Nationalism In Po-Dunk

Kid Rock’s “Po-Dunk” gives a middle finger to anti-American globalists. The video pays homage to Hank Williams, Jr. “Country Boys Can Survive” right away, with an opening scene featuring a man wearing a Bocephus t-shirt.

“Po-Dunk” is a message to a political class that has been tearing those people down for decades. That message is: Our consent is withdrawn. The video is not perfect, but it rides the rising wave of popular discontent. That’s elaborated on here:

It’s Alt Lite, not Alt Right. It’s populist, neither intellectual nor ideological. And while it’s ultimately insufficient, it nevertheless represents a tremendous step forward for Americans, because, unlike the Diversity Left, which hates America, and the Establishment Right, which cares about nothing except GDP and the well-being of the donor class, the Trump nationalists love America. — Vox Day

Where the 1981 video for “Country Boys Can Survive” postures defiantly from a position of competent self-reliance, this one revels literally and figuratively in mud.

Country music from the 1950s through the 1970s is the greatest of American music. Hank, Merle, George, Johnny, Waylon balanced license with dignity. But the past does not return. You have to push through the present — through Kid Rock’s potty-mouthed, mudsharking-at-the-edges, conspicuous nihilism — to make a future aligned with your higher aspirations

The video shines a light on our people in their nadir-hour. Naked women, tats galore, smoking while pregnant… those aren’t a matter of culture or aesthetic. They are a matter of self-respect. That said, Kid Rock knows the Alt-Right’s Point No. 12:

“Podunk don’t give one hillbilly fuck.” — Kid Rock


More importantly, the video does several very, very big things: it explicitly celebrates White natalism: “Got a baby in her belly and a baby on her hip / Little towheaded rascal peeing off the porch.” Also the Confederate flag, guns, rooted all-White communities, and in pointed defiance of neoliberalism, no immigrants. And good, dirty fun. How can the political slogan “diversity is our greatest strength” be taken seriously, when homogeneity looks like home sweet home?

(An aside on the featuring of blacks in the video: that ruins it for me. That’s because I’m farther along on the national right-ward drift than the target audience for the video is. Also, idealized relations between Whites and Blacks are part of American mythology and have a bit of basis in reality in some regional and historic contexts.)

Kid Rock’s people in rural Michigan are giving the middle finger to the conservatives who had stabbed them in the back, and to the liberals who want them blended out of existence. “Po-Dunk” follows the same angry current as that of Michigan’s other native son, Michael Moore, who featured those same people in his unintentionally pro-Trump campaign video. Did you forget about Moore’s “Biggest Fuck You in Human History”? I didn’t.

Yes, on November 8, you — Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, Billy-Bob Blow, all the Blows — get to go and blow up the whole goddamned system because it’s your right. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest “Fuck You” ever recorded in human history and it will feel good. — Michael Moore


Kid Rock is tapping into that same “Fuck You.”

Everybody is feeling the hunger for a home. That’s what nationalism is all about.



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  1. Spurning this backwood gigolo would be completely dishonest, at least for me. (I’m clearly on the younger end of the traffic here). I’ve always preferred classical, and true composers of course get a real kick out of these riotous mirages. America is too young to die!

  2. Good stuff, both the video and the post. Agreed I could live without the negroes, and most especially the fat mudshark at the end, but at least as you say there is historical precedent for blacks and whites living in hillbilly harmony (but not, of course, urban harmony — ever).

    On the other hand, how startlingly refreshing that there are no Hispanics, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Black Africans, obvious Muslims, gays, trannies, etc etc etc. I will happily return to the mostly white, partly black nation we once had over the polyglot Bladerunner landscape we inhabit today. And I’ll take the hot, tatted up hillbilly girls over the pierced, pudgy, purple-haired freakshow at a Rainbow Rally.

  3. I couldn’t even finish watching it. I hate this part, where folks just sort of revel in their own muck. We should struggle. Not that I haven’t failed myself, but flaunting failure, like this video does, is just wrong. It is defiant, but still degenerate, and is a sort of attitude that the elites are fine with. It plays right into their hands.

    If Kid Rock runs for Senate- great. The Senate deserves the ridicule. But I can’t stand this video.

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  6. They amusingly relish a good Kentucky brawl. Let these eager allies hunt after their style. At least before sunset most of them really attempt to call green “green.” Though egging on the debased can be rather iniquitous. They’ll do that enough in their weaker moments out in the country.

