Bon Voyage (Photo)

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania departing the White House for Joint Base Andrews.


Open thread.


43 thoughts on “Bon Voyage (Photo)

  1. Dah Lucius is working on a booklength parody of Rod Dreher (well, novella-length anyway). The format includes alternating chapters in the form of “straight” parodies of his columns; the others narrate a “Steppenwolf”esque Weimerica freakout in which Rod (or “Rahm”) becomes involved in a kinky escapade with a Thai go-go dancer who works the morning shift at Burger King.

    In the meantime, I dashed off this little travesty in honor of the CH post on Trump’s Irish flirting, to the tune of Bananarama’s “I Can’t Help It” (the video for which, it turns out, is some kind of psychedelic freakout of its own– did they cut coke with angel dust in the late 80s?).

    Bananarama ARE Irish, aren’t they?

    Who needs friends who shame and blame
    When you’re tagged by a man of game
    I could’ve saved a broken vibe
    If I got Trumped long ago

    I’m just thinking about
    This lonely night
    Far away from my Oval call
    Where I found out
    All the men are Right, ooh ooh
    It’s all just so bizarre

    I heard a rumor
    Ooh ooh I heard a rumor
    Trump says I have a lovely smile
    I heard a rumor, yes I did Trump!
    I heard a rumor, ooh

    Now it seems they’re telling me
    You’ve got some wicked games
    But will you give me a second chance?
    Baby, I’m so afraid!

    So you realize what a hole you made
    And the poon that’s yours to slay
    How can I move on or soon forget?
    It’s never gonna be the same

    I heard a rumor
    Ooh ooh I heard a rumor
    They say you gotta great Big Wall
    I heard a rumor
    Ooh ooh, yes I did boy
    I heard a rumor, ooh

    I’m just thinking about
    All these lonely nights
    And I’m waiting for Melania’s fall
    Till I find myself
    Standing by your Right
    While you’re taking your calls!

    I heard a rumor
    Ooh ooh, I heard a rumor
    They say you’ll make it Great Again
    I heard a rumor
    Ooh ooh, yes I did boy
    I really wanna wear your stain . . .

  2. –Crap, I meant “I Heard a Rumor”– “I Can’t Help It” is some other bananarama song, the video for which I also watched, which is also very bizarre in an unreal late 80s way. I may have to do a Hasbara companion-piece to the tune of “I Can’t Help It”. . . .

  3. I made a couple of comments in that one, and the preceding “Cost of Black People” thread. In the “Poland” thread, I wrote:

    As is the case with every nation, the Polish national character has its pluses and minuses. Avoidance of hubris is on the positive side of the ledger. Fanatical bravery in defense homeland, no impulse to rule the world. (Even the sea-to-sea Respublika was hands-off on subject national groups as far as empires go).

    Any talk of being a European power is best taken as a friendly American president’s rhetoric for Western consumption.

    I still stand by that (even if I used “Respublika” less than with strict historic precision, should have said “Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth”) — but another commenter snarkily demurred from my view that Poland’s history demonstrates avoidance of hubris. Snarkmeisters are a feature of the interwebz but I wondered — did I miss something? or were he and I going with a different understanding of “hubris”?

  4. You mean Nu Shooz “I Can’t Wait”, Lucie.

    I find the 1980s a tremendous source of inspiration. It was the last truly white decade. It was the last block of time when you can find white role models in many different areas.

    There are things from the 1980s that cannot be replicated today for any sum of money, by any actor on the planet. It seems like the further in the past one goes, the more advanced.

  5. I took that photo earlier today. If you aren’t familiar with Washington, you can see part of the White House just a hair to the left of that construction crane. It’s the little white dot thru/over the trees. One helicopter carries the VIP, two are decoy.

  6. recorded an original tune about the inevitable summer riots on my phone & put it on the YouTube.

    then we bought some recording technology and made a timely parody of Amazing Grace.

    and i’m always looking for new memes to exploit. music is perfect persuasion if you can people to listen

  7. –PA, sounds like you triggered anonymos-coward (?!)’s (((prejudices)))

    I enjoyed the photo but just assumed it was reuters! lozlzolz

    –I still intend on greatly increasing France’s fleet of SuperCougar choppers when I become Emperor, in part for joyriding over the countryside around the new capital at Toulouse, and in part for rapid responses to any unwarranted incursions near my coasts.

