The Chaser: From A Fashion Catalog

This entry is a chaser to the previous post.

Markets rely on Whites to do the lion’s share of spending. When it comes to advertising graphics, they can’t entirely purge us from public display — images without our faces will not move the product.

But if you want to delegitimize us while running an effective sales campaign, you need to keep us — and comply with KultMarx imperatives by adulterating the harmony of the image with one or more non-Whites. For optimal equilibrium of advertising and demoralizing, you pair a White female with you-can-guess-who.

And, that’s not what’s going on in the pages of the catalog below. Here is the front cover (cropped):


A White-White couple?

The aesthetic is neither heroin-chic nor homo-creepoid because the models look healthy. I don’t mind their androgynous look. It is a legitimate style: Nordic gracile, prelapsarian in its affected adult innocence. Let’s call it High-Elven.

. . .

Well lookee here, a dark elf:


I didn’t say that KultMarx gave this company an opt-out.

Yet I had to laugh. Clearly, somebody is looking for drama.

This post shows all of the images in the catalog that feature more than one person on a set, except for these three photos, which I am omitting:

  • An early-teen White girl and Black boy (parents of minors ought to know better than to sign off on that).
  • WM, BW, WW
  • BW, WW

There wasn’t anything remarkable about those last two. But what’s remarkable, is that every male-female adult couple in this catalog is White. Examples:

K345And finally, the next image is from the cover page of another company’s catalog. In today’s political climate, its natural wholesomeness is counterrevolutionary.

It is also good and beautiful.



18 thoughts on “The Chaser: From A Fashion Catalog

  1. The glossy vs raw consideration in music is also something a lot of female models intuitively get. Kate Moss discussed opening an agency not meant for ‘pretty people.’ They’re really seeking an entirely new platform for all the refraction of seduction to play out, tainted as the existing ones are with the pungent stench/imperative of radical inclusion. The lottery of Babylon has grown too reckless, even for itself. The incendiary power of discernment will win the day, but I really hope music plays a more commanding role than modeling!

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  3. This ain’t oneupmanship…

    This is why axe why?

    So goy?
    Kant sea.
    A tip…
    The ice burg
    Sharp at flint!
    Start fires
    The prerequisite.
    Every white man fights
    To be legit.
    “We” are lead by cocksuckers
    Giving head for tips.
    Hate white (S)upremacy
    More than tits!
    Milking egos
    Turn white man against…
    His fine white lady
    Jew transform two fits!
    Where procreation shall be
    Self-annihilation commits.
    A crime commence
    The beg inning of the fend
    With no ball defense
    A fence topples
    And all nuts dispense
    It’s anarchy vs self-rule
    white (S)upremacy, a friend.
    There are no questions…
    Only answers to defend.

  4. “The glossy vs raw consideration in music is also something a lot of female models intuitively get. Kate Moss discussed opening an agency not meant for ‘pretty people.'”

    That’s an interesting set of thoughts, and I think I see where you’re going, but I think it invites all sort of elaboration. Fashion is often accused of preferring non-pretty people to begin with (quirky girls, androgynes, the anorexic), and today of course there’s been a huge mulattoization of the runways.

    I think young Kate Moss was traditionally pretty to a good degree, but she was always a grunge girl and so the “raw consideration” might, for her part, be simply a concrete preference for that.

  5. OT: as PA has probably noticed, but I want to spell it out for the record, this weekend the trolling at the Chateau has been super-intense. TSW (or somebody claiming to be) has returned. “ML” is an unambiguous return of saruh’s author; also “vanamee”, who is at least a kindred spirit, is active on the current thread. And “wrong side of so many names” has returned to what we may call active-duty trolling, which is to say, she’s tag-teaming with “ML” and acting as if anyone cares what she thinks.

    And carlos danger, for what it’s worth, is acting alternately Keyboard Warrior esque, and then making very flippant, rather nignogesse comments. As I’ve gone over in the past, if cd is a troll it’s certainly been a very longcon and successful one. But for someone who in his “good” moods acts like a lesser Matt King Matt, it’s striking the extent to which he can act completely frivolous, even effeminate, in other contexts. He’s admitted to GE to yanking his chain, while neeneer-neenering as to its supposed guiltlessness on other fronts. carlos also accuses me of being a “duplicitous” pseudo-intellectual desperate to “sit with the cool kids” lolzlz.

