Tinder Strategy For Women

I will tell you a secret in a little bit.

But first, look at the woman in this picture. She has pretty eyes. She gets the high-value man:


She will find:

  • An attractive man in her life
  • A family and children of her own
  • Happiness

She is smart. Do you want to pop pills like the older girls do?

She offers something that attractive men desire.

Here is the secret.

You always find what you look for.

47 thoughts on “Tinder Strategy For Women

  1. Let’s look at the OTHER side of this ‘equation’, shall we?
    She says that she’s looking for “a long-term relationship” and DEMANDS “no drugs, no beards, no nudes, no strange requests, no degeneracy”.
    What does she have to offer? (Look for ‘Red Flags’.)
    What are her views on marriage and divorce? Are her parents divorced? Does she have any siblings who are feminists or divorced husbands? What’s her “n”? Has she already had children? Does she have an STI/STD? How does she feel about prenups? Or ‘marital rape”?
    More importantly, don’t pay so much attention to what she SAYS, so much as to what she DOES.
    When it comes to ‘long term relationships’ and marriage nowadays , modern women demand much from men, but they offer very little to nothing in return.
    A wise young man nowadays will look beyond a woman’s fleeting beauty and be constantly aware of the danger signs of a “woman who wears a fair face that hides a foul spirit and an evil mind”.

  2. I’m afraid that someone will try to prank her, like, if her profile lands on a leftist site/blog, maybe some evil leftist guy will set up for her.

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  4. I am afraid that no beards is a dealbreaker. A man who shaves his beard for a woman deserves neither. Subtle emasculation. The rest of it looks good. I hope she does well for herself.

    The Shadowed Knight

  5. She’s smart, because she’s a master of marketing. Hand on chin = notice my face, not my lack of chest. She makes sure to highlight her long hair, but on the opposite side of the arm. Lastly, she’s in a fine restaurant, denoting class. This is a clearly staged picture. She went to this establishment mid-day with her gay friend, had the soup and sandwich (the glass is water, but she’s hoping you’ll think it’s chardonnay), snapped the pic and bolted. Total bill? Probably $8.50. I see a girl who’s trying to punch well above her weight. She’s not as put together as she’d like you to think. Kid watch. Smile doesn’t look genuine. WTF is up with that blouse? And of course, demands demands demands with no mention of what she brings to the table.

  6. I am afraid that no beards is a dealbreaker. A man who shaves his beard for a woman deserves neither. Subtle emasculation. The rest of it looks good. I hope she does well for herself.

    Yeah, it is a shit test.

  7. All in all she gets good points for trying.

    Weev has a trending article about traditional sex roles and asks people to be honest about if they are really up for them. In a word, coverture.

    Also, he calls out women who say that they are looking for “traditional” but they don’t know what that actually means, and if they did, they wouldn’t (get behind it).

    This woman here looks to be an example of that. Though in her defense she doesn’t say that she wants something traditional, so she can’t be accused of using that buzzword.


    No one is perfect, and she is nice-looking, and it is somewhat lame to criticize from an anonymous perch other people’s pictures, but frankly she looks undernourished to the point of concern about childbearing capabilities.

    But some meat on those bones, lassie.

  8. There are alot of women these days that “play” as Alt Right to get male attention. Of course, this should be encouraged, while being careful.

    You gotta have skepticism. WNs and racists are plentiful today. Test them.

    No real WN will be offended. If they have been around at all, they will know about all the infiltration and cryptos out there.

  9. Sorry, that can’t be real at all. I mean we’re talking about Tinder here; a fucking hookup app. It’s most likely a tranny trying to lure an unsuspecting mark.

  10. She actually does bring a few things to the table:

    1. Only 21 and interested in a serious, long term relationship. (Most girls her age want to travel, go to grad school and not get into a long term relationship until 28 or 30.)

    2. She hints that she is open to having children. She understands children and the future are important.

    3. Trim, has her weight under control.

    4. Long hair, that is a big feminine plus. Short hair takes a lot less time to care for.

    5. She believes in something that she is willing to publicly articulate.

    I agree, more vetting needs done. But, she is miles ahead of most girls her age.

  11. Not sure on this, but is that a SHARP ELBOW poking through her sleeve?!? Instant disqualification!

  12. Every girl is a “masters of marketing,” except if she’s socially off-beat or a slob. When they’re in their game-on display mode, nothing they do is by accident. I like her look (despite the pointy elbows!).

