Photos of Couples In Love

Did you notice a pattern in professional photos that show a man and woman in love? See if you know what I’m talking about in this example:


That’s a fine couple, may they make many huWhyte Babiez together. I believe the woman in that photo is Viivi Suominen, European pageant runner-up from Finland.

Question: What could have made that photo more true to romantic love?

Answer: Natural sexual polarity.

Explanation: She could have been directed by the photographer to look up adoringly at her man while he — calm and cocksure — looks at us through the camera’s eye.

Reverse-polarity is the norm in contemporary depictions of sexual intimacy. It’s an observation I made a while ago and to test it, I web-searched variations on relevant key words “couples photo,” “man woman love,” “woman adores man,” and similar. What did I find?

  • The woman triumphantly eye-fucking the camera (isn’t she supposed to be doing that to him?), the man lost in her labyrinths such as in this blood-curdling shot:


Squaaaaawk! cries the bird of prey. Or like in this distressing pic:


Other combinations included:

  • Both looking into the distance
  • Both looking at each other

But I did not find one single professional photo that showed a man looking at the camera, with her adoringly gazing up at him.

Do we live in a loveless time, or is it just the art directors?

As goes the eternal truth, the next generation can set things right.



82 thoughts on “Photos of Couples In Love

  1. “European pageant runner-up from Finland”

    But even the shittiest of the shitlibs know the truth. Beauty can’t be reconceived – only defied.

  2. It’s the art directors. Dozens of possible poses are shot and only one or two are chosen for sale as stock photography. Advertising is one of the most pozzed industries out there.

    For kicks, do a search for biracial or gay couples, or trannies, then compare the photographs to what we really know about them.

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  4. Indeed, PA.

    Look at any marriage magazine. You’ll see the girl alone, or looking into the camera, while the man grovels or worships her. Today women plan marriages BEFORE meeting the man.

    Of course there are many tie-ins with culture. Alot of popular music is the female expressing longing for the alpha male who is (the listener.) Making betas feel alpha is money.

    White women don’t admire white men anymore, that’s a fact. Women can’t love weakness. I don’t blame them.

    White men KNOW what they need to do to get their women back, en masse. Women don’t feel safe around “men” like we have today.

    “Rapists Before Racists.” Women will defend their Muzz or nigger rapist but not a racist white. You either take what you want, or you get no pity. .

  5. Speaking of Finnish gals, Hanna Maria Seppala is the hottest female athlete I’ve ever seen.

  6. He’s basking in the moment of having her; she’s basking in the moment of being adored (by him, the camera, onlookers, Facebook orbiters, etc.)

  7. I think it’s gynocentrism. The man is simply decoration. What matters is that the woman is happy/empowered and the only focus in the picture. They are, after all, selling these pictures to college indoctrinated ‘don’t need no man anyway’ women. Such shots make it easier to cut his face out of the picture when betabucks don’t buy her love anymore too.

  8. I think it’s gynocentrism. The man is simply decoration. What matters is that the woman is happy/empowered and the only focus in the picture. They are, after all, selling these pictures to college indoctrinated ‘don’t need no man anyway’ women.


    And women are also really predictable as consumers, they don’t have much of a discerning mind at all. If you can keep their eyeballs you can grab their dollars.

    Any kind of product marketed towards women is driven by trite visual presentation – it’s the “Pinterest” effect – aimed at impulse buying and helping women through their depression/emotional doldrums through the drug of materialism.

    Ever been shopping with a woman and they get that “glazed over” look in their eyes just lusting for everything on the shelf? I had one ex-gf that would get in her little shopping “zone” and then there was nothing you could do to get her attention once she was locked in like a zombie, waving your hands in front of her usually didn’t even work.

  9. And I don’t know what company it was which was able to popularize the “3 months’ salary” thing for men and the cost of $$ wedding rings, but that’s all upside for women and pretty steep for men.

    But I think that most middle class and above white people in this country hold to that rule.

  10. The women in those pictures should be swooning, not the men. And if it’s unrealistic for a woman to be swooning these days, well we could at least hope that the “men” would not be.

    The woman in the second photo has hard witchy features. With the right man she might be an asset, but she looks pretty crazy.

    In the third picture, the girl with the rose is already bored with her supplicating hipster shirt.

  11. The chick in the first picture looks like the actress from Married with Children.

    That excerpted youtube clip is from Pretty Girls, which movie is something of a “cult classic” or whatever. 1996. Very red-pill. It was a landmark for all the actors in it.

    That film is relatively not jewey, as far as those films go. See for example the excerpted clip, which has jew Rappaport as the sucker for buying a diamond no less, and getting schooled on it by goy super-Chad Matt Dillon.

    The famous secondary storyline to that film though, is the “age inappropriate” infatuation slash romance, between the prodigal son played by what’s-his-name (featured in that clip), and the young teenager next door, then a deb but now known as nosejob Natalie.

