“Europe, Rise From Your Knees!”

That’s a line delivered by Poland’s prime minister Beata Szydło in a speech to her country’s Parliament last Wednesday:

We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite. We want to help people, not the political elites.

Where are you headed Europe? Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day.

If you can’t see this – if you can’t see that terrorism currently has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us. It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.

Do we want politicians who claim we have to get used to the attacks, and who describe terrorist attacks as “incidents,” or do we want strong politicians who can see the danger and can fight against it efficiently?

That phrase about culture and traditions is a softball, and as far as all mainstream right-wing European leaders will rhetorically go. But soon enough they or their successors will be talking about our nation, our race, our blood. Why shouldn’t they?

“Europe, rise from your knees.” What does that mean? First, it means that you have a pair of eyes and a free mind, so use them. Wake up. Then, act like you’re in a war, because you are in one. It’s presently one-sided biological warfare in which the enemy’s objective is to breed you out of existence. Genetic-pollution Afroasian immigrants are their ground troops. The anti-White Kulturkampf in the media and schools is their air support. And you, the European man, woman and child anywhere in the world, are the city under siege.

This is not a tangent, but I’ve wondered before: was the 1944 Warsaw Uprising a mistake or a sacrifice with long-term recompense? The 63-day campaign wrested several districts of the capital from the enemy occupant. The Uprising ultimately failed and led to 85% of Warsaw getting razed, including her entire Old Town and all of the city’s landmarks of cultural significance. In addition to insurgent casualties, approximately 200,000 civilians were murdered by German regulars and their SS auxiliaries, who were brought in from as far as Azerbaijan. (German personnel losses included up to 9,000 est. killed, 7,000 missing, 9,000 wounded, and 2,000 captured).

The two-day Wola district massacre, in which 40,000 civilians were executed in house-to-house sweeps, was particularly grisly. From post-war court testimony of Mathias Schenck, a Wehrmacht sapper:

After the door of the building was blown off we saw a daycare-full of small children, around 500; all with small hands in the air. Even [SS-Oberführer Oskar] Dirlewanger’s own people called him a butcher; he ordered to kill them all. The shots were fired, but he requested his men to save the ammo and finish them off by rifle-butts and bayonets. Blood and brain matter flowed in streams down the stairs.

Dirlewanger was a pedophile. Schenck also testified to seeing Dirlewanger rape a girl while holding a knife, and then cutting her open along the entire length of her torso after ejaculating.

There are Oskar Dirlewangers at high levels of Western governments today. This is why my apparent tangent on the Warsaw Uprising is neither a tangent nor irrelevant. You have just seen a snapshot of what a total war of population-replacement looks like. This is what our leaders are planning for us.

Scratch that — they are already doing it. A dozen little English girls were just shredded at the Ariana Grande concert, and they tell you to remain passive as they kick in your door over angry Tweets. A thought experiment: how would a legitimate English government respond to a foreign national mass-murdering its children? Or to a wild African decapitating Lee Rigby in front of his barracks?

The English people, along with most Westerners, are not ruled by legitimate governments. They are ruled by criminals. As long as these Western people, in the privacy of their minds where there is no excuse for being a slave, consider their governments lawful and legitimate, they are kneeling before Oskar Dirlewanger. Getting off your knees would mean, first of all, that you open your eyes and see the evil that is staining your land.

What would be the next step in rising off your knees?

I don’t tell people to do anything I am not doing. But keep reading.

Despite its failure, the 1944 Warsaw Uprising will be famed for as long as sentient mankind lives. The lesson for posterity is that sometimes you have to fight because even if you are beaten, you will inspire your great-grandsons to never die on their knees.

Fabrizio Quattrocchi is more alive now than the walking-dead who shuffle through Western European capitals today:

[He] was hooded when the murderers put a gun to his head. “When his murderers were pointing a pistol at him, this man tried to take off his hood and shouted, ‘Now I’m going to show you how an Italian dies.’ And they killed him.”

Warsaw lost the Uprising but won the war, and she’s rebuilt and alive today.


Were all those 500 little children in Wola wasted, should the operation have been aborted? Seventy three years later, nationalists are laughing in the EU’s face. The wind at their backs is the spirit of those kids and of the fallen fighters.

So what do you do after you open your eyes? The answer: you lead, you follow, or you get out of the way. That last one is valuable too, as it makes you a passive supporter of those who act. The criminals and perverts embedded in the institutions of our ruling classes will double-down before they’re brought to trial and the imported aliens removed. It will either be clean, or it’s gonna get drawn out and ugly. There is no tenable center any more, you have to pick a side. There are action heroes and rising national movements. So lead something, or join the people who act in service to your nation. Support them; or at the very least, don’t stand in their way.

European, rise from your knees.


Image source, top: YouTube; above: Renegade Tribune

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  1. PA, is it true that the Germans considered Warsaw a partisan stronghold since at least 1940? Unlike Denmark or Norway, where passive resistance was grudgingly tolerated, the occupation was brutal to any signs of resistance.

    What I’m interested is how the resistance was able to keep Warsaw a stronghold over 5 years, before getting wiped out by the Germans and the USSR. It’s hard to compare 1944 Warsaw to even the late Mr. Matthews, for example.

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  3. — What I’m interested is how the resistance was able to keep Warsaw a stronghold over 5 years, before getting wiped out by the Germans and the USSR.

    For most of the war’s duration, major armed resistance was most active in eastern parts of the occupied country, where Germans were implementing their brutal population resettlement Ostplan, and secondarily in protecting civilians from Ukrainian partisants. The rural and forested countryside with a friendly population provided good operating conditions. Other than that, major resistance activities involved sabotage, arms and food smuggling (legal rations in Warsaw were below starvation levels), and assassination / retaliation hits. There was also weapons manufacturing, with the famous Blyskawica (‘lightning’) automatic rifle manufactured in small shops.

    With the Eastern Front going badly, German manpower was stretched thin.

    The Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943 was aided by the Home Army (mostly by weapons smuggling), but the 1944 general Warsaw Uprising was the biggest operation in the city.

    Cultural resistance was big in Warsaw as well. Children were not permitted schooling beyond fourth grade, so there were networks of clandestine schools run by the Home Army. Discovery was punished with a mass execution or transport to a concentration camp for all involved.

    There was also an underground cultural life. In “Native Realm,” Czeslaw Milosz describes his job in a book repository, that was run by a high ranking Wehrmaht officer with an academic background, whose goal was to avoid the Eastern Front, so he submitted a proposal which Hitler (or someone just below him) approved, involving a mammoth busy-work project of cataloguing all the books in Warsaw libraries (or something like that, don’t recall the details). The proposed book-cataloguing project was calculated to last longer than Germany’s anticipated duration of war. Under the cover of his book depository job, Milosz was part of an underground literary publishing network. They’d reproduce illegal literature for distribution and gave the contraband books front covers with some innocuous subject like gardening plus a pre-war publication date.

