Foreigners In Office

A foreign national celebrates her native culture after taking down a symbol of the American culture.

Principle demonstrated: if you install aliens into positions of power, they will shit on your streets.


33 thoughts on “Foreigners In Office

  1. One look at a youtube comment section and you can see that our (((occupied))) centers of power and influence push a leftoid consensus that doesn’t really exist.

    I truly believe that most Whites are crypto-Alt Rightists if you really press them on their beliefs.

  2. In a way, you have to admire how Asians keep their ethnocentrism. And when they become foaming at the mouth SJWs — as they often do, the women especially — it’s always 100% get-whitey that they turn to.

    On the other hand, Asians are greasy poll climbers and born lickspittles, and they can sniff out the real power center at a million miles away. Naturally, when they turn political, they turn into Progs. If the real center of power ever shifted in America to a nationalist government, the Asians would shift right along with it. Of course, then they would be using new rhetoric to keep climbing the greasy poll, as they are really only faithful to themselves (Asians have zero real altruism, it’s all just play acting for power.) But since Asians will be an increasingly powerful group in America, and are already infiltrating media, journalism, finance, etc in a big way, it will be useful to have them on our side for a while, before we throw them all out.

    Speaking of which, I like that as a rejoinder to Chinese and Indian SJWs who are all open borders, multi-culti. Say, “So what did India/China do when it got tired of a bunch of outsiders in their country? Yeah, they killed a bunch of them and pushed the rest out.”

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  4. Ah, she’s not bad looking, PA.

    I checked wiki, says she’s Indian. Must come from the Brahman class, whatever’s left of the old Aryan/White rulers of India.

  5. Sometimes you think someone looks and acts classy enough to pass, until they demonstrate their innate lack of loyalty to benefactor. It’s crazy to put foreigners in a position from which they can corrupt the things that you value.

  6. I wonder: obviously, the point of the post is Haley’s act as governor of South Carolina in taking the Confederate Flag off the state capitol. In this case, how much difference is there between a Sikh immigrant and a Northern US liberal, if one did the same thing as “carpetbagger” governor?

    Probably not much of a difference. In either case, you have a literal or a cultural foreigner in, essentially, an occupant’s role over an indigenous nation. In this case, that nation is Southern, with its history and flag.

  7. “I am here as someone who feels honored and (choke choke) emotional on this (sob sob) very special day.”

    What a poser.

    With her phenotype and the right man, she could have kids who pass for White. Easily. And if they were brought up as White, without her around, maybe they make good.

    I don’t know what her mother status is, but am guessing that with her being a careerist, it is nil.

    There are a lot of based Sikhs. She is not one of them.

  8. — With her phenotype and the right man, she could have kids who pass for White.

    I just web-searched out of curiosity. She’s married to a White man. Their two children look even more South Asian than she does.

  9. When, precisely, did the term “nation of immigrants” become ubiquitous? I don’t remember it even ten years ago. Today it’s all “all men are created equal”, “nation of immigrants” on a loop.

    This country was 90% White and a hyperpower before Hart-Celler.

    Few things irritate me as much as first-gen immigrants acting like their presence here is some kind of gift to the native population.

  10. It was partly a business decision by Haley. In recent years South Carolina has been worst in unemployment in the lower 48 states, stuck in between 2 far better off neighbors in NC and Georgia.

    South Carolina has been able to attract a large amount new manufacturing investment from BMW, Samsung, Volvo – they like the discipline of small town Southerners and they don’t have to pay the stiff $$ union wages and benefits you see in Rust Belt plants. And South Carolina has ports in Charleston and Savannah/Hilton Head.

    There was definitely political pressure from the international business community.

  11. “— With her phenotype and the right man, she could have kids who pass for White.”

    “I just web-searched out of curiosity. She’s married to a White man. Their two children look even more South Asian than she does.”

    –lolzolz I believe this issue came up sometime at View From the Right. Dot-not-feather don’t “mix” out: curry in, curry out.

    VFR and The Thinking Housewife have kept up a merry side business over the years of hoisting up by their criminal petards the “model minority” South Asians (all Asians naturellement, but those South Asians DO take the ricecake) for our edification.

    [A very bad Hamletism, but I digress.]

    No offense to Ryu, but I think this is an instance of his being romantical, like Himmler carrying around the Bhagavad-Gita in his pocket.

  12. And since Kabbalah Sprog of K!ke Incognita likes to shout “First!” here: what’s up with your gal pal nancy littering the chateau floor with links to salon and USA Today? Did the Col. decide there’s a quota of heartiste readers who can be converted into Bernie Bros if she feeds them enough enlightened mainstream “perspective”?

