Whom In This Video Do You Hate?

1. The young man saluting the statue?

2. The policeman?

3. The woman speaking with the policeman at the end of the video?

Watch the entire short video before deciding.


107 thoughts on “Whom In This Video Do You Hate?

  1. Only the woman. “That blood is on your hands”. This is the most perfect encapsulation of the modern Left I’ve ever seen.

    This is how the Civil War will start; they believe nothing they do is wrong, they feel no remorse for any of their actions, and believe their enemies to be evil and consequently killable. They will never stop, as they believe they’re on a moral crusade.

    Don’t trust them. Their goal is the End of the West.

  2. In order from most despised to least despised

    1. the black tattooed woman chanting.
    2. the retarded whites chanting terrorist go home.
    3. the smug asshole woman at the end.

    4. the cop who spoke up at the end.
    5. the guy who stood in the face of their opprobrium. (I don’t care if I’m supposed to “hate his fat ass”, I don’t)

  3. I hate them all except the obese negress. She is doing the normal, healthy thing and fighting for herself and her people.

  4. The woman at the end: No sense of irony; taunts the guy relentlessly; gets her wish with the police escorting him away —– and then has the gall to suggest he lacks courage by accepting the police escort leading him away from the park.

    Blind self-absorption coupled with no class.

  5. The woman at the end for all the reasons Nikcrit stated. If some man is ever stupid enough to marry her, she will ruin his life.

  6. My guess is both the confederate and the police officer get along better with black people than that woman does.

  7. Damn, PA!

    You didn’t mention that the pigs arrested the white man, not libbies. You gotta include a cleanse at the end, so we don’t end with a bad taste in our mouth.

    Who would have thought 20 years after “fuck da police”, the blacks would be working with the pigs to oppress the white man.

    They all have to go, the pigs first, because they are the ones keeping the liberals safe. I don’t know why any white worships the pig. We’ve lived for decades without protection. We don’t need them anymore.

    These protests are bull. No one makes a move cuz the pigs are there.

    1) white cops
    2) everyone else

    White cops and soldiers are the worst traitors there is. Mercenaries for the jew gold.

    This is a good test you cooked up, PA. See what’s what. The cops should be hated first. Get them out of the way, so we can do what we must.

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  9. I’m trying to understand exactly what in trumps remarks about c-ville is so beyond the pale in the context of events such as this. I’ve listened to them over and over and I can’t fathom what is so objectionable from a “normie” centrist POV. I mean he strongly denounced the KKK and the neo nazis, called the car attack an act of terror, said racism is evil, etc etc jumping thru the usual rhetorical hoops and toeing the line so to speak.

    The only thing I can come up with is that he had the gall to call out violence eminating from the left AND the gall to point out the media is complicit by running cover.

    We had 8 years of Obama running cover for left wing cult Marxist violence and the media was happy to treat him with kid gloves like the magic negro he was. Now the media is getting called to mat, and oh boy they don’t like it … suddenly they don’t get to shape the narrative like they used to. The stuck pig squeals the loudest.

  10. Ryu, in T2 he was clearly aiming not to hit them.

    The views on police circulating in the AR have not been kind this week.

    Since Sacramento, we’ve seen a constant escalation. First fend off antifa in Sacremento, then beating them in Berkley and Huntington Beach, then scaring them out of Auburn, then getting rid of the FBI’s pet SPers in June, then dealing with the Alt-light in July, and now Cville, where the State is so desperate they had to do it themselves, and Antifa couldn’t finish the job.

    Was it Metzger or Dr. Pierce who told stories of WNs being handed over to criminals in custody? Might those stories be more believable this week?

  11. Those stories have always been true. And that’s only part of it.

    Count on being put in a cell full of minos if you are going to jail as a known WN. The intake photos won’t show your injuries. If you go to court all beat up, the guards will just say you got in a fight, or fell down the stairs.

    Cop-killers get the worst. I know that at least up until the 80s, cops and guards would beat and torture them in custody. Even pictures of Eric Frein show fist marks, before he was taken into custody.

    Yeah, I’ve heard about when “a few” cops were actually pro-white and looked the other way when WNs were in action. Those stories occurred in the 70s though. Then in the 80s women and minos joined the force en masse.

    For WNs to fight both the police and the liberals at protests is a losing battle. Even if you beat the antifa, the police back them up.

  12. The white (S)upremacist would never count on sympathy from the self-annihilating masses as a potential path to glory.

  13. The video is a prime example of the vicious immorality of “inclusion.”

    “Inclusion” now memes “immoral force.”

  14. Ann Coulter nails it. Such a saucy bitch I love it.

    With any luck, we’ll unravel Fields’ motives faster than it took the Obama administration to discern the motives of a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while gunning down soldiers at Fort Hood. (Six years.)

    But so far, all we know is that Fields said he was “upset about black people” and wanted to kill as many as possible. On his Facebook page, he displayed a “White Power” poster and “liked” three organizations deemed “white separatist hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A subsequent search of his home turned up bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition and a personal journal of combat tactics.

    Actually, none of that is true. The paragraph above describes, down to the letter, what was known about Micah Xavier Johnson, the black man who murdered five Dallas cops a year ago during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. My sole alteration to the facts is reversing the words “black” and “white.”

    President Obama held a news conference the next day to say it’s “very hard to untangle the motives.” The New York Times editorialized agnostically that many “possible motives will be ticked off for the killer.” (One motive kind of sticks out like a sore thumb to me.)


  15. One of the peaks of my WN career was finding a real, WN cop.

    Not just sympathetic, full suite – jews, miggers, immigration, HBD, PUA, he knew about it all.

    He confirmed everything I write. Cops are the jews mercenaries. They WILL do what they are told. He was an outlier, a 1 in a million anomaly.

    The public doesn’t want to believe it, many WNs do not. Murka is a police state here and now. White genocide is the law and order they en-force. He agreed. You will not attract the few real WN cops there are with cop-worship. He hated cops as much as I. He respected, that I didn’t buy the line of bull.

  16. Ryu, I understand your animus towards police, but I do sympathize with them. I was recently pulled over without violating any traffic laws, I was treated very aggressively, pulled out of the car, cuffed and put up against the hood of the squad car and my clothing was searched. No guns were drawn but despite me being very compliant, hands on steering wheel, dome light on, they were yelling at me for reaching for my glove box after asking if I had my registration and insurance. They kept asking if I had drugs, I told them no, just go ahead and search the damn car. I was submissive to the utmost in this situation. After they searched and found nothing, they seemed a bit sheepish and let me go. The two cops were White and Asian men btw and I believe I was pulled over essentially because was driving a nice car in a bad neighborhood.

    Now, that situation could have left a very bad taste in my mouth, however, I work closely with law enforcement and paramedics, I see many of the shit tier assholes they have to deal with on a daily basis, however I am not encountering these people in situations where my life could be at risk so on some level … and I understand just how grindingly awful and demoralizing that can be. Yeah I’d say many cops have a sadistic streak, but some are just trying to do their 9-5.

