What Of White Sharia?

A timely question is asked:

PA, off topic. Have you considered weighing in the White Sharia meme?

A recent Red Ice with Lana and her guest, PhilosophiCat, is on youtube and called: PhilosophiCat – How To Talk to Normies & Agitators Posing As Alt-Right Men.

PhilosphiCat is a Midwest girl with excellent blonde hair and a very considered take on issues particularly regarding how to communicate with normies.

But she and Lana mock the White Sharia meme and those AR males who espouse it, as “betas” who can’t get with women.

Lemme think out loud on this one. Andrew Anglin wrote more about this; I believe he coined the term. Like with Hitler LARPing and driving your feminist girlfriend into hysterics by forcing her watch tentacle porn (witness!), cliterectomy jokes are shitlording to trigger. Arid north African customs are not in our nature. Under our patriarchy, male-female relationships find equilibrium on a basis of trust.

But that trust is broken.

I suppose the manosphere take on that question is Game, and perhaps that is all that needs said.

Game provides a positive incentive for women to act morally. However, by unleashing female economic independence and supplying women with non-White under-bidders, our society has dismantled the mechanisms for negative reinforcement: the stick. Antidepressants alone — the other “Pill” — are doing the lion’s share of distancing bad female behavior from its most inescapable consequence.

What would be some examples of “punitive Game” or White Sharia? We already freeze out mudsharks. If physical enforcement came into play, then it might turn a stink eye on:

  • Childless young couples with pets
  • Men in LTRs who won’t shit or get off the pot
  • Men who date fatties or ‘sharks
  • Divorcing couples with children
  • I mentioned mudsharks; need I speculate on female straying under a full White Sharia?
  • Or families that don’t disown them?
  • I could say something about censuring feminists and SJWs, but those only operate in zero-resistance ecosystems
  • Anti-White, anti-family individuals in public life

White Sharia would also proactively support and protect Whites. Golden Dawn does charitable work for poor Greeks and raided immigrant markets, intimidating Afroasians into showing their legal residence cards.

I don’t care either way about the name “White Sharia,” whether it’s a joke-meme or a real movement. Vocabulary gets appropriated across cultures and the signified gets transformed into the borrower’s image.


33 thoughts on “What Of White Sharia?

  1. “intimidating Afroasians into showing their legal residence cards.”

    Legal residence?

    I’d rather they’d gone full Covington: “We are the law. Your residence is illegal. If you should turn up missing before we get around to imposing your personal sentence, have a nice life. And don’t come back.”

  2. The problem is that the brains behind this meme with an alt-rite screen very much seems to not at all be against clitoridectomies anymore than alt-writers are against circumcising their own dingalings.

    Alt-rite = desire for radical (sexual) autonomy…

    Islam = desire for radical (sexual) autonomy…

    Desire for radical sexual autonomy equals desire for self-annihilation.

    It’s preordained.

    Desire for radical sexual autonomy is a declaration of war against reality.

    Alt-rite is the latest and most potent digression FROM geniune white Supremacy.

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  4. I think Patriarchy and its derivations are the best choice. Patriarchy has deep roots in Western culture. Feminists are focused on it and use the term more than we do.

  5. Even if the concept is mostly a joke, a term like “white Sharia” seems like it should be beneath anyone of European descent/thinking. Patriarchal Christianity provided everything Western Civilization needed along those lines for over 1,000 years.

    Also, it kinda looks like desperate sour grapes when alt-righters talk about only the part of Sharia that involves controlling womens’ sexual choice, which is a very difficult proposition without reconfiguring how Western public life works in that Sharia can only be maintained in highly segregated countries where males/females cannot mix socially.

    I also bristle when alt-righters are so quick to adopt black peoples’ terms like “woke” or “haters.”

  6. The White Sharia meme is the product of the good men on The War Room podcast by the Vandal brothers. They have effectively explained it and answered dissent both on their podcast and through more private channels.

    Like all good memes, it is valuable because there is a kernel of truth. Obviously these men don’t literally want Sharia – they aren’t sandniggers. What they seek is a return to the white man’s version of it. Look at how women had been kept in white societies prior to their degeneration, and you can see where the call for a return to modesty and the enforcement of norms comes from.

