“My Open Hand Has Turned Into A Fist”

A beautiful song and video, with English subtitles. I offer no commentary on the war in Donbass.

Open thread.


39 thoughts on ““My Open Hand Has Turned Into A Fist”

  1. The music-video format really came of age in the Nineties. This war video shows several good techniques. It pulls the heartstrings with the children’s images, and the divide between child and adult soldier is saddening and yet forceful — someday the child will grow into the man, and it is likely he will carry an assault rifle in his left hand as well.

    What I see this video as being is a history lesson in general. Pay heed or the circle will come round again.

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  3. In America, an open-hand slap can be interpreted by law as less criminal than a closed-fist punch.

    Have *you* ever open-hand bitch slapped another male into submission? It is an extremely powerful statement especially if he’s a punk-azz migger.

  4. Thordaddy, ever seen that Deus Vult video from France? A nog mocks people engaged in an open-air prayer and gets the open palm treatment.

  5. This war video shows several good techniques

    Good point. Patriotic/heroic art has a rhetorical structure for appealing to emotion. I’d be interesting to look at various kinds of approaches to those kinds of videos.

    The 4-minute video and song is a new form. Another example: WN videos such as that Russian Stolniygrad “Grab The Axe” video.

  6. I have not, PA… Honestly, I’m not much for video watching in the totality of my anti-information overload protocol… But I’ll check it out… I enjoy seeing niggers get checked. It is a sign of healthy white life.

    [I’ll look for it when I get home and post it in the comments. Worth seeing. — PA]

  7. My favorite band – Yes – was finally inducted into the RRHOF this week, by Rush; another one of my favorite bands. If you’re interested, the ceremony is on youtube and very nice.

    Someone here once commented that black and White music exist on different planes of consciousness. I present a Rick Wakeman keyboard solo as evidence:

  8. Does “open thread” mean that I can post this video which everyone here needs to see asap?

    [sure does! – PA]

  9. — The song is a cover of a well-known Russian rock band from the 80s.

    Thanks. Listening to the original now. It definitely has that Eastern European ’80s sound.

  10. — My favorite band – Yes – was finally inducted into the RRHOF this week, by Rush

    Yes and Rush (along with ELP and a few others) seem to be the favorite bands of a certain type of a brainy-musician type. This describes a friend of mine, who is an excellent guitarist. Rush is his all-time favorite band. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Coldplay in distant second and third.

    Not entirely my scene but for my part, few songs in their style get as good as Yes’s “It Can Happen.”

  11. This would take more time than I have at the moment but something someone recently wrote about Breaking Bad comes to mind: “even when (((their))) films/shows are good, they still leave you with a hollow feeling.” It’s a perspicacious observation.

    When watching the Donbass video above, I don’t come away from it with the feeling that there is sawdust in my bread. Something about the aesthetics of the video was satisfying on a higher level. Possible reasons: actors look fit but not gym/trainer-jacked like cartoon characters; no “diversity;” women are pretty but not glamorous; proper sexual polarity — the men look at the camera and the women smile and look at the men.

    When you look at trailers for some new American TV series, it’s the opposite: every actor is a jacked douche with soft hands, the Diversity makes it undigestible, everyone has that puerile look of Hollywood-cool posturing, every woman has a resting bitch face.

  12. The video is infuriating. White people really need to learn to stay away from those situations.

  13. “Good point. Patriotic/heroic art has a rhetorical structure for appealing to emotion. I’d be interesting to look at various kinds of approaches to those kinds of videos.” — PA

    Thanks, PA. BTW, I hope you recognize me from before. I had a rough beginning here with you, when I totally forgot my netiquette. I will avoid advertising my website while I am here. I pretty much tracked muddy bootsprints over everything.

    I would like PA and Sorcerygod (me) to be on a more knowing level, somewhat akin to what obviously exists between PA and Thordaddy. I can’t write so much as him due to the demands of my own site, but I will try to comment here when I can. Luckily, I am at a point in my life when I have the time to engage in Internet creativity both there and here.

    I will say a few positive things about your site. Like me, you value a wide range of topics. Also like me, you appreciate commentators. I was going to go more alt-right in my own approach, but I figured that would cast me under a label. Instead, on my Temple I think I’ll talk more about theories I have about the world and the short stories I write.

    Anyway, PA — enough about my site. I won’t bring it up again. I just do so for the sake of comparison. You have an excellent site here and you should be proud of your efforts. You can see its effect in someone like Thordaddy or Nikcrit, who have a vault-y respect for it.

    I do too.

  14. Those on the Alt-Right who publicly opposed the Russian Nationalists have a lot to answer for. But, as usual, no one is ever accountable for their errors.

  15. What’s telling about the video is that even at this advanced age in her life, the white lady DOES NOT KNOW what a nigger is… What a nigger looks like or what a nigger does.

  16. Cool video, PA.
    please don’t take offense to this, but I am fairly certain very few contemporary white Americans will be moved or inspired by this song and video. The political dots they would have to connect are too remote and abstract for that immediate catharsis the medium of the music video is intended to evoke.

