Civic Nationalism

“When white people hear race, they think black, brown, red, and yellow; they don’t think white. That’s why white people can say, “Why don’t you people stop talking about race?” They believe that they are Americans. They don’t have a race. They think they don’t have a commitment to a particular ideology other than an ostensible neutrality and objectivity.” —Michael Eric Dyson

Dyson is describing civic nationalism. He might hear such pleas from conservatives and people who are squeamish about White identity in front of him. What does “American” mean any more? An Eritrean immigrant was recently hailed as the first American to win the Boston Marathon since [year]. You can’t even say I am a native American because that already means something else. All thirty two of your great-great-great-grandparents were born here and you aren’t a native American.

At the university, I pushed back on political correctness by relying on similar civic nationalism, my take being that our study of literature should focus on higher things, Matthew Arnold’s “best that had been said and thought” rather than the alien-sounding grievance poem by an ugly Chinese immigrant woman. I had little idea of identity then and I unquestioningly thought of myself as an American because I was white (lower case back then), responsible, hard-working, and an Army veteran.

That whole construction fell apart with the manic messages of inclusiveness, the dilution of the country with ongoing immigration, and the promotion of adversarial identity politics for everyone except us. White identity is a place we are being pushed to. Only an abject cuck, at this point — or a creature of habit and caked-up mental ear-wax — will look around and still insist that we are all Americans. What does American mean, if it officially means “everybody”?

We all experienced that moment when the immigration-invasion finally feels real. For one Irish-American, it happened last summer when the two of us drove into a state park and saw teeming masses of Mestizo families walking, pulling their coolers on their way to picnic. There were thousands of them. The shirtless men glared at us and the children were monstrously obese. It was like passing through a hostile foreign country.

Civic nationalism appears to be incoherent or dishonest because it is. But as recently as three decades ago it worked because it was a compromise that relied on a tacit agreement among U.S. citizens of all backgrounds that the national culture will be based on Protestant values, that Whites are going to be a solid majority with the responsibility of running the country, that minorities (such a quaint word now) will enjoy the fruits of our labor and retain a desired measure of autonomy while remaining respectful of the prevailing norms, and that immigrants, allowed in on a color-blind basis, will “assimilate.” Also — and this was key — that certain taboos will be honored in a let’s not do it and not discuss it way, said taboos hinging on the more uncomfortable realities of human biodiversity and Whites’ natural disgust with mixing.

That may have been workable in perpetuity as long as the numbers worked. But they had to open the borders, weaponize the blacks, open the borders some more, demoralize Whites, and openly declare a war of genocide against Whites.

When someone thirty years ago said: “Why don’t you people stop talking about race? can’t we all just be Americans?” — he was defending that civic nationalist arrangement I described above. People still say it out of habit or manners. But otherwise, nobody believes it any longer.

As Suburban_elk succinctly puts it, “[The Alt-Right] is quite simply the anecdote to that.” Under the pressure of neoliberalism, the European diaspora people of North America are securing their existence and a future for their children by discarding civic nationalism and developing a consciousness of their real identity. The future might be a great White Nation, or it can be a further refinement of identities along regional or cultural lines. Amazing things happen when people understand what they want and they go for it.

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  1. You hear a lot of civic nationalism in what Donald Trump says, but it’s 50’s style.

    Michael Eric Dyson

    He’s far brighter and a better writer than Ta-Heezy Coates. And I think he’s been on the scene much longer.

    But Dyson doesn’t get that kind of big $$ backing because he actually says pointed things that often contain veiled threats or make others uncomfortable. Ta-Heezy Coates has an Obama-like ability to talk voluminously in circles in a way that makes liberals pat themselves on the back for their cathartic anti-racism, but all the while Coates is pouring out a whole lot of meaningless, non-threatening gobbledygook.

  2. The construct of “identity” is surprisingly rather rugged. I am aware that PA is of Polish background. In Poland, the identity “Polish” held up despite their annexation into the Russian Empire of old. The language lasted, the folk dances lasted, the mores and cultural styles persisted.

