Gamma Males And Violence

A strange man asks me: “Are you leaving soon?”

I’m with my family in a large coffee shop. Imagine an open floor plan with semi-private zones. Our table is at the far end of that configuration, near the children’s play area. We are having coffee and dessert, relaxing on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

The man looks upset. It’s the current year, everyone’s on edge. I tell him “No.” He’s an awkward fellow in his thirties. Given the odd way which he interrupted me and to ensure that he isn’t in distress, I ask him: “Do you need something?” He replies, with an irate note: “Yeah, I was really hoping to sit where I can keep an eye on my kids.”

He’s not in distress. He’s simultaneously confrontational and nervous about causing a scene. I tell him: “We’ll be here for a while,” then I up-nod: “There are other tables.” I deem the conversation finished.

He snorts: “Well, thank you for being so considerate!”

“Any time.”

My wife makes a wry observation, I make a funny face about whole thing. Meanwhile, the guy is making a major production of dragging a table, and then some chairs, toward where he wants to sit. If I were to escalate — for example, had he cursed — I’d have eyeballed him and said: “Is there some problem you want to discuss?” But there was no reason to do that.

I later mentioned the incident to a fellow-AltRight friend, who said: “Looks like you were dealing with a textbook gamma male. It was his passive-aggressive huffing after you shrugged him off.” Good point. One crosses paths with gamma males online and recognizes the dysfunction in public figures, but for my part, I don’t often look for or notice such examples in person.


To segue to the second half of the title of this post, violence. Nothing violent happened in that coffee shop but a few days ago I saw the following comment from Koanic on, which put my brief encounter into the context of fighting:

Violence is more honest than speech
because violence tests the tribe’s martial virtue
whereas speech merely tests the popularity of lies.

Decentralized violence purifies lies,
as scaled violence serves great lies.

Koanic’s aphorism reminded me that gammas are cowardly because they want to attack you, often for reasons that exist solely in their heads, but they avoid direct confrontation out of fear. This is why they keep things at a passive-aggressive level… or else they go full-butcher when they have the power to do so. For example, the French Revolution devolved into absurd, from the standpoint of strategy, mass-murdering of ordinary townsfolk.

Violence, potential or realized, is part of life. Those of us who had been in real fights know that this is not frivolous business. An illustration from the proverbial bar on how violence can be handled:

  • A king in a bar: does what he wants, doesn’t cry when one day somebody kills him.
  • A normal man: doesn’t provoke, owns his space, picks his battles, and goes all-in when he commits to action.
  • A gamma: mouths off faster than he can rein in his repressed aggression, looks in panic for the bouncer.

Gammas instinctively favor centralized power because it gives them cover to run their mouths. And to push deeper into the gamma’s ugly psyche, positioning oneself on the favored side of power offers him a chance to destroy better men. In free local cultures, an honor code enforced by decentralized violence keeps everyone honest. The gamma can’t cut it there, at least not where his ambition outpaces his goods, so he subverts the natural order to advance a tyranny.


49 thoughts on “Gamma Males And Violence

  1. He wanted an invitation to your table. You neglected an opportunity to create an ally. Inviting him to sit with you would have been the bravest move, and turned his moral outrage upside down.

    Remember that for next time because there will be a next time.

    [that is a very interesting point on a number of levels.  –PA]

  2. I’m seeing this type of stuff a lot these days from both men and women … a by-product of feminizing men and masculinizing women … anyway, this guy was out of line … if he was secure with himself, he could have asked you politely if you wouldn’t mind moving to another table so he could watch his kids …

  3. If he wanted to share the table he probably should’ve just asked if he could sit there at the end of the table to watch the kids. Saying “are you leaving soon?” is a little intrusive and annoying, it makes people respond “I will leave when I damn well please”… especially someone like PA who doesn’t like someone messing with his personal space in public. 🙂

  4. I like tteclod’s point for its outside-the-box perspective, good to keep in mind. Sometimes you can meet a good guy who’s having a bad day.

