Imagine there’s no mercy
It’s easy if you try
Traitors hang on lampposts
Above us righteous God

Imagine all the coloreds driven from our lands

Imagine there’s no leftism
It’s the easiest thing to do
A time to kill or die for
And separation too

Imagine our people free and true again

Hope burned in the hearts of dreamers
Who saw another way to live
So many have since joined us
The world is starting to believe

Imagine there’s a future
I wonder if you can
No need for nihilism
An awakening of man

Imagine Europeans’ glory yet untold

People said that I’m a dreamer
But I’m just a woken man
For a brotherhood of nations
And White children face the sun


UPDATE: The Mamas & The Pepes have set my take on Lennon’s “Imagine” to music. It’s fantastic:




A few words on why John Lennon’s original is the most anti-human song ever written.


The 16 Points that describe the Alt-Right’s core philosophy.


Something about this man’s words (read them closely) and his face struck me as proof that we won’t be homeless forever:

A homeless [Manchester] man, called Steve, described the moment he had to ‘pull nails out of children’s faces’ following the shocking attack.

He said: ‘Just because I’m homeless it does not mean that I haven’t got a heart and I’m not human still.

‘They needed the help and I would like to think someone would come and help me if I needed help.

‘It’s your instinct to go and help and it was children and it was a lot of children. We were pulling nails out of their arms and from a little girl’s face.

‘It had to be done, you had to help. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for walking away and leaving kids like that.’


(Story above). Source of top image unknown. Alternate lyrics to “Imagine” written by me.

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  2. I read about that homeless man doing the Lord’s work and helping out those children. And I like the way you put “we won’t be homeless forever.”

    When you compare his selflessness to the muzzie’s selfishness, it’s easy to know who’ll prevail.

    Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

    Solid work on the lyrics there! BON!

  3. Late phase Lennon– the gift that keeps on giving!

    Sotto voce, I admit I’m giving Manchester a 20% chance of being a psy op. Non-shooting events are hard to decipher, especially in Europe– some anomalies might be the work of different laws, mundane issues easy to misconstrue. But as someone slyly pointed out at the chateau, it is strange that Britain, being a closed-circuit Orwellian regime, should produce such scant video evidence.

    But I haven’t been keeping up with “conspiracy theorists” lately, let alone checking in on alternate accounts of Manchester. Laura Wood flags it as fake, for what that’s worth. She’s very black pill on Trump though, and (ahem) a woman.

    At MPC, someone innocently (?) shared a 2016 tweet from one of the dead, presciently claiming that the Ariana Grande tour “will kill me”.

    Are these “children” unaccompanied minors? I’ve never stopped wondering about the iconic Nice photo of the girl under the blanket. Where were her parents or chaperones? Wouldn’t they have to be pried away from the dead body? Wouldn’t medical or police personnel be the ones to do that? Would they not then remove the body– for emergency care? (I’m assuming that in France, as here, they cannot simply legally declare people dead at the scene). Was her body caught by the truck alone, so discreetly away from the rest of the mass carnage? Why is the road so clean? Who provided the blanket? Why did no one remain with the body? Why was there no trail of blood from it? If such was edited out, why should there not be a routine disclaimer that for the sake of public sensibilities an edit was performed? Would a body run over even maintain the semblance of an intact body beneath the blanket? And what are these tinfoil blankets about anyway? Is this a new fashion? Space age emergency tech? Or some kind of sick psy ops tag– flipping off “tin foil hat” observers?

    And did this homeless guy have tickets? Why would he be the closest link to help between scores of children at a pop concert? No parents, no chaperones, no helpful bystanders attending the venue, no official personnel at all?

  4. False flags are real
    Because we imagine
    With actuated zeal
    Duplicitous machinations
    Internecine feelz
    Even S’aint Breiivik
    Killed “Norwegians”
    A self-annihilating face peel
    Mass provocation
    Personal paralysis
    One fate is seeled
    I’m agin’
    Seek maximum autonomy
    The pendulum squeals
    The cycles of history
    A redundant spiel…
    Jew just don’t know
    What white Supremacy reveals…

  5. LBF, Mendo: thank you gentlemen.

    The altered-lyrics song can be read (and sang or quietly hummed) with a karaoke version of the original “Imagine,” such as THIS ONE . It sounds awesome when you try it. I kept the meter true to original, but some lines require specific rhythm or emphasis to come out in-beat.

    I am not a good singer, so it would be fantastic if someone else recorded and posted this song. Maybe something for The Mamas And The Pepes to take a look at?


    Lucius: lots of good questions. Psyops… can’t rule anything out. To what end? They scrub the inconvenient images as soon as they pop up, like that flatbed truck hauling away all those crushed strollers in Nice.

    The tinfoil blanket is standard EMT equipment, lighter and easier to store than a wool blanket. Sort of like cops bringing zip-ties instead of handcuffs where mass disturbances are anticipated.

