Idle Thoughts on Christian Music

It was a cool October afternoon thirty years ago and we were doing hill workouts. My high school varsity athletic team drove to a nearby neighborhood to sprint up its hilly terrain. It was a loop, where you pump your arms and legs up a steep incline, then walk back down where jogging would be too much like riding your brakes. Several teammates and I formed a small group and our competitiveness drove us to top performance up the hills. I was in a state of runner’s high — a hyper-oxygenated brain awash in natural endorphin — reveling in the functional perfection of my weightless body. I thought: This is an incredible workout for the mind, the body nourishing the brain

But thoughts raced on. Is the brain the end-beneficiary of physical health? No… something whispered. The brain merely regulates everything so that the reproductive organs can do their job. My first encounter with doubt: the body’s purpose is to replicate itself, and the illusion of having a mind or a soul is a byproduct of fluids.


The next hill workout was several weeks later. It was late Sunday afternoon and I was alone, catching my breath on the grassy hill overlooking an empty vista of my school’s athletic fields. A teenager’s emotional state is volatile and his mind solipsistic, taking certain things with grave seriousness. As euphoric I was during the previous workout, the rush of oxygen was now fueling thoughts of doom. The air was cold, the western sky was on fire.

Miserable thoughts piled on: Is this the best it’s going to be? The heart pushed jets of bile through my overheated body. Would it be best to die now? What is my purpose?

This is vivid recollection, not poetic license: I looked down from the hilltop and the panorama of athletic fields glowed golden, like the Elysian fields.


Ideas that ran in conflicting directions took me, at turns over the course of my twenties, to materialism and then back to knowing of another plane. I’m becoming convinced that keeping your eyes open and thinking without fear, over the course of a long life, will lead you to the foot of the Cross.

What Is Out There?

I can’t convince you of any metaphysical reality because I don’t understand it myself. Rather, it’s a certainty to me that God is more real than the two hands I’m looking at right now. So I’ll just leave you with someone’s comment from a recent thread at Chateau Heartiste:

I always keep coming back to the martyrs of Christianity. From St. Stephen, to St. Paul, to St. Peter, to St. Ignatius of Antioch, to St. Maximilian Kolbe, to the Copts massacred just this last Palm Sunday, and all the known and unknown martyrs in between…


1. There is absolutely nothing after death. Just the big “Nothing.” Lights out for good. Eternal Oblivion. They’ll never know they were totally wrong. All of them are all the biggest fucking idiots in history, throwing away their lives […] St. Paul himself says as much in 1 Corinthians 15:14.


2. There is something more to all this.

Good and evil. If they are real, than so is God. To get a sense of evil, imagine extremes of depravity, and not necessarily involving violence — just look around you. And to contemplate an expression of good, read John 15-13:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Laying down your life for your friends. This next comment is not my original insight but I agree with it: A.B. Breivik volunteered to spend the rest of his life in 23-hour/day solitary confinement to deliver his countrymen from evil.

High Art

It’s not just martyrdom that the Cross inspires. There is also our sublime output. Finally acknowledging the title of this post and starting with high art, there is Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring,” Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” and Henryk Górecki’s “Symphony No. 3.” There is also this Eastern Orthodox hymn from Serbia. Speaking of Coptic martyrs, listen to this Assyrian Palm Sunday prayer in Aramaic.

Popular Songs

Stepping away from high art, there are songs that regular people can sing. A famous example is the immortal “Stille Nacht.” It was written in 1818 by a young Austrian priest, with music composed by a schoolmaster from a nearby village.

“Pescador de hombres” was written in 1979 by a Spanish priest. Pope John Paul II famously said that “Pescador” (Polish version: “Barka,” transl. below) is his favorite song:

Lord, you have come to the lake shore
Looking for people who are ready to follow
To capture hearts with the truth of God’s word

O Lord, your eyes have looked upon me
Kindly smiling, you have spoken my name
Now my boat’s left on the shoreline behind me
By your side I will cast a new net

I don’t have many possessions
My treasure is my two ready hands
To work with you and my pure heart

Today we set out together
To capture hearts on the seas of human souls
With Your truth and the word of life

The calling of a priest is to be a holy man. Since the one true religion, by definition, applies to all of humankind (unless you go with an assumption that not all subsets of mankind have a soul), then such a man’s thinking will be catholic, lower-case. I imagine that such a priest would wish for everyone to aspire to godliness according to their nature, on their own land and among their own people, encountering others solely in friendship.

