Nazi LARPers

I don’t have much to say on that subject beyond “don’t do that,” as well as highlighting the White lower class angle. A commenter writes at Vox Popoli:

I agree the Nazi brand sucks. But for many of these guys, LARPing as a Stormtrooper is the alternative to opioids and suicide.

Instead of spitting on them like the cucks and shitlibs, we should be trying to reach out and find CONSTRUCTIVE outlets for their anger. But since the Deep State has throttled legitimate electoral politics, expect it to get worse. Showing some empathy for the plight of some of these individuals costs us nothing and might flip a few to better behaviors. Calling them “Alt-Retards” isn’t helping. Neither is calling them “dead-end losers” — they already know this, it is the very heart of their despair.

Some Nazi LARPers are no doubt idiot Gammas and others are as described above, teens who are hardest-stomped by neoliberalism’s war on Whites.

We all feel that war, even as many have internalized its assaults as normal and can’t envision any other way to live. You can be over-fifty and upper-middle-class, but you still can’t entirely avoid the aesthetic bombardment of diversity. You might live in a super-Zip and socialize in out-of-sight places, but then you’re living in a bunker, albeit a pretty one.

White teens in majority-minority schools don’t get the comfort of a pretty bunker. You’ve seen a group of black high-schoolers hanging out, with that one White kid in their company deferentially affecting a submissive simian slouch.

His wealthier White peers play lacrosse, listen to good music, and have attractive girlfriends. But they still can’t go to a mall that looks like it’s in their own country. Point is, everybody feels the dispossession, but some get it harder than others.

I drove through a lower-middle-class area. A White teenage boy shuffled past me as I stood at a light. He looked about 14, lifeless eyes, lowered head under his grey hoodie. This land was your land, this land ain’t your land. His prospects for having a human-looking girlfriend are near-zero. He does not run around on artificial turf in expensive sports gear. His mom might be a fat, divorced mudshark. He does not see any constructive direction that his life can take.

Another comment at VP:

The bottom line is that even communists take care of their wounded. If the Alt-West can’t even do their most basic Christian duty of caring for the poor, the sick, the orphans, and the LOSERS, we’ll never win anything because when the cards are down I need the guy next to me to be willing to lay down his life for me.

There is use in shaming someone who takes a wrong turn, and certainly in shaming a political saboteur. Knowing when to slam down a liability who waves a Hakenkreuz at an AltRight rally vs. when to steer a youth who is amenable to guidance toward productive activism takes good judgment.

Similar environmental pressures can create different responses. Some find escapism in anachronistic iconography and others surrender to whiggerdom. This (in)famous scene in Gran Torino titillated racists but something sat ill with me. It’s where Clint Eastwood’s character chased off a group of blacks who were intimidating a whigger and his Hmong girlfriend. And I figured out what it was: filicide.

It would have been better if Eastwood had told the boy to also get into the truck. After they dropped the girl off at her house, he should have said: “Son, you’re gonna help me change the oil in my Torino.”


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  1. They have better options. Christian Crusaders or Pagan warriors. It is not as if they are lacking better options. They refuse to exercise them.

    The real problem is hope. They do not have any hope of improvement. This is their version of a glorious last stand. Trigger as many lefties as they can before they are destroyed.

    They do not see any way of turning this around. At some level, they have given up. Vox had conversations with them on Twitter and plenty of them are only here for the bantz and lulz of emotionally savaging liberals. They are not in it to win it.

    We, the middle and upper middle class, need to lead them. Offer them something better than just something to numb the pain.

    The Shadowed Knight

  2. Fillicide is particularly apt, as that whigger character in that flick is played by Eastwood’s real-life son!

    That movie was good at showing how White families were broken up and not loyal to one another. For instance the scene when Eastwood called his son’s family and wanted to tell them that he had cancer (or whatever) but they were too busy to give him the time of day. That was a sad scene and well done.

    And by contrast the family bonds of the counterpoint Hmong, mean everything to them (those people). The Hmong in that film were recruited from the Twin Cities btw, where they are even more abundant.

    On that theme and in the real world here in this town, the Hmong have maybe half or more the stands at the local farmers market, and those operations are for them a family affair.

    There was an article in the local shitrag, about how we established (White) citizens could do better in helping the Hmong to set up the farming operations in the outlying agricultural communities. And there were various government programs and funds available for them to “do the jobs we won’t do.”

  3. I’ll tell you this, PA. Vox will be shining the shoes of neonazis when it come to action.

    All of this nonsense we go through – blogging, marches, memes – is a preamble to the coming real fight. The only solution will be violence.

    Vox won’t be pulling triggers. Doesn’t have it. Too old and too Christian.

    Few groups are better at killing minos than nazis and neonazis. Just consider the National Socialist Underground, in Germany. They did it for 15 years, up until about 2012.

