“In days of gold we dreamed on the heather”

A poem written by Lucius Somesuch, originally posted by him at Chateau Heartiste and in the comments on my blog yesterday. 

In days of gold we dreamed on the heather
Beneath Heaven’s broad splendor that brightly shone.
Tonight we writhe in highwaisted pleather
Frantically doing things best left undone.

My locks are coiffed to tres chic perfection,
My alabaster limbs with glitter flicker.
My glassy gaze gives strangers an erection,
My thoughts are distant, on liquor, twitter.

Time threatens furrows, the prudes would warn me
And Beauty’s prime prances ‘fore an open grave,
And the Air’s Dark Prince muses to harm me,
But the beat goes on, and tonight I rave.

What have I to do with maidenly prudence
Or with the matron’s fond worrisome cares?
Why should I sit all alone and rue? Dance!
I’ve got left before me many fine years!

The Invisible Worm wings on the blast
And the omens are rich that Eyes Wide Shut
Was a documentary. But I have cast
Mine with the devils’ lot. Snort a line. Rut.

— Lucius Somesuch


26 thoughts on ““In days of gold we dreamed on the heather”

  1. Lucius offers some off-the cuff thoughts about his poem under the link at the top of the post. One of the striking things about its form is how the last stanza becomes dissonant in the phrases and sentences breaking the lines, where previously they kept a simple rhythm. A sinister feel in that last four lines.

  2. Lucius, you mentioned that our earlier conversation about William Blake’s “The Sick Rose” is echoed in your line “The Invisible Worm wings on the blast.”

    The word “blast,” as has just occurred to me, makes an appearance in the final stanza of Blake’s “London” and kind of on topic:

    But most thro’ midnight streets I hear
    How the youthful Harlots curse
    Blasts the new-born Infants tear
    And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse

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  4. The desire for radical sexual autonomy is, when all is dead and fun, the antithesis to white (S)upremacy and of which no synthesis is possible. Thus, it should altready be known that separation is the materialist’s fundamental assumption. The chaos inherent to Totalitarian Integratiion (read: universal equality) is to be found in its material separatists who can successfully hide within dulled collectives.

    In a psychological war, one states things succinctly.

    The desire of “white” females for sexual degeneracy is self-annihilating.

    Yet, there is another contingent of “whites” who desire radical sexual autonomy.

    Buttjew altready new hat.

  5. I’m flattered and obliged, and to Matthew as well!

    ‘The word “blast,” as has just occurred to me, makes an appearance in the final stanza of Blake’s “London” and kind of on topic:’

    –lolz that’s an excellent catch. I was a fanatic Blake reader in my high school and college days, and Paglia extensively covers “London” in “Sexual Personae” and again in “Break, Blow, Burn”, so it’s very likely that one conscious Blake association led to an unconscious second one.

    In BBB, Paglia explicitly relates the “blast” to syphilitic infection of newborn babes, so that’s another ominous concomitant stirring on the dark breeze that “hovers” around her character in the poem.

  6. –“when all is dead and fun, ”

    That’s a great turn of phrase.

    With respect to what camlost just alluded to, I’m dying to know what the “American” “college grad” was up to that got him gang-deathed in Greece.

    Go team go

  7. I’m dying to know what the “American” “college grad” was up to that got him gang-deathed in Greece.

    Yeah no kidding that looks like quite the story.

    Here is our college grad —

    There are a number of other pictures of him cavorting with white women.

    By his looks and expression, he thought of himself as a high-level player and ladies’ man.

  8. I know that PA hates those pictures, but they are hard to describe.

    Look at those faces.

    Those faces — and the people behind them — are “living the dream” of the poz-fest that is America, and they know it. That is their expression to me.

    It is hard to believe that a good-looking white woman such as she, who is pretty hot most would say an 8 or 8.5 — gets off on hanging around guys like that.

    So Bakari Henderson — hey i didn’t make that name up — had mad nigger game. That was his thing.

    Good luck with that in Greece and Serbia. Funny how those two countries specifically would probably be the exact two I would warn (hypothetical) friendly black Americans not to work their game there.

    Probably not a good idea. Hahaha

  9. The news cycle is so fast, and there will be something new tomorrow, but that story looks like something they will want to bury because it might inspire grassroots activism in America?

    But it seems a long way from here.

    But just to repeat my point — how conceited and out of touch does someone (Bakari) have to be, to not know about the locals in say Greece or Serbia, and how they are not the same as cucked Americans.

