BBC Docudrama on Rotherham

Suburban_elk links to a review of a just-aired BBC docudrama about the forced prostitution of 1,400 underage English girls by Pakistanis. The crimes — abetted by Rotherham’s craven police, council, and social services for the sake of anti-racism — continued from 1997 until blown open in 2013. Elk comments:

Top-tier English blogger Morgoth on the big-event BBC docudrama about the rape crises. Against all expectations, the show is true to the race of the perps and the victims.

… and quotes an excerpt from Morgoth’s review:

Why Did They Do It?

For three consecutive nights the BBC showed a politically correct free drama portraying the brutal realities of multiculturalism, grooming, neglect of the white working class, the idiocy of the liberal left, the general rot brought about by Cultural Marxism, and they used their most treasured TV slot (21.00 – 22,00) to do it, why?

His point is that there was neither an overt nor a subtle “liberal sucker-punch,” as I call those Narrative-reaffirming moments in contemporary productions. I haven’t seen the miniseries but he describes it as candid on all of the big questions. There wasn’t, as he writes, even a final sleight of hand in which Rotherham is compartmentalized as a bad apple in an otherwise glorious multicultural paradise — the film treats the rape of White girls as systemic, flashing up a list of 36 English cities in which similar child-grooming rings were also prosecuted.

I don’t know why “Three Girls,” which aired last week, was so honest. Reverberations of pro-White spirit in harmony with Trump’s election victory?

Another important passage from Morgoth (I could in fact quote the whole thing, no word wasted there):

After the heroic ‘lone voice of sanity’ Sara Rowbotham […] confronted the ‘PC’ brigade’ and had to graphically explain that a 13 year old girl being anally raped by 6 men in one night was ”Not a fucking lifestyle choice!’ many a Social Justice buttercup may well have had a slight tingling sensation of realising just how far gone they are.

And another one:

On social media a common criticism of Three Girls came from the Alt-Lite, Civic Nationalist, Counter Jihad camps because Islam was never mentioned at all. But this is just a sign of their own cowardice, what was frequently mentioned was race and ethnicity, but they’re afraid to mention that […] These ‘Pakis’ are not devout Muslims raping for Allah, they’re a coke snorting , vodka swilling hostile racial group degrading and destroying the females of ”The Other”.


Inbred Pakistani human garbage of Rotherham (image source: Les Observateurs)

Indeed, the almost-but-not-there Alt-Lite and such will go as far as naming Islam, but not the fucking thing itself, RACE.


Rotherham is not going away. The bloodbaths of Cheka remains obscure in Western consciousness because they occurred on Europe’s hazy periphery. But also because sometimes war crimes are too much to contemplate, so instead, it’s the more contemptible instances of “banality of evil” in what was supposed to be peacetime that scrape the eyes like grains of sand. There is no perfect justice here, but Rotherham will be in history books forever.

No redemption is possible for the anti-White traitor scum who had kept a lid on the Rotherham abuse. Imperial rule, even at the level of petty apparatchiks, comes with moral dilemmas. But the cowards of Rotherham were never in a Sophoclean position of weighing life against life, or the good of the individual vs. that of society. Playing accessory to the destruction of 1,400 teenagers in service to White genocide is as close to being on the wrong side of good vs. evil as you get.

The names of Rotherdam’s police and other public servants, along with the obscenity they sheltered — anti-racism itself — will be synonymous with the cowardice and the depths of the piggish stupidity brought on by Europe’s second iteration of Communism, its sewer-bath of multiculturalism.


Image source: “Three Girls” screenshot via Morgoth’s Review

37 thoughts on “BBC Docudrama on Rotherham

  1. These ‘Pakis’ are not devout Muslims raping for Allah, they’re a coke snorting , vodka swilling hostile racial group degrading and destroying the females of ”The Other”.

    One of the weakest cop-outs of all time from cucked Western apologists for the Muslim rapists. I guess the 9/11 hijackers also weren’t “devout Muslims killing for Allah” since they all did coke, marijuana and got wasted in the few days before their operation was put in motion?

