Going After The Truth

A thought-experiment: you have the power of reading human minds at their most raw layer of id, bypassing your subject’s higher functions, acculturated habit, social fear, and accumulated rationalizations. Using that power, you have a conversation with one thousand men’s base instinct. You don’t waste your time on anti-Whites — their id is on full display, making it plain that they won’t let us live in peace. Instead, you just talk with normal men: hardline WNs, the squishier cucks, and everyone in between. You ask each man’s hind-brain:

“What do you want?”

His id replies: “GTKRWN”

“When do you want it?”

“I already told you. Now.”

So why not just say that when blogging or commenting, instead of taking the long way there? Indeed, just follow Matthew 5.37:

But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

In substance, many of us speak the plain truth. First and foremost by not lying — about the world to others, about ourselves to ourselves. The “red pill” is a metaphor of the AltRight and it signifies our alignment with reality. What’s that blog, with Where pretty lies perish as its tagline?

So then why not dispense with the intermediate stages of your thinking process, and with indirect paths to nailing the truth, and instead always let your id make the kill shot?

Two reasons. One: because the kill shot alone will not change the way people think. It might titillate someone, but he’ll go right back to his blue-pill comfort-zone. A badly timed delivery of undistilled truth will not rewire his brain out of its maze of lies. If you communicate with someone who is less advanced than you are, you have to let him keep up with you.

Two: are you sure that you’ve reached the truth’s finish line? The fish follows its id too, when it chomps at the fisherman’s hook. It’s good to recognize who is wiser than you, and mostly just listen and learn. With those who are on your level or not quite as far along, there is an opportunity to think things through together.

It’s phenomenal how the AltRight came together. We communicate across a fifty (or more) IQ-point span, across generations and national backgrounds, across a range of religious and ideological beliefs. But one key thing we have in common is that we will secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

The Antagonist operates from behind a smoke screen of pretty lies, except that the smoke has started to stink of sulfur. Truth is our weapon against his lies, so that when the time is right, we deliver the kill shot.

“The truth shall set you free.” Think about how that applies to present geopolitics, and to things beyond.


36 thoughts on “Going After The Truth

  1. Your ideas are terrifying and your hearts are faint. Your acts of pity and cruelty are absurd, committed with no calm, as if they were irresistible. Finally, you fear blood more and more. Blood and time” –Paul Valéry

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  3. Great stuff, PA.

    One of the most powerful tools one has at their disposal is to simply listen. The nuggets of information gleaned are immeasurable. And one thing we know for certain: people love love love to talk.

  4. It’s phenomenal how the AltRight came together. We communicate across a fifty (or more) IQ-point span

    … There’s hardly anything for 115-and-below folks, is there?

    I am absolutely sure there’s absolutely nothing for 100 IQ and below folks.

    But as Moldbug says… you start winning — in society, not at your own blog — when the 140+ IQ folks start siding with your team.

    Where’d you place yourself? I’d put you in 3) 😉

    The Hierarchy of Delusion Organization Getting out of the way:

    1) The most basic level is based on avoiding challenging others’ delusions, and factoring them into your own thinking. The “organizing” merely involves arranging matters so things and people you care about are moved out of the way of an impending train wreck.

    2) Creating a sandbox: At a more advanced level of practice, you catalyze, encourage and sustain delusions that benefit you. Organization gets a little harder: you have to create a safe sandbox so the delusion can survive a little longer than it would if reality were allowed to hit it too early. The benign example is of course, parenting. Geeks often call this a “reality distortion field.” Assuming that pseudo-technical labeling equals inoculation is a delusion pattern peculiar to geekdom.

    3) Pouring fuel on the spark: At the next level – it’s called PR – you fuel and amplify stabilized delusions on a more massive scale. All large organizations practice this. Both mass media and 1:1 word-of-mouth social media are your friends here. The polite term is “managing perceptions.” The less polite term is “managing the optics” of a situation, a phrase that more clearly links to smoke-and-mirrors metaphors.

    4) Manufacturing Delusions: At the most complicated level, you manufacture delusions. This is a last-resort approach, and requires far too much creativity to be worth it unless the returns are really high. It is usually far better to amplify and domesticate delusions that you find in the wild. Simplicity and Scale When it comes to straightforward falsifiable delusions, the more widespread it is, the quicker it will die. To counteract this, you have to simplify delusions as you scale. You can sustain elaborate fantasies for a single person. For a large group, you can usually only sustain a few key beliefs.

