The Captive Mind, 2017

MGE relates this snapshot of human interaction in late-liberal America, describing a young woman’s condition of living-in-unreality:

The other day I was driving through a gentrifying neighborhood in Detroit, and I witnessed a disgusting scene that I see time and time again in this city. A black guy, probably in his early 20’s, walking along the sidewalk eating out of a fast food bag. As he sauntered down the street, he simply threw his trash on the ground as he ate, burger wrapper, french fry box, empty paper cup, napkins, ketchup packets, and finally the bag itself. This was done in view of a trash can placed at the end of the block. If there is anything disgusts me it’s littering. If I see someone litter, I immediately know everything I need to know about that person’s character. I see this all the time in Detroit, driving behind an Escalade for instance, when the tinted window is rolled down just enough to shove multiple bags of trash right onto the street. This is why if you go to Detroit, one of the first things you will notice is garbage everywhere.

When I saw this the other day, I pointed it out to my white liberal passenger, partially out of my disgust but also to needle her to see what her (predictable) reaction would be. She of course, launched into a litany of excuse making straight out of her freshman “Race, Gender, Class” text book… “he’s not educaaaated!! it’s apaaaathy!! It’s Povertyyyyy!! It’s a reaction to gentrificaaation!!!” I pointed out that he is wearing air jordan’s that cost well over $100, and she had a pre-packaged excused for that too: “It’s important for People of Color, especially low income, to dress so as to appear higher than their Socioeconomic Status (SES)..” She was palpably annoyed that I had the gall to criticize a Person Of Color, and implied that I check my white privilege. Now I am quite certain if that scene played out in a rural area with a white guy littering (which I never see), she would be the first to fume on about him being a white trash redneck, hick.

This is the kiked out feminized garbage that is being indoctrinated into every student who enters the University system… if you talk to just about any Millennial, especially female, who has been exposed to this they will be well versed in this jargon… white privilege, white supremacy, patriarchy, People of Color, systemic racism, microaggressions, colonized spaces, safe spaces, “becky’s”, mediocre whiteness, whiteness in general, blah blah blah. Just ask Pete, I think it was him who made the comment on Millennials on a previous thread. It is not uncommon at all for even white (women) mostly to adopt this mush-brained worldview that is framed entirely by identity politics, as you saw above with that latino girl hysterically ranting about how Trump is committing “literal genocide.” If you think that is over the top, you have no idea… there are late stage Millennials I know that talk like that all the time. They think they are being smart and edgy when they go on like this. My boomer Mom didn’t quite believe it until one day she was called a white supremacist for making an innocuous comment on Facebook that was related to real estate, nothing to do with race. Jordan Peterson had a good lecture explaining why this stuff appeals to women so much; it has to do with the maternal instinct warped in the wrong direction.

Bottom line, these so called enlightened liberal women see People of Color as their little pets, who just haven’t been trained well, like a pit bull they adopted who bites the mail man. Since I care nothing for women’s opinion of me, I usually push back pretty hard. If you encounter a man who talks like that, well that’s a sad thing to witness – I’m just grossed out by his presence and the stench of weakness that follows him.


Now back to me, PA.

I’m fascinated by the process through which thought, and even someone’s very soul, can be corrupted. In 1953 Czesław Miłosz wrote The Captive Mind, a monumental work about the symbiosis between totalitarian regimes and the human mind.

Salutary Images of Piety

Imagine having a country of your own, in which the ruling anti-immigration government enjoys record popularity, defies the European Union’s demands for population replacement, champions its own culture above all others, and secures a future for its people.

No one nation owns virtue and every nation has people who cause it shame. But some countries have a legitimate government and had been protected from Western liberalism by the Iron Curtain.

Women inspire, men act. You see both in this video, which shows an estimated 50,000 patriots marching through Warsaw on a cold, rainy day in November 2015. But first, a young Joan of Arc denounces foreign threats against her country and then directly addresses the enemy:

Islamic imam: you will not bring any of your laws here. This is Poland. This is our land. Our country. Our rules and values. Here — Jesus Christ is King. We are not interested in any immigration directives or quotas. I repeat: these are not our wars. Not our culture. Not our faith. And not our immigrants.