  12. The last picture of the 2 children will be the exact opposite after she gets her government school man-hatred indoctrination for a few years

  13. So Bezos sure hardened the fuck up. His improvements are about the limits of what can be achieved with power lifting and the rest of it, for a modest T-level and medium-framed adult man and without steroids. (steroids are of course literally gay; except come to think of it, perhaps not when medical indicated)

    He looks like a total badass now, like he just come back from trapping wolves or something.

    His family background is apparently old Southwest rancher, which guys are some of the toughest around.

    As i recall about five years ago, Amazon was engaged in disallowing from its platform WN-related materials and sales.

    That there (^^^) is the litmus test of his manhood. It don’t matter how erect his, uh, posture is.

    It is such an easy out, for these bigwigs, who want to get into the Trump powerlifting club, but still cannot risk charges of racism: the out of free speech and commerce. The libertarian out. Many such cases where the libertarian model allows for White dominance, and therefore can be used as a smokescreen and Trojan horse.

  14. The MPC thread We are the Champions is the source of the Bezos meme.

    They say he is juicing, or doing something near to that. It doesn’t matter (whether he is or not), as far as what it “signifies”.

    Juicing is (literally) gay, though. / no sarc

    Unless it’s medically indicated — and exactly what that that means is up for grabs.


    I have a good story about a hs classmate who was juiced up by his coach who was a local celebrity, and happened to be his father, at the tender age of 12 or 13, so that he could “make the team.”

    Come to think of it though, the context of that story would take a long time to fill out. It needs a lot of work, haha.

    But the point being, that kid’s career didn’t shape up how they wanted it too, and I have to wonder if that his steroid treatment — at the very onset of puberty — was indicated medically, or whether that was malpractice and abuse. That kid ended NOT making the team and disappearing from the local sports scene entirely.

    What became of him?

    The sport was hockey, and this kid had MAD kinetics and hand-eye, and was from a long-line of winners. His dad would sit at the lunch table with the jocks and grab a random piece of garbage and do a left-hand hook shoot into the waste basket 25 feet away and hit it every time. Just a weird level of “coordination”.

    But his son my classmate was undersized. And so we had no use for him.

  15. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    The media is female-dominated (including advertising and stock photo companies), and everything today is marketed towards young women.

    I notice, when I thumb through those free zines put out by the big newspaper publishing companies in big cities, that none of the goods, services, entertainment etc. are marketed towards men or to both sexes. Everything is marketed just towards young women. As if men don’t consume or purchase anything.

  16. Hey dude! How goes it?

    I know you never explicitly solicit articles or ideas for posts, but I thought i’d pass along this particular Newyorker mag article to you, as it touches upon a couple of different subjects of interest of yours, namely the Trump, American political movements of the 20th-century, as well as some detailed observations of a favorite target of yours: The “Talented Tenth.”

    FWIW, the author Alex Ross is a music critic, mainly classical and other non-pop forms, and is possessed of a IQ that I would confidently guess to be astronomical, going by his colossal knowledge and facility with music history and his sheer precociousness in displaying it (this guy was named head music critic at newyorker magazine in the mid 90s when he was barely into his 30s; prior to that he had already earned about ten years of seniority at the nytimes as a classical music writer.

    A story Ross wrote about the Frankfurt School a couple of years ago, also in newyorker mag about two years ago, was cited in your blog at the time by peterike and you, he and I discussed it for a bit.

    IN any case, here you go, if you’re indeed interested in checking it out….. hope you’re enjoying your summer; I’m enjoying mine, but it’s going fast!


  17. Slow day and my favorite aggregator The Shitlord Hub is down.

    This following blockquoted comment by Another Dad (no, that’s his name — it’s not just another dad) on a Sailer post is worth repeating in full.

    It is the essential idea that Bowery advocates with his (clunkily named) Sortocracy.

    It is the meats and potatoes of practical politics, at this point. This is what we advocate for.

    Societies are to be composed voluntarily. And living space has to be allocated for these voluntary societies.

    The globalists will not allow this but they are going down. This is the alternative that must take their place.

    I think we–nationalists–need to get the idea of “separation” out in “the conversation”.

    Roughly stated, if you want to live in your multicultural utopia, fine. But you have no right to destroy the nation that I–and others like me–have and make me live in your utopia instead.

    As folks here have pointed out to me, separation–in the USA–isn’t easily feasible. The geography is pretty mixed right now. But immediate feasibility isn’t really the point.

    The point is rhetorical, and it’s to advance a few important points:

    1) That this issue is deadly serious to us. It’s not Obamacare or taxes or gay marriage, it’s “tear the nation apart”, Civil War serious.

    2) That they–the globalists–are the aggressors. They are destroying what is and has existed and are demanding something different.

    3) And that they–the globalists/multiculturalist–are the totalitarians as well. They demand that we–normal white people–must live in their multiculti utopia, rather than how we want to live. While we are willing to let them live how they like.

    I think it’s important to get these points out there. We can’t afford to have stale “Is immigration good for the economy?” sort of debates. Nor even nationalists vs. globalists as two equal “who has the best arguments” debates.

    We must rhetorically, continually make clear the essential thuggish nature of the globalists. Much like the communists before them, the globalists demand us, force us, to live in their utopian paradise.