    His ego was obviously out of control. That same face is the face you see on the mugshots of black Americans who get brought in for crimes against Whites, such as the Chicago Four (and the autistic White guy).

    I hate that face, but the woman with him is doing a variation of it.

    They are young and healthy and drinking beer and buzzing, and the rest of it. “Feelin good.”

  10. I can’t remember who it was, was talking on this point, but someone recently was recapping how black nationalists or hoteps or whoever along those lines, consider themselves as blacks.

    They consider themselves the strongest — and they are using that basic primal word in its basic primal sense. And they point to examples like LeBron James and Venus Williams.

    When they say that they are the strongest, they are seeing the VIGOR in those specimens. And it is un-deniable that the black life force is expressing.

    (I am not trying to sound defeatist.)

    But if individuals are evaluated in basic energy times, for their Vigor and their Life Force — who compares more favorably?

    Basic Life Energy is hard to quantify. There are un-quantifiables such Willpower, and Circumstance, and Luck. And other things like Momentum, and Trajectory, and the fifth dimension, or God if you will.

    But we humans, and especially We advanced humans, create our own living arrangements.

    White humans create living conditions that require us to sacrifice our own children’s future, so that they can be replaced by the teeming billions of Africa. If we are unwilling to sacrifice our own children, and are own personal future, our status within the current social arrangement is diminished.

    Whether or not the jews are entirely to blame for this is not the only question in the world, but it is one of them.

  11. One of the themes of my commenting career, is that people’s Health depends a large part on the trajectory of their own Life.

    And that Life as a fractal in larger and smaller patterns both. A person’s health depends on how he sees where he is going, and not just in his own life but in the life of his family and his children, and his People.

    This is an obvious and common-sense theme, but one which the White Death has submerged.

    The White Death, as part of its operant power, has caused us to not even be able to say what it is that is driving us to Despair.

    And that is what this grassroots resistance is really about: is an Antidote to that despair.

    We need to have a hold of our own Identity and consequently our Destiny.

    And without those things, we swirl down the drain.

    It is interesting though — because Health is a big Topic. But wouldn’t ya know, they somehow never seem to get at “root causes” (of ill health).

    What makes for health and happiness.

  12. What makes for health and happiness is a sense of Belonging.

    People of all stripes talk about community. Liberals on NPR talk about community. For the love of god, if that doesn’t send out some red flags and sirens.

    So the cognitive dissonance of the Left in regard to community and why it doesn’t work, is something fierce.

    Community is an extended family, spread out across villages.

    Confucius said as much. They knew even back then, that we had to live in villages, in order to stay out of trouble.

  13. And that Life as a fractal in larger and smaller patterns both. A person’s health depends on how he sees where he is going, and not just in his own life but in the life of his family and his children, and his People.

    I should add though, that the health of a person’s own and his People’s environment — his world, his Ecology, which is this here planet Earth — is the largest of those fractals, and its uncertain health is an overarching factor in how White people are responding to their situation.

    And the related notion of “going to the Stars” plays into a self-defeating pattern.

    And the health of the Planet Earth is not hippy dippy non-sense. Have you swum in the Mississippi recently? I bet you have not. Because it’s fucking gross.

  14. The taboo on “separation” is relentlessly jet-eyed by the “gay man,” that “African American graduate,” the “conservative Muslim,” a “pious Jew” and the 8.5 mudbarking “white” female. And then there is an alt-writer or two in this milieu. So there is, in a diversifying environment, always a next modeled minority ready for media memeification in order to possess Totalitarian Integration with just one last gasp of absolute existence. But under “game theory” and its law of a material playing field, a separation of players is the given. An “equality” of “players” that is the cultural taboo on individual separation IS IN FACT the subordination of “game theory” as a viable paradigmatic account of reality. In other words, “game theory” isn’t operable on a dull mass JUST BECAUSE “game theory” is made subservient to a “default elite.” Ergo, “game theory” is high IQ hocus pocus that only {{{they}}} BELIEVE IN and re-act to.

    The dull masses desire self-annihilation.

    So the picture above is stillborn Totalitarian Integration and a pre-Final Liberation pose for nigger dawg. A literal snapshot of two perpetuating self-annihilators declaring themselves to be “terminable without consent.” .