[update 6/12/2019: youtube took down the original video; see the one below, her speech begins just after 5:15]

“Here — Jesus Christ is King.”

Everybody want something real. Europeans hunger for more than this:


Salutary Images of Violence

On the title of this post: “salutary” denotes a healing effect on something that is unwell. That something is Western men’s confidence, specifically their sense of mastery over their public space. This enervation was engineered by the entertainment-education complex of Western countries bombarding boys with emasculating messages, and enforced by the police state.

There is a thirst for images that aggrandize young European men as Whites. The video below shows a White trucker drop an African criminal to the ground with one strike to the head.

While there are revealed aggregate differences among European nations, I don’t think that any group can claim to be innately manlier than others. Eastern Europeans are enjoying a deserved reputation for fortitude in the face of poz & mud today, thanks to the patriotism of their governments and because they hadn’t been subjected to the same demoralization program as their western brothers.

UPDATE: the famous Deus Vult video from France:

This blog does not endorse violence. It does not endorse anything; it’s a forum for an exchange of ideas among intelligent and self-moderating individuals.

Pretty Faces

Hope Sandoval is deep inside herself, a diva reputed for her paralyzing stage fright.

“Love is so short, forgetting is so long.” ― Pablo Neruda

Mary Hopkins’ finishing-school “daahnce” is a turn-on. Smiling is a vocalist’s challenge. Having a genuine bright-eyed freshness is another professional challenge, but not for her.

“Why, he wondered, should he remember her suddenly, on such a day, watching the rain falling on the apple trees?” ― Daphne du Maurier

Melania Mina Špiler is not as Apollonian as she’d have you think. See her eyes roll back and her breasts heave in preemptive surrender to her great teacher.

“She had curiously thoughtful and attentive eyes; eyes that were very pretty and very good.” ― Charles Dickens

Courtney Love speaks to our spirit in this live performance, climaxing in whooping cough at 2:45. Her Pacific Northwest accent is pretty, like when she says “pahhhrrrts.”

“She had the secret of individuality which excites and escapes.” ― Joseph Conrad

You remember your first make-out with a girl (or otherwise). Tell us about it if you’re not shy. I described mine here.

Open thread.

The Purpose of Blogging

The big questions have been answered.

There is no debate with liberals because there is nothing to debate.

We tore the curtain down.

Our two peace offerings, Obama and Trump, were spit back in our faces.

The moneylenders lied us into slavery.

da goyim know.

Our governments want us turned into animals.

The air is brown with their mischief.

Three deceived generations is enough. There is a hunger for a path toward the truth; Alt-Right blogs are dynamic parallel institutions spontaneously created as a truth-seeking alternative to the unreality. Knowledge is our privilege, our responsibility is to lead according to our ability.

How to Get a Job at a Construction Site (by a VP reader)

Good pointers for a young man starting out. Also for a laid-off white collar worker or a service-sector worker who wants a change. Reader Ned leaves this long comment:


How do you get a young man hired? Here’s what I suggest they do if they don’t know anyone, or don’t see help wanted signs:

Go to the jobsite at 7:AM. Ask to speak to the Superintendent – tell him you are willing to do anything. He likely won’t believe you. He’s probably tried 50 young men who weren’t up to the task, or who said they were hungry but didn’t show up. Bring gloves and pack a lunch. Dress appropriately – not in those women’s flood pants and pink high-top tennies. Don’t even LOOK at your phone. Keep it in the lunch box or car. Keep the ear buds OUT of your ears.

If you don’t get hired, go back the next day and ask again. Also ask if any of the subs [subcontractors] need anyone, and ask whom to speak with.

Remember – these guys are not going to believe that the young man will actually show up until he does. Showing up repeatedly will demonstrate a willingness to work and a tenacious spirit. This has worked for others, I promise you.

Also, be prepared to do the crappiest work possible. Be ready for someone to work your ass off. I’m 60, and can’t find a kid who can hang with me working all day. That’s alright though – keep the earbuds out, do what’s asked to the best of your ability as quickly as possible. There may be some assholes present. Don’t let that get to you. You are trying to earn their respect. They will kid with you. Everything you hear will be politically incorrect. Be careful – don’t fall into a trap of thinking it’s OK for you to communicate that way. You will know when it’s time.