  5. It’s a well known fact amongst truly white-pilled HBDers that “white” males with > 140 IQs believe in General Entropy and are bona fide self-annihilators.

  6. 4) Manufacturing Delusions:

    Interesting analysis, Oppo, but what hope do we have of mainstreaming a dissident viewpoint when the universities, hollywood and the MSM juggernauts are churning out multikult delusions 24/7, now with notably increased fervor now they realize the goyim know, so to speak. YouTube, our one mainstream outlet, is teaming up with the ADL and rolling out it’s plan to de-platform any “controversial” material, and by controversial, we all know what THAT means. MTV can keep running it’s anti-white agit prop like “2017 New Years Resolutions for White Guys” but Colin Flaherty will get banned for speaking the plain truth about black crime. I believe their temporary shutdown of Jordan Peterson’s channel was a test run… Jordan Peterson for chrissakes! If they are willing to demonetize and deplatform HIM, what does that mean for guys like Millennial Woes?

    I haven’t seen this Oscar bait “Detroit” yet, but judging by Katherine Bigelow’s artistic intentions for the film, I can guarantee it is pure anti-white propaganda. As a Detroiter, I know the white side of that story, just ask anyone who was around to watch their neighborhoods burn to the ground in ’69. It’s the same story they could tell you in LA or Ferguson. People like Bigelow and her Jew financiers are apologists for black rioting, but what do they care? When the next riot breaks out they can virtue signal all over (((Hollywood))) because it won’t be their houses burning. It’s almost if they want to punish “the wrong kind of white people.” I believe after watching a lot of Jordan Peterson’s lectures, I can understand the psychology of these people. These privileged white people like Bigelow feel guilty for being white, it makes them uncomfortable, so they project that guilt onto “the wrong kind of white people,” who unconsciously represent their shadow selves.

    What needs to be done, is that we need to rub these truths in their faces, like one would rub a dogs snout in their shit pile on the shag rug. And I’m increasingly coming around to Ryu’s point of view as well, a few skulls need to be cracked.

    But back to my original point… I think there is zero chance that anyone in Hollywood would make a movie about, say, what is happening to whites in South Africa right now. The Jews understand all to well, especially in this hyper mediated era, he who controls the media controls the narrative. Their grip on the Overton window is indeed weakening, we are tugging it in our direction one blog post and youtube video at a time. Yet we are still but a small but vocal faction of dissidents, and I’m afraid the forces coalescing around us are backed by billions and billions of dollars, and we don’t stand a chance against them. They could shut us down with a few mouse clicks.

    Luckily we have Trump and Bannon and Sessions in our corner. My hope is that some inflection point will be reached, Trump and Kelly can get a few generals on their side, and we can finally tear down this rotting, decadent, effete ruling class that no longer represents or serves us.

  7. I think this has been posted here before, but it’s worth a re-post because it distills with clarity what we are up against. h/t Heartiste

    Leftist institutions — NGOs, unis, gov, media, etc — are existentially threatened by sex and race realism because their work is devoted to the opposite premise. Everything they do, their reason for being, their very purpose, is based on the false belief that intervention can make everyone like GoodWhites. Imagine you spent your life believing in, and working towards, one value system, and happy heretics armed with undeniable truths about humanity told you your work is a fruitless endeavor. You’d be shattered.

    The Hivemind Left, in other words, resists ego death. And, tautologically speaking, the human ego is the most powerful force in the cosmos. The ego that is particularly susceptible to shrieking in pain under an onslaught of contradicting knowledge is even more powerful in those for whom social status and feelings of self-worth are tightly wound with intellectual preening and ideological rightness.

    Gentleshitlords, there aren’t many BTFOs bigger than that.


  8. — What needs to be done, is that we need to rub these truths in their faces, like one would rub a dogs snout in their shit pile on the shag rug.

    I have a post exactly in that vein and I’ll publish it on Monday morning.

    — And I’m increasingly coming around to Ryu’s point of view as well

    Ryu’s commentary here and elsewhere is always worth reading and taking seriously.