    Also, completely sober Muslim clerics throughout the West preach that’s it’s perfectly ok to rape infidel women who are in public, especially if dressed “immodestly”:

    [That’s an important reminder that the vodka-swilling inbred garbage are doing the dirty work for jihad’s more pious leaders. Key point here is, that race is central. Silence on race is an inexcusable half-truth, or a lie — PA]

  2. I’m surprised that the BBC actually aired it, but…..did they name the government officials in charge? When you’re a not terribly tame tool of said Stated one can get along with thise things, even under UK libel laws.

    I’m not terribly impressed with media coverage of State abuses in general. How many documentaries have coveted the racially motivated and targeted abuse of white inmates in the United States? What do you think improved that situation more, documentries, PRRA, the ACLU, or multiple cases of “criminal white trash” pushing metal into a lung?

    [I’ve read arguments that Tim’s action in OKC ended feds’ policy of mass-murdering American dissidents. In all, it’s not the system’s documentaries or advocacy that will do away with anti-White rule. Just like with Alt-Right doing independent news & analysis, and Alt-Tech (Gab, Infogalactic) providing independent communication and knowledge platforms, so it comes down to us to tell our own history and advocate. That said, I share Morgoth’s wonderment at BBC’s candor. — PA]

  3. The Pakistanis think they are conquerors and are behaving like such. The Indigenous British are behaving like a conquered people and are being treated like such.

    [True in a way but they are “conquerors” operating under the “conquered” state’s protection. The English are not afraid so much of Pakis, as of the English police. Pakis are scavenger, not predator. — PA]

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  5. The Rotherham stuff is also just plain proof that Muslims don’t belong in the West, especially not in mass numbers. Their behavior and demeanor just aren’t cut out for Western life.

    It’s really that simple.

  6. Not that it is a surprise but those eight pakis look like real pieces of shit. #trustyour_gut

    To a man they have fucked-up faces.

    Central casting calls: We need eight creeps, any ideas where we might find them?

    I would go through em one by one and try to say something funny, but they look like what they are.

    Some of them look like plain old sex-predators and some of them have peso-face — particularly top left, and bottom left, and bottom second-from-left, and bottom third-from-left.

    It is interesting how the phrase, sex predator, has been politicized and misused on regular people such as White fraternity bros, and now in their case where it is the right one, it feels “off” to use it. Thx, feminism!

  7. Whatever happened to Charlene Downes? The rumor is the 14 year old was killed, dismembered and made it kebabs at Funny Boyz carryout. Fucking funny huh? PA I have read of the Chekha and the massacre at Katyn. Sometimes I think the west has been too gutted, demoralized and saddled with crushing debt to mobilize. I pray i am wrong.

  8. — I pray i am wrong.

    Those things are abstractions, which are birthing an opposing abstraction among Westerners: a sense of purpose. You have to remember that all those White newborns and kids I see everywhere don’t know that they are supposed to feel gutted. What if “muh racism” doesn’t work on them?

  9. “It is interesting how the phrase, sex predator, has been politicized and misused on regular people such as White fraternity bros, and now in their case where it is the right one, it feels “off” to use it. Thx, feminism!”

    –Did you catch how (((Bill Maher))) during the TrumpOP convention said that Don Jr. or Eric looked like– do I have this right?– “the frat boy rapist in an after school special.”

    Well smartass, (((who))) makes the after school specials?

    I cracked up over the pesoface comment. I think even Fred Reed would accede to the implications of that lolzolz

  10. This is being reported everywhere, it looks real – 3 female Swedish cops can’t outfight 1 male “refugee” and get into prolonged fight with him instead of just shooting him.

  11. I’m interested in seeing how Richard Spencer’s expulsion from his gym goes. He knows about legal avenues he can take. Alexandria, VA is hideously liberal. That aside, every White man who is a patron at that gym should cancel his membership.

    The shrill cunt who confronted him is representative of the utter lack of SJW self-awareness. She is quoted saying that if the gym stops admitting neo-Nazis, she will stop making scenes.

    Their arrogance and stupidity is redlining into clown world dimensions.

    Remember my graphs from the recent post? There is no middle.

  12. Is Fairfax County the ideal place for Spencer? First he stands there cluelessly allowing himself to get smashed in the face on the street, now this.

  13. It’s tempting to see him as someone who sets himself up for failure, giving the left a convenient whipping boy and a scalp to dance around with.

