Securing The Existence

Two versions of the graphic I made:




21 thoughts on “Securing The Existence

  1. The first one hits harder because of the lower images, especially the middle and the one on the right. Not to mention the blood smears of the left and right images.

  2. Mendo, I agree with you. The first one also has better composition. I wanted to include a version without gore.

    UPDATE: I just made some tweaks to Version 2. Much improved.

  3. “you will” / “you are”

    A meme has to be instantly understandable. No reading between the lines. “You do” works because it is a simple, direct reply to the SJW’s accusation/question. Saying “You will” makes one pause for a split second to figure out what “will” refers to, and then go “Oh, OK, the SJWs will hurt innocent women and children.” It also predetermines a sad outcome.

    “You are” is more logical and technically more accurate than my version (innocents are in fact being harmed, while SJWs don’t consciously see themselves as people who want to hurt them), but it is a two-degree remove from the SJW’s original question.

    What “You do” does, is hits the SJW with an instant counter-strike she is not on-guard against. It’s not about policy (“you are objectively wrong”) — it’s about the underlying good/evil (“you are a monster who WANTS to hurt innocents.”)

    Legitimacy and thus effectiveness in Fourth Gen Warfare requires the taking of the moral high ground (not in the cuckservative sense of “muh principle” but with impassioned righteousness) — while smearing the opposition as being on the bad side of right and wrong. To do that, you attack their very motives, not the errors of their ways.

    — “they are.”

    That’s also objectively true, but it’s all-forebrain, not a hindbrain shiv. It would read like an effort to win the SJW over with facts, rather than to immolate her legitimacy.

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  5. PA, this is OT, but watch about two minutes of this from where it starts. Interesting detail about the Hungarian uprising in 1956. Something close to home for you, so thinking you might want to hear it.

  6. Interesting, Peterike. The first two minutes are indeed worth a listen. I didn’t know that the 1956 Hungarian Uprising started as an anti-Jewish rebellion, with the Communist secret police apparatus being comprised of repatriated Soviet Jews. Hungarians certainly had living memory of the Communist reign of Bela Kun (Kuhn) of 1919 — which was a brief but horrific implementation of Cultural Marxism.

    It’s open common knowledge in Eastern Europe that the early decades of Communism were Jewish dictatorships. In Poland, for example, it wasn’t until 1968 that the Polish Communist Party started purging Jews from power. Many moved to Israel, many to the United States. Coincidentally, the polack joke (a.k.a. the goy joke) took off in the publishing industry around that time.

    From the never-ever-biased Wikipedia: “In 1967–68 Gomułka [head of state] allowed outbursts of “anti-Zionist” political propaganda,[2] which turned into an anti-Semitic campaign, pursued primarily by others in the Party, but utilized by Gomułka to retain power by shifting the attention from the stagnating economy.”

    — Something close to home for you

    Polish-Hungarian friendship is legendary. There is even an Infogalactic and Wikipedia page dedicated to it. There is a saying in both languages, roughly translated as:

    “Pole and Hungarian — two brothers,
    friends in saber and in wine.”

    I liked David Irving’s mockery of the establishment calling him “the most disliked historian in England.” He said: “what did those academics do, stand around with clipboards asking people which historian they dislike the most?”

    Another excellent English historian and specialist on Poland is Norman Davies. I have his two-volume “God’s Playground” on my shelf. He has also had difficulties with his peers, on account of his sympathetic writing of Polish history where hardline Jewish perspectives indicated a more hostile narrative.

  7. Speaking of famous uprising and their politically “inconvenient” beginnings, the Tienanmen Square uprising was sparked by Chinese university students’ attack on African students who were dating Chinese coeds.

  8. “I’m only hurting a couple dozen third-world savages. You’re hurting 300 million Americans.

  9. To real eyes beyond “liberation,”
    And peeled “I” of banana “nation…”
    One rakes loot
    Jets afoot
    And dreams annihilation.

  10. PA….

    I think the more pertinent question is how much “we” labor to realize the prog-creed of “radical autonomy?”

    “We” are caught between a flock and the lard face. Wrought to bones and indulgent groans.

    In meme war, Integration is axiomatic. So separation is verboten.

  11. “When one becomes an actual father, he shall be stalk-haunted by the demonic demise of his children.” — The Racist Dad

  12. First meme, last photograph… I can hardly real eyes the grew sum reality. It’s blood-pill. It’s “radical autonomy” at the “white annihilation” state. “We” chalk a mind-line between fake hearsay and what jew can intuite anyway. {{{They}}} are trying to kill me and mine and every meme just an after play.

  13. “blood pill”

    Good one. So you think it was good to provide version 2, without the gore?

    PS: is gore all-bad? It does have the power to focus ones attention.

  14. Gore is real and the shyte mice undoubtedly attempts to minimize his growing turd pile.

    At some joint, where separation is not venerable, a most bloody of calm-down fractures will occur.

    Laboring to avoid this outcome is the actual test. To see it come to fruition is a sign of our imminent failure. The mob is “you-knighted.”

    So it’s more than the gore. It’s a memetic actualization of “our” violent loss.

    And “we” are violently losing.

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