With that thought, what do you make of the scene a little after 3:45 in the Barka video linked above, showing an African man and his son crying at the Pope’s funeral?


The great bass-baritone Bernard Ładysz leads a choir in this arrangement of the traditional evening-song “All Of Our Daily Matters” (“Wszystkie nasze dzienne sprawy”). I like the spontaneous feel of the performance. It sounds like a what you would hear in a church with the parishioners singing.

All of our daily matters
Accept mercifully, righteous God
And when we fall asleep
May our dreams praise You

Your eyes turned
Day and night in our direction
Where the frailty of man
Your rescue awaits

Turn away the nightly perils
Protect us from all harm
Have us always in Your care
Guardian and Judge of man

And when we ascend to Heaven
We will sing to You together
God in Trinity unfathomed
Holy, forever and ever Holy

From 966 A.D. onward, men have sang hymns in that language in preparation for putting foreign invaders to the sword.

Christian Rock?

In the live performance below, the eye is on the ghoulish guitarist until the vocalist lets out the pathos in a lung-defying howl.

He looks tormented, maybe possessed. This isn’t a comment about the band members. I don’t know Thom Yorke. Yet even if that dramatic performance is all-artifice, the fact that it expresses the inner state of listeners points to their hunger for something.

Did we just watch an artistic interpretation of a station toward the foot of the Cross?


44 thoughts on “Idle Thoughts on Christian Music

  1. How can you defend Breivik? Unless I misunderstood you.

    He didn’t kill criminals or quisling politicians or enemy soldiers. He killed a bunch of teenage kids. I’ve heard the idea that the kids would grow up to be quisling politicians BUT we cannot know that. They hadn’t committed crimes yet. They might have rebelled against their parents or better.Even St. Paul was basically a KGB agent before he met Jesus. If potential evil is the threshold any one of us is a legitimate target.

    I can’t think of a single biblical passage or church authority who would say that what he did wasn’t a heinous murder.

  2. Breivik did what we only talk about. I would’ve preferred he brought a suitcase nuke to Wall Street or Davos – but he did what he could with what he had; for all the right reasons. Muslims killed more Whites than Breivik in the last week alone.

    When you’ve given up feeling lost in the maze
    Wondering, wonder when you’ll find your way home
    If ever

    We can never stop the hands of time
    On Earth as it is in Heaven
    No need to fear the other side

    When you add it up, we are locked in the cage
    All prisoners, lost until we’re found

    On Earth as it is in Heaven
    Stop the hands of time
    On Earth as it is in Heaven
    No need to fear the other side

    No reason
    No rhyme

    No reason
    No rhyme

    On Earth as it is in Heaven
    No reason
    No rhyme
    On Earth


  3. Ander’s prayer to God, before his mission:

    “…I prayed for the first time in a very long time today. I explained to God
    that unless he wanted the Marxist-Islamic alliance and the certain
    Islamic takeover of Europe to completely annihilate European Christendom
    within the next hundred years he must ensure that the warriors fighting
    for the preservation of European Christendom prevail. He must ensure that
    I succeed with my mission and as such; contribute to inspire thousands of
    other revolutionary conservatives/nationalists; anti-Communists and
    anti-Islamists throughout the European world.”

  4. Right. And then he killed a bunch of kids.

    Not gangsters who barely hide themselves, not actual physical enemies. Just kids.

    All the things in the world he could have chosen and he shot teenagers at summer camp.

    Why? Why was that justified? Or wise? Can anyone who supports it explain it?

  5. God killed children too. How many children do you think died in The Flood? Oh the children..!

    Little liberals grow up to be big liberals – the vast majority of them do. Just like little Muzz become adult Muzz.

    Women and children are our enemies greatest strength. This is a demographic battle. And the enemy targets white kids as well. Sometimes though their biological weapons, minos. But all the time through propaganda.

