Total Eclipse

Meme magic is real. The 1776 eclipse generously cradled the newborn United States.


The one in two weeks cuts her in half.

Exit wound at Fort Sumter. ec17

Open thread, metaphysical musing particularly welcome.


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  1. “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.” – Joel 2:31

    In Western Washington, the moon has been blood red for a week. Tonight ,August 7, it is full.
    “Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven.” Matthew 24:29.

    The Perseid meteor shower is underway, and will peak approximately August 9-12, i.e. “the stars shall fall from heaven.”

    This is fascinating: the August new moon (i.e. when “the moon shall not give her light”) is– wait for it– August 21.

  2. PA, how does that eclipse marker line up with the map you made awhile back?

    It seems to have some semblance of that Southern portion you made that was dubbed America, I believe.

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  4. Realgaryseven: interesting. To add, as someone mentioned and I just confirmed, there was a lunar eclipse (on the opposite side of the globe) when Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. And as Carlos Danger added about the coming solar eclipse: “Or restores that spirit. Maybe both. Prophecy does what it will.”

    Mendo, good question. No real correlation except maybe that it follows the Cuck Belt, which I so designated after the counties that voted for someone other than Trump in the GOP primaries. They were heavily so out west, as you see it on the map. Those cuck counties continued, as I recall, thinly from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic coast roughly along the latitude of the coming eclipse.

    I called an expanded version of the original 13 colonies “USA” because Trump’s popularity unified the eastern half of the US.

  5. As a matter of public health, we need a study on how Williams Syndrome contributed to the death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond in Minnesota. Someone call the CDC, pronto.

  6. Richard Spencer promotes the start of an Alt-Right attorney network in the United States and worldwide:

    “… lawyers who don’t necessarily need to agree with all of the tenets of the AltRight, but who are willing to stand up for us, and therefore willing to stand up for the First Amendment and the ideal of free speech.”

    He says “occupy public space” twice. I don’t know if he’s familiar with my blogging and commenting but good ideas have a way of spreading. I’ve never seen anyone use that expression (“public space”) until I started saying that here. Either way, an excellent proposal. Spencer provides a link on his YouTube site for lawyers who are interested.

  7. It happened to be full moon in Aquarius. Astrology can be good window dressing knowledge when conversing w/ spiritually oriented college aged girls. Astronomy et al being where the worthy insights occur. Dans Rudhyar: ‘Astrology of Personality’ is still good reading.

  8. It puts me in mind of that scene in the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ where the climate guy draws a line across the map of the US and says, given that the Ice Age is basically going to arrive in 24 hours (or 48 or whatever), it’s too late for the people north of this line to escape. They’ll have to find shelter and ride out the storm. Everyone south of this line should try to evacuate further south, to Mexico or further. Those people the federal government can help; that’s where all the federal government’s efforts should go towards.

    Playing out the simile: Everything north of the eclipse line is too pozzed to help. That includes Morder and NYC and New England and Chicago. The unpozzed up there are just going to have to ride it out. In terms of federal efforts, they (Trump) should focus and direct them south of that line –deportation sweeps, wall-building, devolution to state’s rights and county/local control over schools (subsidiarity), where they will have more chance of success. Or, more open and notorious nationalism south of the line, indirect efforts north of that line .

  9. WN does need lawyers.

    One can use the Murkan legal system against itself. We should be able to sue almost every corporation over affirmative action and the feminism rackets.

    Last “big name” lawyer we had was Edgar Steele, who was killed by the USG and the Bureau of Prisons.

  10. Do you know that if a man is too big or muscular in Sweden, the police will drag him in for questioning? He may be using roids.

    Seems like the low test of modern men is another jew racket.

    Shouldn’t be a shock white men don’t fight back. They are essentially the same as 80 yo men or teen girls, hormonally. Kind of like cutting the balls off a bull to get the herd.

  11. the death of Justine Ruszczyk Damond in Minnesota

    Speaking of which… where did THAT story go? After a flurry of media attention, it’s disappeared completely. What’s happening? Is the Skinny getting arrested? Not a word. It’s like a… total eclipse.

  12. We know the drill, Peterike. My partial comment on July 17, when Elk as I recall first forwarded the news of the shooting here (under the “Photos of Couples in Love” post), bold added now:

    Holy shit. Sounds like Lawrence Auster’s “sudden jihad syndrome.” As to the red pilling, let us know if you feel changes in the air over coming time. Worse incidents ended up forgotten right after they happened, going by mainstream media.

  13. Respectfully, PA, re “public space” it should be noted that:

    Kunstler has been complaining about it for a long time, and using that phrase.

    I would guess that he gets it from the literature of New Urbanism.

  14. The provenance of the concept of Public Space, is itself revealing.

    I am merely speculating that it comes from New Urbanism, and relating where I picked it up, but I suspect that that exposure to it, must be fairly typical.

    And what’s relevant about that provenance is that it is more or less Leftist in its associations.

    Why is that? That question is totally crucial to our whole thing.

    I can’t write about eloquently at the moment because distractions, but it is yet another example of how the Leftists got a hold of the default morality, on some very core issues.

    Public Space is about as core an issue as exists.

    Environmentalism is on a par with it, and parallel to it, in a fractal sense. (And by the way, that use of fractal is not just big-word fanciness. Public space is the perfect fractal of the our Environment, as our we ourselves.)

    But why and how is that that the default treatment of those CRUCIAL topics, got into the hands of the Left, as opposed to the Right?

  15. And it’s not just the specifics of how the Environmental Movement was original called Conservationism and was Right wing, and then things went down such as with Sierra Club, and over time it became Leftist.

    It is not the particulars. It’s the larger point about how the moral philosophy involved in those questions, became by default to be dominated by the Left.

  16. This was almost 20 years ago when I read New Urbanist literature. “A Pattern Language” was one of the memorable books. Can’t say I remember much detail about public space itself from my reading, no doubt it’s a central concept. Decades ago, it was an apolitical, at least overtly, response to suburbanization and the growing urban scale. The blind spot of New Urbanist writing, as I even saw it then, is that it attacked the effects rather than the causes — desegregation (and social mobility) caused urban flight. By the late 90s, I was saying that.

    Are suburbs Refugee Camps, as others and I now occasionally call them? They are both better and worse than that. Better, because a stable, smarter-designed suburb, once the trees mature a decade after development, can be an idyllic place. Yet, there is a feeling of impermanence to them, on down to the flimsy wood frame homes.

    And worse, because you have no control over who moves in. No need to belabor the evil of HUD here.

    I personally started thinking about the political dimension of public space during the Trayvon Martin saga. There was some idiotic argument I had gotten into with Obsidian on GLPiggy, in which I was stating that a man’s home does not begin and end at his front door — it extends down his street, and through the neighborhood. That was the first time I started saying “public space” using those words.