    There’s only one test for nationalism: the ability to eradicate minos. Everything else is bunk.

    [redacted. don’t post threats to other people here. — PA]

  4. Ryu, no one is going to be slobbering on your knob while you wave the swastika high. No buxom white women are going to be clinging to your feet while you pose heroically.

    You are not prepared for a fight, and the men that are, are not talking about it. This is not a game anymore. Someone died. That escalates things beyond memes and marching, and you lot are not even prepared for that.

    Killing ethnic is a sideshow. Look up Rourkes Drift. They are not the problem. Other whites are, and look how well Nazis fared when it came to fighting whites. That is what really matters, and when it comes to white on white violence, you are going to get annihilated when all the normies side against the OMFG LITERAL NAZIS!!!

    Drop Hitler. He was a loser in life; let him rest. Plenty of other options for you. Pick something.

    The Shadowed Knight

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  6. There’s no “movement” capable of realizing an existential love between white men short of their mutual yearning for objective (S)upremacy. Nazism is, materially-speaking, a white (S)upremacy heresy. So the reality is that “white” Nazis and neonazis are in rebellion against white (S)upremacy and are LOST because of it. And it is under the cover of “equality” that this salient fact is distorted and disappeared.

    Where lost white souls “see” their “intellectual superiors” denounce and deny “white supremacy,” such white souls STAY LOST. That some THEN choose Nazism does not [AT] ALL vindicate their “intellectual superiors.”

  7. To prevent working class whites from engaging in fruitless activism while LARPing as German stormtroopers, what we need to do is create an organization to train rudderless young men to be disciplined American Legionaries who go out and do productive work.

  8. I have a question for you, PA:

    If Vox Day goes to prison, will he still be too good for the Nazis then?

    You know, neonazi groups like the Aryan Brotherhood, the NAZI low riders, Peckerwoods, and so on. I want to know if he’d rather be on his own against the minos and guards, or if he’d get in the car.

    I bet…he’d salute the AB pretty darn fast. I’d bet Vox would love nazi-style activism then.

    It’s about survival. Not looking pretty. He’ll learn that as we progress to the final stage. The lower class, working white has a far better history than the intellectual class, and he likes the swastika.

  9. It is quite simple. Nazis are Fake-Right posuers. If you want to be part of the Alt-Right, you have to be politically right. That means no socialism and real nationalism, not a Pan-European empire. If you want to be part of the right, you cannot be a leftist.

    In other words,
    >Pick one

    But TSK, real National Socialism has never been tried before!

    The Shadowed Knight

  10. Can the Cleaned-Up Alt-Right still be nationalist, pro-White, strongly anti-immigration? Can it say the fourteen words? Will it defend public statues in the South? What will it actually do? Or is it more of a rugged individualism in front of the TV thing.

  11. October 2020. So what if HR is ready to fire me for laughing in the cafeteria and globohomo is having a mandatory weekend sleepover for my kids, so what that I’m not allowed public expression since Alt-Right are nazis — but we’re not! you know we’re not! — and no platformed … that Trump is still so funny and he’s been dissing foreigners and media for almost four years now. So many white pills. But I don’t like his tax proposals. Sad! Yeah, I was on the Trump train but now I consider myself more of the New Third Way. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s an internet thing, like Trump was, only more like a forum where we deliver sick burns to leftism. It’s anonymous of course, but we keep it clean. Anyway, those taxes. And Obamacare. I think I’ll vote Libertarian this time.

  12. –I haven’t immersed myself in actual videos of the event, just watched the Ramzpaul, Styxenhammer (my Alt-lib vice of the moment– he’d make a good gateway drug for TrumpDerangeables) and a couple of other reviews, but I’m assuming these people in full Nazi regalia probably were bussed in by the ADL.

    Vox, in all honesty, does seem a bit triggered by the AltReich at some level that seems a bit much to me. Yes, it’s frivolous to try and literally transpose a German Worker’s Movement into the United States (rights of Englishmen and all that) but just at a purely abstract level I find something odd about his jibs like calling the AltReichers “pro EU”. I assume he’s joking that Nazi European Empire=European Union, but c’mon! Humanly speaking, it’s only natural to be a bit fascinated by Hitler (a sort of Napoleon 2.0).

    I do wonder sometimes if it’s Vox’s red blood outing. Anyone with his command of military history has to understand that it is simply anti-intellectual to dismiss Hitler’s military skills or dismiss him as some 120 IQ buffoon.

    This is not to say anyone in America is well advised to go larping as a Nazi. Leave that to Chinese chicks (I caught a glance of that in some youtube video and it was very cute).

    Nonetheless, I think we should at least contemplate the reality that in order to save the West, someone somewhere is going to have to adopt SOME stances, and frankly SOME inspiring iconography, that is going to trigger classical liberals, to say nothing of Progs, as “Fascist”.