Remember that you will have to put in some time before you get recognition. After you are there a while, you can begin asking people how to get into any trade that you find interesting. When people see you working, it’s also likely they will try to hire you. If you can hang, you will move up.

You will also have this as experience when asked the next time you are looking for work. Experience can only be gained by doing. This is about getting a foot in the door.

Also – remember you are not looking for a job – you are looking for work. Nothing is too demeaning. If you aren’t doing it, someone else will be doing it – even me.

Now go get some experience working. It will serve you whatever you end up doing.


What Is A “Spiritual Home”?

My sympathy for the so-called Nazi-LARPing Alt-Reich, to reiterate for the sake of clarity, does not extend to people who willfully sabotage pro-White activism. If you see someone with a Hakenkreuz banner materialize at your rally, taunt him: “Hey there, how ya doin’ buddy! Are you with FBI or Homeland Security?” Your group can chant: “Hey hey F-B-I / Faking’ like he’s you and I!” I just came up with that, you can probably think of something more catchy.

On the other hand, the tough-love harshness of Alt-Right’s “anti-swastika” rhetoric is generating a backlash — and at least one gently-worded expression of dissent. A guest-post at Vox Popoli titled Mail Vox: the Origins of the Alt-Retard makes a case for sympathy. In his short introduction, Vox Day concurs with his correspondent’s charitable attitude:

A Generation X reader sent me this analysis of the Fake Right Clown Posse, which somehow manages to be both sympathetic of the plight being faced by the young men of today and contemptuous of what some of them have become in response. I think he is largely correct, and explains why their attempts to defend their race and their nations so often go awry.

We have no choice but to help them. The challenge is that the only answer to ignorance is information, and as we know, as we have witnessed, there are some who cannot be instructed by information.

The Alt-Right vs Alt-Reich conflict are reminiscent of the battle between Principal Vernon and John Bender in The Breakfast Club:

[starts at 1:08 min.]
John Bender
: Eat my shorts.
Principal Vernon: What was that?
Bender: Eat… My… Shorts.
Vernon: You just bought yourself another Saturday [detention].
Bender: Ooh, I’m crushed.
Vernon: You just bought one more.
Bender: Well I’m free the Saturday after that. Beyond that, I’m going to have to check my calendar.
Vernon: Good, cause it’s going to be filled. We’ll keep going. You want another one? Just say the word say it. Instead of going to prison you’ll come here. Are you through?
Bender: No.
Vernon: I’m doing society a favor.
Bender: So?
Vernon: That’s another one right now! I’ve got you for the rest of your natural born life if you don’t watch your step. You want another one?
Bender: Yes.
Vernon: You got it! You got another one right there! That’s another one pal!
. . .
Vernon: You through?
Bender: Not even close bud!
Vernon: Good! You got one more right there!
Bender: You really think I give a shit?
Vernon: Another! You through?
Bender: How many is that?

Youth scorns the wisdom of age, age forgets the urgency of youth. Vernon is an asshole but he is doing his job. Bender got a raw deal but he’s fighting the wrong war. The above scene dramatically foreshadows the recent debate between Vox Day and Andrew Anglin — their roles in this asymmetrical clash, if abstracting away the particular qualities of each man, is best appreciated as a conflict between Realist and Romantic souls.

My catholic (lower-case) impulses insist on a balance of both because Romanticism tends to bring short-term loss and long-term gain, while Realism tends to the opposite effect. Back to the guest-post at Vox Popoli. It concludes with:

But while it may feel good for hopeless young men to meme out images of Schutzstaffel Pepes gassing hooknose rabbis, at the end of the day it’s just reactionary child’s play that produces nothing and leads to nothing – nothing for the young men themselves, and nothing for the Western civilization which needs to be not only defended, but first rediscovered by generations of miseducated young men that have been denied their birthright and their spiritual home.

It’s a good post but its final phrase “spiritual home” raises a question: what does it mean?