  17. Regarding that video you posted, PA.
    I really feel for that kid. he wants to be connected to something greater than himself, proud of his heritage in some way that is encouraged for every other group of people, his hapless and naive attempt to do so in the wake of this event is endearing, yet fatalistic. It seems the writing is on the wall and whites will have to find that meaning elsewhere, in the future, and not in the lost cause of the south. That kid has balls tho

  18. That’s the whole thing, MGE.

    You had to submit, totally. THEIR safety was worth more than yours. In fact, their lives were worth more than yours.

    Is that how “peace officers” conduct themselves in “The Land of the Free?”

    America is a full-on police state, here and now, worse than the USSR or Nazi Germany. Because here, people sympathize their the KGB and Gestapo, look upon them as heroic first responders.

    We are all servants and slaves here in the Land of Free. They only things the police demand of us is obedience and our tax dollars (protection money.)

    Cops continuing to do their 9-5…means the white race goes extinct. (And the Gestapo was just “doing their job”…just let them do their job!)

    Their job – their reason for being – is to protect minos and liberals FROM US. The Surveillence State they have created has one purpose – to keep the Mountain of Guns collecting dust.

  19. I liked the quiet courage of that kid. The cop, too, at the end was admirable.
    I’m gonna go now and put on some Lynyrd Skynyrd, have an icy beer, and contemplate what’s important in life.

  20. I just watched the video again with the audio. The “white” female is a despicable piece of scum. I would’ve slapped that bitch’s hand into bone dust. That type of finger in the face is in no way a legal form of free speech. It is a blatant act of aggression and can be dealt with using appropriate force.

  21. The craziness of Charlottesville is that the racist/anti-racist binary is real and operative, but only the anti-racist side cops to their motive. The racist side… OUR side… Denies its racism. It’s mindboggling. Your race is your father(s). The anti-racists are conducting war on your father(s) and *you* are the proxy-figure. Yet, *you* deny going to war on behalf of your father even as *you* do that very thing through the protection of the Southern monuments.. *You* deny that your father went to war for his father in his capacity as a real racist, too. The multi-generational denial must cease.

    Anti-racism is the pathology and the video is hard proof of such diseased individuals afflicted by its toxicity.

  22. The female disgustingly brandishing her phone takes the cake. Lee is quoted as saying dullness is the devil. One war’s monuments leading to another based on those monuments. There could be something there in screen land. Turning the simulacrum back on itself..

    That youngster could find better use of his time observing the impotent squadron before him. These are the real statues. Utterly stationary in creed, in time, in milieu. I imagine little figurine standoffs like this may go down in many cities. Brutal!

  23. Heinrich, you’re right. I thought she was younger, didn’t realize she’s the same yenta who is giving the two middle fingers earlier. “Young” deleted.

    I agree with Ryu about police on the macro-scale but not on the micro. In other words, I don’t hate the cop in the video. He’s disgusted with his task. He lets the young man handle the AR. Good face, good man. Public school teachers are just as much an enemy, brainwashing White children. Plenty of bullets for every servant of the system. Where is the line drawn?

    Hate on a personal level… in open war if I have that cop in sights just like he is in the video, I couldn’t do it. If I did it following orders, my conscience would eat me alive.

    Not so with the white male shitlibs heckling the young man in the video. If it’s hot war, they’re nothing to me.

    The cunt herself… women are like that when lathered up and not restrained by a man. She hates pro-White symbolism “just because” (she is just following her tribal instincts) and female hate is like the ancient furies. With them it’s all-instinct, no-reason. That makes them cruel and implacable when empowered, whatever side they’re on.

    The black female, never buy their waterworks. Blacks, male and female, do theatrics on the drop of a dime.

    Young Johnny Reb himself… “quiet courage” is exactly right. If you believe in something, you’re not afraid of anything else.

    “… It seems the writing is on the wall and whites will have to find that meaning elsewhere, in the future, and not in the lost cause of the south.”

    Whites as a whole yes, as non-Southerners won’t relate to the Civil War except as allies or by analogy to their own histories. Southerners, no way, never let go of your history. Memory of lost causes, last stands, crushed uprisings is what keeps the fire alive. Serbs with the lost Battle of Kosovo, Texans with the stand at The Alamo for example.

    “… the impotent squadron before him. These are the real statues. Utterly stationary in creed, in time, in milieu.” — well said. Brilliantly, in fact.

  24. from AmRen

    This is like those sad emo kids. Such people are mentally disturbed. In today’s world, however, this kind of mental disturbance is considered perfectly fine so long as you attribute your poison to your race, and not to yourself as an individual.

    Just like emo culture’s grip on depressed teens eager to justify their own self-obsessed internal angst, white anti-racism creates an environment of endless criticism and a total absence of artistic creation. White anti-racism is a politics of personal holocaust—an elaborate system of rules that ensure its adherents run in an eternal hamster wheel of fury and self-abnegation. All they have done is dress up emo self-hatred with grad-school jargon. And just like an alcoholic who’s stopped trying to be sober, their surrender often takes the form of lashing out at those around them.

    I pity anti-racist whites more than I despise them. Their vitriol and violence are born from their own depression and self-hatred, not a coherent ideology. We would approach a family member in the throes of destructive depression with sympathy and compassion. We should approach our racial brethren who have fallen into this maniacal worldview the same way. They have nothing to lose but their own death wish.

    Easy to focus on these people’s niche… and not on the great majority who are simply indifferent, though.

  25. The fact that the woman is Jewish does explain the totally irrational hatred she seems to have for this man. I cannot see a non Jewish liberal woman acting this way. She might be critical of the confederate flag, but I can’t picture her being so angry.

  26. The young man saluting the state, I admit to have envied as I watched..
    I usually feel a morally brave type, but he is… just the top.

    The police… just obey. Many people love to obey to the power of the moment (and as a gamma, I have feelings of pity for these happy cogs… and levers — will never understand them and their inability to think with their head) but these guys look more ashamed than glad, so no ill feelings for them.

    The crowd… makes me hateful. Every sight of many (and loud) vs one/few (and low-key) affects me this way.

    The woman in the end is the type who lives to earn as many Likes and “sexy!” with every selfie she posts on Facebook/Instagram… I guess when the Likes and the “sexy!” coming by male rugs aren’t enough… they join a cause… for some ideals… of course society-provided ideals… 🙂

    After all women are very alike to betas and deltas… in terms of “thinking”: empty containers longing for a filling.

    In out time, the “alphas” aren’t the cads who mount them at home/traditional religions’ deities, but “culture”, the MSM, …

    The black woman?
    I think of all complexes… the inferiority complex is the most powerful as to its effects on the mind.
    There is no way on earth these people may turn co-operative, accepting of their average place in the social hierarchy, till there is democracy and “mass communication”:
    I mean, till dwindling their minds is fruitful to the elites.
    After all, where there is society, there is difference. Where there is difference, there is envy. Where there is envy, there is rationalization of envy as injustice, which enables the hatred to become explicit.

