Pro-White Highway Banners


These highway banners are more effective than most people realize. You’re driving along, head empty, and this hits you. It really sinks in. Mass protests don’t have the same long-term cognitive impact imo. It’s a good thing the Right is comfortable with this message medium. — @Heartiste on

This post is theoretical musing, I don’t know anything about activism. Heartiste makes a great point about the impact of an unexpected banner on a driver in a receptive frame of mind. If someone were to hang such a banner off a highway overpass, what would he think about? Brainstorming a few considerations:

Safety. Do not endanger any drivers. If not 100% sure that the banner is safe, it shouldn’t be done. It is important that the sign won’t tear off and drop onto the road below, or slip out of one’s hands while attaching it. It’s safer to hang it over the grassy median, not the travel lanes.

Law. I’m no legal eagle. Authorities can spin an objectively harmless act into a felony. The politics of the municipality, or the governor if an Interstate highway is in play, determine the risk. A Blue city in a Blue state means a more zealous investigation and willingness to throw the book. A solid Trump county in a Red state is a better bet.

Audience. To have commuters to see the sign, picking a mid-week morning makes sense. If it’s families, one would time it with holiday weekend traffic.

Materials. Banners can be made of cheap, easily obtained materials such as white linen. The lettering can be done with freehand brush stokes or stenciled. It would be important to tie the banner securely to the overpass railing so it stays unfolded and doesn’t slip or tear off in wet weather on when tugged by the wind. Does it get tied only along the top, or also along the bottom? The banner can also be professionally made in a print shop, with reliable tie-downs and proper stiffness if the cost and the paper-trail are not a problem.

Language. The lettering should be clear and readable from the distance at one glance. The message should be simple. Hateful text, nah-zee optics, or stale phrases like “White Power” = being ADL’s dancing monkey. Rather, here are examples of thought-provoking pro-White protest slogans:

  • You Will Not Replace Us. Stop Immigration Now!
  • Immigration + Integration = White Genocide
  • Stop White Genocide
  • White GeNOcide
  • Whites Have the Right To Exist
  • Diversity = No Future For White Children
  • Anti-Racist Is A Code Word For Anti-White
  • 14 WORDS. Look It Up
  • “Diversity” Means Chasing Down The Last White Person
  • Imagine… White Children Having A Future

UPDATE: See additional ideas in the comments, especially notable contribution by Suburban_elk: “Enough Diversity Already — What about the White Kids?”

Execution. Nine parts planning, one part action. The area may or may not be under video surveillance. Do’s: knowing the lay of the land, leaving the cell phone at home, hanging the sign just before sunrise. Don’ts: parking nearby.


I’ve never posted a highway banner, so I am not telling any readers to do that. We are living in interesting times and people across the political spectrum know that making one’s voice heard (or in this case, seen) is part of a noble tradition of non-violent civil disobedience.

For example, under the czars and then under Soviet rule, Lithuanians desired to preserve their nation and culture, and to that end they defied the ruling narrative by erecting crosses in a field outside of Siauliai to honor their fallen heroes.



England’s Lebensborn

From The Times (UK):

Christian child forced into Muslim foster care
Concern for girl who had cross removed and was encouraged to learn Arabic

A white Christian child was taken from her family and forced to live with a niqab-wearing foster carer in a home where she was allegedly encouraged to learn Arabic.

The five-year-old girl, a native English speaker, has spent the past six months in the care of two Muslim households in London. The foster placements were made, against the wishes of the girl’s family, by the scandal-ridden borough of Tower Hamlets.

In confidential local authority reports seen by The Times, a social services supervisor describes the child sobbing and begging not to be returned to the foster carer’s home because “they don’t speak English”.


I don’t know that poor girl’s circumstances, but the root-source dysfunctions that bring state inquiry into family’s private matters usually happen in single-mother households. We’ll get through this anti-White war and keep many lessons. Dumping single motherhood into the dustbin of history is one of those lessons.

Another lesson is that when Whites abandon Christianity or follow its churchian heresies, our atavistic paganism expresses itself in child-destroying cultism. England, as seen, islamizes Christian girls and pimps them out. On this side of the Atlantic, members of Evangelical communities make a big show of adopting older African step-siblings for their terrified sole natural child.

You might recall one of my earliest posts, about social services in Norway removing five children, including a newborn, from a Christian family on suspicion that they are raised too piously. I later looked up that family’s fate and happily learned that under the pressure of an international outcry, along with hundreds of hours of pro-bono effort by a Texas attorney, the family was reunited after seven months of separation, and child “protective” services in Norway and throughout Europe have come under scrutiny.