    Note to hasbara: yes, we’ve all heard of Drudge. That Jew welfare scam story is like three days old. for nancy to go off-topic in the middle of the CNN story– in which an army of autist truth-hackers are going through Anderson Cooper’s sex tourism receipts as we speak–is a major dodge and a MAJOR tell.

    Bitching at the end about how the Orthodox live like the Amish is another tell: raciss scum the Orthodox be, we could readily confine their Gypsy Talmud Bookclub asses to Palestine and forget about them. It’s those oh-so-“industrious” Ashkenazim that give everyone a headache.

    And for crying out loud, tell her to knock off brownnosing CO– and me! At least devil spawn has contented herself of late merely with brownnosing herself. A temptation which must at least occur to nancy may– even saruh loved to abuse the word “uroboros”.

  13. In my high school class of standard big suburban size (600) were two South Asians, both of whom were high-achieving status strivers of the first order.

    One of them was a pal of mine, and I can estimate his iq within five points. But he ended up as a medical doctor at one of the top three hospitals in the country, and his specialty, as it would happen, is the one specialty that if you look at a list of specialties, is in first place for highest average income. And as with his iq, i can say for certain that he looked at that list and went into that specialty.

    And yes, I am being less than charitable here, but the facts are the facts. His iq is 125, and he maintains this super prestigious position pulling in mid-high-sixes per annum, and people will assume that he is a genius — but he is nowhere near. And what’s more, his interest in medicine and biology and his field is 100 per cent calculated of necessity ie status driven.

    My old friend Tricken several times accused me of being low middle (class) for my bus-riding stories, but of my 50 or so hs associates, five of them are medical doctors, and my criticism of them and society, is that none of them (but one) — and I know this for a fact — was driven into medicine as a passion or an interest in the subject itself. None of them was into natural history or biology. On the other hand, good on them, eh?

    The other South Asian was, along with yours truly, on the math squad. I went off the rails soon after though, falling in with a “bad crowd” as they say.

    Of the five medical doctors from my high school class, I can picture their faces. One was Indian, one was Korean, one was old American with an excellent Anglo name and voted in the yearbook sexiest or something like that; and the fourth was a truly brilliant man with a German name who could almost equal me in with and whom I stayed in touch with on facefuck for awhile. He had a nervous breakdown in college where we attended but then rose up out of the ashes and achieved a masters degree in genetics and then an MD, and to all appearances went on to greatness. God Speed, John.

    I wonder what his views on race are?

    I often think of asking, upon seeing these old faces: Are you in the Alt Right?

  14. “I was a great athlete in high school”

    I have remarked on this before. But my public high school class, and including the ones above and below it, totaling 1800 students, had something like forty or forty-five national merit semifinalist. (no exag)

    The cut-off is the top half of one percent of state-wide scores, and this in a top-five state. So I would guess that the average iq in my high school was near to 115. (nowadays not so much)

    It was, at the time, the highest-achieving high school in the state, almost certainly by both test scores AND in athletics as measured by state championships in top-tier sports.

    Tom Wolfe had a word for this concept: Champion-ism.

    It is an interesting idea, which meaning was not immediately apparent to me. But what is your pride of place, and what does it mean, and whence and wherefrom?

    In your best ‘Bama accent: “The boys around here are big.”

  15. Just repeating myself now, but my old pal’s career has always been remarkable, and frankly a stick in my craw. And not just on the personal, but as an indictment of the field of medicine, and especially doctors themselves.

    Doctors are driven not by interest in their subject, but by status seeking.

    And in other fields that might be ok but when their specialty is exalted SO inordinately, and its purview is our health — then perhaps its practitioners might want to look into the mirror. But no that would be too much to ask.

    If I told you this guy’s title, and the hospital he works at, and the fucking money — you would figure that he must be brilliant and passionate about his field. I don’t know where he is at now — but in high school he had ZERO inclination into biology or natural history or anything seemingly related to medicine. But both his parents were MD’s, and I think that they networked him into his position, and (but of course ) that the hospital was up all into making itself a “beacon of diversity”.

    The average Joe Schmoe patient figures that these guys must be brilliant. No, his iq is 125, if that.

    And the larger criticism is of the personalities drawn into medicine, being drawn into it for the status and not the work itself. And when that work has to do with such consequential things as the treatment of human health, one begins to wonder who these people (doctors) are.

    Honest question: Is it possible that a youth who has no particular interest in science and biology, will as an adult excel in medicine?

  16. Tom Wolfe had a word for this concept: Champion-ism.

    I have no pride of place, and celebrate no champions here.

    I was as God made me for all of two days, and then broken in the circumrestraint.

    My hatred for doctors as a class, comes from that. Which hatred (of doctors) is huge theme of Sopranos, by the way.

    That extended allegory, introduced in the very first episode beat of the very first episode, of the ducks flying away with — what? exactly.

    The Sopranos is an extended allegory on a missing penis.