    I’m not at all sure there is anything coming out of Charlottesville that is a longterm defeat for the Alt-Right. If Vox, for starters, insists that Breivik helped further the electoral Right in Norway, it is not implausible that one panicked kid surrounded by antifas and slammed the gas can likewise command subversive public sympathy. Regardless, his actions don’t invalidate anyone else who was there– and a Great Again America HAS TO HAVE public monuments to the Confederate heroes!

  13. “Every woman loves a fascist.”

    Everyone loves the Imperial March in TESB. Derived from, of course, Wagner.

    That old cokehead East Euro Marxist, Slovaj Szlobo or whatever the hell his name is (I’m having a Steve Kadhalfee moment), whose a big fan of David Lynch’s “Dune” (or so he claims– who knows what he really thinks) argued that “we” (whoever that is) maybe should appropriate some iconography from Fascism (Muad’dib style, of course).

    Maybe the normies NEED a little “Nazism” thrown in their face, for dialectical purposes if nothing else. Maybe the revelation in time will be that (horror of horrors!) they’re not so scared of it.

    “They died on the shores of Normandy so that their grandchildren could be called ‘Nazis’ for believing in the exact same things they did when they gave their lives fighting Nazis.”

    This is a profound statement (I don’t remember who said it) and it makes a great epigram. It cuts, it penetrates. Yes, it would be almost impossible for most people today to dispense with cognitive dissonance around the issue of Nazism, but it is important to recall that dissonance is already there: that implacable sense of Nazi “cool” (“The Second Coming” refers to the Tiger tank as “sexy”), the barely-repressible acknowledgment of the satisfaction in Triumph of the Will’s sightlines. Hell, even as a boy I HATED American arms–it was plain they were boring junk compared to the supple lines of Axis war machines!

    I should apologize to PA: I’m not writing any of this with his OP in mind but rather to do justice to the painful ironies reflected in Ryu and Glengarry’s comments, which deserve better treatment from the Alt-Right at large than saccharine naysayings which sound suspiciously like cover for retreating to our B&N Classics “Federalist Papers” and trying to op-ed our way out of our existential crisis. That is insufficient, and unfair; even if, at the same time, I feel confident that Pres. Trump is basically on the right track and we are turning the social mood.


  14. I mean, technically we could save our civilization if everyone took to heart what Jefferson wrote in “Notes from Virginia”. But soon, they’ll be pulling down Jefferson’s statue too. Intellectually, it might be satisfying to turn some poor White yoof studying Mein Kampf on to Jefferson instead. But he might also answer in reply, weren’t we all once agreed that Jefferson was great– and look where we’ve got to?

    It’s a bit like my theory that, in a situation in which you have to pull a firearm out on a nog, it might be well advised to calmly address the black gentleman who is overstepping his legal boundaries as a nagger. Just so he gets the idea that, yes, this isn’t going to be one of those Bleeding Heart White Folk encounters he can shiznazz his way out of.

    But I may be LARPing myself on that one.

    In any event, what some of these comments are reminding me of is how desperately classical liberalism has failed us– and I need to get some sleep, I’m rambling.

    Gosh, the battleship Bismarck was a work of art. I could never cast a stone at anyone who got LARPy over THAT.

  15. LARPing just makes it too easy for Antifa et. al. to critique and condemn Alt Right.

    The kind of outreach you talk about, it can be done and should be done, but since it’s young white boys/men suffering, no one cares. Outreach to give hope, education, outlets for frustration…they all exist and are encouraged in schools and communities, but only for minorities. People figure that you’re White so you’re ok.

    It’s going to take bravery and commitment on the part of Whites to save our own. The resources of the entire country are arrayed against us. Nazi LARPers won’t serve this cause. It’s time to leave it behind for a simple reason: bad brand. It’s a bad brand! Cool clothes and the nationalist gist is great but the tactics are bad. And you have to remember the indoctrination that’s been done on most everyone in the past 50 years, how Nazi = evil. You won’t reclaim any sense of decency no matter how well you speak, no matter whom you convince. The brand is tainted. So change it, reshape it. Rebrand. It’s done all the time.

  16. PA, my bro and his family live in a UMC neighborhood near where we grew up. Home prices in the millions, a school district so big it needs four or five schools per division to serve the various grade levels. Two high schools now, also.

    It’s pretty white, but there’s a subsection of the district subsumed into the whole that is majority black/Hispanic. It used to be lots of Italian and Polish working class, but as they moved up and out, well…

    My (((SIL))) is always on the lookout for more diversity in her life. She was practically swooning when she found out the new family on her culdesac was Dot Indian. Said she was sad for a friend who’d moved to another affluent town because there was no diversity there. Only 1% black, 15% Dots, some asians, but mostly white (hallelujah I say!).

