Ideology And Aesthetics Are Linked

Someone named Matt C. tweets:

Spent time with my simple, all-American family today. There is no hope for this nation. The 3rd world masses must rise up and destroy us.

28Sherman retweeted this, observing that ideology and aesthetics are linked. I don’t know who Matt is, but you could have fun with the 140-character form and pretend you’re explicating a William Carlos Williams poem. How’s this penitent Prodigal Son interpretation:

I despair for my hardscrabble family. My Leftist ilk, we’re ruining this land. Hey scary immigrants around our SWPL enclave — stop us, I beg you!

A stretch? Not at all, if you read the tweet on a purely textual level. Now, let’s look at Matt’s tweet through the filter of apocalyptic nationalism:

Cuckservatives and churchians, sad! A plague upon them. RaHoWa now.

Or we can attribute the common SJW sentiments to what may have been an in vino veritas tweet, posted late on a Friday night and since deleted. With that approach:

“Spent time with my simple, all-American family today.”

The thing about members of one’s family, is that sometimes they can disappoint you. Another thing about kin — thinking of my own large extended family — is that my respect and affection for a given individual is not strongly correlated with how complicated or simple he is.

“There is no hope for this nation.”

His relatives are bitter clingers, and the number of such people can feel overwhelming. How can one Progressive fight so much ignorance? He yearns for a nation in which people adopt a suite of attitudes that elevate them above the bromidic life of bondage to tradition; see Point 2 in this post.

“The 3rd world masses must rise up and destroy us.”

We talked about about r-selected person’s “let’s you and him fight” Darwinian programming, specifically his subconscious strategy of inviting large numbers of aliens to fight those fellow-natives against whom he can’t compete for the status to which he feels entitled. As Anonymous Conservative explains it:

Nature programmed the r-strategist this way. He could never out-compete you, one on one, in a free society. In such an environment, his type is destroyed. But that isn’t his game. Unable to compete directly, he has evolved into a machine, designed to import a brutal occupation, and then survive it, as you are killed trying to fight it because of your K-strategist urges.


Principle demonstrated: over time, a dog and its master will come to resemble each other.



52 thoughts on “Ideology And Aesthetics Are Linked

  1. The Orthodox Study Bible renders Psalm 72 (73 for Protestants) in terms suggestive of r/K:

    “But as for me, my feet were almost shaken; My steps had nearly slipped.
    For I was jealous of the lawless
    When I beheld the peace of sinners.
    For there is no upward gaze at their death
    Nor steadfastness in their chastening.
    They are not in difficulties as other men,
    And they shall not be chastened with other men.
    For this reason arrogance mastered them;
    They clothed themselves with their wrongdoing and ungodliness;
    Their wrongdoing shall go forth as from fatness;
    They passed through to their heart’s intent.
    They thought and spoke in evil;
    They spoke in wrongdoing to the height.
    They set their mouth against heaven,
    And their tongue passed through the earth.
    For this reason my people shall return here;
    Days of fullness shall be found in them.
    (v. 2-10)

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  3. Did everyone see Trump’s remarks in Poland?

    He talked about “defending our civilization” and said the West “will never be broken”.

  4. Lucius, that Psalm passage is most certainly about r/K. Thanks for posting that. The King James version reads similarly.

  5. What Matty is referring to is the fact that the average white is done. They may as well be already dead. In fact, it would be better if they were, because then they would be out of our way.

    The deeper truth, which you are sensing now PA, is that a strong WN and system elite are very similar. The masses are sheep and do not matter except to pay their taxes.

    The elites are like us. They laugh at the moral sensibilities of the masses. Like that homo orgy in the Vatican that just happened.

    Have you seen this, PA? It is a vid on Jens Brevik “The Monster’s Father”.

    Anders own father wishes him dead. It’s a good thing to remember. If you are a devout WN, most of us would be disowned by our “family.”

  6. You are right that Matt has come to resemble a liberal hispster.

    But, this is no cause for alarm. Already, the new “liberal” form of WN is beating the liberals. We’ve abandoned the conservative mindset and their ‘principles.’