    That wasn’t the case here tough, as I saw it. His huffing after we talked was bitchy. That’s also consistent with the point about feminized males. And yeah, he was impatient and intrusive. It’s better to avoid contact with gammas until they work out their problem because they’re toxic.

  5. Gammas are weak and they know it. Passive-aggressive is a behavior exhibited by women, for obvious reasons. He couldn’t make you get up, probably knew he couldn’t persuade you into moving/sharing, and was afraid of getting his ass kicked if he actually escalated into violence. Gammas try to act tough hoping you’ll buy it. You didn’t, hence the hissy fit. At that point, he knew he wasn’t getting his way. His only salvation was to make you look like an asshole to anyone who may have been watching, which is why he noisily moved a table. As I said, complete female behavior from start to finish.

  6. I like the insights we get into PA’s character. He seems brave and stalwart and true, in equal measure.

    From what I can tell, PA is the kind of individual Poland used to produce in droves: the Polish knight on horseback sallying forth against the German Teutons and holding them at bay even though the Germans outnumbered him. The term was voyvodes.

    The European force against the Mongol invasion was a combined German-Polish force under Polish command. I envisage PA’s warnings and legit scowlings against the nonwhites entering the White Sphere to be the modern equivalent of that ancient battle. The hordes are coming in and only a voyvode can stop them.

  7. I like the insights we get into PA’s character. He seems brave and stalwart and true, in equal measure.

    In exactly equal measure, or is it more like 30 / 30 / 40?

  8. I can’t imagine asking someone to move to a different table. I’m guessing he could have watched his kids from another table, even if he wasn’t quite as close.
    Females are passive aggressive. I’m learning to take it in stride. I always regret letting it get to me. Best way to handle it is stand up for yourself initially and then let it go.

  9. I think that up-nods are modern as opposed to old school.

    Clint Eastwood did not do them. On the rare occasions that he nodded, it was the standard down-nod.

    Tony Soprano does not do up-nods, he did down-nods. And of course the higher up on the ladder a man, the more barely perceptible is his signal. A famous scene in Sopranos in the last season when Tony and Paul and Bobby are deciding to bring in some hitters to take care of New York, and Bobby asks “Who do you want to run it?” and Tony gives him the nod but so slight it can hardly be seen (and Paulie’s third-place status is also signaled).

    A commenter at CH made a similar point, that in the South, where men still exist (apparently, or so they say), they old school guys don’t do up-nods, they do down-nods, eyes not averted.

    Kevin James jewish comic, had a good bit on down-nods. And so the very involvement of Kevin James, likable as he may be, calls into question their provenance.

  10. I like the insights we get into PA’s character.

    Well, my insight is that he’s someone who you don’t wanna fuc*k with in public. He will contest every foot and inch and concede nothing.

    The European force against the Mongol invasion was a combined German-Polish force under Polish command.

    Well, the only thing that stopped the Mongols is that they had to return home abruptly to deal with internal matters. They had already ravaged Hungary at Mohi in the 1240’s and the rest of Europe was open had they wanted to take it, as their military ability and understanding was comically far ahead of European armies.

  11. My guess is he is one of those men who can’t handle his own kids. That may be why he was already on edge.

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  13. Implying that you should move, so that they can sit there, is at best bitchy.

    And at worst it is insulting.

    But in the context of this modern world wherein a glut of gamma males? it is bitchy.

    The larger theme is that this clown world is the backdrop of our lives.

    That is what Seinfeld was about. He was a sharp-ass jew, and I would say a good guy. His show was about how people didn’t know how to behave, and all the weirdness that comes from that as a starting point.

    Yesterday I at a local woodland park, Eeyore’s 100 Acre Wood, taking some time to enjoy the leaf-out and looking for champion trees, which one I found, a white oak maybe 400 years old.

    And unusually enough I crossed paths with a young woman, twenty-something and good-enough. And at the exact moment where in a sane society, we would exchange greetings — this is on a parkland trail and no one else is around! — she zones into her phone and pretends that it is more exciting. Other people have noted this exact same behavior tic … and i have to say, it is annoying.