    On this blog, I gave it some more thought in this post:

    4. Defend Your Public Space.

    Public space, on the micro-scale: here is a tragic example of a man who wanted to assert his right to define his public space. Several years ago in Florida, a man was fueling his car at a gas station when a Black driver pulled up to do the same, but with loud rap thumping from his car. I’m inferring from the facts that were provided that the White driver asked the Black one to turn the noise off or down, which escalated into a confrontation that resulted in the White man shooting and killing the Black. Today, what is likely a good man is in prison because he refused to lower his head in face of savage displays.

    “Liberty” means to have an undisputed dominion over your public space, keeping it in your own image to reflect who you are. “Community” means sharing that space with like-minded people. When groups of people with conflicting aesthetics, existential goals, moral values, and temperaments share the same jurisdiction, one or more of the following scenarios is inevitable: (1) open conflict, (2) a demoralizing imposition of one group’s values on the other, or (3) a bilateral withdrawal from the public space, as shown by Robert Putnam’s study, which demonstrated that diversity erodes civic life.

    Public space, on the macro-scale: this is something I witnessed in the early 1980s upon arriving in the United States in time for my first Christmas here. Television news programs were reporting on the removal, under court orders, of Nativity scenes from the grounds of government buildings. Almost a teenager then, I felt uneasy about the developments. “How can a free, Western nation deny its people a public affirmation of their most joyous holiday?” I thought in slightly different words. “Didn’t we just escape a Communist country that did exactly this?”

    Separation of Church and State is just a code word for “this ain’t your country.”

  17. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

    That exact scenario played out the last time I was at the Beach. It was to a body all White, in these best last days of Summer, and then shows up a young couple of a White girl and a Somali.

    For the picture, she was no better than a six, but she did have some youth and a little something more than that. (ok, it was the see-through bikini)

    But the point being, just them being there, made it much less enjoyable for me personally. Sperg description to follow:

    Normally in that situation, a person looks around here and there and takes in the scene, and when things are well smiles and eye contact go together.

    But in that situation, you can’t smile at that guy, if there is eye contact, because it doesn’t feel right because it’s not right. So right there is a “micro retreat” so to speak.

  18. This is probably something I also said back on GLPiggy: the ownership public space requires homeowners’ freedom of vigilance. Local rules, local enforcement, in other words. No need for cops. Old White-ethnic neighborhoods in Boston are an example.

    This requires cohesion, and cohesion requires a degree of permanence. A sense of permanence is fostered by the rootedness of the people who live there, along with a sense of future (the young not itching to leave).

    Social mobility became an aspect of modernity, aside from active evils like desegregation and such. Recalling a late-90s conversation I had with some people, we were talking about how the old Italian neighborhoods in Boston are a shadow of their heyday selves. Someone made a good point: most young people didn’t want to grow up to just be a quaint Wop, they wanted a piece of the American Dream.

    No arguing with that. I will refrain from invoking a common and bitter cliche associated with the word “Dream” today.

  19. Hey Elk, question… I collected some of your pithier recent quotes and collected some apt images to go with them for the purpose of making several memes, crediting you – and posting them (7 or so) as its own post.

    You OK with that or will that put you on the spot?

  20. No commentary on White ethnic neighborhoods is is compete without what Michael E. Jones called “The Slaughter Of Cities” – the so called urban renewal campaigns in the 1950s aimed at breaking up conservative leaning Catholic voting blocks in urban areas. Bringing in blacks and building highways through neighborhoods.

  21. question

    I shouldn’t mind, unless it’s done in mockery, in which case i will be obliged to respond.

  22. James Damore, the guy who wrote the real-talk memo at Google,

    With a schnoz like that, he’s got to have character, eh?

    He looks like a shitlord to me. And smart. He looks smart. Not that that was in doubt, what with a PhD in Systems Biology at Harvard, but still, it’s a look.

  23. Some people on Facebook were upset about the military ban on transgendered people. I really wonder if these people even know any transgendered people. I don’t think I do.

  24. I know plenty of people who moved out of ethnic neighborhoods. They do sometimes speak nostalgically of them, but they also seem to enjoy their bigger house, yard and more privacy.

  25. McMansions can be very tempting. A lot of them do look very nice especially, as PA pointed out, when the trees mature.

  26. Elk: no mockery. I’ll take down anything you don’t like.

    This would be a nice Trumpian tweet back at Lena Dunham by American Airlines’ CEO:

    “Trying to get hard-working people at my airline fired. Ugly!”

    SJWs remind me of Republicans (Communists) in the Spanish Civil War as described by Hemingway in “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” There is a scene as I recall it in which leftists in a village drag a bunch of people from their homes and make each one walk a gauntlet in which he is beaten to death with poles. It was a case of pent-up hatred for various traditional authority figures (don’t recall the details) but I think they were ordinary “conservative” types of people.

    It was a scene that described what SJWs do when they have the power and competence to inflict violence. It was a murderous ecstasy, and I’ve thought about this before — your average soy-guzzling pajama boy pussy today would drag every ordinary person who had a Trump sign in his yard and butcher him if he could.

    We are lucky that in this Age of Discord, SJWs are physically weak and unarmed (and conservative men are not unarmed).

  27. As far as the eclipse goes, and the question of omens generally, I see an analogy with the Book of Revelation and the apocalyptic futurist interpretation thereof.

    In short, before I was a Christian, I used to find the stereotypical American-fundamentalist interpretation of Revelation to be absurd and unbelievable. (Nicolae Carpathia? One world government with the Battle of Armageddon occuring between NATO and Russia? Gimme a break.)

    I still don’t subscribe to that futurist view as being the most plausible interpretation of Revelation – but, I at least believe it could be possible, now that I believe in a cosmology that could ordain such a thing.

    In a similar way, I now believe that omens and portents could be *possible*, though I am still wary of seeing them in every shadow.

  28. “A Pattern Language,” etc:

    Admittedly I’m coming to this explicitly ‘open space’ realm via another route. The art world and is discontents. But I’m seeing where people like Frederick Law Olmsted are eligible for the conversation. Also Robert Smithson and even a Richard Serra. Land art as a strong pretext for reassuming the wheel in this sphere could turn out to be an ingenious tactic.

    “Nature is never finished.”
    –R. Smithson

  29. If the coming eclipse is in fact an omen, it might well be one that portends … darkness now and future clarity.

    Via Audacious Epigone:

    … an electoral map of the 2016 US election shows a Hillary Clinton landslide if you count solely Millennial voters.

    However — if limited to White high school students (male and female), Trump takes 43 states. Hillary takes UT and CA, five small states are split or “other.”

    Below is a map that shows the 2016 election if counting solely White male high school students… GenZyklon indeed, if you go with the adage that people move to the right as they age. Do you think such a generation will put up with “democracy” with a gibsmedat electorate that outnumbers them at the ballot box?