    Matt could be badass though. He’s got the right genetics. Many strongmen from the 80s looked just like that:

  7. — Matt could be badass though. He’s got the right genetics.

    Alex Jones said something similar in that video that Camlost linked a few days ago. It was about young liberals in Chicago who couldn’t do one push-up but started an anti-Right workout club.

    Rather than just mocking them, Jones said that as they become stronger, their minds will become clear. Unknowingly, they are taking the first step to joining us.

  8. Funny, when I first read the bare tweet at the start of the post, my interpretation was: “I saw my supposedly normal family, and they are so cucked out and Trump-hating that we are doomed. The 3rd world hordes should destroy us because it’s what we deserve for being so weak.”

    I read it mostly ironically. Of course, seeing the douchebag’s photo, you immediately realize it’s just more white self-loathing from a flabby loser.

  9. — could you recommend any (non-mainstream) Polish sources covering Trump’s visit?

    The one I check out regularly is Max Kolonko’s Youtube channel. He hasn’t posted anything on Trump’s visit yet. He will definitely have something up within the next few days.

  10. Matt Christman is one of the hosts of the Chapo Trap House podcast. They are a group of Brooklyn-based Bernie Bros who have racked up close to $70k a month from Patreon donors.

    There is a discussion of Chapo Trap House in the last few pages of the TRS thread over at MPC that I would recommend reading. I just checked and it looks like the discussion starts on page 109.

    Here’s a quote from MPC Poaster John Rocker that sums them up well: “I agree that Chapo are at their best when they’re pillorying neoliberal, neocon, and libertarian sperg lolcows. Their takedowns of what passes for learned opinion are amusing.

    But their podcast exasperates me. They’ll make some trenchant observations about Clown World, go on funny rants about global capitalism and the like, but it’s all hobbled by their chronic inability to realtalk. No matter how witty or clever their content is, the listener must plunge back into that tiresome world of illusion where gays are mentally stable citizens, blacks are just like you and me (only afflicted by the wounds of colonialism and systemic oppression), and retarded flyover racists just haven’t imbibed enough Chomsky to stop voting “against their own economic interests”.

    Chapo haven’t left the reservation and they never will. They are cowards. The world they inhabit is a deep delusion, and no amount of s**tting on Clown World will help them escape, for they’ve built their Castle of Snark upon the same rotten fundament.”

    Also, CTH really like Jeet Heer. That should be enough to tell you all you need to know about them.

  11. Thanks for the background on Matt C. I scrolled through his Twitter posts and it wasn’t an SJW cliche. Lots of snark and even a few funny posts but otherwise nothing egregious or even remarkable. Bernie Bros have a look. Call it “granola and soy.”

  12. This man’s tweet definitely seems fake and is an attempt to mock immigration restrictionist.s. It’s fairly effective, too, if you believe it.

  13. Matt C. has a massive belly. When people put on fat in such an irregular way, it generally indicates … something.

    I agree with Lara’s interpretation, that he is putting on an act.

    But his troll is inconsistent. If he is trying to mock immigration restrictionists — I don’t feel it.

    It just goes to show that his position is weak. What is his position? Who is he mocking? What is he for?

    What is his Identity?

    Muh Principles then? Those principles are for people unwilling to assert themselves. And with his belly, doing so might be an undertaking he is not yet ready for.

    In his defense, his phenotype (and yeah i agree that word is getting repetitive!) is classic pre-Revolution British-derived Old American. The real colonial stock.

    (Using that word phenotype again and again is necessary though, because it is what we are looking for.)

  14. By his looks, I would say that he is of Albion’s Seed and Virginia Tidewater. Those guys were the English Cavaliers, if i am recalling correctly. Fred “I am a sophisticated hillbilly” Reed recently wrote at length on his distinguished ancestry of that line.

  15. –Well, he strikingly resembles my young cousin, who has resorted to libertardianism, dumpster diving (of the literal sort, for frozen pizzas, but also–), and dating a “Single Mom”.