    There are some people, not Boomers either, who actively seek this out for their children. Diversity is our strength, you know. Makes white kids better to be reminded daily of their privilege and duty to help the downtrodden. F*cking mental illness, it is.

    I’m in a rural area, not yet overrun but it’s coming. Can’t go shopping without encountering minorities, if I choose the malls or local shops, or shitlib white women if I choose outdoor malls or upscale department stores. There’s a market not far from me called Rice’s, used to love shopping there. Hippy types and all but a great place to find those little perfect gifts or bulk food purchases, maybe a handmade dress for my girls. Not anymore. Africans and Asians all over, hawking cheap electronics and even cheaper knock off handbags and shoes.

    I feel like I can’t get decent products or people anywhere, but my (((SIL))) is happy, because diversity makes her and our world a better place. F*ck.

  17. I have no idea what anyone would do in prison but I understand the point of Ryu’s question: it’s about making the right alliances to survive. I’ll take it on faith that in prison, White gangs project force on behalf of their own.

    The same can’t be said about American Nazi larpers at rallies. They don’t protect anyone. They didn’t bust nignog skulls or make a pig roast. Nobody is afraid of them. They didn’t even square off with cops like Spencer and Pax did. If antifa and cops were afraid of Nazi-attired activists, then we’d be talking differently.

    The depressed young kid I described in the original post. I saw him as described. Every anecdote I post here is true. If he were your son or nephew, what would you tell him: join some guys on the internet whom everyone laughs at, or join the US Marine Corps, who at least kick ass from time to time? (The best answer is ‘neither’ but I made it binary to make a point.)

    — That means no socialism

    Interestingly, that is a less convincing of Vox’s arguments. I watched all of the recent Periscopes and they are very good. But… if identity > ideology, then whether or not something is socialist is of secondary importance, as long as it’s White. I’ll take East Berlin over Mogadishu any time.

    His most clarifying point is that Nazism was Teutonic supremacist imperialism. As such, (and this is my commentary to expand on that point) it destroyed whatever it touched. Hyper-organized perfectionistic people like Germans/Nordics are not good at running empires. They are also prone to runaway purity-spiralling, as we now see in Germany and Sweden.

    Back to Vox Day: what confirms that his counsel is to be trusted is his stance on Brevik. That’s the litmus test.

    — Not anymore. Africans and Asians all over

    We are living through a Biblical-scale plague. There is a way through to the other side. “Courage,” as Lucius put it, plus trust that there are those on our side who play to win the long game.

  18. The long game is one of cunning and strategy, but also of resources. It’s above my pay grade and intellect to engage in decades of chess. My immediate concerns are pedestrian and small: keep our girls off the pole and the coal, marry them well, have lots of grandkids, and support them all. Is that a trivial role? The frustration of meeting even such small goals drives me to dark thoughts.

    Personally I must step back from the big picture and just focus on the tasks of education and marriage and support. Women are encouraged to do more and go beyond the family concern, and this is why. Like Winifred Banks, we will easily abdicate our roles and abandon our children for the sake of a better world…when, all the time, better worlds are at our finger tips as we rock cradles, feed, and read to our precious littles. Distract women from their primary focus and hell is paid.

  19. “Rebrand.”

    The globe is a cesspool of branding. Discourse that supplants the ‘amused to death’ racket, rather than being milled from deliberately trying to entertain on their footing — will spring from more face to face contact with fellow AR.

    Retreating to Jefferson’s writings is something that seems unlikely for those already immersed in electronic post-apocalyptic diversions and other general mindlessness. Nonetheless the man’s autobiography is tough to track down in hard copy, but remains time well spent.

    Life should gravitate toward life. A real American fascism sounds appealing by virtue of a subtle outlandishness. We happen to share that trait w/ Mexico. America the eternal exile. The muses would chuckle, but ultimately stay on our (singularly brighter) side. Seek the Real in earnest, and it always finds you.

  20. — My immediate concerns are pedestrian and small: keep our girls off the pole and the coal, marry them well, have lots of grandkids, and support them all.

    If you aren’t familiar with my older posts, two cover that subject:

    “We would recognize each other”

    “How to help prevent mudsharking”

  21. PA, the Alt-Right is about identity. The Fake-Right wants all whites to be part of one massive European ethnostate. Spencer was criticizing Brexit for dividing whites, because he dreams of a Pan-European/North American/Australian empire. That is not identity, that is globalism; the tower of Babel with a “Whites Only” sign on the door.