    The biggest thing that feels off about the entire episode in Manchester is the uniform eruption of submission-signalling. You see all those “yeah, it was awful but you can’t be Islamophobic!” screenshots all over Gab and Twitter. Fake? Or real, because a segment of youth is more fucked up than I imagined, due to schooling, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and growing up sheltered?

    Or is it a manifestation of the Polarity that I illustrated with my recent graphs — the Left and the right are so much in a standoff, that the Left will affect self-abnegation just to spite the Right, which has healthier instincts in response to a terror attack?

    Or are we in this uncanny valley where weird things happen, having been bombed too much, while also not enough? — what I am getting at, is that perhaps anti-White violence (both planned attacks and spontaneous street nuisance-making) has taken us past the point of diminishing returns on Red Pilling. In other words, those who were going to snap put of Tolerance, have already snapped out, and for others, each new incident of terror drives them to double-down on submission signalling. Meanwhile: there hasn’t been enough real, war-like violence to get the libs to just push past their delusions of appeasement and circle wagons with the rest of us.

  6. I was wondering, as a long-time Morrissey fan, what you all thought of his recent comments on the Manchester bombing? Say what you like, the man has balls.

  7. Morrissey does have balls. Thankfully he’s able to recognize and call out the stupidity of his nation and their actions.

  8. Meh. Eradicating Muzz is the Lord’s work. Not cleaning up their messes.

    WN is still miles from where it needs to be. Pity is not enough. Neither is anger. We need POWER.

    Just “imagine” what it would take for a white to nailbomb Muzz girls or better yet, a white Christian beheading a Muzz on video. THAT is what we seek.

  9. “Or are we in this uncanny valley where weird things happen, having been bombed too much, while also not enough? ”

    Pondering the ‘why’ of a psy op fake bombing hypothesis, it seems to me the objective would be utter demoralization–“Oh, the muzzies just ran over one hundred children in the street? So, uhm, I guess they have to go home now?” –“No.” –“Oh. Uhm, so are we not gonna let any more in then?” –“No. In fact, we need to let in many many more from now on!”

    Even allowing for the memory hole phenomenon, it’s startling how events like Orlando or the Bataclan just fade right away. Does the public at some level intuit the sheer unreality of these events?

    Once you allow that even one such event is fake– and I’d stake my life that Sandy Hook is fake– then there can no longer be an automatic brake on the question. So of course while I have no problem believing the Muslim capability for mass casualty attack, in each instance the question has to come up.

    I haven’t thus far looked for a smoking gun of fakery in Manchester– to be honest, aside from the WDBJ shooting and the Colorado community college thing, no post-Sandy Hook event has immersed me enough to grant a clear confirmation on its fakery– but Manchester thus far fits a pattern consistent with the fakes.

  10. — Meh.

    Read between the lines (or metaphoricly) about what that homeless man is saying. He’s talking about… duty to the next generation. To do whatever it takes.

    — Just “imagine” what it would take for a white to nailbomb Muzz girls

    No need to imagine. White pilots and drone operators have shredded thousands of innocent muzzie girls in their own countries.

    — or better yet, a white Christian beheading a Muzz on video.

    I don’t tell people to do something I don’t do. What’s that saying a certain sharp WN likes to say, for an action-minded man: “there’s a whole world out there…”

  11. Lucius, are you familiar with Hipster Racist? He has written extensively about the rabbit holes. Interesting speculation about JFK Jr. and Paul Wellstone being killed by pilot-disorienting weapons, among others. He convinced me, by way of the “AE for 911” video, that the tree NYC towers were taken down with controlled demo.

  12. –I think this isn’t Morrissey’s first exercise in crimethink, but I don’t recall specifics. “Extreme rabbit” is memeable.

    Speaking of fakes, nancy may is killing me.

    Lucius: “Tom Hagen, though the changeling, was the second craftiest Corleone son. Makes me think of club sandwiches– a club sandwich on wheat really makes a neat lunch. If I coulda been captain of any WWII battleship, I think it would have to be a Japanese Kongo-class vessel. Should Ford have run with Bush 41 for Veep in ’76?–history might have been different. Oh well, just my insomnia talking. Sorry, PA!”

    nancy: “omg, Tom Hagen is my favorite! So underrated: something about his demeanor with the dead hooker is so alpha, just makes me wet. He’s even hotter than Fredo, imo. I make a mean club sandwich actually–a lotta guys have complimented me. I bet Lucius would love it, if he weren’t such a jerk so I’ll never make him one, not even if he asks pretty-please! Oh but why a Kongo class if not a Yamato?–I just looked up on wiki and the Yamato is bigger? Is that a penis envy thing lolz! Nelson Rockefeller was almost like my crush when I was little– no homo. I love insomnia, sometimes I forget to put my hitachi back on its recharger lol oh silly me, hey isn’t insomnia better when you can share it? Stupid lucyus needs a blanket buddy 😦 hehehe We could snuggle!”

