Salutary Images of Violence

On the title of this post: “salutary” denotes a healing effect on something that is unwell. That something is Western men’s confidence, specifically their sense of mastery over their public space. This enervation was engineered by the entertainment-education complex of Western countries bombarding boys with emasculating messages, and enforced by the police state.

There is a thirst for images that aggrandize young European men as Whites. The video below shows a White trucker drop an African criminal to the ground with one strike to the head.

While there are revealed aggregate differences among European nations, I don’t think that any group can claim to be innately manlier than others. Eastern Europeans are enjoying a deserved reputation for fortitude in the face of poz & mud today, thanks to the patriotism of their governments and because they hadn’t been subjected to the same demoralization program as their western brothers.

UPDATE: the famous Deus Vult video from France:

This blog does not endorse violence. It does not endorse anything; it’s a forum for an exchange of ideas among intelligent and self-moderating individuals.

21 thoughts on “Salutary Images of Violence

  1. The priceless look and body language of that African when he drops his own hands and realizes that he messed with the wrong people….

  2. Definitely, that “Oh Shit” look at the 6-second mark. I saved a series of screenshots of the video in case the Tweet gets taken down. The overheard words:

    “Was du machen? [broken German for ‘what are you doing’], kurwa [‘fuck’ in Polish]… skurwysynu [‘you motherfucker.’ Literally: ‘you whoreson’]”

  3. Not too long ago I read an article titled “20 Things Black People Fear”. I’m pretty sure “Russians” was on that list.

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  5. Well now, there’s almost a bit of “Christine” when the vehicle pushes forward (I’d say that’s a pretty strong “oh shit” moment right there).

    Not trying to be a bummer, but any chance this was staged?

    –somebody passed along a rumor today in the comments at isteve that John Carpenter is dead, but this turns out to be a false alarm.

  6. So one dude ventures out alone to stand for the Anthem– and then cucks like crazy about how he feels like a fool.

    An Army Ranger, to boot.

    Good Lord, what a disgusting era to live in America. I hope Trump blazes a path to KultKrieg victory on this one. White Lives Matter! Black Bullshit Doesn’t.

  7. Milton coughed across a trough.
    His pen tinged with the blood of a sloth.
    War erupted in strange broth,
    A tiger’s tango, white as moths.

  8. — Not trying to be a bummer, but any chance this was staged?

    The big question is, who is filming it? Neither the nog nor the truckers are paying attention to him. Best guess if this is real, a passenger in another car with the phone against the glass, since you don’t see the window frame and the view doesn’t pan much.

  9. Thanks for that video from France. I looked for it several months ago but didn’t find it. I updated the original post with it, as it certainly is a salutary image of violence.

  10. I almost get ill everytime I see that snitch-statement “we don’t endorse violence.” You may as well tie your arms behind your back, drop your pants, and bend over.

    You can endorse anything you want. Just gotta know how to do it. People get busted because they list times, places, names and addresses…and then their “fellow” WNs narc on them. And ALOT of WNs still support the system, they just don’t know it.

    The second best feeling a WN can ever experience is to feel the fear of his enemy, the pleading and begging.

    Take-it-all-the-way. Develop a hunger for this. One should be ravenous, like a hungry dog, sniffing out the enemy’s fear. They should fear US.

    There is fear and there is greed. Most WNs know only fear of the system. They’ve known it all their lives. Give it up.

    Then, you’ll learn about the real danger: getting too greedy.

    Even that video is moderate. Very, very moderate, like 1 of 10. Here, we see how racist prison gangs handle business.

  11. Ryu, it’s comments like this make people assume you’re a Fed. But anyway…

    If you’re taking the time to listen to a bunch of begging and pleading, you’re doing it wrong and increasing your chances of getting caught. You kill them quick, toss them in the back of the truck and move on to the next one. Efficiency.

    Besides, enjoying torture shows that you have some kind of moral deficit in your soul. A man who enjoys torture is not the sort of man who should be given a position of authority in a White nation.

  12. Camlost — I’m gonna say that left hook was an open-handed slap. A slap delivered like that packs a lot of concussive force, and if all or part of the open hand lands across the earhole, then good things happen to bad people.

    Bonus point — the slapping hand won’t get its knuckles broken on impact.

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