You may have seen a post titled An American Pietà a month ago at the Château, which features an artist’s letter to Heartiste:

Although I was familiar with the case and had seen the photograph before, I was not yet prepared for the emotional impact of your accompanying message and the commentary to the posting. It was so stunning that I chose the subject and your message to create a painting, my rendition to the last photograph of Mrs. Weaver. This painting is named “Maeror” roughly translated from Latin to grief or suffering.

Daniele Vek’s full letter is in the original CH post, describing how she was moved by the following photo and an accompanying comment, both of which I had posted at Château Heartiste three years earlier:


My accompanying comment:

This photo [is] my contribution to the “Goodbye America” series. It’s different than the usual images of degeneracy. Instead, it is a tragic snapshot of what was good and noble.

Look at the photo. Haunting, isn’t it?

It’s a US Marshalls surveillance image of the Weaver ranch ahead of the Ruby Ridge massacre. The woman in the photo is Vicki Weaver, who would later that day be shot through the head by an Asian-American FBI sniper, while standing in a cabin door and holding her and Randy’s baby.

If I understand the timeline of events correctly, Vicki Weaver in this photo is mourning the death of her 14-year old son Sammy, killed by the feds earlier that day. If that’s the case, the photo is an American Pietà.

This is Daniele’s sublime painting; I see sorrow… and vengeance:


(c) 2017 Daniele Vek


Les Saunders, Protestant recalls the 1990s:

I was just a kid at the time, but in America, and even in my own household, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City represented a turning point. That turning point was where the faith of heritage Americans, and of my old stock Canadian relatives, in government and The System was officially dead.

While as of the early 1990s the assault against us had been well underway for decades, it was by this point that effects of this campaign were visceral and not up for debate. Decades of open borders had made third worlders an unavoidable fact of life in our cities. 12 years of Reagan-Bush yielded only broken promises of “read my lips, no new taxes”, amnesty, and regulations. Degeneracy was being bulldozed on us with “Friends” and the “first homosexual kiss on television” (the Ellen Degenerate show). Welfare, urban decay, crime, job losses, and the mainstreaming of rap and black drug culture had taken its toll. And to cap it all off, the election of an open pervert and sexual deviant by the name of William Jefferson Clinton (albeit with a slim plurality of votes owing to the Ross Perot candidacy, which was, in part, a heritage reaction to mounting degeneracy), decorated with innocuous baby boomer dad jeans, sneakers, and a Strong Empowered Modern Wife.

Americans naturally responded to this growing mess, but the only option they had was Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America in 1994. What did that get us? Some cutting of muh taxes but mostly globalist trade deals and hypocritical attacks on Rapin’ Bill for the viewers at home.

Make no mistake, the bullet fired at Vicki Weaver was a bullet fired at all of Heritage America and the baby you’re cradling in your arms today.

God willing, President Trump knows the score (he does) and will return the country to its rightful owners.

God bless.

Mister President, we trust you. You’ve seen us at the rallies. Give us one good General and then give us the word, Sir.

10 thoughts on ““Maeror”

  1. The problem remains one of mass media.

    This blog is minor media — talented, hard-efforted, fascinating. But small. Same with every blog. A single TV program is fifty thousand times more on-blast in its megaphone than any blog in the world.

    The public corporations that control the airwaves are faceless entities which have been taken over by left-liberal HUMAN BEINGS. Disney/ABC, Comcast, and all the rest are staffed by well-paying scum who support the mongrelization and murder of Heritage America — and Canada, and Western Europe, and all this. Because they own TV. Movies, too, but TV is the big one. Before that, they only had print, like the Times, and their influence was limited.

    If you want to stop it, the liberals MUST be peeled off from the faceless corporations. I fail to see why NO ONE SEES THIS. THIS IS PRIORITY NUMBER ONE — THE CORPORATIONS MUST BE MADE MESSAGE-NEUTRAL.

    If this is done, reversals and purification can then occur.

  2. I would like to take a moment though to congratulate PA on his blog. He puts long hours into the graphics, which I don’t think is his native language, the way English was not his native language. As a website runner myself, I know how hard it is. Then he writes the content that triggers the mind. Tip of the hat to him.

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  4. Great images. I’ve tried to touch base with this site every so often, though I’ve been out of the country quite a lot lately. Have a nice weekend.

    [Always good to see you, EPG. — PA]

  5. O/T, is this Gen Z?

    My nephew, 8 years old, loudly but calmly telling his mom and grandma: “Hitler was a very nice man.”
    Both (embarrassed): “Oh GenZ, you can’t say that, blah blah”
    Nephew (with emphasis): “A. Very. Nice. Man.”

    I just smirked. They changed the subject.

  6. In my estimation, Generation Zed is about from 24 down to age 10. Any true child-aged people by definition don’t yet have their own generation.

    The “based Gen Z” thing is a funny phenomenon. Is it wishful thinking?

    I met some in-laws of that age at Easter, and they were the opposite of braindead political drivel zombie leftists. They were good looking, as far as it goes, and it was a pleasure to associate with them. One of them was doing the “looking at colleges” thing. I told her not to cut her hair.

  7. The case against a based (White) GenZ:

    – Pharmaceuticals
    – Nihilism
    – Overwhelmed
    – Subtle anti-White messaging in educational materials
    – Atomized
    – Raised on play-dates, not free range
    – Small extended families

    The case for a based (White) GenZ:

    – Born into a Globohomo Diversity Hell that begs to be incinerated
    – Less presence of the Telewitz in formative consensus formation
    – Adult institutions are highly mockable
    – Nothing that isn’t explicitly White commands loyalty
    – Anti-White propaganda clown-world blatant
    – GenX and Millennial fatherhood much more high-investment than Boomers’
    – Hungry, while the enemy is fat & arrogant
    – WN is an idea whose time has come
    – Pepe at their fingertips

  8. PA – sorry to go musical OT again. I’ll refrain in the future if it bugs you. I thought you might like to hear this long-forgotten Steve Winwood. I just heard it randomly on the radio (I forgot he existed). It seems relevant to our times.

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