    Indeed, Poland could be echoed in the various ethnic groups of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which even had a coastline in my ancestors’ Croatia.

    Identity, so long as it is ethnically based, is remarkably strong. It is the national identity which can tear like tissue paper.

  3. He’s far brighter and a better writer than Ta-Heezy Coates. And I think he’s been on the scene much longer.

    But Dyson doesn’t get that kind of big $$ backing because he actually says pointed things that often contain veiled threats or make others uncomfortable.

    I’m willing to argue that Dysoh is a higher-profile black writer and academic than is Coates. Yeah, Coates had his breakout year last year or so, and he’s got a zeitgeist wave to ride as a result. But Dyson was prominent as a guest on MSNBC and has guest hosted that network’s flagship shows for year, filling in for Chris Hayes and Chris Matthews, etc.

    Dyson can be sort-of ‘militant’ in a leftist msm-meme way, a la MSNBC, but I think he’s a bit corny in that way that has black academics riling up upper-middle-class white students but quite alienated from a black prole base that their precious theories occupy.

    Gates is the real poet laureate of black academics; he’s become a trope of certain 21st-century black academic outrages, mainly because of “Beer Gate” or whatever it was tagged, but the real and deserving culprit for that mantle is Cornell West; Gates is deep—– he’s a great profile writer on black subjects as well as topics that are entirely unrelated to current black political posturing — a la his superb, award-winning profile on the late ny times book critic Anatole Broyard.

  4. Dyson says that all whites in the USA should keep an “individual reparations account”:

    Cornell West is still butthur*t over not being invited to Obama’s inauguration. He’s been calling Obama a house nigge*r for 8 years.

    They believe that they are Americans. They don’t have a race.

    Asian immigrants also understand every word of what Dyson said, it just goes without saying. They understand it instinctively.

    But they don’t feel the need to cry about it. Why? – they have the IQ and adaptability to make use of the US economy to succeed in large numbers, unlike blacks who will always lag all others in modern economies.

  5. @PA,
    Re. your particular definition of ‘civic nationalism,’ and how it was workably applied in the 70s and 80s: there are some uncomfortable truths in what you said —— for me in particular and simply in general —– but however brutal, i think you gave a very nuanced description of exactly how it worked.

    And by describing how some of those qualifying details became absent in recent years you also detailed precisely how it went awry.

    Kudos extended.

    [thank you — PA]

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  7. If we go back to Nixon’s explanation of affirmative action, it’s exactly the logic of identity politics, X amount of jobs should go to Y group. It’s how a rational politician divies up the spoils, but it’s a doctrine that rips apart meritocracy, which is one of the 3 major ideologies of the USG elite.

    It’s not surprising that that first major political opposition to the current order came on precisely those grounds in the late 80s/early 90s.

  8. Political activism is an inefficient way to get resources. If black people had the ability to make things nice, they would do so, and not bother with us.

  9. “THey don’t have race” = They don’t have a Father…

    It’s not a take on reality, but rather, the most “minuscule” of manufactured microaggression. And its nano-effect goes to the bone.

  10. Dyson is an ass-speck in the cabal of “talented teeth” much more notable than Coax. Buttwear they DO NOT DISAGREE is at the point of wS. So their differences only have meaning within a PURPOSELY LIMITED paradigm… A paradigm that doesn’t actually acknowledge wS absolutely.

    Yet, both acknowledge “white supremacy,” relatively-speaking.

    And the cuck-minded don’t mind at all.

  11. As Suburban_elk succinctly puts it, “[The Alt-Right] is quite simply the anecdote to that.”

    Antidote, not anecdote. Or is anecdote?? That also kinda works.

  12. Dyson believes white people should open Indiviudal Reparations Accounts. The money in there should be donated to black causes or given directly to a black person.
    This is to atone for slavery.
    I’m reading Out of America by Keith Richburg. He is a black man and an excellent writer.

  13. — Antidote, not anecdote. Or is anecdote?? That also kinda works.