    The Nazi cosplay is scaring people away from legitimate white nationalism. The Fake-Right is getting in the way. That makes them an obstacle as best, an enemy at worst. If they want to shoot themselves in the foot, fine. Let them have their fun. When they start shooting us in the feet…

    The Nazis are still welcome. The symbols of a defeated German socialist party are not. European history has plenty of victors that do not have the negative emotional baggage of Hitler’s failures. Romans. Vikings. Crusaders. Knights. If they want to wear a costume and be part of something bigger, pick a better option. If they just want to hurr durr trigger teh shitlibs, find someplace else to do it, and get the fuck out of our way.

    The Shadowed Knight

  22. I remember reading Spencer’s arguments months ago for amalgamating European nations into one white (lower case) mass. At the time I took that for harmless naivete but now it’s indicative to me of either ill will or foolishness. The third possibility, that Spencer is a visionary foreseeing modern-day Vandals and Ostrogoths melding into a new and more powerful identity, is non-zero in likelihood but given Spencer’s judgment in other matters, it is close to absolute zero.

  23. I remember reading Spencer’s arguments months ago for amalgamating European nations into one white (lower case) mass.

    That might be wise if that’s what it takes to re-conquer our nations and wash out the mud. But ultimately, what makes whites fascinating and important is the unbelievable — ahem — diversity among them. The American melting pot was always a bad idea. Far better had it stayed a British colony, with a healthy dose of Germanics and Nordics, and that’s it.

    For Europe, a pan-white revolutionary army is a fine idea, but only if after the hard work is done, everyone goes back to their respective nation states, and London doesn’t have a million Polish waiters anymore.

  24. I was rash with my comment on Spencer’s judgment above. More accurately would be to say that I’m agnostic on his misadventures. I admire the bravery it takes to do what he does, and it’s an open question if his high-exposure activities move things our way longer-term. Nothing ventured nothing gained, after all.

    But a white-mutt project is idiotic. It’s globalist, left wing, and would be an ultimate triumph of bureaucracy over humanity. It’s one thing to come together as a race of nations as Europeans did at Vienna in 1683, as long as we all go back home as real nations.

    Interesting, isn’t it, how the Americans who have the best attitude are ones with a real identity, primarily Southerners.

    Eastern Europeans in London should come home (but leave behind any mixlings they may have made — sorry England!) Many in fact do. I’ve seen statistics in Poland that point to people coming back after they’ve made some money. Many also work seasonally. I personally know people who had worked in England, Ireland, and Norway, who returned to Poland.

  25. But a white-mutt project is idiotic.

    Agree with that. I hadn’t read the Spencer, but if he’s actually advocating a massive mutt-fest, then that is indeed not only idiotic, but genocidal.

  26. –PA, OT but who the hell is this “ML” concern troll over at the chateau? I’m calling saruh on this one: endless fake-erudite evo psych tendentious arguments about Doomed White Genes, the most pathetic concern trolling (“I appreciate you guys hoping to pass your genes on but don’t look too good lolzolz”!), even the patented fake-affection (“love your blog PA!”). lozlozl

    I know you engaged it for a long time with serious arguments but that thing stinks like a mile long dog turd. I took the liberty of dropping a movie clip I think is manna from heaven for tagging you-know-(((who))) with.

  27. ML writes like the former “uh.” I like Carlos Danger’s short-dialectic approach to the calmer shills; why always ignore or attack/mock them. A calm reply reassures the audience that you aren’t lashing out at someone who you secretly believe is right. Greg E. is da man but his hearty, point-by-point inventives don’t work in that medium.

  28. Back on topic: no doubt this “Nazi” presence is astroturfed at some level. At the same time, I think there is some sort of finitude to the extent to which the descendants of the D-Day liberators will actually be willing to be killed for the sake of ‘not being a Nazi’. In the mid to long term, if the Left wants to turn everything to the right of Trotsky “fascist”, then what finally they will receive is undiluted FASCISM, with the works.

    To some extent I’m guilty here of trying to parse a segment of the Alt Right I simply don’t deal with: I haven’t read enough Spencer or Anglin etc. to fill out a 5th grade quiz on what they propose. It’s news to me, for instance, that Spencer proposes turning Europe into a borderless blob. But who the hell would take such a notion seriously anyway? Spencer doesn’t dictate terms to the Unz Review or The Orthosphere or Vox or CH or whoever, and since obviously it is WE who are the “Alt-Right”, I can’t get myself in a lather for whatever notions Spencer may or may not sponge off into the heads of whoever the anti-Antifa kids who show up to follow him are.

    My general impression, which may be belied by all this rambling, is that, in short, the Trumpenreich should get used to looking on at progs screaming bloody murder about “Nazis” and yawn. If they don’t want Nazis, then they should get used quickly to the tender mercies of Trump and immigration restrictionism and leaving national White monuments alone.

    The Left is not going to give us any choice between a) acquiesce in your cultural and genetic and spiritual death, and b) “You’re a Nazi”. So I’m inclining to think we might as well let “Nazis”, real or fake or imagined, swarm around like the ghost apocalypse in Ghostbusters. They want their terror to go away? Leave us in charge!