    It sounds like a joke? it’s not. It’s all there, the symbolism and the references are fairly obvious. Watch the Director’s Commentary of the Pilot, with creator David Chase and character actor (and jew) Peter Bogdanovich, wherein Petr mockingly asides to Mr Chase on “the goyim”.

    With that mark is created the extended phenotype, and as a slave caste. And I don’t mean to speak in riddles, but that is the long and the short of it: that is its evolved social biological function.

    And it’s interesting that little old me is probably the first person to express this oh-so-topical and profound observation of our times. But there it is. And go ahead and try and find someone who has said that, in so many words.

    Mark my words.

  17. — Honest question: Is it possible that a youth who has no particular interest in science and biology, will as an adult excel in medicine?

    Maybe, but many won’t have the stamina to get through college, especially if there are distractions in their education such as financial. That was the case with me. I majored in pre-med and did great in theory classes. One of my parents was a medical doctor, non-practicing in the US though. My math SAT was higher than my verbal. Aced Chem I and II as freshman, read the Organic Chem book ahead and got the concepts… but I despised lab and from then on at some level I understood that sloughing it thru med school is not for me. (I then dropped out for several years due to money, went into the Army, came back and got a degree/ went to grad school in a very different field.)

    So the answer is, at least based on my example, is you can probably do it if you have the motivation to grind it out and the material resources.

  18. but I despised lab

    Lol! Me too. Lab for entry level courses is a total waste of time and money. It’s designed primarily to give grad students something to teach. Nobody learns anything in lab, and what is the point of everyone walking through color-by-number “experiments” where the outcome is entirely understood.

    Yes, at some point you might want to learn a little lab technique: how to use the Bunsen burners, basic distillation, etc. You could learn all that in one three hour class. And how many doctors EVER sit around and do chemistry in a lab?

    Chem lab should be only for chemistry majors who will actually DO lab work in future, and then should only be given at graduate levels, and should include REAL lab work, not monkey work. It’s just another part of the education scam machine. Those kinds of requirements are simply about extending the number of years it takes to get a degree, and hence number of years of tuition paid. Most four year programs could be done in two years, and nearly all of them in three.

    you can probably do it if you have the motivation to grind it out and the material resources

    Which is why the future of medicine in America is Asian doctors. They are both incredible grinds as well as supported by Tiger parents that will do anything and everything to get them through the mill (including lying about income to get more aid).

  19. In Chem 101-102 level you could figure out how to just go through the motions but still estimate/fudge results. The alternative would be to have to be at the lab 1 hour longer than everyone else if you messed up something.

  20. In Chem 101-102 level you could figure out how to just go through the motions but still estimate/fudge results.

    I remember in Organic Chem lab, the “goal” in lab after lab was to produce a certain amount of some concoction or other via distillation. The lab was kind of set up to have you fail, or at least not reach the goal, let’s say two ounces of the final solution (sorry, didn’t mean to trigger anyone with “final solution”). You’d always end up a bit short of the 2 ounces, and get docked some points. So some enterprising types figured out that they’d just double everything in the experiment! Then they’d end up with, say, 3.7 ounces, and just tossed the excess down the sink.

  21. I concur. Peterike’s AZN RealTalk always to brings a smile to my face.

    Living in the Bay Area, I see what he describes on a daily basis. I commend him for not only noticing but speaking out in an informed and persuasive manner.

    “If only you would have listened (to Peterike)…”

  22. Is anyone surprised that strivers go on the fast track to fortune without really caring about the subject? Including medicine. Or academia, possibly the better example.

  23. Given the comments above, obviously Judaism is a transsexual Cybele cult offshoot (known for ritual castration). These days somewhat watered down, of course. It’s all so clear to me now.

  24. Thanks PA and Lothar! Appreciate the comments. I’ve spent a lot of time working around Asians since I’m in tech (a lot of time meaning 20+ years) and I’ve seen how they changed the industry, and much for the worse.

  25. The guest in this 2Kevins podcast is a White Baltimore tough guy, and relates that Chinese tourists run into similar problems (and but worse) in his beloved city:

    Grace & Steel Ep. 84

    TOPIC: Co-host Kevin Michael Grace speaks with author and blogger James Lafond, “Baltimore’s Violence Guy,” about life in a city on the edge of collapse.

    A very entertaining listen.

  26. He talks about having to “set the tone” when he takes up on a new bus route, as the only White guy. And that involves beating on someone. (Though come to think of it, that was only implied.)

    He says that it’s not that people talk about it (they do, but that’s not it); rather it’s that you change in your presentation.

  27. Haley’s husband is an Anglo. He accompanied her on this trip. It sure looks like that is him to her right. If so, that means he got dragged into wearing the Sikh costume and going through the Temple ceremony also. This was in his future when he married Nikki.

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