    I tried to talk him down from some of this stuff last summer, but that probably contributed in part (if only by her bizarre habit of peeping at keyholes, since I had taken him off to the coatroom for this convo) to his sister’s Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown on me.

  16. –on a sidenote PA, I caught that colloquy you had with “leShiteLourde” on CH this evening, in which you got ‘called out’ for your ‘omega faggotry and envy’ lolzozlzoz!!!

    nancy may also accused me today of being a “self-described fat incel retard”. I must confess, hilariously, that my instant mental response was: “I’M NOT FAT!!!!” lolzozl

    It took me a minute to even recognize the gaslighting inanity of her accusing me of being “SELF-DESCRIBED” as such. As if!!! What was that about Laws and SJWs?: Always project.

    But something else occurred to me: did my lying eyes deceive me, or didn’t “vanamee” drop an ‘e’ and add a superscript? What a bizarrely supercilious refinement for a moniker borrowed (do I have this right?) from a cartoon character (though I have not a clue in hell what, but cartoons seem to be awfully important to her).

    Anyhoo, this microtrend of au francaise handles from the trolls has given me an idea. These (((petites macaroons))) may have to endure getting treated like the true queens they are!

  17. There is nothing wrong with Matt’s physiology.

    Vasily Alexev had an enormous waist. That “pyramid” shape is what one needs to lift 500 lbs overhead. One needs a wide stomach; it is a natural weightlifting belt.

    The problem is in going against genetics. The biggest and strongest men on Earth are Northern European, many Poles also. For him to lose 100 lbs and to become a marathon runner is a waste. Most people could not get up to 300 lbs if they wanted to, because they could not eat enough.

  18. Trump’s speech in Warsaw about the Warsaw Uprising was pretty great, reminded me a lot of your posts.

  19. There is a discussion of Chapo Trap House in the last few pages of the TRS thread over at MPC that I would recommend reading. I just checked and it looks like the discussion starts on page 109.

    re: Chapo – I listened a few times. impression I got was “woke leftist from 2004” + Something Awful, sprinkled with a frog twitter attitude. I actually don’t have a huge problem with these types of leftists, but the way they don the trappings of a gritty “tell it like it is” jaded hardass while simultaneously avoiding even approaching crimethink really bothers me. Disrespecting vets and America while calling for global communist revolution then recoiling at how terrible racists are. I think their sadistic Jew rationale for maintaining this juvenile moral framework is that whites are too cowardly to do anything about violent nogs or Muslims, therefore they deserve whatever happens. I’d bet money they’re just as racist as any of us in private. Soulless urbanite heebs basically.

    I also have trouble respecting anyone who thinks Donald Trump is actually stupid. I got tired of this over a year ago and it doesn’t look like people are going to give it up. It’s great for us and our goals, but if someone really believes this I just immediately think less of them. I’ve even seen it on our side. TRS has done it quite a bit since their Syrian tarmac PMSing.

    All in all the Chapo people and their circle represent a more tolerable and interesting brand of leftist than the moralizing neoliberal SJW, but the shtick gets old really quickly. it’s like Sam Hyde said in that 180 reddit post after the Paris attack, their faux-transgressiveness has no teeth. they get paid 5 figures a month because nothing they’re saying is actually dangerous or challenging to the establishment. “communism is actually extremely good yes”.

    So it’s edgy leftism, the hot new thing for the best swapples. (and the last stop on their train to nowhere)

  20. So it’s edgy leftism, the hot new thing for the best swapples.

    Indeed, and what these Antifa dingbats are too dense to understand is that they are doing the work of the very corporations they pretend to be protesting. Big Corp is 100% in favor of the globo-homo, multi-culti Prog culture that the hard Left promotes.

    Honestly, in those G20 protests, I can’t even tell what the hell the protesters are trying to say. It’s just aimless turmoil and street theater (and picking up chicks). But it adds to the anarcho-tyranny, which is all in favor of the Globalist elites. Wake up, Antifa, you dumb schmucks.

