So, Are They?

There were many good comments under the previous post and I agree with them. The title question of that post is “nonsense” today but we are living in an era of such extensive liberal indoctrination, it’s difficult to imagine living any other way. But this is not normal. All of it across the spectrum of liberalism, from forcible school integration on down to fathers today going along with their wives’ tranny’ing-up of their sons.

This will come to an end, the question is when, and how. Tomorrow, as I put it in the post, people will be asking that question about blacks openly — and acting in accordance with the answer. The future will likely not be a continuation of bleeding Whites dry of everything just so blacks can keep on with this (from the comments):

In Chicago gangs are now just brazenly taking over public parks and having all-night parties in Summer, knowing that the police cannot possibly arrest 2,000 people, and have orders to “take it easy” on them. They’re climbing on cars, waving guns and filming “music videos”

Nigger paradise is White hell. There is no such thing as a free freaknik, so somebody is paying for those Chicago all-night parties, in a multitude of ways.

Donald Trump’s entry into politics spurred White American voters to think the unthinkable: the two parties are at fake opposition to each other. What else will Americans and others across the West begin thinking and doing as the Baby Boomer generation, with its manifold sentimental attachments to liberalism, dies off? “Separation is the only humane solution.”

In the previous post, I was initially going to alternate flattering photos of blacks with unflattering ones. But all of the flattering ones that are set in the contemporary era felt forced. Yay, a Talented Tenth in a suit, and there is one taking care of his kids. Instead, I led the post off with one timelessly sympathetic image, of Louis Armstrong. That was not an arbitrary choice, as his image had been a target of scorn among militant blacks.

I once talked with an older fellow who flew on government business to an African country. I asked him the usual “how was it,” and he gushed: “I had a great time! They are such warm, hospitable people.” Andrew Anglin just posted a satirical account of his (fictitious) expatting in Nigeria, and he hits on a fundamental truth:

In actual fact, Nigerians who leave on these boats to Italy are despised by the locals here in Nigeria. They are deeply ashamed at the horrible behavior of their kinsmen who go to Europe.

They are especially disgusted by black men who lust after white women, believing this practice to be unnatural and sick. They believe it can bring a curse on a man’s entire family for generations …

None of these Nigerians are talking about how they used to be wuz kangz until whites stole their civilization. That is 100% a belief of the kiked-out American Negroid.

The lower races naturally want to look up to us, to serve us, to learn from us.

This is the order of nature, and it is the default if you don’t have Jews

Anyone can be good or evil. In a way, properly playing the role of host seems to bring out the best in all people. Not so in other circumstances. Blacks, human or not (like I said, on that question I agree with my commenters), were created to have a home and a way of life of their own. They were never made to have others meddle with the balance of their ecosystem, charitably or otherwise. They were never meant to be brought to White countries — that’s our home to kill or die for. They were never meant to be told that they can live like us and with us in the West. We were never meant to hybridize.

All of those things are a mockery of us, and of them. Contact corrupts. Separation is the only humane solution but it is not the only solution.

The answer is No.


5 thoughts on “So, Are They?

  1. Regarding the excerpted take from Anglin on self-dignified Nigerians remaining in Nigeria, and their thoughts on their out-migrating countrymen.

    That’s great news. I hope that there are a number of those people who can see the Light on the other side of this tunnel, and that we can work with them for a dignified and true solution to this epic times problem that we all face.

    More and more, the reality of our situation is apparent, and everyone wants to hear from real people who offer Wisdom and Guidance.

    Everyone who is not insane and or cynical and wrecked and broken, or psychopathic or just maldeveloped in some way — wants something better for all peoples. (Except I am not sure that applies to the Chinese.)

    And our options in re solving this problem are limited. They have to include hard eugenics, and enshrine human biodiversity in its refined and natural strains and variations. (enough Bantus already)


    We in this our thing — have to have a Platform to present, that is real, and that is compassionate, and that is reasonable.

    And it’s not hard. 100 words.

    However, no one will listen and it has to backed up with force.

    We need BOTH those SOLUTIONS, for the problem to be solved.

    So two things. First, a peaceful proclamation: of our long-term stasis plan for inhabiting the Planet and not using it up, for the millennia until we get wiped out by a collision. And when that happens that’s ok too — they’ve already made an artsy movie about it with Kirsten Dunst. Did you know she has D-cups?

    Second is a mobilization of force. And this is more “tricky”. The Godfather (Bowery) has told us that we need to come up with an oath, in order to allow for the common man to become a righteous soldier. So that his actions are not restrained by self-doubt and a falsely imposed moral inhibition.

    That is all and everything that we can do to gird up our intellection for the necessary politics.

  2. No no PA. Those minos are creating WN DAA heaven.

    You can’t get away with anything in a rich, white hood. They are covered in CCTV, nosy neighbors, joggers and snitches. Sucker whites believe cops and military serve their interests.

    The best places for crime are right in the middle of those mino-hives like Baltimore or Detroit. One is hiding inside a sea of criminality.

    The third world is great. You can do whatever you want. Cops and soldiers all for sale (just like here). Some white men find their heaven there. Kurtz comes to mind.

    The “common man” can’t soldier unless he is given permission / immunity. Forget that. Someone like Anders is one in 8 million.

    Only criminals and terrorists can fight the USG. They are in fact, the only ones who ever have.

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  4. It’s funny, I have more in common with black nationalists than white liberals. I have no problem with black nationalists, who want an ethnocentric nation-state of their own, just like I want for my people.

  5. “The lower races naturally want to look up to us, to serve us, to learn from us.

    This is the order of nature, and it is the default if you don’t have Jews”

    No, dear Anglin!
    Even with Jews in the picture, the law of nature you talk about still applies… and what there is now is exactly the product of such natural law…

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