    If there were more/many “gammas” like me, nations habited by people with similar intentions tastes heritage (etc. etc.) would be formed, no nation would attack another, and everything would be heaven-like — would it not?
    We would have a Southern USA state… coastal metropolitan areas, the North… all at peace with all.

    Unfortunately, gammas are a very little % of people… and then, the never-ending senseless struggle goes on.

  27. Beware of pity, PA.

    In open combat, you may not have been willing to shoot that cop. But he would shoot you. In fact, he is trained to overcome any revulsion he might feel.

    Just look above, at MGE’s recent near death experience with the Murkan police. They would have shot him in a second, and he would have died
    like a dog in the streets. Only his total humiliation saved him.

    The Gestapo, KGB and Stazi were all “doing their job” too. Might not have liked it either. But they needed to make money also.

    There was an interesting story once.

    Eric Rudolph had a fed in his sights. He asked the question “what would his death change?”

    …HOWEVER, it runs in both directions. If a fed had Rudolph in his sights, what would Eric’s death change? Surely there were thousands of other criminals to catch? What difference does it make?

    You can’t have two minds about cops and soldiers. EITHER – they are thinking, feeling human beings who are responsible for their action, or they are soulless robots.

    Nuremberg decided this question. The Americans say cops and soldiers are responsible. Obeying orders is no excuse. Hold them to their own standard.

    Today, you are the jew living in Nazi Germany. That’s what it is to be a white in Murka. Why would a jew protect the Gestapo?

    Did the military really give you that much fear of authority, especially when it does not profit you? If it did, better recognize that most soldiers will never, ever, fight back. Invest in turrists and criminals, who will.


    It was a bright and frosty dawn
    That day that woke so strangely still,
    When quick there broke discovery
    Of a mystery to thrill.

    The peoples rose up from their beds,
    Both White and Brown and Gook,
    To find that from the earth had fled
    Every last man or woman spook.

    There were no Blacks! Africa shed
    Off every man or babe not Boer;
    Between the Cape and Delta, not
    One darkie by sand or shore.

    Detroit’s a desert; Bantumore
    Had emptied of the nog.
    The Fed, the DMV, HR
    Left no Africants the works to clog.

    No blacks at all! Nor half nor quarter
    Nor even an Octaroon.
    They’d left no trace! Were they gone to Hell
    Or Heaven or the Moon?

    Some thought perhaps the Close Encounters
    Kind had whisked them off to space
    And others figured Almighty God
    Willed to separate their race.

    The consequences were not dire
    Contra prior pretense‘s unfound claim:
    The streets, the malls, were clean and quiet
    Not a burg that night felt flame.

    There was no crime, there was such peace
    The radio barked no rough discord;
    The teens shirked off doing the twerk
    Or twist, yet none at all were bored!

    The markets soared, employment raced
    Up; bourgeois births, they shot up too:
    Though housing took a leveling-off
    Since none lived in a zoo.

    Neurosis and anxiety
    Strangely came uncoiled
    As that menacing melting simmering
    Pot was left to sit there cold.

    There was such beauty, grace and peace–
    Once more, they travelled through space:
    More to further Man’s great reach
    Than to seek the Sable’s trace.

    Yet despite such peace and plenty
    And much cause for great delight,
    Some sad sorts, at first quietly
    Internalized a troubled fright.

    For the neck beards and the tatties
    Who long blamed their own for all woes
    Thought somehow the Blacks were gone-zies
    Thanks to the evil of their White foes.

    And where once they spurned religion
    And called a fiction, Almighty God,
    These took to heresy and seditio
    Rather than acknowledge their race blind fraud.

    For they said a secret curse was
    Imposed upon the wicked world,
    When God had surely damned them
    By rapturing the sacred Turd.

    For secret sins were we a-weighing
    And God had found us in a lack,
    And for failure to mourn the darkies
    His fiery angels would attack.

    Peace and plenty, sweet discourse, music,
    Clean and quiet, these were a snare!
    Oh, the Lord had judged the non-dark races
    And the End was surely near!

    So they tripped and guilted and mouth-foamed
    And with dark Satanic glee
    They redoubled their anti-White venom
    In one universal melee.

    There was terror, there were flash-mobs,
    Acid assaults, stone desecrations:
    Blood was spilt as factious mania
    Broke out though all the poor White nations.

    For the Puritan fire rekindled
    From the pyre of the Black Mystery,
    And there flamed the Reddest of terrors
    Bent to destroy all White history.

    Rage of madness!: fondly they looked back
    To that Age of Subhuman woe
    For their sick souls were bent and broken
    To submit to a weaker foe.

    So they smote their parents and children
    And suffused the globe in Thirty Years’ War,
    For not the mercy of God Almighty
    Could salve the sickness at their core.

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  30. Lucius: a great read. As some crazy dude once put it:

    History never ends and as human beings, we are bound to repeat our mistakes, over and over. Satan stands behind you in the shadow, always watching. But there is Truth that blazes our path through the darkness. Not losing sight of that light is our hope for making it through just far enough to let our sons and daughters, in turn, walk yet farther onward, straight and true.

    Ryu: hard to argue with what you are saying in a hot war scenario. Until then, I’m giving the individual White cops the benefit of the doubt.

    Twenty five years ago they massacred American civilians. A new L.E. generation has gotten the general diffusion of the red pill, plus they feel the worsening civic relations; they still go home to their civilian neighborhoods and shop at Walmart. The BLM killings and Darren Wilson are not lost on them. Obama probably stood down against the Bundys because he was advised of a likely mutiny.

    Good cops in Slovakia: they were sent to an anti-immigration protest. The green banners are of the nationalist Naše Slovensko party. The riot police removed their helmets and joined the demonstrators. Will American cops do the right thing?

  31. I don’t understand why the cop had to remove him in the first place. He says to the woman at the end “doing what you asked.” On what grounds is her request to remove the saluting man legitimate? Saluting man was not causing any disturbance, unlike black fingernail woman full of her smug righteous indignation. I hate her and by extension, her whole family and anyone else who doesn’t want her murdered.

  32. I was wondering that too. The policeman does not appear to be arresting the young man, more like he’s giving him an escort out or a lift home.

    “Reb” looked at his watch when the two cops approached him. He had a permit to stand there and the time was up? and the cunt pressed the cops on the fact that his permit time window was up?

    (PS: a wristwatch, that’s something else. Not a smartphone.)

    None of the harassers touched him or otherwise battered him (spitting, etc). I see no reason for their restraint, other than because they were informed that this would result in their arrest.

  33. Two items from Gab.ai.

    One: @Koanic is a master of the aphorism. From something he just posted:

    It is better to be poor and oppressed but white
    than rich and free but half-brown.

    That feeling you get when a profound but obvious-as-air truth hits you…

    Two: update on young Johnny Reb in the video. According to a poster on Gab, Pensacola Christian College had just expelled him.