    Her youth, grooming, wholesome signalling are a lot in terms of bringing something to the table. Yeah, the beard thing is a shit test. She’s a woman, Game never sleeps.

    If you were to meet a girl like her, use the same discernment you’d do with any date. Barring anything that’s deal-breaker from her past, it doesn’t matter how sincere she is about the 14 Words. You guide her to follow your lead. That’s what she wants.

    The post was written differently than my usual style. It was written for women. I titled and tagged it to draw young female web-search traffic.

  13. My experience with any kind of online dating app is that you’re looking at a 3-to-1 advantage for women, numerically speaking. Women can say pretty much anything they want, the guys aren’t actually reading it, they are simply messaging any chick that looks not fat.

  14. A refreshing change from what I usually see.

    There was a post somewhere about a girl who tried to make the “worst” profile should could as an experiment, and it was a big hit. She said that she was racist, didn’t want to work, etc. Basically qualities that women are taught to find abhorrent; and her inbox exploded.

    Most women write their profiles for other women. They promote their open-mindedness, have pictures of themselves with black men, or with third world children (this one happens astonishingly frequently – WW must love visiting brown countries and taking pictures of themselves with young kids). All that tells men is they’re a giant slut, with no idea of what we value in a mate.

  15. This girl is only 21, so I believe it’s genuine. If she were older, I’d be very suspicious of an attempt to “re-brand” herself after living the opposite lifestyle and getting nowhere.

  16. Guys, just cause a girl is Alt-Right does not mean she is good wife material. Here is a video where Lana, the Red Ice girl, and guest PhilosophiCat discuss that they don’t believe that Alt-Right wives are/should be submissive to their husbands. They also approve of the idea of just having a few kids instead of many because, according to them, demographics is a lost strategy. Also, they are almost as career focused as your average feminist.

    Cross women like these two of your list and move on.

  17. I’m not in the dating game these days, and I’m old enough to never have had to deal with online (ahem) “dating” apps like Tinder. But surely this girl gets a bonus point at the early stage for the 14 words and her traditional worldview.

    That said, for the younger White men out there, don’t waste time looking for the unicorn of the ready-made fashy alt-right White girl.

    The traditional White girl who will make a good wife and mother is, by nature, one whose politics will follow a strong man that she loves and admires. Pay close attention to the following:

    – her views on children (should be positive; she should want many);
    – her attitude toward her own family (assuming they are decent people, quality girls are respectful of their families, even though she may acknowledge their faults);
    – her view on “working mothers” (avoid career grrrrls at all costs)
    – her aversion to drugs and nigger music (mandatory)
    – her interest in doing wholesome things like cooking for the two of you;
    – her commitment to staying fit and feminine;
    – her being happy with simple pleasures like picnics or trips to the beach (instead of fancy restaurants).

    Once she’s into you, you can lead her down the race-realist path and make a pretty little fashy mother out of her easily enough.

  18. — they don’t believe that … They also approve of

    The semi-famous Alt-Right girls are nice to have on our side mainly because they present an aspirational alternative to normie girls. But bless their hearts, they are not our leaders and I hope no honest-to-goodness earnest Delta male on our side looks to them for leadership or takes them seriously. The men make the movement, the men represent the nation.

    — her aversion to drugs and nigger music (mandatory)

    Having been acquainted with women along the spectrum and across decades, I’ll confirm this. No exception: nigger noise on her car radio = steer clear of. Healthy White girls like dance music, girlie pop, or ‘edgier’ alternative.

    — Once she’s into you, you can lead her down the race-realist path and make a pretty little fashy mother out of her easily enough.

    Exactly. And as I wrote the original post with the female reader in mind, I acknowledge that a young woman who’d flash up the 14W understands that woke White men are the future, and she is ready to screen for a worthy one to follow and trust.

  19. having a few kids instead of many

    Yeah but a few kids is a million times more than none.

    Roosh has a recent podcast wherein he lets known that his paternal grandfather had 25 children by five women.

    Ideally, the Homo sapiens can contain themselves and live in harmony with their ecology, on this planet.

    The notion that we have to win a breeding war to see who can occupy and consequently use up the available resources is a bleak trajectory, and even especially for the winners, who want to live on a paved over Easter Island with no trees and no animals?