    As I’ve said a few times, Trump will only be President for a maximum of the next seven years. And no, we’re not going back to how it was before.

    The map:

  30. Ryu: Do you know that if a man is too big or muscular in Sweden, the police will drag him in for questioning? He may be using roids.

    Is that literally true? That steroids o over-the-counter bodybuilding supplements are by law prohibited in Sweden. Govt. control its population’s nutritional rates is a established indicator of totalitarian rule….

    I’ve never been to Sweden or any Scandinavian country for that matter. I’d like to go and observe; i have many swedish relatives in the st. paul area and I see certain things that I think are ethnically based—– it’s sort-of a cultural tolenance-turned-entropy (as you’d put it) that seems to have instilled itself after having received a certain intellectual deference by others for so long. That combined with preoccupation with aesthetic and other more elevated and less-practical concerns…

    do some of you European nationalists ever wonder if, say, Sicilians and certain southern europeans may be more culturally similar to westernized arabs in Northern africa than they are to fellow-white scandinavians? I’ve thought about this lately; i sometimes think that I sometimes receive this perceived scandinavian ‘deference’ in random encounters i have with NAMs and even certain whites of southern or southeastern-European ethne.

    I wonder if any of you have ever seen or explored the films of lukas moodyson, if that’s the correct spelling; he seems to tune into the curious sort-of cultural detachment and “intelletion first” element of swedish art, film, cuture and, eventually it seerms, reflexive cultural impulse amongs the populations. I recall reviewing this move of his, “Together,’ that ran on those themes.

    (please forgive the syntax glithes tonight; my ‘shift’ key is stuck).

  31. PA, the more important number to note is the support of young white women. In this election, single white women went for Clitler. If these numbers are accurate, and I assume that they are, then that means that single white women are going to go hard right real soon. When the women change, that means the shit is real close to going down. They are swept along with the social mood, and the cold winds of hate are starting to blow down from the mountains.

    Something else to infer from that is that if the girls are that far along, then the young men must be even farther. Women take the shape of their surroundings, and to go that strongly for Trump while surrounded by shitlib teachers and curricula means that their masculine counterparts are likely to be extremely committed to rightist ideas. A lot of protorightists entering our spheres of influence soon. We must be ready.

    The Shadowed Knight

  32. — Something else to infer from that is that if the girls are that far along, then the young men must be even farther. (The Shadowed Knight)

    You got it. White high schoolers of both sexes voting deliver 43 states to Trump, and solely White male high schoolers make it 45 states. Not a big separation. Women follow alpha men, however alpha is understood by them.

    — Is that literally true? (Nikcrit)

    Are you literally a nuisance? Ryu already posted a youtube link. If you don’t know, do your own legwork to find out. Don’t right-off call another commenter a liar.

  33. White high schoolers of both sexes voting deliver 43 states to Trump, and solely White male high schoolers make it 45 states.

    If only they could vote. (next thing you know, we’ll have to let em buy beer)

  34. Porter on the Damore Google situation:

    If perpetuating gender stereotypes is a firable offense, then anything is. Conservative decision makers could dismiss the liberal employees who hate them by the millions.

    * A democrat shows up for work every day at the same time? He’s perpetuating temporal stereotypes.

    * A black employee expresses approval for affirmative action? Perpetuating self-serving stereotypes.

    * A rainbow flag on a bumper sticker? That’s not who we are.

    This doesn’t have to be a one-sided conflict. And successful campaigns spend less time weeping over their enemy’s tactics than they do in countering them.

    This Google Damore thing. I like to think it’s a watershed type thing, but how many other events has that been said about?

    Anyways it is fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

    Damore has a very peculiar charisma. Is he jewish, or a a mixed jew White American? His iq is obviously at the very top level of measurable, at which point it becomes meaningless.

    His background in game theory might suggest that he knows a little more about the politics he is entering into, than his persona lets on. And also his filing of the complaint his California Labor Board thingy in advance, in order to set up his legal case.

    Whiskey the stupid tiring (but still legendary) troll suggested that he may have a commenting history somewhere in these parts. Is such a suggestion vanity on our part? probably.

  35. Anyone following Damore will have watched his interviews with Jordan Peterson and Stephan Molyneux.

    And noted that him interviewing with those two guys is revealing as hell. So he knows who are the gatekeepers to real talk.

    I thought both those interviews were less than great. Peterson did a good job of summarizing the memo, but still seemed not to let Damore say his own words.

    Re Molyneux’s interview, as an Unz commenter put it: Is he interviewing himself? (iow is he gay?)

    Which witty criticism can’t be improved upon. Hey Stephan? it’s not about you. Quit performing.

  36. Google and Youtube are Big Brother. Big Brother could not be more satisfied with his this latest incarnation.

    In the Peterson Damore interview, Big Brother has a literal voice, that comes through as (in perfect irony) complete with echo parentheses. Anyone having watched that video knows exactly what I am talking about: the off-camera third-party.

    Why the fuck was he in there, and as a google rep no less?

    But on the plus, he could not have done a better job of coming across as not as pretentious and not the type of cutting intelligence possessed by the real-talkers willing to show their face.

    So it was one for internet record book Hall of Fame: google has to be represented in this real talk expose, but comes across as smug and conceited and not very bright.

    Anyone not having seen that interview — there is a third party invited (for some bizarre reason) to participate off camera, as a google rep. Just bizarre.

  37. Hey Stephan? it’s not about you. Quit performing.

    Damore was super dry and spergy and Stephan is a trained actor. He had to spice up the interview with his commentary to keep it interesting.

  38. PS – that video you posted a few threads back (can’t find it now) in which Enoch smacks down that smug little bindi SJW is a great demonstration of maintaining frame. We have to start using SJW rhetoric and turning back around on them. I’ve been doing this more and more in real life and it’s very effective because they simply don’t know how to handle it. They’ve been sitting around in their safe space hug box for years and aren’t used to white men talking back to them. It’s incredible how people will respond positively to a zero fucks given self assured white man… at first they are intimidated but then they will respect you for not backing down, even if they won’t admit it openly.

  39. Speaking of the SJW bindi, I have to get this off my chest. Nothing, I mean nothing, pisses me off more than when some first generation bindi (or gook, spic or apefrican), jumps on the hate whitey, intersectional, cult marx social status gravy train. These people need to be confronted aggressively and put in their place. Here is someone who could literally be shitting in the streets, but instead, was generously invited to our country, and now insults the native population with accusations of “white privilege.” In what era or epoch was that type of behavior tolerated? The fact that we have become so thoroughly cucked to allow this insolence from people we have been so generous to, is a clear indication of how far to the left the pendulum has swung… The good news is that, as my boy Taylor points out, is the pendulum has exhausted it’s energy on the left and it’s due for a very big correction.

