Is Ignorance Bliss?

Someone asked me, is it better to be red- or blue-pilled?

You know that scene in The Matrix, in which the traitor makes a deal with the agents because he likes the taste of steak, fake though he knows it to be.

The answer is that despite the disillusionment you go through after you open your eyes, it is better to be red-pilled. Two practical reasons, aside from the value of truth for its own sake: one, blue-pill ignorance will, sooner or later, catch up with you and do material damage in your life. Two, lies are bliss until they compromise your effectiveness in important tasks, such as preparing your son or daughter for adulthood.

The blue pill, literally, also makes you eat shit:

Ice from three of the UK’s biggest coffee chains has been found to contain bacteria from faeces, according to a BBC investigation. Samples of iced drinks from Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero contained varying levels of the bacteria, the BBC’s Watchdog found.


LOL, good luck with that and diversity. Ask the Bengalis at your franchise breakfast chain if they wash their hands after bathroom.

Red pill is why I don’t eat at places that have visible dark-skinned staff. It’s hard to know who’s in the kitchen, so maybe we ought to collapse the dining industry until they start hiring Whites for all positions.

Red pill is just metaphor for truth. Some of us had always accepted the “racist and sexist” realities of life because we trusted our eyes and our instincts, we just lacked the conceptual framework to understand that we are not evil or crazy, and the social affirmation that we are not alone. Others, who had to arrive at clarity in steps, went through the Three Stages of the Red Pill. For them, it is a difficult process due to its stripping-off of one’s false-but-comforting beliefs.

The sunlit world outside blinds, until your eyes adjust and then you see genuine beauty everywhere.


30 thoughts on “Is Ignorance Bliss?

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  2. I’ve often wondered if ignorance would be better. I mean, imagine, if you could, that there was an actual blue pill, and if you swallowed it you would swallow the entire Narrative. Instantly, the entire global oligarch edifice would be on YOUR SIDE! Everything you watched would validate you. Everyone you talked to (in certain places) would agree with you. You could shout your rage all day on Facebook and NEVER worry about your job or your standing in the world. You could look on red pillers with absolute contempt. You wouldn’t despair over your nation turning into a third-world cesspit — you would celebrate it! You wouldn’t be disgusted by yet another black male – white woman romance on television or in an advertisement — it would be beautiful!

    Really, the entire modern Narrative would now be yours. On the flip side, you would flail helplessly in the face of a blog like PA’s, but odds are you would never go there, you would just spend time at the ten thousand sites that think in lock-step with you.

    It’s a little hard to see where it would go wrong. I mean look at the real Blue Pillers — NOTHING phases them. Daughter raped and killed by African immigrants? It’s white male rape culture that done it! You have a ready-made excuse for every eventuality.

    The thing is, once you are Red you can never go back, because you know you’re right. You really would need a magic blue pill.

  3. You’re right, but I do feel, often, as though I would sell my soul to have taken the blue pill. The red pill has worn me out, worn me down, and left me cynical; on some days joyless, even.

  4. An example of my own Red Pill jadedness is being annoyed by the sight of girls (kids) being spoiled and overpraised along feminist-approved lines. “You’re creating a monster” I think about the parent. By inflating her ego, they’re robbing her of humility and sweet attitude, two incredibly important and attractive female attributes.

    Being the innately upbeat type, I remind myself that boys are growing up in a sink-or-swim environment that forces them to, in some ways, be woke and mature beyond their years. As consequence, their male prerogative and Game (which includes an understanding of female nature, available at their fingertips now) will trump the spoiled female’s ways.

  5. @PA. have you watched Oliver Stone’s Putin interviews?

    Forget Stone’s rambling questions and obsequiesness….Putin comes off in that Slavic Red pill way.

    He doesn’t buy the spin and comments honestly with that sense of amused mastery all Slavs tend to convey.

    There is a refreshing appeal to this clarity without defensiveness.

    Putin is gracious without pandering he’s funny when he comments that he doesn’t show emotion like a woman would.

    The Red Pill has helped me come to terms with the various behaviours I see around me and almost be able to predict how certain people will react to certain stimuli.

