“Her Microphone Is Bigger Than Her Brain”

“The terrorist att… — er, the incident” — BBC reporterette

“This is the narrative that the liberal media give you. It’s liberalism. You are saturated with political correctness. Your brains have been eaten away by the bacteria of Cultural Marxism. What is it — I’ve told you before — it’s German Jews who told you that you have to be politically correct, that you have to take in ethnic minorities, and he who doesn’t is a nationalist, fascist, and needs to be terminated. And so now you have a Muslim mayor of London who says bromides, you have Miss Theresa May who drones on with empty phrases because she is afraid to say anything more aggressive, something that would give a measure of comfort and peace to her people.” — Max Kolonko (in translation)

Mariusz Max Kolonko is a former senior White House correspondent for TVP and now a popular New York-based political commentator on his news show. In the latest video he comments on last week’s London Bridge terror attacks.

The video below includes footage from the attack, following by his analysis, which is subtitled in English. Some points he makes:

  • A wry observation that none of the television reporters in London are White. He lays into some mystery-meat bimbo, giving me the title for this post.
  • A look at the defeated or mendacious tweets of various European leaders, along with liberal media’s dishonestly edited reporting on Donald Trump’s reaction to the attack. (Kolonko is a big fan of Trump and has provided outstanding commentary throughout the election campaign.)
  • A reminder that Europe is at war, and with the world’s best warriors.
  • Speaking to his audience in Poland, he says: “our mono-ethnicity is our strength” — despite others’ calling it the country’s “colossal failure.”

There is more; the heart of this commentary is that the only way forward is to arm the people, let them defend themselves, and to take what’s going on seriously because it’s war.

He calls on European leadership to implement as first step, a Trump-style travel ban, declare martial law, deport anyone associated with suspected terrorists — their family, and even people they were seen talking with.

And arm Europe’s native population. Unlike this ovine approach, as tweeted by London Metropolitan Police:


“This is their advice when you see something frightening — ‘run, hide, tell’ — how about instead, Ready, Aim, Fire?” — Kolonko  

People leave the area with their hands up after an incident near London Bridge in London

“When I saw those British people with their hands up, who marched down the street like sheep to a slaughterhouse… Maybe I’m living in a different world here in the United States. But I looked at them and I felt sorry for them. I said to myself, look: this is our Western Civilization. Those are our people, our brothers and sisters who are led like a surrendering population.” — Kolonko

He concludes with words of contempt addressed directly to Theresa May and a demand that, as a key step in dealing with the terror attacks and the larger dispossession that they are a symptom of, Europeans be rearmed. So, in his words, let’s make it a real fight: when a Muslim terrorist runs up, he will fall dead before he has a chance to shout “Allah.”


39 thoughts on ““Her Microphone Is Bigger Than Her Brain”

  1. “…deport anyone associated with suspected terrorists…”

    It’d be shorter to say, “deport Muslims.” To be a Muslim is to be a terrorist. To be a Muslim is to quit humanity and become a monster.

  2. I’m not trying to ’cause a big s-s-sensation (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    I’m just talkin’ ’bout mass d-d-d-deportation (talkin’ ’bout my generation)

  3. Maxie is a good find, PA.

    I too thought the run, hide, tell thing was bogus. Cops don’t protect whites, even in the best of circumstances. They exist to protect minos from us.

  4. Where does the BBC reporterette make the ““The terrorist att… — er, the incident” remark?

    [He says that he doesn’t have that clip but he saw it. It’s near the end of the video, just after the 20:15 min. mark — PA]

  5. Speaking of deportations, the Daily Stormer makes a funny but insightful point that Niles Farage has planted the seed of thought about “God forbid!” concentration camps for muzz:


    As to arming European civilians, the idea was originally expressed by the Czech government:


    PS: Sorry about the direct link to that Jeff Bezos blog. I have to get into the habit of linking to independently archived articles.

  6. Liberals — fearful, timid creatures — have taken advantage of the courts, the media, and a handcuffed police apparatus to turn its entirety in their chosen direction. This octopus works exclusively for them, though all its elements — from businessmen to cops on the beat — hate their liberal masters, and the liberals know it.