  21. — I caught that colloquy you had with “leShiteLourde” on CH this evening, in which you got ‘called out’ for your ‘omega faggotry and envy’ lolzozlzoz!!!

    I’m already laughing in anticipation of Captain Obvious’ graphic for that commenter. Maybe it’ll be an port-a-john with an aristocratic flourish-marking, and of course The Star. Corvo just now confidently announced that LeShitlourde is another incarnation of The Strapon Within. Perceptive, I think’s he’s right.

    — the way they don the trappings of a gritty “tell it like it is” jaded hardass while simultaneously avoiding even approaching crimethink really bothers me.

    That description nails what annoyed me about the band indie-scene types I hang out with in the late 1990s.

    — Trump’s speech in Warsaw about the Warsaw Uprising was pretty great, reminded me a lot of your posts.

    Thanks! he talked at length about he Uprising and even used it as metaphor for West’s current struggle (which is what I did in “Europe Rise From Your Knees”). It’s a pretty big deal because of how Judeo-centric the perspectives on WWII in Poland had been in the United States since the 1960s, and his speech broke with that template.

  22. “I’m already laughing in anticipation of Captain Obvious’ graphic for that commenter.”

    Well, Vox Day loves to say that [blank] is an IQ test, and I finally conquered the IQ test of putting diacritical (NOT “superscript” lolz– but I think that gets said all the time) marks in my comments, so expect a lot of “dans le realite une homo-noir” from now on.

    I’m writing off our friend Carlos Danger. He comments at Vox Popoli on a daily basis, but bizarrely claims at the Chateau that he never knew VD resides in Italy. And he got very pissy at me just for pointing this out. For someone like Carlos who claims to be very smart, this (along with a pattern of such mistakes) is just BAFFLING to me. Does he actually read anything at all? I mean, he’s ALWAYS in the comments at VD’s, and he always acts very familiar. Yet suddenly he adopts this dismissive tone, saying “I’m not a big fan of VD” and all this shit. I’m like, WHAT?

    So now he’s giving me the “Lucy” treatment, all the while talking some bizarre theory that Hitler was working for the Jewish banks (?!?) and deliberately threw the war (!?!). He calls me “paranoid”, but–

    I won’t deny that the thought had nagged at me in the past, but I always wrote it off. I thought carlos was just a bit, what you might call “painfully sincere” and somewhat try-hard.

    Greg Eliot even gave him the “I’m starting to wonder about you” line today. Now, Greg does that with a lot with people and then he’ll forget it (I’ve complained about this in the past, I know), but– it tells me something. There are just so many ODD things about carlos: that alleged phone confessional with saruh being the absolute most bizarre. Putting all this together, it’s hard not to suspect carlos is some sort of hasbara sleeper-cell “right flank”. If he’s not an official troll, then I think he must be some sort of closet alt-lite who deliberately intends to disinform & dissuade harder Alt-ers. He’s just so strange and sweaty-palmed, the way he comports himself. And smug well above his real powers lolz!

    Anyway: I didn’t know Tom Jones actually got banned! Is this TRUE?

  23. –Full disclosure on Tom Jones: Greg said something really funny today, to the effect that “all you need to know is watch who ‘likes’ which comments”, meaning that Tom Jones is still active ‘liking’ comments at the Chateau and this in turn is a tell as to which commenters to keep your eyes on.

    But (I didn’t add this, since carlos at this point probably would jump all over it), the funny thing for me with Tom Jones was that he used to ‘like’ everything I said at CH, long before I knew who “Tom Jones” was.

    This was long before TJ became a “known quantity”, and I myself was by no means hip to what he was up to (it was saruh and k!keside’s general offensiveness that clued me in on them, and nancy’s combo of obnoxious glad-handing with a certain smug cageyness that made her suspicious)–this, and the feminine tells on all three). I wasn’t reading Tom Jones or interacting with him at all, he wasn’t on my radar.

