Zero Hour

Why write about an event that was unsuccessful in accomplishing its stated objectives, had horrific costs, happened seven decades ago, and why write about it on a blog that has a largely Anglosphere readership?

Because it was 63 days of good fighting evil to the death.

And because President Donald Trump agrees with me that the 1944 Warsaw Uprising is a metaphor for the war of our time. We pray and prepare for an outcome that, disastrous or not short-term, will give the West a long-term victory, a new chance at life.

Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, all of us would have understood Patrick Henry’s ultimatum “Give me liberty or give me death.” We would all be facing the same overwhelming odds that George Washington did in 1778 and the Home Army did in 1944.

Trump’s Holy Victory bought us time. Frankly, it also gave us courage — we stopped being afraid. And at some point we’ll have to pick a side and doing so, lead, follow, or get out of the way. In a recent post titled “Europe, Rise From Your Knees!” I go over what that means, especially the value of getting out of the way.

In April, I had a post titled “Physical Bravery and Young Age,” which looks at what it takes for a nation to produce brave sons and daughters.

It’s not over yet. It hasn’t even begun. But the air sure feels thick with anticipation. Rotherham has not been avenged.

Zero Hour (or W Hour as it’s called in Poland) is commemorated at 1700 hrs local time every August 1st with one-minute’s howl of air-raid sirens to mark the outbreak of the insurrection.

The Uprising was not a suicide mission. It was a well planned high-risk, high-reward operation with major initial successes. There is a saying about the five stages of the Warsaw Uprising:

  1. Euphoria when the first shots were fired.
  2. Hope when districts were liberated, tanks destroyed, enemy soldiers killed.
  3. Desperation when allies stood down, food and water ran low, civilian massacres began.
  4. Expulsion of the surviving residents and razing of the city.
  5. Glory forever.


26 thoughts on “Zero Hour

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  2. During some of the Italian Fascist meetings, a roll call would be read and when the name of a fallen comrade was called all would shout “present”. Proof that they lived in their comrades.

    Your ancestors now live in you, PA, and in all of us who want to save the Christian West.

  3. Nothing is really over.

    Hitler demanded his people fight to the last, and to not submit. He understood that his was the first act of the whites against the jew. That’s why he committed suicide rather than be captured by jew torturers.

  4. Polish heroes who died in the Warsaw uprising > failed art-school loser who got bullied into suicide by a Georgian manlet and a cripple.

    I really don’t see any appeal in the Hitler cult, at least not for modern-day White men who want to retake our culture. We’re concerned with winning, and the Nazis are history’s most famous losers. As Trump put it: we don’t like losers.

  5. “present” — that’s a great custom.

    As to Hitler, there is a new novel “Hitler in Hell” by Israeli military historian Martin Von Creveld. It’s Hitler commenting on his life, war, and his observation about current world. Even those on the AltRight who are sympathetic to the German side who had read the book, say it’s excellent, and not at all what you’d expect in terms of bias given an Israeli writer. I read the first free chapter on Amazon and couldn’t stop reading. I’ll buy a copy when it’s available in paperback.

    There is a quality of White man in that we do great art, science, exploration, we farm and live in peace, but from time to time a Brother War is what it takes to reach for honor and glory. But when civilians are mass-murdered or Europeans are enslaved (such as the Irish in the Colonies), there is no more honor. Reprisals on civilians are the most effective counterinsurgency tactic… but if you are dealing with insurgents, you probably shouldn’t be there in the first place.

    Nationalism, not imperialism, be it Roman, Teutonic (Hitler), or (((American))). In the movie “Spartacus” I cheered for the Germanic Barbarians over the Roman legions in that famous forest battle scene.

    Here is colorized archival footage from the Warsaw Uprising. The first video shows clips mostly from the German vantage point. No audio, just filler electronic music. You can tell the German side by the regular uniform and heavy equipment; the Polish side by the red/white armbands and they often wore German steel helmets with the band around it.

    Below is footage mostly from the Polish Home Army side. There is original audio in some of the clips.

