200th Post: Alt-Right Blogging And Commenting

Trainspotter gives the lay of the land:

As a Gen Xer, the 80’s & 90’s were the era of my youth. Looking back, while at a personal level I had a fantastic time, what strikes me most is the utter intellectual/spiritual sterility of the period.

Pre-internet, it was definitely the age of big institutions – media, universities, etc. To be blunt: jews had the country on intellectual lockdown. Nothing of which they didn’t approve saw the light of day.

For those of us instinctively on the Right, there was no meaningful alternative on offer. We lacked even a basic conceptual framework or vocabulary to meaningfully oppose the system. The poison was spreading, and we had no earthly idea what to do about it. We didn’t even grasp why it was happening (pre-internet, I spent much of the 90’s trying to figure this out – alone).

Instead we were offered the cucked-out National Review (which I subscribed to as a teenager, though I could ill afford the subscription fee) or, if you really wanted to be edgy, you could go the libertarian route (I did). In other words, you could choose worthless Ideology 1 or worthless Ideology 2. Nothing else was on the menu. Actually defending your folk wasn’t on the menu. The only “opposition” allowed was that which blindly accepted the enemy’s premises, thus guaranteeing his victory.

Truly, the internet has changed everything.

I will note that the 80’s & early 90’s were, in terms of day to day living, rather nice. Looking back, it’s easy to see that the rot was already well advanced, but the Old America didn’t die overnight. It lived, in part, through the 80’s on sheer inertia. I never saw miscegenation, the girls were pretty & sans tattoos, and relations between white men & women were pretty good (at least for those of us in school – the divorce rates of our parents tell a different tale). Nice guys easily found girlfriends, and men didn’t think of women as whores or sluts, etc. I rarely, if ever, heard men (even cads & jerkboys like me – yes, I was part of the rot) speak of women that way.

It was a transitional period. It’s sort of like when an athlete stops training, and just hangs out on the couch eating junk food. For a time, he has the best of both worlds: he’s still fit & healthy, as a result of his past discipline, but now gets to relax and throw discipline to the wind. Of course, do that long enough, and his athletic body will turn into weakness and flab. It’s nice while it lasts, but unsustainable.

And that’s what the 80’s were all about: a transitional window where America enjoyed (and squandered) the hard-earned cultural & racial fruits of previous generations, while throwing discipline to the wind and imbibing jewish junk food. It would prove a fatal mistake.

The transition didn’t last long. By the mid to late 90’s it was a much, much uglier world. The bar scene changed seemingly overnight: snarling sluts, rampant miscegenation, a youth culture suitable for those with an I.Q. of 80, but increasingly a misery for everyone else. The finely honed athlete had turned into a tub of lard. The jew smiled. And STILL, we lacked even the basic vocabulary to effectively challenge the poison.

But now there exists something that was only a faint hope then: a real opposition, full of intellectual & spiritual energy. I love it. It came, not from the big institutions, but from us alone. Not only will we win, we’ll have the opportunity to create something better and far, FAR more resilient than what we’ve lost. We don’t want to go back to a world that folded so easily, that yielded with barely a whimper. We want a future, and we will win it.

That “faint hope” was the light that shined underground, coming together from what I call the Pat Buchanan and the Camille Paglia directions: moral nationalism and amoral sex-realism. Or WN and Game. The Alt-Right is no less than a perhaps divinely-willed reassertion of Western nations’ right to exist. There are no leaders but there are giants. I will name four:

John Derbyshire

“The job of conservatives is to keep the Republican Party driving on the right-hand side of the road. There are many ways we do this. We argue, we publish, we lobby, we campaign for conservative candidates. Another thing we do is, when the GOP goes off the rails on really key issues – size of government, the National Question, Wilsonian adventures – we stay home on election day.”

Reading The Derb’s NRO columns nearly twenty years ago was my first encouter with a contemporary political writer who offered more than standard conservatism, and more than political writing.

Lawrence Auster

My highest beliefs

I have had this thought going back decades.

I believe in two things: God, and white Western civilization.

A modern-day monk, Auster wrestled his whole life with the metaphysical questions of our era. The quote above is a short entry he wrote ten days before dying of pancreatic cancer.

Vox Day

“I’m not a revolutionary. I just wanted to write my books and design my games and live my life in peace. But SJWs, multiculturalists, diversicrats, and vibrants have collectively rendered that impossible, so now we’ve got to reset and rebuild Western civilization if we ever want to go back what we were doing in the first place.”

SWJ Always Lie is a must-read.


“Game can be White men’s salvation, giving them once again a “home of their own”, as it instills a powerful sense of self, of entitlement, of prerogative, and of mastery over their women and their public spaces. The times demand solutions that may offend the moral sensibilities of the smiling defeated.”