  15. If any of our friends at the Memes and the Pepes (spl?) or any likeminded souls wanna have a roll with these lyrics, they’re welcome to them. I think it’d look cool with some neo-80s New Wave lightning bolts or something lolzolz

    His art is heirloom gold
    His head free of lies
    His girl is undesouled
    He’s got Anders Breivik eyes
    He’ll turn the big guns on you
    You won’t get to think twice
    He’s White as Vermont snow
    He’s got Anders Breivik eyes

    And he’ll tease you, he’ll unease you
    All the better to deceive you
    He’s ferocious, and he knows just
    What it takes to make Soros bust
    He’s got his own nation bound to arise, he’s got Anders Breivik eyes.

    He’ll make you miss your home
    You’ve whet his righteous spite
    He’ll waste you all alone
    He’s got Anders Breivik eyes
    He’ll tear your Talmud from you
    He’s through with all your vice
    This time you’ll come out blue
    He’s got Anders Breivik eyes

    He’s exposed you, the goy knows you
    Fuck the Fed throwing crumbs to blow you
    You’re atrocious, and he knows just
    What it takes to sate your gross lust.
    All the girls think he’s a spy, he’s got Anders Breivik eyes.

    He’ll tease you, poor diseased you
    All the better just to deceive you
    He’s precocious, and he knows just
    What it takes to make a troll shush
    All the goys dropped their disguise, we’ve got Anders Breivik eyes.

  16. nice. have to dust off the 1980s drum machine and effects pedals, this will require more more production values than an acoustic guitar and a phone but should be fun.

    /Handsome Horse

  17. That picture upthread of Bakari Henderson got scrubbed from the front page of google image results.

    When I went back to look for it to make that comment here, it seemed that the images were already being cleaned up of his gangster shots, but was not sure.

    But now that picture isn’t even a few pages down.

    What a bunch of assholes, at that company. Their motto is “Do not be evil” which has to be the most indicting and gayest motto of all time.

    The point has been made before, that if you have to have that as your motto, then that tells you all you need to know.

  18. Daily Stormer on Bakari Henderson,

    Video in the article shows Bakari’s fatal encounter, and a video in the comments has footage from the bar.

    Bakari is at his table and being confronted by multiple Whites, and Bakari while seated throws a hard slap or punch at one of them. Which guy pauses for about five seconds and then decks him.

    Also in the comments are excerpted youtube comments from supposed eye-witnesses.

    Buzzard King51
    I was there. American negro was being a douche bag and starting hassles with people all night. He kept harassing girls. He went up to like 8 different white girls and said “I’ll give you love, baby girl.” He started flirting with a white girl and she rejected him. After that he grabbed the girl’s ass and cut her arm with something, The security guards asked him to leave. He threw a bottle at them and hit one of them on the head with the bottle. Then he said “Fuck you, you racist motherfuckers. I’ll come back and kill all y’all.” When he tried to punch the security guard he missed and the security guard nailed him in the face. He spit in the security guard’s face and tried to run away but they caught up to him. They hit him once or twice and he fell down, cracking his dumb head on the pavement. The security guards were totally righteous to throw him out. He was acting like a arrogant gang bang thug all night. He was so used to thuging in America that he thought he could thug out overseas too. How wrong he was.

    Buzzard King51
    I was there. As soon as he got to the club he was acting like a jerk because he was drunk. When he walked in he was flashing gang hand signs, dancing and rapping. He kept saying “Nigga in the house. Nigga in the house.” He kept going up to white women saying “Come here, baby girl” and putting his arm around them. I heard one girl say “Get the fuck away from me.” Because some white American girls swooned over him, he thought all white girls wanted to be with him. He was rapping really loud for about 10 minutes and finally someone from the table next to his asked him very politely if he could quiet it down. He became belligerent and unruly at this point and the security guards asked him to mellow out. His frat buddies started to get nervous and told him to chill and he said something like “I don’t give a DAMN about these honkeys” (or crackers – something like that). A funk song came on the stereo and he grabbed a white girl because he wanted to dance. She said “Leave me alone” but he grabbed her ass and cut her arm with his bling ring. The security guards had enough at this point and asked him politely to leave. He went ape shit, threw a bottle at them and hit one of them in the head, then he started swinging. One guard crack him in the mouth and then he spit in his face and started running. Another guard caught up to him, gave him one slap and his head was cracked open on the sidewalk when he fell. First statement from the MSM: “It’s racism!!”

  19. Apparently these are five of the Serbs involved:

    Left to right:

    What good looks (no homo)
    Funny looking Arab girl eyes; holds grudges 10 generations
    Momma finally lets him out for one night and then this?
    Wasn’t he in The Sopranos?
    Eastern Euro hooligan stock images (is there a name for those guys besides gooligahn?)

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