  6. Ha ha.

    “Hitler in Hell” says the jew? Perhsps “Hitler in Heaven” or “Hitler in Valhalla.” And it’s a jew writer, not “israeili” which is just a modern propaganda term like western/white.
    Hitler fought a “war on terror” too. But who were his terrorists? Jews, slavs, poles sometimes. He fought terror very effectively, more effectivley than the Americans do today. He killed them all and razed the town to the ground. Like it should be done – and will have to be done again.

    Trump serves the jew. Sure, his antics amuse me. But he doesn’t fight jews, or better yet, exterminate them, as Hitler did. The “anti-christ”, the most evil man concieveable, is the man who is the most pro-white and the most anti-jew. One can fully expect the type of white men who actually can defeat the system to be described as monsterous demons who will roast in hell for all of eternity.

  7. PA please give me your thoughts on the 1944 uprising. Did Stalin set the Poles up to fail? What little that I know of event seems similar to the Bay of Pigs fiasco. An uprising is encouraged and then given no support. Was the lack of support intentional?

  8. — Did Stalin set the Poles up to fail?

    I should re-read Norman Davies about the uprising, its been a while. The common understanding is that the Home Army wanted to capture all or parts of the city as the Soviet army was approaching from the east. This would have given a post-war Polish government (nobody knew what form it was going to take) claim or bargaining legitimacy on not being Communist. The benefit to the Soviets was that their forces would have been spared the loses anticipated with liberating Warsaw.

    Up until Germany’s surrender, Poland’s government, which was recognized by the Allies including the U.S., was its pre-war center-right government that had fled to London in 1939. The Home Army was under the control / reported to this London-based government-in-exile (although for obvious reasons, they often operated independently of its control). Stalin clearly set the Uprising to fail by standing-down on the east side of the river, just across from the city. It wasn’t until January 1945 that the Soviet Army and the Polish Division under its command had liberated Warsaw.

  9. Ryu:

    Hitler “fought terror” so well that he lost the war and his own life. So far, Trump = 1, Adolf = 0. A loser is a loser. But then again, you’re a sweaty keyboard-Nazi who probably thinks it’s “cool” and “badass” to obliterate East European cities and rape-eviscerate civilians…well, history’s verdict is that Adolf got bullied to death and the Polish nation is still around. LOL.


    The commie betrayal was definitely intentional, and Stalin outright wanted the Home Army to be destroyed so that he could put his own puppet regime in their place. As far as I know, the Western Allies repeatedly tried to airdrop supplies to the Polish rebels, and Stalin repeatedly refused their requests. I believe Norman Davies described it as a moral atrocity on par with the Lidice massacre.

    I tend to agree with PA that the uprising was worth it – inspiring a national legend, like the Spartans who died at Thermopylae, is its own victory.

  10. — Western Allies repeatedly tried to airdrop supplies to the Polish rebels, and Stalin repeatedly refused their requests.

    Say what you will about Churchill (and much can be said), but he had RAF fly airdrops to Warsaw over Soviet-held territory without clearance, endangering his pilots and provoking diplomatic problems with Stalin.

  11. I heard from family in Poland that television was broadcasting commemorations from the start of the Uprising today. Last year they organized a chorus performance of the children’s song from the Uprising, which I mentioned before. The song was forbidden under Communism, as anything related to the Warsaw Uprising was politically incorrect. Refrain as follows:

    “We’re the children of Warsaw going into battle
    For your every cobblestone, we’ll give our blood
    We’re the children of Warsaw going into battle
    On your command, we’ll bring wrath to the enemy”

    Below is footage from that concert. My son and I sang along to it. You don’t have to be of Polish ancestry to appreciate a sea of ethnically coherent bright faces.

    Similar to that video of 1,000 Italian rockers playing Foo Fighters I posted recently, or the Latvian stadium hymns, you just gotta love the strength of purity.

  12. It’s happening!

    I never thought I’d see this day… I can hear the shrieks of a million shitlibs from my office. Ahhhhh… feels good to have someone on your side 🙂

  13. After 8 years of race baiting from the Obama administration, the left is about to get a taste of it’s own medicine. As 28 Sherman tweeted a few months ago, the left thought of us white men as a bunch of dorks in khakis they could harvest for taxes while they planned for our replacement. They didn’t anticipate that we wouldn’t go down without a fight, they thought they had the narrative locked down, and they didn’t think we could use their tactics against them.