    Only an attack on the liberals’ controls of society can topple this tyranny. But the liberals won’t go easily, as soft and weak as they be. They’ll have to be forced off the system’s weak points.

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  8. All this Islamic murder and mayhem and no one is fit to ask about the color of those seventy-two virgins and the exact details of eternally fornicating?

    The stripped-down version of these rabid sand jiggers is a self-annihilating mass murderer lusting after “radical sexual autonomy.”

    What an incredibly lowly creature.

    “Terminable without consent” is the sand jigger.

  9. Imagine how much effort these noxious “white” self-annihilators have put into deconstructing The Perfect Man all the while slimultaneously adopting no such “critical theory” approach to Islam and those seventy-virgins “man, you fractured” for eternal smashings?

    In the “symbiotic regression” that is the diss-functional relationship of Islam and the Wicked Leftists of the West IS A REAL MUTUAL DESIRE for all-out sexual degeneracy.

    Only white Supremacy transcends this “symbiotic regression” IN PRINCIPLE.

  10. In the Possibility of Platonia…
    False Fags
    Suffer aphonia…
    Their cerebral plutonium.
    A diabolical consortium
    And Submissionary…
    NewClear Infrastructure
    By a million emissaries
    Plus a billion jihad mercenaries
    Leaving only remnants
    To transcend
    Cause: Necessary…
    Jew must go “radical autonomy”
    Before *you* go
    white Supremacy…
    Question every wear
    The SickNarrative
    Has the “English” scared…
    Say it isn’t so.
    Don’t Live with Fear.

  11. We have the power to not only remove them from our countries, but from existence. Our collective will has just been removed.

    Why do we maintain massive national militaries while we strive for a borderless monoculture? Nuclear war/MAD is almost quaint now. We have self assured destruction.

  12. I was talking to my wife last night about the anniversary of D-Day. We talked about the fact that we sent 150,000 soldiers into France that day and (basically) reclaimed Europe. We defeated, no, we eliminated, the Nazis (well, you know what i mean). We had the will, the resolve, the power, and the guts, to go into France and stick it up their collective butt-holes.

    But we can’t defeat some loser refugee muzzie scum? Are you friggin’ kidding me?

    It truly sickens me. We have let Political Correctness destroy the West.

  13. Isn’t it true that all great civilizations eventually fall from within? I think that’s basically what is going on with Western Europe. It has been in decline for a while, and still has a long way to go, but I think Western Europe’s golden age is definitely in the past. I’m glad I’m an American.

  14. Golden Ages come and go, with the occupants.

    Take Spain for instance. For 800 years, ruled by Muzz and Jews. Then the “evil” Inquisition, which got the jews out, and various wars, which got the Muzz out. Then, white Spaniards were free to explore the world.

    Of course, as the Spanish obtained gold and power, the jews wanted back in, which led to the usual decline in Empire.

    Nothing really changes. Living in post-jewish and mino Murka will be like living in post-empire Rome or Greece. Minos don’t come because there are no more spoils to have. You can still visit Rome, Athens or London, but the power is all gone. It’ll be like that with NYC and DC soon.

  15. We have our problems, too, but I feel like the Untied States (at least parts of it) might still be a nicer place to life than Western Europe in the near future. I don’t really know. Western Europeans are smart, resourceful people, so I imagine that many of them will end up doing okay. Maybe their countries were a little too nice, and this is just a natural rebalancing of things.

  16. It’s easy to see unfamiliar countries in very one-sided ways. Not counting several more recent Berlin-to-Warsaw drives or various airport layovers, I haven’t been to Western Europe since 2001. The case for Western Europeans is that their minorities are a much smaller fraction of their population than is the case in the US. People talk about effete Scandinavians, but the native young men working the labor jobs I recently saw at Copenhagen and Oslo airports looked like big, tatted American rednecks.

    What Western Europe also has going for it, is that its native people have very strong identities. It really is a stroke of the pen that determines whether tomorrow, a country like Germany or France holds more candlelight vigils or starts eradicating the alien biomass.

