever get used. Just more asphalt, and it recently enough was a beautiful meadow.

    Are we blaming niggers and jews for that?

    I like to say it is a problem of Aesthetics. We don’t value the environment in which we once lived and evolved to be what we look on as examples our best selves.

  11. — And here’s another thing. On Heartiste’s website you’ll find PA’s list of “things cuckservatives say.” … Pa wrote cucks say UNIONS destroyed DETROIT.

    That’s a great list. The many updates there as well. On point with what Elk is saying, someone commented that “treehugger!” is another thing cuckservatives say.

    A big thing around here in the 80s was the alarms that were being raised about the pollution of the Chesapeake Bay. The bay has since recovered (removing pollution… seems to be an aspirational running theme) and the Maryland blue crab population is healthy. The slogan back then, which you could see on bumper stickers was Save the Bay. Contrarian dumbass conservatives mocked the treehuggers with “Pave the Bay.”

  12. — MGE’s excellent thread-leading comment

    I was especially interested in that woman’s commitment to her false understanding of the world. There were posts in which I attempted to understand the mindset, such as “I Saw Goody Proctor With The Devil” and more recently, by treating it as an acutely Millennial phenomenon in “Generations.”

    Someone on Gab wrote that feminism took off when White men rolled over for MLK & Company in the 60s, suggesting that it was a disgust-response on women’s part.

    When you think about it, there was something quite aberrant about the way America, drunk on optimism and pride, did the unthinkable and passed the Civil Rights acts.

  13. I was especially interested in that woman’s commitment to her false understanding of the world.

    It could simply be taking pleasure in easily dismissing and socially dominating those you talk to. Perhaps it feels even better if you can put down a man.

    There is seldom any depth to it. See how quickly she will shut down or do a mindless tantrum if you start questioning or tearing apart the foundations. There will then soon be FB posts about literally shaking right now, and so on (begging for emotional support). I wonder if there is a name for this psychological phenomenon.

    Lol, as I’m writing this, there’s a negro roundup outside the coffee shop I’m in. Sheepish negroes of both sexes led into police cars in handcuffs. I wonder what was going on. I’m currently in an EU quasi-whitopia with low concentrations of negrosity and without the class of welfare drifter negroes. But it still seems too hard for them to figure out how to behave.

  14. — Lol, as I’m writing this, there’s a negro roundup outside the coffee shop I’m in. Sheepish negroes of both sexes led into police cars in handcuffs

    If you take pics and put some observations together, I’m all ears.

  15. Too late for any deep reporting, I’m afraid. They’re all gone now. The negroes got into the back of the police cars without any need for guidance while the cops looked on and got in the front seats. The only sinister element was an ambulance parked a little bit up the street, but everything was and still seems pretty calm and orderly so it’s not even clear it was associated with this. No blood in the streets.

  16. MGE also alludes to “maternal instinct warped in the wrong direction. // … these so called enlightened liberal women see People of Color as their little pets, who just haven’t been trained well”

    I’ve seen that explanation applied to childless, ageing liberal women’s hysterics about Trayvon and that explanation makes partial sense to me. Over 35 when childless, women go literally insane — but anti-depressants paper over a lot of that.

    I have observed that craziness too many times. I’ll describe one such instance: it was a work picnic to which people brought their families and there were quite a few babies there. One fortyish never-married woman was mingling with folks as you do at such functions, and her voice then took a strange note when she emoted to nobody in articular, “wow, all these babies, so many babies!”

  17. It is very possible that WN reaches the point where it may win…only for the sexbot revolution to arrive.

    Tex thinks men will bend over backwards to get one and the SMV of most women will drop to zero. Military and consumer technology will coincide.

    If you can imagine how women are now, what will they be like when confronted with that kind of competition?

  18. Both Ryu and I have said that Communism had put Eastern European countries in “deep freeze” in which social attitudes had largely been unaffected by America’s diversity/feminism propaganda.

    Here is a map of Germany, showing the percentage of votes cast for the Alternative für Deutschland party last week:

  19. I have the chills, Elk, because I just read this thread at 13:35 EDT, but all morning, “Jack and Diane” was going through my head and I considered writing about what happened to them… and the America they had that is no longer.

    Jose and Omar are not going to care about them or that way of life, it’s slipping away and since no one I know is directly-horrifyingly-violently confronted with immivasion reality and you can still find relative peace in your town, it’s hard to convince them. I don’t really aim to convince , I guess. I know the futility but that doesn’t alleviate my frustration.

  20. Also, Elk, to your point about acting like adults…I meet an astounding number of grown men, in their 40s and 50s! who are absolute Disney and comic character fanbois complete with all the t-shirts, bobbleheads, stickers, and Disney Vacation Club memberships so they can ride Pirates of the Caribbean in their Teenage mutant ninja turtles tees.

    Being a fan isn’t all bad but this goes to their heads.

    As for childless women, some say they never wanted them but grow more bitter year after barren year. Those who did but couldn’t have them are more rare, but they tend to dote on nieces and nephews and find other ways to mother.