    So I walked up to her and grabbed her by the upper arm, and said that she didn’t have the option of ignoring me.

  14. So I walked up to her and grabbed her by the upper arm, and said that she didn’t have the option of ignoring me.

    Well, that was mighty black of you.

  15. — His only salvation was to make you look like an asshole to anyone who may have been watching, which is why he noisily moved a table.

    A good analysis. Fits with my own take on the dynamic.

    — Paulie’s third-place status is also signaled

    The Sopranos was the counterpoint to The Godfather myth-making. Paulie was the most loathsome major character, chaotic evil, if you will (I saw Tony as lawful-evil with chaotic-good impulses). Another point about TV show characters: Walter White is an example of a successful gamma.

    — a combined German-Polish force under Polish command.

    Yes, that was against Turks at Vienna. King Jan Sobieski led the coalition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army, German states, Italian states, and Hungarians.

    — Well, the only thing that stopped the Mongols

    One legend from the 13th century Mongol raids is about a watchman in Cracow’s city walls tower who sounded an alarm when he saw the Mongols. An arrow hit him on the throat as he played. On Polish radio, noon is announced with the sound of a trumpet that gets cut off.

    — My guess is he is one of those men who can’t handle his own kids.

    His kids were ok. His son is close in age to mine and the two boys later had a normal kid-conversation. My guess was that his wife, who wasn’t there, may have been a source of his frustration.

    — she zones into her phone and pretends that it is more exciting

    Walking in DC not too long ago, I saw a very pretty girl blindly walking right for me, absorbed in her iPhag. I stopped, crossed my arms, put a big grin on my face, and “loud-whispered” WAKE UP! as she almost walked right into me. She jumped and almost flung her phone away, then said “sorry” and blushed.

  16. Suburban Elk,
    If you really did that, you are lucky you are not in a jail cell right now.
    You could have just said “hi” loudly, so she was forced to respond.

  17. Yeah, dragging the chair to purposefully make unnecessary noise could qualify as a sissy diva “woe is me” kinda move.

  18. I won’t say that such thoughts don’t cross my mind.

    And having been on the receiving end of real-world violence on a number of occasions, one has a different perspective on things.

    Many and probably most women in America and Western Europe etc, don’t get that perspective. And they shouldn’t have to, right?

    Of course they shouldn’t have to. (And neither should baby boys ala genital mutilation, for that matter.) However, if I can rant about women — and it is topical on a thread about gamma males — if their attitude and behavior isn’t to be checked by the reality of personal violence, then it has to be checked by something else.

    In the past, that check was the strictures of the Patriarchy. But now that doesn’t exist. And so women’s behavior is out of control.

  19. The meta-reality is two white fathers contesting finite table space because “diversity.”

    Those who trivialize this event simply do not understand how virtual reality is created via “table space” and “diversity” can never alter this underlying reality.

    “We” fight for “table space,” BUT NOT TO SIT and watch our kids.

  20. I am a gamma male on a bad day, and sigma on a good one. It is what it is.

    I absolutely feel that my life was retarded constricted and circumcised, in its trajectory and outcome, by being inflicted with mutilated genitals.

    The course of my sex life and intimate relations did not develop as they otherwise would have.

    The innervation profile (correct medical term) was radically reduced and altered, and made more consistent with primitive hominids, than with those fully evolved.

    Of course it frustrates a man. For god’s sake.

  21. Surely Clint would have said “Sure, you can have the table. But you have to fight Clyde first.”

    What’s annoying about gamma guy is really his narcissistic sense of entitlement. tteclod’s comment was probably the right response though.

  22. Elk…

    You are passively demonizing your parents when you should be aggressively pressing them with your God-ordained free will.

  23. Just thinking about this article some more … (My take is these “posts” should be called articles, just like newspaper articles) …

    The interesting angle that hasn’t been mentioned is, what is the store’s role/responsibility under such events?

    If you aren’t breaking any laws, do the baristas have a cultural responsibility to intervene and help you out? I think it’s obvious that in most cases they would do nothing, in our modern world, but should they?

