“Warszawskie Dzieci”

This post is about nationalism (which in contemporary context is synonymous with patriotism: love of family and belief in a future), as well as a look at the 1944 marching song “Warsaw’s Children” and Laibach’s creative reinterpretation of the original. If you recall the post titled Zero Hour a month ago, it marked the August 1, 1944 outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. The campaign lasted 63 days and Warsaw fell on October 2, 1944.

In a time when national monuments in America and Sweden are torn down, the sight of healthy people openly honoring their heroes, freely in their own public space and in a peaceful relationship with the state, is aspirational.

“Taking migrants would do more damage to Poland than European Union’s sanctions… Remember that the now very numerous Muslim communities (in Western European countries) started out as relatively small numbers.”
— Mariusz Błaszczak, Poland’s Interior Minister, May 2017

I think that people in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Slovakia know that any compromise with liberalism leads to death. Western people in their deluged countries look at the Visegrad Four as the first victors in the long war against globalists.

My translated lyrics to “Warsaw’s Children” are at the end of the post. Here is the original marching song, performed last year on the anniversary of Zero Hour:

The avant-garde Slovenian band Laibach recently created their own interpretation of “Warszawskie Dzieci.” At turns, they sing fragments of the original in Polish and weave in a spoken English translation of a popular prewar song “Heart in a Knapsack” (Serce w plecaku). The video below was made by Poland’s National Centre for Culture.

There are original forms and derivative tributes. The former are often simple, self-contained, and perfect. A creative tribute drinks the waters of the original. Classic forms inspire mannerist interpretations, and as such the cover-form offers tantalizing possibilities that can succeed spectacularly, revealing the compressed wealth of the simple original. At other times, the creative tribute misses the point or runs away with the artist’s ego, and fails.

Does Laibach’s cover of the original song work for you? Frankly, it blew my mind:


Warszawskie Dzieci

No disaster can break free men
No bloody hardship frightens the bold
We’ll go together toward victory
Our people arm-in-arm.

(Refrain x2, after every verse)
Warsaw’s children, we go to fight
For your every cobblestone we give our blood
Warsaw children, we will go to fight
On your order we’ll bring wrath to the enemy!

Powiśle, Wola and Mokotów [districts]
On every street, in every house
When the first shot is fired, be ready
Like the golden thunderbolt in God’s hand.

Built with hammer, saw, chisel, trowel
Our capital city, proud of her sons
Who stand with her faithfully 
To guard her iron laws.

Glory to the fallen, freedom to the living
May Heavens hear our song 
We believe that righteous Almighty
Will repay for the blood that’s spilled.


13 thoughts on ““Warszawskie Dzieci”

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  2. Moderation got me again at CH:

    PA, with all due respect, I don’t think you’re up to speed on what’s going on in Poland: lots of youth are returning, mainly due to high living costs in the west, low wages, and overall hostility toward whites. At the same time Polish government is literally subsidizing increased birth rates, it’s called “500+”, where married women get 500 plz per child born, couples get up to 20% subsidy on house/apartment purchases, etc. every one of my friends from childhood that lives there has at least 2 kids and are planning more. Of course I don’t want all polish girls to flee the country, I just think the small fraction of men who frequent here and often mention the rot they encounter among american women would benefit from LTR with EE girls un-corrupted by the leftist influences. That’s all. I doubt the few guys who will actually listen will make a dent in Polish birthrates 😉

  3. Your number-figures might have triggered CH mod. I’ve noticed that causing my comments getting modded in the past, including use of capital-Oh instead of zero.

  4. That would be great if true.

    Pole kids would see how degenerate “Da West” is now. They don’t want to be wagecucks in England anymore. They’d rather be poor in their homeland. In a way, Poles have their own white ethnostate right now.

  5. From what I saw on my visit there last summer, it sounds true. I saw families with kids everywhere. I commented about that before, but the sight of groups of 20-something girls pushing strollers with kids and toddlers walking along was something I saw in small towns and villages. I didn’t go this year but my family did, and my wife told me that Polish TV news reported increases in births.

    As to youths returning, this is also anecdotal but I have a big extended family, my own as well as on the in-laws side, and many of the younger working class relatives have worked in Western Europe, but they have either done it seasonally, or made enough money and returned permanently.

    The malaise of low birth rates and permanent emigration was more of a GenX thing. The psychological and economic shock of social collapse after communism. But Western Europe is close so that a working trip abroad does not have the permanent feeling to it as would, say emigration to the US or Canada a generation ago.