  6. Here’s a link to a column written by Jim Goad directly after the Breivik incident. Like most of Goad’s writing,I find it to be more ruminative and prescient than I am generally capable of being.

    After I read The Turner Diaries and the “Unabomber’s Manifesto” I gained a new perspective as to why some people do the things they do. Not that I endorse those actions, of course. But I also don’t endorse the banning of words, as some countries and people have seen fit to do.

  7. Jim Goad has the same problem as most Americans.

    When someone out of uniform kills people, he gets all upset. If he is so upset by murder, why doesn’t he complain about the Forever Wars in the Middle East, Vietnam, Korea, and so on?

    The US military has killed far more people than Brevik. Far more innocents, in fact. Why aren’t they being criticized?

    And the American police too. They kill about 1000 citizens per year. No trial, we don’t know what or if they were guilty of anything. They kill more than Brevik too.

    With “authority”, you can do anything you want. What offends people about Brevik is the lack of uniform. Stick a flag on his arm and he’s golden.

    In fact, the more you kill, the more honors you obtain. Think of Chris “American Sniper” Kyle. Killed 200 people….he’s a hero. There were no courts or trials, Kyle didn’t know who he was shooting. Just obeyed the master’s voice.

  8. Ryu, you are engaging in a false dilemma here. There are very few public figures who are more anti-authoritarian than Mr. Goad.

    And the piece I linked to was written a mere two days after the Breivik incident. I thought it was interesting considering the context, and what has transpired in the years since.

    In any case, I”m not looking to engage in an extended debate here. I enjoy reading your posts, and they often goad (no pun intended) me into doing further research and opening me up to new frames of reference..

    As the saying goes, you catch more flies with honey…

    Na zdrowie!

  9. One can see the “value” in Breivik’s act WHEN one can acknowledge the desire for “white” self-annihlation. The totality of the event was clearly pre-ordained with both sides succumbing to the Law of Attraction AND the Law of Diminishing Return. Breivik’s act was a strike against Norwegian self-annihilation ALL THE WHILE being an act of personal self-annihilation NOT FINALIZED. Meme-ing, in not dying in the act or suiciding afterwards, Breivik can still seek redemption. He can still deny his desires for (Norwegian) self-annihilation hidden underneath a monumental act of Norwegian annihilation. He can still, in spirit and intellect, convert to white Supremacy.

  10. I understand why you consider Brevik unselfish. In a way he was. He was also fanatical and misguided and what he did was wrong. I don’t think it’s right to kill people who are unable to defend themselves.

  11. Lara, its a good thing that you are saying that. It wouldn’t be right if you had approving feelings about mass killing in general. Thing is, it’s Norwegain people that are being destroyed without an ability to defend themselves. Even complaining about it is illegal.

    He didn’t butcher innocent five-year-olds like Dirlewanger did. He conducted a guerrilla raid against military-age members of a political party that was actively destroying Norway. Utoya was a Marxist indoctrination camp. From that standpoint, he hit a military target.

  12. God can kill who He likes because their lives belong to Him. Everybody wants to be a tough guy, I refuse to feel like a pansy for not wanting to kill teenagers.

    Killing kids for being indoctrinated is insane. Having no conscience is impotence of character.

  13. — I should note I enjoyed the Gorecki symphony, thanks.

    Glad you liked it. The second movement hits the hardest.