    We must keep cultivating our unique and distinctive talents given straight from God and starlight. Treat sleep and surface vogues even lower than trifles. This is the right and natural avenue toward healthily improving upon the stately “road” of White-being.

  7. Well, that is where most of Murka’s soldiers come from. Most of our soldiers come from that too.

    I agree it is not pretty to look at. If they weren’t pulling triggers for Unca Beast or selling meth, they’d be driving forklift at WalMart. They are the white equivalent of suicide bombers.

    I can work with what they are. You can’t work with most rich or middle class whites. If someone can’t take the first step, you’ll have a hell of a time taking them further.

  8. It’s precisely those communities with the largest % of mudsharks, of people on government welfare, of abortion, of teen pregnancy, meth, tattoos, and of everything gross, bad and ridiculous about America. I despise Kid Rock, his look, his Niggerisms. This is nothing but a white, rural romanticized celebration of the same decadence and decline of MTV.

    That video makes me want to walk away from this and throw my hat in with the globalists, almost. I’ve never known Poles to be overly sentimental. Perhaps you’re part Russian as well.

  9. I have to agree that it seems slightly out of character, PA. This stuff is all old news to many southerners. Tornado-alley really is chock full of this sort of untried whiskey pride. I’ve got a few relatives who happily choose to live their life in such manner; in the sticks, curiously foreiting other real options. They’re coastin’, “slanging,” shooting, and yes–you can bet that they most definitely give no fucks. Zee-ro.

    It seems it’s deep in the wind there, and at times there’s indeed a violent romanticism in it. But is Northern man to adopt the spinning rodeo across the board? One needs to build a tolerance to that slice of outback nausea before colonizing its thorned corridors. “Hell has no limits.” Learning from eachother’s lived heritage and acting upon what we can mutually improve on and render at home could prove a more promising path.


  10. I honestly don’t think of Michigan like this, and I know there’s long been some distaste for Kid Rock for his use (or misuse) of the flag. This is the same state than finished Santorum because he didn’t think college track was for everyone.

    That said, Ryu does have a point on US military recruitment.

  11. This video pays absolutely no heed to the alt-rite’s mantra of “white genocide” and undoubtedly relishes in copious amounts of “white” self-annihilation. It is wholly enveloped by anti-racism. And it completely submits to the {{{enemy’s}}} perverted vision of (c)apitalism. That Vox Day, of all alt-writers, gives this video a civic nationalist thumbs up is simply beyond the pale. A subversive act in and of itself. So there is a strong HBD case to be made that wn–>wS can only be attained by a white male WITHIN a certain IQ range… Say, >100 IQ and <140 IQ. Below and above and the mechanisms of self-annihilation (too stupid and/or too smart) are simply too physically dominating for a dispirited being to perpetuate.

  12. I didn’t like this either. A lot of rural Southerners have a self-destructive streak a mile wide. When confronted with a legitimate criticism, they dig their heels in and throw it back at you. “I’m an ignorant redneck? Hell yeah, you’re DAMN right I’m an ignorant redneck. Man, I didn’t learn shit in high school, so I just said fuck it, I don’t need this diploma and I just stopped goin,'” This video praises that mentality rather than discouraging it.

    Maybe Kid Rock is trying to say that his people — flaws and all — matter. That’s a good thing, that’s a healthy sort of pride. But it also seems like he’s celebrating the flaws and that’s not healthy.

  13. Historically, the white race was made up of farmers and soldiers.

    Yes, we had some intellectuals and a ruling class, but THAT is what the masses were. Those are the type we put on ships and sent to the New World, to conquer. They went to Australia, and Africa, and so on.

    Whites aren’t jews. We aren’t merchants, scholars, or traders at the market. That’s their game.

    Education for the masses is overrated. Few actually need anything beyond the 3Rs. If only the talented were given a real education, that would suffice.

    Not everyone will be a WN. I guarantee that. It takes at least 5 years of work. You can forget the masses and the middle class doing that. Best to work with what people are and take it from there.

    The USG takes material like the hayseed Jordie and sends him to the Stan, Iraq or Syria. That’s your basic USG soldier. There is a use for them. That’s what most of your Super SEALs come from.

