Five Fun And Simple Songs

Who says that you always have to be serious?

1. The AC/DC Laundry Dude

Three cheers for the improvisational creativity of a rocker who doesn’t have a drummer on-hand. What I mean is, high-concept White genius takes us to the moon, the planets, and one day to the stars. Our middle-brow élan is why some of us leap into a Norwegian fjord in a wing suit. And our fun-loving low-brow ingenuity delivers this:

2. Cher and the Two Young Fellas

Namely, Beavis and Butthead. PS: leave Warrant alone! But in the end, Butthead scores and that’s what matters.

BUTTHEAD: “So like, um, Cher, heh heh, I hear you’re like, you know, into young dudes?” [strokes her thigh]
CHER: “Yeah well, you feelin’ lucky, Butthead?”

Always be closing, gentlemen.

3. “Home Is Wherever I’m With You”

Hipsters, or hippies:

‒ Jade?
‒ Alexander?
‒ Do you remember that day you fell outta my window?
‒ I sure do; you came jumping out after me.
‒ Well, you fell on the concrete, nearly broke your ass, and you were bleeding all over the place, and I rushed you out to the hospital, you remember that?
‒ Yes, I do.
‒ Well, there’s something I never told you about that night.
‒ What didn’t you tell me?
‒ Well, while you were sitting in the back seat smoking a cigarette you thought was gonna be your last, I was falling deep, deeply in love with you, and I never told you ’til just now!

The most Edenic video you’ve ever watched:

4. Do You Want To Feel Happy?

Watch the next video. It’s one thousand Italian rockers playing the Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly.”

I was hanging out with a couple of musician friends last night. The impassioned drummer (a fellow with stratospheric IQ) explained to us how Dave Grohl is a brilliant percussionist, as we chilled out over a bottle of Jack and watched two hours of the band’s videos.

“You know, Italy is a country where dreams cannot easily come true. But it’s a land of passion and creativity. So what we did here is just a huge, huge miracle.”

It’s times like these you learn to live again.

5. New England

Can a simple rhyme, in this case the children’s song “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” in a medley with “Coming Around Again,” hit one’s emotional cortex? Carly Simon’s live performance at Martha’s Vineyard does it for me.

“Scream a lullaby”

What a powerful line. In the 1986 original, the song was about the middle class ennui. The way it reads to us now, is “don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” But the nursery rhyme that starts at the 3:00 minute mark makes this a performance for the ages.

That part of the country… I went there with nothing, came back with something. My worst defeat and my biggest triumph. It’s better to reach and fall than to sit tight and never know what you can do, as your best three years come and go.

If you know New England, you can’t not enjoy that concert against its chilly north Atlantic evening.

OK, I got a little serious here at the end.

Open thread.

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  1. Carly’s wiki:

    Carly Simon was born in New York City. Her father was Richard L. Simon (co-founder of Simon & Schuster), a classical pianist who often played Chopin and Beethoven at home. Her mother was Andrea Louise Simon (née Heinemann), a civil rights activist and singer. Her father was from a German Jewish family, while her maternal grandfather Friedrich was a German-speaking Swiss and maternal grandmother a Spanish-Catholic from Valencia, Spain. Her grandmother was sent to England and raised by nuns until the age of sixteen.

    In 2015, Simon stated that when she was seven years old, a family friend in his teens did sexual things to her.[20] She stated, “It was heinous”, adding, “It changed my view about sex for a long time.”

    I like Carly Simon. Her talent is the “real deal” (as they say in the industry).

    (But the gimmick with the children’s chorus — yeah it works in that song and Carly can do it because she has a lot of heart. But anyone else … )

    Her number one hit You’re So Vain has some great lyrics. From memory:

    You walked into the party
    like you were walking on to a yacht
    Your hat strategically placed over you eye
    your scarf it was apricot

    You had one eye in the mirror
    as you watched yourself gavot

    And all the girls dreamed
    that they’d be your partner
    they’d be your partner
    they’d be your partner

    You’re so vain
    You probably think this song is about you
    You’re so vain
    You probably think this song is about you
    (don’t you don’t you don’t you don’t you)

    Frankly those lyrics are beautiful. A+

    The chorus is very “Heartistian” and when that song played on the radio and i didn’t get what she meant.

    I thought well of course the song is about him (you) — but what she meant is that the song is about her and how she was hurt.

  2. Carly Simon is third-black, half-Jewish, and it worked out with her. The Sistah vocal volume comes though a bit in those “Spider” choruses, but it works. That song has 3 million views, and half of those are me.