  6. being annoyed by the sight of girls (kids) being spoiled and overpraised along feminist-approved lines

    White Sharia will be a corrective to that.

    I spoke against White Sharia and “those crazy kids” but to no avail. I missed that call, as it is more popular than ever now.

    Down at the park this evening were the girls lacrosse team, 14 to 16 years old. Yeah, that age.

    It is those high-status “athlete” girls who maybe suffer the most from this our beloved new social environment where they are praised for their halfway talents in using a stick and beating a ball.

    (As with the boys, lacrosse is the new glamous sport — all the best people are doing it.)

    How quickly does youth pass and therefore how crucial are those years and their Life Story significance. And these girls, these top-tier girls, are learning about themselves what exactly?

  7. The Red Pill re Women means knowing that they want more than anything else is to have big and sassy vagina adventures.

    And the corollary to that, is that when those vagina adventures don’t fruit, they develop crazy bitch syndrome. H/t Roosh and Captain Obvious for expositing this theme at length. Females will develop parallel structures in their brains for the children that they don’t have, and the emotions and behaviors that go along with those children that they don’t have, are applied in a sick and twisted way to their pets and to refugees, and to less concrete things like feminism and television shows and imaginary lives, and food and fake friends and drama, and just general sadness and tragedy, if one wants to look at with compassion.

    But the Red Pill re Women is their vagina. That is what they are about, and if that vagomatic doesn’t set up process and deliver a full-on four-course Life Story meal, their brain activates a parallel program that plays havoc with those around theme.

    Witches of Westwick, anyone?

    I recently saw a female acquaintance who is late 20s and approaching the moment of truth, and she had put on 10 lbs. A very bad sign and one that “Paul” is not doing it for to her.

    Everytime we talk, she complains about Paul and his problems. It is a sad story; and getting sadder. Oh life oh mores oh grief oh worries and woe.

  8. Oh….
    Ignorance is bliss!
    It does miss
    That layer of yellow snow
    Beneath Miss Rainee Pizz.
    Unruly high gene
    Something remiss
    A certain class
    The snake emerges
    Venom spits
    Throw fits
    A-brain splits
    Swallowed hole
    Lil’ mouse emits
    Elephant in the room
    Gets fly on the wall to admit
    “Ignorance is diss”
    Cognitive cunt fuse
    With a dubious lisp…

  9. walawala: Putin is the classic introvert-Alpha, an almost perfect contrast with Trump’s extroversion.

    Elk: “White Sharia will be a corrective to that.” — great sum-up; forgot about that meme. That’s what I was going at when contemplating the environmental pressures on White boys today, combined with their access to Red Pill knowledge. Another great post from Daily Stormer yesterday: “Should White Women Be Forced To Wear Burkas Until They Regain Their Femininity?” HERE

    “big and sassy vagina adventures… And the corollary to that, is that when those vagina adventures don’t fruit, they develop crazy bitch syndrome” — good musing/analysis as usual.

    As to teenagers: observing them is uncanny in that at turns, you see the timeless constants playing off era-specific things. (A few recent words on that HERE).

    The other day I walked past some ball fields and saw four teenage boys and two girls hanging out and kicking a soccer ball around. All six looked upper middle class, and they looked and carried on exactly like they’d have in 1986. One girl was sitting on the grass next to one of the guys (her boyfriend, likely) and the other one, wilder and ebullient, was running around with the soccer ball and goofing off with the other boys, who were negging her mercilessly to her visible delight.

    Thordaddy: the poems are fantastic, especially the verbal dexterity.

  10. Ignorance of certain topics is an efficient use of your attention. But other kinds of ignorance can be deadly.

    Stay safe out there, summer is here!


  11. “Ignorance is bliss” is just one more of those memetic assaults meant to confound the normal. To the truly ignorant, they cannot possibly know their ignorance as “bliss.” Such an out-of-mind awareness will be self-refuting. Objectively, ignorance correlates well with lack of hygiene. Think turd-world. But in the extreme West, ignorance can appear almost clinical in its maddening devotion to “universal equality.”