    This exposes the core truth: Globalism is not any sort of neutral idea but a totalitarian ideology. It’s a specific demand that non-whites are entitled to live with whites, in white societies. Or more directly the thuggish demand that whites–specifically white men–*must* be forced to live with non-whites and provide goodies for them. Whites have no right to live in their own societies, are not allowed to secede, to go their own way. Boiled down it is a demand for the destruction of “whiteness”, a demand for white genocide.

  18. “The globalists are going down.”

    The conditions that have allowed the globalists and their principle exponents to run the world no longer obtain.

    Those conditions for the most part were top-down communication of cultural values. Mass media and movies and publishing and thereby language and thought control.

    Basically now though, every intelligent White man younger than a Boomer, at some level he knows that the System is out to get him.

    I guess the problem is though, that plenty of White men, and perhaps most browns and blacks, don’t have souls. / no sarc

    Without the religious language, one might say that they don’t value aesthetics. Those two statements are equivalent or close enough.

    So there is a lot of biomass and momentum that will continue to advocate for things as they are, as long as houses are heated and food is easy to get.

  19. There will have to be a League of Nations, at the Global level.

    But at the same time, it will not be able to impose itself upon the individual nations.

    That will be tricky near to impossible, right?

    I think the longterm solution has to be a worldwide fascist order that has as its first directive Eugenics.

    As has oft been noted, it is “no coincidence” (which means that it is exactly co-incidental) that the one thing most demonized and derided, is the one thing that is most essential, to our longterm wellbeing.

    That they somehow to this day get a kneelerk response against eugenics, is absurd.

    “So we don’t want the next generations to be healthier than these our own, we want them to be less healthy.”

    Of course no one will cop to that statement, which just goes to show that people don’t think about the words that they use and what they mean. And when that happens, their minds are not their own.

    Literally, their minds are not their own.

    And that point has to be re-emphasized. The metaphor of people having their minds taken over by hostile forces, is not a metaphor. And it turns out it can be scientifically explained through those sciences that seemed so promising but then got (((politicized))).

    And co-incidentally, that science being politicized and taken over, is an exact example of the forces it would be meant and used to describe and correct.

  20. And then our Eugenics has to account for our an evolved longterm relation with our own Ecology, which is to say Planet Earth.

    There is no alternative. The alternative is Who’s Coming to Dinner, but instead of debonaire nigger it’s Mr Cockroach.

    And finally, as this good morning captain cry comes to a close.

    The Leftists take the high ground, in terms of “the Environment” and green peace and the rest of it — because that high ground is there for the taking, and SOMEONE HAS to take it.

    As evolving humans, we have an intuitive understanding that we have conquered the Earth and it is terrible. It is terrible and terrifying, to think that there is nowhere (left) to go.

    This haunts our dreams. There is no language that I can muster adequate to express this existential quandary.

    But the good guys have to account for this situation.

    White advocates have to account for it.

    If White advocates are not interested in maintaining the health of the Planet and living on it for the duration, then what good are they?

  21. For what it is worth, I don’t think it will play out in any reasoned and reasonable way.

    There is no way that we won’t use a good bit of the weapons that we have.

    I think that White people are going to win, because who else?


    We won’t be able to live long term on this Planet without deliberate eugenics and reforming of our large scale social organism.

    Someone has to do it deliberately. The jews have been that someone and have been working on the goyim — and literally with their genital mutilations — for as long as they have been around.

    Now that we know that that is what they do, it has to stop. It can’t be allowed.

    We are not evolved slaves.

  22. One other observation I want to throw out.

    The recent Daily Shoah which had as a guest that jew fellow, which jew fellow was making the typical explanation for jewish success that they were motivated so strongly to succeed, and that was why they are so prominent.

    That is largely true, but it is important to keep in mind, that what means success for a jew, is success itself.

    Whereas for an evolved White with aesthetic values, it is something else entirely.

    I was getting at this point in another thread in my comment about doctors being motivated by success as opposed to any genuine interest in the work that they do.

    The best goys are not motivated by success status markers in a society the values of which are dubious at best.

    Whereas the “best” jews and their lackeys and their endless colored minions, are motivated by EXACTLY that.

    What is success to a quality White man?

  23. * Piddly-ass grammar correction —

    “The conditions that have allowed the globalists and their principle principal exponents to run the world no longer obtain.”

  24. “That is largely true, but it is important to keep in mind, that what means success for a jew, is success itself.”

    For a jew, success is in shaping the goyim.

    The idea of shaping our collective identity and deliberately, is not the sweet spot for a White man.

    A White man is closer to Nature. So that is part of the “White Padadox”. A very essential part.

    What makes us White, makes us vulnerable to those are not.

  25. Oh yeah, on the big breaking news story:
    Minneapolis cop who shot Australian woman identified

    The Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer who shot and killed a 40-year-old Australian woman in an unexplained incident has been identified as Mohamed Noor, the precinct’s first Somali-American officer.