    That doesn’t mean we can’t explain away the “Nazis” on the street–“hey, they’re kids. They do silly things. We’re the adults, we’re in charge, you want a deal, talk to us.” All of which is true. But I advocate meeting the Left’s stricken outrage with contemptuous aloofness. “Me, what Nazis! lolzozlzol”

  29. No one I know on the left ever feels any need to justify the actions of or disavow their more dysfunctional members.

  30. Nazism is a concrete ideology and as “national socialism,” a direct threat to global communism. This will not and cannot change. The KKK is a concrete reality. “Its” very existence is testament to the truth of racial distinction and separation. This will not and cannot change as even the ghosts of the KKK inevitably haunt. “White (s)upremacy” is a concrete reality and undeniable proof of a desire for worldly mastery. This will not and cannot change because slaves crave masters.

    The {{{enemy’s}}} fear of Nazis, KKK and “white supremacy” WILL NOT AND CANNOT cease or subside.

    And all that is left in this INTERNECINE battle is denial of a path to (P)erfection.

    All that is Right is desre for objective (S)upremacy.

    Only in this mutual desire will a racial brotherhood take foot.

  31. Google and the ADL are literally “shutting it down the goyim know”

    I predicted this.

    Dailystormer and Red Ice is down, as are some others. PA you may be next.

    Things are heating up
    I wonder if the ADL will shut down pro-Zionist sites with as much zeal.

  32. –PA, you left a great zinger at “ML” whose wit completely went over my head the first time I scanned through, when you told him “It’s certainly not defeatism from your perspective. It’s impassioned yearning.”

    The second time around that line got a lol out of me.

    Our sweet Saruh, an Odinist now lolzolz!!

    I’m refreshing the Four Stages of Saruh for the Current Year. 1,2,3,4 . . . lolzolz

  33. “Inside Daisy Clover” is a VERY strange film, which I caught some weeks ago on TCM and have been thinking about ever since.

    I scored it as a bad film, but fascinatingly bad in that Alien 3 sort of way because it throbs with failed ambition even as it’s strangely hypnotic to watch.

    I was already bored with it yet stuck to it when it starts to lurch into this psychological Gothic territory, as in that scene where it eerily anticipates Mulholland Drive.

    But of course it’s “Liar Liar” suited to a tee for our hasbara friend(s), slaving away under their overseer’s whip hand, trotting out their repetitious nonsense till it drives even themselves crazy!

    “The chateau is a wacky world, how I love it!”

    –Of course I assume Christopher Plummer isn’t Jewish. But then, he’s good in the part, and it would violate the Constitution if a Jew portrayed a Wall Street tycoon or a Hollywood producer.

  34. — I should apologize to PA: I’m not writing any of this with his OP in mind

    I meant to reply to this earlier.

    Intelligent people can digress. That’s how we sometimes think things through on a given subject.

    The on-topic rule for a new post is necessary to keep things from running right off toward chatter for chatter’s sake, but that isn’t a problem anymore.

  35. Ah, Pres. Trump returns to form:

    “I think there is blame on both sides,” said Mr. Trump, referring to the white nationalist protesters holding a demonstration in the city and the counterprotesters facing off against them.

    “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent and nobody wants to say that but I’ll say it right now,” the president said.

    He added: “You had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit. They were very violent.”


    Explaining Tuesday why he waited to call out white nationalist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis by name, Mr. Trump said: “Before I make a statement, I need the facts.”

    On Saturday, Mr. Trump said: “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”

    Mr. Trump also was asked about the executives who had left White House advisory positions in the wake of his slow condemnation of white nationalists. He said: “Because they’re not taking their jobs seriously as it pertains to this country. … They’re leaving out of embarrassment because they’re making their products outside” of the country.

    Mr. Trump said some protesters Saturday weren’t white supremacists but people there to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee.

    “I’ve condemned neo-Nazis,” he said. “I’ve condemned many different groups. But not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch. Those people were there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue, Robert E. Lee.”

    He questioned whether attempts to remove statues of Confederate leaders like Lee could lead to calls to remove statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they were slave owners.

    Mr. Trump referred to the counterprotesters as the “alt-left,” a play on the term “alt-right” that is a catchall phrase for a nationalist movement wary of immigration and multiculturalism.

    “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt?” he said. “What about the fact that they came charging with their clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do.”

    OMG this is AWESOME! Pitch perfect remarks. And Trump is attacking the “Alt-Left”!!

  36. The behavior of Virginia State Police was literally criminal and documented on video as such, implicating the opposition party up to the governor and possibly beyond.

    Spencer, Pax, et al. may have handed The God Emperor the biggest hammer yet.

  37. Trump attacks the Alt-Left. The man has an effortless instinct. He is already a poet’s president, regardless of what happens here out.