  12. In a more deeply demonic did-mention, “ignorance is bliss” seeks to scourge and scour the truly innocent naivety of the white child in what must represent the most direct experience of genuine exhilaration to a sullen soul.

  13. Comparing the red pill to the blue pill, I would argue forcefully that the blue pill has lots of underestimated advantages that make it, if not preferable, at least a viable contender for the mental headspace.

    Consider: It is very, very hard to fake reactions all the time. If you are a red-pilled man sitting in an office, you are surrounded by blue-pill drones. These men do not have the stones to daygame girls on the streets, they are desperately grateful to have any chick, they are sheep-like in acceptance of the Narrative. They will speak, and you will be expected to, within the microsecond, respond appropriately to what they expect.

    You’re right and cooler and redder. But they also out-number you 30:1.

    “Knowing the truth” sounds all well and good — I’ve known the truth all my life even before I read the red pill theories on the Net, which I believe are roughly accurate but not completely so. But it is this culture of blue-pillers which spews the lie that “truth is valuable and so wonderful!, bully for the truth!”

    In point of fact, truth can INTERFERE with normal, spontaneous answers in social settings. Truth can make you doubt yourself. Truth can make it hard to find a mate. And worst of all, if others live in a world of blindness, and you are the one-eyed man who sees the real truth, all it takes is one misstep to be hated by them unless you have great charisma.

    In my own life, my only real defense against all these problems has been to be winning with strangers. People like me. Both men and women. That gives me a buffer in which to freely move, to some extent. But I seriously doubt that most red-pillers are as red-pill as they think. They almost certainly possess blue-pill mannerisms, assumptions and habits that make real-world (not Internet) social behavior possible, not to mention a regular income. Even Thordaddy, from his correspondence with me on my website, indicates he has zeroface at work, and does not speak out, and he’s one of the ballsiest, most original bastards I’ve ever seen in the wide world of Virtuality.

    So no, the best thing is to be red pill with a massive dollop of charisma and a dangerous glint in your eyes … otherwise, back off and re-enter Beta Land, because it’s safer that way.


  14. That’s not a bad comment Xwarper, but in other news, how goes the struggle with narcissism?

    “People really like me.”

    I have always found that people like you to the extent that the feeling is reciprocated. Exactly to that extent.

  15. Objectively, ignorance correlates well with lack of hygiene.

    Also, health correlates with consistent BM’s.

    That is standard folk wisdom (that everyone learns as they age), and i don’t mean to write a thousand words on the benefits of STS aka squat thrust shitting — but it is a red pill meme and as such cannot be unlearned.

    American style toilet training, along with oh-so-many other things, is exactly wrong. We evolved to walk and run around and defecate from a (not deep) squat.

    It has kind of been in the news, over the last 2 or 4 years, but it is another sensitive and awkward subject. Kathy Griffin was apparently the spokesperson for the stupidly named Squatty Potty, so she knows. She obviously is a strong Irish broad, but looked what happened to her after not having children.

  16. Vulgar jokes are often a jewish thing and so to be avoided but — the American style toilet training is a top bottom example of how became the 20th century and its mass production of poz people.

    Without a doubt, defecating from other than the proper natural and evolved shallow squat, is a PROXIMATE CAUSE of the epidemic of colon cancer. That is entirely speculation on my part, but how can it not be?

    I saw somewhere in the establishment press an article on communal bathrooms in Rome in marble architecture and how it was speculated that the citizens (as opposed to the slaves) would go into those places at their lea sure and have a sit over the holes and do their thing. But the funny thing about the article and its presentation is that it included a picture, a re-creation obviously, of otherwise dignified Romans SITTING at their holes, facing each other leisurely and conversing, and presumably waiting around for their “bowels to move”.

    But the idiocy and the joke of it, is that the 20-century notion of toilet habits was superimposed onto those Romans. No way in hell were they sitting over their plumbing excavations. They would have been squatting.

    It was an example of 20-century idiocy and brainwashing, and how far removed people can get from the Natural Order.