    Home Army (Armia Krajowa) was the largest resistance movement. It was formally subordinate to the country’s London-based prewar government-in-exile, but operated independently of its control. There was also a much smaller Peoples Army (Armia Ludowa) that was Communist and formally took orders from Moscow.

  4. Americans think it’s a serious crime to publish unredacted copies of Mark Twain books and sell unpasteurized milk*. I must admit that I don’t think “resistance” has quite the same meaning.

    As a sharp writer points out, we have a snitch culture, slightly less than it used to be, but you’d still be reported if you had crimethink. Ask the average American if they would report those who put up posters about the woman who hounded Spencer. How about selling undertaxed tobacco products?

    As the Armia Krajowa, Provos, Palmach, Lehi, and the Brüder Schweigen showed, the later two negatively, tacit indifference is a precondition for active resistance.

  5. More likely, millions of whites must die or be culled to expose the “core” of awakened WNs.
    It isn’t WNs who get beat up or killed by minos and Muzz. Only liberal and normies are.

    And you have to be suspicious of normal whites. They fully support repression against WNs. They will rat, if given a chance. They still think soldiers fight for “our rights and freedoms”.

    Most Murkans cannot even recognize the USA is a full police state right now. Has been for years. They support the police too, and their form of “law and order”, where white genocide is the law.

    There’s a tendency to rush in recruiting, to go for everything in one talk. It cannot be done. It takes a minimum of 3-4 years just to make a decent WN. And more than “spoon-feeding” them information, they need to have it within them to learn on their own, a rare thing today.

    Even the gifted types take a long time to develop. Some don’t even know what MRM and PUA are, if you can imagine.

  6. The snitching thing… that’s part of a HUGE change in consciousness that Whites are going through right now.

    When you feel that your government and authorities are legitimate, you will inform them of ‘cheaters’ and rule breakers because they’re essentially stealing from the grainstores of social capital, and they’re abusing a high-trust arrangement.

    The perception of living under a legitimate government is a thing of the past, and people are changing their mentality into, correctly, an Us vs Them. Asking for welfare used to be shameful for Whites. But once you see black parasites revel in the fruit of your work, you will be more inclined to work the system too.

    A lot of old-ways things are going away as a result of Diversity. Snitching is one of them. Female immodesty is another. For an extreme example, mass nudism had its heyday in many parts of Europe in the 70s, and now you’ll just see ancient women or freaks out topless. I suspect that the yoga pants fad will give way to long dresses and old-school Christian hair covering.

    Many Baby Boomers can’t make the adjustment. They will die believing that they live in a functioning Western country. Younger Whites… we’ve changed dramatically in just three years: Judeo-realism was a mark of a loser and today “DaGoyimKnow” is the coolest meme.

  7. — It takes a minimum of 3-4 years just to make a decent WN

    Ryu, can you say a few things about what makes a good WN? I’m talking about things such as his knowledge, attitude, etc. Wokenness is everywhere. Commenters on many blogs seem to get it.

  8. — So what do you do after you open your eyes? The answer: you lead, you follow, or you get out of the way. That last one is valuable too, as it makes you a passive supporter of those who act.

    This isn’t a point I had seen made before. But enough people just “getting out of the way” sets up conditions for active resistance.

  9. I think Poland’s position comes more from memories of its betrayal by France and Britain in September 1939. It’s something that has never been fully addressed. It also arguably lead to Poland’s betrayal by Britain and the US.

    Now as part of the EU being asked to do it’s part for team and help share the”burden” of taking In migrants…well with friends like these…

    [Thankfully, political leadership continues to be firm on No Refugees since winning the elections in late 2015, having reneged on the previously ruling cuck centre-left party’s earlier agreement with the EU to take them in. To the limited extent I understand Poland’s politics, the current ruling party’s chairman Jarosław Kaczyński (twin brother of former president Lech Kaczynski who died in the infamous plane crash) is the strategist and the country’s defacto political leader. Himself not being “media friendly” due to his direct and grim style, his younger, more telegenic proteges prime minister Beata Szydło and president Andrzej Duda execute his program. All three are traditional patriotic Catholics. It’s a kind of unique form of nationalism, not very relatable-to in English-speaking countries. Szydlo’s older son just got ordained priest. — PA]

    PS: contrasting Kaczynski’s and Szydlo’s style:

    — PA]

  10. An addendum to my above in-line comment. A hegemonic system can’t tolerate the successful existence of counter-examples to its program. That’s why the Soviet Union censored images of prosperity in the West.

    There is a hashtag trending on Gab, #WeDontHaveToLiveLikeThis (I wonder who came up with that…). But that’s a very important concept. The US/EU system is anti-White and it would be bad for the program to let people see examples of countries that are all-White and also economically sound, functional, safe, traditional. Such countries reveal that you in the West don’t have to live in a multikult hell.

    I wonder how far this confrontation is pushed. Germany personified by Merkel sounds weak and desperate, the US with Trump has let off the pressure.

  11. I don’t think there’s much appetite for “refugees” in Poland having produced their own generation following the war and never asking for anything more than to return to their own country. Poland is very much a Red Pill country. There’s very little bullshit i the conversations public and private.

  12. Great post, and great to hear that Poland is still standing up to the EU’s demands. (It’s actually four countries refusing the rapefugees, but the Czechs and Slovaks don’t get nearly the same heat as Poland and Hungary)

    Re: the Warsaw Uprising – the Polish insurgents were expecting help and air cover from the Allies, which they didn’t get thanks to Stalin. I don’t think the disastrous uprising was meant to be THAT disastrous, but yeah, they likely knew they were doomed but kept on fighting in order to inspire future generations. Same as the Battle of Thermopylae, pretty much.

    Re: Dirlewanger – jesus fuckin christ. You should repost this at the Chateau, just the response of the Nazi fanclub would be worth it

    [Dirlewanger was a degenerate and did prison time pre-war for statutory rape and criminal recidivism. He led a penal SS brigade that was expected to get ground up on the Eastern Front but was then assigned to anti-partisant operations, and such campaigns lead to reprisals on civilians.

    Elements of military leadership in Berlin wanted him relieved of command over his gratuitous atrocities in Belarus. Hitler fans have to take the good (Hitler’s flamethrower to Weimar poz) with the bad, which was unnecessary wars of genocide against other European nations, which ended up costing Germany badly.

    Dirlewanger’s photo makes me think of John Podesta. Not the same facial structure exactly, but something similarly sinister.  — PA

    PS: as to holding firm on No Refugees, Hungary was the first to stand up to the US/EU. Viktor Orban is literally the savior of Europe.

    PPS: love the comparison to Battle of Thermopylae.]

  13. But enough people just “getting out of the way” sets up conditions for active resistance.
    Indeed, this is something we can learn from our Muslim “friends.” How many Moosies complain about the terrorists or the rapists? Basically none. They are degenerate imbeciles, but even they know what side they’re on.