  14. Great news. The Trump administration needs to crack down hard on academia in general. The power of these tenured egos is far bigger than it has any right to be

  15. “Screwl” is a modern shibboleth.

    White boys should be relentlessly dissuaded from legitimating the racket.

    “Collage” is a fanciful collide-a-scope of diminishing returns.

    If one desires (P)erfection, he will undoubtedly operate outside the collective and all formal training shall lay beneath him.

    Who gives a fugg about the nigger juice that is affirmative axe’m?

  16. Mate, those videos. I’m literally crying, both at how beautiful and tragic they are, but at the thought that young Anglo men will never feel that type of connection to their forebears and what it means to remember and honour as a collective. We have a heroic history to celebrate but it’s only the elderly who take it seriously. Everyone else is so goddamn ambivalent. God bless Poland.

  17. Scottish National Gallery Stands By Video Calling Whites ‘Inbred Spawn Soon To Die Out’

    The video features a rapper staring at portraits of former Scottish Kings like James III and distinguished architects like Sir William Bruce and calling them “dead, random white dudes” and proclaiming “they are a gravestone that a dog pisses against.”

    The Scottish National Gallery pulled the video without explanation earlier this morning. This afternoon, they came out and said it was temporarily pulled at the band’s request and will be reinstated “imminently.”

  18. These are my people. My ancestors. Florekii, I understand, were outsider Hungarians permitted to live in Poland. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m just starting to go deeper into my genealogy. I’m Polish and French-German (Alsace). I feel a great swelling of pride hearing these songs and knowing that Poland would resist, does resist, and will again when needed.

    Mr. Midnight is half Ukrainian. His mom was born there, they fled the KGB and spent years getting to Western Europe and then America. We teach our children of the Holodomor, of their heritage, and history, as well as I can given my own limited and heavily (((influenced))) education. You can bet we observe Wiglia.

    Next year I’ll add Zero Hour to our observances. They should know it, as should I.

  19. — Next year I’ll add Zero Hour to our observances.

    That’s fantastic. I saw some photos and livestreams on Facebook from yesterday’s observances. The crowds were huge.

  20. In April, I had a post titled “Physical Bravery and Young Age,” which looks at what it takes for a nation to produce brave sons and daughters.

    Speaking of bravery, Marvel comics is finding their sales waaaaay down after a recent dip into “diversity” waters.

    Could it be because blacks, Muslim women, etc. just aren’t that heroic? Would they storm the beach under fire at Normandy or brave their way back into the Twin Towers to look for the injured while the fire still raged?

    The black teens in Florida last week didn’t even lift a finger to call 911 while the mentally challenged black man flailed in the pond and died.

    Over recent years, Marvel has made efforts to include more diverse and more female characters, introducing new iterations of fan favourites including a female Thor; Riri Williams, a black teenager who took over the Iron Man storyline as Ironheart; Miles Morales, a biracial Spider-Man and Kamala Khan, a Muslim teenage girl who is the current Ms Marvel.

    But speaking at the Marvel retailer summit about the studio’s falling comic sales since October, David Gabriel told ICv2 that retailers had told him that fans were sticking to old favourites. “What we heard was that people didn’t want any more diversity,” he said. “They didn’t want female characters out there. That’s what we heard, whether we believe that or not.”?

  21. This video of Warsaw Uprising retrospective unfortunately does not have English subtitles, but it does have a lot of very high-definition (for historic footage) clips of the action from ’44. One example: beginning at 9:30, an old woman who was 25 years old when she took part in the action tells us (my quick translation, abridged):

    We lined up, and people handed us bottles with a rag tied to them. So we held the bottle by the neck, and when a tank passed by, we were sort of lined up, every one of us with a bottle. We jumped out of the building gate when the tank was almost in line with us, and we flung the lit bottle under the tank’s tracks. And the tank stopped, in flames.

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