    I would argue that losers who act belligerently fall within the responsibility of Starbucks to clean out. One loser can disturb 30 normal customers. That’s $500 worth of business lost to get $2.

    I would further argue that PA should have been able to access the staff for help without having to do everything himself.

    And finally, although I’m not a big fan of the police, they should be a possibility if someone gets up in your face.

  24. Maybe it’s my Scandinavian upbringing; but I would be completely bewildered in this situation. I dislike strangers talking to me or even coming within several feet of my personal space. I can’t understand the mind of a person who would impose themselves like that.

  25. “His kids were ok. His son is close in age to mine and the two boys later had a normal kid-conversation. My guess was that his wife, who wasn’t there, may have been a source of his frustration.”

    Well, I’m glad I caught that in the comments, because I was coming away with a sort of counter-tteclod impression that maybe this guy was a lone nut!

  26. We’re near apogee for “the rules.” Even grabbing a woman by the arm can and will get you arrested and CHARGED with battery. Short of having video evidence of minding your own business and being basically sucker-punched, even if you win the battle you’ll be arrested, possibly charged, possibly lose your professional license (if any) and your CCW (if any.) This means that rule-followers are extremely averse to conflict, even if plenty of testosterone circulates in their blood. This goes double if you really are carrying a gun, b/c if you begin to lose any altercation, self-preservation may require you to employ it (and potentially suffer George Zimmerman’s fate.) The more you have to lose, the more you have no choice but to knuckle under to this idiocy.

    There are very large numbers of people alive today simply because it’s against the law to kill them. Yours was an interesting experience. I’m much more familiar with being in that situation and a rowdy group of blacks enters and sits right next to my group/family, instantly driving us out due to the massive increase in noise, chaos, implied hostility and potential for confrontation.

    In general, I either must too rarely go out in public to get this crap or my appearance provides white gammas enough disincentive in the first place. I’m not quite as tall as Eastwood but I’m a lot uglier and probably look angrier than Dirty Harry on a good day.

  27. My guess was that his wife, who wasn’t there, may have been a source of his frustration.

    “I’ve been stuck with the kids all week [not working] while YOU went to work and out drinking with your friends! Well now I’M going to brunch with the girls and YOU take Jayden and Olivia for a change!”

    This was what the man heard a short while earlier, as he began his fifth straight sexless week.

  28. I had a similar/tangential idea about violence just the other day. White violence is more honorable than black violence. White men are generally peaceful except when they declare war, and though war has a lot of ugliness it’s up front, clear sides, has a beginning and an end, and the winner and loser understand their places. Black violence is less organized, not contained in wars, gang violence and domestic violence are far more prominent and you never know who is your enemy which is why black men kill each other at such high rates, gotta draw first even if you’re not sure whether the other guy is playing.

  29. @PA. this is a daily occurrence where I live and people are crowded and stressed to the max.

    I can read the situation like you and know it’s a gamma about to explode.

    I used to escalate these things and then let the guy go nuts or put him in his …or her place.

    But these public scenes became something to avoid with the advent of social media and people immediately pulling out their phones and recording any arguement and posting it.

    Be wary of that in these instances of gamma escalation. They often manage to evoke sympathy…the smiling shit lord is not yet seen as a paragon of virtue. That will change when these videos become a common occurrence which is something fast approaching.

  30. People call the cops, instantly and for anything.

    And the police, for their part, are happy to oblige and “earn” their pension by mediating low-level civil dispute that in the past would have resolved in its own way and in accordance with Natural Law.

    In the ghetto, they don’t call the cops.

    And it does not reflect well on White people, that instantly and for anything, the police are called.

    They say that that is a problem of Scale, and (by my lights) that is a correct if partial explanation.

    It is not just Scale though, it is the breakdown of an integrated and vertically structured community that goes with it.

    If there is an integrated and structured vertical community, then disputes can be resolved by the players at hand. But as it stands, the players don’t know who is who, and no one knows the Rules.