    And how “toilet training” was a big part of what became of America. Toilet training was at the very center of the child-rearing movement with Dr Spock and the rest of that.

    That topic of institutional child rearing has close bearings on the other bete noir having to do with genitals and the shameful rituals effected on the male infants in 20th century America to the tune of a hundred million sensitive penis parts disposed of in the operating room WASTE BINS except today those sensitive penis parts get sold and processed into face cream that Oprah sells on her show.

  17. Suburban Elk,

    *bows head* Thanks for the compliment about my ‘umble post-comment. I meant it, and I’m glad to see someone say there’s food for that.

    In reply to your (justifiable) dig, yes, I am a narcissist. But where you err is assuming that as a natural corollary I look down at people. Actually, I — like a hardcore Christian — can see the good in everyone, “elite” or “normal” or “low.” The only reason I harp on “people like me” is because in a text-based environment you can’t see me or catch my gestures or hear the smoothness of my voice, or see my natural good looks, so you would assume, Meh, he’s just another Internet jockey. But one more quick point, more relevant to the general reader of the comments section:

    You make an interesting notion: People like you exactly as much as you like them. But women, as any red-piller knows, like you when you don’t particularly like them — that’s part of the code of the alpha. You can throw in some vulnerability game, play the pimp and share “the future world we’re gonna love together,” but when you boil it down, the red pill seducer of women doesn’t really like them. What does “aloof & amused mastery” mean but “I don’t really think you’re hot shit, and I’ll dump you if you annoy me due to my abundance options”?

    Men … more complex. If you’re famous, like Trump or Jack Nicholson or Bruce Springsteen (or even Sid Vicious to his smaller subset of fans) you can get away with a lot, and you are NOT expected to like on an equal plane. If you did, Trump would be considerate and share space on his plane with you, showing liking. But most men understand that this is not going to happen, but still like Trump. As you go down the social scale, men demand more liking or equality, but still will accept a “higher” or more “social status” male to have an uneven “liking” field.”

    At my level — which is normal social status, unexceptional money or fame, but pretty good group success and status — men like to be liked, but don’t mind a bit of arrogance if you can back it up, and as long as they’re not totally treated like shit. And I think men are fair. They’re not relationship whores like bitches: men recognize they have to EARN being liked, and if they like someone more than he likes them, there’s some natural scale in there.

    But. *shrug* You may still disagree. Love to hear your side of things. I suspect, though, that if you DO disagree, what you will be saying tacitly is “I’m somewhat insecure in myself, and therefore I hate you for being proud, vain and arrogant, which no one should be, because that’s what I was taught society should be like.” Just my 2c.


  18. @ PA – I think it’s true, there’s other videos that the “Haymaker collective” has about their Chicago Antifa gym on Vimeo, but this is the funniest. And their fundraising drive definitely appeared on that crowdfund site.

  19. I wouldn’t own the “narcissist” label just for the fact that it is so worn-out in its appropriation. It’s another buzzword from on-high trickled down to the dulled masses in order to provide a sense of enlightenment where complex interaction actually prevails.

    The difference between my profile and Elk’s profiling of Xwarper is no more than a simple matter of direct exposure. As a bouncer, I’m amongst his “kind” regularly. Elk… Not so much. At the same time, I appear very capable of whipping *your* azz. Elk only has his own mind to size each other up. Xwarper’s rhetoric has him sizing up well to the masses. I don’t disbelieve such a vision. Although, the prospect of trolling is totally reasonable which brings “us” back to “narcissism.” Giving rise to its purported reality WHERE “it” does not actually exist is that place of “symbiotic regression.”

    You are a narcissist + Yes, I am = MORE REAL narcissism…

    Symbiotic regression.

  20. Alex Jones makes a good point — “join humanity! defeat the satanists!” and goes into how those atrophied liberals are realizing that they are weak and need to get strong — how they are unknowingly taking baby steps toward waking up and eventually joining us.

    The video I saw earlier was that group’s uncut original version. They were doing what looked like push-ups (not shown in the InfoWars version above) that had me wonder if that’s not parody — looked like they couldn’t even do one.