    BUT: every flipping time I logged onto wordpress, I had half a dozen ‘likes’ lit up from him. And it was THAT ALONE that made him suspicious. I was always like, “Who the fuck is this Tom Jones character, and how come I can’t even sneeze at the chateau without getting a ‘like’ from him?”

    So I never even read his comments, but the simple fact of the incessant glad-handing made him suspicious. “If he’s kissing my ass so hard,” I thought to myself, “he MUST be a hasbara troll . . . .” lolz

  24. “There is nothing wrong with Matt’s physiology.”

    It’s more subtle than that. My own physiology isn’t too different from his. It has more to do with the default expression on his face: riddled with self-doubt and cynicism.

  25. @Lucius Somesuch

    Yeah, that was weird. Tom Jones would like my posts even after I talked sh!t about him, repeatedly. At least Divine Son of … quit after I dumped on him.

  26. A crosspost improv from the Chateau (lazy me, I forgot the diacritical mark on tres!):

    In days of gold we dreamed on the heather
    Beneath Heaven’s broad splendor that brightly shone.
    Tonight we writhe in highwaisted pleather
    Frantically doing things best left undone.

    My locks are coiffed to tres chic perfection,
    My alabaster limbs with glitter flicker.
    My glassy gaze gives strangers an erection,
    My thoughts are distant, on liquor, twitter.

    Time threatens furrows, the prudes would warn me
    And Beauty’s prime prances ‘fore an open grave,
    And the Air’s Dark Prince muses to harm me,
    But the beat goes on, and tonight I rave.

    What have I to do with maidenly prudence
    Or with the matron’s fond worrisome cares?
    Why should I sit all alone and rue? Dance!
    I’ve got left before me many fine years!

    The Invisible Worm wings on the blast
    And the omens are rich that Eyes Wide Shut
    Was a documentary. But I have cast
    Mine with the devils’ lot. Snort a line. Rut.

  27. –lolz that “Eyes Wide Shut” reference is a bit out there, even allowing for a Chateau-poem’s license to go off into the untamed wilds of travesty, BUT: that piece of shit Podesta has had the nerve to dude-brah Pres. Trump on twitter, whining about how the Russians “stole” his oh so precious (and oh so innocuous!!! pfthtphth lozlz!!) emails to win the election!

    Oh dear God let these fucking ped0philes burn in this world, as in the next! TAKE THEM DOWN

  28. –toot my own horn, but I do love the off-rhyme of “cares”/”years”. It’s like a little ruffle in the matrix, her involuntary flutters of dread, the chill prickle on her skin of omens of evil–I was going for a David Lynch effect. I just doodled this one out, so I’ll have to revisit it later and see if it needs a brush, but so far I’m pleased.

    I’m in a fond humor. Glorious A Pink is riding high

    Coffee, groceries. God bless us all.

  29. –lolz I was daydreaming on the keyboard in btw. our posts.

    I woke up trying to mentally compose a different sort of poem, so I was “primed” before I checked out CH, but then I went and wrote out that poem, which is something rather different.

    Blake’s “The Sick Rose”, which I think we’ve talked about before, was on my mind [to be completely candid, I had that thought, “PA and I have mentioned ‘The Sick Rose’ before’ “while I was drafting it], and I started to echo its devil-talk of the Invisible Worm, but otherwise I guess it’s free-form.

    I hope the Muse will visit me more like this. It’s quite a nice feeling!

  30. –Oh and do let me say of course that the opening couplet nods to CH’s favorite image of innocence, so that particular act of contrast is a sort of conscious nod in Heartiste’s direction.

    And GBFM and gold. I recently saw Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress finally, and I’ve been thinking about how GBFM would read that film (a stash of gold meant for a virtuous purpose is the meaningful McGuffin, the rightful property of the nobleminded young princess).

    And Anonymous Conservative’s recent line about how the K-selected backlash and die-off of the r’s will make life like a Renaissance poem (I quoted this on my blog with Titian’s great Andrian (?) Bacchanal). The “Heaven’s broad splendor” is a riff on that.