Fatigue kicks in when writing an ambitious article. A writer’s exhaustion can even be inferred in professionally edited books written by Nobel Prize-winning authors. For example, Czesław Miłosz’s 1959 memoir Native Realm, which I’ve reflected on and which is the most mind-expanding book I’ve (re)read in years, winds down with what struck me as a satisfying conclusion to a great literary work, but also one whose very final word rang false:

Through defeats and disasters, humanity searches for the elixir of youth; that is, of life made into thought, the ardor that upholds belief in the wider usefulness of our individual effort, even if it apparently changes nothing in the iron working of the world. It may be that we Eastern Europeans have been given the lead in this search. By choosing, we had to give up some values for the sake of others, which is the essence of tragedy. Yet only such an experience can whet our understanding, so that we see an old truth in a new light: when ambition counsels us to lift ourselves above simple moral rules guarded by the poor in spirit, rather than to choose them as our compass needle amid the uncertainties of change, we stifle the only thing that can redeem our follies and mistakes: love.

Native Realm is a brilliant autobiography, yet I reckon the author, exhausted as he penned the book’s final paragraph, slid into home plate with a rote appeal to Platonic love. As with “love,” so it is with appeals to evocations to thing “spiritual.” One example of where I stumbled over that latter word: I sought to describe the late Lawrence Auster’s contribution, ultimately settling on this sentence:

A modern-day monk, Auster wrestled his whole life with the metaphysical questions of our era.

But in an earlier draft, I wrote “spiritual questions of our era” and the invisible editor objected: “What are you trying to say with that adjective? You’re lazy.” He was right. The hackneyed “spiritual” flashes an image of affected piety. That’s not what I wanted to convey about Auster’s writing. Like “love,” “spiritual” doesn’t mean anything to me if there isn’t a dialectical build-up to justify the use of such a heavy word. So I changed that to “metaphysical,” and the passage finally communicated something meaningful about his labors.

Love and spiritual home are real things. But what and where are those things?


PA, whom is your article intended to address? Boomer men, like me, who are already reading your blog regularly? Is your objective to incite yet more hatred among younger White men who already hate Boomers? Do articles like yours, which seem to be increasing in popularity in WN circles, serve to awaken and unify Whites?

It’s intended to address anyone who wants to read it. That’s not a glib reply, it’s my attitude toward blogging. By the aggregate reader data available to me, 80% of this blog’s visitors are in the United States and by my hunch, readership overlaps with that of the blogs listed on my sidebar. In other words, a broad age-range of mostly Alt-Right aligned Whites worldwide.

It is not my intention to incite hatred toward anyone who is one of us. My parents are Boomers (technically late Silents, born during WWII and raised in a different country but as I discovered, these generational “horoscopes” know no borders). They are good people who raised me well, both are highly intelligent and have been anti-Communist all their lives. Upon arriving in the U.S., they recognized American liberalism as an extension of the same Communism they had left behind, except more insidious and more mind-enslaving.

One of my early-teenage educational moments was during the 1984 election campaign. I parroted something I must have heard at school: “Mondale is for the people and Reagan is for big business.” My dad told me that to decide whom to support in politics, you have to write out an honest list of each side’s pluses and minuses. We did that together, and from then on I understood the Democrats to be the party of centralized bureaucracy (socialism) and Republicans, prior to the neocon infiltration, as an imperfect champion of decentralization (liberty). We had Ronald Reagan’s portrait hanging in the kitchen of our first home in America. My parents supported Donald Trump from the moment he declared his candidacy.

Yet every generation has its faults. Highly-educated, faithful Roman Catholic, upper-middle-class Polish emigrants are not immune to adopting their host-country’s quirks. If there is one way to nail the Baby Boomers down as a generation, I’d put it as follows: they believe that the world begins and ends with them.

No GenX’er or Millennial in this universe will cry “Stop saying that about us!” when criticized on their collective shortcomings. Yet every Boomer-thread at Vox Popoli generates squeals of “NABALT” on behalf of an entire cohort. You can see how that invites scorn.