    But when I just bing searched for “Super Cougar” the first response was for something entitled “Super An@! Cougars #4”, which reminds me to keep and increase the nuclear arsenal too– to say nothing of communications-jamming equipment.

    Needless to say, my reign will be inaugurated with une grande partie ethnic cleansing

  8. I enjoyed the photo but just assumed it was reuters! lozlzolz

    Naah, I stay true to my pledge to avoid lazy/filler posts, so no unattributed Reuters pics. I ride my bike around DC after work, and was by the Washington Monument when the helicopters took off. The post is my humble tribute to the God Emperor.

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  10. –I feel dirty even condescending to file this, but–magic negro alert!:

    “Bishop Curry looks for ways to fix the world.

    For an 11-year-old boy, he’s unusually curious about big-picture problems, his dad says — from natural disasters to civil rights. And he’s always loved to tinker.

    That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when Bishop, after seeing an upsetting local news report about a 6-month-old who died when left in a hot car, resolved to make sure something like that never happened again.

    “I was like, ‘This would be my one-way shot to actually helping people,'” Bishop told NBC News.

    So Bishop, in his McKinney, Texas home, drew a mock-up of a device that would sense if a child is left alone in a car. The device, attached to a headrest or car seat, would then alert parents’ phones and the police — all while blowing cold air until help arrives.

    He calls the device “Oasis.”

    “It’s like texting,” Bishop said. “But without emojis.”

    His dad, an engineer at Toyota also named Bishop Curry, was immediately sold on the idea: “My thought was, ‘Why isn’t this in stores now?'”

    Toyota was so impressed by Bishop’s idea that it sent him and his dad to Michigan for a safety conference.

    Now, this is msn MSM clickbait crap, but even so, I cannot believe the idiocy of this drivel, and that the vast majority of “comments” purport to take this completely seriously and wildly affirm this kid’s “genius”.

    When in fact the father is an Affirmative Action monkey too stupid to realize how ineffective and clutzy some battery-powered fan/baby monitor would be to save a baby’s life, and on top of that has the negrotzpah to paw off this brainfart on his little Trayvon-in-training, whose mock-up drawing doubtless recalls The Hudsucker Proxy: “You know, for kids!”


    And how the f**k come all my eleven year-old “mock-ups” of German battleships with laser cannons never got ME on the nightly news, hmm?

  11. Regarding CH. His influence has taken course down south. I was visiting my grandfather (completely off his rocker and now well into his 80s), and one of the conservative radio shows he apparently regularly listens to now squarely deals with all things alpha male. The best cigars — and newfound attempts at ‘cigar rights,’ dutifully clowning Obama, delineating the latest cookout techniques and equipment; that sort of thing. They’re not quite on target, but they are surely loving life, and God bless them for that.

    CH got too political for my liking; before being too “game” oriented for any truly dedicated allegiance. That said, his raw talent is clearly there and if he ever conjures a book — if he hasn’t already unbeknownst to his blog readers — it would be a sin for any ‘real talk’ aficionado not to read it in full.

    Nice sky/emperor photo.

  12. CH is second only to Trump in damage to the system.

    As far back as I can remember CH, buried under his venom was a fairly simple concept “When betas realize how much they lose, they turn against the system”. I will leave it to more informed writers what led the writer to such a conclusion.

  13. Open thread Jeffers quote!

    Reine came in and he glanced at her,
    And said, “I’ll go around and preach to the people: For Christ’ sake amen. We must build gibbets
    On every mountain-peak and every high hill,
    All along the sky-line conspicuous gibbets, and if any person
    Begins to say we have to save England or rescue France or avenge the Jews — take him up and hang him,
    He is pimping for war. If he says democracy,
    Remember they pimped for war and they will again — take him up and hang him. Or if he says we must save
    Civilization: they said it: take them up and hang them. If they say, My country,
    Right or wrong — they are pimping for war, take them up and hang them.
    Higher than Haman. Hell, we’ll have a fine orchard
    When the sun ripes the plums”

  14. Last one. Jeffers also wrote one of the great dog poems of all time. If you still mourn the loss of a canine companion, this will make you tear up. Jeffers’ conceit of writing it from the point of view of the dog is brilliant, and makes it that much more powerful.

    The House Dog’s Grave (Haig, an English bulldog)

    I’ve changed my ways a little; I cannot now
    Run with you in the evenings along the shore,
    Except in a kind of dream; and you, if you dream a moment,
    You see me there.

    So leave awhile the paw-marks on the front door
    Where I used to scratch to go out or in,
    And you’d soon open; leave on the kitchen floor
    The marks of my drinking-pan.