    I carelessly thought Elk did write “antidote” and only saw “anecdote” after publishing the post. I was about to delete that sentence… but just like you said, it sort of makes enigmatic sense in my context. Or it might lead thoughts in a direction that makes sense.

    — meritocracy, which is one of the 3 major ideologies of the USG elite.

    Interesting…. what are the other two: free trade and global policing?

  14. You may not want identity politics. Identity politics wants you. Cuck.

  15. In the best sense of splitting hairs, isn’t Native American a misnomer when it refers to the various indians that were living here at the time?

    The land wasn’t called America or known as America for some time. And if anything, wouldn’t native Americans be those first few generations of colonists and the like that came here specifically for religious freedom?

    On that note, I just found a Peanuts cartoon series I mildly remember from my childhood called “This is America” and was starting to watch bits of the first episode “The Mayflower Voyagers.” What initially stood out was how the religious freedom element was brought up and even a scene where the Pilgrims pray on their voyage, enduring storms on the north Atlantic Ocean.

    All in all, it offers a good, brief synopsis of the moment and I venture to say kids would get something of value from it, if not the adults as well. It’s an 8-part series that touches on important moments in American history.

  16. The land wasn’t called America or known as America for some time. And if anything, wouldn’t native Americans be those first few generations of colonists and the like that came here specifically for religious freedom?

    And the highest estimate I’ve ever heard for “native American” population for the lower 48 states is around 350K total.

  17. wouldn’t native Americans be those first few generations of colonists

    No one group in their time can say with earned confidence that they know through antiquity wh o was here first.

    So, the deed and title goes to those who claim it and those who can hold it.

  18. I see Camlost already mentioned that about the Individual Reparations Accounts. Where do these people get these ideas? On Very Smart Brothers someone mentioned Education Reparations to make Historically Black Colleges and Universities more competitive.
    You sound pretty conservative in your last comment.

  19. @lara:
    Conservative? Maybe. I just think realpolitik truths should prevail when groups are negotiating for here-&-now demands or whatever. Anything less is a waste of time. Blacks and Indians lobby and make demands with the US government, not each others personal interest groups. If that doesn’t lead to agreed-upon concessions then take it from there. That’s proven to be the only course of action that leads to results. And that course may lead to claiming one’s stake of whatever amount of leverage WITHIN USG.. To me, this is obvious.

  20. Where do these people get these ideas?

    A lot of that nonsense, particularly shite like this, is conjured solely with ratings and other forms of marketing p.r. in mind. I can easily imagine him and his colleagues laughing over that reparations bit when it first found print; there’s a vocational interest in play here; outrage as a way to garner attention yet not pigeonhole yourself into a totally outrageous realm.

  21. The Czech skinhead looks like he’s trying to speak reason to the young girl. All of the other photos are proof that attention-hungry women will grandstand when 100% sure that it is safe to do so.

    The dredlocked antifa girl at Berkeley learned otherwise.

  22. “Interesting…. what are the other two: free trade and global policing?” (PA)

    The other two are egalitarianism and pre-selection.

    The first is the doctrine that all parties are equal and therefore entitled to respect, at least as long as there’s a USD in there or two.

    The second is the doctrine that the best and brightest have been selected by each “layer” in turn, so that when elite organizations recruit only from wherever, that is right and proper, and anyone who is not already selected by the next layer down is not good enough. It in some ways was forced from the logic of “Griggs v Duke Power”, where companies were effectively excluded from conducting their own testing if it produced disparate impact. You also see it in the extremely limited recruitment funnels for elite positions, but it’s implications trickle down from there.

  23. There is a tough-looking White dude running up in the last frame. A cop? The female teacher got knocked out by incidental contact. The fat black girl was swinging for another and bumped the teacher accidentally with her elbow.

  24. What I find shocking about that video is that A) It was supposedly during AP testing, and B), Benjamin Netanyahu graduated from that high school.