  14. Is Kid Rock’s video subversive?

    Decide for yourself. It’s best to hold it up against Hank Williams Jr.’s “Country Boys Can Survive,” which is not subversive. I see that tons of people had clicked on that YouTube link. Which is great, because Kid Rock himself gives a nod to that classic in “Po-Dunk.”

    The refrain in Hank Williams’s song is “We say grace, we say ma’am / If you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn.” No such aspirational counterpoint to the defiant truculence in “Po-Dunk.”

    Po-Dunk video is a case of “three small but crucial steps forward, one giant stumble back,” with the net effect being culturally regenerative.

    The original post lists the positive attributes of the video. The huge negative is the validation of the mudshark. Much of everything else is stylized good ole’ boy fun, and from my time in the South twenty-some years ago, those guys really do enjoy their hell-raisin’.

    The video is a sympathetic look at a people who are despised by their country’s elite, and if it’s demeaning in its focus on licensious behavior, it at least avoids demeaning them through cheap pity.

    My sense is, that there is an element of diagnosis in the video’s optics. You shine a light on a problem with an idea that the way onward is upward.

    — A lot of rural Southerners have a self-destructive streak a mile wide …  “I’m an ignorant redneck? Hell yeah, you’re DAMN right I’m an ignorant redneck.”

    This scales up. The whole “Stupid Party” effect from the Reagan through the W years. Liberalism during that time was associated with the affectation of good breeding, environmental stewardship, and intellectualism — therefore folks with traditional and masculine virtues had to countersignal with an affected embrace of ignorance.

    Like that “latte-sipping faggot” conservative cliche of GW Bush’s American Idiot era. In fact, a well made whole milk latte is one of the best ways to enjoy a coffee.

  15. The non-nigger scene in Po-Dunk that rubs me most the wrong way, is the blowing up of the watermelon.

    You have a perfectly good watermelon and you are going to shoot it into pieces? you can’t even give it to the pigs.

    Some fucking people. Reminds me of growing up and the stupid neighborhood kids who would torture and kill animals. Sadism is evolved as an advantage for reasons obvious enough, but I pray with all my heart that sadists get theirs, and in this life.

  16. That CH thread going on a thousand comments had a link of a Russian powerlifter being beat to death in the street, by his fellow slavic tough guy. I didn’t actually watch the vid, but the read the description, and the two guys had some words in a “cafe” — they have those things in the Russian Far East where they serve milk and vodka both (in separate glasses don’t worry — and so they went outside and the MMA guy proceeded to kick to powerlifter to death until he was down, and the continued on to kick him in the head, until dead.

    That is evolved sadism. And Russians (and Poles too) have it in spades. From my 90 per cent British-derived perspective, something fundamentally human and evolved is lacking in those so-called people.

  17. I don’t mean to say that Slavs are not humans; i mean that sadists are not humans. (if that was unclear)

    Speaking of that CH thread, serial commenter CO was a bit out of control with his uh graphics presentation.

  18. Sadism is a great quality for a WN to have.

    Right now, we see the opposite. Whites are masochists of the most pronounced character.

    They suffer under the jewish and mino rule…and they don’t mind! They pay their taxes, they shut up, they even praise their master’s enforcers, the cops and soldiers. “Oh they are good people, just doing their jobs!”

    Now, some WNs are tired of being the slave, and would prefer to be the ones inflicting the pain. That is sadism.

    To inflict pain and misery on minos is good, a high virtue. God is not going to do it for you. You must do it for yourself.

    We want THEM to be begging, pleading, praying deliverance from us. We should make them howl with pain and indignity.

    The highest highs and the lowest lows go together. The god who created heaven created hell. He created both Jesus and Lucifer. The best WNs are capable of the greatest kindness and the worst abominations.

  19. Sadism is a great quality for a WN to have.


    It’s never good. Sadists are pieces of shit. Every last one and always. No exceptions, categorical, end of story.

    It is called a value judgment. And as such cannot and need not be explained. Those who don’t get this, are themselves worthless pieces of shit, and ought to rot on this Earth and then in Hell.

    Human quality and being close to God, is more important than any of this political bullshit.

  20. Ryu, your WN is so version 1.0, and it’s not going anywhere.

    Advocating for sadism and criminality. What a fucking joke.

    Quality people are uninterested.

    I hope that those trash Whites gets expurgated from the gene pool.