  31. Call it omega, lambda, alpha, gamma whatever, but it’s always been my policy to let people run off at the mouth all they want if they’re not actually in my face – until I actually suspect they may be thinking about putting hands on me.

    Then, things change.

  32. In the ghetto, they don’t call the cops.

    Down South in college towns the heavy partiers aways look to live in a slightly blacker part of town. You can do what you want and nobody calls the cops, and there’s always weed dealers nearby.

  33. Regarding the Hierarchy, I reiterate my suggestion to add another category:

    Alpha — the King
    Beta — his Men
    Delta — their Followers
    Epsilon — Laggers who are struggling hard but not given up

    Sigma — Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise; also perhaps in Fight Club
    Gamma — Edward Norton in Fight Club

    Omega — many such cases
    Lambda — lacking appropriate hormonal and or sex expression


    I see the first two groupings as different tracks, for different types of people.

    The last grouping is for those people who are too fucked up and can’t get it back on track.

  34. An acquaintance I saw this morning. Fifty-something, regular guy, local. White. Father.

    He got his face smashed and not lightly, by Somalis, at the local grocery store. Yeah. His nose was broken and his eye looked pretty bad. It was unclear whether it was a flash mob, or whether it was a confrontation between their black selves that other people got involved in.

    I didn’t press for too many details because sensitive. He was fucked up, and has to get that nose correction surgery. He is taking it like a man. But the ‘funny’ detail, is that as I am listening with my I-can’t-believe-you’re-telling-me-this-face — he goes into an anti-racist qualification about “not judging a whole group of people by the actions of a few bad apples.” (exact quote)

    My response to that was, that those are two separate considerations: First, it is unfortunate that he was assaulted and hurt. And second, the fact that it was Somalis, and associated concerns about that (i.e. racism). But he didn’t like the sound of what I was suggesting, and double-downed on his good-think.

    I didn’t even bring up the Somali angle. I think he knows that I am a racist, and so felt compelled in advance, to defend them.

    If this went down as he suggested — and his beat-up face is evidence — then this is a big deal, in the local community. Mob violence at Cub?

    From what he said, it was not a flash mob, but a gang fight that spread, but my intuition was that he was covering for them, in that weird way of minimizing the bad scene that it was.

    He is un-insured, and that nose surgery will run well into five figures.

    And what is the local community network response to that. I can say what it will be: security in the form of off-duty cops. And more on-duty police as well.

  35. “My response to that was, that those are two separate considerations: First, it is unfortunate that he was assaulted and hurt. And second, the fact that it was Somalis, and associated concerns about that (i.e. racism). But he didn’t like the sound of what I was suggesting, and double-downed on his good-think.”

    Of course, those are NOT two completely separate and un-related things.

    Positing them as such seemed like a way to allow him to maybe consider, that Somalis and their presence here can be evaluated for its effect on us, without him having to come to conclusion that he will eventually:


  36. More liberal college craziness. School proposes that minority students should be paid for the effort it takes to conform to standards, aka “emotional labor.”

    One flyer refers to non-white students as “victims of emotional labor” because they must exert energy to make others comfortable and live up to societal expectations, and suggests they should be paid for their trouble.

    The other flyer, addressed to white students, instructs them to seek out other white people who are committed to social justice issues, and to be “mindful” of their privileged position.

    Both signs, which are marked with the Scripps College administration’s stamp of approval, define “emotional labor” as “the exertion of energy for the purpose of addressing people’s feelings, educating, making people comfortable, or living up to social ‘expectations.’”

  37. — Epsilon — Laggers who are struggling hard but not given up

    I’d like to hear more about Epsilon. As it stands, they seem to me to be either self-aware Gammas/Omegas, or low Deltas trying to do better. The thing about Delta, is that it a very broad category, pretty much meaning “normal, functional men without exceptional leadership or seduction gifts.”

    Can you make a case for Epsilon as a qualitatively separate group?

  38. Epsilon is a provisional Delta.

    My idea of the Hierarchy in these our times, is that those people with a designation in the two groupings:



    Those with these designations, have a place. Whereas Lambda and Omega do not.