The “Lebensborn” of the post’s title references a subset of the Hitlerite eugenic program in World War II that involved the abducting of 400,000 children throughout Europe who had a desirable physical appearance for Germanization. Those campaigns are behind Article 2(e) of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

…genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: […] Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Complicity in White genocide cannot be forgiven. Everyone who is found guilty, on down to the lowliest social worker and informant-schoolteacher, will have to face punishment.

“Be A Lighthouse”

PA, you seem relatively sanguine about the alt right purges. It’s not just fringe sites like daily stormer, NPI is gone and others like Amren are on the chopping block. Why haven’t you commented on this?

It’s a good question. I wouldn’t say I’m sanguine about it, but there is an “Is that all you’ve got?” in the back of my mind. But I don’t have anything original to say about the deplatforming of dissident bloggers. Plenty of others are covering the subject. I publish a post when I have a perspective on something that other bloggers aren’t already providing. For example, my entry about Kid Rock’s “Po-Dunk” video. I learned of the song and video at Vox Day’s, then I read his analysis and the 375 comments, many of which were insightful.

So what else could I say about “Po-Dunk” that you can’t already read there? I wrote about it because I immediately recognized Kid Rock’s video as an homage to Hank Williams, Jr.’s “Country Boys Can Survive,” and then I connected its truculent acting-out with the anger that Michael Moore — coincidentally, another Michiganer — caricatured in his famous pre-election “Biggest Fuck You ever recorded.”

Nobody else, to my knowledge, had made those two connections. And I don’t have a similarly original take on the Alt-Right purges. I don’t even know whether this is the system’s first phase of bigger repressions, or its death-throes. (I do have a gut feeling as to which one it is, but a hunch is all it is at the moment).

Any practical takeaways from the purges, if you blog? A few you’ll also hear elsewhere: have your material backed up, even if merely as PDF files on your portable hard drive and hardcopy. Have your archives on a different platform ready to switch on. Be on to let people know of your new blog address.

But beyond that, recognize that online, you are not indispensable.

A couple of SJW-converged tech monopolies running interference for a sclerotic permanent government bureaucracy that has China and Russia eyeballing it for fissures are no sooner going to stop the omni-nationalist worldwide Alt-Right revolution than any organization could have hoped to stop the Industrial Revolution.

No one blogger is indispensable, even as a number of them are giants. Much of what needed to be said — the red pilling truth — has already been said. If one blogger is shut down, three new ones — younger, smarter, more energetic, more zero-fucks-given — will fill that gap.

There is blogging, and there is what you do in real life. Away from the internet, you are a leader by the mere fact of being Red-Pilled and wide awake. Whether you know it or not… better yet — whether they know if or not, the people in your life look to you for answers and for a good personal example. Subconsciously, they feel that you know something they don’t. They are unsettled by the surreal turn of politics, and they sense that you aren’t.

Your biggest responsibility — mine, yours — is to the people we are connected with in real life. Whether in a role of father, uncle, friend, you are a leader. Does one of your otherwise-solid friends say stupid things like “One day we’ll all be caramel-colored and there will finally be peace”? Use what you have learned on blogs to feed him tiny doses of the Red Pill. (Pro-tip: Brownian motion doesn’t drive human events.)

If you are a father, raise your children right. Take them and their friends out regularly. If you aren’t, you can still throw the football with a single mom’s son. Tell him to put the pinkie of his throwing hand in the middle of the seam, and when catching the ball, let it land in the bread basket. Teach your nephew to play guitar or change the car’s engine oil. Drop him a Game nugget of wisdom: “With girls, if you act hungry, you’ll never get fed.”

If you live in a shitty diverse area, invite your White neighbors over to your place for a get-together. Formally, with invitation cards. Pay for your niece’s private school tuition. Cultivate a reputation as a man of integrity. If you have the doggedness in you, run for local office.

A carefree world generates its own ennui. Thankfully, we don’t have that to worry about. Instead, we have so many ways in which we can make a meaningful sacrifice in this one short life we’re given. I pray nightly. This is what I close with:

Thank you God for the miracle that is life.

A young blogger I read regularly, who has been telling people to get out into real life and engage, has just laid out his reasons for retiring from public writing:

When I wrote “Driving Through Dying Blue Towns” last year … I visited home and saw it again. We can sit by and watch it happen or show some agency. I’m tired of seeing my friends die [of drug addiction] and just providing commentary.