    You might call it patriarchy or traditional values, but those terms are hollow. White Sharia is attention grabbing and unforgettable.

    We will not win by clinging to the past meekly.
    We will win by aggressively and unashamedly enforcing the traditional values of our people.

  7. The makers of the “white (S)haria” meme ARE NOT white (S)upremacists.

    But because NO ONE in the alt-rite is a white (S)upremacist…

    THEN “white (S)haria” does not automatically register as a piece of anti-white (S)upremacist agit-prop.

    YET… It is.

    It is another contemptuous attempt at associating “white” (S)upremacy with conservative “(S)haria” BY SIMPLY ASSOCIATING the two together IN THE CONTEXT of controlling “our” females where (S)haria IS CLEARLY THE DOMINATING ASPECT of the meme.

    In reality, “we” need white (S)upremacy to make “our” females regenerate again.

  8. I don’t quite understand why Muslims are so intent on controlling female sexuality. Most white mem would have no interest in doing that to such an extent.

  9. Regarding DC and the shooter James Thomas Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville Illinois.

    I am tired and out of advice, but at Occidental Dissent, commenter Brutus has this to say:

    This is not surprising at all. I know a lot of these type anti-Republican, pro “Working Man” democrats. They are going to be some of our most formidable enemies. They are Democrats through and through, most having learned to be at the feet of their grandfathers and ever since. They adopt every extreme left wing position Democrats have come to represent. Guys that ten years ago sounded like the crudest Daily Stormer type posters and could have been on Jerry Springer in the 80s are now strident nigger lovers who support BLM and even the queers. I know some who have threatened former long time friends with guns and run them off their property when the friend came to visit and made too many less than nigger loving comments. They talk about whipping and beating Trump supporters and anyone not pro nigger or pro queer. They love government and want it the size of the orbit of Pluto. Global Warming, solar, green, etc., they are 100 percent behind, thinking somehow these things will provide them a lot of jobs and high pay. Virtually every issue they are on the wrong side of it and allied with liberals and non whites and queers. They will never be on any Nationalist political and white racial movement side. These people are going to remain Democrats no matter what.

    Also, probably worth pointing out, many of these guys, especially the age of this Hodgkinson, are severe alcoholics. Indeed, he has all the earmarks of it according to his past criminal record and the guarded responses of those who knew him and have been reported. I know these types well, having seen them all my life. Hodgkinson has the look too, red faced, the eyes, etc. I would bet 100 bucks he was a bad alcoholic.

    All these guys talk about Reagan and the Republicans ruining unions and good paying jobs and pensions and benefits. Well and fine, but if Reagan and the neocons supplied the matches, the 50 to 80 year old crowd like this guy supplied the gas for the inferno. Offered an inch, they took ten miles. It is no wonder businessmen started offshoring and hiring Mexicans, etc., and put the crimp to white working men.

    I don’t follow the entire comment. Specifically about the guys 10 years ago who woulda been on TDS now being Democrats? that doesn’t make sense to me. However, other than that, his take on that “type” is worth noting.

    I agree with the observation that Hodgkinson looks like an alcoholic. Perhaps that explains his bad performance.


    Everyone is saying he was a terrible shooter. But talk is cheap, eh?

  10. He’s making a good point. There are the so-called fanatical “White working class leftists.” A few years back a group of brothers in Ohio attacked some peaceful right wing online groups dinner, beating people with hammers and they were as it appeared, of that hardscrabble White rural background.

    Unlike Antifas who are a joke, those guys would constitute the Left’s scarce “competent enforcer” ranks. I’m guessing they are few in number though, and most would be over 50 years old.

    Southern Baptists… weren’t they the shitlords in the 1980s, boycotting Disney and whatnot? Hard to imagine any White man with testicles still hanging around that converged cuck-coven after SBC17.