    By the way, the youngest boy in that group of kids is her (and James Taylor’s) son. Miscegenation ends well when it all goes back to White.

    John B.: glad you liked it man!

  3. That songwriting credit and the lyrics are hers, as I think most of her other hits. That song is a sophisticated chord structure with 13 and 9 chords, and the melody requires some skill but she does it with ease.

    And of course her looks are of an exceptional “American” type.

    That type is the mingling of the immigrant German jews with the old stock American. Those German jews are very skewed toward the Euro Ashkenazi type, and per Carly’s looks and certainly her 23 and Me would be near to identical with a White American average.

  4. Carly Simon is third-black, half-Jewish, and it worked out with her.


    It says nothing of the sort on her wiki page. I have never heard that, and her looks don’t bear that out at all.

  5. I was going by common knowledge, and by “I swear I read on Wiki” earlier. Checking now, I see no indication of her black ancestry, I coulda sworn her mom was half/mostly black, but it doesn’t say so there now. Perhaps I was wrong on that one.

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    Kyle and Sinead discuss the alt right and alt light, cam whores, nothing burgers, sex bots, and so much more.

    This is a very entertaining listen. These two have a very high-energy and down to Earth presentation.

    They rip Spencer hard, and seem to think that all the figureheads of the AR including Trump and Anglin and Putin and everyone is controlled opposition.

    The conspiracy pill is engorged deep and hard, and long and deep.

    That said, it is very entertaining, and Sinead has a first-rate radio personality. In fact i say with confidence that she has the best radio personality of ANYONE podcasting in the Sphere.

    And she’s a chick. BUT she thinks everyone else is in bed with the jews.

    I have only listened to that one show, but their general theme is how to be WN in this hostile society.

    I particularly liked their point about how we as real live and individual biological organisms (of the White species) are under assault, and that assault takes many forms.

  8. I always felt that Carly Simon was one of those is she hot or isn’t she? women. I could never quite make up my mind. She can sing, though.

  9. “That type is the mingling of the immigrant German jews with the old stock American. Those German jews are very skewed toward the Euro Ashkenazi type, and per Carly’s looks and certainly her 23 and Me would be near to identical with a White American average.”

    I bring that up in response to the ranting by the hosts of the podcast linked in my previous comment.

    They go on and on about leading AR personalities being false fronts of the jews.

    They suggest that Spencer among others is not just an agent of the jews, but a sort of half crypto. They say the same of Anglin. And in the comments it is said of Linder.

    As a general rule, that whole topic is a loser. But it is interesting in a gossipy sort of way.

    Spencer has his issues. (i don’t even want to know)

    I judge Anglin and Linder by their work, and both of them are accomplished writers.

    Not too many people — and really, who at all — can be listed ahead of them, in writing and journalism about our contemporary situation.

    The criticisms those podcasters make, they themselves will have to defend.

    However. There are criticisms to be made.

    I have a criticism of Linder’s final solution policy of exterminating the jews.

    I think it is a bad idea, because it doesn’t set right. I sometimes wonder if that suggested policy is in good faith.

    How can anyone intelligently think that we can have that as a platform?

    I mean come on. What is wrong with expelling them?

    The idea that there is a permanent solution, to any of life’s problems, is delusional and unsophisticated, and larpy.

    And such a solution NOT based on reason, as Linder likes to claim. But his premises are faulty. The premise that the jews have to exterminated for us to survive long term is on its face false. We have already survived long term WITH them.

  10. — They say the same of Anglin.

    One of the “minor” bloggers (relative to the influence and traffic of someone like Vox Day and Heartiste) I respect the most is Hipster Racist. And he’s gone on about Anglin and Daily Stormer being “three parentheses.” Hipster’s case rests on the argument that the explicitly NahZee rhetoric is system-bait for beclowning us. I get that in general, and I even get Hipster’s case against George Rockwell back in the day. After all, what better way to discredit pro-White advocacy circa 1965 than to Nazi-LARP in front of a nation of WWII vets.

    But Hipster extends that case to Matt Heimbach and Andrew Anglin.

    I don’t know the former well enough to comment; Jared Taylor worked with him, so that’s to his credit.

    As to Anglin, I find his writing to be nothing more and nothing less than an open-hearted honest passion of the 18-30 year old White American. What Anglin recently called “the discarded generation.”

  11. I read 3 pages of HR’s blog. While he seems capable of making extremely valid points, he a) let’s his paranoia get the best of him, and b) seems to have an inordinate belief in the power of the “middle” against “low class” (Trolls). The combination of the two, mixed with what smells like a Hipster background, leads him seriously astray.