  25. I love how black girl fights are just so crazy. It’s like they flip a switch and the savage comes out. At the same time, they never seem to do much damage to each other. It’s lots of screaming and wailing and arms flailing. The worst part is probably the hair pulling, which they resort to right off the bat. You get real damage when its many-on-one (also routine for blacks, who have no honor), but not so much one on one.

    The white lady apparently got a concussion from the blow. She sure went down easy. Looks like the flailing arm caught her in just the right way. An inch further back and it might have been no damage done.

  26. Black girl fights at my High School used to leave “weave tumbleweeds” all over the place, like what you would see if at a pet groomer.

  27. That video perfectly encapsulates the utter failure of a “civic nationalism” deracinated to its core. The “civic nationalism” embraced by the cucked-up mind HAS NO SOLUTION to the uncivilized nature of the nigress. And this just means her nigger runs radical in EVERY “Civic Nation.”

  28. Pranking college students is pretty damn easy work. You could go and say, “Trump just passed a law to kill all gay people” and they would totally believe it. Though it would be more interesting to ask, “Trump has proposed a massive new tax on white people for past bigotry. What do you feel about it?” and then you’d get some interesting responses!

    I gotta say though, I like the guy in the hammer and sickle shirt! “Gotta collectivize the means of production,” he says. What a tool. Though I guess if by “collectivize” he means “find the cheapest labor possible” then at least he’s backing the right horse.

  29. ‘ Black girl fights at my High School used to leave “weave tumbleweeds” ‘


  30. Re: Camlost

    That’s something right out of the Cultural Revolution.

    The sooner people realize the schools are battlegrounds for the future minds, the better.

  31. The link is to a Jacksonville Florida publication but the incident was in California.

    The plaintiffs are presumably white or at least non-black students who liked a “racist” instagram:

    As two of the plaintiffs were leaving, an incensed demonstrator struck both of them in the head, leaving one of them with a broken nose and the other with cuts and bruises, the lawsuit alleged.

    “Plaintiffs have all have suffered emotional distress due to these incidents,” the complaint read, “including anxiety, fear, insomnia and other distress.”

    The excerpted complaint references emotional distress but leaves out the cuts and bruises and broken nose.

    At the link is a milquetoast comment from a Grumpy OldMan:

    In the United States, it is not illegal to be a racist. Even racists have rights. The right to freedom of speech and expression of thoughts and beliefs is fundamental. Punishing one for ‘liking’ a comment is a violation of the Constitution. These ‘educators’ should be ashamed of themselves

    Wrong is wrong even when it is done for good reasons..

    Note the lame punctuation and the tentative condemnation. What a faggot. Get some balls, old man.

  32. That comment from Grumpy OldMan is the perfect encapsulation of muh Conservatism from gay faggot Boomers and Silents.

    It could not better demonstrate accepting the moral frame of the Left.

    Wrong is wrong even when it is done for good reasons..

    If something is done for “good reasons” then how is it wrong? you fucking idiot.

    However, in his defense. The ‘moral’ (or whatever) aversion that regular White people have, to racism — is not simply brainwashed programming. It is how we are.

    There is a recent bio-spergy article at Unz i think that confirms Whites and NW Euros particularly have the least amount of ethnic preference for themselves.

    Which is the reason why our societies have to be organized by people who are qualified to be leaders, and think of the future.

  33. “Whites and NW Euros particularly have the least amount of ethnic preference for themselves.”

    That probably is not a technically exactly accurate statement. If mating habits were analyzed, for instance, it might prove wrong.

    But in terms of ethnic solidarity, NW Euros are lagging.

    The other thing about Grumpy OldMan’s comment that is right, is that the educators who pulled that stunt, god willing should suffer real civil law consequences for damages, for those students suffering a broken nose no less.

    Talk about out of control civil servants.

    Has anyone else noticed, in misc recent videos of the civil disturbances here and there, and in real life experience, that the police are getting bigger, on average, in their standard deviation difference from the mean population?

  34. — Wrong is wrong even when it is done for good reasons.