    PA, I perhaps wasn’t entirely aware northerners were experiencing a relative identity crisis vis-a-vis L’america. The south of course deals with the mud complex too. I worked in Manhattan for quite a while, and noticed quite a range of white assemblage/interests at all ages. Thinking of buying property on the Maine coast.

    David Duke’s intentions are solid. My grandfather is acquainted with him fairly well. But I doubt he’ll ever appeal to the young. Trump is squarely in that territory, however. The kids are at the very least listening, north or south. God’s speed.

  38. Good old Trump. We’re lucky to have him. I’d like to get one of those autographed photos of me shaking his hand sometime. Ye DC dwellers, how does one go about getting that?

    Regarding Charlottesville, it seems in fact, and strangely enough, that some mainstream writers kept their heads straighter than the alt-right this time. Powerline, Ace of Spades and others were steady defenders and critics of the official media push while the comment sections in the ‘core’ seemed busy disavowing and infighting. Well done. Not their first rodeo.

  39. Which one of these is best?

    “I’m sorry, I couldn’t disavow what my dear friend Guraj Swastika-Wallah of Benares has made all his life for the pleasure and happiness of his customers and neighbours.”

    “I’ll never disavow [the swastika you bastards, because that means disavowing] mid-70s London punk rock.”

  40. Racism is evil — Donald Dump

    The implications of the above statement are simply too profound for most of the alt-trumped to recognize.

    It is a LITERAL GRANTING of the {{{enemy’s}}} gnostic frame.

    “Anti-racism must be good” being just the first and most obvious ominous implication.

  41. The globe is a cesspool of branding. Discourse that supplants the ‘amused to death’ racket, rather than being milled from deliberately trying to entertain on their footing — will spring from more face to face contact with fellow AR.

    Hmm. Good luck with that. After all, as Mr. Postman informed us decades ago, we’d soon enough eventually do it to “Ourselves.”

  42. “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt?” he said. “What about the fact that they came charging with their clubs in their hands, swinging clubs? Do they have any problem? I think they do.”

    Trump is a genius at reading the public mood. God bless him.

    I have to say that this Charlottesville thing has been a reality check, for everyone and for me personally.

    It has been so easy, these last few yeas online, to say this and that and whatever else. But then this comes around and now it’s serious.

    What can anyone say, that is Wise or Helpful?

    Referring back to my original comment on it, about how the effect of the event needs to be considered from two positions:

    1) AR Loyalists
    2) Other People

    is still a useful approach, but it turns out that the effects on those two groups AND PARTICULARLY THE FIRST, are still shaking out.

  43. OMG this is AWESOME! Pitch perfect remarks. And Trump is attacking the “Alt-Left”!!

    To sperg-criticize the President (which is to say that this comment can be disregarded) — it is ironic that Alt Left has a meaning within the general AR Sphere which is NOT congruent with Trump’s use of it. / fwiw

    To the AR, the Alt Left are the leftists who are of good faith and good will, but cling to some of their egalitarian ideals in spite of everything.

    Obviously Trump is is not referring to them!

  44. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t disavow what my dear friend Guraj Swastika-Wallah of Benares has made all his life for the pleasure and happiness of his customers and neighbours.”

    “I’ll never disavow [the swastika you bastards, because that means disavowing] mid-70s London punk rock.”

    They are both pretty good.

    The autistic response, is that the Swastika is a Sun symbol, and to disavow it is to disavow our very Being.

    I tend to agree with the Autistic response.

    There is something occult in how it keeps us in chains — fear of embracing our own Symbology.

    This argument has been gone over for ever. It is one of those arguments that is in fact a paradox, or perhaps better described as a catch-22.

  45. Racism is evil — Donald Dump

    The implications of the above statement are simply too profound for most of the alt-trumped to recognize.

    It is a LITERAL GRANTING of the {{{enemy’s}}} gnostic frame.

    “Anti-racism must be good” being just the first and most obvious ominous implication.

    We are in agreement on this, except that most of the fanatical younger crowd recognize it quite well.

  46. I am not advocating for an autistic approach to rallies — that Nazis ought to be front and center, or even allowed.

    What we need is an esoteric and exoteric structure. (Someone get on that.)

    There is something profound and ruinous, in accommodating the Normie frame, which frame is the FUCKING PROBLEM.

  47. I agree Trump has handled this difficult situation superbly. He is getting so much criticism for it, though.

  48. — No one I know on the left ever feels any need to justify the actions of or disavow their more dysfunctional members. (Lara)

    We shouldn’t disavow our own action heroes either. Our action hero is someone who attacks our enemy-target and does so at risk to himself. There is one key thing in which we (normal-appearing Right wingers) are NOT a mirror image of the normal-looking anti-Trump left wingers: a victory for our side will secure a future for all of our people. A victory for their side would have them be first to be executed, on account of their being insufficiently far to the Left.