    Did him and Firepower communicate back in the day?

  12. — Did him and Firepower communicate back in the day?

    Vague recollection, yes. I credit HR with convincing me to take 911 truth movement seriously, via the Architects/Engineers for 911 Truth video. Also, the “Home is wherever I’m with you” video in this post is one I learned of from his blog several years ago, when he was writing about implicit hipster Whiteness. That theme was an overlap with Mindweapons in Ragnarok.

    There is a point where one overthinks things and barring positive evidence, I won’t accept that Brevik, Snowden, or Tim M. were system operatives, as HR has argued they were.

  13. One theme that comes through HR’s writing is that he is (presumably) living in a dense urban enbiroment, which I suspect leads him to the assumption that there is this vast reservoir of “middle” prospective sympathisers, that would be active if not for trolling and high brow writing.

    I’m combining Firepower and Sailer here, but a big backstory for urban hipsters, at least the heterosexual ones, is that they “reclaimed” urban space conceded to lawlessness in the 50s-70s. Much of the growth of this urban upper middle class is because USG threw so much money at urban policing, mass incarceration, and housing “reform” in the 90s, that the system actually was engaging in low level civil conflict with the urban underclass to reclaim urban teritory.

    The whole urban upper class, outside maybe the Emerald Island and the Beltway, depends on the Fed money, tolerance from DOJ Civil Rights Division, and media tolerance of efforts to remove the urban underclass. Like Wall Street in general, they are the beneficiaries of favor from the regime.

    To be clear, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing or that every white person living in a gentrified area is against us, that would be absurd. What I’m saying is that the density of upper middle class white people, who can easily travel and meet at coffee shops and bars and privately talk, in those areas is the result of government tolerance, so you get a very different view of the world than one would get from Metzger or Bill White, who were active in some of the same places before it became “hipster”.

    And don’t even get me started about how the Portland liberals forget it who it was that paved the way for them.

  14. Hipster Racism was a good concept and it is still relevant.

    But the Kids at TDS are on a different wavelength. The concept of the Hipster is Gen X.

    I don’t know what it is morphed into, or what the Kids would say about it.

    Re the commenter Hipster Racist. On the gossip front, the Alt Right writer Vincent Law in the comments to his (own) article,

    White People Must Embrace Their Inner Noble Savage
    The ills of Modernism have become associated with Whiteness. Time to break that association.

    called out Hipster Racist as a troll. Apparently he has that rep at that site and they have a history.

    I am inclined to agree with Law’s characterization. HR seems to love to hear himself talk, beyond the point that others are interested. Endless quibbling and reframing, into his zeitgeist perspective well summed up by Ulrich above.

    Another commenter there (and at Unz), and also with a prolific output, is Sylvio Silver. He does the same thing, of characterizing other commenters perspective as complaints and, worse than that, as personal failings.

    Sylvio Silver likes to frame everyone’s point into his perspective of being a somewhat satisfied middle-aged (White) man: “So what are you complaining about, racist? (grow up)”

    Both guys are thoughtful and considered, and tactful and engaging. My read on Silver, is that he simply is a contrary person and not a deliberate troll, and that is just how he rolls.

    However his contrariness causes him to miss the point of what others are saying.

    Others are suggesting SOMETHING ELSE, and his response is “things are not so bad, quit complaining” and the implicit criticism is that if the complainer (the racist) were a better man, he could just enjoy life.

    In other words excellent Boomer-style cut-off. (though Silver is a Gen X peer)

    I lurked at Majority Rights ten years ago when Sylvio and the legendary Fred Scrooby, whose commenting like has not been seen since he retired and then with Bowery left that site to go to the birds — those two would get into it BIGLY, and Sylvio would just say that since Fred was partly jewish or something, that he was compromised.

    Enough gossip, for now perhaps?

    There is a meta-point — a point about the discussion and the process itself — to be gleaned in there somewhere, for someone who has the focus to tease it out.

  15. Implicit Whiteness / hipster racism is a strategy but it has its limitations. To also reference Steve Sailer, who once memorably quipped on the subject of implied things: (from memory) — “what goes unsaid goes un-thought.”

    Hipster racists put on the anti-racist sheep’s clothing to such an extent that they eventually become sheep. A metaphor to make a point, not to insult hipsters. The longer their racism (i.e. healthy Identity expressed in territoriality contra minos) goes not-articulated, the more the wolf’s instincts atrophy, not to mention his fangs.