I suspect that public life is something he is just getting started with. The man I am talking about goes by Ryan Landry. I’ve mentioned this before, but he inspired me to start this blog through an off-the-cuff remark that he writes because he wants his children, one day, to know what he was thinking. He closes on a note that rings familiar to anyone who has been reading him:

The storm is growing. Be a lighthouse.

Godspeed, Ryan and thank you for your writing.


Snapshots From Weimerica

I don’t look for this stuff.

It looks for me.

The Entitlement Wrist

Often seen in drive-thru, lazily hanging out the driver-side window until handed the McDindugeld:


Faith of Our Fathers

George Washington prayed at that church:


Father of a Bitch


Mother of a Bitch


Dindu Ascending a Staircase


“Teach Your Children Well”


“I don’t mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadents”

In an upper-class neighborhood:


The Peaceful Solutioncwm-8

Nationalism In Po-Dunk

Kid Rock’s “Po-Dunk” gives a middle finger to anti-American globalists. The video pays homage to Hank Williams, Jr. “Country Boys Can Survive” right away, with an opening scene featuring a man wearing a Bocephus t-shirt.

“Po-Dunk” is a message to a political class that has been tearing those people down for decades. That message is: Our consent is withdrawn. The video is not perfect, but it rides the rising wave of popular discontent. That’s elaborated on here:

It’s Alt Lite, not Alt Right. It’s populist, neither intellectual nor ideological. And while it’s ultimately insufficient, it nevertheless represents a tremendous step forward for Americans, because, unlike the Diversity Left, which hates America, and the Establishment Right, which cares about nothing except GDP and the well-being of the donor class, the Trump nationalists love America. — Vox Day

Where the 1981 video for “Country Boys Can Survive” postures defiantly from a position of competent self-reliance, this one revels literally and figuratively in mud.

Country music from the 1950s through the 1970s is the greatest of American music. Hank, Merle, George, Johnny, Waylon balanced license with dignity. But the past does not return. You have to push through the present — through Kid Rock’s potty-mouthed, mudsharking-at-the-edges, conspicuous nihilism — to make a future aligned with your higher aspirations

The video shines a light on our people in their nadir-hour. Naked women, tats galore, smoking while pregnant… those aren’t a matter of culture or aesthetic. They are a matter of self-respect. That said, Kid Rock knows the Alt-Right’s Point No. 12:

“Podunk don’t give one hillbilly fuck.” — Kid Rock


More importantly, the video does several very, very big things: it explicitly celebrates White natalism: “Got a baby in her belly and a baby on her hip / Little towheaded rascal peeing off the porch.” Also the Confederate flag, guns, rooted all-White communities, and in pointed defiance of neoliberalism, no immigrants. And good, dirty fun. How can the political slogan “diversity is our greatest strength” be taken seriously, when homogeneity looks like home sweet home?

(An aside on the featuring of blacks in the video: that ruins it for me. That’s because I’m farther along on the national right-ward drift than the target audience for the video is. Also, idealized relations between Whites and Blacks are part of American mythology and have a bit of basis in reality in some regional and historic contexts.)

Kid Rock’s people in rural Michigan are giving the middle finger to the conservatives who had stabbed them in the back, and to the liberals who want them blended out of existence. “Po-Dunk” follows the same angry current as that of Michigan’s other native son, Michael Moore, who featured those same people in his unintentionally pro-Trump campaign video. Did you forget about Moore’s “Biggest Fuck You in Human History”? I didn’t.

Yes, on November 8, you — Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Billy Blow, Billy-Bob Blow, all the Blows — get to go and blow up the whole goddamned system because it’s your right. Trump’s election is going to be the biggest “Fuck You” ever recorded in human history and it will feel good. — Michael Moore


Kid Rock is tapping into that same “Fuck You.”

Everybody is feeling the hunger for a home. That’s what nationalism is all about.


The Chaser: From A Fashion Catalog

This entry is a chaser to the previous post.

Markets rely on Whites to do the lion’s share of spending. When it comes to advertising graphics, they can’t entirely purge us from public display — images without our faces will not move the product.

But if you want to delegitimize us while running an effective sales campaign, you need to keep us — and comply with KultMarx imperatives by adulterating the harmony of the image with one or more non-Whites. For optimal equilibrium of advertising and demoralizing, you pair a White female with you-can-guess-who.