    Something I’ve been saying since mid-2015 when the migrant wave hit, is that the large numbers of single military-aged male migrants are not in and of themselves an existential problem to W. E. countries because single males don’t make babies. Very few will marry a native woman. On the national scale they are an extreme irritant that disabuses people of their liberal delusions. A stroke of the pen, and they all go back… if they are lucky.

  17. People talk about effete Scandinavians, but the native young men working the labor jobs I recently saw at Copenhagen and Oslo airports looked like big, tatted American rednecks.

    Exactly. And whole sections of the urban USA are already devoid of working class whites. You won’t see a SINGLE white person working a service job in the Atlanta airport, not even a single TSA rent-a-cop or screener.

    Even the UK is still only about 6-7% Muslim.

    The USA is only around 1% Muslim, and we’ve also gotten a much higher quality of Muslim than the UK or France, they are far less prone to petty crime and clogging up prisons than the migrants that they get in Western Europe (partly because blacks in the USA monopolize a lot of the drug dealing and petty crime niches that Muslim immigrants fill there.).

    One of the biggest problems in England/France is when the young low IQ, low economic capability Muslims go to prison and get radicalized there by jail Imams. You see the same story all the time with terrorists there – some shiftless young loser Muslim dumbass who isn’t particularly religious, dabbles in drugs/alcohol/thievery then gets carted off to prison and comes out extremely militant.

  18. Required homework for aspiring and established intellectual shitlords, one and all — and all for one:

    James Bowery and Kevin MacDonald, on Red Ice,


    This is serious stuff, for serious people.

    It is the state of our meta-politics. In a nutshell — We are in need of a Declaration of War.

    Whites require a formal declaration of war in order to do it. Without such a formal declaration, Whites’ intrinsic and evolved nature as individuals is unable to form gangs.

    Whites’ basic nature is that we do not act as gangs, because we have developed and evolved some integrity as individuals. And so in such a state, we are vulnerable and prey to those population groups such as Jews and Arabs and blacks, who do not have that constituted individualism.

    Those other groups naturally act as gangs, whereas Whites are unwilling to do so, UNLESS we officially declare our intentions (of doing so).

    So basically Bowery, the Godfather of the Alt Right — has requested that someone come up with some formal declaration or oath, in which are made clear the necessary terms:

    1) Who are the enemy
    2) And at what point is the war won, and can we go back to Peace

  19. I would like to relisten and summarize and elaborate those points.

    We have to come up with something practical that is realistic and workable, that that appeals to serious adults and the best people.

    No one wants to live as slaves to the global homo elite network of hostile jews and their lackeys.

    As the great dwarf Durin said, This cannot be borne.

    So we need to ultimate meme, which is an oath and a declaration of war — but one which is REAL, and provides workable definitions and answers to those two most important questions:

    1) Who are enemy combatants?
    2) At what point is the Peace won?

  20. An interesting topic of the podcast, is that the visceral and moral Normie reaction against “racist whites” and the AR, which reaction Bowery calls altruistic punishment, is exactly Whites’ evolved individualism.

    Whites have a moral revulsion against ganging up on other people, and they see the AR and WN as exactly that: Whites forming gangs to prosecute their interests.

    And to an extent they are correct, that that is what WN is.

    But so in order to square this circle — such gangs have to be formally declared.

    The hypocrisy of the Normies in not calling out the Arabs and the Jews and the niggers, for their forming of gangs, is just “one of those things” about which what can you say?

    Animals gonna animal.

  21. Thanks for the recommendation Elk, I will listen to the podcast.

    One quibble with “Whites’ basic nature is that we do not act as gangs, because we have developed and evolved some integrity as individuals.” — and maybe I’m not exactly responding to your point, but:

    I don’t think that’s the case. On down to a junior high school clique, we naturally form gangs. Before coming to the US, I was in a “gang”. Nothing criminal, we were 11 or 12 years old but there was strong allegiance to the in-group and formal rank; at one point authorities got involved over a beat-down gone wrong. On an older/more serious scale, Breivik’s manifesto went into good length and detail describing his working class milieu in Norway, how Somalis and Pakis ran in gangs, but the state came like a hammer on native boys forming their own in self-protection.