    28Sherman did a recent podcast on this subject, talking specifically about a hipster venue in Brooklyn NY and the subculture’s subtle tactics of keeping things White. I know that bar, in fact having visited it recently — the nth time in five or so years. And what I see develop over time, is that SWPLs/hipsters undermine their own strategy of excluding minos by bringing them in. Every liberal “knows a good one” and slobbers all over an opportunity to bring him into his implicitly White circles. Over time, I started seeing more black couples go in “unescorted” and random mestizos wander in. Having a bored looking Hispanic bouncer/ID checker doesn’t help.

    You can’t base your territorial strategy on making undesirables feel subtly unwelcome but then make exceptions for individual ones. Soon enough, they all will start to feel comfortable. But how do you keep discipline if you don’t ever say the unthinkable?

  16. Speaking of the legendary Fred Scrooby, who in his own comments was partly jewish.

    It is not a “coincidence” (which is to say that it is, co-incidental) that some of the best critics of the JQ jewish problem have intimate personal feelings on it.

    Tanstaafl is another example.

    Linder may or may not have German jewish background. That name, his looks maybe a little. And his verbal felicity outdoes the jews in their own specialty.

    The comment at the podcast thread i referenced above, said that Mr Linder was suffering from a medical condition that was associated with their genes.

    And also his hard line on the whole “who is a jew” question, might seem to be based on his position.

    All that stuff? is gossip pure and plain but on the other hand inevitable and so there.

  17. The hipster is all about ironic pursuits. The casual nihilism of Gen X being applied to life. Nothing they do is serious, it is all ironic. They ironically imitate the indicators of masculinity despite being close to the antithesis of masculinity, but it is all in good fun because masculinity is no longer a necessity. It is their tame version of rebellion. They hate the society in which they live, but they are so controlled and conditioned that they cannot imagine a system different that the one that they hate, so they wear the styles and mannerisms of their conceptions of the past.

    Two takeaways there. First, they often have a sense that something is wrong, but cannot express it. The newspeak crimestop of society leaves them absent the capability to articulate it, but the emotional sense that it is wrong in many ways is far more powerful than reason. They may yet be salvageable.

    Second, and I am not sure if I have said this before, but the irony and nihilism that infects so much of society is not going to survive the Millennial generation. Right or left, my generation has spawned plenty of members that are firmly committed to their ideals. Plenty of the “Deus Vult, Make Crusades Great Again” memes are for fun, but if France or Germany starts purging their Muslims and declares a holy war, I would expect that Europe would see a migration of pissed off Western men. That sort is not going to tolerate the “nothing matters, it is all a game, stop taking things so serious” attitude so prevalent.

    The Shadowed Knight

  18. Obnoxious tees are not even aughts, they are 90s.

    But back when they were a thing, you would see one (occasionally) that read:


    Thx for the reminder. The last time I saw that shirt (literally) was at the Mall, and the bearer (of bad news) looked to be a jew.

    Talk about taking both sides of the argument.

  19. As this is a declared open thread, I would like to repeat my hypothesis that

    Circumcision Rates (might) correlate with White Death

    The data to evaluate that must be out there and obtainable, for someone or some group tenacious enough.

    Seems plausible enough.

    In my own experience, having mutilated genitals has made sexual relations more awkward and difficult.

    And awkward personal feelings aside, there are larger questions and implications, about the effects of mass male genital mutilation, on the health of the gene pool in its entirety.

    For the sake of comparison and as a starting point, ponder this:

    What are two huge population groups, apart from White Americans, whose characteristics and trajectory have been subject and select to that bloody ritual over generations: Muslim Arabs and the Jews.

    Think about the selection at play, that favors successful sex relations and interpersonal WITH mutilated genitals, as opposed to what long-term sex relations are selected for with all their feelings and sensuality intact.

    Who will be less affected by having his genitals excised and tossed in the trash? a sensitive person with a full complement of human feelings and experience, or a psychopath.

    The question answers itself. And what sort of characteristics do we see among the Jews and Muslim Arabs?

    Why are they such perverts with predilections for anal sex and little boys and girls?

    To think that there is no correlation with their mutilated genitals, seems unlikely.

  20. Obviously it is an awkward and personal topic.

    HOWEVER — where else is that hypothesis raised, and those questions asked?

    I am anonymous nobody, distinguished commenting career aside — but that question CANNOT be ignored.

    Well actually those questions have been and can continue to be ignored; but at tremendous cost to the health of the Children, and White society, and really the world at large.