    They have no place in the future. They have no place now.

  21. There are two kinds of fighting men:

    1. Ones who unleash hell when peaceful solutions fail.

    2. Ones who gravitate to bloodshed.

    Nobody trusts the second kind.

  22. We shall see, Elk.

    All the “quality people” are worshipping cops and soldiers, paying their taxes, working their jobs, living as white slavecucks on the jew plantation.

    “Quality whites” are like the majority of jews, who got on the trains, followed the capo’s orders, stepped into the showers quietly, died, without incident. God didn’t save them. They didn’t save themselves.

    They aren’t going to get rich, or stay married, or keep their jobs, or any of that. Those days are over.

    We are in a total police state here and now. Whites are routinely fired for their political beliefs, kicked out of their schools, disowned by their families. Being rich, or well-liked, or being a law-abiding citizen in a police state is no high honor.

    Send me all the low-quality whites you can, Elk. I want them.

  23. “Pensacola Christian College isn’t Christian.”


    The mudshark at the end has completely sociopathic eyes and degenerate face.

    I tend to think Vox and his commentariat are a little overenthusiastic about this one. I’ve actually been mulling over a response since it dropped at Vox Popoli, but I’m not sure how to go about formulating a ‘convincing’ counterweight without Bearing Witness To My Bona Fides, which is always a distasteful job no matter who is doing it, and frankly seldom is persuasive in the first place.

    But then I got notice that saruh/”ML” dropped this absolute howler at the corporatocracy post CH left out for days past the date I trusted my browser to get through it in under a half-hour. Just listen to this horseshit:

    “[Lucius]’s lying about that, of course. His entire blog used to be one long paean to K- and J-pop. You know, the big-eyed chicks in bunny ears and shit. He’s also a teacher of some sort in Asia, as he used to write about on the same blog after he wiped it of the yellow fever stuff.”

    –I just can’t believe this idiot mendacity. Bitch, my blog IS one long paean to K-pop (with maybe three references to J-pop in its entire existence). I’m also NO KIND of “teacher” anywhere, and certainly not in Asia, and I’ve never written, even as an exercise in creative fiction, any account of such a thing. And what in the name of God is this bizarre “wiped” my blog shit–what on earth is this kike malarkey?!?!?

    I mean talk about sticking your finger in the wind: she just sits there and pretends my blog is private or something, hoping somebody will believe her? Or hoping somebody will check it and be disgusted by my fey meandering tributes to GFriend’s “Love Whisper”? Idiot! As if I haven’t ever used the dulcet harmonies of the Cleanest Race to chase the bitter taste of her untermensch yid stammering from the collective throat of the Chateau!

    hasbara’s a bag of bitter-bitchy music haters

  24. — The mudshark at the end has completely sociopathic eyes and degenerate face.

    I just took another look. Holy smokes, she sure does.

    Something I did a bit earlier today: watched the Kid Rock video on mute, with Foo Fighters’ “Walk” playing loudly.

    Try it. It’s awesome.

    I think I made the confession a bit earlier: after hanging out with a couple of my musician friends, I became converted to Foo Fighters’ music. The drummer was air-drumming one of their songs, telling me what’s involved: “So here is the snare drum, here is [forgot what], so you wanna just get into the rhythm and just like this…”

    I featured the 1,000 Italian rockers playing “Learning to Fly” earlier. “Walk” is my favorite.

    A bit different than K-Pop (or Baby Metal), but the spirit is kindred.

  25. “Sadism…”

    They are the monsoons of humanity. Seasonally switching direction. I’d think a ‘WN’ would bring some solid edification to the plate. Some point-by-points to countervail that perceived lack of sovereignty. Harping on the po-po in the manner of a frustrated preteen seems like a sort of polemical run at flogging oneself crosswise. I find it interesting as natural phenomenon. A lingering, pubescent threshold of wanton Amerikana culture. “Lock & load, Terminator!”

  26. That’s how the average Murkan soldier or cop thinks, EPG.

    They want to “get some.” No one criticizes them for that. I won’t criticize a WN for wanting the same thing. I don’t look upon them as superiors.

  27. “Try it. It’s awesome.”

    lolzolz sounds interesting. I’ll fit it into the evening playlist, between surfing for Styxenhammer’s pro-Trump-lite pieces and “Lovelyz Loves Canada”.