    I cannot lie by your fire as I used to do
    On the warm stone,
    Nor at the foot of your bed; no, all the night through
    I lie alone.

    But your kind thought has laid me less than six feet
    Outside your window where firelight so often plays,
    And where you sit to read–and I fear often grieving for me–
    Every night your lamplight lies on my place.

    You, man and woman, live so long, it is hard
    To think of you ever dying
    A little dog would get tired, living so long.
    I hope that when you are lying

    Under the ground like me your lives will appear
    As good and joyful as mine.
    No, dear, that’s too much hope: you are not so well cared for
    As I have been.

    And never have known the passionate undivided
    Fidelities that I knew.
    Your minds are perhaps too active, too many-sided. . . .
    But to me you were true.

    You were never masters, but friends. I was your friend.
    I loved you well, and was loved. Deep love endures
    To the end and far past the end. If this is my end,
    I am not lonely. I am not afraid. I am still yours.

  15. Americans had a great spirit and character, back then it would seem.

    That style of dress is due for a comeback.

    “Hell, we’ll have a fine orchard
    When the sun ripes the plums”

    Hanging ought to be brought back as the method of execution. Cheap, relatively humane (right?), and it has a long tradition.

    The custom, and rather ritual, of executing by electroshock is another example of 20th century praxis that is out of touch with human emotions and experience and feelings aka commons sense.

    Hey, we can strap and man into a chair and run current through his body — let’s do it!

    I mean, who the fuck decided that that is a good idea? and then further, it is justified as humane.

    It is so preposterous. It is actually a drawn out and grisly thing. Whether or not the jews can be blamed for coming up with it.

  16. Meanwhile, in the world of K-pop, A Pink’s hugely charming, retro, and possibly megahit comeback “Five” takes a hitch as member Bomi is snared in “blackface” “scandal” for wearing darkening makeup to portray a Korean cartoon character on a Korean SNL skit [NB: as far as I understand, the boy character is not a mystery meat but a tan Korean, who also has an unfortunate idolatry for Michael Jackson].

    This of course is only a “scandal” for international fans, among whom, alas, we will find a not insignificant number of Asians practicing “Cultural Studies” [NB: serious question: when an Asian Canadian complains he gets dirty looks when we walks into an American store, WHATTHEFUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT?!?!], but, during my brief perusal of a comments thread at onehallyu I was charmed by this lament from a diaspora Asian:

    “Why do black i[nternational]fans think if you disagree with them, it means you must be white? I’m Asian minority. Maybe some of us are sick of your constant negativity on intl sites. The “controversy” has been cleared and some of you guys are still going on at it. You guys won’t quit it even if the facts are laid out for you.”


    Who says K-pop doesn’t make you smarter? . . . .

  17. Jeffers wore a lot of Tweed jackets, short-sleeved sport shirts, breeches, leather boots, smoked a pipe, wandering the misty shores of the Carmel area.

    There’s a wonderful photo of him in his large kitchen/great hall surrounded by his wife, twin sons (in Tweed jackets and ties), daughters-in-law, and grandkids. Badass patriarch.

  18. Thanks to all for the content regarding Robinson Jeffers in this and previous posts. I am slightly embarrassed to admit I had previously confused him with the author of The Deptford Trilogy (Robertson Davies).

    My father’s career involved historic preservation of the California Coast and American West, so I knew he’d be familiar with Jeffers. Sure enough, when I mentioned Jeffers to him on Saturday, dad produced for me a beautiful tome of photos of the California Coast interspersed with Jeffers’ poems. I’ve decided to keep it in my office for the time being, at hand’s length for when I need to summon my inner “Shitlord of The First Water,” as Peterike put it.

    For the record, the book is entitled Not Man Apart, and it was published in 1965 by the Sierra Club of San Francisco, for all the book collectors out there. The beginning of the book features a handsome color photo of Jeffers that was taken by Ansel Adams. A reproduction seen here, although it does not do justice to the photo in the book:

  19. As is well known in the Sphere, blacks in America like to use July 4 as an excuse to run riot.

    Good discussion on drugged out America at Unz on the Linh Dinh article,


    On a larger note. The world’s politics are entirely downstream from the ecology of humans and their various sub-species transforming into an ecology of their more-or-less entire planet-wide habitat being of their own creation. The Anthropocene Age, as it is called.

    This reality does not diminish the need for race realism and eugenics and White advocacy. On the contrary.