  14. A good WN has to go through:
    The MRM
    Mass Immigration
    The Jewish Question
    and a few other areas.

    That alone takes a few years. But in addition, one has to find his own particular talent that will be useful to others.

    Just that above minimum list is hard to fulfill. Most who begin will not stick it out for the long term. There are relatively few nationalists with 10+ years experience.

    There is no point in repeating what others do. We have had plenty of news and jews. There is an abundance of beginner material but little advanced material. Who could teach Brevik something about WN?

    The best white men alive today are WNs. It is the great struggle of our time.

    We can only teach up to a point; then the student must go out on his own. The best WNs don’t need hand-holding. The genetic potential, an inner ambition, has no substitute.

  15. The biggest challenge a WN faces comes after all of the challenges that Ryu mentions. First he must face the fact that he has been told a bunch of pretty white lies about female selection preference, race realism, economics, democracy, etc. Usually the sheer weight of all of these lies produces anger, in some cases despair , or apathy. The WN may go through something similar to the stages of grief before coming to the stage of full acceptance. After accepting reality, the WN must have the courage to admit the truth and learn to act on behalf of his own people.

  16. I really think the vast majority of these refugees are just looking for a handout. Eastern Europe does not seem to offer much in the way of welfare to them, so my guess is they aren’t interested in staying there. A lot of them are moving from warmer countries to colder Europe. Their countries must really be disasters for them to do that.

  17. It’s very common for the refugees to work in family owned businesses (like kebab shops/takeaways) off the books, paying no taxes, while maximizing the amount of welfare benefits they collect.

    A lot of the Rotherham rapists owned little corner shops where they would set about “grooming” the lower-class white girls hanging out on the streets.

    In Northwest Europe you can collect benefits much easier (citizenship not required). In the USA we have welfare time limits and most benefits go to single mothers. In the UK, for instance, you can collect unemployment benefits even if you haven’t worked or paid into the system – in the USA you must have a much longer demonstrated work history to collect unemployment benefits, you will be turned down if fired for being a bad worker, and the amounts paid are in proportion to your former salary.

  18. One of the reasons for the SPLC campaigns against various groups is that it stops “elders” from being effective in imparting wisdom. They’ve been quite successful in that regard.

    As the saying goes, many are called, few are chosen. But who teaches the called?

  19. — Just that above minimum list is hard to fulfill. Most who begin will not stick it out for the long term. There are relatively few nationalists with 10+ years experience. (Ryu)

    It’s remarkable, going thru steps like PUA and race-realism, how much of the path to WN is simply unlearning liberal indoctrination. Every kid knows that girls like (respond well to) getting teased. At age 13 — more like at 7 except for the sex stuff — I took it for granted that non-White races are not-us, that blacks are retarded (but you have to treat them humanely) and that mixing (to the extent I ever thought about it) is right there with other taboos like necrophilia.

  20. Speaking of migration, Vox Day had a talk this evening in which he articulates that, which some of us have in part or in whole intuited: Free Market is more destructive of nations (and of very humanity, I’ll add) than Communism. Even if communism is under a homicidal tyrant and free market is only half-ass implemented. Worth watching, especially if that claim strikes you as counterintuitive.


    Much is said on the Right, correctly, about the pernicious effects of immigrations on nations. Less so on similarly destructive effects of emigration. Even internally in the US, small towns are destroyed by young people leaving for bigger-economy cities.

    Families are scattered, kids don’t have grandparents or cousins except once a year at Christmas. One of my regrets is not having had grandparents. My grandfather was a lieutenant in Armia Krajowa. I remember him from childhood, and then again once in my late 20s when I saw him again and for the last time.

  21. It seems as if the jew thrives under capitalism, where everything has its price.

    Communism has its vices, but Slavs are the whites in the best condition today. The Iron Curtain kept the multikult out.

    It is probably why libertarianism is a dead end for WNs. First, their open border stance. Then, their free market and the profit motive.

    I have to say, only Islam and Communism seem to work against Capitalism. Cuba and North Korea have done a great job of keeping Murka out. Yes, they are poor but the people are whole.

  22. In 2016 a major European city was called for staging a mock terrorist attack to test its police and emergency response. It featured a mock suicide bomber who shouted “allahu akbar”. (which hurt lots of feelings)

    Major apologies had to be issued from all sorts of public officials.

    Who will be the first to successfully GUESS THE NAME OF THE CITY??!!


  23. It seems as if the jew thrives under capitalism… I have to say, only Islam and Communism seem to work against Capitalism. — Ryu

    This ^^^ kind of variance in “capitalization” exposes a flawed attempt at truthfully defining the frame.

    Repelling MRKN “radical autonomy” is not a virtue when the personal desire IS your own “radical autonomy.” This rivalry does not make for the virtuous.

    Yet, Ryu, what you say is absolutely true…

    Jews seem to “thrive” under (c)apitalism…

    Communism and Islam REPEL (C)apitalism.

    Where you go wrong is believing that these “stances” are anything other than PERPETUALLY self-annihilating.

    “We” do not want to imitate the “success” of the perpetual self-annihilators.

  24. — Major apologies had to be issued from all sorts of public officials.

    How would a legitimate English government respond to foreign terrorist-spokesmen complaining about how an English city runs a civil alert drill?

  25. As long as the media controls the Narrative, nothing can change in the minds of the people at large. Think of it as a garden hose with little pinprick holes in it. The Main Narrative is that reasonably powerful hose. The holes are Internet. We see the spouts in the Narrative’s length, but the water is by and large still getting through and the left’s message getting out. What’s needed is some way to turn off the spigot. Media corporations must be DENUDED of their leftist controllers, and replaced by a genuinely neutral, unbiased forum. The test for a worker — whether talking-head or writer — should be whether everyone agrees that there’s no bias in his work. That should be obvious enough. Trump should be hitting the media hard and trying to replace it. He seems blind to what is obvious to me, and other thinkers.

  26. The media in its most ass-cracked banter… As the hoping-scared fiat currency of our era is anti-white Supremacy. The Narrative is against the most spirited white men leading their nations. Such white men are, with linguistic sensibility and honesty most forthright, white Supremacists.

    So STEP ONE is identifying the whole of media as anti-white Supremacy.

    Short of this exact articulation IS WORD GAMES AND word games are the signal of mind games.

    Alt-writers love to play mind games. That’s real race realism.

  27. It featured a mock suicide bomber who shouted “allahu akbar”.

    Should obviously have shouted Millwall FC.

  28. MInd Games is an excellent song, by that guy what’s-his-name.

    In defense of Lennon, I would say that the song Imagine does not necessarily include the politics that it got used for. Its context (back then) included a lot of shall-we-say, love-ins.

    Imagine if we could have a better world, with responsible stewardship? wouldn’t that be something.


    On the topic of White Supremacy and what makes for a good WN, the recent article by Wolfman Jack ‘400-lbs Deadlift’ Donovan, and then the response by Greg Johnson currently up at Counter Currents, cover the ground.