    For myself, when I need a good dose of implicit whiteness after working with sullen dindus all day, I put on some Taylor Swift. She is an exquisite manifestation of implicit whiteness and Aryan beauty, and the male foil in this video aint bad either.

  17. — very few contemporary white Americans will be moved or inspired by this song and video

    That always crosses my mind when I post EE material. This blog is for a Western audience (if I ran a Polish-language blog, its content would be different) and I wondered how the mileage for that video will have varied.

    Videos, shows and movies are entertainment, and at their highest level of function they tell stories about us and the arc of our destiny. But Western entertainment is in Jewish hands and as is clear to anyone who watches television, it’s dehumanizing. Even when it’s “mostly good,” as in my example above of Breaking Bad.

    So there is this hunger for stories that affirm us, rather than mock or indoctrinate. What songs or videos are out there for me to post, when it comes to contemporary output? (other than Taylor Swift, which I agree is nice) Are Russian videos too remote in their Slavic particulars for Westerners to relate to?

  18. — very few contemporary white Americans will be moved or inspired by this song and video

    Anybody remember that alt-right blogger OneSTDV? He used to idolize Taylor Swift in a big way, then just disappeared one day and hasn’t been hear from since.

  19. Steven Miller (Jewish) is a Trump advisor (he’s under Jared Kushner) who doesn’t get enough respect. He’s allegedly friends with Richard Spencer, too. They attended Duke together.

    [I’ve seen good things written about Miller by those on our side who keep a closer eye in the inner workings of this administration. — PA]

    He wrote these articles during his time at Duke during the height of the Lacrosse paranoia, when the players still faced rape charges:



    This travesty has been allowed to continue because we live in a nation paralyzed by racial paranoia. It’s not that leaders don’t recognize this is an injustice the same way they would if the races were reversed-it’s that because this case has been turned by professors, activists and of course Nifong himself into a white vs. black issue, they are terrified that their efforts to put a stop to Nifong’s crusade would be perceived negatively by the black community and that there would be a political price to pay. And these political concerns trump their commitment to justice.

    From 2nd article:

    But when a black man was recently accused of raping a white Duke student at a party hosted by members of a black Duke fraternity, suddenly these great defenders of virtue fell silent.

    There have been no protesters, no signs, no one chanting and screaming in front of the house where at least one member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. live demanding they “come forward” with what they know. No one is demanding President Brodhead take action or that we cure a sexist and racist campus culture in response to these accusations. No professors are running ads that convey guilt or claiming, as they did before, to know the alleged crime was racially motivated. (To quote professor Mark Anthony Neal’s repulsive statement: “regardless of what happened inside of 610 N. Buchanan Blvd., the young men were hoping to consume something that they felt that a black woman uniquely possessed.”)

    Though people condemned the lacrosse players for the apparently anomalous act of underage drinking, not a word has been uttered about the marijuana, cocaine and Oxycontin found at the house where Phi Beta Sigma members hosted their party. The racial left claimed the lacrosse players got preferential treatment because they were white. In reality, their skin color appeared to earn them something very different-a witchhunt.

  20. I owe an effort to be better informed about the War in Donbass.

    The video in the original post is documentary, and pays respect to the people there. The babushka’s grief over her grandson, and the other faces.

    Civilian casualties ongoing in the Ukraine. Wtf is going on. How intensely partisan do the local Slavs feel about the cause there?

    I have heard some Ukrainians are insanely anti-Russian. There was a notorious you-rube clip of some Ukrainian muscle-head whose mission in life is to put down as many Russians as he can, and they say he went on to do personal security detail for Chechan heads-of-state.

  21. If you read that article — or any such article — without prejudice in favor of liberal norms, it’s like being at a cocktail party where everyone sees normal people and you see demons standing around and holding their drinks. That’s a wild metaphor for the normalization of anti-White policies that the US government has institutionalized over the decades.

    Lawrence Auster was among the first to point to the everyday evil and sheer alienness of liberalism. A restored America will send back everybody named “Chien.”

  22. A restored America will send back everybody named “Chien.”

    The irony of it all is that her very name is a racist micro-aggression as “Chien” means dog in French. LOL

  23. I wonder how a C.E.O. running such a profitable hi-tech company would not be mindful of the wrath he was creating within the p.c. bureaucracy? Beyond any moralizing, just how could he have achieved what he did while being that oblivious to labor politics? Makes you wonder if he was calculated in a ‘intentional dissident’ kind of way?

  24. I wonder how a C.E.O. running such a profitable hi-tech company would not be mindful of the wrath he was creating within the p.c. bureaucracy? Beyond any moralizing, just how could he have achieved what he did while being that oblivious to labor politics? Makes you wonder if he was calculated in a ‘intentional dissident’ kind of way?

    Well, they’re only an 800-person company so that is not tiny, but not big enough to have in-house HR lawyers and such. If I was the HR person there I would’ve warned him that emails like that could get him sued or fined (and that’s what happened). All big companies (Fortune 1000) have HR/compliance people on hand and look at/scrub their own hiring practices (including “diversity” levels) with a microscope because they’re a big target for lawsuits.