    — PA you may be next. (MGE)

    I’d be flattered. I’ve built a decent volume of readership and attention from others at this point. The posts and comments are backed up.

    — David Duke’s intentions are solid. (Each Pond Gone)

    Duke strikes me as a live-by-the-alpha, die-by-the-alpha Alpha — taken down by his own ego. Trump is one of the few of that caliber who controls, rather then being controlled by, his ego. Duke’s gambling habits plus whatever got him sent to prison. Admittedly, this is only an impression. Am I reading him wrong?

    — I’d like to get one of those autographed photos of me shaking his hand sometime. Ye DC dwellers, how does one go about getting that? (Glengarry)

    Probably arrange a tour or the White House thru its web site, time it for when he’s there? There will be reelection rallies. Start volunteering now. It would be an honor to shake Trump’s hand. Second only to taking a bullet for him.

    — I have to say that this Charlottesville thing has been a reality check, for everyone and for me personally (Elk)

    Same here. Also a recognition of how wildly in flux things are. Yesterday AltRight blogs were going down, antifa losers pulled down a 100-year-old statue, and today it looks like the Left has smelled blood in the water… their own blood. Ups and downs, long game, faith and trust. Lead, follow, or (this is no trifle) get out of the way.

    — Racism is evil (Thordaddy, quoting DT)

    It’s good to think of the R-word as a falling stock because it is. Trump is not a philosopher but he is a political genius. He’s also a quick study, and maybe he heard of Spencer referring to his earlier words as “kumbayah nonsense” and recalibrated.

    — He is getting so much criticism for it, though. (Lara)

    The more they criticize him, the stronger Trump is, and he knows it. They rarely criticized Bob Dole. Bob Dole was a loser.

  49. I bet if you were near Trump, and gave a “signal”, he’d know you were alt right and give you an autograph. Something only the initiated knew.

    Maybe that pepe okay thing?

  50. Great hangout with millennial woes and greg johnson discussing Charlottesville.

    MW: “one guy, and suddenly and suddenly all nationalists are murderous violent maniacs. It couldn’t be any more different when there’s a black killer, or a muslim bomber, yet this one thing, and all the sudden all nationalism is demonized.”

    GJ: “Not all white nationalists, not all white people. we need to get that slogan out there. And we need to basically tell these shitlibs, look, you are the ones pushing diversity. And you are the ones telling us to grin and bear it when non-whites stab and rape and detonate. You tell us to grin and bear it, you tell us to get used to it, you tell us this is just some small bump on the road to utopia. Well, we’ve got some diversity here for you, and you either have to live with white violence, with right wing violence, for a long time, or you have to listen to reason and understand you are the cause of this situation, and we are the only ones who have a credible solution. Our goal is to create a society without racial or ethnic hatred and violence, and your goal is to create a society that exacerbates the conditions of hatred and violence and then LIES about that fact, and says it’s a good thing.”

  51. Ideological conflicts in the USG dominions usually calm down in summer and pick up after Labor Day. In some States, the College Football schedule trumps all but the Presidential elections and national disasters.

    However, both active sides of this one heavily draw from the college students, and neither cares terribly much for Sportsball, so the calendar says were going to see alot of fights in college towns going forward.

  52. PA, that seems like a nicely informed cursory reading on Duke (based on the handful of anecdotes I’ve gleaned). A gambler’s penchant definitely seems common in that proud stock who unhesitatingly take their philosophies public. Philosophy in general already serving as a sort of gambling fodder. Many close to me, including myself, take a certain pride in playing the horses when the occasion calls for it.

    Ulric, it’s amazing how some sportzball & Coors immediately stifles conversation in various avenues. I’ve learned to laugh at the spectacle, if one can still call it that. It makes coming across those few not under the curious spell even sweeter.

  53. Living, breathing National Socialists don’t even fly that banner anymore. If you want to be NS in the Kwa you either sign up with Heimbach or keep it to yourself. Nordic Resitance, Golden Dawn, and the much-missed National Action also chose new banners (and physical training) instead. Quite honestly, outside of prison, that symbol has been associated with weakness for decades.

  54. Apart from revealing the alt-left to the public, I think the message content of Charlottesville in summary was these two items:

    1. It was reported that they chanted “you will not replace us”. I think this has potential.

    2. For the SJWs, going to counter protest is no longer just a case of throwing piss bombs on people from safety, it also means you could actually get killed. It means your life is in danger. Might dissuade women.

  55. I’ll throw in a bonus point: The Charlottesville cops stood by the copkillers. That means they’re faggots.

    So next time, chant “BLM – copkillers, BLM – copkillers”. Let’s see if the fags in blue keep smirking and laughing.

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