    Jacky Boy doesn’t want to be a WN because he doesn’t like white people.

    Gregory says that WN, as real world politics, should allow for everyone to participate to the extent that they like.

    In the real world, everyone across the spectrum participates in politics to the extent that they themselves determine. (sort of anyways)

    So WN and its broader umbrella category AR, would do well to account for that.

    Sometimes the online purity spiraling quotient gets out of hand. Or do we all need frog tattoos? In which case, does anyone know some good inkshops?

  29. “Imagine if we could have a better world, with responsible stewardship? wouldn’t that be something.”

    We want to occupy the moral high ground. Not because it’s a slick sell, but because that is who we are.

    Songs like Imagine, speak to that.

    Somehow the AR has to square that circle. Yeah we have to fight, but on the other hand, we don’t want to have to.

    That is an eternal dilemma, of course, all the way back to the Upanishads (i think — have not read) — and there is no resolution.

    Except even so we have to proceed as if we are working toward that solution.

    Not trying to speak in riddles, here …

    It is simply that, what people most want, is to live in the world of Imagine.

    Do you really want to fight?

    Hitler’s proclamations aside, I would rather live in a society in which you don’t have to: aka Civilization.

  30. Somehow the Left got a hold of the moral high ground. Along with Art and Culture and songs such as Imagine are the perfect example of that.

    But what one has to realize, is that many many many many many many people on the Left, are sincere in that they don’t want to have to kill everyone else. They don’t want to have to fight for their space.

    I guess they have to die?

    Somehow we (meaning the AR meaning White advocates) have to appeal to people’s better natures.

    We want to set things up so that the Battle of Five Armies can be avoided.

    We have to really want that. Is that unreasonable?

  31. I was walking my dog the other day, here in the Suburbs of Whitelandia, and I crossed paths with an beautiful negress. (just kidding, she wasn’t beautiful, i just wanted to use the phrase “beautiful negress” because it has never before been used)

    She was going to door-to-door in the prosperous neighborhood soliciting donations for a scam. She has a cardboard box open and visible with ones and fives, so as to show what she was up to and the lend a patina of legitimacy to her con.

    I had thought that that con had run its course: My son Nigger-shawntavius got accepted to [college] but we need help with the tuition. He will be the first person in our family to goes to college! Will you help?

    The point being, that I had a chance to bash in her brains, here on these weirdly broad eerie and desolate streetscape. No one was watching. But the thought of doing so, was unappealing.

  32. For the Boomers and Gen Xer’s who don’t understand how insane SJW campus activism has gotten, see below:

  33. Just short of separation
    The long river of blood
    Shall flow…
    Without sustaining
    By dead corpse we’ll know
    A last step in refraining
    From going full go…
    What’s alt-rite?
    Nobody shows
    What’s white Supremacy?
    The DO and KILL ethos
    Be Good/Slay Evil
    Be one with the Eros…
    The season for existence
    Is an everyday zero
    Some game
    And you’d the hero
    Fighting for your freedom
    Flying as the air row…

  34. The still image in MGE’s video: what is it with Africans and that wrist thing?

    I did a quick read of Donovan’s recent critique of WN. I’m not very familiar with him; he’s a men’s rights and self-improvement writer, as I understand it, and a very good one as far as his reputation goes. I did not yet read Greg Johnson’s rebuttal.

    There are different kinds of Apex Fallacies. One such variant champions the unencumbered lone wolf, the Sigma male with fuck-you money, the self-actualized bachelor who scorns “the White people who suck.”

    For my part, I like what Matt Parrot (I believe it was) said “some of my favorite White people are short fat and dumb” or something to that effect.

    The Byronic hero or the small-tribe wolf — or jackal — is one way to live. That’s not the way forward for those with skin in the game, though. If you want to have a nation, you need White convenience store clerks, even if some of them are sucky White people.

    I’m not giving Donovan’s essay its due response here. Thes are shorthand notes after one reading. To continue in that vein, he splits the hairs on what he calls legitimate nationalism (don’t recall his exact words here) such as German love for their culture vs what he appears to disdain, which is American euro-mongrel White identity.

  35. (W)hite (S)upremacy is a disordered articulation. The capitalization schematics is in error. There is the hard reality of racial incarnation and the social construction of a collective will. For “us,” that nexus is the (w)hite race in relation to objective (S)upremacy. (W)(S) indicates an egalitarian mindset just as “wn” does. Yet, the question always goes to the reality. WN/”wn” just as WS/”ws” are, fundamentally, subtle articulations of the egalitarian mindset. A mindset tending towards “universal equality.”

    wS is the rightful articulation… It’s a recognition of a hard racial incarnation and a socially constructed collective will both in relation to Perfection, i.e., objective Supremacy.

  36. Donovan is an unrepentant homosexual and thus a boner-fried self-annihilator. That he can be arguably regarded as a “leading” figure amongst the alt-rite is loaded with double entendres. But the bottom line is that the alt-rite DESIRES “radical sexual autonomy” and so a Donovan cannot be rejected on any principled ground. So even though a Jack Donovan spills many words over the existential crisis of the white race, he seems never to condemn the self-annihilating consequences of desiring “radical sexual autonomy?”

    Which memes being a real faggot means distribution of a deleterious crypto-currency.

  37. Donovan is an unrepentant homosexual and thus a boner-fried self-annihilator.

    They say that Greg Johnson is also gay, or whatever.

    So that exchange between the two of them, is a love letter.

    I don’t really care about who anyone is. Everyone has a past. The old cliche about it doesn’t how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up. There is a good Al Pacino clip where he says that to a bunch of (i think) negro inner-city basketball youths — way to Cuck, Al!

    Johnson said about the AR and its view on human sexuality, that it should be: Straight, but not narrow.

    In other words, pretty much everyone has wasted some of his life energy on less than perfect pursuits, so whatcha gonna do? Certainly right behavior has to be the goal, but unless you have only fucked your wife, and always with the aim of impregnation, then you are in no position to admonish.


    Donovan is a good writer, in that he is usually readable. I don’t agree with the article in question that WN is for losers (only).

    He did a recent interview with Jim Goad, in which they both punched right, into the AR, and FURTHER, characterized doing so, as “punching down”. — Goad’s words

    It is pretty easy to criticize online personalities — there is no shortage of material. So much so, that those who get too much mileage doing that, are lacking in creativity.

    If it is legitimate constructive criticism, on the other hand, that is another issue.

  38. “I don’t really care about who anyone is. Everyone has a past.”

    The context of that first sentence is clear enough, but to elaborate.

    The White men of our generation have suffered an assault, from the institutionalized neonatal torture chambers through to today. And it’s not just the typical assault that is the Challenge of Life.

    It’s more devious than that, in how it not recognized and acknowledged, in the culture at large; or to the extent that it is, it is characterized as a good thing.

    The level of twistedness. How is that an entire people in convinced to participate in its own destruction and dissolution, its own self-rejection and abnegation?