    A variation on the good old “I’m not a racist, but…”

    Civic nationalism worked when a then-stable status quo was defended against the relative extremism from either the Left or the Right. A doofus who still defends that compromise is like a man who insists on standing on a sinking island, as the two rescue ships pull away in opposite directions.

  35. That school district is near Berkeley. If you choose to live there, this should be expected. The school district’s handling of the situation was beyond stupid. If it happened at home, it isn’t even their business.

  36. Civic nationalism worked when a then-stable status quo was defended against the relative extremism from either the Left or the Right.

    This is a important distinction that I appreciate you making, specifically noting ‘relative extremism from EITHER the left or the right.’ Absent one or the other (i.e. ‘the left’ and ‘the right’), societal collapse is then scapegoated entirely to ‘the other,’ be that other political, racial or whatever. But as you state it, societal functionability has a chance that is inclusive and forward looking, given those stringent conditions needed to make it so. Most important, your qualification has evident history on its side; i.e., it’s been achieved in the past.

    So I suppose the remaining question is: can such social/national equipoise be regained? Or are more draconian/exclusive/’fill-in-the-blank’ measures required if things are to ever be functional again?

    I know where my hopes lay —– but only time will tell if history will abide them.

  37. Nikcrit, I have a post on this ready. Will publish it on Monday morning. No future prediction, it’s more of an analysis of then-thru-now.

  38. There is no “extremism” of the right. There is only deviation thereof and So all deleterious friction, i.e. violent extremism, is of the (L)eft. The (L)eft IS DEVIANCY.

    In perpetuation of the (L)eft IS NO SEPARATION ANYWHERE.

    Deviancy rules by totalitarian integration.

    An “extreme right” is evidence of a cucked up mind.

  39. So all deleterious friction, i.e. violent extremism, is of the (L)eft. The (L)eft IS DEVIANCY.

    In perpetuation of the (L)eft IS NO SEPARATION ANYWHERE.

    To your first sentence highlighted above, I can only say: oh, how convenient is that?

    To the second sentence: not true; the ‘right,’as you define it here, has long depended on ‘no separation,’ as a way to define itself via its MEASURED DISTANCE TO ‘THE OTHER.’

    You’ve feebly denied that from the get-go; you simply declare otherwise and rhetorically hope for the best from there, doing nothing more than counting on your hometeam-white audience, with their indifferent or droning acceptance.

  40. Nikcrit…

    Please provide one “extreme right” position and define its “extremism” in relation to what, exactly?

    In order for the right to proceed all that is required is an absence of deviancy… An absence of (L)eftism. Likewise, what is required for deviancy to perpetuate is a total immersion in what is right.

    For example, let’s take “racism” as what is right and its deviation “anti-racism” as what is left.

    Can “racism” perpetuate without “anti-racism?”

    Yes, of course… Because “racism” is right and thus regenerative.

    Now, can “anti-racism” perpetuate without “racism?”

    No, “it” cannot. “Anti-racism” is of the left. “Anti-racism MUST BE INTEGRATED AMONGST the “racists” in order to “survive” AS “anti-racism.”

    So what is right is not a separation equal to the deviation that marks (L)eft from (R)ight.

    What it is right can never be “extreme.”

    You only see extreme separatism in the “right” BECAUSE the deviants are dominate.

  41. Let us take another position on the right, conception, and apply the same thought experiment.

    So because “conception” is right and thus regenerative, conception does not require its deviation, contraception, in any kind of integrative relationship.

    Likewise, because “contraception” is deviant and self-annihilating, “contraception” REQUIRES conception in order to perpetuate. “Contraception” REQUIRES totalitarian integration, i.e., no separation anywhere., with conception.

  42. Nationalism…

    Nationalism is right and thus regenerative. A nation can thrive and strive without a single anti-nationalist amongst her.

    Anti-nationalism is deviant and self-annihilating. Anti-nationalism REQUIRES a totalitarian integration within a nation in order to perpetuate.