  9. PA, the following link is just another friendly ‘food for thought’ suggestion for whenever you decide to do another lighter or more wide-open popular music-driven post:

    Here are the two most key paragraphs from the story, whose links I’ll include at the end of this comment:

    On Friday, “Despacito,” the hit song by the Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, became the most watched video on YouTube ever, with nearly three billion views. And it got there faster than any music video in history. Just over two weeks ago Universal Music announced it was also the most streamed song in history, if you combine the number of times people played the original song or video with a remixed version featuring vocals from the Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

    The ascendance of “Despacito” is remarkable for a number reasons: Except for Mr. Bieber’s intro, the song is almost entirely in Spanish. (Despacito means “slowly,” and depending on how you interpret the lyrics, the song is about what you’d do slowly to someone you really like.) The rhythmic backbone of the song is reggaeton, a style with roots in Jamaica that developed in Puerto Rico and has long been popular in Latin America but has only occasionally broken through to the English-speaking world. The video is set in a storied Puerto Rican slum called La Perla and features a joyously multiracial cast.

    Very interesting for a number of reasons: first and foremost, its demographic numbers and metrics, which are absolutely monstrous. “the industry’ is getting better-and-better at quantifying and signaling what the confluence of 21st-century song-play measures mean and indicate (i.e., downloads, views, clicks, etc.).
    Second, though i was sort-of disappointed in how it turned into a standards lib-vs-con pissfest later in the story, the cultural-polemical angle it took was interesting, IMO, in that it suggested what I often do about lib-vs-prog standoff issues: that some for-now ineffable technological compromise will make ‘both sides’ future predictions feasible, e.g., more nationalism and more multi-kult, with evermore atomized social media and other piecemeal advances making such unseemly detentes possible slowly right under our noses and already commenced in our here-and-now.

    Personally speaking, the story and accompanying vid links made me feel my age, lol; the music is trite and boring by my lights and i just don’t see what the lure would be —– but if you can take my professional bona-fides as a given for a moment, I assure you, those numbers in the two quoted paragraphs about are absolutely monstrous and are enough to command —- or, perhaps ‘re-command’ —– emerging online ad revenue rates. Fiscally speaking in the music biz, the new paradigm continues to emerge and burnish its redefining.

    Ciao for now; here’s the full-story link:

  10. The highest “white” male IQs DENY (P)erfection. The very “definition” of their “intelligence” is psychological submission to anti-objective (S)upremacy. The effectual result of such total intellectual inversion is a discivilized dystopia of determined degeneration.

    Ask Moldbug…






    All deny (P)erfection as Highest Reality…

  11. for-now ineffable technological compromise will make ‘both sides’ future predictions feasible, e.g., more nationalism and more multi-kult, with evermore atomized social media and other piecemeal advances making such unseemly detentes possible slowly right under our noses and already commenced in our here-and-now.

    Yep, with technology, I can enjoy Despacito from afar. Puerto Rico can despacito itself into bankruptcy.

  12. The whole underclass world will either be contained or it’s Helm’s Deep all over again.

    The seething teeming billions. What are we going to do?


    Regarding the song and the video Despacito, it shows a fantasy of good times and community in the third world slums. Hey you know, it’s just a party down there and them colored folks sure can move and they dress with style, and there’s a tea-colored mixed doggie with a nice ass who bumps it around for fun and so there.

    I can’t help but imagine what would be my experience, were i to find myself in that bar.

    The video appeals to a fantasy about what it’s like down there. That it is an appeal is fair enough, but given the realities in the world today, that the Third World is a problem and not a solution, such appeal is juvenile and escapism, and it is used as a cover and a poison, as a spoonful of sugar.

    It is also a good reminder, specifically the main actors in the video, the singer and then the gangster rapper dude, that there is virility in those places, and they have to be dealt with and forcibly contained, and if that doesn’t happen, we are doomed.

  13. I grew up here in the Cult of the Athlete, which phrase is my own, but it works. It is a variant of Tom Wolfe’s Championism and it is as old as the hills: The boys around here are big and strong, and my dad can beat up yours.

    Those healthy instincts need to be let loose from the Field of Sport and brought back into the real world, which is now the Street.

    These are the last best days of Summer, these days in the middle of August. And last night was Saturday night, and not a soul was outside at the parks. Just complete shutdown. It’s weird. People have retreated entirely into their own online worlds.

  14. Youtube going full big brother is the big news.

    I heard that Gab considering trying and add that format to its platform.