Maybe our generation has produced a writer who improved more men’s lives, better vivisected the modern malaise, and one who has breathed a winning spirit into our habits of mind with more élan than Heartiste. But I don’t know of one.


Ten posts to revisit from this 101 – 200 series:

All matriarchies have one thing in common: over time the women become ugly, inside and out. They become that way in part as a defense against being bombarded by endless unwanted advances. They become corrupted by their adventures with to the most vulgar expressions of masculinity. But the kicker is, part of them also loves all that attention along with the lowered expectations on their behavior, and they become complacent, having lost the incentive to bring anything to the table besides their gash.

In a matriarchy, men display and women choose. But under patriarchy, women aren’t let off the hook: they have to put in a little work and audition before the men too. Which takes us to… [The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Game]


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  1. Auster struck me as more of an American nationalist with High Tory/continental traditionalist sensibilities (though quite imperfect), which is different from the more intense Middle American radicalism of the alt-right.

  2. It’s interesting to me that you’ve juxtaposed the essayist I most respect, Heartiste, with the blogger I most ridicule, Teddy Beale.

    Also, you neglected to mention NeoReaction & Curtis Yarvin, which deserve some credit, even if both also deserve some laughter.

    Good essay, as usual.

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  4. I believe in two things: God, and white Western civilization.

    I don’t know if anyone here has yet heard about this trend, but the Chinese are starting to tire of SJW politics, too. Calling someone a “white leftist” is emerging as an Internet insult there:


    If you look at any thread about Trump, Islam or immigration on a Chinese social media platform these days, it’s impossible to avoid encountering the term baizuo, or literally, the ‘white left’. It first emerged about two years ago, and yet has quickly become one of the most popular derogatory descriptions for Chinese netizens to discredit their opponents in online debates.

    The question has received more than 400 answers from Zhihu users, which include some of the most representative perceptions of the ‘white left’. Although the emphasis varies, baizuo is used generally to describe those who “only care about topics such as immigration, minorities, LGBT and the environment” and “have no sense of real problems in the real world”; they are hypocritical humanitarians who advocate for peace and equality only to “satisfy their own feeling of moral superiority”; they are “obsessed with political correctness” to the extent that they “tolerate backwards Islamic values for the sake of multiculturalism”; they believe in the welfare state that “benefits only the idle and the free riders”; they are the “ignorant and arrogant westerners” who “pity the rest of the world and think they are saviours”.

  5. Heartiste deserves credit as the most dangerous thought criminal to the system(s) in years. I hope to meet him in person some day.

    Of the ten you listed, PA, i would put “Bullying” as the most important, even through I disagree with your viewpoint, the Conclusion is absolutely spot on.

    I would throw in one honorary mention, Bill White. Honorary because he remains a POW in Trump’s gulag, but a mention because he was really the first who really spread the idea of organized discontent (and more) with all of the organs of our modern society, from the Schools, the systematic use of violence against the non-elite, the media, all of it save feminism, which was incorrectly not perceived as a threat at the time.

    [Good call about Bill White and well said. If you haven’t already, read it HERE — PA]

  6. Those four men are alright. On a spectrum of the available WN, they are all quite moderate.

    “Alt right” isn’t WN. And blogging isn’t revolution.

    There is having clever memes, trolling, winning elections perhaps. Then, there is crushing the enemy, making him fear you, stealing his property and his women. That’s the difference.

    Alt right is the kid’s stuff we use to introduce whites to WN. The real test is the recognition that minos must be purged from white areas. The true WNs are men like Pierce, Covington, and Metzger.

  7. @PA, I forgot about that post, it’s almost sad reading it now, when it’s obvious that there will be no pardon, no cleaning of the stables. I still decline to speak of him as lost to us, since others have made comebacks from worse circumstances.

    @Ryu, Convington is one still beating the drums for White’ s release, and I believe White had some influence from Metzger, be it by way of his writings, media, or personal correspondence. I would be interested in your analysis of the differing viewpoints each has/had.

  8. *raising a glass to PA* Congratulations on your bicenarticle, if that’s a word.

    I trust inspiration still strikes, and the articles are coming red-hotter than ever.

  9. Alt-rite “game” –> “being perfect” –> inflection point…

    Being Perfect –> white Supremacy…

    This is the milieu for ALL alt-writers on the scene.

    But more importantly, almost none ARE EVEN AT THE INFLECTION POINT…

    Most DO NOT EVEN AGREE with the basic premise…

    The winner of “game” is “being perfect.”

    So alt-writers’ UNDERSTANDING of “game” and how to “secede” with “it” INCLUDES “doing wrong.”

    And this is why alt-rite is not Right… Alt-rite is anti-wS… Alt-rite DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A PRINCIPLED CONCEPT of “game.”

    “Game” equals “doing right” and “doing wrong.”