  14. I consider this blog to be the companion piece to the writings of chateau heartiste. The latter I have read for many years and I was pleased when the author made the shift to a more political oriented theme. A writer of that caliber on our side is a great asset to our cause and I suspect that all his readers came to the same realisation. That was crucial to my understanding of how society is structured around some very simple concepts that aren’t hard to understand, but the powers that be try their hardest to make sure we don’t notice “bad things”. Almost all the important questions have been answered; the issue that is still largely unaddressed is how we go about from here. The ultimate solution is whites doing what many consider below them: banding together and fighting for each other. To this I would like to add that we should for the time being distance ourselves from nazi inspirations, at least when voicing our worldviews to unripe minds. Even though it seems like we playing into the enemies’ hands by shying away from such a powerful concept, we have to do the jewish thing and start very slowly. don’t bring Hitler or nazism into an argument, let the shitlibs and cucks do it. never act defensive when arguing with an opponent, you have nothing to apologise for. but don’t full on admit that hitler was right. instead, ask them to explain why we are nazis and why they are the good guys. the smarter ones on their side will feel a logical trap looming and will try to shift the discussion. if they actually try to force their nazi card, they will usually wind up saying that you’re a nazi for wanting to deport people, an ethnostate and borders. Just remind them that Israel does all that and no one accuses them of nazism. you should apologise for what hitler did. The japanese don’t feel like they owe anyone anything for what Hirohito did. Another facet of reality that we should be working on is the skype influence on shaping our culture and how it’s steered to annihilation. again, just don’t outright blame (((them))), instead, start casually pointing out the huge number of jewish feminists in informal banter with acquaintances. nonchalantly remark who is responsible for the cultural marxism poison that is the current malaise of the west. Let them work out the rest for themselves. the problem is that we shouldn’t be too direct lest we alienate any potential allies. once they connect the dots, the rest will fall into place.
    our job for now is to develop a sense of kinship with our own so we can start taking positions of power back so next time a mud goes allahu akbar or a halfrican harasses local women the local judge can deport him and his entire family with little obstruction.

  15. On high art and Christianity. I haven’t come across many in history as devoted to repairing their stormy relation as J. Ellul the French philosopher. Empire of Nonsense is a must read. Though Bach struck this chord more successfully faithfully devising his deep labyrinths on the harpsichord. Definitely not a secular instrument. The sculptor Cellini’s autobiography is high art in itself — a remarkable account of Christian perseverance (creatively and in day to day life). Great post.

  16. Occidental Observer has posted an article, Animal Conservation or Bison Supremacism?

    I recently came across the efforts to restore the “genetic purity” of North American bison, the overwhelming majority of which have been tainted by cattle DNA through cross-species interbreeding. While it is dogma in the humanities and social sciences that race, gender, and everything else human are social constructs with no biological basis, conservation biologists are determined to preserve the unique genetic architecture of the American bison. […]

    “Species conservation is more than skin deep,” he says. “It is more than how they look, it is how they are — that’s the genome.”

    Although behaviour and morphology are important, Derr contends that a species is its genome. “If you don’t have the genome, nothing else you do makes a damn difference,” he says. “What you are preserving isn’t the species; it is something the hell else — a shadow.”

    The analogies to White people and their identities and politics are so obvious that the question is begged, as to how those supposedly mature and responsible adults within whose purview they would fall, manage to ignore them.

    The natural scientists have to know that their work transfers and applies to our current (political and racial) situation. Or maybe they don’t? Eddie Boy Wilson seems to have done a good job in NOT speaking to our current crisis.

  17. The above article gets top recommends.

    The takeaway is that our Vocabulary — the Vocabulary with which we take over the narrative — will do well to base itself on this relevant natural science.

    Because truth is on our side. And it is exciting. And we are truth-seekers and truth-tellers. And in doing so, we attract the better people.

    And it just makes sense and is easy to understand. (because it is true)

    Save the Whales. Save the Pygmies!

    Save the Afrikaner.

    To hell with the mixed-race Bantu derivatives of which there are too many.

    Eugenics is more and more of a necessary reality, and can be seen as such, now that we are moving into the Anthropocene, during which every last hectare is explored and accounted for.

    That last is a Scale-level variable that is playing havoc with our sense of selves and community.

  18. The New Religion has to be based on Ecology.

    We occupy the Entire Planet now.

    People get tired and world weary and like to fall back on that there is nothing new under the Sun.

    Except that is not true. This situation with the most people and the entire globe habitated, is not like before.

    Respect for all Peoples.

    We are not going to the Stars, by the way. That is the stupidest meme of all time. Let us never speak of it again.

  19. Going to the Stars, or wishing to, is an excuse not to make something of This Life Here.

    This is the sensual planet, this is God’s Green Earth. Didn’t Aragorn say something to that effect, in the extended version — or did he turn out to be gay?

    There was a guy who inhabited Yahoo Chat Politics Lobby who went by Sven, and he introduced me to race politics, and this is just a shout-out to him. But he would go on about the sensual earth and how White people were cross-bred with Himalayan Yetis, and how his uncle worked at MIT and with Q-level clearance.