    What, you just need a couple more servers, right?

  15. Elk any anyone else, consider getting on Gab. No need to be active there (I’m not really all that active myself there). The value is following certain people who keep you informed from different angles. Gab’s 300-character limit allows for more substantive comments than Twitter’s 140, while still keeping things “at a glance.” There is no requirement to provide real life credentials like a phone number, just an email.

  16. It is a good sign, PA, that you recognize WN has a “finish line.”

    (Better still, you came up with that phrase “finish line.” You are a part of the collective. I created that phrase.)

    The finish line, is when you’ve learned all the “why” you need. From then on, it is all about the how.

    – Freedom is dead. No matter what happens from here on in, no one will fight or die for it. Most can’t even admit Murka is a police state.

    – Forget any help from cops or soldiers. They serve authority, not fight it.

    – Most whites, even WNs, would rather die than fight. They would march right up to the showers and die quietly.

    The collective struggle may be unwinnable. Whites are now a slave race and are content living the slave’s life. The individual struggle is won by a few who live to see the other side. Brevik was such a man.

    Take care, PA. Most WNs are not ready for what it will take to win. In fact, they will collaborate with The System if pressed.

  17. — Whites are now a slave race and are content living the slave’s life.

    Whites are workers and builders. That’s our nature. This is why we get depressed when we’re unemployed. We are always doing something unless we’re resting.

    The lesser races are grazing creatures by nature.

    Society is arranged presently in such a way that we do what we normally do (work), except that under liberalism we work for the benefit of minos. That’s what allows blacks to wear clothes instead of running around naked.

    You can see how unstable this is. It works as long as a sufficient number of people don’t notice how absurd and insulting it is to live under such a cuckish arrangement. That’s why you see those goofballs rolling up their sleeves and volunteering to build ghetto playgrounds on weekends — they hadn’t noticed yet.

    Those who notice the absurdity and the insult, sever their loyalty to the system forever.

  18. That video is pro click.

    As we know, our cause is righteous — it is Natural Order and as simple as representing our own interests.

    However, doing so in the real world can be tricky, when the prevailing mood is chaotic and the audience unpredictable.

    But in that video Enoch does a great job. He gets the “feeling” (in the old school Elvis way) as he steps into it.

    And see how that (self-identified) Persian chick gets knocked back, literally. She begins with such confidence: “Are you looking at me” she says accusingly, expecting to win.

    And Spencer was at a (momentary) loss. But Enoch has a confrontational aspect to his character.

  19. Dude, Elk, good video. Loved it how Mike Enoch hands the mic back to Spencer and gives him that quick brotherly pat on the back. I’ve not heard of Enoch before. Having a strong, deep voice is an asset in those kinds of forums.

    He’s also quick on his feet (“well then, there is also no such thing as White-enough”) and commands the frame. Just like you described with the half-Iranian girl, who got White Sharia’d back on her ass — which is what she was looking for in the first place, as she gyrated her hips to provoke Spencer into slapping her.

    Spencer is too subtle for the raucous forums, and speaks softly. He makes an oratory error at 0:27, when he takes on an imploring tone of voice: “I want you to have your history.” George W Bush did that a lot in his 2004 debates, and it’s weak frame.

    Either way, Spencer has done the heavy lifting on getting the AltRight message out there and I respect him for that. Where he needed someone watching his 6, Enoch had his back. That’s how we all have to be.

    The video opens with a loud sassy black chick in underwear-shorts air-fucking it up and a big bearish black guy does his dance thing. That is how an antagonistic black audience will shut down dialectic. Notice though here, how Enoch’s strong pro-White rhetoric, booming voice, and firm presence, pacified the room.

    Jared Taylor does a similar thing but in patrician style. He turned Towson University’s largely-black audience to his side (or at least he got them listening) about five years ago.

  20. I can confirm Enoch has a good stage presence.

    Giovanni Dannato, in his recent blog post, drew a connection between the ongoing financialization and gentification, and the disolution of social places.

    “The overwhelming thirst caused by the hyper-inflationary collapse of the sexual market has played a significant role in the death of civic life.  Whether churches or old-fashioned bowling leagues, widespread male desperation erodes the social trust required for co-ed contact or cooperation between men outside of carefully vetted social circles.
    Whenever a new man shows up, he is bound to be met with suspicion by the women and hostility by the men.  No one wants yet another swinging dick adding to the society-wide sausage fest. “.