    A number of people, including recently Stephen Hawking, suggest that the future for White people is interplanetary. Ed Wilson, who is wiser and more human, summarily dismisses that. He says that microbiology makes that unfeasible. If we were to live on other planets, our organisms would have to be completely contained in a bubble, due to the complications of evolved microbiology.

    So it is ironic that people on the AR who complain about being atomized, suggest that bubble life space modules are a desirable. Tallk about un-adult and magical thinking. Grow the fuck up. This is our Home, and if we can’t make it here.

    This Planet is custom designed for us, and if we don’t live here, that is it.

    Also, the notion that we have to think asteroids 100 million years in the future and worry about eternity is more juvenile pretention.

    I also used to think that we had to ‘go to the stars’ — there is something about that metaphor that resonates — but it is a metaphor. In any case, if we are going to do space adventure, it ought to be from a sound and secure position.

    A commenter at Daily Stormer said of Hawking said that he may be tops in his advanced field, and kudos for that — but why is he trotted out as some far-seeing visionary? What does that cripple know of Life on Earth?

  20. I don’t mean to be unsympathetic to that cripple Hawking — but as Anglin points out, his take on our evolutionary trajectory is liberal and race-blind.

    He speaks of our “species” destiny, but doesn’t account for human variation.

    And then so he is trotted out as a Wise Old Man. (but he is not)

    So Pussyhawk is another example of our intellectual class not rising to their responsibility to address the real questions of We as a People.

    If he were a better man, he would use his position more responsibly.

  21. “Healthy White girls like dance music, girlie pop, or ‘edgier’ alternative.”

    Well, while I can see how a girlie-girl might enjoy, say, certain Kaskade tracks, I have to say (rich as it may be) that “dance music” is highly suspect stuff. Of course, I was in college in the 90s, and the girls who liked “techno” were all fag hags and probably on a lot of drugs. Maybe it’s like how today someone can listen to the White Album while being a tea-sipping bookish sort, whereas the original target demographic, though not necessarily the Manson clan, probably was rather less bourgeois. Whit Stillman has the heroine of “Damsels in Distress” hail one of those 90s era club tracks as “a golden oldie”– that much, I think, is meant to be funny; but where I’m clueless as to whether Stillman is off in his fantasy world or documenting reality is the question of whether that song would actually be playing at a frat party today. Do they use 90s dance music because that stuff is retro enough to be harmless of trendy, faggy connotations in the present day {approximate translation: “if I dance to this shit it doesn’t make me ridiculous because this is shit you’d hear at a wedding reception so if I look like an idiot it’s all in jest”?]

    Of course, Vox Day was a techno auteur, PA has copped to some interest in “dubstep”, and I myself had a certain fondness for Bjork’s Debut [offtopic NB: she mudsharked with the original ‘Tricky’], so “it’s complicated”

  22. –I call that Pettibone (?) chick and her padre “the candystripers”. Listening to them “interview” is EXACTLY like getting worked over by a pair of candystripers, as happened to me once in the emergency room.

    “Do you mind if these girls ask you some questions?” says the actual nurse.

    “Oh, go ahead.”

    –Eh, I don’t have the heart to dramatize it. Use your imaginations. GBFM(TM) introduced me to them when he started posting them at the chateau– this was right before Vox went on with them and, with a backview to the GBFM/Vox conflict of yore, I have to call that another win for da GBFM. Vox’s talk was fine, insofar as he did all the talking, but as an “interview” it was awful. I think they asked all of about six questions over an hour.

  23. Hawking may not be an afrophysiciss of the Neil DeGrasse Tyson caliber, but he’s still in over his head pontificating about the future of humanity.

    He is, btw, a confirmed patron of London sex clubs. They lay him out on a table and a pair of go-go girls grind on him simultaneously.

    Did someone actually win a Best Actor Oscar romanticizing his relationship with the wife he dumped for his nurse and then–iirc– rehired (I guess she made peace with the sex clubs?).

  24. “Healthy White girls like dance music, girlie pop, or ‘edgier’ alternative.”

    I’ll take a girl that listens to country music and votes GOP all the way.

    That’s enough for my purposes. I really don’t need her to be reading Heartiste/Sailer and discussing Rotherham.

  25. “I’ll take a girl that listens to country music and votes GOP all the way.”

    George Jones, Willie & Waylon? Yes. Florida Georgia Line? Hell no.