    You never knew was he full or shit but he had a scintillating intelligence.

  20. That may work in the long term, Elk. In the short term, scientists just want a phatty check.

    There’s this mythology that scientists are unbiased truth seekers. Not true, any more than cops or soldiers are only worried about honor and protecting the weak.

    I have gone through this with geneticists. Why are there dog, cat, and horse races…but not human races?

    They know the truth. Known all along. But the System they live under says human races are a construct, so they close their eyes to it. An American scientist under capitalism is like a Soviet scientist under Communism. You better have the right politics.

    It is an old game, brah. The National Alliance used to try that, about 15 years ago. He’s a pic.

  21. The modern scientist is atheist. Which memes that he denies objective Supremacy, i.e. Perfection. Which makes him a believer in “universal equality.” Which has him reject both a Master Race AND The Race to the Singularity. Which necessarily memes he embraces anti-white Supremacy.

    And finally, being dispossessed of God-ordained free will, he unwillingly submits to the Zeitgeist.

    Ergo, modern scientist (read: high IQ “white” male liberationist) is a servant of Satan.

  22. The MessMadia deals in the perception of proliferating human phenotype/genotype such that the psychological selection pressure directs the white individual towards these mediated alt-phenotype/genotype BEARING disincentivized consequences for maintaining the white phenotype/genotype.

    To which Satan Scientist insists there is no “white” phenotype/genotype.

    So “we” must add more “peaces” to their muzzle.

  23. “God can kill who He likes because their lives belong to Him. Everybody wants to be a tough guy, I refuse to feel like a pansy for not wanting to kill teenagers.”

    No one’s asking you to kill anyone. Not everyone is called to be a soldier.

    As for justification, I would point you to Aquinas’s Just War Theory: of his three criteria, only the authoritative one remains open, but I posit that can be waived when one’s government is waging war on its people.

  24. Soldiers who can do the work WITHOUT orders are exceptionally rare. They are operating without bureaucratic protections.

    Someone like Brevik is more than one in a million. In the whole of Norway, there was only one man such as himself.

    WN soldiers deserve much more admiration than they currently get. Very few white men can do it.

  25. I appreciate PA’s thoughts on music and Christianity, and I’ve been mulling this over for a while but I’m not coming up with anything to add that’s directly on topic.

    It’s taken me way to long to realize that music involves social proof–there’s a herd element to it, we’re pointed to it by authorities, whether they be choral directors, cool kids, or otherwise, and we have to surrender ourselves to it to appreciate it. I’m sensitive to music so it’s not uncommon for me to feel high or drunk when it’s good, or really annoyed by music that’s bad eating meat that’s turned.

    Brevik is easy to dismiss as a hateful murderous kook, but Christians are called upon to hate evil, his tactics were deliberate, and articulated a rationale. Brevik would have benefited from social proof on his side.

    /Handsome Horse

  26. Gen-X kids may remember a JC Penny commercial that used to run during the Christmas season; a choir of children vocalizing “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring”. That was my first exposure to that song, and even as a little kid I found it profoundly beautiful. My wife ended up walking down the aisle to that song.

    Music like that makes me believe there is something more to all of this.

    We need White wolves just as much as we need White fathers. What we do in life will echo in eternity.

  27. PA, off topic. Have you considered weighing in the White Sharia meme?

    A recent Red Ice with Lana and her guest, PhilosophiCat, is on youtube and called: PhilosophiCat – How To Talk to Normies & Agitators Posing As Alt-Right Men.

    PhilosphiCat is a Midwest girl with excellent blonde hair and a very considered take on issues particularly regarding how to communicate with normies.

    But she and Lana mock the White Sharia meme and those AR males who espouse it, as “betas” who can’t get with women.

    I suppose the manosphere take on that question is Game, and perhaps that is all that needs said.

  28. PA’s hardcore into Christianity. He won’t like White Sharia. PA doesn’t write “Hail Kek” or use many Pepe things here.

    The younger WNs (under 25) cooked up alot of the Pepe, Kek and White Shari stuff.