    Part of it is simply the cycle of civilization, but the (((unspoken distortion))) is the active hostility that is directed against them by the arbiters of culture.

    And so it is with that in mind, and “that” being the cultural milieu in which we suffer and drown and die — that people’s sorry pasts are to be regarded with some allowances.

    I try not to talk about the people I know, including myself, but actually it is only those stories that give meaning to this cultural context.

    A lot of frustrated people, angry people, beaten people. And a lot of dead people. The White Death.

    I don’t have the social sciences or statistics background, nor the inclination, to do the research to really put those numbers in perspective; but they are what counts.

  39. It is the frustrating experience of not having this cultural milieu acknowledged and defined.

    Obviously, it is up to us to do so. I try to do my part, participating here and wherever, and also in the real world.

    But even the phrase “cultural milieu” gets to the problem, in how it sounds ill-suited and pretentious. We somehow lack the meta-vocabulary with which to create the necessary culture and experience.

    That is of course what Art and the Humanities are about. And we have lost touch with those things, completely.

    The closest substitute that we have, is in discussions of music and movies. Which music and movies are scaled-out stand-ins for the real thing! and as such, they have A LOT of value BUT STILL come up short.

    Because where are YOU in the process?

    Some stupid faggot schlub in the theatre in the mall, or now these days at home with your television? Or if you are a young urban swapple hipster, at a show at some club?

  40. I agree that our social problems, our bio-social problems, are problems of scale. Our society is too large for us to inhabit with the meaningful relations that make things work.

    Without those meaningful face-to-face relations, social structure is too manipulatable from on high.

    And also, a theme I have been trying to work out and suggest, and is directly derivative of the Ed Wilson’s discoveries about our eusocial nature, is that our concept of society is ingrained to the point that its scale is ITSELF a primary factor.

    So now that our society is scaled-up, its members are concerned with their status within it to the point that their virtue signaling is more advantageous (to them, as far as they know), than practical decisions about their children’s future.

    Because the “social factor” includes this variable about the “whole of society” which has come to mean the whole world.

    That has to change.

  41. A question I’ve been curious about, is how bad is it out there in an everyday sense? I’m coming from a perspective of living in one of Dieversity’s hothouses. I see the whole Third World on my DC Metro subway rides and everything everywhere is always crowded.

    Driving around, I can be in a White lower-working class municipality (where an occasional black or mestizo traverses to and fro or just loiters) where our people work at gas stations, have families with kids at a young age, and are friendly (aside: I mentioned this municipality approvingly to a cop friend, and he said “you don’t wanna live in XYZ, brah… a lotta drugs…”)

    I can see places where upper middle class and aspiring Whites hang out. In fact that’s where you can usually find me on weekends.

    A short dive away are yet more hot pockets: ghetto blacks (none of that gansta stuff… more like fat loud as fuck single mothers) and our Mestizo invaders (I’ve been seeing a lot less of them lately — The Trump Effect? the carnies at the last firemen’s carnival were all recovering drug addict Whites and blacks. The former… the friendliest, nicest people you will ever meet.) And then… you see headscarves. And sometimes, worlds mix and it makes for tense feelings every which way. Like seeing Eritreans and who-the-hell-knows-what-else working at your nearby super-zip Whole Foods

    So the question I alluded to — how bad is it in less-invaded parts of the country, or even in Western Europe, where it seems that parts of it are 24×7 Rape of the Sabine Women?

    A guy I know recently visited family in Minneapolis last week, so a friend asked him “I heard that place is flooded with Somalis, the Mall of Americas is Horn of Africa.” He shook his head and said “I didn’t see any Somalis. Everybody in Minneapolis is White.”

    If I had a bachelor’s measure of free time, I’d take two weeks off work and fly to Berlin and Stockholm and see for myself what’s it like there on the ground, and post a report on this blog.

  42. A question I’ve been curious about, is how bad is it out there in an everyday sense?

    When it comes to the brown invasion things don’t seem as bad as they could be when you look at everyday, adult life and business.

    It’s the K-5 levels at public schools that are the real eye opener. State after state is falling to a white % percentage of students under 50% in public schools.

  43. People’s reaction to the Diversity, has been to retreat.

    And part of that Retreat is telling themselves what they have to, in order to feel good about it.

    And part of telling themselves what they have to, is thinking less of who they themselves are.

    And part of that, is being less.

    Wash rinse and repeat, feedback loops every which way.


    I saw a comment on CH about how our phenotypic expression is diminished. And such a metric is probably as simple as T-levels, but its more dramatic expression is frame-size and brow ridges and jawlines. And in how people dress and posture and act.

    However you would like, the macro-trend is undeniable: Whites have lost a lot of territory. Southern California was an excellent example … 25 30 years ago!

    And every neighborhood that is moved out of has a thousand families and a thousand stories, and every one of those stories has a similar theme: retreat.

    And a central facet of that retreat, is diminished phenotype.

    Now I don’t actually know enough about biology and genetics to say such things with any authority, but that is the current popular science paradigm: that our genetics are expressed epi-genetically within a phenotypic range.

    And the relevant point, that is the White Death writ SMALL, is that all that lost territory plays out and reflects in the diminished lives and diminished persons of a 100 million Americans.

    This sounds defeatist, to the point where I sometimes take flak for writing on such themes — but the numbers don’t lie.

    And this is where, if our intellectual class were filled with courageous and integrated personalities, they would study the effects of this ASSAULT, on the people in question!

    But the Health of White People? Forget about it.

  44. “A question I’ve been curious about, is how bad is it out there in an everyday sense?”

    In measuring how bad, it is impossible to overestimate how much people will convince themselves that things are ok simply because they are not worse.

    That is the nature of the denial, that is our cultural milieu.

    Because it is bad.

    I don’t know who your friend could possibly have been, to say that Minneapolis is all white. That is non-sense.

    I don’t know the actual numbers, but the metro is probably 80 per cent white, and that tends toward Nordic and Germanic.

    80 per cent sounds like a lot, and I am sure that is a good guess. But it skews old. And on the Street, and on the bus and in the schools?

  45. saw a comment on CH about how our phenotypic expression is diminished. And such a metric is probably as simple as T-levels, but its more dramatic expression is frame-size and brow ridges and jawlines. And in how people dress and posture and act.

    Blue eyes and red hair may become far less common. The research on such things would have to be very politicized, as no MSM publication would want to be seen lamenting such traits dying out:

  46. The idea of epigenetics and revolution are important. What I present here is not my own.

    When Moses wanted to free his jews from the Pharoh, they went into the desert for 2 generations. They were a slave race there. After 40 years, they toughened up and were eventually able to found what was then their promised land.

    Most of the white race today are slaves. Low test, little reproduction, doing office work, neglecting their health and their sleep, worried about bills….and waiting for “someone” to save them.

    Traditionally, the white race were soldiers and farmers. Very few “merchants” or what might be called office work. A man’s work affects his outlook deeply. To be frank, the modern white collar service economy favors the merchant jew than the earthy Aryan.

