Say No To Entropy

Speaking of bravery, Marvel comics is finding their sales waaaaay down after a recent dip into “diversity” waters. Could it be because blacks, Muslim women, etc. just aren’t that heroic? Would they storm the beach under fire at Normandy or brave their way back into the Twin Towers to look for the injured while the fire still raged? The black teens in Florida last week didn’t even lift a finger to call 911 while the mentally challenged black man flailed in the pond and died. — Camlost

The SJW delusion is that by taking over good real estate, they will keep harnessing its value to their purposes. They don’t understand that by ruining good real estate, they kill its original value.  The result: nobody watches the new Dr. Who. (This is similar to how when women take over a profession, its value in terms of social status and earning power collapses).

The Millennial Woes podcasts below is good, and is related to the above. It’s about the new female Dr. Who. He brings up the “reasonable” liberal argument: why not? After all, the show’s main character has no reason to not reincarnate as, say, a woman, or black, or Chinese. He follows with an aside remark that grabbed my attention: “That’s entropy.”

Yes, as I’ll add: the entropy-mentality of liberalism that would have everything in the world just amalgamate through Brownian motion. A reflection of the r-selected mentality: cows grazing, rabbits munching on grass. No agency, no control, no order, no will, no transcendence of mindless random forces of whatever breeze blows through.

So Millennial Woes eviscerates the liberal argument by first establishing that Dr. Who has traditionally been an icon for slightly-misfit boys, a character they related to growing up in ways that they wouldn’t relate to in his female form. He then suggests that the producers’ ultimate goal is to make him black, with a woman being a moderate step in that direction. The goal is to move on to James Bond, and ultimately to tar-brush (my term, not his) all iconic European characters.

He goes on to explain that Dr. Who’s fan-base tends to be liberal, so they struggle in formulating their objections to a female character. They make content-free points such as: “I like the move toward diversity but they are doing it for political reasons, they are going about it all wrong” — like what does that even mean? How would going about it “the right way” look?

So finally, Millennial Woes masterfully delivers the identitarian argument we are all familiar with here: Dr. Who is an English cultural icon, he has always been British (there was one or two Scottish actors) — and that is the reason to keep him a British man — and yes, that also means White.

And as I would add, make a K-selected stand: he is ours, you can’t have him. Say No to entropy.

Good podcast; there is a lot more there:


19 thoughts on “Say No To Entropy

  1. And I just saw this well-timed quote appear on SOBL’s Twitter feed:

    “We have said that the world is darkening. The essential episodes of this darkening are: the flight of the gods, the destruction of the earth, the standardization of man, the pre-eminence of the mediocre.” — Martin Heidegger

  2. (This is similar to how when women take over a profession, its value in terms of social status and earning power collapses).

    Yeah but they might do the field of medicine some good. Engineering notsomuch.

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  4. Somewhere Baudrillard mentions a sort of vacuum of ever cheapening motion, now pre-existing ahead of action itself, in which most of the Western world is choicelessly sucked into.

    Those who surrender their experience to this numb onrush aren’t even there to me. I say that as thought can lead to similarly-minded companions, your own pace of life will brush up against others who aren’t so susceptible — the rapid flight of the gods is rewardingly suspended for discourse.

  5. A society that abuses it’s own for following it’s overt rules is corrupt to the core. Feudalism was at least honest about it.

    And outside of the worst barbarians of the world, what societies actually encourage and celebrate this bizarre transgender fetish (both in the psychological and political meanung) in children?

  6. I’m so tired of all the black-washing. So the Harry Potter stage show that’s been in London is coming to Broadway. I didn’t even know it was a thing, but when I looked, sure enough: the character of Hermoine is played by — can you all guess? — a black woman! With a very African name. Surprisingly, it seems all the rest of the main cast is white. I guess Harry Potter is too valuable a commodity to turn him into Hashman Potta, or whatever negrofication they might come up with.

    But good on Marvel for losing sales! Jews have used comics are propaganda tools forever. Though for many years they were subject to a comics code (which came about like the Hays Code in movies, as a response to escalating Jewish depravity). Now, it’s just more anti-white, anti-male hysteria. But hey, I bet even black nerds (all six of them who buy comics) don’t want to see a black Captain America. Though of course have they EVER “rebooted” a black character as white? Where’s the white Black Panther or Luke Cage? Never gonna happen. No, instead they just give them white women as girlfriends.