    I am not the first person to consider and publish that question. There are in fact easy enough to find medical studies, peer-reviewed and usually from Europe, that demonstrate the correlation between male genital mutilation and retarded sex expression such as anal sex and homo sex, and pedophilia, all of which go together in the larger category of retarded sex expression.

    But the next step from that finding, is how is the health of an ENTIRE POPULATION of tens of millions, effected [no sic] over the course of generations.

    That remains to be studied.

    If we had scientists and thinkers with integrity (bodily and otherwise), they would jump on the opportunity.

  21. “Think about the selection at play, that favors successful sex relations and interpersonal WITH mutilated genitals, as opposed to what long-term sex relations are selected for with all their feelings and sensuality intact.”

    This is the heart of the question I would raise. And it is not expressed there very well. Let me try again.

    What type of man is not affected, and yes effected, by having his genitals mutilated?

    It’s not the best men, who are not affected (and yes effected) by that: it’s the worst.

  22. “And awkward personal feelings aside, there are larger questions and implications, about the effects of mass male genital mutilation, on the health of the gene pool in its entirety.”

    I also have to suspect that the quality of the fertilized egg, might very well be altered, by a mutilated penis.

    The dynamics of reproduction are so subtle, and we do not know how God works.

    For instance the subject of telegony was disregarded as quackery for most of the second half of the 20th century. Along with them knowing everything about healthy food and toilet habits, they also knew everything about the effects of multiple partners on the reproductive results of women (and men). / sarc — they only thought they knew

    Now the latest (real) science is that telegony has a basis in microbiology.

    And as regards sex with mutilated men — it’s not the same thing. At least it’s not with me. I don’t muster the same enthusiasm for a five-second orgasm as I would have for the more capacious sensual experience that nature evolved to separate us higher hominids from the monkeys.

    And so not having that enthusiasm certainly alters the woman’s experience, and not just in opening the gate.

    Does it not seem likely that more passionate sex will produce healthier children?

  23. “I don’t muster the same enthusiasm for a five-second orgasm”

    Jerry the good jew Seinfeld made a joke about that. I am essentially copping his joke.

    He was a genius, and posed the question what is good in life, his answer was a chocolate chip cookie, a five-second orgasm?

    That was a close to explicit as he could be, on his own show, but it is clearly enough a reference to limited sexual expression.

  24. The question, Elk, is whether you possess the will to define this “issue” in the name of white (S)upremacy for generations to come? You certainly possess the intelligence. So “we” are invoking your spirit.

    Not expanding your reality to accomodate a path to redemption is a free-willed choice.

    So why no path?

  25. “Hipster racist” LITERALLY translates with postmodern flair into “white (s)upremacist.” The shtick was BE IRONIC about “white supremacy.” Mocking “it” while still signaling its inherent (t)ruth. And the “irony” was to be found in that basic inversion of reality:

    (S)upremacy = degeneracy…

    So when “hipster racist” was made aware that he was ULTIMATELY an advocate for white (S)upremacy, this is when all the irony falls apart. One locks into “crypto-jew” mode and cannot advance towards an existential answer to be passed down to the progeny.

    white (S)upremacist > “hipster racist…”

  26. My goal is to have a life interesting enough to talk about.

    As I have said repeatedly, the genre that still remains to explore and for us to live into and fill out, is memoir.

    That’s it. It is not sic fi. Sorry Vox. And it’s not television anymore either. The Sopranos was the end all be all. It is all been downhill from that, in the same way that the first last and only novel was Crime and Punishment. For which by the way, Dostoyevsky was paid for by the word. Which explains a lot.

    It was a different time, and people had long winter nights to fill, and they were coming to terms with the conflicts inside their own heads — about what they were to do with their own lives, in the emergent scale-up world that prefigured our own!

    And here’s the funny part. Ryu exhorting us to criminalize is very much the theme that tortured and broke Raskalnikov. So that theme is apparently unresolved.


    But the problem with television is that it takes too much production talent.

    And the problem with sci fi is that it is escapist.

    So memoir it is.

    But what will you do with your life to make it interesting enough to talk about?

    With all respect due the bros MPC, I don’t think there is more boring way to spend your time, than in gym lifting weights. And at the end of your middle-age what have you got to tell?

    Excuse me while I have a laugh.

  27. Thus far I have failed, in having a Life Interesting Enough to Tell.

    The blogger SoBL does a good job of exemplifying the everyday (intelligent) Joe America who has a family and talks about everyday experience.

    Not to pick on him (or maybe a little) — but where is the Sweep of Adventure?

    Where is the grand theme?