    He was literally turning the other cheek.

    If true, the college ain’t Christian.

  34. Two: update on young Johnny Reb in the video. According to a poster on Gab, Pensacola Christian College had just expelled him.

    That young man has a great face.


    It calls to mind the epic movie Gladiator. That scene where Maximus calls for his sword and his black comrade in arms throws it to him on his horse and in perfect rotation.

    That sort of shit really happens in combat. Or it did, in the old days.

    There was a hero in the Icelandic Sagas his name was Gunnar and he would catch a spear and throw it back and kill his assailant. “And there has never been his like.”

    McCarthy also would write about the nature of hand to hand combat. There was a scene where a gunfight erupted in a bar in Mexico and the Partisans slew em all. The fight started because the bartender refused service of a drink to Black Jackson.

    Cormac describes how the Kid ended up back to back with his compadre and both of them at port arms. Presumably in their right hand were clubs or their “enormous bowie knives.”

  35. That book Blood Meridian is much on about the heuristic of what might be called the Game of Violence and how that is Life’s final fractal.

    Cormac writes many 100+ word sentences where he tries (and not always successfully, to my mind) to work out the metaphysics of his ideas there.

    But secondary to that philosophy, is the picture that he paints of the very real people who were there. I don’t know if the Kid is based in history — certainly the Judge is not — but James Joel Glanton was a real man.

    And more than that; have all those people disappeared?

    The answer to that is yes, they have (all disappeared). Except for those criminals in the cartels who run drugs, and their enforcers.

    Part of McCarthy’s brilliant summary of all that stuff, is in how he gets at its self-selected nature.

    SOMEONE has to be there. “The ultimate badass” is the phrase that is used in his other work, and that phrase seems a bit cliche now.

    People are no longer selected for their formidability.

    Back in those days, it was a different thing.

  36. I myself would not have been selected for as a great Plainsman. At the very least, one needed to have an “arm like the North wind.”

    I have tremendous respect for great athletes, but the fact is, that caste (those Whites) utterly failed in their leadership roles for the community. Moreso than the intellectuals maybe.

    That quoted phrase for being able to kill someone with a lance, is from the Souix Indians. That is what they would say about someone who could really throw hard.

    Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglala Sioux That book is memorable, and relevant to us for its portrayal of a heroic culture still intact, and which culture we have some connections to.

    The Souix Indians were some of the most formidable of all the Indians. Certainly they themselves thought so. And there is lore to that effect, elsewhere too, that they were the biggest and most powerful people.

    Those people are not hard to find, around here. And they are big. Plenty of those guys are bigger than niggers and about the size of the biggest German Nordics.

    Basically Monsters. The Chet character in Fargo who belt-whipped Buscemi’s naked ass, for example.

  37. The change in the weather is here. It is sad and puts things in perspective.

    The metaphor of the changing seasons is the best metaphor, such that they are not even metaphors. The nature of metaphor is that the best metaphors are not metaphors — they are the actual essence, beyond the things that they point to.

    That idea is not original. Tolkien for one wrote about it at length. He despised deliberate metaphor and insisted that his stories were true, and not in a literary sense but in every sense.

  38. Because most individuals won’t concede to the realization that their worst enemy is to be “thyself” then they will be unable to understand Christianity’s absolute prohibition against self-annihilation.

    “Turning the other cheek” should be properly understood as a vex against self-flagellation

  39. I would hope that this post has a point, beyond my own self-signalling or whatever-the-fuck.

    The point is that We in Our Thing, have to have goals and ideas that are appealing to people.

    It’s not “going to the stars”.

    Going to the stars is not going to work. It is the wrong approach. The only path to Wisdom is to work your garden. All the old Sages said as much and nothing more.

    There is nothing more to life than that. (Except combat — see above.)

    But the point being, that we have to have a vision that is in accord with our better natures, and is long-term.

    And without that, we don’t appeal to quality intelligent people, because they will ask what’s the point?

    And I will ask what’s the point?

    If the point is “going to the Stars” that is so gay that I can’t even.

    It’s just like, fuck off and grow up.

    Such a fantasy is not confined to adolescents, however. It infects many people — many such cases.

    And that is the reason why i always insist that our problem is fundamentally beyond Scale and one of Aesthetics.

    Our Aesthetics have to be centered on this our Earthly Paradise — which of course it is.

    “The Sensual World” as the great Yahoo PL Chatroom genius Sven would call it — this is it.

    If we can’t make it here, there is no point and no future, for anyone much less White children.

  40. — But the point being, that we have to have a vision that is in accord with our better natures, and is long-term.

    How ’bout how I put it here:


    And then it’s on to greatness: walk on Mars, cure paralysis, extend a hand of friendship to the Afrikaners, and once again become who we are.

    (Those Trump-victory posts were so euphoric… the victory was just the beginning, it’s not gonna happen without a fight, as it’s clear now.)

  41. The internet says that this kid was unrolled from school. Everything points towards a relief by spilling blood.

  42. Going to the stars is strangely the project that stubbornly buttresses all the other empty hype/reversed superlatives dimming our perception of this planet, here and now. I would think their findings could embolden daily, unmediated experience. Maybe inform on what consciousness is, or at least speculate. Nothing along these lines. Just more secluded techies exaggeratingly ‘getting after it.’

    Contemporary explorers should be studying Giardano Bruno. Hermann Keyserling. They transposed earthly facts into a legitimate magic. Still many angles to take here. Even Jung had the right attitude.

    Elk, Blood Meridian was admittedly very good. Hard to believe he also puts out completely trite stuff like Sunset Limited.

  43. That book Blood Meridian is much on about the heuristic of what might be called the Game of Violence and how that is Life’s final fractal.

    That book red pilled me to the depressing reality that in most cases might makes right. We have made our arguments, tried to be reasonable, but as evidenced by the mass deplatforming of our means of communication, the left does not want us to be heard. Our ideas are dangerous, a threat to the established order of things, otherwise they wouldn’t bother. While it is clear to me that we need secure our own platforms for communication, nothing will get accomplished as long as we are just quibbling away on the internet. The left WILL crush us like the annoying little gadflies we are simply because they have the power to do so. I take heart in the fact that dissident movements have succeeded in the past, but as I have learned from NRx, only when they have the support from those in power. Will Bannon’s alliance with the Mercer family be enough to counter the Soros machine, along with the leftist academia and media? Probably not. I think what we should be pushing for, as a small dissident movement, is to identify fault lines within the system, exploit them, exacerbate them, push things towards a breaking point. We can find small ways to resist that en masse add up can push this cold civil war into a hot one. What is at stake? Well if we do nothing they will continue to erase our history, drown us out demographically, and harvest us for tax dollars while spitting in our faces.