    I reflexively shy away from assumptions that we are innately evolved above or away from social bonding and social identity, or informal violence. What we’re seeing today is part complacency, part living in a police state that comes down on us while letting muds run free, part anti-White program under the guise of anti-racism, anti-bullying, inclusion.

  22. Elk asks…

    1) Who are enemy combatants?
    2) At what point is the Peace won?

    1) Anti-white Supremacists… ASK THEM? They will barely hesitate to answer.

    2) Conversion or eradication are the only options SHORT OF separation without “liberation.”

  23. All those thousands willing being led to the slaughter and you’ve got just one shiltord who won’t go down without a fight. I’m talking about the bloke that fended those three muzzies, getting stabbed and surviving.

    That guy and the homeless man who helped out during the Manchester attacks offer that small glimmer that it is not all hopeless.

    Seeds that were planted a scant few years ago and even in the recent months, will germinate quickly.

  24. Good podcast, Elk. Listening to it now. They make good points about this “state of half-war” we’re in now: there is the aggression from the other side, there is anger and anxiety. And this is especially true, as they say, that people who aren’t red pilled and don’t understand what’s going on — they fall into depression and this is why so may White working class people kill themselves.

    They also made another great point about “half-war” — there will be heroic personalities who attack the system and end up dead or in prison for life — and we’re losing our best people that way.

    PS: they are saying something I’ve said before about the Left — they know that what they’ve done to our nation(s) is so horrible, that they can’t let go of power at this point. They know that they will be punished. So “they have to kill us,” as Kevin MacDonald and his host put it. This is why they can’t be allowed to get enough power to the point where they can keep upping the ante toward genocide. I put it before, in the context of Trump wresting the White House from Hillary, as two killers wrestling over one gun.

    The points about the Declaration of War, how it ties in with individualism, and its importance to get normal people on board is a new idea to me. Very interesting, they are on to something.

  25. — All those thousands willing being led to the slaughter and you’ve got just one shiltord who won’t go down without a fight.

    Ain’t that how things always go down, until something clicks with the thousands and they follow the shitord.

  26. It strikes me that PA would be a dangerous adversary to have. He would fight dirty, wouldn’t hesitate to call in air strikes, both literal and figurative, would go over every item in his arsenal and see if it had an application, dusting off those that seemed right even if they hadn’t been used in years.

    That of course is what makes him the best friend.

  27. Whites form gangs. The best ones do at least. Maybe you’ve heard of them – the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nazi Lowriders, Peckerwoods, etc.

    They have a series of questions for prospects: A brother is jumped. Do you:
    1) do nothing
    2) jump in immediately
    3) jump in if he starts losing

    The right answer is to jump in immediately. There are no fair fights. Cops and soldiers don’t fight fair, which is why they always call for backup, air support, any advantage they can. So do niggers and Muzz.

    An attack against any AB brother is an attack against all. Minos gotta understand that if they fight one, they fight us all. And this is no novel solution – cops and soldiers do it too. They take it personal when one of their number is hit.

    No serious WN uses his real name. Makes him easier to track in this police state. Those boys have to moderate their WN to a high degree. The serious WNs have names “corn-fed” or “wood” or “reaper.”

    Bob Matthews already wrote our declaration of war:

  28. Whites forming gangs (or NOT), is an emergent property of their social biology.

    It is the form of the thing in question. It is not the essence of it.

    My initial post on this topic did not make that clear.

    Yes Whites form some gangs.

    The point is that the are less predisposed toward that behavior than their fucking competitors.

  29. I am not interested in joining a fucking prison gang. As far as I know, those guys are pieces of shit, and I would like to maintain as much distance between their sorry asses and my own.

    Which is part of the point, that I was trying to make — is that such “gang” behavior is inherently REPULSIVE to Whites of good character, to Whites who are NOT defective criminals.

    That is the whole point, as to why it is necessary to formalize this declaration of War winning the Peace.

    So that we don’t have to joint the fuckin AB. Jesus fucking Christ.