    A picture of Justine Damond’s fiancé and son, both White, at this link,

  26. The only explanation for that shooting is jihad.

    Can pigs get the death penalty in Minneapolis?

  27. It seems that if cops are to be held to a higher standard than filthy pigs can be subject to the “people’s” death penalty in cases of wanton murder grounded in an ideo-religiously motivated sexual degeneracy.

  28. There is also the revelation of a nigger pig’s rabid existence. A real and absolute biological weapon exaggeratingly accessorized by “equality.” A dyscivic white-hating subhuman possessing a “badge” at the conned sense of the “people” is desire for “radical autonomy.”

  29. The key is understanding that BLM hates cops, but love “black” pigs (they are truly gangster). And nigger pigs ARE RADICAL REVOLUTIONARIES within the guts of “The Man.” In this frame, white cops and “white pigs” are a shadowy figure giving immense cover to nigger assassins with “badges.”.

    White cops and “white pigs” who kill niggers and “blacks,” respectively, get absolutely no cover.

  30. Read the article…

    Absolutely devoid of any racial/sexual undertones as motivating explanation…

    Yet, this killing is more “inexplicable” than any of the “black” yoof being killed by white cop man.

    And yet, it is entirely explicable given the known existence of nigger jihadists possessing “badges” in Minneapolis.


    This may all be false flag.

    Meant to provoke the “white supremacist” into ill-defined and self-annihilating re-action.

    {{{They}}} got this folly world fully operative by now.

  31. And yet, it is entirely explicable given the known existence of nigger jihadists possessing “badges” in Minneapolis.

    At this point, I agree that it is plausible. Very much so. At first consideration, it seems far-fetched — but what other explanations are there?

    The story makes no sense (otherwise).

    Even a dipshit Somali is not such a dipshit as to be scared and threatened by a forty year-old woman in her pajamas.

    Apparently the squad car was stationary and Damond was talking through the window to the driver, and Officer Mohamed Noor shot her from inside the cab and across his partner and through the window.

    A commenter at Daily Stormer suggested that Noor might have been running graft with the hoodrats in the alley who were the source of the complaint.

    Low impulse control plus scared cop? doesn’t seem to make sense, in this situation. Somalis, and I know them to some extent and as per their rep, are NOT scaredy-cats. They are used to that shit (confrontation and conflict) and it’s part of their culture and blood.

    A big unknown at this point is the partner. Who was he, or she?

    If it was another “officer of color” that will be indicting as hell.

    How will this all affect the larger picture of police and race problems?

    Others commenters have suggested that Damond looks a little jewish. Her physiognomy possibly a bit that way, in my estimation. It can be pretty hard to tell. She is from Australia and her maiden name is Ruszczyk. Is that Polish or Serbian?

    Her possible jewishness has no bearing on the story from the outside angles of race and police corruption.

  32. This shooting will be red-pilling as hell to nice MN white people.

    They will see her as one of them. She IS one of them.

    And she was shot multiple times! wtf

    Minneapolis bureaucracy, the mayor’s office particularly, not to mention Gov Dayton and our storied of jewish senator ‘super-stahrs’, is about cucked on the level of Sweden, except moreso.

    Mayor Betsy ‘the Bitch’ Hodges is a legendary counter-signaller of the police. The police hate her so much that they almost redeem themselves.

    There was a famous photo of her posing with (black) gangbangers and signing for god’s sake. And of course they tried to play it off as her having fun.

  33. I remember hearing that the groom is simply an important guest at the bride’s wedding. Of course girls fantasize about their fairy tale weddings years before even meeting their future husbands, so the day is most certainly about them, and deservedly so. But I would like to see a bit more emphasis on the marriage itself–ideally at the expense of over-the-top pomp and circumstance.

    By the way PA, nice nod to Jared Taylor–“huWhyte”. He’s such a gentleman and pleasure to watch. You need more references to him.

  34. Elk: — “Apparently the squad car was stationary and Damond was talking through the window to the driver, and Officer Mohamed Noor shot her from inside the cab and across his partner and through the window. … This shooting will be red-pilling as hell to nice MN white people.”

    Holy shit. Sounds like Lawrence Auster’s “sudden jihad syndrome.” As to the red pilling, let us know if you feel changes in the air over coming time. Worse incidents ended up forgotten right after they happened, going by mainstream media. But they sit there in the back of people’s minds and righteous hate accumulates until more and more people become an enthusiastic part of the coming Whitelash.

    There is such a thing as the limit to one’s red pilling. Many are close to that edge.

    That photo: weren’t they just playing rock-paper-scissors?

    All Your Base: the top of my list is vikingess Lenna Kuurmaa in 2007. She comes in at 2:00:

  35. No worries about the dead white woman. You see, they had a vigil. With candles! And somebody drew a chalk heart on the sidewalk.

    What, you wanted anger and race reality? This is Minnesota.

    Oh and some nonsense spilled forth from the Mayor’s piehole. The same mayor that was oh so happy to have a skinny for a cop.