    That is where we find our government, society, and culture. We are fleeced of our wealth by Wall Street, taxed to feed our own replacements by Washington, taught to eliminate wrongthinkers by Boston, distracted by Silicon Valley, and stripped of our own basic social structures by Hollywood.

    I have read bloggers openly suggest that being in prision is a better investment of their 20s than working in this society. While that exact point may be hyperbole, once one is banished from the “right track” or “being cool” in this society, there really is no appeal, no (social) redemption.

    To expand upon a point made by Ryu, the law abiding white male lives in a prision. If you’re not “made” by the right age, you can argue that you’re actually below criminal trash in status.

  21. — I have read bloggers openly suggest that being in prision is a better investment of their 20s than working in this society. While that exact point may be hyperbole

    What in reality goes on in prisons? I talked to a 20-something White man who did a couple of years for felony theft and he told me that he was never bothered and that homosex was an intra-black consensual thing.

    If you read some “how to survive in prison” articles online, you’ll see similar statements. All of them caution you to follow prison etiquette, don’t act weak or conversely don’t act cocky, don’t shy away from a fight if tested, stick with your own race, and you should survive.

  22. Ah, you read Colony of Commodus, Ulrich.

    Beware. I used to write for them around 2014.

    When a half-breed came to the site and tried to muscle me, I kicked him out. And then, Giovanni kicked me out. He’s not a nationalist.

    There are people who use WN for “entertainment.” It is a jazzy, cool thing to write about. He may want something from WN, but I doubt it is an ethnostate. He isn’t ready to even think about what it will take to get it.

  23. I don’t see the big payoff for being a straight citizen today, PA.

    What, put your nose to the grindstone so your tax dollars bring in more minos? You won’t get married, you won’t have kids, you won’t be promoted.

    I say drop out, or “go minimal”. Get some crap job and live as you like. White men “should” have very little investment in the American system.

    Why be a slave on their plantation? Make them pick their own cotton.

    For some white men, I’d rather see them “climb the ladder” and get their money and power on the streets, on their own, than living as beggars and employees.

  24. I enjoyed the Millennials Woes video. Since Europe has always been made up of ethno nations it will be a more easily accepted idea. The United States doesn’t have that history.

  25. Scotland is a small, scrappy country. I don’t get the impression it is very wealthy and it is cold and rainy most of the year. My guess is if the people want it to remain Scottish, they can make that happen. Sharing a border with a England is going to bring its own share of problems, though.

  26. PA, that was the summary I’ve heard as well, with the addition that some States and some blocks are worse than others.

    Without getting into the analysis of 1990s Hollywood and PREA, fear of Prision appears to be the most effective deterrent the system possesses. Many in the Alt-Right fear even a few days of county time, but have no interest on discussing how other movements have reduced that fear.

    Which is sad, because it’s actually an interesting topic.

  27. @Ryu, my blog at the time was a knowledge feed of sorts and I specifically invited you to share some of what you knew about the medical field and pharmaceuticals. After 1 or 2 articles you started going on WN tirades instead. Even if you hadn’t called that guy a niglet, you were off topic and using my site as a podium for your politics. As it is, WN 1.0 is dead. They got absorbed in their holiness spirals attacking anyone who didn’t agree with them 100%. That you still remember that incident from years ago and dwell on it like an ancient grudge speaks for itself. You guys took yourselves way too seriously, no sense of humor.

  28. Without getting into the analysis of 1990s Hollywood and PREA, fear of Prision appears to be the most effective deterrent the system possesses.

    What’s PREA?

    Yes it would seem to serve the System to make out prison [correct spelling] to be WORSE than it is, so that Whites are more fearful of it, than they otherwise might have to be.

    I would imagine the experience varies tremendously, depending largely on its race make-up, and also how overcrowded it is.


    The fascination with “the prison experience” correlates with our new ever expanding prole culture, and its attendant backwards-ass expectations.

    “I wasn’t a man until I came out of prison.”

    I actually had someone say that to me, with no irony whatsoever. He was purebred California trash, which i would say is most intense in inland Northern California.

    That guy still owes me two or three hundred bux. What a piece of shit.