That characterization above, “Boomers believe that the world begins and ends with them,” applies to selfish retirees who don’t give one squirt of piss about their grandchildren. That’s a common accusation made by the younger generations; for starters, see the comments under the above-linked post. It also applies to Boomers who have sacrificed a lot for their kids and are loving, devoted grandparents. Boomers’ virtues (they are sociable and civic-minded, for one) as well as their aggregate faults, are a function of their inability or unwillingness to understand that the conditions of life today are not the same ones that they had inherited.

This isn’t an incitement to hatred. It’s a criticism. When I point out someone’s error, it’s up to him to consider the validity of my judgment and if deemed valid, to correct his behavior.

The Secular Horoscope

I am left to wonder whether Boomers have some irreparable genetic or character flaw that no other generation of White men has.

Rhetorical, I know, but there is something unique about every generation. In his autobiography’s opening chapter, Arthur Koestler mused about the “secular horoscope,” meaning that the era of one’s birth determines a person’s life-trajectory and fundamental worldview. Let’s see how each generation’s accident of birth has shaped them.

Baby Boomers

Boomers were imprinted with an optimism that never faded, in spite how much the world has changed since their youthful years. Their psychological substrate is a bright, sunny summer day in 1962. They always lived, and they will die, in that one year. In their eyes, the rest of us fall short of their esteem due to our failure to capitalize on the social and material cornucopia that they had been born into.

I can judge your generation as a whole. My judgment is that — as a whole — you are a selfish people who don’t give a damn about your posterity. But I can’t judge you as an individual Boomer man because I don’t know you. That’s your children’s and grandchildren’s prerogative. If you’re doing allright by them, you’re OK. Greginaurora commented about his Greatest Generation grandparents: 

I remember my grandparents. I spent a weekend with them once a month. Their house was small but their hearts were big. My own children wouldn’t understand that. Grandparents who helped raise them?

If “big heart” is something your grandkids will also one day say about you, then you have no reason to be upset with what I wrote because my critique of your generation does not apply to you personally in the one area over which you have full control: your own conduct.

The Baby Boomer generation in a snapshot:


Generation X

For us GenX’ers, it’s always about the lost paradise of 1985. For me, that year conjures up community parties in my White working-class neighborhood. Good-natured men organizing youth kickball games and lawn-cutting co-ops. When people dream about peace, that’s what they imagine. We saw it for a moment and it was gone.

As we reached legal drinking age, U.S. federal government murdered Vicki and Sammy Weaver and then incinerated 22 kids at Waco. Only one man did something about it. We are a failed generation, robbed of its future, and this is why we belatedly created the Alt-Right, and also the reason why we are better parents than our own parents were. We saw evil, we flinched, we never forgave ourselves for that.



For this kiked-out generation, it’s always 9/11/2001 and submission to the police-state that the shock-and-awe ushered in. They were kicked in the teeth by the anti-White system, brainwashed in school, and cut down to sub-equality with weaponized niggers and race-replacement immigrants. While Boomers cashed-in and GenX froze up, Millennials embraced Stockholm Syndrome.


UPDATE – Ikacer adds in the comments:

I’d say that Millennials are the generation of escapism. Stockholm Syndrome is just a subset of that. Our generation was presented with a world that was entirely a lie (and was apparent to us as such), but with no alternative leading to the truth. So as a generation we avoided reality. Many did this by embracing the lie, such as the Stockholm Syndrome group you mentioned. Others escaped into video gaming. Others obsessed over their childhood such as Harry Potter, and many live with their parents.

The strength of conviction of the Millennial progs is not because they truly believe, but is born of their desperate fear of reality. For Millennials, reality is too terrible to face.

Generation Zyklon

Face the sun, young blood. As I concluded in Shots of Wisdom, Part 7:

The Will To Live. Like trees that adjust their angle of growth to stay upright when soil underneath them shifts, so do we create homogeneous micro-habitats in own own lives. Sometimes I am in awe of ordinary people’s effortless securing of clean space, no matter the vector of the new assault. With open eyes you see it everywhere and the wellsprings of life therein. “Children should always be better-off than their parents,” hiss the blind through their perfect fake teeth. Yeah, but what if the very existence of those who follow is a victory dance in its own right?

This longest night is our trial. Some lose their minds and throw themselves into the abyss. Others trust the invisible laws that guide us toward the sun, with or without the forebrain’s consent. It’s not morning yet, whispers the boy who woke up from a nightmare.

