Are Blacks Human?

Who’s asking?

Today: that’s a nonsense question. Tomorrow… everybody.



31 thoughts on “Are Blacks Human?

  1. Along the lines of this topic, for those that haven’t yet discovered it, the Those Who Can See blog is an amazing repository of cold, hard facts about race, immigration, etc. including really interesting historical information. Warning: it’s fascinating and you can easily get sucked in to hours of reading.

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  3. That graph at the end: it’s not going to look like that once we stop feeding them. They can’t make their own boats and the Egyptians damnsure aren’t going to just let them walk out of there across their nation. They’ll be trapped in wonderful magical mother africa with no food and no skills. Europe will reach a tipping point at which they won’t be shipping them in for humanitarian feelz anymore. Once they’re stuck and people see them cannibalizing each other, then we’ll see whether people can acknowledge the truth implied in this post’s title.

    I think most people already know, but allow feelings of guilt to interfere with rational thought.

  4. Notice the Rodesian Ridgeback doing his job. They are a lot of work (to raise and maintain) but when you get a good one they have a great ability to ‘discern when trouble near’. Well worth the effort if you can’t be around the homestead 24-7.

  5. I believe they are among the lowest form of human. In apartheid South Africa Project Coast tried to develop black specific chemical and bio weapons but had little success (they were toxic to whites also). The Boerboel is allegedly very good for protection from blacks.

  6. In apartheid South Africa Project Coast tried to develop black specific chemical and bio weapons but had little success (they were toxic to whites also).

    Is that true, or just some crazy anti-white propaganda? Sounds like something from a Leftist disinformation campaign. In any case, it would have been very difficult back in those days. But now, with the advances in genomics and CRISPR and other technologies, you probably CAN create race-specific bio weapons.

  7. I’ve heard that South Africa and Israel both have developed race-specific bioweapons. Shouldn’t be hard to do, in theory.

  8. Of course that’s not a joke, at all, which is why it’s funny.

    I don’t know if the training has taken to the point that she differentiates niggers, but that is obviously the goal.

    It is a long-time “urban legend” that nigger-sensing dogs abound. And come to think of it — that is a pretty excellent litmus test on the question, are niggers a separate species.

    Let’s ask the dogs.

    If the animal species dog can tell them apart, then yes.

  9. Alex Linder had a very insulting “Thought” on dog owners, posted about five days ago on his blog. I won’t repost it because it was so lame. I figure he is being deliberately cantankerous, in a way that is meant to be fun.

    But the thought itself was to the effect that dog-owners are worthless pieces of shit, because dogs are dirty.

    My response to Linder, is toughen the fuck up. We all have to deal with ugly realities of life, which includes having to process food iow shit.

    And a more serious response is that, dogs are our co-evolutionary strategists: and it is somewhere between hard and impossible, to over-estimate their influence on our own development as sentient and handy intelligent beings. J Bowery among others, has made his thoughts on that known.

    And more than that, they’ve been bread for 10 thousand generations by better men than you and me, literally to be your best friend, and so if you hate them, perhaps the problem is you.

  10. But of course the answer is no they are not. Blacks are not human.

    Not even close.

    They are however, sentient and intelligent animals with two hands who can think and cry and feel, and some of them more than that.

    They are not particularly talented at, say math.

    We, as White advocates, have to make this clear: Blacks are not humans.

    This is our winning strategy, as far as goes our current “rhetorical” tactics.

    We have the truth on our side: the genetic distance between Bantus and Euros is far greater than that between bonobos and chimps, and (i think) between brown and polar bears.

    We need a List that we can reference, that contains the hard numbers that measure the genetic distance between the major races, and on that same list, examples of well known animals which are separate species but are more closely related than Whites and blacks.

    For god’s sake, let the numbers speak for themselves.

    I am science lay-nobody. In another life, I wish I had gone into that. My point being, that someone with the necessary background: why are they not BURNING with these facts and figures and questions?

    Where is that chart? Do we not have those numbers?

    The genetic distance between human races has been on the nets for ten years.

  11. Egalitarians used to love to say:

    “We share 99.9 % of our DNA with every other human! See we’re all the same. (Science!)”

    As if that means anything to them on a level of real understanding.

    We share like 50 % of our DNA with bananas, but for some reason they don’t make the cut, to share our table with, to let into our schools and devote our lives to civilizing.

  12. The race make-up of this here community, is approximately 75 / 15 / 5 : white / black / other.

    But here’s the thing: of the hominids that you see on the street or the sidewalk, walking around, at least down around near the mall or what passes for a city center? it’s near to half black.

    They are less likely to be driving, that is part of it. But that is only a part of that lopsided proportion. What is the other part of it?