    I often talk about the “aspirational” element of certain things, including scenes from Eastern Europe. For example, the first video in the original post is so uplifting in its ethnic integrity and people of all ages freely celebrating their heroes, owning their city, and a large cross as part of the public space. I put that video up on Gab, and a commenter from Finland responded:

    I can’t understand a word, I can’t even spot a single word in the lyrics, in “Warszawskie Dzieci”. But the song, the optimism, the fuck-it-let’s-do-this, let’s do this for God, country and family, well, it warms my heart. It warms my heart. As we Finns say when we get shit done, ‘Hakkaa päälle!’

    Jared Taylor, 20 years ago, talked about how at some point a “virtuous cycle” will cause European countries to start emulating ones that are doing well. In this case, you can see how, say, Denmark or Austria can see that life is secure and good in Hungary and they will defy the EU in order to have the same peace and civics in their own country.

  6. Denmark has always been a likely one culturally to bolt, they started cutting welfare, particularly to immigrants, years ago. The problem is the economy relies on Sweden and Germany.

    Austria will not bolt. It’s divided culturally to the point the left and the right have seperate car associations. Imagine every US State had a AAA for Bernie Bros, and a different one for Trumpkins with a portrait of Spencer hiding in a file cabinet in a back room.

  7. Poland’s greatest danger isn’t from immigration, it’s demographic decline through EU emigration and their own abysmal birth rates.

    Stats show that Hungary is even worse off – losing 1% of their population every year. The Czech birth rate is also among Europe’s lowest.

    I wonder if this isn’t a big unspoken reason why the Visegrad countries are so opposed to non-white immigration. They’re shrinking countries, and they must know it on some level. Even without the rapefugees, they have serious demographic problems. I have no idea how they plan to fix this, but fix it they must.

  8. CBR gave an example of how it’s being fixed and said that young people are returning from work abroad. I haven’t looked deeper into the details but it is consistent with things I’ve seen/read. Orban has been active on natalism as well, not to mention elsewhere such as Putin effectively restoring Russian birthrates.

    Zero-immigration is 90% of the solution. It is also important that a White nation maintains a balanced society, especially that it keeps its own working class.

  9. This comment at CH the other day from prevailtolegend:

    Any other shitlords on here a part of the boating rescues in Houston or east Texas? I did three days in a boat in Beaumont. It was the first time I truly realized the sheer number of people we still have on our side. I came from 6 states over. Many came from further. Everybody packing, sportsmen, salt of the earth, veterans, first responders, fireman, DNR officers, hunters, fisherman, anything you name it, they were all there. i ran into one other person from my town, over 1000 miles away, the sheer numbers of rescuers and boaters there, I know for sure there have to be some others here. Thank you for all your help. It was a wild ride. A special brotherhood. My dogs to nogs saved ratio was quite skewed I might add. There’s a reason one gets the title man’s best friend. Tried to repay that sentiment this week.

    This is the team that I want to be on.

    Go Team!

  10. And this series (there) today is worth repeating for how it encapsulates the metaphysical deal that we have to face, on how are we going to live long term on this here Earth.

    Ramzpaul is one or two tiers above them [pictured faggots]. When the going got tough, he dissociated.

    His “nationalism for all” is a really nice idea until you realize that it’s insane to just hand over the mineral wealth of Africa to dinds
    — Wrong Side of History

    The mineral wealth of Africa would stay in the ground if only Africans were permitted to extract it.

    That may be a good thing for the rest of humanity after several more generations.
    — tthclod

    I would like to see the AR occupy the moral mantlepiece of environmental stewardship.

    Environmental Stewardship is the issue of Our Times, and indeed of what passes for Eternity.

    A politics that isn’t based on caring for the place that we live in, is worthless shit.


    Now of course there is a seemingly irresolvable predicament about the use and exploitation of natural and non-renewable resources, which is a fundamental tenet of game theory that I sum up as,

    He who takes advantage has advantage.

  11. It is well known that the old ‘muh Conservatism’ Right failed in its aesthetics with regard to the Environment and Our Place in it.

    See for example the Sixties. See for example Tolkien. See for example the ‘back to the Forest’ movement in Germany.

    The Right will continue to fail, until this problem, which problem is primarily of Aesthetics and only derivatively of Scale, is solved.

  12. The 20th Century failure of White people to maintain, was a failure of their Aesthetics.

    They failed to create a pleasing and healthy habitat for their children.

    I agree with the jew Kunstler, that it reduces to two or three things:

    1) Cars
    2) It seemed like a good idea at the time
    3) Life is tragic

  13. Elk…

    If you cannot comprehend how the rejection of (P)erfection coupled with an embrace of “universal equality” destroys a race of people’s sense of aesthetics…

    Well then?

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