  40. I missed this somehow, but back in May University of South Florida awarded a posthumous honorary degree to St. Trayvon in …. get this … Aerounatical Science…. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Also this:

    A “Fat Studies” course is returning to Oregon State University

    The three-credit course, however, is not the only of its kind at OSU, with another class called “Women, Weight, and Body Image” similarly examining “weightism as a system of oppression that interacts with other systems of oppression” such as “sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, and ageism.”

  41. James Danmore has a Twitter account, @fired4truth

    He bears a resemblance to the Verve’s lead singer in Bittersweet Symphony, if you recall my lighthearted “Shitord’s Progress” post about that video.

  42. I listened to both speeches, Jared Taylor’s and John Derbyshire’s. Taylor makes a point about Visegrad nations’ refusal to take in refugees, which hits close to home for me in one way I’ll mention: earlier this summer, my wife and son rode a train alone across Poland. They had a safe, pleasant ride. No way would I have let them ride alone in a country like Germany or France today.

    Both speeches are very good. Derb is sharp and passionate in his speech. He looks like he had gotten into a scuffle with antifa outside, including a bruise on his forehead.

    He says in his derbesque way: “I apologize for my rather battered appearance, I had an unfortunate encounter with the local insect life.”

    Around 2001 or so when I started to read Derb’s NRO columns, I emailed him with some observation about Brigitte Bardot’s hate speech prosecution in France, and he emailed me back with a funny quip that saliently tied in (of all things) Henrik Ibsen to my observation.

    Derb’s columns were my first red pill reading — not in the sense that they converted me (I was never a liberal) — but in that I finally came across an intelligent and witty writer who had a handle on the unspeakable things that mainstream conservatism was papering over.

  43. I mean nothing, pisses me off more than when some first generation bindi (or gook, spic or apefrican), jumps on the hate whitey, intersectional, cult marx social status gravy train.

    A good response to bindi’s is: “So what did your country do when it got tired of the white people colonizing it? Oh yeah, killed a whole bunch of them and threw the rest out. Sounds like a plan.”

  44. WN is developing a problem. The “talk” and “propanda” units have advanced tremendously.

    But the “action” or “enforcement” division has stagnated.

    Maybe even moved backwards. WN does not win when everyone reads Roissy or goes red pill. Someone has to kick minos out, because they will not leave willingly. Having desires without the ability to take is useless.

    Being able to “confront minos aggressively and put them in their place” is a forgotten skill. And there will be no help at all from the cops and soldiers. It is the greatest challenge awaiting future WNs.

  45. Yo PA, would you mind visiting the scene where Seth Rich was shot for us sometime? We want a field report.

    I am surprised the police couldn’t solve that case, or at least work it more thoroughly. There are hospitals and schools nearby, which all have CCTV these days.

    There’s alot one can’t see on a digital map that one can see in real life. The address and all the specifics are on this pdf:
    Southwest corner of the intersection of Flagler and W St. NW, at 2134 Flagler Place, N.W

  46. “I am surprised the police couldn’t solve that case, or at least work it more thoroughly.”

    The dogs can’t sniff out the perp when the dogs are called off.

  47. It’s true, the police didn’t pursue the case with much zeal.

    But still, in the field, the suspect had to do some good work. He left a very clean scene. Even without the police running interference, he probably would have gotten away with it.

    There are few men in the USA like that now. A field report would help us understand him and to see what he saw.

  48. I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes. — “shitlord”

    Lol… No Ryu, the {{{brains}}} have not outpaced the (B)rawn.

    And certainly not amongst the white race.

    “Our” high IQ class is an “intelligence failure.”

    Idiocracy it is not.

    Rather, revenge of the (n)erds.

    Goolag Lives.

  49. We have the brains and the brawn, but no street level freedom yet. We have a leader at the top, Trump – but he’s consolidating his power for the long game.

    White America is near the end of her awakening phase and many are waiting. The question is, how soon and how direct. That’s my finger in the wind.

  50. Open thread, metaphysical musing particularly welcome.

    Metaphysics: philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being and that includes ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology

    Bonnie Tyler wore a pink leather and had feathered hair. In 1984 she sung the song of her life and with these words:

    Once upon a time I was falling in love
    but now I’m only falling apart
    there’s nothing i can do
    a total eclipse of the heart

    Once upon a time there was light in my life
    but now there’s only love in the dark
    nothing i can say
    a total eclipse of the heart

    The vocal track is famously throaty, almost on a level with Kim Carnes and her hit three years earlier. In this linked performance it is almost certainly lip synched however.

  51. This song Total Eclipse of the Heart has been in my head since reading the original post, but I thought it was done by Air Supply — but apparently not, or anyways at least their version is not coming up on youtube.

    Air Supply vocalist Jim Steinman was a legendary singer and a true tenor. His wiki lists the category Jewish American composers so he is jewish it would seem, and by his looks and name.

    But those songs from the early 80s are a trip. They are all so White (misc jewish composers aside) and heartfelt and without irony.

  52. … ontology, cosmology, and often epistemology

    Bonnie Tyler wore a pink leather and had feathered hair

    Best register shift ever!

    — But those songs from the early 80s are a trip … heartfelt and without irony.

    Puberty is a wildly sensitive time and a two-way street of projecting your own buzzing chaos onto cultural icons of the moment as well as receptivity to sounds and impressions that hit you at the right angle. The early 80s is when I was 12/13 and dived right into the pop music of the moment. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was one of those songs that hit that yearning note for me.

    Still remember that random moment in early 1983 of trying to fall asleep and looking at the little red light on my softly playing radio, and Bonnie Tyler’s song coming on.

    Others that had such an effect were Asia’s “Heat of the Moment”, as did the opening power chords to Mellenkamp’s “Jack and Diane.” Styx “Don’t Let It End.”

    Steinman wrote those famously potboiler lyrics, but they were good. I discovered Meatloaf at 20 and was hooked on his first “Bat Out of Hell” album.

  53. In my almost two years of blogging, this is the first, and probably the last, time that I’ve experienced the “writer’s jealousy.” That feeling of “this is so simple, so brilliant, so apt, so relevant, so at my fingertips — why the fuck didn’t I write that!?”

    Here it is:

    (I read nothing but bloggers who are better writers and wiser than I am, but other than the one-time instance above, I don’t feel jealousy, just respect and learning. Envy was never one of my 7 Deadly Sins.)

  54. PA, are you familiar with “Foreigners Around the World,” an article written by P.J. O’Rourke for The National Lampoon in the 1970s? It is one of the funniest things I have ever read. I still have a copy of the original issue in which it was published , which was given to me by an uncle of mine for my 16th birthday. Here’s a link to The Derb linking to a facsimile of it and discussing it:

  55. PS – I’m very interested in seeing what happens this weekend in Charlottesville. I’m not going to make any predictions. I’m just waiting to see how things play out.