    I don’t know his M.O. too well. He has successful appearances as well, like in Charlottesville.

    My better sense tells me that he’s doing something that someone needs to be doing, and that is to “stand up and be counted.” He’s a White Nationalist not shying away from public space. People are getting used to seeing WNs somewhere outside of the anonymous internet.

    His handsome apex-European look triggers the fuck out of SJWs.

  14. My better sense tells me that he’s doing something that someone needs to be doing, and that is to “stand up and be counted.” He’s a White Nationalist not shying away from public space. People are getting used to seeing WNs somewhere outside of the anonymous internet.

    Richard Spencer. That could be the title of the book of our times. In all its tragicomic parody — and i mean that in a gentle flattering way.

    The episode in question is triggering, to those on his side. That he did not handle it as assertively and ‘gracefully’ as we would have liked. The flip side is that those situations ARE awkward (as the kids say) and difficult, and well-known White advocates are on their back feet to begin with.

    That woman being obnoxious to the 1000th degree is the textbook example of women being out of control. In her version of events, Spencer is a “coward” (her word) for … what exactly?

    For not knocking her the fuck on her ass.

    The behavior dynamic of those two in this case, is the confluence of two trends, both of which Spencer was at a major disadvantage for. Women get away with murder (literally), and White advocates are spit upon and demonized start to finish.


    However. Spencer lost that battle, and for this: His utter lack of an appropriate manly and Gamey response to her question,

    She — Are you Richard Spencer?

    Spencer — No.

    Right there is utter unqualified irrevocably summary failure. Sorry, Spence, you blew it.

  15. Is that how the conversation went down?

    According to this Buzzfeed link, the awful woman in question whose name is C. Christine Fair, associate professor at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service,

    “First, I want to note that this man is a supreme coward,” Fair wrote. “When I approached this flaccid, sorry excuse of a man and asked ‘Are you Richard Spencer,’ this pendulous poltroon said ‘No. I am not.'”

    So that is her version of events. And to make her case, she rightly emphasizes that crucial detail.

    Perhaps it is a fabrication.

    A polite response would have been, Who are you and what do you want? Stop bothering me.

    Spencer conceded her frame right from the get-go. He has no obligation to ANSWER her question.

    That stance — of not having to answer anyone’s question — is topmost summary paramount virtue importance, for any aspiring man. It literally separates the men from the boys.

    Who is asking the questions here?

  16. A good place to practice that crucial stance, of not answering questions that one does not want to answer, is at the doctor’s office.

    I suppose with the cops and the law is in that same category! haha

    Nurse or doctor — Do you smoke?

    Man — No comment.

    What might be one’s motivations or situation, for not wanting to qualify oneself in the medical records, as a smoker.

    But it applies to any of their other questions too. Are you feeling sad and blue? Have you ever thought of harming yourself?

    Honest answers to those questions might be indicting, and who wants them on a chart?

  17. Speaking of Spencer, an article just appeared in our paper about how a movie company is seeking “white males” to play KKK members for a film on school integration in the 60’s.

    The casting notice stresses emphatically that they are looking for actors and they are not interested in hearing from actual Klan members or sympathizers: “We are NOT seeking actual members of the Ku Klux Klan and as with any set, we hold a zero tolerance policy against racism, sexism, etc.! We are seeking actors, not pro-white activists.”

  18. “A polite response would have been, Who are you and what do you want? Stop bothering me.”

    * An polite appropriate and assertive response would have been,

    Obviously being polite is a big part of the problem, if we are talking about the larger social dynamics in play that keep White men from asserting their own interests.

    We are stuck in this frame, where we have to be polite. We have been conditioned as Western pussies, to be polite.

    In Russian and Poland, the men are not conditioned in that way.

    I’m gonna break
    I’m gonna break
    I’m gonna break
    this rusty cage and run

  19. One of the little things that made a big impact on me in Poland last summer was a TV commercial in which a boy bests a girl at something. That, and the fact that everyone in ads, on TV, on billboards is White, usually blond.

    There was a fad several years ago there, to include a Polish-speaking fancy-negro African on entertainment group panel shows. I didn’t watch a whole lot of TV there last time, but I didn’t see that any more.