  36. hey, in that private moderated aside i sent you yesterday, when listing off the features in the article that i thought matched your personal interests and that you’ve opined on in the past, I of course meant to conclude the listing off with “The Frankfurt School,” NOT “The Talented Tenth.”

    Curious what you thought of that piece; it was sort-of a interesting corollary to the one that same writer published (and that you, peterike and I discussed at your blog) a year or so ago.


  37. I just approved your comment from last night. That New Yorker article you linked is a reason why nobody respects legacy media.

  38. That Daily Mail article had several references to her having worn pajamas. That crosses the line from using that fact to highlight her innocence or vulnerability as a victim into salacious narrative-making.

    Her stepson asked the Somalian shooter “Why? Why did you do it?” We know that it’s pointless to address an animal with appeals to human conscience.

    There is another high-profile story of an Australian shot by dindus in the US. He was an athlete who was gunned down while on a training bike ride in one of the southwestern states several years ago.

  39. It is shaping up to be a case of sudden jihad syndrome.

    To the normie, and even a red-pilled race-realist, it is just hard to believe that a cop would gun down a white woman in cold blood. The latest buzz on cause of death is gunshot wound (singular) to the abdomen.

    But realistically — what other explanation? The commenters on the Sailer thread suggest that as an Aussie woman she got lippy and was inadvertently or not flashing cleavage (in her pajamas) and the Somali cop was triggered. (worst pun of all time?)

    What other explanation? The only question that remains, and is largely irrelevant, is to what degree was jihad consciously planned? It doesn’t really matter. It is jihad whether he had been planning it or not.

    The Minneapolis PD have still not released a current statement. So that indicates that they have no exculpating information to use.

    The partner’s name is Matthew Harrity and he is a one-year rookie and I cannot find a picture of him. Which itself is a little odd. I have noticed in the past in looking for google images of specific cops that they are hard to find. Likely a concerted effort keeps them hidden. Matthew Harrity is a White cop name if ever there was one. Likely a typical Irish goon.

    As an Unz commenter pointed out, Harrity also will have been negligent, unless he hadn’t been riding with Noor for long.

    There is no way the details of this story don’t damn diversity hirings in the police department. The details are too crazy, and it is too high profile.

  40. This Fulton neighborhood of Minneapolis is a trendy prestigious part of the city. In the top swapple neighborhoods by far. Very top. And as with most of them, contiguous to some not so nice places.

    Apparently that particular block has the common problem of the gangs showing up from nearby and usually after dark and causing problems, rummaging through the alleys and garages. That part of the city was built with alleys on every block. Little did they imagine how that would turn out. Back in the 50s alleys were a pleasant place for the kids to hang.

    Minnesotans though; couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

    Browsing through some of the relevant Reddits, and no real-talk there, they all maintain that Castille was a good boy and dindu.

    The commonthread explanation is this saga of police brutality is blacks bringing it on themselselves with their bad low-iq low-impulse control behavior.

    But liberal brainwashing is so strong that they don’t see that. It’s racist and therefore it doesn’t exist.

  41. Thanks to PA for the picture of the lovely Vivii!

    Her husband is pretty rugged. He’s a big outdoorsman. He hunts I know that. I know both him and her do a lot of camping and hiking and fishing in the tundra/taiga of northern Finland, so thats kind of neat.

    Great post as always.

  42. That would be absolutely crazy if the Somali police officer shot that woman out of anger. As of yet, I’m not hearing an explanation at all as to why he did this.

  43. I skimmed Nikcrit’s article. It seems like typical Jewish paranoia over white gentiles asserting themselves politically in any way. The same article has been written many times before.

  44. OT, so I didn’t want to put it in the most recent thread.

    PA, got my latest music obsession that I think you’ll like. A good old (fat bastard) Oklahoma boy named John Moreland. I’m still working my way through his stuff, but so far seems like he isn’t pozzed at all, and instead writes sharp, often sad songs about love and life. A bit like an Oklahoma (early) Springsteen.

    Here’s a representative song from a few albums back (he’s just put out a new record which sounds good as well). He’s got some truths to tell about feeling like a failure, the power of women, high school, and so on.

    Your Spell

    Well you know I used to love you, but now I don’t think I can
    And it ain’t you, it’s just that feeling’s more than I can stand
    I guess 9 or 10 years of failure will do that to a man
    I hope you understand.

    We were 18 years of anger, bitter as the cold
    And baby, we knew emptiness like a panhandle road
    We’d pretend that we were dying, trying to survive
    And make it through those high school nights alive

    Remember the prom kings and queens, praised from afar
    And how the lights inside the high school made them look like movie stars

    Well you were the queen of my condition
    I was the king of the ignored
    You talked just like East Texas
    Looked like an angel from the lord
    I thought we’d bust out of Broken Arrow
    Holding hands on our way to hell
    You always did have me under your spell

    And all those pretty girls who looked like movie stars
    They look pretty ordinary, 28 years old
    Checking out at Walmart with babies in their arms

    And you were the queen of my condition….

  45. I skimmed Nikcrit’s article. It seems like typical Jewish paranoia over white gentiles asserting themselves politically in any way. The same article has been written many times before.