  56. New Polski Nationalist Rap song. I like these guys. The backing beat is very similar to the one from “Triumph” by The Wu-Tang Clan. I don’t know if that is intentional or not.

  57. I once ranked the races in a binary fashion on the different combinations of Testosterone and IQ, with Whites (high on both) and SE Asians (low on both) at the two extremes.

    There is also a third axis, which I call Honor vs Perfidy (or “opportunism”, if perfidy is too subjective). An example of high perfidy would be subcontinental Indians according to this description in a comment at Deconstructing Leftism:

    I find Indians viscerally repulsive, worse than Jews. Not only were they conquered by the Brits, but their society was (temporarily) improved by it and they know it (which really enrages them). I saw some Indian talking to Hilligula Clinton and she repeatedly reassured him that outsourcing to India would continue, and he genuflected and simpered like a court Jew as she allayed his fears. Truly repulsive people. Look at Dinesh D’Souza for God’s sake.

  58. Here is a short clip from Charlottesville. It’s filmed and narrated by someone who is not a sympathizer of the AltRight. He eventually turns the camera on himself selfie-style. Judge the physiognomy for yourself.

    There is something very theatrical about anti-Trump, anti-White protesters that reaches for martyr-effect, but it’s done in a way that does not have the intended effect because it’s a transparently inauthentic pose. For example, that female SJW back in January whose eyes darted left and right to make sure people are looking at her, and then howled “Noooo!” as Trump was sworn in.

    These videos will probably be taken down, so watch it while it’s still up.

    One of our slogans, world-wide: “You will not replace us.”

    We own the moral high-ground, a key strategic objective in 4th Gen War. (Not in a cuckish “muh principles” way but as righteous conviction.)

  59. This video is filmed from our perspective. You can skip to 18:00 to see the “You will not replace us” chanting.

    A little bit later, an antifa accidentally gases himself off-camera — and a bit after that, the most hilarious thing happens: antifas are jeered as illiterates for unknowingly holding a sign upside down.

    I think that’s Richard Spencer making a short speech at the foot of the statue near the end of the video.

  60. Why does ranking the races matter to you PA?

    Would you still be a WN if white came in dead last, if everyone voted that way?

    Who gives a rip about the opinion of a normie? Or even a WN?

    Opinions don’t matter. Only power does. With enough power, you can change a person’s opinion, by force. You can get liberals to pay taxes to fund their own demise.

  61. It’s hard to stay current on all that is going on.

    A couple quick thoughts.

    First. To the Boots on the Ground in Charlottesville: Thank You.

    Second. It looks that we have an un-official uniform. So if you see somebody on the street in khakis and a white collar and short hair, walking a dog in the suburbs, it is either me or some other ally.

    (Maybe that uniform will be revised. Something to consider for later.)

    Third. What is accomplished with Charlottesville and the declared State of Emergency, is forcing the issue.

    And (as we know) the issue is the Fourteen Words.

    And I think the Fourteen Words, has to break into the mainstream like now, and let’s make that happen. How about simply for signage, the numeral 14?

    If everyone has a poster saying 14, it can’t be ignored. And that is a message that anyone disagreeing with, is showing his or her true colors as being anti-white.

    Fourth. These events are being evaluated in terms of Fourth Generation Warfare. So what do they mean in those terms?

    The two questions that immediately come up, are
    1) How is the Joe Normal Public’s impression, now; better worse or what?
    2) How are your feelings regarding what’s going on?

  62. In any case, it looks to be the template for the now live action Civil War.

    Anytime organized White Advocates demonstrate, there will be counter-demonstrations and it is only going to get hotter.

    Trump may have some influence on how the local authorities handle things.

  63. The Establishment would rather eat ass than see us regularly making these live action Street Demonstrations.

    They can only hide the 14 Words for so long.

    I think that they are the quickest most effective argument, for these our times.

  64. The lesson learned, is that the only way the situation is de-escalated, is if we back off and shut up and die. How likely is that?

    Our Freedom of Assembly will not be denied.

    The cops, the police, they are despicable, of course. They can still redeem themselves, at any moment they have that option. I can’t believe that many of them are not good old boys. I can’t believe that they are all converged communist pieces of shit.

  65. This can’t be real, that the Virginia police crashed their helicopter, the very one that was harassing the demonstration. (it is real)

    And Trump says to them: “condolences […] You’re all among the best this nation produces.”

    So Virginia police are NOT good old boys, after all. Hahahaha. Cosmic Justice is at times not slow and fine, but quick.

  66. Two confirmed fatalities, in that self-imposed helicopter ride.


    This is a shit boomer post now, so ignore or whatever and have a good cry later.

    But on the meta, the whole event is “frustrating” because I want someone to tell me what happened, and to make a nice professional grade video about it.

    Having to read the comments at TDS for the most down-to-Earth take on things.

  67. — The lesson learned, is that the only way the situation is de-escalated, is if we back off and shut up and die. How likely is that?

    The substance of the matter. Well said.

  68. Elk, I just imagined about ten different designs that could be used on tee shirts, bumper stickers, patches, posters, signs. Thanks for the inspo I’ll get on it.

    Clean, simple, appealing to youth but not so pop-cult it makes older people look silly for wearing it. Subtle. I don’t do computer graphics so it’s to the drawing board, literally.

  69. I can’t believe the police are all commies either but they have their handlers and a job to do, and some are even family men who just want to put in their time and go home for a beer and a catch with the kids. They’ll be the ones to suffer most, psychologically and physically, I imagine.

  70. It is the Metaphysics of (P)erfection versus the “metaphysics” of “virtual reality.”

    So this metaphysical war is INTERNECINE…

    The Jews as Jews are like fuel on this fratricidal fire.

    With the niggers, miggers and sand jiggers as visible accelerants dutifully cloaked by the coloring of (L)aw.

    With the masses, including this crew, SERVING TO SOME DEGREE or another as “open source” input towards a “virtual reality” output, the question of our every thought-action becomes paramount. In other words, where the white man’s mind is not on objective (S)upremacy, “it” is being hacked for the purpose of “virtual reality.”

  71. — The lesson learned, is that the only way the situation is de-escalated, is if we back off and shut up and die. How likely is that?

    No one wants us to literally die off. No, we are way too valuable for that. They just want us gelded and harvested for tax dollars.

  72. Pleasureman and the MPC Brigade, are negative on Charlotsville. Here is Pleasureman’s screed:

    Quad’s list of dos and don’ts is pointless. THESE ARE f**kING RETARDS. This march had an asinine mission (to protect a monument in someone else’s city by invading with fat malcontents in polo shirts) and could only have attracted the most useless, degenerate portions of the fringe right.

    KNOWING that the media would be against you, KNOWING that the city was unhappy with your presence, KNOWING your rank and file are stupid pigs, and KNOWING that your “leaders” can’t organize anything more complicated than trolling Shia Laboeuf…YOU WENT AND DID IT ANYWAY. Abject retards.