    Noel Gallagher’s a Foo Fighters complimenter, so they come somewhat pre-approved.

    A lot of people at VP were enthusing in what I thought frankly was a put-on way about how this video “IS the real American rural world today”. Well, I get to see a pretty fair swath of a stretch of rural America myself, and it’s simply NOT the rural America I see. Maybe part of the peripheral world one hears about. But even the chainsmoking whinos I come in contact with aren’t precisely whooping it up to this degree.

    Sure, it’s a music video. Some of those extras might be fairly “regular”; others, like the aforementioned mudshark (and this would be completely evident without the sight of her mystery spawn) are obviously crazy.

    –Speaking of obviously crazy: the aforementioned “Lovelyz Loves Canada” is squirm-inducing for precisely these reasons. Wandering Montreal at night, Lovelyz and their crew are approached by a pair of drunken fat White chicks who behave in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable: they’re fame whoring because they see cameras, they keep repeating the same gibberish over and over again. It would be easy to say they’re mocking Lovelyz, but it’s hard to tell if they comprehend anything whatsoever going on about them. For the purposes of Korean television, this is all played off as utterly polite “meeting new friends!” stuff (cutesy Hangeul subtitles: “new friends made!”). It’s a cringefest.

    So, what to do with Kid Rock’s America, with his preselected redneck thot models shooting firearms amid the scenes of maybe-as-they-are local yokels? Some of them might be decent people and even a friend when in need. But this is still the underclass of the rural America–not the vast number of working and middle-middle class churchgoers and savers, many of whom are still in real denial about the depth of America’s problems and naively tuned to their Fox News. If there’s a backbone Middle America, these people are surely it, and they would be rightly terrified of seeing their progeny slip into this lifestyle as portrayed here.

  28. For some reason, I’ve never forgotten a country cookout from presumably the late 1980s, in which some girl, scarcely younger (or older?) than myself paraded around in some skimpy outfit which apparently drew stares from her elders and disapproving commentary from the womenfolk.

    I don’t even remember what the attire was exactly; I want to say something like a “bodysuit” and Daisy Dukes, but this probably is ridiculous and anachronistic. Much later in college I would attend with a large co-ed crew a female acquaintance’s birthday party at her family home and someone (it might’ve been her mom for all I remember) presented her with a white bodysuit as a gift. I suspect inappropriate remarks were made by myself and others within earshot of her parents. I’m not sure, but actually I think she may later have modeled it for some of us in her bedroom. The next semester some sort of suicide attempt was made.

  29. “Daisy Dukes”

    I’ve pointed it out in the New York City post last month… and continued observation confirms it:

    Camel-toe is how the gals now wear their jeans-shorts.

  30. [Sidenote] Thankfully, even in CO’s absence, saruh’s latest attempts seem to be getting her nowhere. Her German meandering earned her a “speak English, yid faggot!” and Greg’s not condescending to try and take her seriously.

    I’m not surprised she’s linking to porn. What the hell is up with her “jailbait” post though? I don’t know if she’s trying to pass that off as herself or just generically trying to get the Chateau flagged for (k*dd!e?) pr0n.

    Disgusting (((idiots)))

  31. Warriors and soldiers are the two most effective types of fighting men. A warrior will defeat a soldier, but soldiers defeat warriors. Make soldiers, and the natural warriors will pick up a few of their tricks. Then you keep those well-trained warriors spread among the soldiers to be the point of the spear.

    Warriors have sociopathic tendencies, not sadistic. You want someone who will fight because is is what they do, without concern for the enemy, but with enough concern for his brothers that he remembers to look out for them. Chasing the rush of killing for pleasure is a distraction.

    The Shadowed Knight

  32. I have mixed feelings about that video. The positive things you have addressed so I won’t rehash them because I mostly agree. What I don’t like to see however, is debased white people revelling in said debasement, ie rolling around in the mud like pigs, the tacky gun worship, the normalization of obesity, etc…

    Yes these so called “podunks” have been screwed by the globohomo elites, but there must be a more dignified way of giving them the finger.

  33. Off topic but, PA, you seem relatively sanguine about the alt right purges. It’s not just fringe sites like daily stormer, NPI is gone and others like Amren are on the chopping block. Why haven’t you commented on this?