    The kikes have been put on notice, as is necessary from time to time in order to keep their nation wrecking impulses in check.

  46. I skimmed Nikcrit’s article. It seems like typical Jewish paranoia over white gentiles asserting themselves politically in any way. The same article has been written many times before.

    It is hilarious to me how liberals are seeking for ways to smear Trump so they call him “authoritarian.” There’s simply nothing about his platform that is “authoritarian.”

    In reality it’s the Obamists who want to control all aspects of American life with heavy business regulation, hate speech laws, Department of Education folded up to central liberal control in Washington DC, onerous “climate change” laws where the USA has to answer to EU and UN bureaucrats whose countries don’t have to abide by the same guidelines, tranny bathroom “guidelines” for public schools passed through by Executive Order to circumvent congress.

    Trump has stressed decentralization and local control in everything. Obama wanted everything in the control of a National Bureaucrat sitting in Washington DC, who could dictate what funding goes where to the rest of the USA.

    Trump only mentions US citizens and never talks about “race” – the left does.

  47. — The same article has been written many times before. (Lara)

    Best sum-up of that article. FFS, it ends on note of praise for Angela Merkel’s Germany. But it’s good to see them sweat.

    — It is hilarious to me how liberals are seeking for ways to smear Trump so they call him “authoritarian.” There’s simply nothing about his platform that is “authoritarian.” // In reality it’s the Obamists who want to control all aspects of American life (Camlost)

    SJWs always project.

    — PA, got my latest music obsession that I think you’ll like. (Peterike)

    Checked him out, pretty good. You’re right, he does have that Springsteen note in his voice.

    — Her husband is pretty rugged. He’s a big outdoorsman. He hunts I know that. I know both him and her do a lot of camping and hiking and fishing in the tundra/taiga of northern Finland, so thats kind of neat. (DrWynneLloyd)

    That’s pretty cool, good for them!

    Finally, as predictably as anything, The Jeff Bezos Blog (also known as Washington Post) had an article this morning, titled “After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash.”

  48. addendum re. newyorker piece on frankfurt school; Ross is a talented music critic, but he’s a far-left, gay music critic; iow; i simply presumed his politics and attendant political theories skew hard left…. what i found odd and sort-of fascinating was his writing two non-music related pieces about the frankfurt school, period. I do not recall Ross ever publishing a non-musical piece before, whether at the newyorkercom or in the ny times; his renown and persona is strictly as a music critic, and fwiw, he is a very formidable music critic. By my lights, the best opera critic on the planet.

    I don’t know, i just found the coincidence of his lone non-music writing being on the frankfurt school, combined with said school being among this blog host’s frequent citing and critiquing it, to be somewhat fascinating, and something i thought you might appreciate considering.

  49. France on Bastille Day – migrant riots leading to torching of 897 cars and almost 400 arrested.

    French language article:

    14 JULY – A total of 897 cars were burned and 368 people were held in police custody on the evening of 13 and 14 July, the interior ministry said Saturday…

    Zero mention in mainstream media across the entire globe, only Breitbart had a small article that had to quote RT. This is after over 1,000 cars were torched this past New Year’s Eve.

  50. What an omnium gatherum of stupidity that Ross article was. Just as one small further
    example: “Germany, on the other hand, increasingly appears to be the last remaining bastion of liberal democracy.” Germany, where 87 year old Ursula Haverback is thrown in jail for eight months for questioning the lies about Auschwitz, and lawyers defending holocaust revisionists are threatened with immediate arrest IN COURT BY JUDGES if they so much as begin to make the defense that the revisionist arguments are in fact true.

  51. Pingback: This Week In Reaction (2017/07/16) - Social Matter

  52. The new article is up at Daily Stormer on the Minneapolis Police shooting of Justine Damond. This from the comments, emphasis added:

    The main factor is that he is Black, was hired because of AA quotas and to do that IQ standards and aptitude requirements have been lowered through the USA. I suppose it possible that he’s one of the 5% that might reach an IQ of 100 but I doubt it. He simply lacked the information and sensory processing capability to cope with several concurrent events: a radio in the car, a partner talking and a big breasted blonde lady with an iPhone. He should have been well aware of the environment even before he arrived.

    I also doubt he has a strong conscience or respect for human life. Somali are not known for it. Warlords, piracy, kidnapping, Islam, infibulation.

    That is a reasonable interpretation, probably moreso than sudden jihad syndrome (SJS).

    HOWEVER — in a very real sense, it matters not at all whether the first or the second explanation is more accurate.

    Whether or not it was incompetence, or malevolence on the level of the individual actor in this case Noor, — the System as it stands is set up so that this happens.

    Low iq Somalis have low agency, and as such whether or not they are consciously engaged in jihad, they are the same threat.

    This point (that it makes no difference whether or not their harmfulness is conscious and deliberate) is important, because the excuse of them not “intending” to do us is so common.