    You gotta get on the train, PA. Serve Kek, KEK, lord of chaos and bring of light! Learn the new terms like incel, wagecuck, and NEET. It’s the future.

  29. On the binary question of White Sharia, I side with the women.

    It is a bogus meme. PhilosophiCat’s response to it, Watch Me Countersignal White Sharia, is dead-on.

    Those TRS War Room guys were out of control, in their “jokes” about clitorectomies and such. It wasn’t funny.

    It might have had some potential as a passing joke. But it’s not a winning meme, it’s a loser.

    The youthful contingent has the youthful energy, but they can really miss.

  30. That said, the Anger that young white men in America have, is reasonable.

    And then with women, off in their land of pretend fantasy, I can see where they would come up with that idea (of White Sharia).

    But the bottom line is that it doesn’t work because it doesn’t feel right.

    The quality women themselves say as much.

    However, those same quality cannot understand the frustration of young men in America who were not raised to be men. So those same women exhort men to “just be alphas” — Ladies: it’s not that simple.

    First of all, only 10 per cent of men can even have the option of being an alpha. The other 90 per cent of men, just do not have the grip strength and the dick size and the history of winning and the confidence that goes with it.

    And that can’t change, because Alpha by its nature is a narrow and select grouping. 10 per cent is an estimate and it’s not the exact number that matters, it is the fact that everyone can’t be on top.

    And then so but women will say that hypergamy encourages men to try their best, but they are missing the REALITY that most sensible men KNOW that they are not alphas.

    So hypergamy absolutely does need checks. But White Sharia is not the answer. White Sharia? Let it die.

  31. Elk: good question. throwing some thoughts on this right now. Stand by for a post in a few.

    Ryu: ever since Thordaddy laid into someone for laughing “kek” I stayed clear of that sound. (j/k)

  32. I’m sorry, asking women about White Sharia entirely misses the point. Also … “quality women”?

  33. It’s easy to provide more alphas, if so desired. Here is how you do it in woman-run monkey troop style. First, kill the previous alpha in whatever way is convenient. Then kill all his offspring that you can, particularly the males and infants. Snatch them from their mothers’ arms and bite them to death or dash them against rocks. Then impregnate the women of the troop. Those who complain are killed or run out of the troop. Let them fend for themselves, far away.

    Or you can do it the human way. Take a group of strapping young men. Locate a neighboring tribe, ambush them, kill all the men and infants, enslave the women and impregnate them. Etc etc. You can figure this out.

  34. Interesting if somewhat annoyingly phrased article at Jacobite on right vs left activism. It might be more fruitful to read it with “amateurs study strategy, professionals study logistics” in the back of your head.

    I do think the alt-right missed a big opportunity when Trump was elected. Only Richard Spencer of all people seemed to even think about the political future while the rest heaved a sigh of relief and started posturing and wrestling with each other. In short, it would have been better to take the opportunity to start building and funding platforms like those busy beavers in the left do, in order to be able to stand up against the enemy a bit more steadily. Though Bannon and Miller are still in the White House, so it might not be too late.

  35. Pingback: This Week In Reaction (2017/06/11) - Social Matter

  36. The problem with whites is virtue signaling. Even in the boonies they let the minos run free.

    The biggest problem I see with our side is the lack of mobilization. No one in the greater Alt-Sphere is throwing meetups, or tribal festivals. The only place I have seen that comes close is in the underground Crossfit wod fests and the remnants of the Grateful Dead jam band circuits. The latter is polluted by liberals. The former is too adolescent to have any effect, despite being tacitly predominantly white. There is a lot we can learn from both in the way of forming a concerted group effort on and off the internet.

  37. — Hey PA, since when was Radiohead ever a Christian rock band?

    I don’t know, man. That’s why I had a question mark in that header. What do you think?

    By they way, on a more technical note, I don’t know anything about vocal techniques, but what amazes me about Yorke’s howl is the fact that he doesn’t appear to take in a deep breath just prior to letting loose with that super-humanly long “run, run, ruuuun.”

  38. I appreciate to read your articles, PA. I would like to shift your thoughts to 17th-century French composer Louis Le Prince. It is wonderful.

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