A Thought About Honor On Memorial Day

Let’s start with a reminder that with our own, we’re supposed to be human:



“You tell his mom ‘He died for us, for America,’ because a funeral for a 21 year old ain’t time for real talk.” — Ryan Landry

We know it’s bullshit. Vets in electric wheelchairs know it’s bullshit. But as Ryan reminds us, time and place, folks.

I was in the U.S. Army during Bill Clinton’s first term. My enlistment included three years on active duty, overseas service, and a tour with a combat arms unit. No opportunity for big heroics crossed my path but I served well and was honorably discharged. I believed in the mission.

Today, I encounter senior military officers on a semi-regular basis. Passing them in the crowd, that sort of thing. A few days ago, I saw a U.S. Navy Captain walking with a young Ensign. The young man was attentive to rank, arrow-straight and spoke respectfully to his astronomical-scale superior. The Captain looked every inch the officer. Streaks of grey in his closely-cropped hair, grim intelligence in his voice.

Both of those men had sworn this oath, on their sacred honor:

Oath of Commissioned Officers: I, [name], having been appointed an officer in the armed forces of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of [rank] do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.”

The junior men and the NCOs live in a micro-matters world of accountability. The barracks have to be clean, rifles accounted for, trucks inspected, buddies looked out for. On an ordinary day, a soldier can both do his job and keep his honor… if he looks straight ahead and not at what’s around him.

But what do American military officers think about “fighting them there” while they invade us here? What about going along the emasculation of their own cadets? The obedience to degenerates like Clinton, wastrels like Bush the Lesser, or aliens like Obama? The Constitution is not defended, one hundred million vultures ravage America.

What can one officer do? We all have our jobs. My hands are tied, his hands are tied. When a Navy Captain or an Army Colonel feels that his uniform burns his skin, that his handsome bearing as an officer and a gentleman is a mockery of his ideals, what is the honorable thing to do? (President Donald Trump’s task, in my estimation, is to throw chaos into the global ruling class consensus while securing government and military factions that can strike — calling up me and you if necessary — when the time is right. Let’s be ready to do our part.)

Memorial Day is a time to remember that those who died did their job. You and I go on about our hands being tied. They believed that they were fighting for their people, even if “their people” began and ended with the hemorrhaging PFC who never made it to his own 22nd birthday.

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  2. A not uncommon sight these days around here, is youngish, 20-something amputees.

    Prior to 10 or 20 years ago, I had probably never seen an otherwise healthy (looking enough) young man, with a missing limb.

    I have never seen one who was not White.

    Also, come to think on it, I have never seen those with two or more missing limbs. God help them. What percentage of wounded US military veteran amputees are multiple?

    Part of the selection bias there, is probably that the multiples are less likely to be out in public.

    It is interesting to note the “look” of those guys on the front end of the spear who end up in their position. It is a cliche, especially in the AR, but they tend toward blond, and also I would say not mesomorphic.

  3. It is an awful topic, but who hasn’t played that stupid game, If you had to lose a limb, which one would it be?

    And how much is a penis worth?

    Of course they actually put dollar figures onto those things, do they not?


    That movie Restrepo might be worth watching again. Beats going there, in any case.

  4. “to throw chaos into the global ruling class consensus” The monumental challenges facing Trump are becoming much clearer. On top of this we have a President that only came around to nationalism seriously as a near 70-year-old. I don’t expect him to work miracles, but he has to leverage his position as much as possible to give those without their hands tied room to operate. The best tribute he can pay to our maimed soildiers (besides fixing the abominable VA) is to stay the hell out of further conflicts that we have no business being in.

  5. I wonder what Trump is thinking, if he even is aware of the alt-right.

    The thing is, he might be, or he might not be. As a savvy promoter he might have been aware that there was a groundswell that supported him but were “deplorables.” He may have simply been picking up all the game pieces on the table for his side in the vote-collection process.

    If I had to GUESS, I would say Trump values his public image more than being a big hero with changes. Oh, he’ll do the wall and the tariffs, but when it comes to mass-immigration-stoppage, he won’t reject nonwhites from America.

    Why do I get this sense? Because Trump wants to be liked. Even on his own side, with cucks like the head of the GOP, he doesn’t have enough “likeage” on his side to motivate him. So he’ll stick with the Great Wall and other generally winning threads that the cucks can support too — … but draw the line there.

    You’ll likely never get your chance to fight, PA. So sorry.

  6. — Everyone has the chance to fight as much as he likes.

    I’m fond of a phrase Ryu says: “There’s a whole world out there…”

  7. Memorial Day is a time to remember that those who died did their job….

    Yeah man. My “job” is fighting for the white race. Just let me do my job. I’m just at work.

    Vietnam ended when the kiddies told Uncle Sam to pound sand. These modern, eternal wars continue forever exactly because people “support the troops, not the war.” Can’t be done.

    These Murkan soldiers are greedy whores. If white men want to shoot and loot, that’s great! Do it for yourself, or better, your race.

    I support a total ban of white men from the military and police. Then, Murka is done. It is the white cop and soldier who holds WN back. They need to get out of our way.

    The “unknown world” of WN is the world of action. Cop and soldier training doesn’t help at all – because they act with state permission. I’ve never seen a cop or soldier who can get away with it and be a good criminal.

  8. There is something else that needs to be mentioned.

    A favorite jew trick is to get their goy-slaves to fight as “shock troops” against Woke Whites. WW2 was all about this, as white Murkans fought to defeat the greatest white movement in history.

    It WILL happen again. It is happening. If a white ethnostate is created, you can bet that the enemy will send white nations against them. Men “just doing their job” or being “honorable soldiers.”

    Don’t let someone’s white skin get in the way of doing what needs to be done. White doesn’t mean Woke.

  9. — Don’t let someone’s white skin get in the way of doing what needs to be done

    NATO forces in Eastern Europe, if…

  10. We can respect individual sacrifice, no matter how misguided (especially for a 20-something kid).

    I went with my parents put flowers on the grave and mausoleum of their parents today at Arlington National. My parents have to know that “this” USA is not what their parents had in mind to leave to their grandchildren. It’s probably not even what my parents had in mind to leave to us.

    I’m a minor military history buff; and I can’t imagine what would cause a White child to join the services today. He loses no matter what happens. The battlefield is psychological, cultural, and financial.

    Ironic that the US is – geographically speaking – the most invasion proof country in the world. Who could’ve imagined we’d fly the invading armies in (on our dime), allow them to march over non-existent borders, and empower them politically.

  11. Yes, for that reason, some WNs believe the USA was the chosen land.

    A ocean on each side and (relatively) friendly neighbors. Not to mention, the USA ***was**** the white ethnostate, up until about WW2.

    But even those advantages were not enough. The US still collapsed .
    There is a great temptation to believe we can turn back the clock and become what we were. Doesn’t seem to work that way. Just like you can visit Rome or Athens today, yet they bear little resemblence to what they once were.

  12. Part of the selection bias there, is probably that the multiples are less likely to be out in public.

    Yes, just like there are many more 500-600 lb. people out there than you think, but they never go out.

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