    If carlos is somehow “for real”, then I have to say he’s just a limp noodle and something of a basketcase, a gamma desperately LARPing as an alpha-intellectual. Which is how I thought of him, somewhat sympathetically, for a long time.

    But regardless: the True Saruh unquestionably has returned. Thankfully, if I’m the first expressly to make that connection, many of our noble friends have already been calling her out forcefully on her new spiel of bullshit.

    But long story short: Charlottesville and the prearranged fatwa against Trump has to be the real reason. The marching orders have been given. The money is pouring out. Hasbara is in force!

    So be alert for honeytraps (and, I suppose, let’s not give Alphabet Soupers any ready “justifications” for their pranks), but kick some ass!

  6. –slight editorial clarification: that should read “guiltfulness”–or just plain “guilt”.

    My point is, for someone (carlos) who acted like such a bosom buddy to Greg, a guy who doesn’t appreciate pointless frivolity for its own sake, it’s at the least awfully passive-aggressive for carlos to admit he talks shit just to wind Greg up. Greg is, as I’ve often said, the resident conscience of the Chateau. A funny guy, yes; but he doesn’t appreciate horsing around for no good reason.

    And Greg has accused carlos of being “streetsweeper”, giving reasons, and carlos just kinda “naaahh, I’m too lazy, not my style bro” kind of shit, which sounds AWFULLY out of character for a guy who, in other contexts, tries to present as a super-serious and very manful and honorable sort of person. Military, outdoorsman, history buf, Catholic classicist–“nah brah, just yankin’ your chain . . .” Does not compute for me.

  7. Lucius, you’ve noticed the profession as it’s traditionally understood has been perversely chocolatized and semi-absorbed into that easier, more on the go parsing of scattered ‘real priddy gurlz.’ Those anorexics and androgynes will still commonly study the whole procession, including some credible tunes, rather perceptively. They’ll pick up on assorted visceral things just like that. Being heedlessly congealed into a streamlined fashionista’s Pandora isn’t the core objective, from my periodic observations. I’m sure it was always weirdly gratuitous, but less so. Music as it is at present (or isn’t) inevitably acts as a close cousin here. The “rawer,” maybe I should say. My take anyway.

  8. How can anyone text about the meme-ing of “fashion” without a lispy ssshout-doubt to the faggots?

    If the NFL was dominated by male queers in the capacity that the “fashion” industry is, the players would be wearing pink, protesting about their head concuntions and going full-on submissive defense in relation to the scalding “black” top.

  9. If one does not want white boys and white girls to eventually pro-create then one gets into “fashion” and seeks to make that same said white boy and white girl as UGLY AS POSSIBLE in the minds of the each other.

    Today’s “fashion” is largely comprised of boyish females and faggoty males.

    And this “fashion” is as obvious as it can possibly be short of an absolute role reversal.

  10. Carlos Danger is an interesting commenter. One of the few I click on the new-comments sidebar. I’m interested in his take on the occult angle of TPTB. He said something about having had been working his way up the Masons hierarchy, and having insight up the chain. Frequent references to the Fatima Prophecies are interesting too. Lucius’ acumen for sussing out the substance behind the handle is sharp. Carlos has made “irregular” comments, but I tended to ascribe them to drunk-commenting. Either way, someone worth reading.

    As to honeypot, hell yeah, be safe. The internet is for discussion and forward-looking ideas. For real-life activities, work with people you know personally.

  11. “He said something about having had been working his way up the Masons hierarchy, and having insight up the chain.”

    I didn’t mean to get off on a carlos tangent, but admittedly his behavior has spooked me. Most of the known trolls love to make those snide double entendre type of remarks that show their hand, like ML writing (in a lispth!) how “we’d be lucky” if “all we got” was Soviet style Communism. Mostly I intend on ignoring cd unless he shoots first or fucks up egregiously, but I don’t trust him anymore.