And, that’s not what’s going on in the pages of the catalog below. Here is the front cover (cropped):


A White-White couple?

The aesthetic is neither heroin-chic nor homo-creepoid because the models look healthy. I don’t mind their androgynous look. It is a legitimate style: Nordic gracile, prelapsarian in its affected adult innocence. Let’s call it High-Elven.

. . .

Well lookee here, a dark elf:


I didn’t say that KultMarx gave this company an opt-out.

Yet I had to laugh. Clearly, somebody is looking for drama.

This post shows all of the images in the catalog that feature more than one person on a set, except for these three photos, which I am omitting:

  • An early-teen White girl and Black boy (parents of minors ought to know better than to sign off on that).
  • WM, BW, WW
  • BW, WW

There wasn’t anything remarkable about those last two. But what’s remarkable, is that every male-female adult couple in this catalog is White. Examples:

K345And finally, the next image is from the cover page of another company’s catalog. In today’s political climate, its natural wholesomeness is counterrevolutionary.

It is also good and beautiful.


A Mixed Message

The poster below has different messages for different audiences.

  • For White men and boys: “Die.”
  • For Black males: “You can have an unrealistic blonde, a genetic upgrade, and gibs from White folk. No downside.”
  • For White women and girls: “Get a sexy cabana boy (he will stick around, promise!), have a genetic catastrophe, fall into the underclass.”

Nothing in staged commercial photography is by accident. The wedding band is on his middle finger.Rnmd2

Nazi LARPers

I don’t have much to say on that subject beyond “don’t do that,” as well as highlighting the White lower class angle. A commenter writes at Vox Popoli:

I agree the Nazi brand sucks. But for many of these guys, LARPing as a Stormtrooper is the alternative to opioids and suicide.

Instead of spitting on them like the cucks and shitlibs, we should be trying to reach out and find CONSTRUCTIVE outlets for their anger. But since the Deep State has throttled legitimate electoral politics, expect it to get worse. Showing some empathy for the plight of some of these individuals costs us nothing and might flip a few to better behaviors. Calling them “Alt-Retards” isn’t helping. Neither is calling them “dead-end losers” — they already know this, it is the very heart of their despair.

Some Nazi LARPers are no doubt idiot Gammas and others are as described above, teens who are hardest-stomped by neoliberalism’s war on Whites.

We all feel that war, even as many have internalized its assaults as normal and can’t envision any other way to live. You can be over-fifty and upper-middle-class, but you still can’t entirely avoid the aesthetic bombardment of diversity. You might live in a super-Zip and socialize in out-of-sight places, but then you’re living in a bunker, albeit a pretty one.

White teens in majority-minority schools don’t get the comfort of a pretty bunker. You’ve seen a group of black high-schoolers hanging out, with that one White kid in their company deferentially affecting a submissive simian slouch.

His wealthier White peers play lacrosse, listen to good music, and have attractive girlfriends. But they still can’t go to a mall that looks like it’s in their own country. Point is, everybody feels the dispossession, but some get it harder than others.

I drove through a lower-middle-class area. A White teenage boy shuffled past me as I stood at a light. He looked about 14, lifeless eyes, lowered head under his grey hoodie. This land was your land, this land ain’t your land. His prospects for having a human-looking girlfriend are near-zero. He does not run around on artificial turf in expensive sports gear. His mom might be a fat, divorced mudshark. He does not see any constructive direction that his life can take.

Another comment at VP:

The bottom line is that even communists take care of their wounded. If the Alt-West can’t even do their most basic Christian duty of caring for the poor, the sick, the orphans, and the LOSERS, we’ll never win anything because when the cards are down I need the guy next to me to be willing to lay down his life for me.

There is use in shaming someone who takes a wrong turn, and certainly in shaming a political saboteur. Knowing when to slam down a liability who waves a Hakenkreuz at an AltRight rally vs. when to steer a youth who is amenable to guidance toward productive activism takes good judgment.

Similar environmental pressures can create different responses. Some find escapism in anachronistic iconography and others surrender to whiggerdom. This (in)famous scene in Gran Torino titillated racists but something sat ill with me. It’s where Clint Eastwood’s character chased off a group of blacks who were intimidating a whigger and his Hmong girlfriend. And I figured out what it was: filicide.

It would have been better if Eastwood had told the boy to also get into the truck. After they dropped the girl off at her house, he should have said: “Son, you’re gonna help me change the oil in my Torino.”