    “Suppose two men at cards with nothing to wager save their lives. Who has not heard such a tale? A turn of the card. The whole universe for such a player has labored clanking to this moment which will tell if he is to die at that man’s hand or that man at his. What more certain validation of a man’s worth could there be? This enhancement of the game to its ultimate state admits no argument concerning the notion of fate. The selection of one man over another is a preference absolute and irrevocable and it is a dull man indeed who could reckon so profound a decision without agency or significance either one. In such games as have for their stake the annihilation of the defeated the decisions are quite clear. This man holding this particular arrangement of cards in his hand is thereby removed from existence. This is the nature of war, whose stake is at once the game and the authority and the justification. Seen so, war is the truest form of divination. It is the testing of one’s will and the will of another within that larger will which because it binds them is therefore forced to select. War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god.”
    ― Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

  44. The reality is that the physical war is always preceded by the psychological war. And because the alt-rite concedes to the enemy’s mainframe…

    “We’re not racist white (s)upremacists!”

    The physical war will inevitably lead to utter destruction AS ALL SIDES are, ultimately, on the “side” and in the flow of a perpetuated self-annihilation.

  45. I just read Anonymous Conservative’s latest post. He writes about White leftism as the result an under-stressed amygdala, or what happens if you live easy.


    Accoring to the r/K selection theory, the leftist starts freaking out about little things and the more he gets his way, the bigger his next freak-out fix has to be. So now they freak out about Robert E Lee statues, tomorrow they will be freaking out over (fellow) White people still breathing.

    A push-back, along with hardship and genuine danger can bring them to sanity. I suppose South Africans, who don’t lack danger and hardship, are passive (as far as we see from over here) because they are tied down with a separate mindfuck — the “apartheid guilt” that they had internalized.

    The AltRight can help things go our way by dismantling our own “racism guilt” — not our own individually because we are free of that, but that of the partly-brainwashed fellow Whites.

    Memes, posts, conversations with a skilled approach are things that we can do. On the macro-level, there is hope that people’s belief in “racism” will go the way of Santa Claus.

    (Not literally belief in racism — racism is real, normal, natural, and good — rather, our task is to open peoples’ eyes to the fact that they are free to assert themselves against the competing interests of the illegitimate Other. A little belief in yourself, your own animal humanity. Rather than judging yourself as some body-less angel/devil in relation to soulless coloreds. Believe in your right to exist and to destroy anyone who will deny you your rightful destiny.)

  46. To P.A., whether you post it or not.

    RE. “(Not literally belief in racism — racism is real, normal, natural, and good — rather, our task is to open peoples’ eyes to the fact that they are free to assert themselves against the competing interests of the illegitimate Other. A little belief in yourself, your own animal humanity. Rather than judging yourself as some body-less angel/devil in relation to soulless coloreds. Believe in your right to exist and to destroy anyone who will deny you your rightful destiny.)”

    In our here and now, in which you can communicate intensely with those ‘others’ you are aesthetically alienated from yet maintain what you feel is a distasteful one-on-one contact, why can’t one respectfully indulge their right to be ‘racist’ as you define, yet maintain their humanity and theoretical as well as theological communion with those distasteful fellow-human beings by alloting that they are not soulless?

    Such a view is not morally vain or dishonest; rather, it’s mature and spiritually healthy, if you believe that humanitarian inconsistency can have deleterious effect upon those and in ways that were never intended.

    But left unacknowledged, the ‘soulless’-ness seems more a reaction based in inverse theoretical manipulation — an ‘anti-p.c. by any means necessary’ bit of lockstep. In such a case, one can then ask: just who’s controlling who?

    The seeming liberal sanctimony to acknowledge the souls of those that you are reflexively alienated to is not so much dogmatic as it is liberating.

  47. Not to butt in but nikcrit that to me comes off as the type of question that only ever gets asked of white people.

    Not that it’s wrong on its face, just want to point out that double standard. I’m sick of non-whites constantly whining about how they are misperceived by us. you go your way, I’ll go mine; if you want to live in a society that is rightly dominated by my people then stfu about your existential concerns. There’s always Zimbabwe you can go to without having that problem. Thx bye

  48. On “soulless colored” — poor reading comprehension is part of why you are permanently modded. Unless you believe that I consider Whites to be a “body-less angel/devil.”

    You see, MGE made a heavy point, which spurred me to pick up on his thoughts. Blacks’ feelings are not part of that discussion.

    — the type of question that only ever gets asked of white people

    They ask us because without us they regress to Africa. They used to show gratitude but now some of them deign lecture me on maturity and spiritual health.

  49. Rather than judging yourself as some body-less angel/devil in relation to soulless coloreds.

    Nik, PA is expressing there the delusional and fatuous mindspace of the liberal, with a typical (liberal) White savior complex.

    PA already made that point, and i am repeating it not to pile on, but to suggest that it is interesting that you missed it, because it is clear enough.

    Funnily, the White savior complex is one of the most basic forms of “DR3: Dems R the Real Racists!”

    In my opinion the White savior complex, and by extension DR3, does in fact have tremendous explanatory power.

  50. I am tired and should probably not post, but ZMan made an interesting observation in his podcast with Greg Johnson. He related the story of how a lefty journalist wanted to interview him, and he responded that she was welcome to read his blog but that he was not interested in being interviewed by her.

    (Because we have our own thing now.)

    And apparently she was taken aback by that.

    It is a good example of strong frame, but actually the using of those game concepts, is itself weak frame.

    Because true strong frame is not something that is maintained with effort; rather it has been built with life experience, and authority and personality and strength of character and all those things.

  51. Also from blood meridian:
    ” There is no government in Mexico. Hell, there’s no God in Mexico. Never will be. We are dealing with a people manifestly incapable of governing themselves. And do you know what happens with people who cannot govern themselves? That’s right. Others come in to govern for them.”

  52. The parallel with ZMan’s story, and our explaining things to Nikcrit, is obvious.

    Black people seem to define themselves against White people. At least those blacks who are in America and other White societies. Which is basically now the whole world, except isolated populations in what is left of the Bush and Jungle.

    ZMan calls that a negative identity.

  53. ^ no you have it exactly wrong. They are in general highly ethnocentric and have their own distinct identity that they protect fiercely and are very proud of, unlike whites who are not allowed this.

    Blacks consistently score very high on psych assessments of self esteem and narcissism. Higher than any race.

    On a related note, guess what the 2 greatest risk factors for suicide are in this country.

    1.) white
    2.) male

    Ask yourself if any black person or other race of people would give a the slightest shit about that grim stat. They frankly don’t and most many of them take a certain glee in it.

  54. I was going to zap Nikcrit’s comment-in-mod-cue (plus the edit) as I do with most of his comments. The ones that never saw the light of day included stupid rants about Trump, as well as gratuitous blackitty-black Youtube video links. I let that one through, despite it being presumptuous and based on false premises because… I thought, “fuck it, let’s see what others say about it.” I do click Approve on his few comments that are sensible.

    But I have no interest whatsoever in the so-called “black perspective” because the black perspective is clown-world retarded. The suicide-glee that MGE mentions is real. I have seen it in real life, consistently. We are dealing with a lesser race — lesser, because they are dependent on us to live at the level they do now — that not only fails to appreciate their place (forgivable: pride is a deadly sin we all succumb to), but also has enthusiastically embraced its role as a weaponized parasite.