    “We can’t control everyone who decides to show up”–no s**t, and not helping matters is that notable figures in charge have drug/drinking problems, are vain gloryhounds, and were more interested in possible side vagina they could get than in disciplining anyone on their side (probably a hopeless task anyway). All of which is an excellent reason NOT TO DO THIS s**t. You suck at it, and it’s very obvious you’re not going to get better.

    Fools yesterday were trying to downplay this–“oh it’ll blow over”–which perfectly encapsulates the “What, me worry?” imbecility that pervades the right. Never do homework and hope for the best. Just figure it will all work out. “We shifted the Overton window!” gurgles some midwit Internet addict. Yes, you did–the wrong way, retard!

    You helped antifa recover from humiliating defeats earlier in the year. You handed the media negative PR on the entire right on a silver platter. You derailed a fantastic opportunity to go after Google et al over illegal hiring practices and brazenly anti-conservative policies.



    This evaluation does not factor in how the Rally effects [no sic] the Dissident Right itself.

    If the Dissident Right is energized, then that in itself is a factor — THE factor.

    Pleasureman’s screed is capitulating into the normies’ framework of defeat.

    Who gives a shit what the Normies hear from the television.

    They are increasingly relevant.

    What matters more, by an order of magnitude and then times ten, is the effect of the Rally on the Dissident Right itself.

    The Dissident Right is declaring it a success. Is their declaration of it as such, sincere, or is doing so a weak effort to to save face?

    The question of whether the Rally was a success, or not — comes down to that.

    It is that simple.

    Evaluating the Rally solely by the Normie reaction is weak boomer-ass conserva-sauce and worse, one-dimensional.

    Someone needs to brush up on his dialectics. Hahahaha

  73. The quoted portion of the screed reads like vitriol for vitriol’s sake. The nighttime torch march was a success beyond expectations.

  74. The reality is that NONE OF THE TOP alt-writers make distinction between the enemies’ relativist concept of “white (s)upremacy” and the ACTUAL absolute concept of white (S)upremacy. So the “movement” predicated on the idea of changing the frame is, at the end of the day, running cover for the status quo. The FRAME has not changed in the everyday alt-riter’s mind. He still thinks like a radical liberal and will dutifully denounce “white (s)upremacy” in service of the enemies’ projected desire.

    [Thordaddy, nobody ran away from affirming White supremacy, however you want to capitalize it, because nobody talks about it in the religious sense you do. People were chanting “You will not replace us.” They were not bringing up your favorite esoteric metaphysical subject. I only approved this comment, the other one was tiresome repetition. — PA]

  75. The success of the Rally is strictly the extent to which it encourages Whites to get together in real life and represent themselves and their own interests.

    If it discourages them from doing so, then it fails.

    If it encourages Whites getting together in real life and representing, then it succeeds.

    In my humble estimation, it seems to have been a modest success.

    The details beyond that heuristic, are irrelevant.

  76. The criticism of the Alt Right by the MPC Brigade, is that it (the AR) is infected with self-defeating patterns of behavior particularly within its leaders and especially Spencer and David Duke.

    There is some valid criticism to be made: fringe politics and all that.

    But on the other hand, MPC is showing its age. Truly the kids are the future, and they don’t give a shit about the holocaust.

  77. “The details beyond that heuristic, are irrelevant.”

    As a concept, “heuristics” in systems theory and computer programming is used to indicate the determining principle along which everything else flows, and by which the system runs and organizes (itself).

    In any case, that is the sense in which it is meant in my statement above.

    The heuristic of White Advocacy needs to be — and by default is — Winning, or being effective, or moving towards winning and being effective.

  78. Somebody somewhere wrote that “You will not replace us” is the “We shall overcome” of our civil rights movement.

    Rhetoric-wise, that’s strong. The black movement in the 1960s was in theory about equal privileges of citizenship, in practice about looting the fruit of Whites’ labor.

    Our present cause is about survival and freedom. Count me with those who see the Charlottesville rally as effective by the metric of (1) awakening others to the AltRight’s cause, (2) representing us as a grassroots movement to take seriously.

    You remember my Three Types of Protest.

    Charlottesville was a Type 3 protest, the most serious kind there is.

  79. As a self-taught bs-er I have been known to use big words in error.

    For instance “extended phenotype”.

    I was using it to refer to White-genotype enablers of the jew, and that was its usage at Majority Rights back whenever; but the more correct sense from the science books, is the culture that a genotype creates around itself to live in and thrive.

  80. Pleasureman is right. This situation in Charlotteville is an embarassment to the right, especially after the man drove the car through the crowd. That is indefensible. If a liberal town wants to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee, who really cares. This whole thing makes the right look like losers.

  81. Scrappy is good, but the fact that this girl was killed makes it a failure. I like that we are starting to fight back, but we need to be smart about it. The statue could be moved to a town more deserving of it anyway.
    I really don’t understand what this man in the car was thinking.

  82. Very little is known about the driver. He may have panicked, as blacks and antifa closed in on his car. Reginald Denny let rioters pull him from his truck. I’ll reserve judgment in this instance until more is known.

  83. I agree the march with torches sent a powerful message. Things seem to devolve the next day. The right needs to police its own.

  84. This situation in Charlotteville is an embarassment to the right, especially after the man drove the car through the crowd.

    What if that was a false flag?

    Evidence of such is up on /pol/, for what it’s worth.

    In my opinion, the pictured suspect unlikely would or could have done that driving.

    But the actual question aside; consider it as a hypothetical.

    Say it WAS a false flag and it was done in order to make the Dissident Right out to be violent and in need of suppression. How does that change our evaluation of it?

  85. The girl who was killed is from Charlottesville. She is white.

    She is childless and she was marching with Antifa. Her social media is a montage of thoughtlessness and predictability.

    She was White?

    She had no kids, and she was acting against White people representing themselves.

    So perhaps it looks bad to Normies, but she made her choices.

    I don’t wish anyone getting run down by a car, but oh well.

  86. Driving is a particular talent. A good driver can feel the road through his tires in the same way a handy guy feels the wood in his hand through the set and the hammer both.

    But driving with intent to kill is another thing. I think the pictured guy what’s-his-name, WOULD have been capable of that, actually. But the fast track reverse and shit is pretty practiced and confident.

    Then again he might have been a practiced and confident driver. This guy might have had some talent.

  87. His head is a bit macrocephalous but it’s a symmetrical face and stylish get-up and pose.

    His mom was likely jewish with the name of Bloom. But not just based on that name but on their looks too.

    The idea of him being jewish and but still drawn into the AR subculture is not at all far-fetched.

    All that said. To me, that just makes him a better patsy, and I am leaning toward false flag.