  11. He’s from Illinois. Nuff said.

    I can tell you one thing – if my “over 50” father gets murderous there’s going to be some real, real trouble for the liberals. My old man does not miss with the Barrett, and he didn’t even do much shooting in Vietnam or Kuwait, but he was ranked in the country with a rifle in the NG for over 2 decades. (a skill I did not inherit, unfortunately)

    Don’t believe everything you see at face value. They are nodding for the cameras but if *SHTF they will be a rock of salvation.

  12. Ryu…

    Clearly, Christ was racially incarnated. Christ’s Perfection is as a racially incarnated man. Neither Christ nor his Church ever taught the “virtue” of deracination. Ergo, deracinated “Christians” are no such thing. The Southern Baptists who renounce white (S)uptemacy have deconverted and fallen submissive to the cosmic heresy that is “universal equality.” I.e., Total Redundancy. Their fate is now a perpetuating self-annihilation.

  13. I don’t quite understand why Muslims [males] are so intent on controlling female sexuality. — Lara

    To violently obscure how sexually degenerate are the mass of male Muslims…

    I meme… What does committing an act of self-annihilating mass murder for the “heavenly” reward of seventy-two virgins for eternal smashing ACTUALLY MEAN?

    If not…

    “I am jihadist. I am a sexual degenerate.”

  14. Men who date fatties or ‘sharks

    The average girl under a burqa is an uglier lump of fat than even the average american girl. Girls compete with other girls to be attractive. When all a girl can see of the other girl is her eyes peaking from inside the tent than it is an excuse to let herself slide.

  15. Cam,
    This supposed rape was entirely predictable. I almost feel a little sorry for this man. He was put in a situation for which he lacks the intelligence and self control to handle.

  16. — He’s from Illinois. Nuff said. (Camlost)

    He appeared to be a retiree-aged version on an Antifa loser, by what I’ve read, and self-evidently a bad tactician, bad shooter. The Left’s search for their elusive Competent Enforcer continues. Right wing Action Heroes leave them in the dust in terms of both youth and skill in execution.

    That comment that Elk pasted was interesting though. The term “White working class” has gotten a lot of circulation with Trump’s ascent into politics, but no class is uniform in allegiance. There are going to be those crazy Leftist “salt of the earth” fellows, we just haven’t seen a competent one yet.

    Leftist White Working Class:

    (1) Angry at the Right as they see it, for destroying the country’s labor class thru union busting and other stereotypical GOP acts; the “What’s The Matter With Kansas” message, internalized;

    (2) Embracing Social Justice because they find the leftist classes aspirational, or to distance themselves from the conservative Whites on whom the system is waging war;

    (3) High disgust threshold makes them tolerant of diversity and degeneracy;

    (4) Below-average IQ makes them better relate to blacks and identify with their political agenda; (aside: this is another example of the corrosive effects of Dieversity — when lower-intelligence Whites relate to their White peers, they still transmit our culture; when they start living around and relating to blacks, they take on elements of nigger culture)

    (5) Alternately, an above-average IQ combined with their sub-middle class occupation embitters and radicalizes them, usually to the Right but sometimes in a Left direction;

    (6) I expect many to be mentally unstable.

    With left wing attacks, I don’t see Lefties in general disavowing them too eagerly. I also have finally started seeing the Right not bothering to go through the expected denunciation-rituals of of Right Wing shooters either any more.

  17. — “universal equality.” I.e., Total Redundancy (Thordaddy)

    “Total Redundancy” is a brilliant way of putting it.

    — Girls compete with other girls to be attractive. (Alt Right Footsoldier)

    Good point. The other thing that keeps girls attractive is White men’s standards. Even lower-SMV White men will draw the line at fat women, which is why in a closed system, you will never see a lot of obesity in a White nation.

    But nogs et al. have no standards, and women know it. Even if most will never touch a vibrant, they still know that they can date an underbidder if they want to, which makes them relax on resisting the sins of Gluttony and Sloth.

  18. That comment that Elk pasted was interesting though. The term “White working class” has gotten a lot of circulation with Trump’s ascent into politics, but no class is uniform in allegiance. There are going to be those crazy Leftist “salt of the earth” fellows, we just haven’t seen a competent one yet.