    Alt-rite is EGALITARIAN.

    So “game” is primitive.

    And alt-writers are the prettiest primitives.

  10. Derb is deluded on the efficacy of high IQ… And an unrepentant miscegenator.

    “Vox Day” is an admitted “red” (s)upremacist, i.e., a radical autonomist…

    With that quote, Lawrence Auster admitted to white Supremacy in all but name only, later to admit TO ME that his Jewish bias prevented him from such absolutely TRUTHFUL conversion.

    Heartiste NOW sees the “globohomoist” regime (read: Liberalism is the homosexual nature), yet, his claim to “game” is radical sexual autonomy AKA PUA…

    Bill White STILL has not uttered the phrase “Jewish anti-white Supremacy.”

    The collective will, no matter how abstractly designated, cannot usurp the individual mandate to wS inherent to all white males in possession of God-ordained free will.

    Alt-rite, SIMPLY PUT, IS NOT the last step…

    There is a next radical step OTHER THAN Final Liberation, i.e., Total Annihilation.

    What shall it be if not real white Supremacy?

  11. Congratulations on your bicenarticle, if that’s a word.

    Remember back when those quarters came out?

    Wouldn’t it be cool if all the dollar bills became worthless, but US Mint coins retained value.

    And not just the silver stuff, but the rest of it. By WN fiat.

  12. In any case, these are interesting times.

    Often I can’t even begin to get my perspective in order enough to say something relevant.

    But the scope of our situation, is very real.

    And by that I mean, in regards to my own WN journey, it started out as something of a joke or a fantasy, or a larp.

    But with every step of the way, it has become more real.

    And further, the culture of the AR has meant something to me personally. In that knowing that other people are getting the gist of it, and that we have no choice but to fulfill our obligation, now that we know what is the score.

    Which is a heavy command from on High, but it is what it is.

  13. There is a jokey and double-fake ironic tone, to some of this stuff. But it’s double-irony, which means it is not ironic at all.

    The bottom line is that the agenda of race replacement plays out in the lives of our children.

    And that is the real thing. It is not romantic or fake, it is just the facts of it.

    That argument has to have some weight, because it is undeniable.

    The liberals with whom I relate, are true believers that they owe it to the world, to make it a better place, and somehow they are convinced that the doctrine of equality and the rest of the liberal jazz, is the means to do that.

    It is taken as an article of faith, that “we have to try” to help the rest of the world, and such.

    Any rational person, can see that we are on course for disaster. But Boomer liberals are deluded. They have bought into it and cannot admit the error of their ways. Gen X’ers are very similar in that, at least those around here.

    Steyn on his recent show featured the “most important graph in the world” which is Sailer’s comparison of (projected) population growth between Africa and Europe. It is very watchable, very respectable.

    How can anyone be presented with that data, and not want to take protective measures for their children?

  14. To repeat: How can anyone be presented with that data, and not want to take protective measures for their children?

    I don’t get it. What’s going on.

    Truly, the jews have hijacked people’s brains. And I have said this before, and so have a thousand others: we often make use metaphor to explain how our brains got taken over — but it’s not a metaphor. We think in symbols and stories that are primarily language. And somehow the jews got a hold of the levers of power and we lost those same.

  15. A link today from Linder detailed the death toll in Russia by the Communist jews, and the methods of execution that they used.

    The link is at his blog,


    And it is really the story of the century, how the jews did that to Russia.

    How were they able to do that?

    Russians are tough guys. Big strong men. Literally on average, the probably have the strongest grip strength. Poles might be up there at that level.

    But they got put to death, one at a time, by the jews. I don’t get it.

    It is interesting to read about the horrible things that people do to one another. I have no stomach for torture, and I have to think that those who engage in it, are lesser people. And anyone who engages in it, ought to be put down.

    And that includes for animals, of all types. People are not that evolved. And white people have their share of the un-evolved.

    Edward Wilson in his brilliant philosophy book, written for the “intelligent lay person”, confirms the psychopath meme that is abundant in the Sphere, that a certain percentage of the population is psychopaths. I don’t recall whether the figure he provided, which can be regarded as the most current science, was 1 to 4 per cent, or 2 to 4 per cent.

    It sure would be interesting, to compare the rates of psychopathy between the various population groups, eh, Eddie Boy?

  16. “It’s interesting to me that you’ve juxtaposed the essayist I most respect, Heartiste, with the blogger I most ridicule, Teddy Beale”

    I’ve thought lately about how Larry and Vox might likely talk completely past each other, with Larry saying, “What the hell kind of grown man insists upon being addressed by a ridiculous name like ‘Vox Day'” and then Vox dismissing Larry as a useless omega curmudgeon.

    But I haven’t searched VFR to see if Larry actually ever read Vox.