  55. They ask us because without us they regress to Africa. They used to show gratitude but now some of them deign lecture me on maturity and spiritual health.

    When blacks in this country complain about muh white supremacy, they are really complaining about a system that feeds them, clothes them, educates them, gives them special preferences in school admissions and hiring, in general allows them to live outside their natural state which is a step below lord of the flies squalor.

    Because their history is brief given the fact that they were only recently introduced to readin n writin – and for their tendency towards narcissistic navel gazing – few of them consider the broader context in which they are situated in the history of a European dominated west… few seem to realize that for millenia Europeans slaughtered and enslaved each other, yet they seem to think we singled them out because of muh racism. Considered as an ethnic group, American blacks are the 18th wealthiest group of people in the world, much wealthier in fact than many whites in post soviet states

  56. “Blacks” can have a “strong” identity within the context of white (S)upremacy. In fact, it is exactly those “blacks” who have risen above “white (s)upremacy” who no longer possess a gripping “black” identity. So there is division, but not in regards to the existence of “white (s)upremacy.” And of course, where these “blacks” go radical is in their abhorrence for separation while slimultaneously fantasizing about the white (S)upremacist desiring to lord over their shit pit. This ethos, coupled by the refusal to see “white liberals” as distinct from the white (S)upremacist, is indicative of a “symbiotic regression” confined to the “black” self.

  57. Here’s a clip of what Detroit is like at night (watch to the end to catch the hilarious auto vs sheboon accident). If you took footage from Mogadishu or Kingston you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Yet, to be a GoodWhite, you are supposed to believe this sorry state of affairs is entirely due to muh racism and muh white supremacy, which we are extirpate from ourselves so these people can live just like us. Now, even 10 percenters like McWhorter don’t want us to discuss the IQ issue, because well, it’s mean to blacks. Which goes to show you, even Mcwhorter is unable to think in terms of what might be good for white people. Maybe it’s mean to us to lay the burden of 3rd world dysfunction at our feet. But that pretty much encapsulates African mindset from my vantage point, constant demands for resources and appeals to empathy, all without a shred of appreciation or empathy in return

  58. A couple follow up thoughts:

    1. Every liquor store you see in that video is owned by an Arab. Every. Single. One. Yet…. virtually no black people know that Arab Muslims ran the slave trade for centuries and were far more brutal than Europeans.

    2. The white guilt project will either continue in perpetuity (unlikely) or it will run up against hard limits of biology. As Camille paglia said, nature is a hard taskmaster. At some point whites will realize this is a problem that can’t be fixed no matter how much self flagellatinf they do or how much resources they pour into the dark continent. (Even Bill Gates is red pilling on that). Right now we are at a transition point where people are starting to wake up, and the establishment is afraid and thusly is desperately trying to paper over the awful truth.

    I think nikcrits theory is that mass communication will mediate this somehow. But I fail to see how it will mitigate the already the already set into motion demographics in place. THe population explosion in Africa is one thing, but then there’s the horribly skewed male to female sex ratio in China. AND what do you do with all those extra men? Only one place for them it’s the military.

  59. — At some point whites will realize this is a problem

    Sometimes I come across my ten-year-old comments at some ancient blog post. I sounded so… moderate then, is my reflection. Not because I was a liberal, but because the times were different, I was a decade younger, and I was trying to make sense of things in an honest way at that time.

    Twenty years from now, as Andrew Anglin wrote, he will be considered a softie moderate.

  60. 3. I should qualify my comments by recognizing that, yes, black americans are in fact to a degree hybridized genetically and culturally, and that one drop rule was the traditional delineator. What I don’t understand however, is why it is now blacks who seem to enforce this, not whites. After all, as compliant as whites are with made up gender pronouns, and their grotesque deference towards minorities, it would be no problem at all for blacks to demand to be identified as whites if they lobbied for that designation. But even the lightest skin, privileged octaroon will instead be totally offended to be called “white.” In fact such a person often would out of his or her way to prove their blackness, to a sometimes comical degree. Who is that rolling stone journalist who is always writing about race? Toure or something. His big existential crisis in life was apparently not being black enough and then he wrote some books about being blackity black. So clearly there is something deeply disingenuous about the hegemony of white privilege. It used to be that very light skinned blacks would try to “pass” as white. Now that dynamic goes the other way… so it is clear to me what holds the most social capital these days.

  61. ^ no you have it exactly wrong. They are in general highly ethnocentric and have their own distinct identity that they protect fiercely and are very proud of, unlike whites who are not allowed this.

    Blacks consistently score very high on psych assessments of self esteem and narcissism. Higher than any race.

    I tend to agree. Black Identity is not “negative” in that sense, and that Zman is mistaken in that.

    Their fixation on White people’s opinion of them, is less about their essential self-conception, and more about exploiting the circumstances wherein the more they complain the more free stuff they get.

    (Imagine that — we give them free stuff for complaining, and then they won’t shut up.

    / iow DR3)

  62. The greatest humanitarian disaster of the 20th century was Live Aid.

    Consider that statement, and that with all its categorical-ness, that it is true.

    What the fucking fuck.

    Remember back then we thought that it was such a good thing, and it turns out that it was the greatest mistake ever.

    If humans are not able to manage themselves on a Planet-wide scale, then there is no future for anyone.

    White Advocacy has to take this into account.

    It is hard to put into words this general theme, but what is happening is that INSTINCTIVELY, perceptive intuitive (generally White) people know that we are transitioning into the Anthropocene, and their response is not inspired or whatever.

    That is the call of the new religion, or whatever. There is no escape from it.

    I don’t mean to be all prophetic and shit.

    The old religions were for a different world.

    The whole “nothing new under the Sun” is so stupid and absurd. The whole world is mapped out and there is nowhere left to expand.

    There has to be a global order. The Chinese need to be humanized, and the Africans limited.

  63. White advocacy that is based on anything less than a humane global solution, is for children, and a non-starter.

    Anything less than a humane global approach, might as well be NAZI larping.

    The takeaway is that the “call” for this global transition (into the Anthropocene) is the High Ground, which high ground has somehow been occupied by Left. Greenpeace and the rest of it.

  64. Alt-writer’s simply do not possess enough of a command of the Logos to aggressively counter-persuade a dull “white” mass converted to a dominating perversion of Our Word.

    The model is Cain/Abel (can/able). The first worldly act of self-annihilation per fratricide. When a brother kills a brother, the former self-annihilates to a cosmically-precise decree. Christ’s crucifixion was another earth-shattering act of self-annihilation. A nation’s (f)athers killing their perfect son. Those {{{fathers}}} ARE STILL teetering on the brink of annihilation. Perpetuating self-annihilators since the day of their doomed act. WWII was also internecine. It was a racial/ethnic war of self-annihilation. In the Zeitgeist Narrative, American Germans were Abel and the European Germans were Cain.