  30. Elk, you’d beg to join one of those prison gangs if you ever went to prison.

    The niggers, spics, and gooks won’t protect you. You could beg the guards to throw you in segregation, where the child molesters and rapists are.

    Whites of good character have no edge. Their only move is to obey the system and pay their taxes.

    I want whites with bad character. Bad enough, that they can resist the system. We can give a bad white discipline. It is harder to train a goodwhite to fight.

  31. Two things

    First, the would be terrorist in Texas that got killed right out of the gate in Garland. Better believe that sent a message to the terrorists about what’s a soft target and what’s not.

    Second, neo nazis, even leaving ethics aside which I am loathe to do, do not win. Had a prison deputy here in Texas tell me something that makes sense, that he doesn’t blame anybody for joining AB in prison. You can have one white guy in a unit with 99 blacks and he’ll be left alone if he’s AB.

    It’s a specific strategy for specific survival. The origins of AB aren’t even white supremacist really, that was just nice scary imagery for intimidation. They even had Jewish founding members. Banding together for safety is normal. It’s prison though, so that may mean going far farther than any Christian ought to go,

    Asa a society wide strategy though? They lose all the time.

    White nationalism proper fails because it confuses ruthlessness with effectiveness. The commies didn’t win Russia because they were ruthless, it frequently got in the way. The Nazis alienated potential millions of supporters in the east through their brutal treatment of the Slavic population.

    WNs are so damn “edgy” they alienate Christians(no orthodox Christian is going to betray all his brothers in Christ of different races because “white”), potential allies who happen to be of another ethnicity(hell, even Hitler made deals with other racial groups against common enemies), and even other WNs as they enter their own version of an SJW holiness spiral(more Hitler than thou). You’ve got no money, no numbers, no coordination, and no unity. Against an organized enemy, like the modern state, you’re just going to die. Plenty of brave barbarian tribes were plenty brave and manly, but still got eaten alive by enemies who were just better organized.

  32. It’s very natural to join or form gangs, even for white men. Consider if you stayed in your home town and kept in contact with all your childhood friends. In other countries, the roots may be multigenerational. Would you be willing to help your friends out, like one of those loathsome good ole boys you see as villains on the electric J? Hell, even atomized university whites who just want to move around on a career of very important middle management assignments think it’s cool to get into fraternities.

    Just think about how hard the system works to nullify ordinary straight white men getting together in groups. Can’t exclude gays, women, blacks, etc etc. Need to subvert it ASAP to work for gays, women, blacks. They are paranoid as fuck about this.

  33. No… It is NOT NORMAL for American white MEN to form gangs. Absolutely not normal. White boys? White males? Perhaps. White “men” only form gangs as fags or with criminal intent in mind. Now, you can argue that this was/is a consequence of America’s unprecedented prosperity. And then you can argue that NOW is the time for white men to form gangs for the INTENT of self-preservation. And yet, there is still a lot of leeway in what exactly that would entail.

    ALL THE enemies of white Supremacy are, per the materialist paradigm, self-annihilators.

    The question is why kill what will kill itself IF in that killing is the consequence of losing your physical freedom?

    I’d rather have a gang of guns that I could absolutely trust.

  34. Gangs are, in the broadest sense, a criminally-minded collective actualized. Gangs are less rigorous forms of cabals. Yet, the “gang versus individual” meme is merely ANOTHER half-true Hegelian impress DUE a large mass of dulled diversity. And because “we” neither desire to live in extreme isolation nor under the jackboot of a “gang,” the large dull mass hunts for a hidden and elusive synthesis that need not even exist.

    IF, in forming a “gang,” one has never even raised the prospect of SEPARATION by the acts of (S)upremacy THEN one can know that the “gang” leader has not thought things completely through. In other words, a “gang” that does not account for white man’s desire for (S)upremacy is HALF OF A LIE.

  35. The media’s treatment of Donald Trump will create more militant whites than the AB ever could for themselves.

  36. You remind me, it may even be a duty to the (S)elf to be criminally minded when living under today’s (L)aw. Obedience to your mortal enemies is no virtue.

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