    Of course, once a man has children he is bound to take care of them, and that’s that.

    I have enormous respect for my old friends and current acquaintances with children, who do their best by them. They immediately transform into someone else. At least almost all of them do. In fact every single man I know who has had children, has transformed instantly into a dad.

    They just stop seeing their own lives and petty problems as important, and worry about their kids.

  28. I can hardly even imagine how seriously worried I would be, about the Future of White Children, if I had some who were my responsibility.

    As it is, there still and always will be, the role of example, for anyone to fill.

    But the world as it is now, is shut-down. Or rather White America, is shut down, here in the suburbs.

    That was my point about there being no line dancing, within 20 miles of here, and the only White Night culture being spectating on teenage girls lacrosse, which though fun it may be, really lacks in participation points. Wtf am I supposed to do, clap and cheer for some girls who would rather be standing around in circles and talking about boys.

    My experience is filtered through a lot of cynicism, but damned if every year to date, this suburb is MORE and NOT LESS shut down in its authentic expression of White culture, there is none.

    Driving around. That is all people do.

    Working Joes have the routine (and the dignity and respect) of doing their thing.

    They (working Joes) really are though, on a different plain. Us intellectuals romanticize them, but for the most part they don’t think abstractly about larger social patterns. Which is why they have the brain space to operate heavy machinery with skill and precision.

  29. Anyways I do have my Plan, for a life worth living.

    It has to be worth a memoir, in the tradition of the hero.

    I have a specific goal, which shall remain un-stated, out of respect and good judgment.

    A specific goal among others already accomplished.

    Initially I had wanted to begin working toward it this Summer, but as always, Time is slipping away.

    Let me say this. The blueprint for memoir is Robert Pirsig and his books ZAMM and Lila. His life was worth two books. Maybe yours is worth one?

    Interestingly, Pirsig is treated in the Sphere hardly at all.

    His book became something of a cliche. For instance it was protomeme mocked in the Gen X gaymovie Reality Bites, which is one of those movies that is like Haven Monahan: totally worth it!

    But that was a man broken but then whole. That is everyone’s journey, but you have to have something more to it than that. Something accomplished in the real, AS WELL as in the ideal.

    In his case it was riding a motorcycle, which he maintained expertly, across the country, with his son, who as fate would have was doomed and eventually killed by dindus in Oakland. How weird of an American postscript is that?

    As I have said before and for what it’s worth, I corresponded via mail with Mr Pirsig and he had the grace to answer.

  30. I can’t spare the time or energy, for lifting weights. It would be a total luxury. It would be basically fun. In a gay way.

    Speaking of gay which, have you seen the pictures to Jack Donovan’s latest article?

    Why have I seen them, then? good question. I take the fifth.

  31. Elk…

    If you could reframe your brain?
    Punctuated by a Herculean strain…
    Survival of The Litmus
    Shall test your spiritual fitness
    And success is to purposely maintain…

  32. Man, that Italian vid had me humming and smiling all weekend, thanks! All those young shining faces – not to get all “why we fight” in this thread, but …

  33. Obviously those guys are peak physical fitness.

    The guy in the back (not Donovan) has A-double-plus tough guy levels. He could be the big man in a mining camp in Siberia. Excellent Old American physiognomy.

    Calling them gay is meant to be a joke. Sort of.

    It is not meant to play into the jewish subversion, that men doing the mannerbund thing has to be gay.

    That is a classic strategy wherewith they keep us from working together.

    But do they have to be shirtless?

  34. It is not meant to play into the jewish subversion, that men doing the mannerbund thing has to be gay.

    That is a classic strategy wherewith they keep us from working together.

    But do they have to be shirtless?

    The shirts always come off immediately when the following groups cluster together – gays or black males.

  35. When the Russian punched the “guy” in the Daisy Duke shorts you could hear his gay head hit the console behind him. ouch.

  36. Donovan clearly has gynecomastia IF he is the standing, shirtless one.

    But I disagree with Elk…

    There is an immense amount of alt-rite subversion in that faux-tow.

  37. The South possessed a “drug” monopoly until the Rival’s Swore…

    We’ll enslave the white masses from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes’ shores…

    Faggot whores…

    Doused the plant nation with nigger spores…

    Fed and cottoned the black ant facing certain horrors…

    Nonexistence… To tell you more.

    Now we’re mingled. Multi-floored. She tingles. And opens doors.

    “Sugar” at the middle of this chorus…

    The King of PEDs is “nonexistent” to a core “us.”