    And the category of Epsilon allows for the uncertainty and confusion of this our modern age. So many people are barely functional. They barely exist in the real world outside of the internet. They hardly are socialized (outside of the internet). Whatever their hit points, their health is not maintained.

    Such people have not earned their Delta patch. And yet, they are not outcast.

    So in this system. Delta and upward, are full functional members of the caste system (society).

    Epsilons are provisional Deltas.

    In the military, in historical times and presumably today, soldiers who are not “blooded” have a provisional status. They are recognized as soldiers but their insignia is an outline and not filled-in.

  39. More liberal college craziness.

    I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Harvard has plans for a separate graduation ceremony for blacks. So now that Haaaarvaaard is practicing segregation, does that mean it’s ok for the rest of us?

    One thing I think you get Cam, which I have to remind some of the gen-xers of, is just how bad the campus SJW lunacy has become over the past 8 years. What’s remarkable to me is that these cult marxists thought they could indoctrinate this generation with anti-white identity politics without anticipating a backlash. Then again lefties aren’t that smart. They thought they had the narrative locked down but we learned how to play identity politics too, but we do it better lol

  40. PA, yeah, I remember categorizing Bernie as a Gamma. His wife was a huge clue too.

    Suburban elk: Possibly. I would see “Epsilon” as either a low Delta, or an immature Delta.

    OTOH, I have had the idea for some time that VD is too liberal with the Delta category. For example, what about a man on the Omega-Sigma continuum who does as well with women as a Delta? The regular, Band Of Brothers Delta would not fit him at all.

    Or what about an otherwise stereotypical Alpha leader of men type who routinely dumpster dives, and never does any better with women than the occasional 7 at most? (ahem Bill Clinton ahem)

    Lastly: We know that Gamma is Alpha ambition without Alpha goods. Meanwhile, Sigma is Alpha goods without Alpha ambition.

  41. I am passive aggressive

    Before we were married, I bowed, against my wife’s wishes, to my my mother’s and sister’s directions to have a “formal” wedding. They invited cousins, aunts, and others to the wedding.Nobody on my wife’s side were able to attend.

    We were married in a church that was not of my wife’s choosing. I chose a local church that we had no history of attending. My wife wanted to marry in the church that we attended.

    On our honeymoon, I squealed “gotta have room, give me room” in the bed may wife paid for. The item that crowded me turned out to be a pillow.

    My wife wanted to go to New York our honeymoon, and I said no. Said it was too hot there. We went to south Florida instead, were the heat was even hotter.

    During the honeymoon, my wife wanted to go to a famous water show that she attended when she was young. I did not want to wait one day for the rain to stop so we could see it.

    My wife asked me to drive her back from an outpatient surgery. I bailed at the last minute and she had to drive herself.

    My wife had another outpatient surgery and I went home to eat during the surgery. I was not there if something happened.

    She was there for me when I needed her for medical issues.

    We bought a lesser house together, while my wife found a much better home in a different neighborhood that was a better buy financially.

    I made the decision to fix the house up nice, when my wife’s idea was to just paint it and move in. Her idea would have been the most prudent.

    My wife had separate bank accounts, and I made us consolidate, against her wishes, the multiple accounts. I now have separate accounts for various monies.

    My wife wants a regular drive way (like everyone else) into our house, and I insist on a pigtail into the home. We have had the pigtail for years.

    My wife wants a cover for our cars, but I say we cannot afford (see below)

    I insist we buy a piece of property. My wife tells me how much we should pay. I pay 2 1/2 times as much. In another, I buy a piece of property that she does not want to buy. I insist and purchase anyway.

    In the above transactions, she tells me it is time for her turn to make a decision. I say yes it is, but am going to do it anyway because it is a good deal.

    Ate with my wife and daughter zero times, but ate with many family members at the table a lot of times.

    Daughter baked me my favorite cake, but did not taste it.

    Wife baked me a birthday cake, and I did not touch it.

    At a local restaurant, I was rude by making out the food was bad. Showing out that I did not want to be there.

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