    Also, it’s Seattle and that’s liberal land, but everyone is still a white, male engineer that may just kinda keep their mouth shut about it the subjected if he’s only, say, sending 1-2 emails per year railing against terrorism. Also, you’re not as big of a target for lawsuits in a whitopia like that – everyone who isn’t goy white is East Asian and neither of those 2 groups are particularly litigious. If that company existed in the Eastern half of the US they would’ve gotten exposed long ago.

  25. A left-brained and executive personality, large and in charge and used to having fun with people he likes gets along with …

    and the next thing you know, he’s in trouble and Nina Shapiro and Marsha Chien are writing him up for crimes against humanity.

  26. Over the top shitlord: Peter Zieve, paying white employees to have children, in between developing aerospace technology.

    And check out that face and look. Southwest Slav, would be my guess.


  27. Someone should have taken him aside and said something,

    Look, this isn’t Ukraine, you can’t make jokes about that stuff.

    The one joke you can make, is on America.

    It’s weird how that works. It is like in reverse or something. You have to have an “ironic” and inbred personality for it to make sense.

  28. — Peter Zieve, paying white employees to have children

    He comes off as very woke. Good man walking the walk. And yeah, Shitlord face (That’s a good thing, if he’s reading along and isn’t familiar with the lingo).

    He can use a copy of Vox Day’s “SJWs Always Lie” pronto. He’s holding firm, according to the article, but used the word “apologize” in two conditional contexts. He is speaking with the media on a good-faith basis, though he did hang up on them twice. Why speak with them at all?

    Other facts: as reported, his sister accused him of islamophobia. If true: kick her of your life. My appeal to everyone, and I do walk that walk, by the way: cut all anti-Whites from your life, even if they are blood relatives.

    On a related stream of thought, @schvercraft posted on Gab:

    Also, Americans and Europeans have to get over this idea of permanent loss – unspoken assumption that once an area goes Muslim, it can never be part of Christendom again.

    A mindset that all lands formerly held by Christians/Europeans will be so again would put leftists and invaders on defensive.”

    Also, once an area goes “anything” non-White. As the legitimacy of the liberal state cracks (see my “Trump-era” graphic in the newer post), there will be more and more outspoken, action-oriented men like Peter Zieve. Not criminals or violent activists necessarily, but simply ZFG people who do what they believe is right. Not hire brown foreigners, do pay White employees family-formation bonuses. That’s Whites reasserting their liberty. Those people about whem we say “they have to go back” … maybe they will be lucky if they have even have the option of going back.

  29. I also suspect that Zieve’s outspokenness will have given other business owners similar ideas, along with a quieter approach to doing it. Without Zieve’s brash talk, no one would have heard of what he was doing, and maybe no one else would have thought of doing the same. The seed of an idea has been planted.

  30. — Peter Zieve, paying white employees to have children

    I told my nephew I’d pay him 2,500$ per kid, he just turned 19 and is getting married. He will probably have triplets. lol

    [A good uncle you are. He may keep on having kids just to find your breaking point 🙂 –PA

    PS: seriously, Respect.]

  31. Not the most ever un-balanced article by Post:

    “They get the assumption – the benefit of the doubt – that they are operating in the public’s interest, that this is a worthy organization,” Amarante said. “Is this really how we want to operate? Do we really want to give the federal government’s seal of approval, the imprimatur, to these organizations?”

    The white nationalist movement has its intellectual roots in an old tradition of justifying racial prejudice through appeals to nonscientific theories of human evolution. The movement’s adherents generally espouse discredited ideas about race, arguing that there are important hereditary differences between people of different races. Many also oppose racial integration and support a separate state for whites. [ … ]

    But even organizations that condemn white nationalists’ messages are hesitant about proposals to take away their tax-exempt status. Indeed, major advocacy groups for charities and not-for-profit groups argue that as long as white nationalists do not advocate violence or get directly involved in politics – a prerequisite for their current status – they should be exempt from taxes.

    The white nationalist groups qualify for tax-exempt status because they have successfully argued that they have an “educational” mission, and charity advocates are uncomfortable with an arrangement in which the IRS decides which groups qualify for that educational status based on their messages.

    “It is explicitly not the IRS’s job to make a political judgment on whether they like the content,” said Hadar Susskind of the Council on Foundations, a philanthropic coalition that defends legal protections for donors and charities. “If there’s a hate group that’s out there doing something bad, that’s an issue for the FBI, not the IRS.”

  32. Does anyone actually think donations to VDare would drop if they were not tax exempt? Really?

    Now, if the left is building support for a Federal Tax Protest, more likely based on Trump’s refusal to deliver on his promise, this makes sense. However, the ideal time to do that was in April. Must be a slow news day.

  33. The white nationalist movement has its intellectual roots in an old tradition of justifying racial prejudice through appeals to nonscientific theories of human evolution. — Amarante

    Translation: white Supremacists won’t justify their God-ordained free will with “science.”

    Anti-white Supremacy IS SLAVE IMMORALITY.

    The “government” of MRKA circa 2017 is swarming with third world slaves USED TO BEING USED. Now these vermin occupy places of exacting revenge and use the language of high IQ “white” self-annihilators to make their case and hide a dirty face.

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