    The lunacy of the one-world “we are all equal” denialists, is the more tragic, as the reality of one-world becomes paramount.

    In this one-world reality, we need MORE awareness and focus on eugenics and race preservation.

    If we don’t take a longer view on things, we will turn the world and our habitat into a literal shithole, where you don’t even want to live, and people WILL come to resemble more and more rats and cockroaches, in their habits and ways and their looks.

    Somehow the Left and the Liberals, and the jews, got a hold of the one-world call and have been playing it to their advantage.

    Quality White people know instinctively that we are entering the Anthopocene — and it is something NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED — and they know that they have to adjust.

    And their adjustment has been to do away with themselves, because they don’t know what else to do!

    We are going to the Stars!

    is EXACTLY the WRONG approach.

    And is the way by which we continue to shit up this planet, and don’t solve our problems.

    We either transition into a long-term paradise, here on Earth, or we evolve into cockroaches and then die in a sick and polluted environment.

    Those are our two choices. That’s it.

    The idea of a Star Trek or Dune alternative of zooming around in spaceships is juvenile escapism of the worst sort — and its very appeal is because it is easy and allows us to not take the hard and cultivate our AESTHETICS which apply to this planet.

  20. Fermi’s Paradox is not a paradox at all. In order for a human-intelligence level lifeform to survive long-term, it has to be content to do so in the habitat in which it evolved.

    If it does not cultivate that aesthetic, then it is extinguished.

  21. In any case, we can’t be rules over by the jews.

    And we have to implement worldwide hard eugenics, NOW.

    And yes that means white buns ——> white ovens

    And Save the Whales

    The reality is there are two alternatives. The world, to the last hectare, will remain known, for the duration.

    If it is going to be a fight for the last cockroach for dinner? it’s not even worth it.

    Africa has to be preserved as a giant game preserve. All the worthless mixed race Bantus have to be gotten rid of. But over time, not actively. “Let them die in peace.”

    Those of pure blood such as the Pygmies can be left to their own devices, but watched so that they don’t kill the elephants and rhinos.

  22. It all sounds hippy dippy but the alternative is the last cockroach for dinner.

    The idea of going to the stars is the pretext for NOT thinking long term, and for NOT facing the hard choices.

    “Going to the stars” is the juvenile cop-out.

    Even if going to the stars is feasible — best case scenario, 10 or a 100 generations from now, a few people get to breathe some clean air that right now we all can enjoy.

    Talk about stupid self-delusion mind processes. If that is held out as something good, then people deserve what they get.

    Hey let’s turn this place (our home) into a shit-hole, on the off-chance that some future generations might be able to smell some green grass!

  23. In the meantime we do need White tough-guys to take over. And we will always need to maintain our genetics.

    On a different note, funny article by Anglin at TDS,
    NYT Journalist Buggin Out That Trump-Supporters are Going to Kill Him Because of Jokes on Twitter – Is He Tryin to Bug Out?

    The author is Jared Yates Sexton

    and in the comments it is suggested that he could quit complaining or “you could move back to Israel.”

    Talk about a stupid comment — that guy and his face is so American goy, to suggest that he is jewish is a level or retard that shouldn’t even be real.

    Anglin says right in the article that Yates and that uber-Anglo name grew up in southern Indiana!

    People believe what they want to believe, and don’t trust their lying eyes. The irony being, that young WN’s like to think that only leftists are susceptible to their own delusions.

  24. “He’s a jew he’s a jew he’s a jew!”

    I know it’s just one comment — but it’s not just one comment. It is a common theme, by retarded young White race hysterics.

    To suggest that Yates (pictured above), growing up that name in southern Indiana, could go back to Israel, is Chinese Red Army youth-cadre level of thoughtless and delusional hysterics.

    Linder has gone on some epic rants about that, recently, at his blog.

    Apparently he has seen that pattern quite a lot, over the years at his forum.

    People get swept up in the delusion of their own convictions.

  25. — Thanks to all for the content regarding Robinson Jeffers in this and previous posts.

    Likewise. I’ve heard of him in college, and had an idea that he was a “California landscape” naturalist school poet. Didn’t know much else. Milosz’s poem in the previous post arrives at a similar indication of man’s humility in face of God(s) and nature but from a very different direction. Milosz lived from 1961 to 1998 in California, in the Bay Area as literature professor at U.C. Berkeley and the California landscape figures strongly in his poems from that time period. I appreciated your anecdote about your dad and the book. Robinson Jeffers: poet laureate of the Alt-Right.