  43. Objective Supremacy…

    Perfection is right and thus regenerative without redundancy. Where Perfection is, “equality” is not.

    “Equality” is deviant and self-annihilating. “Equality” perpetuates in the dominating light of objective Supremacy, i.e., Perfection. Totalitarian Integration is axiomatic to “equality’s” deluded “survival.”

  44. Anybody heard of this cute chick Lana Lotkeff? Here she is taking on a New Yorker hit piece on the alt right. I think she’s of EE origin, judging by her cadence when she speaks:

  45. Cam,
    I watched that link and was impressed with Lokteff’s mode of presentation; she doesn’t get defensive, she takes aim and fires and withholds any excess fire; she’s precise in her rhetoric for the most part. The only thing I don’t like is her insistence that ‘no one lies more than the leftist media;” I would argue that journalistic hubris is profound on ‘both sides’ and her one conceit there only serves to add unwanted irony to the rest of her more measured attack.

    It’s interesting to take in her or any ‘side’ rhetoric on these issues while watching those ‘immivasion’ clips throughout Europe; I think Americans have a very different reflexive ‘set point’ when they consider these issues; there’s clearly a immediacy there that isn’t present here or that varies much more in intensity here from region to region.

    Also, i’m not too informed on this but it seems that the American ‘far right’ and the European ‘far right’ have very different aggregate midpoints; i.e., European politicians of consequence, period, seem much, much more liberal to me, if i’m gleaning their political culture clearly, that is.

  46. Check out her Red Ice interview with Bowery, with the you-rube title:

    Radio 3Fourteen – James Bowery – Virulence, Group Selection & State of Nature

    Bowery is sort of a mystic personality. In the above interview he talks of his formative religious experiences, in which he came to understand jewish virulence.


    Red Ice is the gold standard for AR internet content.

    Apparently Lokteff is a Russian name, but isn’t she married to Henrik?

    Her takedown of the NY Fag piece is very to the point.

  47. The NY Fag piece is a study in itself, on the topic of the fagstream’s mistreatment of the emergent and real grassroots politics in the US, and for that matter Europe and the rest of the White world: which emergent politics is the AR.

    I think that can be considered the definition of the AR. And it’s not me, humble old S_e, declaring this: it is simply an accurate conception of what is happening.

    Whites are not represented in their traditional countries, and they are struggling to come to terms with that, and the terms that they come to, comprise the Alternative Right.

    A response to the NY Fag piece would well be worth five thousand words. But if prolix Johnson and Linder haven’t said it already, it probably doesn’t need to be said.

    The graphic at the top of their article is pretty awesome though. I have been checking back on their website for recent comments, and their have been a few of halfway pretty good quality, including with Vox Day’s bullet point list on what is the AR.

    They were called out and their basic incompetence malfeasance, that they didn’t bother to talk with any of the thought leaders. Actually though they did do a brief interview with Johnson.

    The comments section their is weak though, and it just goes to show that the action is elsewhere.

    The basic concepts are SO EASY to grasp: Whites are not represented, in sufficient explicitness, in the politics in their traditional lands. And further, that lack of political representation comes from deficiencies or inadequacies in their self-conception aka their Identities.

    And the fact that the basics of What is the AR? are so simple and unaddressed, begs the question of why is that?

    If these answers are so simple, then why are they unaddressed?

  48. “I had a dream last night … ”

    That was a joke, by the way, Henrik. I don’t covet other men’s wives. And besides, celibacy doesn’t allow for that.

    But on that video. What Lana was responding to, was their specific criticism of her, as “looks obsessed”. That was the tactic that they took.

    And she responded to it quite adequately, but to elaborate, they were simply trying to portray her as shallow.

    After all, it’s only shallow people who are “looks obsesses”, right?

    But the reality is, that we are concerned about our health, and if we lived in a functional society, our society would ALSO be concerned about our health, rather than trying to kill us.

    Which it is. Quite literally.