    Back about two years ago when that Somali in the distant MN exurb of Rochester went knifey at the mall (and i don’t recall his kill count if any and but he was put down on the spot by a white tough, a “violence guy” security expert in the right place at the right time) they insisted as they always do that he wasn’t attached to Al Queda, that he was just a disturbed individual.

    NPR liberals love to tell us that since he didn’t have terrorist membership card in his possession and laminated, that therefore he was acting alone and it is NOT part of a pattern dammit you discriminating goy!

  53. From the Daily Stormer article:

    Of course, the fact that he did not turn on his bodycam makes it look like it was some kind of weird murder, but in all likelihood, the cop he was with was also black and it was just standard operating procedure not to follow standard operating procedure, since the white who run the department don’t expect anything out of these affirmative action hires and they can’t really get in trouble for anything.

    Except accidentally shooting some woman who called-in reporting an assault. They can get in trouble for that.

    You never know these days but our mystery man partner’s name is Matthew Harrity.

    If that is not the name of a blondish Irish goon, i will eat my tennis shoes.

    Good luck finding a picture of him on the net — it has to be have scrubbed. Google has to be working with the police associations to keep those images from being available.

    Where is /pol/ when you need them?

  54. The latest spin coming from the poh-leese is that Noor was “startled” by a “loud sound” near the car. Which doesn’t explain why his gun was out in the first place or his finger on the trigger. Unless he drew and fired from a sitting position after hearing the noise. Who knows, maybe he’s the fastest gun West of the Mississippi. Or, alternately, the cops are lying about it.

    In any event, expect the Powers That Be to do everything humanly possible to spin this story in Noor’s favor.

  55. Harrity’s statement slash reveal, is going to be a huge worldwide story.

    Will it pass the smell test of believability? Is he going to tell the truth?

    What is “the truth” for a situation like that?

    All the angles have been gone over in the various discussion boards.

    Sudden Jihad Syndrome is not to be glossed over as crazy paranoid alt-right weirdness. Especially considering what I was trying to get at in my previous comment, about what difference does it make, the extent to which these Muslim invaders “consciously” decide to kill themselves an infidel?

    The explicitness of that decision for them, has to be weighted against their low intelligence and low agency. And that, in my estimation, is not an intellectual pretension. These people such as Somalis, feel that racial animus on a LEVEL on which Whites do NOT.

    Which is an important point, and it directly bears on what we call Agency.

    Agency is a White slash Man thing. Yeah, that’s an AR meme, right? but it’s more than that. It is the essence of “all this non-sense” and also of the so-called White Paradox.

    It’s pretty metaphysical and difficult, conceptually, but whatever. That idea wants more consideration and expansion.


    The other explanation for Noor’s actions is his incompetence, and that is likely at play too.

    But opposed to that explanation, is the conspiratorial view floating around that Noor executed Justine Ruszczyk Damone because she was in the way or seemingly likely to expose some racket that they (he or he and his partner or partners) may have been involved in.

    Those things might all go together, though that last angle is a yes or no variable that seems unlikely, but who knows.

  56. As goes the axiom:

    Agency correlates inversely with Ethnocentrism. — Suburban_elk

    That occurred to me the other evening walking the dog. So there you go.


    Looking for explanations of Noor’s actions, is ascribing to him agency that he likely (certainly) does not have.

    Another classic White man mistake.

    His actions speak for themselves.

    However as a confused society we are all looking for explanations.

    But these explanations (of behavior) are all secondary and post-hoc.

    But as far as they go go, weight should be lent to the reality that different peoples of different backgrounds and races, have different standards forms and modes of behavior, and may not read each other right.

    That is what a lot of people are saying, but that doesn’t seem right to me, because it is very easy to read people even niggers, to read them as animals, as to whether they are a threat or not.

    Do not nigger animals also have that capacity?

    All animals have that capacity. Right?

    But those different forms of behavior must be considered. A “lippy” White woman is not a threat; or is she?

  57. In any case we get keeping these stories that reveal in more and more sharp relief our situation.

    Somali cop cold blooded execution of tony SW Minneapolis yoga instructor. (and from whom fwiw I am one-degree of acquaintance removed)

    What’s next?

    So basically real-talk has to break hard and fast mainstream now. And no holds barred. And that hold that would might be barred is of course of yenahus. (see what i did there — i barred it)

    The yenahus is my cutesy neologism for the jews.

    Linder the insane ranter made a very good rhetorical point, that needs taken up by us on the spearhead:

    There is no JQ. This isn’t the 18th century or whatever, and we are not discussing the “extent” to which we might “allow” jews to exert their pathology upon us for our thirty pieces of ass.

    Apparently that is the origins of the phrase: sometime back ago whenever, diplomats and intellectuals in jolly ol’ England and gay Paris, were discussing “the JQ” but what it meant then is not where we are today.

    What is question now, then?

    The question now is whether we let them go to Madagascar. Or not. Or Israel, if they have some leverage.

    The point being, framing our problems with the jews as the JQ is YET ANOTHER example of their toxic influence and control over our discussion and our memes and our minds. How ironic.

    Fractal irony to the tenth power.