    Lucius: hey nancy, you’re actin’ kinda weird

    nancy: omg you are SUCH a sperglord faggot Lucius! quit hogging up the internet saying your crazy dumbass shit that makes girls wet! I am SO not getting into bed with you yet, I don’t care how interested you are in me! oh but pray DO tell!!! don’t forget any details!. . .

  13. Must be strange thing for you, PA, to read between different WN authors. So many different styles.

    I believe, in the real world, that when it comes down to it, all the woke whites will be working for the action leaders.

    It is something Roissy and Vox don’t understand. They see its effects, but they have no idea of what goes into it. They have limited their WN potential by becoming too popular; just like a WN who uses his real name must moderate his writings.

  14. Check out the update to the original post. The great Mamas & the Pepes set my lil’ spin on Lennon’s classic to music and video. It is… beyond words fantastic.

  15. As for Nice, I consider it more probable that the drowned muz kid was a staged photo op. In retrospect far more probable.

  16. De Gaulle, Hitler, Stalin, Ben-Gurion, Mao, Shamir, Sharon, Samuel Adams, all rose to power by being the action side (Through Shamir’s rise really belongs in its own example).

    We shouldn’t be too hard on Roissy, he, like others who shall go nameless, has done far more damage in the grey areas than most. I think his wit and contributions would be greatly weakened if he were sitting in Supermax.

    The plates are shifting, the rotten pillars are showing strain, and the wolves are beginning to gather.

  17. Thanks for creating good content, PA. We’ve always got our eyes and ears open for memes that can be turned into hummable little tunes, and a finding a full song parody already written is … sorta like coming home tired and hungry and your neighbor invites you over for a cook out and then compliments you for doing such a good job grilling the hamburgers he made.

    You may have noticed that the Mama contingent of our operation monkeyed with your lyrics a bit; the racism was a concern but I think there is just enough.

    –Handsome Horse / @ Diomedes

  18. I admire our propaganda wing, Ulrich.

    Yet, a man with a program and no enforcement arm is stalled. WN has few enforcers. The System has them, the jews have them, BLM and the liberals have them. All successful groups have both.

    It seems to me that most ethnostates are formed by turrism. Even Israel – there was a time from 1920-1945 when the jews were doing all the activities ISIS and the Taliban do now.

  19. Diomedes, I love what y’all did across the board. The guitar, vocals, photos. The tweaks to the lyrics are an improvement, including where you add a touch of tangible images where I had kept things too long on an abstract plane.

    Ryu, the best WN I’ve read was also the first one I read, Bill White. Your and FP’s work has been valuable as well. Ulric K. made a good point earlier about Bill: he was a great thinker/action man, and ahead of his time. The system feared his example.

    One of Bill White’s more memorable posts on his since-zapped blog was a little anecdote around Christmas, about how he and his girlfriend sped in their convertible car, loudly singing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.

    Something very striking about Bill White — both in his writing and in what I saw in person when I watched him spar with preachers before he was a WN — was his love for life. The fact that he’s sitting in prison over writing is an abomination.

  20. Good catch, Camlost. Your observation?

    (Merkel looks like Dr. Evil)

    Nah, can’t take credit – I saw someone else point it out on reddit.

  21. That is weird. Why would he do that?

    He must be aware of Pepe. Yet, his WN is very muted. He couldn’t be any more hated by the MSM.

  22. Trump has to know. Bannon advised him, his adult sons almost certainly follow the memes/blogs. Anybody in the USA who is intelligent and tuned into politics knows about the AltRight. He retweeted “White Genocide” during the primaries.

    The anti-White kulturkampf is shifting into higher and higher gears. Just about every ad I see on YouTube is anti-White, mudsharking is now a constant among movie characters. This morning a car insurance ad contrasted happy bourgeois niggers with a frustrated loser White man in a suit. The editing made it clear that the mcmansion latter-day Huxtables are laughing at you and me. This is not some laissez faire fad. It’s top-down psychological warfare. There will be trials for those responsible when this is all over.

    The doubling down on submission signalling in wake of terror attacks is so bizarre, it may well be disinformation.

    Trump’s task, in my estimation, is to throw a monkey wrench into the global ruling class consensus while securing pro-White, pro-nationalist government and military factions that can strike — calling us up if necessary — when the time is right.

  23. PS: happy early Memorial Day, fellow shitlords. I’d appreciate it if you spread the Imagine video far and wide. It’s normie-friendly enough, I think, to share freely. If not, then play it for yourself and enjoy.

  24. Poland’s PM calls on Europe to rise from its knees. Subtitles in this short clip. A very stirring speech. I have an ambitious post finished, launched by this speech, will post it on Tuesday. Here is the clip:

  25. Poland’s PM calls on Europe to rise from its knees. Subtitles in this short clip. A very stirring speech

    Thanks for this. I’ve been blackpilling hard since Manchester but this cheered me up. I shared this with my family.

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