    This James T Hodgkinson guy just strikes me as an old relic Democrat from the 70’s/80’s who just never changed with the times. His Facebook is filled with outdated political commentary about “The Rich vs. the People” – race-neutral, class warfare type stuff that would’ve been relevant to the Dem/GOP debate of yesteryear but simply isn’t true anymore.

  19. Yeah – Hodgkinson is the type of low-IQ misguided White man who would be told to “sit down, shut up, and recognize your White privilege” by tomorrow’s Democratic Party. He represents a vanishing demographic and left-wing attacks from people like him will be increasingly rare as time goes on.

    We all know who the globalists cannon fodder will be.

  20. That was really poor work in DC.

    Washington DC is locked down. CCTVs everywhere, everyone’s got a iphag. No one can do action in DC now, without permission of course. Naturally cops and soldiers don’t have to worry about the backside.

  21. — I also bristle when alt-righters are so quick to adopt black peoples’ terms like “woke” or “haters.”

    I always liked “woke” but in my case, I first heard that word in Alt-Right circles, had no idea it was urban parlance. But I think it’s here to stay. My (ahem) woke friends and I use it in conversation routinely. Sometimes good black slang sticks. “Thot” is another one. As in: “Get your attention-whorin’ ass off youtube and go make some White Babies for a shitlord! And then a sandwich!”

    The blackish patois that has always annoyed me is any kind of shortening of proper nouns (brand names is what comes to mind): Micky-D’s, Sunny-D, KFC. — and then celebrity names like J-Lo. I find it retarded.

    However, I like a similar habit in German, like when they diminutize a word by shortening it — such as calling skinheads “Skini” or former East Germans “Osti,” and there are other examples I don’t recall off-hand. I used to have German friends through an old girlfriend and when I talked with them in my elementary conversational German, they’d do that all the time.

  22. Sunny D reminds of that very very very very bad advertisement from circa 1997.

    It featured “good” suburban negro kids as if they were white, or more likely a mixed group, coming in from summer playtime for a drink and rousting through the fridge for nothin but the one and only Sunny D.

    Without a doubt the ad was a huge hit. The fact that it is remembered, but even at the time it must have been a “winner”.

    If it is possible to put aside the race angle, it was a good advertisement. Kids being stupid kids, and they don’t want no godamned water, they want sugar water. The magic of summertime and coming into the kitchen and getting something good from the fridge. Sunshine and sugar, baby, what more in life do you want?

    As for Micky D’s, was that actual ghetto patois? it seems likely. People who eat that shit are retarded. I used to go in there not so long ago, once in awhile for coffee. Now it is just another nowhere nothing space in America full of nowhere nothing people. Isn’t there a song about that, by that guy?


    A string of comments at CH suggests, rather convincingly I must say, that Hodgkinson was involved in a slash the [article inderminate] pedo ring and was committing suicide by cop, and prior complications included a murdered step-daughter. Her official cause of death is that she doused herself with gas and blew herself up.

    The chances of an millennial female doing that, to kill herself, are zero. No fucking way would any girl do something so painful and violent. Supposedly Hodgkinson would have killed her and burned her up to dispose of evidence such as for example his cum inside her.

    Perhaps they will make an afternoon special about it. Oh wait, they don’t even have those anymore.

  23. — A string of comments at CH suggests, rather convincingly I must say, that Hodgkinson was involved in a slash the [article inderminate] pedo ring and was committing suicide by cop, and prior complications included a murdered step-daughter. Her official cause of death is that she doused herself with gas and blew herself up.

    Yeah, I saw that thread. It’s commenter Carlos Danger who brigs forward those kinds of leads. It’s all a lot of air, until the dam breaks. (Disclosure: I think that pizzagate and all of that is real, and the stonewalling by the implicated may well be this civilization’s most immovable wall, for the time being.) I do find CD credible. We’re waiting for now.

  24. — burned her up to dispose of evidence such as for example his cum inside her

    I’ll defer to forensics pros on this, but I would reckon that a real or convincingly staged self-immolation, almost certainly with gasoline, would burn topically, not burning anything internal.

  25. A number of books published by CODOH (recently banned by Amazon) discuss, in another context, how hard it is to burn a human body … although (((eyewitness))) reports beg to differ.

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