    Anyway, the comic books are meaningless from a revenue perspective. They are just tools for keeping the copyrights. The movies is where the money is made, so Marvel can Poz all they want in the comic books. It doesn’t matter if nobody at all buys the comics. They will keep churning them out regardless.

  7. Nope. You’ve got to hit back with their own medicine.

    A white Martin King.

    A male Gertrude Stein.

    They want diversity? Give it to them. Take away their icons too. We can use diversity as a weapon, just as they do. And if they have a problem with that, they are intolerant racists.

    Takes a liberal to beat a liberal. WNs can take liberalism FURTHER than they do, if they wish it.

  8. A “white” Martin Luther King = General Entropy = ZOGmate…

    You don’t beat “radical autonomy” with radical autonomy…

    You smash “it” with wS.

  9. Ever since we got a woman CEO, our company’s been on a steady decline. They’re trying to right the ship, but they don’t know how to steer.

    And what’s worse, was how much asskissing was done when she got here. The pandering was off the charts, everyone ecstatic with the notion of a woman CEO. That luster didn’t last long, or at least I’m numb to all the BS.

  10. The subrealism of a female “Dr. Who,” a “black” female “Dr. Who,” a “black” female transgendered “Dr. Who” who is really a British man of immense “radical autonomy,” is indicative of a (r)edundancy of predictable imitation.

  11. @Glengarry, hard to say. About a few years ago, I got into comics, but they were of the late 90s, early 200s era. (I find myself retroactively going back to certain pop culture mediums since 1, nothing current interests me and 2, I have the money to “buy” what I couldn’t when I was younger.)

    As someone with a strong faith in Christianity, I would see parallels at times to the faith, but again, I was looking at it with a Christian lens. I’m sure someone without a solid foundation would adopt them as a religion unto themselves.

  12. MWs gave an excellent lecture someplace on the film “Withnail & I” not long ago, which if it hasn’t been shutitdownshutitdown should still be on youtube. Because I was first introduced to his work very early, when his videos seemed a bit inchoate, it was a revelation to see how confident and comprehensive he had become, giving a wonderfully full analysis of the film with great nuance, while retaining that hypnotic aching sincerity with which he seems to grapple for some phrase, some new idea. He could become a cultural icon.

    peterike, I’ve meant to compliment you for your riposte during the comments at Sailer’s “Detroit” entry at Unz, in reponse to the comment that complimented Jews for not rioting upon emancipation. Sure, kill 20 or 30 million– but no riots! lozlzolz

  13. Girls and women won’t identify with the Doctor either. Or, rather, they won’t fantasize about a female doctor the way they do a White male doctor.

    Boys ID with the quirky, eccentric Doctor, and girls with the spunky yet a bit naive and nevertheless adventurous Companion. The sexual dynamic is off – in a purely non-physical “act of sex” way.

    As MW says, you have to recognize that men and women are different. As are blacks and Whites, or Indians, or Asians. You can’t plug and play any old character and achieve the same result.

    It’s just parasitism. The well will run dry, but not before they poison it.

  14. I Love Milennial Woes. His accent alone makes for great listening. He did a couple videos awhile back about why Sweden is so cucked which I thought was a great analysis. I also recommend Black Pigeon Speaks’ channel.

    Anyway, this post echos the sentiment of a recent piece, quoted below:

    The main targets are indisputably white boys. Everywhere in life they will face opposition growing up. Their male role models are being taken from them in all forms of the media and replaced with a multicultural brigade fighting against some symbolic form of white oppression, their father figures are being smeared by bitter women as incompetent, lazy fools, their natural boisterous behavior is being crushed and suppressed with drugs from the start of elementary school. And this isn’t even half of the struggles they will face as they go on to colleges, the workplace, and initiate potential relationships with girls who’ve been similarly fed lies all their lives on the benefits of being unrepentingly loud, argumentative, and fat.

  15. — “giving a wonderfully full analysis of the film with great nuance, while retaining that hypnotic aching sincerity with which he seems to grapple for some phrase, some new idea.”

    — “I Love Milennial Woes. His accent alone makes for great listening.”

    Agreed with both. His look and voice, delivery, pausing to think — then saying the exact right thing — is very easy on the eyes and ears. He has a gift.

    I only had time to listen to the first 21 minutes of this newer video. He talks about mixing and then segues into White Genocide, and then starts talking about the demographics of Britain.

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