    To win, WNs will have to be atavistic, back to the basics: taking land, gold and women from the enemy. This used to be called “a-viking.” There are plenty of enemies to plunder. One can live very well as a raider or criminal, if one knows how to do it.

  47. I saw the U.S. map that shows by-county share of Whites 0 – 5 years in age. Steve Sailer’s law of the Canadian border holds true in general, plus West Virginia. Those areas are solidly 80% or more White in that age bracket.

    As Elk makes the point, that alone is no reason to get excited; it’s retreat. Most of America used to be almost-100% White not too long ago.

    It takes a long time to get Whites riled up. What are the observer’s take-aways of the past 20 years? One of them, is that the one-drop rule is alive and well. Any slight admixture of Global South makes you not-us. In fact, the more we’re squeezed, the less inclined we are to overlook the irregularities.

    People point to the German Nazis, and what they can do when they are sick of the abuse. But it doesn’t much occur to them to also point to the Russians, who retreated, and retreated, until they brought hell to the enemy. And won both WWII and (ultimately today) the Cold War.

    The parasite — and certain categories of global humanity are exactly that at contact — revels until the host has had enough.

  48. No one speaks of desire. No one speaks of desire for annihilation. No one speaks of desire for self-annihilation. No one speaks of a desire for self-annihilation for salvation. No one speaks of a desirous self-annihilator salivating.

    One who desires self-annihilation will exhibit a degenerating phenotype.

    Degenerating phenotypes will access PEDs/surgery/politics to obscure their desire for self-annihilation.

    In this micro-summation is the process of perpetuating self-annihilation.

    Yet, in the larger context is that monied degenerating phenotype accessing performance enhancement technologies/surgery/politics in the face of a mediocre mass of stagnated phenotypes in what finally constitutes a “symbiotic regression.”

  49. If a healthy-minded white man condemns himself to a room with a nigger who absolutely refuses to divide the space into halves, the nigger will either be demanding eradication or the “white man” will have confessed to falling ill to the pathology of self-annihilation.

    “We” are in this room right now.

  50. Are you guys following this whole Evergreen College story? I’ve watched the Bret Weinstein interviews with Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. Both were good. Weinstein is very well spoken and has an interesting story.

  51. So Northern Ireland just elected a gay, half-Indian to be it’s new prime minister. To say nothing of an out and out globalist. Is Europe really waking up? It seems to me there has been a great deal of back-sliding suddenly. The French too weak to elect Le Pen. Multiple other electoral disappointments. And now the Irish — once famed for their ethnocentricity and religiosity — have elected a half-wog homo.

    I really hope there is some kind of massive, systemic economic collapse on hand for Western Europe. That’s the only thing that will push nationalism over the top.

  52. Re. Ireland: that’s part of my question from last night’s comment — what’s going on in Western Europe? Via the internet, we’re getting impressions of total race war, at least in spots. But do actual Western Europeans see it that way? — or are the well-publicized rapes, terror attacks, and so on, largely waved-off by Western Europeans, who are still trying to live in a kind of denial? Or are the election results fake?

    In the US until recent years, it was easy enough to compartmentalize non-Whites as “a problem that’s over there” and also desensitize oneself to seeing Dieversity. It requires a forgetting of the quality of life before blacks and browns were spray-shitted into our midst.

    Part of the anti-White program is a paralyzing feeling of dread that the system wants to cultivate in us. Before people are ready to take collective action, they slide into either an appeasement or a willfully-blind mode. Voting for establishment party candidates would be a See No Evil psychological mechanism.

    Or again, do most Western Europeans still not feel the pressure?

    Re. Evergreen College: via Steve Sailer, I read the three-paragraph incantation to North American Indians that the college president opened his address to students with. Liberalism is a bizarre cult. The question is, are all those bizarre words and behaviors skin-deep?

    Example: my dad was a student at a university in Warsaw in the 1960s, and went on one of those state-sponsored Youth Retreats in the USSR where students from all of the Eastern Block countries got together to celebrate Lenin and Socialism. He told me that those retreats were a blast, with all of the students of all the nationalities being cool and fun to party with. He mentioned Lithuanians, Hungarians, and East Germans among them. And the exception as he told me: Russians. They kept to themselves, they were dour, and you couldn’t have a normal conversation with them because everthign they said began and ended with Communist slogans. Today, Russians are nothing like that, being among the wokest and fun-loving Whites on the planet.

    When liberalism falls in the West, will all of that P.C. weirdness pop like someone snapping out of a trance?

  53. Lara, check out that video I posted above. What Evergreen and other recent campus racial kerfluffles demonstrate on a micro scale what happens when blacks obtain any measure of power or authority: they riot. Also make note of the sadistic glee they revel in as they bully George into meeting their every ludicrous demand, such as cancelling homework for all black students and serving gumbo at a potluck for the protesters.

    I’m just waiting for the next riot. What city will burn this time? Chicago perhaps? In 1967, the National Guard was deployed in Detroit. I wonder if Trump will respond with similar resolve.

    (PS: listening to the Joe Rogan podcast right now.)

  54. PA – what I thought was even more absurd was his opening line:

    “I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns.”

    [That’s right! funny how he does his bow to PC while holding on to his nuts; he could have shown more solidarity by saying that he used xi/xir pronouns. The indignity of being a middle aged man playing monkey games. — PA]

  55. — Also make note of the sadistic glee they revel in

    As someone just posted on Gab:

    “Blacks have no morality, they don’t feel bad for doing anything the way you or I do. Their sense of shame and moral compunction is hierarchically imposed. …if an elder catches you, you’re in for a world of hurt. Literally, because all punishment is corporal.”

    Well-meaning conservative Whites nine years ago hoped that blacks “would just shut up” if we gave them a black president. I was telling people then: “that’s not how things work with them; they’ll respond to a concession of such a magnitude with ‘daaam, whitey weak!'”

  56. I have followed the Evergreen College story a bit.

    It is amusing. Of course, a system white may feel “threatened”, but to a true White Supremacist, liberals and minos present no threat – like a mouse hunting the cat.

    I don’t want “protection” from the American cops, their soldiers or their courts. (As if they have ever protected whites.) Tell them to just stay out of the way. We can handle the rest.

  57. One thing I’ve noticed in the Evergreen State protest videos is that the protestors keep referring to their time protesting as “work”. One girl tells the president she is doing this on her time, therefore she should not have to also be responsible for her homework. Another speaker talks about how too much of the work is being done by too few people. He is referring to time spent protesting. These people really do believe their time spent protesting and bullying people is work.
    Weinstein said basically this is a black power movement. A black female professor is behind all this. The president refused to deal with this woman and this is the result.

  58. Uh oh there’s been another “incident” in London.

    I brought this to the attention to the pool party guests I am currently cavorting with. The black guy in the group immediately blurted out contemptuously “old white people run over people all the time but it’s not called terrorism.”