  26. George Jones, Willie & Waylon? Yes. Florida Georgia Line? Hell no.

    LOL, well yeah the classic guys are infinitely better as artists, but that often goes for any sort of music in America.

    But I will indulge a girl that wants her “bro country” like Jason Aldean or whatever… much better alternative than her getting in your car and throwing on Nikki Minaj or Justin Bieber.

  27. Politics is getting nasty and dangerous, that’s maybe a good thing for waking up the right to the fact that this isn’t their country any more:


    The FBI arrested a Tucson, Ariz. man for leaving three threatening messages on McSally’s congressional office voicemail, in which he allegedly said her days “were numbered” and threatened to shoot her. A criminal complaint filed last week in the U.S. District Court in Tucson said the suspect told agents he was upset over McSally’s votes in support of Trump.

    McSally represents the same swing district previously represented by then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head in 2011 during a constituent meet-and-greet.

    In Tennessee, a woman angry over Kustoff’s vote for the GOP health care bill this month pursued a car carrying him from an event at a local university. Kustoff and a staffer eventually turned into a driveway and came to a stop. Then the woman approached the car, yelled at Kustoff and struck the car’s windows, according to local reports.

    Meanwhile, Garrett spokesman Andrew Griffin said the freshman lawmaker has received at least three death threats over the course of the healthcare debate.

    One constituent called Garrett’s Washington, D.C. office and said if his health care is taken away, he would take Garrett’s life away. Another person routed to California sent a message to Garrett’s campaign Facebook page with graphic details describing how they would kill Garrett.

  28. — I was in college in the 90s, and the girls who liked “techno” were all fag hags and probably on a lot of drugs

    Yeah, I remember that was a scene. Good point about how music becomes “safe” at a decade’s remove. One of my sublime moments was a night drive from Boston to DC. This was in 1999. I had Mozart’s Requiem on the car CD player and then caught a Long Island radio station when I got to Merritt Parkway in Connecticut (if you ever drove it, you know what I mean), which was playing a continuous, hour-long Techno song that made the ride a transcendent experience.

    — GBFM/Vox conflict of yore

    I didn’t start reading Vox Day regularly until about two years ago. Would have liked to see that debate.

    — A commenter at Daily Stormer said of Hawking said that he may be tops in his advanced field, and kudos for that — but why is he trotted out as some far-seeing visionary?

    Hawking also said something about how Europe needs to admit migrants if it wants to survive. I don’t recall if that was the exact subject, but it was something along those lines. It was the most conventional and trite liberal talking point. Then again, if you look up some of Albert Einstein’s quotes on subjects unrelated to physics, you’ll also suspect that stratospheric intelligence within one segment along the spectrum of human thought does not guarantee the same elsewhere. Anyway, that is my off-hand reaction to Hawking’s argument. Your take on it is more insightful than mine.

    — I’ll take a girl that listens to country music […] all the way

    This is a regional thing, or at least that was the case in my teens. Back then in my part of the mid-Atlantic, country music may as well have been something from a foreign land. Until around 1990, everyone here listened to pop, rock, classic rock, metal or college/alternative rock. It wasn’t until Garth Brooks “Friends In Low Places” became a crossover hit, and that was already my early 20s, that you’d hear a young person play Country.

  29. I don’t think Damsels was meant to be particularly contemporary. Stillman’s earlier work had a blurry sense of time as well, and IIRC all of the characters in DiD seemed a little bewildered by Gerwig, almost self-aware of the anachronisms. Stillman was probably writing based off his own experiences, which explains why it felt so far removed from the 00s. It didn’t all quite work (Stillman can be forgiven for being a little rusty after the long absence) but it had a certain charm.

    Having been not long out of college when that film was released, no, you would be hard pressed to find 90s music playing at parties, but everyone was young enough to reminisce over the era, their childhood.

    It was downhill after Debut. Massive Attack was better without Tricky.

  30. Hardly anybody in New England listened to country until the late 00s (excluding the outlaw types like Jennings, Nelson or Cash). Girls into that might be more feminine but not necessarily traditional. Almost all of it’s corporatized cookie cutout PC pop with a twang.

  31. What little I know of mainstream current Country, it’s hard to tell it from rock or even r&b except for the twang. Many of its introspective songs are also in the weepy style that reminds me of Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl.”