    Also, found a great post on Reddit that really breaks down why they are so afraid of us:

  34. NPI is Spencer’s platform, correct? Spencer is not right wing. He is a globalist leftist that thinks that the only thing wrong with leftism is that coloureds are messing it up. Fuck him.

    He and his Nazi cohorts have been providing cover–intentional or not, they are responsible for it–for leftists infiltrating the Alt-Right to commit false-flag operations. Literal, in the case of the swastika, false-flag, because national SOCIALISM is not and cannot be part of the right in any meaningful sense. Red on red fighting is to our favor, because the tactics the left uses to throw down with other leftists can be picked up by the right for later use.

    AmRen and RedIce are different cases. They deserve our support and efforts to strike back. Support them financially, support the effort to create a right wing hosting platform, etc.

    Besides, we cannot achieve anything by whining to leftist that they are not treating us fairly. Bide our time, and strike when we get the opportunity.

    The Shadowed Knight

  35. I think I have a good metaphor for Spencer: buttsex. Buttsex is dirty and nasty, and can give you AIDS. Leftists are AIDS. While AIDS is the real problem, you get AIDS by having buttsex, so stop the buttsex to prevent AIDS. Once you have AIDS, a simple bacteria, like Islam, can kill you. In order to prevent infiltration of the leftist AIDS, stop participating in buttsex/cooperating with Spencer.

    The Shadowed Knight

  36. If one believes that the current status quo is a problem, it makes little sense to hurl obscenities at one of its most prominent foes.

    No one comes into this world without dirty dipers, and no man is an island.

  37. Sausage or sprinkles
    Massage them or die

    I’m letting babby know
    She’s a weird sorta guy….

    Gents, take command of your karma
    Like a *beatle* who sighs!…


  38. MGE wrote: What I don’t like to see however, is debased white people revelling in said debasement, ie rolling around in the mud like pigs, the tacky gun worship,

    I’m good with the gun worship (wouldn’t call it that, but okay) — did a little of that myself this past week (no killin’ watermelons, however! What a waste!). However, yes; this is what I was trying and trying to get across at Vox’s blog. The video REALLY put me off because it WAS pointing at and making fun of good salt-of-the-earth Americans. Kid Rock was NOT ‘speaking well’ of these folks; he was joining in with the debasement and degradation of the (((media))) placed on these folks!

    It reminded me — of all things — of the media pile-on at Milo for his ‘mis-statement’ about pedophilia. He, and these folks in the video, are “acting out” their pain by turning it into “I was NOT victimized — I CHOSE it!” In my case: as a young teen, I used to “brag” (and I meant it) that: “yes, of the three of us girls, I got hit the most by our dad, but I provoked it the most!” It took me till I was in my 30s before I realized it is NOT EVER the responsibility of the child to prevent the ADULT losing his temper! (Provocation is often a child’s stock-in-trade (especially in …disturbed … household; any adult who responds to childish behavior by beating the child is FAILING in his responsibility! But the CHILD will have to make it something the CHILD did — or else the world is too unsafe to survive!)

    It was not EVER the responsibility for Milo to ‘prevent’ that priest form molesting him! And his ‘covert bravado’ in saying he asked for it, he was fine with it, the priest did him a favor and so on, is SELF-protective! “If “I” asked for it, then “I” was not somehow unable to protect myself!” (Of course, the media (and damned near everyone else) just used it to leap on him and raise hell at him.)

    And it is not the responsibility for the good Americans those video actors were representing to protect themselves and their families from the (((degradation)) that has been heaped on them, lo these many years! It was not possible for our ‘underclass White folks’ to someone be able to STOP the (((pile-on))) by our enemies, the degradation and debasement (((they))) used to separate those folks from the rest of White America — so,how it is a surprise that they, too, decided to “roll in it”? (I would hope/ had hoped for better from Kid Rock — but I know nothing about him except he’s famous and seemingly pretty black-acting.)

  39. Avalanche also note the video opens with short interspersed shots of pigs, which subconsciously sets the tone, later to be followed by white people roiling around in a mud pit

  40. I suggest posting up in Bordeaux and refining the White mind with some claret and a solid calisthenic program of your own invention. We are at war, goys. Keep the Sabbath, brush up on your Plato, and perhaps invest in a worthy sword collection.

    ‘A small night storm blows
    Saying falling is the essence of
    A flower—
    Preceding those who hesitate.’

    –Y. Mishima

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