For this generation’s sake, no Boomer, Xer, or Millennial should allow himself to become a burden and a drain on resources. In famines, old people voluntarily starve so that toddlers may eat. If you get old and sick, take pain killers. If you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, act fast while you still have your faculties… suicide is punished by an eternity in Hell, so rather than offing yourself, go out into the wilderness and when past the point-of-no-return, pray.

With the duality of good and evil, one has an amplifying effect on the other. Goodness and purity catch the merchant’s eye. Evil and corruption set off a holy war to right the wrongs. Today the best among us become better men and women. God’s gifts shouldn’t be taken for granted — that’s the multi-generational lesson we are being taught.

GenZ will be a generation of fighters. Our job is to help fix the world they inherited where we can, to support pro-White statesmen like Orbán and Trump, and to help our activists or at least get out of their way. The White kids and teenagers everywhere are who we live and die for.


An Ingrate’s Letter To His Boomer Parents

Hi Mom and Dad,

Yes, I did see your vacation pics from Italy, you look great. I clicked Like on a couple of them. Glad that you’re healthy and doing well. Something I wanted to ask you though.

Your grandson Robert, he’s a smart and good-looking boy. You won’t believe how tall he’s gotten! It’s been a while, with you in Florida but you should see him at hockey. He was a bit shy last time you saw him, but he’s fearless on ice. And Emma is starting to walk! Did you see the photos I emailed you?

I’m sorry, but we won’t be able to fly down this fall. Trying to keep ends together on the financial front. Maybe you could come visit us. I know it’s a little cramped here, hope you feel more comfortable next time.

So I’ll get back to my question. And this will make me sound like an ingrate. Here goes. Instead of spending what I estimate to have been $7,000 on your trip to Europe, has a thought crossed your mind to help us a little?

Yes, it’s been easier since we paid off Jennifer’s student loan. We’re now working on mine. But it would be great if our kids, your grandson and granddaughter, could live differently. You sold your house for a fortune. We’re underwater.

And I am doing well compared to others. You remember Brian from college, he’s still working as a waiter. I have a good job, but I have not seen a raise in five years. Robbie’s school costs us thousands of dollars. Hockey is expensive. Soccer would be more affordable, but that’s been taken over by Latinos. After bills, food, and my student loan, there is nothing left. We’re looking at home-schooling once Emma is of that age, which means that Jen will have to quit her job. At least we’ll break even on daycare.

But you know what makes it all so difficult? It’s the lack of any light at the end of this fucking tunnel (sorry about my language). Trump won, yet I can’t even go to a goddamned park without seeing Muslim families there. I’m not trying to be xenophobic, but I’ve never seen a single head-scarved woman around here until last year, and now they pop up everywhere.

Then I log off my email and see the news aggregator headlines. Every single one tells me “Die already, white people.” I don’t care if they say that to me, but it becomes personal when they direct it at Robbie and Emma. I know you don’t like racism. But your grandchildren don’t have a country. They don’t even have a home, properly understood. Everything feels so impermanent. I’ve started reading these blogs and sometimes I think I should … never mind.

You were always on my case about responsibility. Please believe me, I gave it my best shot time after time. And your lectures about my lack of trying, I always felt that they kind of missed the point because I’ve never been a quitter.

Sorry about my tone. Jen’s asleep and I’m buzzing a little. It’s been rough lately.




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“Morbid” – A Word To Hit The Left With

Commenter Hawk at Château Heartiste proposes:

I would suggest using medical terms to pathologize the anti-caucasian Leftist totalitarian dyscivilizationists in the same manner as they seek to do to the Right. How about the word “malignant” as a weapon?

He offers a few examples, and I add:

“Morbid” is another good one, as in “morbid altruism.”

(I used “morbid tolerance” several months ago here.)

Good comments follow, then Plumpjack delivers the coup de grâce:

I’m thinking the left’s slavish obedience to their puppetmasters is potential soft target. they pride themselves on being there freethinkers, yet here they are, trusting the soothsayers that tell them to “lay down and allow yourselves to be slaughtered! it’s the strong thing to do!”

morbidly obedient.