    Having children has a very calming effect on some, maybe most women. Another good reason to get em young. Avoid the crazy before you get it

  21. When I hear “people of color” I ask which color? Brown? Or red-blonde-blue-green-rose-fawn-ivory-gold-blueblack?

    Some shade of dirt, or the whole rainbow that happens when white light is fed through the prism of European genetics?

  22. Yes PA, I salute Communism and the Iron Curtain.

    It kept Western values out. Today, only two ideologies beat Murkan-style capitalism – Communism and Islam.

    The only countries Murka doesn’t have in its pocket belong to those groups. Communism made Russia and China both strong enough to be a threat to the USA.

    There are some Commie WNs. It is a strong type!

    FP himself liked its brutality. To only kill 30 million in gulags is kinder than killing 330 million (murka’s population).

    Whatever happens in the future, “freedom” is dead. Few know what it is anymore. Most won’t even admit it is now totally gone.

    The white ethnostate will be like “the hermit kingdom”, North Korea. Poorer than we are now, but stronger. It will resemble Israel in its early days, with the kibbutz and so on.

  23. You want to think of Communism in its successive incarnations. Genuine Communism is the apotheosis of Jewish sociopathic hatred for the White Christian man. Bolsheviks did a number on Russia and Eastern Europe worthy of Satan himself.

    Stalin largely (but not completely) purged them in the 1930s, and at that point, it was no longer Communism properly understood, it was a despotic dictatorship that nevertheless had managed, still under Jewish oversight, to murder several million Ukrainians in the Holodomor and quite literally decapitate Poland at Katyn. Outside of the USSR, in 1919 you had a number of short-lived Communist revolutions such as the Bavarian Communist state in Germany and Bela Kun’s reign of terror in Hungary. Kun’s experiment was a precursor to the Cultural Marxism that has taken over the West today.

    After Stalin’s death in 1954, Communism entered its third iteration, which was simply bureaucratic regimes that did what they could to stay in power in a losing competition with an economically more dynamic West. My 1970s childhood in Poland, under that “regime,” was paradise in retrospect.

    Communism, now on its fourth iteration, is a “back to Bolsheviks” return to Communism’s roots — sociopathic Jews’ active hatred of White Christianity — except this time, the mass murders are being done in slow motion, in the perfected form of cultural marxism and mass immigration, and this is being carried out in the West rather than in Eastern Europe.

    A book I recommend as a primer on Communism in its era of transition from Bolshevism to Stalinism: Arthur Koestler’s “Darkness at Noon.” No one ought to consider himself educated without having read that novel.

  24. My views on Communism are not terribly nuanced. I saw the superiority of them over us in the 80s. They were poorer but far more disciplined. Sport was the my gateway to admiring them.

    One thing that the Soviet Union produced a dramatic surplus of was the will to survive.

    I am always struck at how Slavs will do anything they need to in order to go on. They aren’t soft. Communism gave them that.

    It is not like that in the West. I believe most whites will shrivel up and die, rather than fight. They are incapable of resistance and true outrage. Even their anger is fake.

    There is an excess of morality in the West. In the East, a lack. They will do whatever it takes. It has produced a beautiful savagery and atavism.

    One can even see in their religion. Communist purges hardened the Eastern Orthodox church. In the West, Christianity is weak and they have no martyrs.

    There are good accounts of life under Communism in the 60s – 80s online. I believe “most” WNs would prefer that to the so-called Free World.

    The chief economic product we must be concerned with is the production of superior men, women and children.

    Many young WNs are really Communist. They will be curious, once you show them that they will NOT achieve the Murkan dream.

    They don’t want leaders like the American ones, who give orders and sit back. They want comrades who lead from the front. Communism works better than other systems for WN, at least to my finding.

  25. Edit

    The commune does not exist in a vacuum. The commune is, in the civilized realm of the global white diaspora, in a constant friction of extensively mundane scope. The Hegelian solution is commune-ism. “-ism” defined as that which nullifies all friction between white communes. Ergo, “communism” is a failure at the point of its most authoritative consensus, i.e.., the secularized intelligentsia, as it has not answered the problem of white friction in the face of existential annihilation.

    You, Ryu, as a high IQ white male understand that the “end game” of the card game is played in the card decks ahead. Those decks being cleared now altreadty “collateral damage.”

  26. I think having many small sites is the way to go, rather than having a few huge WN sites.

    It is harder to shut us down when we are so spread out. Stormfront, Amren, Roissy are easy targets. Better to run a small, tight crew that’s mobile than a large, loose one.

  27. To kneel?
    Is to stake claim.
    Make a name
    Blood libel
    Enjoy jew game…
    Ax me again
    I’ll slay you the same!
    {{{They}}} want
    Liberation without separation
    So they…
    Viscerally insane.
    In that vein,
    Pumps mud
    Most bloody…
    In a vampire’s cave
    Crave to slave
    Goy bat wings
    In head…
    Reifying the {{{plain}}}.

  28. “these so called enlightened liberal women see People of Color as their little pets, who just haven’t been trained well”

    That’s a really really good line for use in conversation.

    Hat’s off to Xtrabeing, also. He takes a lot of shit at the Chateau, but I’ve thought for a while that he has potential, and he seems to be growing into something good.

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