    Keyword: Inversion.

    Yet now, in the modern world, (F)ather is “dead” and things have tilted decidingly Cain wherever zhe sports a diasporic whim. The sheer scope of “white” racial self-annihilation, under the ethos of Cain, must inspire alt-writers to be in the experience of Abel.

    Can versus able…

    Radical autonomy versus (P)erfection.

    The former is what one “can” do while the latter is what one is “able” to do.

    Our (G)od must be resurrected in the minds of the dulled “white” masses.

  65. ^^^ I agree that it sounds unrealistic and naive, to even pretend that humans can overcome their Earth-bound existence and live as High Elves for eternity, swimming around the waterfalls and playing their lutes, and mating just once in their lives for days on end and having eugenic children.

    But the alternative is Hell.

    In order for humans to get back to having enough space so that the various groups can live separately, the entire global infrastructure would have to be destroyed beyond recollection. And at this point, is that even possible?

  66. To summarize. The point of my comments is that White Advocacy that does take into account our Global Predicament is NAZI larping.

    And while NAZI larping may be (indeed is) preferable to our Global Predicament, it does not get us anywhere.

  67. Per Dr. Bruce Charlton, the industrial “revolution” ushered in an orders of magnitude increase in the potential for damnable souls (and mostly non-white). If one’s default assumption is that the modus operandi of the Western “elite” is demonically-inspired then one can easily foresee the collective guilt-by-association signifying a white race responsible for damning more souls than all others races. From the industrial “revolution to “open sourcing” virtual reality to gushing globalized homosexuality to provoking a sand-jigger to implode, high IQ “white” male’s resolute rejection of objective (S)upremacy has left a void so gaping that a general degeneracy is the unmistakable normal. Yet, to the other and to the other other, this general degeneracy is still “white (s)upremacy.

  68. This White War, as rife as it’s become with specious origin theories from numerous quarters (Ancient Greeks now being at bottom Anatollian, etc). It seems we’re in a deluge of malnourishing sobriety that relegates our world-hoorah to a dour matter of ‘scientifically’ rigorous breeding. It doesn’t at all elude Brave New World in Huxley’s endgame sense, but precurses and sketches it in no uncertain terms.

    Not taking the earth itself overly serious is one known secret in reigning over it/creating or raking in its treasures. It’s a key currently missing on the grand ring of White hegemony. It maintains the integrity of the ancient art which battle itself remains. This improbable play of land and water is actually being held hostage in lifeless code or enumeration at the expense of vigorous identity and insight.

  69. The failed Suprematism movement a century ago in the realm of the Russian avant-garde at least brought some very provoking intellectual alliances together in rallying around their brief Revolution. I see comparable potential currently in Whites of all stock bucking up and enhancing one another’s knowledge and experience of all strands on a scale never before seen. A massive, temporary reunion of the reawakened European mind yielding new goals, arts, and legends. We’ll see.

    PA, I don’t mean to over post. Lots of transit time lately.

  70. I still have no idea what “white Supremacy” is or why it is central to every one of his comments. But other than that, the comment above made sense to me.

  71. If alpha dogs were “faggots”
    And birds ate rotted maggots
    Would jew underhand
    “Radical autonomy”
    And convert to tranny-man?

    What’s “white (s)upremacy?”

    A desire to plaster nigger
    Wiff ill-frequencies!
    Freak squints, sees…
    Prancing slaves
    Employing a farewell freeze!
    A Dem tonic paralysis
    Cold as sneeze.
    Truly cucked says “please?”
    On zhe knees…
    A Miss “Master” grovels
    And a (C)apital pleads…
    Lower faced
    “Dr. Who”
    New jew bleeds.

    Be cause!”

    Anti-white (S)upremacy has real needs…

  72. The failure of white (S)upremacism is the failure of the INDIVIDUAL white male to actualize his God-ordained free will within the “blue-print” of racial incarnation.

    There is no COLLECTIVE white GUILT for the “crime” of “white (s)upremacy” that is not merely the “man, you fractured” narration of the MessMadia.

    There is NO white “men’s” movement. This is socialist heresy. The collective force of white (S)upremacy is truly the sum of its most faithful “parts.”

  73. I like the young man. It was awesome to see the ‘antifa’ feel completely powerless because he saluted a statue and carried a flag.

    The police officer was doing his job, which is commendable, seeing as how they’ve been ordered not to when it comes to leftist activity on several occasions. They must feel like they are in a pressure cooker right now.

    As for the strung-out, appearing to be on mood altering drugs, way past the wall, psychopathic provocateur…what can one say that she didn’t already?

  74. Thordaddy, one can simply learn from the collaborative stakes of a failed Revolution – “socialist,” anything – and build upon where they might of at some point had something.

    Hilton Kramer once suggested “the pressure of human experience should finally work to subvert the ethic of subversion and erase the ethic of Duchampian frivolousness.” Self-reliance, in other words.

    There’s no direct rigor of honesty in the general climate. Why not a White Rennaisance to bolster the options for self-determination a bit? Your apparent dichotomy of community vs market system seems spurious. The outlook of a Chinese hacker with a chip on his shoulder. Also, where is the thordaddy poetry anthology?

  75. American Studies homework this morning is to watch and report on Po-Dunk. Start with the Vox Day post on it. For you squares, this is the new Kid Rock song. It is taking over the airwaves.

    Kid Rock has a good chance to be president if he runs in 2024.

    Vox ends his post: “It’s not a bad song, either.”

    Sorry kids but actually as a song it’s pretty much on the level of mild American trash.

    As a video it conveys some feels though.

  76. EPG…

    It is the perpetuity of failed “revolutions” that “we” seek to transcend. The {{{enemy}}} wants “progression” and yet leaves “us” mired in the redundancy of The Vicious Cycle. The totalitarian taboo on any separation is demonology scared. And neither the “community” nor the “market” are apparently able to neutralize the mad mob’s war against the racially-incarnated (S)upremacist. Even the most cucked “Christians” of the day are bound to be “white (s)upremacists” tomorrow. There are no “safe spaces” where the affliction of “universal equality” goes viral.

    The struggle is singular.

    And sola fide validates the (t)ruth of the Modern pathology.

  77. I cannot help any single white male to actualize white (S)upremacy in himself. All I can do is set out to conceptualize white (S)upremacy in its absolute sense and let individual white boys realize the gift of their God-ordained free will.

    He who wills ALL right

    Is (P)erfect.

    A “model” in which one can emulate.

    To be (P)erfection is objective (S)upremacy.

    A white (S)upremacist is a white man who believes in objective (S)upremacy, i.e., (P)erfection.

    This ^^^ is the absolute conception of “white (s)upremacist.”

    And it’s taken me ten years to get even the “smartest” white males to assimilate this so very basic line of thought.

    Which leads one to another conclusion.

    High IQ “white” males DENY AND REJECT objective (S)upremacy and therefore have no conceptual capacity to eacape an existence of “radical autonomy.”