    For the record, jews and blacks CANNOT be blamed for building the un-walkable suburbs with every fucking street 60 feet across, and every town built around the automobile. Oh look a meadow! quick bring in the bulldozers, we could put used cars there.

    White people did that, 99.99999999999999999 per cent of that decision-making.

    White people shit up their own living space, because wow it is so fun drive around. And now the cockroaches niggers are comfortable on the sidewalks and the jews wherever the hide.

  13. That is why I say our problems are not fundamentally SCALE, they are aesthetics.

    I will be proven right on that. Because we are not downscaling.

    We can’t downscale, and win. Doesn’t work.

  14. Yes, but they have trouble living up to white standards of civilization. I was watching OJ: Made in America the other day. There was a part in it where AJ Cowlings was talking about bringing OJ to his son’s ball game. This was after OJ had been acquitted of murder. Nicole’s parents had custody of the kids at this time, and were upset that OJ was at the game. Cowlings comes across as a nice person and not anti white, but he just didn’t seem to understand why Nicole’s parents would be angry.

  15. My neighbor had a Rhodesian Ridgeback for a few days, but he couldn’t handle it. It was a nice looking dog.

  16. They are wonderful dogs but a full time deal. The best way to describe them, they are like having a basset hound and full throttle police malinous shepard in the same dog, and they can flip in an instant. My favorite part is they have lots of discernment, and will not ‘get in over their heads’, mine has sat in the driveway ‘watching’ a team of mexican roofers next door, and when the got too close to our yard, he would just stare at them. It was cool.

  17. They are less likely to be driving, that is part of it. But that is only a part of that lopsided proportion. What is the other part of it?

    Yes, blacks always seem to be hugely over-represented in towns/cities across the USA because they don’t have cars and have to walk everywhere. And they tend to cluster in places where they have easy access to government services/offices and public transportation.

  18. I’ve seen tons of Ridgebacks around at dog parks and such, and I just realized that I’ve never seen one bark.

    I guess that fits the tradition of tropical/African hunting dogs being bred to be very quiet.

  19. The saying ‘keeping a lion at bay’ supposedly came from these dogs.

    Yeah the barking, it took me 2 yrs to teach mine to bark when someone came to the door. (He used to just leer out the window) keeps the mystery meat back when they ring the bell now.

  20. Black people are pretty much scared of all dogs. And for good reason, since dogs in black neighborhoods don’t tend to behave well, internalizing the anger and bad manners they see.

    At Piedmont Park in Atlanta (our equivalent of NYC’s central park) they put in a dog park years ago and when Tyrone shows up with his two pit bulls you can tell the huge differences they have in pet values and the kind of wild, dangerous behavior they will accept from dogs. About once every few months some poor SWPL gets their precious little shelter mix torn to bits and it’s in the newspaper, no races need to be mentioned because you already know.

  21. The majority of whites in the USA still lack any depth of experience around blacks socially.

    When you get around a large group of blacks in their own environment, uninhibited – it’s a real eye-opener. It quickly devolves into nothing more than booty, drinking, gambling – pretty much every stereotype you can imagine.

    And there’s a certain, wild lack of organization that is hard to describe. Even when white folks go crazy, partying and doing hard drugs there’s still some sense of propriety about it all, strange as that may seem.

    In Downtown Atlanta we used to have the “Peach Drop” on New Year’s Eve as a rival to the NYC apple drop. It’s now cancelled due to shootings or other violence year after year. But nothing was funnier than to see white tourists or whites who just moved here asking if the Peach Drop is a “cool event” – then you have to explain that it will be around 70% black in the area (nuff said).

    In Chicago gangs are now just brazenly taking over public parks and having all-night parties in Summer, knowing that the police cannot possibly arrest 2,000 people, and have orders to “take it easy” on them. They’re climbing on cars, waving guns and filming “music videos”:

  22. Writing of the great white alpha dawg, a requisite skill is sniffing out the nigger, migger and sand jigger from the vile in play.

  23. I’ve seen that last photo around twitter. Always gives me the creeps since the white boy in it is a spitting image of one of my own sons. He is the most sensitive, empathetic kid I’ve ever met. Knowing that physiognomy is real, I can only imagine how that poor kid felt. It breaks my heart.

  24. A while ago, strolling through Whitopia (now tanning, alas), I saw a mid-sized dog meet its first black man. The dog sort of contorted into an electrified, shocked wild jump into the air and yelped in a way I could only interpret as “WTF is that? Master, are you messing with me??” Then started barking fanatically. Good doge.

  25. Now maybe you can sympathize with other groups of people who ask the same question about “Flyover America” / European-descent whites, PA.

    The reasoning is the same, bit by bit.

  26. That population projection chart is more terrifying than the worst scene from any horror movie.

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