    “Guys,” “males”… they are terrified of saying White men.

  20. * An polite appropriate and assertive response would have been,

    “None of your business, don’t worry about that” is the best and only response.

  21. Yes, that was a good point Elk made about replying to that question. Spencer is a thinker, not a natural rhetoretician like for example Milo. You get caught off guard that one moment as you’re in the mental zone of lifting…

  22. I still don’t understand what Spencer is trying to do with his public appearances. I still can’t bring myself to watch him talk to W Kamau Bell:

  23. We take gym training very seriously in WN. To get a WN kicked out of a gym is a serious offense.

    Man. She would not roll up like that on a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. They would stomp her jew-ass. She should be in a hospital, eating out of a straw.

    WNs must make themselves feared.

    Damn him for using his real name as a WN. You can’t do that. Murka is a police state her and now. He gave up his anonymity, and gave up his real power.

  24. He should have folded that yenta in comparative falsehoods. One cannot take the high road when dealing with Marxist filth, they want to win at any cost. This is war and we must beat them at their own game in order to win. It is the main reason Trump won, he went full on Bronx style on them and beat them. Please understand PA I am not beaten and I have 3 sons, only one of whom is in the US. The media and I mean online is quite disheartening, especially when one looks at Europe. I believe France, England and Scandinavia are largely already finished. Just thinking online here.

  25. When one communicates with suboptimal A.I. the defining moment emerges out the question of Total Separation.

    IF “white man” is evil incarnate THEN the “other” shall desire total separation or the “other” can be said to be pathologically self-annihilating.

    So the reality is that “Total Separation” IS OFF THE TABLE and a symbiotic regression IS THE GIVEN. A perpetuating self-annihilation IS THE GIVEN.

    Only remnants of wS can seemingly transcend.

    The beauty of the reality though is that any white male can convert to wS at any given moment.

  26. Religion of peace strikes in Manchester. White cucks immediately take to Twitter to praise “Muslim cabbies and doctors.”

  27. Just like our traitorous elites and politicians, the “Royal” family in Britain, the family occupying Windsor Castle, does not care what nationality or race their subjects are

    So long as they have SUBJECTS.

    For them, nations are merely things to trade among themselves.

    And be destroyed at will.

  28. The USA Today is not loading up their pages on that story.

    On a different note,

    MacDonald asks a similar question that I have raised recently:

    What its really incredibly pathetic is that really challenging this regime from within the academic world is vanishingly rare. Or perhaps it’s not so surprising given the above. But what happened to all that idealism that young scholars have when they really get interested in a field? Why don’t professors in evolutionary science, who know well how natural selection works when there is an invasive species or sub-species — why don’t these White people become vocal opponents of the current multicultural zeitgeist that is actively selecting against European genes? How can they just watch or even applaud the demise of their own people?

    This for me is the hardest to understand. Careerism over their obvious genetic/evolutionary interests.

    Wouldn’t it be great, not to mention useful, if our scientists could apply themselves and their work to the questions of the day?

    The Worldwide Human Laboratory Experiment is by far the most interesting and relevant question of our times.

    How are the various population groups (better known as Races and Ethnies) evolving adapting adjusting, working with through and around, and otherwise being affected, by the population trends never scene before in history?

    Scientists are respected members of society? what a joke. How many will even bother to formulate and publish the questions that most affect our lives.

    What a complete abrogation of ethics and responsible, from our high status classes and members. Disgusting.

  29. The kid in Maryland who went knifey on the nigger (“hate crime!”) and yesterday the converted white-face Muslim in Florida who ripped apart with some serious bullets his two roommates?!

    How weird is that story, it is fishy as hell, intertwined with the AR scene. It is a big deal.

    Crazy times.

  30. “yesterday the converted white-face Muslim in Florida who ripped apart with some serious bullets his two roommates?!”

    Sorry to sound like an un-sympathetic asshole. My bad.

  31. Survival trumps laws.

    The system and its shills are gonna learn that lesson. The superior white man won’t be stopped by sheets of paper and decrees by judges.

    I applaud white men sticking groids. That’s population control, alot faster than growing a new white kidy. Just don’t get caught.

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