    Matt King Matt himself just signed off on my ML=saruh point, but he seems sincerely to regard saruh as a (mentally damaged) White man whose struggling to get his act straight. That was always carlos’ position (and even Greg’s for a long time) which of course for me was like trying to pull wisdom teeth on them, considering the ludicrous range of saruh’s lies, death threats, non sequiturs, purple prose tributes to screwing black chicks, the wheelchair, not in the wheelchair, Florida, Vermont, peak oil, Percocet, “nobody loves me!”, “I’m about to fuck my office waifu!”, “Hillary will own Trump in the debates!” . . . . lozlzolzolz

    The indispensable Captain Obvious has, for those not visiting the Chateau, tagged saruh with a gloriously vulgar meme, followed up with an entire screencap of her “kulak” slip and ensuing dialogue. I like to think my old “on January 23rd, saruh said: . . .” technique may have contributed to this glorious new opening frontier, which of course only a man of CO’s indefatigueable energy and imagination could pioneer.

  12. “If one does not want white boys and white girls to eventually pro-create then one gets into “fashion” and seeks to make that same said white boy and white girl as UGLY AS POSSIBLE in the minds of the each other.”

    Brilliantly noted.

    “And this “fashion” is as obvious as it can possibly be short of an absolute role reversal.”

    There’s a persuasive case made that a big swath of the fashion models today are trannies. Cf. youtube commenter MrE on this (“Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio-Androgynous Angels” etc.

  13. Who is the original “Sarah”? I recall back in Heartiste’s early days (2007) a commenter named “Sarah,” an airheaded and not charmless commenter dropping typical for its time female-imperative & feminist talking points.

  14. “Who is the original “Sarah”?”

    Oh I have no idea. The “saruh” mock was always just my generic Jewess name/”uh” portmanteau for her. Of course “””uh””” has always claimed to have been around the Alt-Right before there was an alt-right, but that seems to be a common game with these people.

  15. –I said I was going to try and stay out of carlosville unless he shot across my bow, but it looks like he’s reading our mail because, quite out of nowhere, and in fact in direct reply to a funny but actually rather genial insult I fired off at wrong side of history, he comes at me with “Don’t you have yellow fever?”

    lozlzozl so I left him this reply:


    hey carlos, don’t you have some work to do? You offered to translate Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” for us all if only “we” could find a copy in “German, French, or Russian”.

    You also gave an amazon link to some pop culture shit (national lampoon’s back issues, was it?) above, which you’ve been enjoying.

    Well, since you don’t know how to use amazon, I just looked and, voila, “we” have found you a complete hardcover two volume set in Russia, starting at $129.99.

    I won’t trouble mod with a link (we never know how that’ll work out), but I trust you can go on amazon and find it yourself, sans difficulty.

    Well get cracking, carlos. Since you’re the St. Jerome of the Cool Kids of the Alt-Right I guess we might have to miss you for a while.

    Or were you just thinking of running it through google translate?

  16. –Honest to God, PA, I’ve never understood whether carlos is supposed to be seventy or seventeen, even in the friendly old days.

    What kind of ridiculously pompous way to announce, “oh, I speak German, French, and Russian” was it, to propose to translate a two-volume Solzhenitsyn work for shits and giggles?

    And then to say, “if we can find it”– as if to say, what, everyone go scrounging the used bookstores and let carlos danger know if you can find it? Fingers crossed!

    I mean, it feels like the Iron Curtain sometimes, but we don’t have to get Mein Kampf (should anybody want it) in a brown paper bag.

    And of all things when he’s actually left an amazon link to share his pleasure in some used issue of National Lampoon (at least I think that’s what it was–I didn’t click or even read his entire description, I just remembered it from yesterday since he was carrying on about it for whatever reason)..

    As if he’s just going to drop everything and churn out a translation of a two-volume historical study, just to share with his friends! Good ole’ carlos, he’s a regular St. Jerome!

    A strange fellow, even by the most charitable reading; and honestly, what a maroon!

  17. Synchronicity strikes!: isteve commenter 42BDE tells us:

    “Speaking of the Russian revolution, the English translation of volume iii of Solzhenitsyns Red Wheel (tetralogy?) comes out in November from the U of Notre Dame press.”

    That’s comment no 3 on the (very brief) notice on the new Slezkine book “The House of Government”, a study of the Bolshevik inner party.

    So I guess we can expect carlos’ paraphrase by Christmas, surely? . . . lozlz

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