    Both the absurdity and direness of the above realization is then dutifully lost on those trapped in “radical autonomy.”

    Insert “vicious cycle.”

    “Charlottesville” only confirms everything I already knew about the anti-white (S)upremacist (Z)eitgeist.

    Its “head” is high IQ “white” male.

  78. If one is a (C)atholic and believes in the (t)ruth of modernism then one believes like a (P)rotestant.

  79. I appreciate the (p)eak (a)bsolutism in your (A)bstract ideal/s, thordaddy. Your direct exposition of concepts is very Deleuzian.

    It appears you’ve cleared up that whole tiresome matter of the revolutionary cycle!

  80. The alt-rite has ONLY WIDENED the “white (s)upremacist” tent WITHOUT realizing any actual white (S)upremacists.

    This ^^^ blatant absurdity is a collusion amongst the “intellectual” class of the left and fake “right.” With the mass of alt-writers authoring “useful idiots” into the narrative.

  81. EPG…

    I absolutely delight in the idea of being wholly ignorant to all those you write fondly of if only for the reason that there is clearly so much more to know.

    Remember, I came to white (S)upremacy from that place of self-annihilating “radical autonomy.” I apparently didn’t need “books” where blood, sweat and tears were the revelations.

  82. I still have no idea what you’re talking about, TD. Abstraction swimming in abstraction. Politically I’m identitarian, metaphysically I’m Christian. That’s all.

    Not looking for a guru. Don’t think anyone here is. I’m approving all of those comments out of indulgence.

  83. — American Studies homework this morning is to watch and report on Po-Dunk.

    I have a post about that video with an angle that isn’t a repetition of what Vox and the 375 comments there had already covered. Shooting for tomorrow morning.

    It was a partial eclipse here. Through the viewing glasses, the sun looked like a crescent moon. The sky and everything else was eerily dimmed.

  84. Thor – I didn’t start reading seriously until after college. I was heavily into athletics as you say you were if I recall correctly. Blood and sweat. I know what you’re getting at. I just have trouble grasping your ideas as you put them – frustrating because I know they’re very legitimate constructs. Hammering away a little every day on some fine print of your choice works wonders, particularly in the real world. Thanks all the same for the rough delineations of your concepts. Intriguing…

  85. A white (S)upremacist should aim to know what is true yesterday, what is true now and what is true tomorrow.

    This isn’t abstract.

    This is archetype elixing outside the pre-conceived potions.

  86. My comment above sounds harsher than necessary. I do like you TD. But if someone is meant to understand and speak by your wS creed, it is not me.

  87. The taboo on any separation violently enforced AMONGST the white race is the clearest and most acute evidence for the self-annihilating pathology of anti-white (S)upremacy.

    Where you come up short, PA, is in merely conceiving the above as just “anti-white.”

    The pathology IS NOT just “anti-white” because the dominate context is “internecine.”

    There is high IQ radical “white” autonomist and there is the white (S)upremacist. The former, abundant as perpetual self-annihilator, the latter, nearly extinct as ghostly global scapegoat.

    So “we” is dead.

  88. PA…

    You understand “white (s)upremacy” as whitey wanting to lord over the negro…

    Ergo, your understanding of “white (s)upremacy” is a nigger’s understanding.

    That’s harsh, but true, nonetheless.

    It is also evidence of egalitarian corruption.

    The bottom line assumption of a real white race-realist is the realness of racial separation (and even ethnic separation).

    And it is in this bottom line assumption in the distinctness of racial incarnation that “we” war over our multitudinous perceptions of (P)erfection.

    High IQ “white” male has taken “us” OUT IF THIS WAR!!!

    His disregard and denial of the reality of (P)erfection as “operative paradigm” is his slavish nod and bent knee at the alt-her of “universal equality.”

    I cannot explain this situation any more clearly.

    “Our” best and blighted DO NOT KNOW (P)erfection.

    {{{They}}} do not know what must proceed all sentient thought and action.

    In other words…

    Perfect thought comes before thought.

    And perfect action precedes action.

    To know thought and action and not know (P)erfection IS INSANITY.

    To know after is to know before… This is order.

  89. Inherent to the {{{enemy’s}}} concept of “white (s)upremacy” is racial integration and total inclusion i.e., “universal equality.”

    Hence, the violently enforced taboo on sustained separation.

    The hard reality is a white buffer zone “slowing” the rate of “black” self-annihilation.

    The “crime” of white (S)upremacy is not in a desire to lord over the nigger, but in desiring to separate from the “black” mass.

    A sustained white separation FORETELLS the accelerated self-annihilation of the African- American.

  90. “We” as sons of a nation either defend our (F)ather or are shamed and disgraced by Him. The Western pathology is nation shamed and disgraced by its (F)athers leading to the violent persecution of its (f)athers. “We” are beyond critical mass. The consortium of jew-nigger-migger-homodyke-sand jigger attacks white (S)upremacy at every endowment: ethnically, racially, economically, sexually and religiously. Each bringing some manner of “radical autonomy” to the fable in order to scandalize the white mass into verifiable uncertainty.

    A first solution is dissolution…
    Desolving the illusion
    Of happy cuck collusion
    Which memes
    Our devolving evolution
    Exhibit A
    High IQ “white” male
    Denying absolution…

  91. — High IQ “white” male has taken “us” OUT IF THIS WAR!!!

    I don’t know if/how I’ve taken anyone out of this war. We all do what we can.

    — His disregard and denial of the reality of (P)erfection as “operative paradigm” is his slavish nod and bent knee at the alt-her of “universal equality.”

    I don’t support or believe in universal equality.

    — I cannot explain this situation any more clearly.

    Like I said earlier, I like your contribution when you write about life in concrete terms. Occasionally, you’ll make an insightful observation on something more abstract and you express it in normal words, and that’s a good comment.

    I don’t like it when you expound on your “wS” philosophy because to me it’s at turns (a) nonsense that gums up a comment thread, or (b) convoluted verbiage that describes things we all already know, but we know it in normal English language.

    Today I’m lax with approving comments on “wS” but that’s just today.

  92. PA….

    “White supremacy” is literally on the blistered lips of every antifa scum, BLM thug, preening progressive, crusty fembot, demonic Democrat, cucked conservative and alt-riter in denial. The centrality of the meme in the psycho-political war could not be more self-evident.

    The one side accuses the other side of “white supremacy” while that latter side vehemently denies the charge which in turn serves as the false basis for an underlying disunity memerolled by a mutual anti-white (S)upremacy.

  93. “… It seems the writing is on the wall and whites will have to find that meaning elsewhere, in the future, and not in the lost cause of the south.”

    “Memory of lost causes, last stands, crushed uprisings is what keeps the fire alive. Serbs with the lost Battle of Kosovo, Texans with the stand at The Alamo for example.”

    In Irish literature and poetry every rebellion lost to the british was quite nearly romanticized with calls to avenge the defeat.

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