    So actually you, GBFM(TM), and CH and AC all formed a conscious part of the thought-process lolz

  31. Frog fa*g Emmanuel Macron jostles and kisses his way through crowd at G20 Summit to stand next to Trump:

  32. Macron has in common with Jared Kushner that high-status bugman head, atop a nondescript body.

    In the old days, they just woulda called him a Big-head; but these days they are of a type.

    The bugman meme is popularized by MPC, but realistically should be credited to Edward Wilson, without a doubt it was he who brought the concept into being.

    Speaking of Eddie Boy, he has a blurb on the dustjacket of the new best-selling popular science book, which book is all the rage with the NPR set: Behave, by celebrity scientist Robert Sapolsky.

    Topically, it is about human behavior, and the current science to be applied from all the exciting new discoveries. But here’s the thing: It is a bestseller, and what are the odds that it is (((politicized))) — about a 10000000000 to 1?

    However I have not read the book. I flipped into it, and the page at random I saw was, “co-incidentally” as it were, on an ethnographic study that made the rounds in this very part of the Sphere. (Ohh how exciting!) It was the study of the Yananomomanonama Indians in Amazonia and the findings that the killers among them get more of that sweet brownish-pink junglemuff juice.

    I flipped it open, and it was about that study, which study has percolated far and wide, it would seem.

    So for ambitious shitlord intellectuals (here’s looking at you Kevin MacDonald) — have a read and give it a review. Is it any good. Does it discuss the evolutionary strategies of the jews, and how the inflict their bloody rituals of genital mutilation on their host populations, and thereby create a slave caste? or is that too sensitive of a topic. That topic would be, oh approximately EXACTLY, within the subject matter they pretend to want to treat.

    Of course, not revealing the evolutionary strategies of the jews, is itself the perfect example of those evolutionary strategies in action! and yet another co-incidence.

    Is Sapolsky a jew or not? Why yes he is:

  33. The ADD tends to kick my ass, but I will try and read it and report.

    Speaking of groceries, the first raspberries are turning red.

    I used to get drunk and report on my gardening exploits, which are fairly accomplished.

    Sapolsky sure made something of himself. I wish one of us could take him on and beat him up. If he deserves it, that is. Like i said, I haven’t read the book.

    I am cooking off some of the last of the winter squash, which is still in the larder. I pulled in, maybe 800 lbs of it, last year. From my own heirloom seeds.

    Yeah, 800 lbs is an honest estimate. There were 60 that got put down, and maybe 40 more that were eaten directly, and up to 14 lbs per. That is in the backyard of a standard quarter acre lot.

    There is absolutely no doubt that one or two people can live off the produce of a standard lot with good dirt, if they can supplement with some whatever. And of course if they are left un-molested.

    Rasberries need to be cultivated. The stems need to be cut off at the ground-line — in the middle of February. It takes until then before all the nutrients (or whatever the fuck) get migrate into the roots. I make that point to illustrate how typical people don’t care for the Land, on which they live. I check out every raspberry patch around, and NONE of them are cultivated.

    Starting in a couple few weeks, I will get a half-gallon every twice a week and then every other day, for about six weeks. You want to harvest as often as possible. It keeps down the “rust” and keeps away the insects and the birds, which don’t congregate if they don’t learn to do so.

    Those yields are from a patch say 6 feet by 25.

  34. Life isn’t meant to be a hustle and scrape for, of all things money.

    No, that’s just not White.

    Someone made a comment that our Mythology is actually in reverse. A lot of the so-called esotericists, who are a dime a dozen in this new age of the self-assorted internet, know about Time being in reverse: or rather, our experience of it (is in reverse).

    I don’t have any new insight into that, except a flash and a glimmer now and then — but the point being, in plain language, is that our dreamt of mythology is AHEAD of us. Whether it’s the Garden of Eatin or a Maxfield Parish scene where we cultivate grapes and eat olives. Those are things that we work toward.

    And in not in the goddammed never found distant future. Fucking tomorrow, is when we need this to happen.

    The alternative? is there is none.