  59. When saying “nigger”
    Becomes… a
    A fireable offense
    Envision nutless wonders
    Riding a fence
    Will bar
    Any defense
    That pricks like barbed wire
    And bleeds all colored pretense
    Bone dried
    These “man” liars
    Lose what’s most intense
    Light in their eyes
    And love in their grips
    Perched on a power line
    LARPing as the Biggest Bitch…

  60. Newspapers are confirming this, so I guess it’s real.

    Florida Obama supporter showing off his drug dealing revenues on Facebook live, gets raided by police while camera records:

  61. — Much of these “protests” are paid work.

    No doubt. They’re also fun for the “protesters.” A year and a half later, my Three Types of Protest holds true. It helps to understand which people have a grievance, and which ones are doing a touchdown dance. The Evergreen College noisemaking is a Type One protest.


    As to WN public action, the kicking of antifa ass on several occasions in California was fantastic. With Whites, we have conditions that generate Type Three protests.

    A Type Three protest in Germany:

  62. Still, whites in the UK will do nothing. I think the big showdown is coming from the other direction. One day, and it may be soon, the Muslims will rise up en masse and begin widespread slaughter of the British because everything tells them they will meet no resistance. This finally will spur the whites into action.

    At first, the authorities will protect the Muslims and attack the whites. Those are the orders that will go out. But it won’t last long. The police and soldiers will protect their own in the end, and if we’re lucky they will slaughter the leadership class along the way . This is the only way It can come to a conclusion

  63. I brought this to the attention to the pool party guests I am currently cavorting with. The black guy in the group immediately blurted out contemptuously “old white people run over people all the time but it’s not called terrorism.”

    Tell him ‘wtf is wrong with you?’ with a disgusted face.

  64. In an earlier era, the most interesting response was ‘no more free wacos’. Mind you, it’s the locals who have to start saying that.

    The muslim pedo gang rapist article above was very effective, you keep scrolling down and there are just more and more and more mugshots of human trash that need helicopter rides, hemp ties, necklacing, pitbull flock wrestling, etc. The leader escaped by running back to Bangladesh though.

  65. The soldiers and police of any country SERVE the leaders, they don’t execute them. Dogs don’t eat their masters.

    Never put your faith in another man. No one cares more about your security than you. Both cops and soldiers are paid to care, which means their “concern” has real limits. I would not put the future of the white race in the hands of the police or military.

  66. — Tell him ‘wtf is wrong with you?’ with a disgusted face

    The only way to respond to a shitbag anti-White.

    As to London, I brought up the matter of legitimacy of government in the original post and since then I saw the word “illegitimate” independently come up a lot on Gab. There are Whites who are in a trance (they are the ones who do the flag-filters on their Facebook icon) and also Whites who think we can still submit our way out of this (they are the ones who complain about racists on Twitter). But like with wolves or bullies, inaction emboldens the enemy.

    With all other Whites, there is a convergence of thought leads us all in the same direction, which is a recognition that we are living under illegitimate governments. With that child-grooming rapist, if England had a legitimate government, it would either bribe or threaten Bangladeshi authorities to hand over the fugitive, or it would send a special ops squad to send a lesson to others.

    That, and collective punishment would be applied, up to and including ridding the U.K. of Bangladeshis or Muslims.

  67. Looking at the pictures of the Muslim rapists, not one of them is attractive. Most criminals, including the white ones, are very unattractive people.

  68. The Muslims think they are winning. But we will defeat them with love and the ferocious solidarity of our hashtags!

  69. What’s so absurd about these “human rights” types is in their propagating of the idea that tolerance of “homosexuality” is the defining metric of the white man’s world. And it is in this “man, you fractured” mentality where the MUTUAL DESIRE for “radical sexual autonomy” amongst the sexual degenerates of Islam and the Left is deceptively cloaked.

  70. — criminals, including the white ones, are very unattractive people

    I recently scrolled through Manchester (UK) city police Twitter feed to look for their supposed warning to residents right after the Ariana Grande bombing that they will be hunted down if they post racist tweets. I didn’t find that tweet, so the screenshot I saw earlier was either a fake or — more likely — deleted.

    However, scrolling through I did see a lot of their routine person-wanted tweets showing various petty criminals they are looking for. Many were youngish White men. Most were terrible looking due to heavy drug use.

  71. I’ve watched the Bret Weinstein interviews with Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan. Both were good. Weinstein is very well spoken and has an interesting story.

    I listened to the podcast and came away with a different impression altogether.
    Essentially Weinstein is a standard issue marxist Jew professor who remains 100% committed to the progressive anti-racist cause, he just can’t believe his little pets turned on him. Despite his academic specialization in evolutionary biology, he firmly believes (or at least says he does) that evolution does not apply from the neck up, despite all evidence to the contrary.

  72. Tell him ‘wtf is wrong with you?’ with a disgusted face.

    Oh I definitely did that. I even challenged his argument, but I was in the company of white liberals, who have been trained by (((Hollywood))) to grant moral authority to the numinous negro in the group. So I was quickly shouted down.

  73. Most criminals, including the white ones, are very unattractive people.

    In their defense, the pictures that we see of them are not their best shots.

  74. Hot mugshot criminals!

    Rmember that meme, two or three years ago? there was that light-skinned black guy with the angular face and thick neck and ooohh-can-you-believe-it blue eyes. Omg, he has blue eyes!

    His mug shot got posted like 50 million times on the various networks. (I would post his image but i have boomer issues.)

    And then there was a follow-up: What ever happened to that guy? and sure enough he looked like a total fuck up piece of shit loser nobody.

    A low-rent criminal scumbag piece-of-shit, but here in clown world, he was Brad Pitt.

  75. The good looking convict’s name is Jeremy Meeks. Apparently, he was recently barred from entering England.

  76. Criminals have always had some appeal to Hollywood. There was a famous movie star whose teenage daughter killed her mother’s gangster boyfriend. It’s just now the criminals are more black.

  77. Too good not to quote:

    It is already changing our daily lives but it is global. Everyone is impacted and if we do nothing our children will know a world of migrations, of wars, of shortage… a dangerous world.

    It is not the future we want for ourselves, it is not the future we want for our children, it is not the future want for our world.

    (Emanuel Macron)


  78. Macron is an idiot. Unemployment for young native French people is sky high, that’s one of the reasons for the growth of the National Front and Le Pen.

    No young American graduate with a STEM degree is going to head over there for a worse job that provides far less disposable income, they’ll just be working their tails off and paying sky high taxes that finance the lavish government benefits given to French retirees

  79. It’s almost impossible for an American to get a job in France. Macron is just trying to stick it to Trump.

  80. Obama ruins life of another white woman.

    Silly 25 year-old government contractor and former Air Force soldier shares classified info in Snowden style, gets busted in less than 6 hours when government is able to determine that she was one of the few people with access to the printable documents.

    She put her entire life on Facebook, including all of her predictable daily SWPL claptrap about climate change. She’s a linguist who speaks Farsi and Pashto.