    My push-ups max, which I did at age 23, is 86. That was during an Army PT test, where less-then-perfect-form reps were not counted. I did 50 a couple of weeks ago… probably could have done a few more but stopped at that round number.

  21. That Chicago Antifa video is funny.

    Reminds me of a saying: everyone’s got a plan….till they get hit in the mouth.

    Those pretty boys are too clean and proper for what they want. What are they going to do when the blood, guts and piss starts flowing? You’ve got to get ugly and get your hands dirty.

  22. Alex Jones is clearly a lot smarter than who he plays on tv.

    He has that mensch quality, and i don’t rightly know what that means, but guys like Jones have a very subtle understanding of other people’s psychology, and they are able to flatter and manipulate all the while doing well for themselves.

    His whole put-on of being a simpleton is obviously a put-on, but it is done well enough that we let him get away with it.

  23. Narcissism is a complex topic.

    I agree to a point, that it is worn-out in its appropriation.

    On the other hand, it is a valid concept.

    Its meaning and significance has to do with how individuals are un-moored from social bearings.

    So what does it mean, then?

    That topic has been discussed here. The concept is generally used is its leftist and pop-psychology sense, to mean selfish, and to apply to someone who thinks too much of himself IN THE OPINION OF those who would put a check on him.

    To say that someone is a narcissist is simply to say that they talk about themselves a lot, and that you (the other commenters) find it tedious or unlikeable.

    I think that before this era of popular psychology, it had a more tragic connotation. Someone who became lost in their own problems. Now it does not mean that.

  24. The Last Psychiatrist blog had a better conception of narcissism, derived I think from Christopher Lasch who wrote in the 70s.

    In this model, the Narcissus of myth was so taken with his reflection in the still pond not because of excessive self-love i.e. vanity, but because he didn’t recognise the beautiful vision as himself. He thoight he was gazing at a potwntial love object. Narcissists are empty. They have no core. They have no idea who they are. Sound like any group of enemies we know?

    Because they have no grounding they are constantly whirling around for things to latch on to. They seem normal until things don’t go their way, then they go nuclear. In the Last Psychiatrist’s view this explains inexplicable crimes such as a normal family man slaughtering his wife and children. When the Narcissist’s pride is injured nothing else is holding him together.

    There is a lot more to it than that. Christopher Lasch’s book The Culture of Narcissism from 78 or 79 is the academically rigourous version. Stunningly prescient book in my view.

  25. In short, a real narcissist is perpetually self-annihilating until Final Liberation. In this context, the dominate rule of “radical autonomy” is set to provoke the truly narcissistic to total annihilation.

  26. — If you are a red-pilled man sitting in an office, you are surrounded by blue-pill drones. [. . .] In point of fact, truth can INTERFERE with normal, spontaneous answers in social settings. Truth can make you doubt yourself.

    I meant to reply to this. What you say makes intuitive sense but that’s not how I relate to work dynamics as a red piller. In fact, my career took off when I internalized certain Game / red pill lessons a decade ago.

    In contrast, blue pillers supplicate to female managers, a deadly career move — or are blind to the race nepotism of non-Whites behind their backs. Just two examples.

    I never feel out of step in the situations you describe, and I’ve been around the worst of it in Mordor. Including insipid obama praise and snarking about Trump. It’s second nature for me to either quip in reply or keep silent. (I never say anything I don’t believe in order to fit in).

    One recent example: right before the election an older female liberal wow-just-wowed on account of someone on f.b. saying that real Christians don’t vote democrat. I was walking past her desk and said “It’s true.” She was dumbstruck and then laughed.

  27. Red Pill, all the way.

    “The man who believes that the secrets of the world are forever hidden lives in mystery and fear. Superstition will drag him down. The rain will erode the deeds of his life. But that man who sets himself the task of singling out the thread of order from the tapestry will by the decision alone have taken charge of the world and it is only by such taking charge that he will effect a way to dictate the terms of his own fate.”
    ― Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

  28. One cannot upend (P)erfection. One either seeks a frictionless parallel existence or one self-annihilates as the nature of life’s missed story is The Epic Failure.

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