    That’s why the meme of “going to the Stars” is so fucking gay. It is a billion times gayer than a lost adolescent playing video games or pretending to be a hobbit or an elf, or a dwarf.

    It’s not that it’s not going to happen. (It’s not going to happen, but that’s not why it’s gay.) It’s gay because it allows us not to be where we are.

  35. “The stems need to be cut off at the ground-line — in the middle of February.”

    It is the canes (not the stems), that ought to be cut at the ground line, in mid or late winter, after the carbohydrates have moved into the “crown” which is the root-system.

    NB: that style of pruning is for primacanes, and not for floracanes. Primacanes fruit once at the end of their first year, whereas floracanes fruit twice per season but not until their second year of growth.

    Most experts consent that primacanes are better produces, and your patch will do better with just them.

    I found this article helpful,

  36. The elites are like us. They laugh at the moral sensibilities of the masses. Like that homo orgy in the Vatican that just happened. — Ryu

    This ^^^ right above is a potent example of half truths carrying forward the prerogative of The False Narrative.

    The “elite,” simply by being “on top,” obscures successfully a giant turd pile that is the dulled mass.

    “On top” of a turd pile is anti-elite, i.e., degeneracy.

    “We” are “under” a “default elite.” An “elite” manifesting amongst a toxic stew of self-annihilators. An “elite” by default.

    The critical concepts are free will and objective (S)upremacy. A totalitarian framework seeks to destroy both concepts in the mind of each and every white boy.

    Ryu’s bottom line anti-metaphysical assumption is no white boy willingly striving towards (S)upremacy.

    This is a flaw and clearly corrupted thinking.

    The “elite” laugh at the moral sensibilities of white (S)upremacy BECAUSE they are demonic and thus worthy of demonization.

    The moral to the story is that the white (S)upremacist shall demonize the anti-white (S)upremacists TRUTHFULLY.

    Thou shall not spill the blood of the innocent

    This ^^^ is a white (S)upremacist interpretation in line with a (F)ather that spites man-evil.

    “We” are dominating creators and not merely re-action fairies.

    Jewish anti-(white) (S)upremacy is a pathology posing as an “r/evolutionary” strategy.

  37. @ Suburban Elk – you had mentioned the “gnat line” before – as written about by writers Tom Wolfe, Lewis Grizzard and others.

    I was right – it is to be considered as analogous to what is called the “Fall Line” in the Southeast. That’s the area where the Piedmont landform of the center part of the South Atlantic states “falls” down to a coastal plain that is lowland, swampy and has lots of permanent standing water. (but no real lakes)

    There’s a lot more gnats and mosquitos below that line because of that water and the warmer weather as influenced by proximity to the Gulf or Gulf Stream. Here’s a link:

  38. @ Elk – Also, take a look at this plant hardiness map and you will see that the “gnat line” is also analogous to a shift from plant zone 7b to 8a. In the area I’m from it’s the only place in the world where the Venus fly trap grows naturally (SE North Carolina and small sliver of coastal SC).

  39. The “laugh” of a “default elite” at the reality that is (P)erfection is the cackle of a pact of hyenas alt-ready having ruthlessly ravaged the body Christ.

    If “game over” equals physical annihilation THEN a potential to eternally damn the masses unfolds.

  40. When looking down upon those below you is effortless then an elite mindset is born.

    “Equality” is now Product Chaos severing the elite mind between objective (S)upremacy (effortlessly looking down upon those below you) and “universal equality” (laboriously looking down upon those below you).

    Per inversion, guilt resides in the wrong hearts.

    Only a spirited cure could suffice.

  41. In a post-troll dies phobia, there is no meth-head in the madless. {{{They}}} are, without flail, deracinated anti-white (S)upremacists. Such corpulent memetic mashers are the nominal concessionists altready at piece with mass “white” self-annihilation.

  42. I’ve never heard of the gnat line before. Thanks for the information. The bugs are bad enough around here in the summer. It’s hard to imagine it being worse in many places. The southeastern part of this country really does have a tough summer season to endure.

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