    There is a picture floating around, that is APPARENTLY of the REAL DRIVER and in action; and it’s not Sam Hyde. It IS some special ops guy from Ohio who looks like a practiced killer out of a Jason Bourne movie.

  88. Hmmm. A deliberate police stand down. Followed by a car attack which just happens to be the mode of choice of Mooselim terrorists lately. Pretty convenient all this.

    Maybe it was all just going too well for the Right, and somebody wanted a sudden narrative changer.

  89. White people are doers and protesting isn’t doing much of anything. Like I already said, I think this group should have offered to take the statue off the town’s hands. If the statue is so meaningful to them, then it should be somewhere it is appreciated. Most southerners are proud of producing a man like Robert E. Lee.
    It does look like the driver of the car had some reason to fear for his safety. Even so, I don’t understand why did he drove his car through enemy territory to begin with. He should have stayed with his group. It shows how one bad decision can really screw up your life.
    I saw a brief interview with the driver’s mother. She was smiling and talking as if she doesn’t quite grasp how much trouble her son is in.

  90. This post is from that same MPC thread.

    It expresses a similar idea but with more words.

    Let me make this clear. If you took anything away from the last 2 years other than the ‘alt-right’ is a highly effective guerilla operation, you’re deluding yourself or not paying attention. Adopting the protest practices of the 60’s leftists shows a severe lack of understanding of both the shitlibs of the 60’s and the current political landscape. Adolf Skywalker and his followers were too busy tossing their own salad over Trump’s election to draw these conclusions, so I will do it for them. ‘Alt-right’ ideology, esepcially the strain that permeates the TRS crowd is a non-starter in any realistic timelime. Even the MPC variant has hills to climb in the current atmosphere, which I’m happy to say most of us recognize. Like it or not, Trumpism is the leading edge of the Overton window right now, and the cutting edge of that is Stephen Miller s**tting on jewish poems. Ethnostates aren’t going to be on the radar of the Boomer Grandma’s Facebook poasting career, but merit-based immigration will be. What the ‘alt-right’ needs to recognize is that their greatest contribution to the effort right now is running cover for the reformed basic-bitch conservative. The memes, the trolling, the shitpoasting, has put the shitlibs off-base. Getting the anointed s**tlib cunt-savior to denounce cartoon frogs in the middle of a heated election campaign may have won the race for Trump. Normal people heard that speech and said “What the f**k?”. Normal people will ask why some Twitter accounts are bracketed by a trio of parentheses. Normal people will begin to notice that those same accounts seem to always be calling for their displacement. Normal people are ultimately on-board with us, but lack the capacity to articulate their own position. The NEETs and Internet NAZI autists needs to recognize their role in all of this. Pushing media kikes to slip the mask is a win. Offering up media kikes fodder for their narratives is bad. Rallying in public is akin to lining up against the British army in the 18th century. You’re using tactics that have already been perfected by the other side, and they have an empire for support and resupply. Wage a guerilla war on these people, do not meet them on the battlefield. The f**king joke of it is the ‘alt-right’ rightly prides itself on being the much cooler alternative to being a bugman narrative drone, yet seeks to emulate the boomer/MLK method of social change. f**k that. You weaponized the internet, a tool that the civil rights activists of your parent’s age would have killed to control. Use that because so far it has worked, and altering a winning strategy is the realm of retards. For a bunch of guys who realize ZOG is against their very existence, they sure have the assumption that ZOG will allow them to play by their rules.

    Always be trolling. The flyers on your local college campus, swastikas sent to printers, and naming the jew on twitter work. These f**ks pride themselves on time-preference, so take a couple years and exploit the breakthrough. This IRL s**t is ultimately a failed exercise. First, it shows a lack of creativity, as if we’re supposed to un-boomer America by acting just like boomers. Martin Luther nagger marches, except for Pan-European Nationalists (or whatever). If these guys don’t take the Charlottesville experience as a need to retreat to the jungle and strike from there, they’re clueless. Be the HuWhyte Viet-Cong and fight a war of attrition against the left. You were already winning doing this. Why change tactics? Your mandate should be to divert the attention of f****t media types and shitlibs so Trump can do what he does. They only have so many resources and can’t call Trump Hitler while they’re receiving daily gas-chamber memes. The best move is to be some ethereal entity in the realm of politics, one that they can not pin to a guy who is in the Oval Office doing 90% of everything you ever wanted.

    The problem with a lot of these guys is they have no view of the long game. Being realistic, anything I do isn’t for me, or even my son. It’s for his son, and those that follow. The kikes took 60 years getting us to this point. I’m willing to exert the effort to make sure my grandson can raise his kids in a better world, and cast off any notion that I’ll get to enjoy that world. Adolf Skywalker and his gay nagger followers need to adopt that program before they’re of any use to me.

  91. The excerpted MPC comment is by Cuckservative, and emphasis might be added to this following:

    Pushing media kikes to slip the mask is a win. Offering up media kikes fodder for their narratives is bad. Rallying in public is akin to lining up against the British army in the 18th century. You’re using tactics that have already been perfected by the other side, and they have an empire for support and resupply. Wage a guerilla war on these people, do not meet them on the battlefield. The f**king joke of it is the ‘alt-right’ rightly prides itself on being the much cooler alternative to being a bugman narrative drone, yet seeks to emulate the boomer/MLK method of social change. f**k that. You weaponized the internet, a tool that the civil rights activists of your parent’s age would have killed to control. Use that because so far it has worked, and altering a winning strategy is the realm of retards. For a bunch of guys who realize ZOG is against their very existence, they sure have the assumption that ZOG will allow them to play by their rules.

    Sorry for the boomer-style re-posting. Arrrr!

  92. Great passages, Elk. And yes, this is my attitude as well:

    I’m willing to exert the effort to make sure my grandson can raise his kids in a better world, and cast off any notion that I’ll get to enjoy that world.

  93. Anyone who showed up for this protest in Nazi regalia should have been immediately sent home. It wasn’t many people, but even one is enough to give it bad publicity.
    I think Trump’s response was good.. It’s best for him to drop it from here on. Anymore said about this is unnecessary.

  94. As I move on in years I understand that some things are better left unsaid, unacknowledged, unrecognized, or just ignored. Those perpetrating certain ideas and ideals will soon learn their respective utility based on the response of the group. The Elders keeping the young-uns in line, as it were. It’s part of finding your place in the social dynamic, and figuring out where you go from there.

  95. Hey, look what the media found!

    There sure seem to be an awful lot of these people still floating around.

  96. Corvo’s sum-up at CH is consistent with what I’ve read about Saturday’s events:

    The leftist Jewish mayor of Charlottesville and his Black Lies Matter vice-mayor are directly responsible for the chaos and violence in Charlottesville. After the city’s attempt to silence our free speech was reversed by the federal district court, the police intentionally allowed antifa and black lies matter thugs to attack the Unite The Right participants and speakers, then declared a “state of emergency” after their ginned up violence began, then started arresting UTR participants for “unlawful assembly” and kicked the UTR participants out of the park, corralled them through narrow “kill zones” full of antifa and black lies thugs, then stood by and did nothing while UTR was attacked.