    Sweet man-you-fractured poison is now what moves the South right before us…

  38. One cannot talk about female obesity without connecting the phenomenon to a lack of REAL SUGAR in one’s diet.

    The South is notoriously fat (especially blacks) because AS “losers” of the Civil War, they naturally had their everyday existence radically altered in regards to their sugar intake from easily accessing the real thing to being forced fed a deadly substitute.

    Sugar is, quite simply, the most consistently-proven provider of clean, performance enhancement. Sugar is the actual king of PEDs and the SOUTH CAN STILL REVIVE ITS MONOPOLY on sugar production and distribution.

    This ^^^ is beyond alt-rite.

  39. Donovan clearly has gynecomastia IF he is the standing, shirtless one.

    Not that we need to discuss anymore Jack Donovan’s tits — but really, you would call that gynecomastia?

    There is an immense amount of alt-rite subversion in that faux-tow.

    The neologism eludes, but re AR subversion: a lot of people are saying that.

    In a big way, it doesn’t matter, the extent to which public figureheads such as Donovan or Spencer or whoever, are false fronts.

    The AR “brand” can take a hit or ten or 20, or even fail; but the movement itself is grassroots.

  40. Before it became the AR, it was the Movement.

    I came in 10 years ago at about the time it started being called the Alt Right.

    (And for the love of all that is good, let’s forego the unusual punctuation and capitalization.)

    Back then it was “the Movement” which lead to some obvious jokes, which John Birdman Bryant liked to make. He died five years ago whenever; he would be pleased to see how things are shaping up.

    For now, the Alt Right brand works.

    It’s still what we call it, our thing.

    The Alt Right is not Richard Spencer and it certainly is not Jack Donovan.

    The boys over at MPC, the conservadads there, consider Spencer a worse punchline to a bad joke.

    (No one is cool enough for those guys, except for some over-rated Arab named Taleb.)

    Spencer is a weird guy — but the question to be asked, is where is his Heart, and also, what is the role of White advocacy in his own life, and his own development.

    My impression is that he has grown, from a clown: into less of a clown.

    Is his heart in the right place, or is he a plant, as the conspiracists at Renegade maintain.

  41. “Is his heart in the right place, or is he a plant, as the conspiracists at Renegade maintain.”

    It doesn’t one whit to the “serious fucking guys”, what does Spencer.

    He is a political phenomenon who is still in a position to do some good. He still hasn’t fucked up too much.

    But that’s neither here nor there. The shoah’d youtuber Doom Guard put it well when he said he liked “following The Adventures of Richard Spencer.”

    The people reading this blog and comment are adults and not looking for a leader.

  42. Linder made the point recently, and he was recapping someone else maybe Sam Francis — that emergent political movement are exclusionary and not inclusive.

    By their nature they have to exclude, in order that they can be effective against the inertia of what is holding them back.

    And the quality of exclusiveness might be more simple considered extremism or fanaticism.

    Weev commented that (even) he will be considered a moderate, once the emergent hard right gets its footings.

    My own feelings are very “moderate” and anti-extreme, and but so one has to keep in mind that one’s personal feelings don’t add up to a hill of beans, against the forces of history.

    If this thing of ours is to get anywhere, it will have to be all or nothing.

    But that said, I still counsel moderation.

  43. The best example to date of the fanaticism of the emergent hard right politics is

    White Sharia

    As a real idea, in the real world, White Sharia is total bullshit.

    “But that’s just like, my opinion, man.”

    (and i’d do well to STFU about it)

    The point being that we need men who are 100 per cent go-get-em-Tigers!

    And what is the number one motivation to get a healthy man to sign up to go a-warrin’?

    Fresh pussy, and taking it at his Will.

    So White Sharia is part of that.

    Who do these White women belong to anywaze?

  44. On a different note, an instant classic.

    This comment at the latest CH thread by Dennis garelli:

    I’m what I guess is called a lurker and hence I apologize for interrupting. Ch is clearly one of the most intelligent white men so that’s saying something. No, that’s saying everything. What I find very puzzling is that the high intelligence of this site is crazily geared to getting laid and not arrowed in the direction of family formation. I am 64 was always in good shape and coaxed at least 200 babes into my bed. Is that what you fools think it’s about? I have only memories of heaving wet tissue but no grandkids. Please rethink everything.

    They should feature that as a last post and shut it down.

    How poetic would that be? Hahahahaha

  45. PA might could address that same question as posed by the excerpted commenter.

    What’s the deal with gaming girls as opposed to having children with them?

    Those two things are (of course) not necessarily opposed.