    And the reality of that, quite literally trying to kill us, is worth repeating. The structure of society is trying to replace us, and a lot of us are brainwashed to the point of going along, but the reality is that that replacement takes place within the lives of the children and the younger generations.

    So it is very unethical. To put it mildly.

  49. Yesterday at the Minnesota State Capital Grounds:

    As supporters of President Donald Trump rallied Saturday inside the Minnesota State Capitol, a small group of white nationalists and about 200 antifascist protesters held a noisy, profane shouting match on the sunny Capitol steps.

    Anyone looking for a daily dose of despair can check the comments to that article.

    First of all, the level of discourse is low. But secondly there is not a single strong voice for the Alt Right.

    There is one voice that is Alt Lite, who says that the Whites might want to retain some influence in their traditional lands, and that those who might want to do that are what the media is calling White Nationalists. But then he goes on to say that that is just a definition he picked up on the internet, and that doesn’t make it right!

    It just goes to level of commenting on mainstream publications. I have an old account for that paper, but do not bother.

  50. — But secondly there is not a single strong voice for the Alt Right.

    Do the comments appear to be moderated/censored?

  51. I don’t know how active that paper is in its moderation these days. Here is a comment on that article and an example of the “thought process” of the Normie:

    Lets just let the Alt Right and the Alt Left cancel each other out so the grownups can live our lives. But then to these groups if life is not lived how they live it then we are wrong because how they live is the only possible way. There are many Alt websites on both sides. Get the two together and build a wall.

    Notice that there is no recognition whatsoever, of the central issue, that the AR would bring to bear: that Whites are seeking their own active and explicit representation, in their traditional homelands.

    However, the simple name recognition on display for the AR, in a big step.


    Obviously, it is kind of bitchy to complain, and then not do anything. I don’t enjoy arguing or posting with normie-fags. Too much frustration, not enough reward.

  52. — “Lets just let the Alt Right and the Alt Left cancel each other out so the grownups can live our lives”

    I have a post on a related subject going up tomorrow morning. I finished it yesterday but traffic from blogs and aggregator sites that auto-link to my new posts is significantly higher on weekdays.

  53. The excerpted comment is interesting in itself though.

    The person writing it has above average intelligence, and the joke they are trying to play, is that the people protesting are just malcontents with no REAL politics, no REAL concerns.

    Which, ironically, is accurate as concerns the Anti-fa. So the joke is a halfway hit: it describes quite well the youthful stupid mentality of the black-clad leftists, bitching about … what exactly? they don’t even know: BLM, blah blah blah.

    But the commenter in question has not begun to grasp, that the “majority” population might have its own interests, and that those interests need expression, or they will get rolled. And that further, that is what the Alt Right is.

    The comment’s meta-irony, if you will forgive the pretense, is that the very act of making the comment indicates that its author is discontent and knows that something is wrong and needs addressing: but doesn’t know where to look and instead accepts the loaded characterization of the AR as “racist White Nationalists” and therefore bad and therefore not the answer.

  54. The STrib is an ultra Left paper. 100% certain they are editing posts there. Whether they say they do or not. If they publish “guidelines” then they are censoring.

  55. But the LARGER POINT is that the alt-rite IS STILL A DEVIATION from what is right… And therefore the alt-rite is OF.THE.LEFT…

    The alt-rite IS STILL anti-white Supremacy…

    And suffering the disease of egalitarianism in rejecting white man’s God-ordained free will. A supreme gift invoking desire for (P)erfection.

    And in the deconstruction of The Perfect Man, hillbillies only have faith and high IQ alt-writers do word play to self-annihilating ends.

  56. A solid identity comprises of certain origin and known destination. In other words, if you know where you originated and know where you are going to end your journey then you possess the key ingredients to formulating a solid identity.

    Contrary to the above is an “identity crisis” and its inherent uncertainty concerning origin and destination.

    In the West, the alt-rite represents that last stage of internalizing “identity crisis” as the normal state of being. Thus, alt-rite is the last psychological obstacle until white Supremacy.

    [I don’t disagree with that. — PA]

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