    Drive By Truckers or Jason Isbell solo, and a host of folk/hipster alternative Country styles seem to be where the quality songs are. But I’m willing to be corrected, as this isn’t a genre I listen to much.

    As to the profile being fake: maybe, no idea. Regardless, a girl with such a profile can strike gold.

  32. Any alt right woman is still a female and is not going to be much different day to day than any other females. That being said, pro white views are still very unpopular. The fact that this woman expresses them and puts it up with her picture is deserving of some credit. I think it is sincere, too.

  33. Somehow I don’t think that Tinder would even allow the 14 words to appear in a profile.

    Every social media app has a “flag this profile” kind of button, and as soon as a few brothers or Hispanics saw this and flagged it you could expect it to be removed by the admins.

  34. “We” are in a post-trolling paradigm where the power of the internet is being utilized to create mass paralysis under the guise of exploding intra-action.

    This “profile” may be entirely real, entirely fake or a PURPOSELY confused compilation of real and fake. Nonetheless, it will draw out impulse analytics from a different array of liberating archetypes. So the “profile” is fit to expose the SJW, the nascent “wn,” the homo-hater, the nigger/migger/sand jigger, etc. and provide the analytics for mass control of the various liberationist collectives.

  35. Bunz –> oven

    Also, nice to see Corvo lurking around these parts. Pro-comment sir. I always value your advice and comments.

  36. Nancy sweetie, you’re going to have to learn how not to hump a rhetorical question’s leg till it bruises if you expect ever to be allowed social intercourse more refined than twerking at your cousin’s bat mitzvah (the rabbi WAS amused, tbh tho).

    No really, I thought “Barcelona” was a documentary.

    I’m afraid such assiduous observation of the goyim’s mating rituals has done little for your faculties of comprehension– your evident clitboner for chiming in notwithstanding. Perhaps your time would be better spent making an appointment to get that unibrow curbed into some semblance of civilized presentability– you being such a forward and gabby sort of gal . . .

  37. Barcelona would be the least applicable; Metropolitan would be the most. Was it early 60s? mid 70s? But ah, yes, now you were being rhetorical — how thick of me. Please, though, do continue to look like an ass with these spaztastic spergfag antics.

    Funny you should mention unibrows. Almost forgot

  38. hey nancy, maybe you shouldn’t take genially off-topic wool-gathering comments by others as an opportunity to respond SENTENCE BY SENTENCE, giving your ‘hey, I read that book too! oh, I’ve seen that movie! btw, I listened to that record in college– here’s my take!’ catalog of incompetence..

    This isn’t okcupid. No man is made hard by your frantic intimations that you know and have your own “opinion” on everything he randomly name-drops.

    kinda makes you come off like a (((crazy stalker)))

    Damsels in Distress isn’t “a little rusty”–it’s a digitized disaster, literally painful to watch, and comes grinding to a PoMo halt since Stillman (no real surprise) doesn’t have an ending. Plus, it suffers a mawkishly outrageous number of nog extras shoehorned into two-thirds of the scenes.

    Your sense of identification with Greta Gerwig is duly noted; but in your assumed masculine persona you come across as ridiculous and blundering as the dude who’d never noticed the color– green, was it?

    Or is that just a whim that tickles your sense of (((irony))), sweetie? Come on Nancy, tell us how you REALLY feel about blondes!

  39. @Suburban_elk,

    “The notion that we have to win a breeding war to see who can occupy and consequently use up the available resources is a bleak trajectory,….”

    For the last 100 years Western countries and churches in the West have followed the tactic, “have 2 children but invest lots of resources in them.” This has not worked for the West. We have been retreating for that same time period.

    When families in the West had lots of children they had plenty of sons to send overseas to explore, conquer, colonize, and trade. The oldest son inherited the family farm, the second son joined the army or navy, the third, fourth, and fifth sons went overseas looking for trade and adventure.

  40. gotta hand it to you, somesuch, nobody ever gave a shit quite like you.

    but since you expressed such tender concern on how heartiste and polish alpha feel about thread pollution, you’re welcome to carry on with the Spergish Inquisition over at your favorite mossad agent sorcerygod’s blog. guess JIDF Norf moved to toronto.

  41. I’m astonished by the snotty comments about this woman. She publicly declares the 14 words. She’s got guts, she’s loyal, she’s attractive. What more do you want?

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