    But the poolside lifestyle sure as hell is (opposed to raising children). Give me a fucking break, of course it is.

    There is no defense of the poolside lifestyle, except that someone is a flawed character.

    That’s it, case closed, game over.

    The AR and the emergent hard right White politics has room for flawed people, provided they get on board the train of wholesomeness.

    The poolside aint it.

  46. Not that I am a fanatic or anything (cough cough), but CH has two or three choices.

    Address Dennis garelli’s comment, or be just another footnote in irony to the postmodern social order going nowhere.

  47. My of-the-cuff answer is that “poolside” is more posture than lifestyle. I have no idea what CH does outside of blogging but being a pioneer and leading light in propaganda wars going on 10 years now is not abdication. For most people today between the ages of 30 and 60, poolside is an escapist fantasy. Younger than that, and you might still think about little more than partying and getting laid. Over 60, you think that those “I’m spending my children’s inheritance” bumper stickers are funny.

    Perhaps “poolside” should be changed to “on a cruise ship” to more accurately match one’s indifference to the 14 Words.

    Side note about Boomer Hate: good Boomers should take it with satisfaction that they are the good ones of that awful generation. Circling wagons for one’s generation is the wrong thing to do. The fact is, because of the accident of their birth-year and the imprinting that went along with their prime years, most are living in Psychological Year 1962. “What, you are underwater on your mortgage and things are tough? You are a lazy irresponsible bum.”

    For my part, I agree with Vox Day’s recent comment that we GenX’s are kinda sad. “Generation Zyklon will probably just feel sorry for us,” is how he put it. That’s fair.

  48. In my opinion, gaming girls for lays is not contributing to a healthy society. On the contrary.

    CH a few times has said something along the lines of “Game can save civilization.”

    That proclamation needs some consideration and treatment.

    First of all then, what is it, Game?

    Can you fake it until you make it, if you have never been put to the test?

    Game is what works in a pozzed society.

    Game doesn’t work in Feudal Japan, or among the marauding Mongols, and it didn’t work in the Old West.

    A man couldn’t act the part of a swashbuckling rogue. He woulda been laughed out of town and lucky to escape with his hide.

    No, game only works in a place where people don’t know who they are or what they are supposed to be doing, in which place a convincing actor can clean up.

    But there is no “acting” the part of a Man. And it’s men who are needed to clean up civilization.

  49. My of-the-cuff answer is that “poolside” is more posture than lifestyle.

    That does change the meaning of it, to consider it that way.

    The criticism leveled at CH (e.g. the excerpted comment) has been made many times, usually by enemies, in which case it is simply ad hominem.

    It doesn’t matter if someone likes to have sex with drunken thots — most men will, under occasional circumstances.

    It is an imperfect world.

    I guess Game needs to be squared with White Sharia:

    Gen X tried to woo them with Game. Gen Zyklon had to break out the White Sharia.

    [that’s a sharp aphorism! — PA]

  50. Yes, Elk, that is gynecomastia. Look at the contrast in his right nipple. It is oval shaped and a clear indication of “bitch titty,” ie., fatty depositsaround the male nipple, on an otherwise very lean, muscular specimen. It’s a classic sign of extended anabolic steroid use, but takes on a different narrative in the manner of homosexual usage.

    Faux-tow is a fake visual pull…

    There is something incredibly absurd in the idea that four buff faggots can save Western man and that a portion of the alt-rite believe it so.

    Donovan is anti-white (S)upremacy…

    SO HE CAN COMFORTABLY RESIDE under the tent of the alt-rite.

  51. This comment at the latest CH thread by Dennis garelli:

    I would bet that CH has concluded what Garelli says in his comment quite some time ago.

  52. Sometimes wisdom correlates with intelligence, and often times it does not.

    A comment recently at Daily Stormer (of all places) suggested that Wisdom was mainly about knowing when to act, and when not to.

    Which would apply to the question of when to go after that family formation thing.

    In a healthy society, the Life Stages of its (worthy) members are harnessed and nourished, and of others curtailed and discouraged, as is fit.

    In this our society, that whole Process is messed up. See for example opening scene Idiocracy.

    To this day, intelligent women think that as long as they get it done just in time under the gun, that it’s the same thing as having children when they are younger and stronger.

    And that delusion appeals to men too, and they often kind of seem to think that way at CH, for instance the host himself.

    They like to say the a man’s SMV does not diminish with age like a woman’s, which is certainly true.

    But his vigor does (diminish with age), and the quality of his seed. It is a balancing act, but the point being obvious: Next thing you know you’re dead.

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