    — It all sounds hippy dippy but the alternative is

    The “tree-hugger” taunt is an ’80s relic, when lefties identified with environmentalism. The impulse behind it was a healthy European, particularly Germanic, respect for the natural environment, along with the latent pull to paganism. Soviet and homegrown communists — as part of their giant subversion campaign — weaponized, briefly, environmentalism against economic development. The aptly named Stupid Party-conservative (he has since mutated into the cuckservative and the churchian, environmentalism now being an anachronism on the Left) proved Lenin’s adage that the capitalist will sell you the rope with which you’ll hang him.

    Legacy environmental movement, though, lost all credibility when Sierra Club accepted $100 million from California donor (((David Gelbaum))) in 2001 to drop their anti-immigration plank.

    — Africa has to be preserved as a giant game preserve. All the worthless mixed race Bantus have to be gotten rid of. But over time, not actively. “Let them die in peace.”

    Yes, yes, and we’ll see. The 2-billion population bubble will end horrifically for Africans one way or another. Perhaps a sign of things to come with the future of environmental stewardship (in India though, not in Africa): park rangers at a nature preserve have been given shoot-to-kill clearance on rhinoceros poachers. As of February 2017, fifty poachers were killed.

  26. I dreamed today that I was “Black Knighting” some civic meeting with the Niger population projections.

    It seemed funny at the time, but when I woke up I thought it was a bit curious. There is indeed something facile in even the pretense of a belief that a Saharan landscape like Niger’s could produce/hold a nine-digit population.

    It would’ve been more cathartic to yell “Kill! Kill! Kill!”; but then, I had basically done that already online (elsewhere) before bed. Well, “Back to Africa!”

    elk referred to the Bantus as half-blood, so I have to ask: does he mean half-pygmy/half-human? But perhaps by bantus he meant “our” bantus, and the pgymies are the entire native stock over there.

    Waiving aside the theological complications, I’ve grown increasingly confident that blacks simply are NOT human. “Out of Africa”, no, “Out of Europe”–how much longer does this jibberjabber go on before someone has an “And yet it moves” moment?

    Wasn’t it only a few years ago they still were trying to deny anyone was descendedt from a Neanderthal?

  27. The “tree-hugger” taunt is an ’80s relic, when lefties identified with environmentalism. The impulse behind it was a healthy European, particularly Germanic, respect for the natural environment, along with the latent pull to paganism.

    The “tree-hugger” epithet really has died, hasn’t it?

    The funniest thing thing is that some of the alt-right’s most hallowed figures (like Tolkien) were the most vocal anti-urbanization type of early “eco” enthusiasts that you could imagine. In the LotR Tolkien spends endless amounts of time on detailed descriptions of plants, bodies of water and landforms. The 2nd half of the LotR has an underlying allegorical theme about the creeping effects of industrialization and deforestation.

  28. — I’ve grown increasingly confident that blacks simply are NOT human.

    That is going to be the thesis of the 21st century.

    A good 4th july-themed post will be up first thing tomorrow morning.

    To independence, gentlemen.

  29. elk referred to the Bantus as half-blood, so I have to ask: does he mean half-pygmy/half-human?

    When last I heard various rebel groups fighting in central Africa still have the practice of eating and/or abusing pygmies when they come upon them in the jungle.

  30. I meant Bantu in a colloquial and pejorative sense: a run-of-the-mill black African of no distinguished tribe.

    The Bantus are the niggers who moved in on South Africa, and as such fuck them. They have gotten five million times more sympathy than they deserve, and if any group of Africans ought to suffer the brunt of a long overdue Whitelast it is they.

    The Pygmies, on the other hand, are a noble people. And unlike the Bantu pieces of shit, they suffer a lot of malign neglect, and on top of that, they get to be the butt of a lot of jokes including in the bio-sperg Sphere.

    Their small stature and of course the low iq’s. The smallest penises (presumably) and slowest brains?

    But the Italian geneticist Cavalli-Sforza had nothing but good things to say about them, and he was speaking from experience, and further, his reputation as a real talker is tops. He said that they are of a noble form and appearance, and that they hate violence, and that they are legendary dancers, and (get this) according to contingent-wide reputation, the “best hunters”. Which outstanding accolade is hard to beat.

    So how can the best hunters have the lowest iq?

    It is no paradox, when one supposes that iq correlates inversely with situational awareness and other forms of animal intelligence.