  58. We just… accept things that shouldn’t be accepted. What would a legitimate government do? Answer: force the mayorette of Minneapolis to step down. Blame the entire Somalian community; start mass deportations along with demonization campaigns. Arrest members of the Somali-American Police Association (or whatever it’s called) as suspected terrorists. Turn a mostly-blind eye on White citizens’ reprisals.

    Profusely apologize to the people and the government of Australia, and make substantial reparations that go beyond recompense to the grieving family.

    Absent the above, Australian government ought to mobilize the international community to sanction the United States, as long as it coddles niggers, as a terror-sponsoring state.

  59. If you are the ZEITGEIST and you seek to provoke lone white wolves into self-annihilating action for the purpose of a savage STATE stampeding then pig nigger jihadist executing an innocent white female from Australia just is your huckleberry.

    From the perspective of wS, the event is both absolutely real and a total false flag. The inexplicable nature of the story is a “radical autonomy” of utter bewilderment. The dull mass WANTS TO BE IN A STATE OF UNCERTAINTY. Only a select few actually desire to know “why” it happened and are also willing to speculate with definitive certainty. As a force against the ZEITGEIST, the answer is, “Nigger jihadist exists… Even as an ‘American cop!'”

  60. What would a legitimate government do? Answer: force the mayorette of Minneapolis to step down.

    Mayor Betsy Hodges yesterday tweeted this:
    “I stand with our Somali community. We can’t compound the tragedy of Justine Damond’s death by turning to racism.”

    Also, MPD Chief Janeé Harteau is a dyke. Here she is with Hodges in the background.

  61. Here is Harrity from Pamela Geller’s linked article.

    I appreciate your ongoing commentary on the event big time, Elk.

  62. Just trying to work off the balance of prior-times shit posts.

    It is remarkable though, how scrubbed of his image, the net is.

    He has good-natured face. It hasn’t corrupted into the dirty worn-out cynical cop yet. I would trust that cop not to shoot me in the gut.

    This metro police force is pretty White and good old boy actually. (What means “good old boy” here is its own thing of course.) And more than that, and I know this for a fact, it is a Christian culture to. In that way of during interviews would be beneath-the-surface feel-outs of “are you in the club?” That observation is particular to this (major) suburb, but I suspect that that attitude is common across the TC metro police community.

    And if that is the case, what are their feelings about the diversity hires (and hirers; and highers) and the lesbian chief with the awful face?

    I don’t follow local politics all that closely, but it is well known that the police despise despise despise Mayor Bitch Hodges.

    How she is able to get away with such a bad relationship with the PD? seems odd. Are they not supposed to work together?

    Or on the other hand, is it a common dynamic, antagonism between the mayor’s office and the police force?

    Such dynamic portrayed on the veritable television, particular of late the watchable series Bosch which is set in LA.

    Looking at the Bosch wiki, it is an Amazon Studios production. (tough guy Bezos alert)

    That was the last television fiction show I invested in. It has very some good acting and characters. Without a doubt its writers follow the contemporary grassroots politics of White America iow the AR and its broader intersections.

    Perhaps eventually I will do an effort post on that series.

  63. Off topic and aside. The fiction book I got going now is Suttree, by Cormac ‘the Man’ McCarthy.

    It is a great book, of course. And it is the ONLY book that relates what became of America. His work is the only voice of old Americans before they pozzed out, and from the perspective of them beginning to get submerged in the awfulness of the modern world and its confusion.

    That is the story of the title character. He is of “good bone and blood” which phrase is frequently used in the book itself — and is exactly the larger theme, which is how that man with his history ends up “in a van down by the river.” (literally except in his case it is a houseboat but as ever the river is The River the one and only)

    But blood will out, which is the other frequent phrase and overarching theme.

    Of the book, and dare we say, of White America?

    However i have not finished the book. (oooohhh, fractal irony alert)

    And here’s the thing. I went to renew it just now on the library’s website and there is a modestly impressive request count on it, which how often is that ever the case nowadaze on a book?

  64. Neither Noor’s refusal to make a statement or a key dyke figure takes this event outside the realm of faggot-jihadist collusion.

    Faggot-jihad IS the modernization of the West.

  65. An epiphany…

    Distinctions between dykes and faggots can be deleterious to the spiritual mind. {{{Their}}} effect is one in the same AS IS their cause.

  66. Aussies are first cousins to dad’s best brother…

    Hands down, Aussies are the best “foreigners” in my business.

    An Aussie was beat to within an inch of his life with a skateboard and thrown in a beach fire some years back near my night spot.

    These events are anything other than random in the big meme of stings.

  67. Assistant police chief Medaria Arradondo?? He looks like a Nigerian. Apparently he is second in charge, after the dyke. Amazing.

  68. “Do we live in a loveless time, or is it just the art directors?”

    Having a woman surrendering to a sh!tlord would be against the retarded but unfortunately still-dominant trope of strong independent womyn.

    “As goes the eternal truth, the next generation can set things right.”

    The last picture almost made hard-boiled me go “aw”.

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