  81. I imagine you all have seen this,

    Sweden: Middle-Aged Female Refugee Workers “Systematically” Screwing “Teenage” Invaders


    This is one of those things that,

    We knew, and we knew we knew — but sure as hell did not want to.

    I am not naive, and it is not surprising. But if was somehow possible to up the disgust levels? well now it no longer is.

    And the disgust isn’t that those old and usually obese women are having sex. I would fuck em, under the right circumstances. It is that it is all institutionalized, and part and parcel of … everything else.

    So it’s not enough, ladies, that you are destroying your children’s future, and the day-to-day society RIGHT NOW. It has to be so that you can get some brown dick?

  82. Elk: women untethered from patriarchy regress to prehuman mammalian impulses. AWALT. There is also the scab-dynamic in play: bottom-SMV females, who should be grandmothers doting on their little toddlers, don’t have those toddlers. An over-40 woman on the sexual market (if she isn’t some sultry and brilliant outlier) is an obscenity.

    But the scab effect is why we say to muds “No, you can’t have our trash.” Most people, female or otherwise, opt for the path of least resistance. When a mediocre White woman knows that finding a brown teenage dick to bone her is easier than securing a White man on her own level (because for a White man, even a low-ranking one, she has to work on herself), she will forgo having a bunch of cute little White toddlers to dote over in favor of degrading herself for that brown dick — and dragging the rest of us down with her by association.

    And people thought the French head-shavers in ’45 were cruel… wait till they see what we do when we are liberated.

  83. I don’t understand German culture, but that does seem very odd. If these women were married, or at least had adult sons, my guess is this would not happen. It would be very embarrassing to have your mother carrying on like that. In some cases, it looked more like the older woman was taking on a motherly role rather than a romantic one. It’s weird either way. A few of the men in those pictures looked as if they were from the Orient. It makes me wonder if some of them were not refugees and the pictures were taken out of context.

  84. Sweden: Middle-Aged Female Refugee Workers “Systematically” Screwing “Teenage” Invaders

    Well, that’s also symbolic of the whole “refugee” arrangement – Sweden opens its arms (legs) to invaders in a most insane and nonsensical way. Because that’s who the Swedes are, and because they think they can afford to, being a politically and economically safe country.

    And I’ve said this about a 1,000 times, but no one else seems to ponder it besides me, but one reason that Muslim immigrants become so obscenely militant in the West is because they don’t want to allow their daughters to get f*cked by Westerners or outsiders of any type. They’re attempting to horde the bodies of their females.

    These same Muslim migrants were usually of pretty lax religious piety back home, consuming lots of Western entertainment and ideas. But put them in the actual West where their daughters are in danger of getting f*ked if not raised properly (and brutally strict) and they get real conservative all of a sudden.

    In the Gulf States you still have up to 50% of marriages happening between 1st cousins. When they say keep it in the family, they really mean “keep it in the family.”

    There’s nothing more embarrassing to a Muslim man than to be socially cucked or to be seen as the “father of a whore*.”

  85. A few of the men in those pictures looked as if they were from the Orient. It makes me wonder if some of them were not refugees and the pictures were taken out of context.

    Those more Asian-looking dudes are almost certainly Afghans of the Hasara tribe, which tribe featured prominently in the best-seller The Kite Runner.

    The Hasara are the lowest rung of the four major peoples of Afghanistan. They are NE Asians, and supposedly descended from the Mongols and that diaspora. They have a reputation for incivility, even by the standards of that part of the world.

  86. “They have a reputation for incivility, even by the standards of that part of the world.”

    That is their reputation among the other peoples of that part of the world, where they are despised for their history.

    Another best seller that featured Afghanistan was called i-forget, but it was a Big Deal by a British author who WALKED across that entire country and this recently.

    The author’s name was Rory Stewart and he has a very shitlib face, but he certainly gets credit for his adventurous walking trek. Would you do it?

    His book The Places in Between was the Shitlibs’ Fantasy Delight and the toast of the town, five years ago or so.

    Somehow this author was able to square the circle, of presenting the inhabitants of Afganistan in a realistic light, but all the while, for some reason We need to save them.

    Why the third option of minding our own business, is off the table, is I guess due to Israel and oil.

    His account of the Hasara was very UN-flattering. The book was pretty readable and believable. If you walk across that place, expect to get shot at for sport.

  87. That book by Rory Stewart, The Places in Between, would be significant for its treatment on that very current and relevant theme:

    What is the proper place and position, of first world nations such as Britain, to places like Afghanistan?

    But more to the point: How do the educated (chattering) classes like to think of those things?

    (And if you can square that circle for them — you get celebrity status!)

    Stewart is of the upper classes. I always have been vague on the details and distinctions in class in England, but my impression is that guy is on the lower end of the upper caste. In the good old days of Imperialism, he would have been appointed somewhere important and would have discharged his duties with diligence and un-mistakable competence.

    But going by his sweet ginger face, he is not quite the man of his forefathers; but that of course can be said of just about everyone.

    In the book he references the refugee situation and immigration, and the natives’ hostility to it, with all the requisite smarm and quotes. In fact the phrase “the British way of life” he actually saw fit to put in quotes and disregard as something that only the lower orders might be interested in saving.

    But then how he goes on to be a part of the Global Class and its institutions of cultural enrichment — he has a job as a Afghanistan Cultural Minister or some bs — and the irony of that escapes him.

    He benefits from the order of globalization, and those who do not are to be ridiculed.

  88. Camlost,
    A Muslim leader in England recently stated he supports female genital mutilation in order to reduce female promiscuity.

  89. If the rape grooming had been done to Muslim girls by English men, I bet there would have been very violent vigilante justice.

  90. That book appeals to me. I love honest travel writers. Based on the few reviews I read, it doesn’t sound like he was too impressed by the people of Afghanistan.

  91. If the rape grooming had been done to Muslim girls by English men, I bet there would have been very violent vigilante justice.

    Yeah, and if blue polar bears had slidden down rainbows slides and fed us honeymelon cupcakes, that would help too.

  92. Sometimes high quality people can evolve in less than hospitable landscapes. That does not sound like the case with Afghanis.

  93. If the rape grooming had been done to Muslim girls by English men, I bet there would have been very violent vigilante justice.

    The alt right is generally down on Christianity, but the fact is that the English “grooming” could only happen in a post-Christian environment in the UK. If this had happened in the 1940’s and before those Muslim rapists would would’ve been hanging from lamp posts.

  94. Anti-racism, dechristianization, demoralization, atomization, and feminism (and its attendant male disengagement) play their role in English passivity on “grooming.” Fear of police and courts, though, surpasses all of those other reasons.

  95. Heavily gentrified area.

    “I have no clue why this happened and why me?” Kristen said.

  96. Dirlewanger . was a super soldier though hopeless without war. In fact he is my favorite “war criminal”. Just had to chime in to say that.

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