    Baked Alaska is blind after being hit with some type of hydrochloric acid. The UTR attendee who was driving his car attempting to leave the area was attack by bat wielding antifa and blm thugs immediately before crashing into the car in front of him which caused the death of a pedestrian.

    The media is in full on Big Lie mode. Their coverage of Charlottesville is following the MUH RUSSIA script. Don’t believe any mainstream media, go to source material instead. The Fake News media are trying to bully Trump into denouncing the UTR rally when all we wanted was a peaceful rally where our speakers would let our message be heard.

    fuck these people.

  97. Ha. That is exactly the same thing that used to happen to George Lincoln Rockwell in the 60s.

    They post a rally. Their enemies surround them and the police stand down. Then, the police only re-enter if the liberals are losing.

    In jail, the police often send whites into cells packed full of blacks or spics. Its a fav technique.

  98. I will be restrained.

    From my understanding of when the video was taken, the clips of uniformed NSM and TWP fighting were from after antifa had been assaulting people for at least half an hour, because the police decided to allow orchestrated leftist violence on that street.

    In addition, the antifa were throwing tear gas and projectiles at the permitted rally area, without apparent police interference.

  99. PA, that dead woman was described as:
    “The woman who was killed, Ms. Heyer, worked as a paralegal and was known as a strong, sensitive woman who stood up against “any type of discrimination,” her supervisor said.”

    She’s a liberal. Screw her.

    Being white is not enough! A lot of whites need to die, a lot of white women too.

  100. The Nazi symbology and alleged vengeance for that weathered statue seem a bit retrograde. A whole new flag would’ve made some bold noise. The Nazis lost. America should be where the new originates.

    Heads were turned, however. I really don’t know if their aim ever exceeded that. The stuff that will really ruffle the tide will probably be done in quiet, superseding the police entirely.

  101. To be clear, I believe that the number of active antifa attackers was less than the permitted event attendees.

    PA, I’m trying to find a picture of Spencer, Damigo, and their volunteers as they stood up to the riot squad. It is the perfect counterpart to that picture of the English event with the cop separating the leftist from the English man.

    It brings tears to my eye.

  102. PA…

    Your bolded response has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

    One cannot just tell himself that he is winning the psychological war. It must be true or he is self-evidently losing it.

    The {{{enemy}}} FEARS “white (s)upremacy.”

    They are not LARPing on this point.

    And the alt-rite is the manner in which to allay those fears.

    So the MessMadia works to delude you concerning the matter of the {{{enemy’s}}} psychological state.

    [Sorry if I misunderstood your comment TD. I read it closely and that’s how I read it. I have difficulty understanding your comments when they are at an abstract level. — PA]

  103. One less fat SJW shrike polluting our society. I’ll count this as a win.

    The time for arguments is over. Remember the bloodlust on the left. when that negress mayor gave rioters “space to destroy?” Remember Obama inviting BLM to the WH even after they burned ferguson. Remember every traitorous cult Marxist who rushed to defend Muslims after the latest terror attack. They have our blood on their hands, now it’s our turn

    Moral law is an invention of mankind for the disenfranchisement of the powerful in favor of the weak. Historical law subverts it at every turn. A moral view can never be proven right or wrong by any ultimate test. A man falling dead in a duel is not thought thereby to be proven in error as to his views. His very involvement in such a trial gives evidence of a new and broader view. The willingness of the principals to forgo further argument as the triviality which it in fact is and to petition directly the chambers of the historical absolute clearly indicates of how little moment are the opinions and of what great moment the divergences thereof. For the argument is indeed trivial, but not so the separate wills thereby made manifest. Man’s vanity may well approach the infinite in capacity but his knowledge remains imperfect and howevermuch he comes to value his judgments ultimately he must submit them before a higher court. Here there can be no special pleading. Here are considerations of equity and rectitude and moral right rendered void and without warrant and here are the views of the litigants despised. Decisions of life and death, of what shall be and what shall not, beggar all question of right. In elections of these magnitudes are all lesser ones subsumed, moral, spiritual, natural.

  104. Richard Spencer just finished an-hour-long press conference with reporters. I started watching it while in progress. It went well, no stumbles or misstatements from Spencer. He communicates well with a friendly or at least professional audience. They pushed questions to tie him to the vehicular manslaughter but he handled that beautifully, without taring the AltRight with it, nor did he throw the driver under the proverbial bus “until we know more.”

    He made some poignant, soaring points about Whites’ ongoing moral and physical dispossession. See it here:

  105. I’ll rescue a comment I made at another post: Note that the police were standing shoulder by shoulder with copkillers (against whites, at that). That means they’re faggots. Try chanting “BLM – copkillers” when this happens next time and see if there is a blue squirm.

  106. Cops are gonna have to pick a side soon.

    Forgot if it was Pax or Spencer at Charlottesville. He later told about how the cops were pushing them toward the Antifa. He was face to face with one cop, looked him right in the eye, told him “Look, why are you doing this? We are the ones who support you.” He said that the cop looked guilty as fuck, like he knows he’s doing wrong.

  107. Thanks for that link to the Damond shooting in Minneapolis.

    I have not been following the story, but that is the latest news. As PA suggests, it seems likely that those handling the case, which the BCA, were hoping to find something to use against the White woman victim shot by the Somali cop.

    The shitrag StarTribune ends with these:

    Michael Quinn, a retired Minneapolis police sergeant and CEO of the International Ethics and Leadership Training Bureau, said it’s not standard practice for police to search the home of the victim.

    “I’m not sure why they decided to get a search warrant for her house. That struck me as odd also,” said Quinn, who lives a couple of blocks from the scene of the shooting.

    Perhaps Damond had recorded something or took notes that would tell investigators what she heard outside in the alley, Quinn said, but that’s the only reason he can think of for the search warrant. He does not share the suspicion that police were looking to discredit Damond.

    “I think it’s paranoia to say that they’re in there looking for a reason to excuse the shooting,” Quinn said.

    That article allows for no comments, as usual.

    But here is the interesting thing from that link. The shooting has been a big neighborhood story, and there was a neighborhood meeting where residents wrote up their concerns together on a whiteboard, a picture of which leads the article.

    And these White UMC Minneapolitans, guess what one of their top listed concerns was, after a White woman was shot down by a nigger?

    “Why are we allowing a White Supremacist with 194 complaints against him to be the leader of the Police Union?”

    It’s news to me that Minneapolis Police Union is lead by a White Supremacist. It seems awfully unlikely.

    But that is the mindspace of White Minneapolis urbanites.

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