    He had the the caricatured stereotyped undersized head and the 18-inch biceps with ink back before that became gay.

    What an idiot I was to extend him credit. I can recall his first name but not his family name, which is how those guys roll.

  29. @ mendo

    “One of the most powerful tools […] is to listen.”

    But what happens if you’re waiting and waiting to hear whether a tree falling makes a sound, and the Leftist Bulldozers are coming to tear down the trees of the Eurocentric Forest?

  30. In the prisons around here, the gangs break down as you would guess:

    Native Mob (Indian)
    Black American
    Somali and Associated Horn of Africa etc

    The Native Mob has a reputation for being tough. Mexicans are everywhere.

    The Asians are mostly Hmong.

    My impressions of the Somalis is that they stay separate from Black Americans.

    Prisons might seem to be one institution that the jews aren’t running things, so there is that.

  31. ‘The fascination with “the prison experience” correlates with our new ever expanding prole culture, and its attendant backwards-ass expectations.’

    How many Netflix series, documentary and dramatic, tap into that?

    It seems that there are only two tracks to take in America: the one for the proles where going to prison is graduate school. (h/t Chris Rock)

    And then the one for the rent-seeking fag class where it helps not to have a genuine functional set.

    Where is the path of Honor?

    Renegade Broadcasting featured recently an excellent guest, who despite being from that great morass of a street-shitting country, spoke with eloquence and authority about Honor and specifically how, in India, it was associated strongly with the family name and keeping their asses from falling into the great unwashed asshole of the underclass there.

    That it their great obsession, in Middle Class India, is not falling into that. And that means keeping your word and not dying without paying off your debts.

    And naturally the question is raised, how are the traditions of Honor in America these days?

    Who is concerned with not dying with their obligations met and level?

    The White listener might be inclined to suspect that Indian guest of painting his middle class countrymen and thereby himself, in a flattering light — but he did so convincingly. He was pushing his book which title eludes.

    It is my opinion that the upper Whiter castes of some societies in Central Asia and particularly India, in spite of being mixed — and partially because of it — somehow maintain culture and genetics that are noble, in ways that we have forgotten.

  32. Renegade Broadcasting is its own subculture.

    It is comparable to MPC in how they would exclude themselves from the Alt Right, but the Alt Right might include them.

    In my opinion the AR as an organic thing, includes both those subcultures.

    MPC mocks the visible AR leadership mercilessly; and the define themselves as being not a part of it.

    Renegade’s thing on the other hand, is that the AR is totally corrupted with jews.

    They take the conspiracy thing into the third level. It’s like Conspiracy v.4.5 over there.

    Version 1: Forget everything you know about the Oswald and the book depository

    Version 2: Alex Jones and 9.11 and bloodlines

    Version 3: All that but also it’s the jews, and no we did not land on the moon

    Version 4: the AR itself, not to mention Jones, is completely subverted. (and Bruce Springsteen was signaling faggotry on the album cover with his bandana)


    I don’t endorse that v.4 opinion, and frankly find the whole topic to be counterproductive.

    However the general question is valid, OF JEWISH SUBVERSION (of the AR). Linder in his last blog entry addresses that question, of how the jews take over the opposition. He writes that that is what they do, that is what is their history, and asks what has changed?

    I have my opinions about the various public figures. But as far as concerns them, like i said the other day, the question to ask, is what is the influence of White advocacy in their own lives?

    I think that some of them, who will remain un-named, may be double agents.

    Whatever. It’s a soap opera.

  33. I don’t see the big payoff for being a straight citizen today, — Ryu

    First, this could never be the white (S)upremacist’s ultimate metric.

    Secondly, it is nonsensical to expect a “big payoff” for being a “straight citizen.”

    The reality per The Law of Big Numbers is that “straight citizen” exists without expectation of “big payoff” as does “crooked citizen” with “big payoff” in hand. Yet, they do not really exist as matter/anti-matter, but rather, persist as a “symbiotic regression.” Neither straightwhite nor crookedwhite will advance towards white (S)upremacy. Each is too invested in some aspect of the “system” to turn back from their eventual self-divesture.

    This is a (r)eality NEVER TO BE FUNDAMENTALLY changed.

    “Eternal damnation” even if only from the lasting lips of a dying white race is the real metric.

    When Ryu dies, do the woke remnants of the white race damn his spirit or exalt it?

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