    I confess, I’ve had a spell of peev with Vox, after his Korean peninsula pivot intuition got him to acting a bit flakey (complaining how no one’s giving him credit for his insight), as if the ‘threat’ from NK were self-evident. Isn’t part of the whole stupidity of neocohenism that it incentivizes regimes to gain deterrents ASAP? Are we really gonna cry over a Kim Jong One aiming a Long Dong II at San Gomorrah?

    But I guess he thought about what it would mean for Babymetal, as I think of what it would mean for Red Velvet.

    He is, nonetheless, a brilliant and often gleefully amusing man.

  17. — Also, you neglected to mention NeoReaction & Curtis Yarvin (tteclod)

    Neoreaction is a key component of the Alt-Right. Yarvin’s/NRX’s massive contribution is the cracking of the code for maintaining power in a modern democracy. It’s high theory and as is the case with such exercises, they have strong predictive powers until they lead to fatalism. A neoreactionary Alexander would still be twisting his arthritic knuckles trying to loosen the Gordian knot.

    I found Yarvin’s comments at Two Blowhards and his subsequent UR blog eye-opening and brilliant in their analysis but found his prescriptive articles, to the extent they were earnest and not just illustrations, to be monstrous. A temperamental difference I picked up on between his writing and my own inner response to it, was his intolerance of chaos vs. my own qualified embrace of it. His solution to the “corner man,” the Somalian “technicals” on the back of an armed Toyota pickup, the metaphor of big cats on the loose in San Francisco, was to lock society in a system of techno-utopian centralized control. In contrast, my own instinct favors the replacement, by whatever means, of “their” chaos with “our” chaos.

    I only mentioned four major Alt-Right figures, choosing ones that were more key in my own reading. Certainly, no comprehensive overview of the AR would be complete without Steve Sailer, MRA writing, and more the more hardline WN (my own inclination), to name a few.

  18. Congrats, PA! I recall when you had posted on CH’s blog that you were gonna start one of your own and here you are.

    And speaking of CH, his writing opened me up to many new awakenings and humbled me since I thought of myself as a good writer. But then again, we all have our own style.

    I do read Vox Day on occasion and I appreciate his reinforcement of Christian values as the backbone of Western Civilization. That and the Alt-Right’s 16 Points. That adds necessary clarity.

  19. Elk…

    Several things about Linder and VNN…

    Linder is purportedly Jewish.

    Linder DOES.NOT IDENTIFY as a “white supremacist.”

    Linder DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE “Jewish anti-white Supremacy.”

    VNN is a concrete example of “information overload” and “force projection.”

    Linder will accuse those who teach white Supremacy as being “crypto-jews.”

    What is a real white race realist to realize?

  20. Auster was a weirdo. So is Day. That so much of the Alt-Right takes its intellectual cue from the late Bowden–another weirdo–should give us pause.

  21. Weirdness can be mitigated by Truth-telling.

    Auster was a spiritual convert to white Supremacy stuck inside a Jewish body and under the oppression of Jewish anti-white Supremacy. In this context, he stood out amongst the Right.

  22. Those of “us” seeking to get Right…

    Not “self-annihilating for salvation…”

    Not being “beautiful losers…”

    Not status signaling to FALSE idols…

    But to get Right…

    “We” can work from both directions… From virtually on top to actually at bottom and from actually on bottom to virtually on top. And then work out from within each context. Implicit to this idea of “work” is maximum moral autonomy. Getting Right is simply regenerative. Regeneration is a necessary component of any racial collective. Degenerate “whites” shall either convert or make manifest their imminent self-annihilation.

    Where does a white boy place his hand?

  23. In light of Chris Cornell’s death, I have to say that grunge music was part of the general ugliness that started to prevail around the early 1990s.

  24. Then Chris Cornell did a producer-driven, commercial pop album along the lines of Justin Bieber once. That was bizarre.

  25. So was he married to Courtney Love then too?

    Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman, was found dead in his hotel bathroom by a family friend in what is believed to be a suicide, Detroit Police has confirmed to Mirror Online.

    Michael Woody of Detroit Police Department said officers were called to the MGM Grand hotel in Detroit at midnight last night in response to an emergency call from one of Chris’ friends.

    When police arrived, they forced entry to the hotel room and found the rocker unresponsive in the ensuite bathroom, where he was pronounced dead at the scene.

    “We are investigating this as a suspected suicide,” he confirmed to us. “That is the line we are proceeding along.”


  26. “Laguna Beach Fogey | May 17, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Auster was a weirdo. So is Day”

    Weird? Laguna Beach? Dude, you know what they say about glass houses…

  27. Zines came about in the 1980s and spread in the 90s until the Internet became popular. There were many subversive ones including some written by those close to Don Black who founded Stormfront.

    The trouble was they were all local. We thought Palm Beach had the only Nazis in the country.

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