  31. Further on the Pygmies. Is it not the case that even among Africans, their genes are a branch apart?

    I don’t stay current on that excellent science, but I think Cochran has put up some posts that summarize findings to that effect.

    The question of how are we to regard the various “population groups” is the very cutting edge of all this non-sense.

    They tried to do away with Race, calling it a social construct — but it turns that Race, as a social construct AND as a biological reality, UNDER sells the hard reality on the ground, and that the genes of the various human population groups are divergent enough to merit separate species classifications, and perhaps even at higher levels than that!

    Those genetic distances can be and to some extent have been quantified, so what are they waiting for? all the controversy to die down, and then they will tell us.

    Referring to the traditional Races as sub-species seems a valid compromise, in real talk and discourse.

    However, separate species is more accurate, by current biological standards.

    Charles Darwin famously observed that the human races would be regarded as separate species, were they any other animal.

  32. When the various population groups are regarded as different species, or at least sub-species, then they are understood and allowed to need their own space.

    So perhaps calling the sub-species is a weak and defeating compromise. If the topic weren’t so political, we could properly call some sub-species and other species, or whatever.

    But that distinction is the example par excellence of how White people really do value diversity and bio-diversity and ecology. As long as they are talking about squirrels, or field mice, or birds, or dolphins. But about themselves? not so much.

    Ryu pointed out that that rhetorical tactic — which is properly not specifically rhetorical — has been around WN for a long time, and hasn’t done much good.

    Perhaps it has not, but maybe its time has come.

    I think that people — the People, our People (haha) — become more and more interested in themselves everyday, as our situation becomes more apparent.


    But the idea of different population groups of humans being different species, is very illuminating when regarding group interactions in the real world.

    The mating scene downtown at the club, or these days it’s not there so much but at the high schools, or just down the street and at the park.

    There are these animals, and there are those animals, and the White ones have been convinced that they can concede, and concede, and concede, and be left alone. And they keep on trying that.

    White people know they are different and special. It is about status signaling.

    That is our downfall — and my insight is that our status signaling being flagged and determined on the global scale, part of which is the FACT that the whole Earth is now conquered, is the problem.

    Our status signaling is the ONE THING that has to be local.

    I don’t know. Thinking out loud.

  33. As a dog person I can say one achievement of the Pygmies is advancing the breeding of the excellent Basenji as a specialized, semi-domesticated jungle hunting breed, a barkless dog with endless energy. It’s perfect for hunting in heavy tropical foliage, no comparably specialized helper dog exists in the rest of the tropics. (lack of barking is to not alert enemies or prey to your location)

  34. regarding Robinson Jeffers in this and previous posts. I am slightly embarrassed to admit I had previously confused him with the author of The Deptford Trilogy (Robertson Davies)

    Davies is a very fine writer. The Deptford Trilogy spins into a bit too much weirdness for my taste, but the earlier Salterton Trilogy is very fine. Three pleasant, funny, readable novels full of wisdom, too. Davies was no radical. He was a wise fellow. It’s a great view into a long gone world: the utterly white, extremely Christian Canada of the 1950s. A world where a man’s honor counted above all, and religiosity was simply assumed. How did that once great nation get so completely cucked? I think it comes down to the religion: Christianity is far too easily played in a population of high-trust people.

    Anyway, this is a nice little line from “Tempest-Tost,” written in 1951. But even then, the Poz was beginning to creep. One of the characters enters a new part of town, where all the houses look alike. A Canadian Levittown. Of this, Davies writes: “These were not houses in which anyone could be greatly happy, or see a vision; no ghost would dream of haunting one of them; the pale babies being aired in their perambulators on the small verandas did not look to him as though they had been begotten in passion; the dogs which ran from one twig-like tree (fresh from the nursery) to another, did not seem to be of any determinable breed.”

    Rather prescient writing for 1951. Already the flattening of experience. First, our overlords crushed the uniqueness out of whites, mashing them into a uniform paste. Then they complained the paste was too bland, and it had to be spiced with Diversity! And homosex! And the carousel! Because you can only fix blandness with perversion. And, well, if you drown the populace in perversion and diversity and despair and debt, and set them against one another via social engineering schemes, well then nobody is going to pay attention to the looting that’s going on, and that you’re getting 0.3% on a savings account that used to pay 6%, year after year.

    Well lads, Happy Independence Day! (That’s a name that needs to be revived, instead of the meaningless 4th of July.)

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