Dr. Helen comments on a London School of Economics study that shows happiness peaking at the age of 23 and again at 69:

Notice that the theme here seems to be that people are happiest when not raising a family. Everyone in-between is probably dealing with a lot more stress.

What is this “happiness” they speak of? I’m alive and of alert mind, so I scan the landscape with cold hate every single day, but also with gratitude for the small things that make life a gift. The years between 23 and 69 are life’s in media res. At twenty-two, I had dropped out of college and worked two full-time restaurant jobs. And yet, having that smoke with the guys after work on a moonlit summer night made it a good year.

Nobody chooses his birth year and today neoliberalism aims to destroy everything we build, everything we value. So under the present deal, there are things that need to be done and snares to be avoided. Happiness is not the real thing, it is the sunlight that warms your skin when you strike the balance of performing your duty and enjoying your freedom. Other than that, there is silence, trees, and the open sky. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.



19 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. What’s worth looking into is what difference, if any, there is in the ‘happiness’ of 69+ year olds who raised families vs those who have reached their twilight years with no children or grandchildren.

    I’m fairly certain that those who have spent their lives normally – i.e. raising children as part of a nuclear family – and have reached that age having earned some ‘stress free time’ which they can spend with loving adult children and grandchildren will far, far, more content than any childless spinster and most likely any childless bachelor as well.

    Of course you get the odd chap who knew they did not want children and do not regret being childless and even the very odd lady who lacked any maternal instinct and is quite content with childlessness but generally the overwhelming majority do desire children and a family.

  2. “…balance of performing your duty and enjoying your freedom.”

    There is no freedom, only liberty which is often taken away at less than a moments notice. Some have more liberty than others, but there is no freedom.

    [Liberty entails ownership and responsibility, freedom is an anarchic “fuck the world” place to be. I wrote a bit on that last year HERE. — PA]

  3. Your last sentence: It doesn’t take much to make me happy, either, PA. As a teacher, to see progress and success from my students is satisfying and makes me happy. To sit on the couch with my wife, some DVR-ed Alaska reality show, and a frozen yogurt is a wonderful way to end my day. Oh, and hiking with her, playing golf with buddies. That’s what makes a happy life, times with family and friends. God has blessed me with an ability to see the good things – those things are what makes me happy. I pray that the other commenters can find the good things, too, and be happy.

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  5. Somewhere along the line they turned Happiness into a gay thing, but guys like Washington and Jefferson did not think of it like that.

    Those were “serious fucking guys” and so it perhaps bears some pondering, what they meant there with that phrase, the Pursuit of Happiness.

    And its seeming anachronistic goofiness, must shed some light on where they were coming from.

    We tend to think of them as dour noses to the grindstone, sun to sun every day (but Sunday). But they allowed for the Pursuit of Happiness, and not just allowed, but enshrined in their Charter.

    Did the Founding Fathers foresee the Age of Aquarius, then?

  6. Happiness, such as it is, is best served with the standard Life Stages approach.

    There is the BBC Nature documentary with the legendary Brit David Attenborough, called Life Story, available on net-borg.

    Animals go through their life, in the standard way. They are born, they go out and fight for territory and mates, then they raise them to the extent that they do, then they die.

    To the extent that someone follows that script, to their best ability, is the extent that they are happy.

    It is that simple. And as we get older, we know this.

    The White Death is the story of how the Life Stages of White people (in America) have been disrupted by the stresses and problems of the imposed and un-natural multi-race living arrangement.

    This is “obvious” but at the same time, it takes a nobody to insist on it and repeat it, ad naseum, until it gets out.

  7. “The White Death is the story of how the Life Stages of White people (in America) have been disrupted by the stresses and problems of the imposed and un-natural multi-race living arrangement.”

    It is not that simple though.

    The more over-arching factor, is how our living environment, is no longer a natural ecology, but rather man-made.

    So White people live in zoos of their own creation. And then to top it off, they bring in other color people, into their own zoos!

    So now what?

  8. The faults of neoliberalism are many but their overreaching goals may be their undoing. They want everything — they want the world — they may get the boot to the face. Doc Martens boots, perhaps.

  9. — But they allowed for the Pursuit of Happiness

    The Declaration of Independence was originally drafted as “Life, Liberty, and Property” but changed to “pursuit of Happiness.” Maybe he changed it for the word’s loftier connotation, or maybe to cover more of those unalienable rights. Does anybody consciously pursue “happiness,” be it in the 18th century or the current usage?

  10. I’ve been thinking about what PA wrote all last day. I empathize with him and feel for him when he states the “cold hate” he lives with.

    As for me, I have similar feelings, which also bubble up as hot rage sometimes. I feel as if there should have been some agency or authority seeking out high-talent individuals like me, but in the real world there is nothing. Men like PA work at restaurants x2 and individuals of great Internet talent labor on in obscurity while all the liberals grab the official journalist jobs because they suck brownnosing ass and kiss up to the liberals of the top ranks. This world just makes no sense as it is in its INDIFFERENCE.

    I suppose there is some opportunity, but you essentially have to open all the doors yourself.

  11. Opportunity for what?

    Anyone looking for fame and fortune has to write the next hit TV series. Right now it is Bosch.

    That is the America’s contribution to the Humanities, at this point in time: that TV series.

    I have no qualms admitting to entertaining notions of being famous, but be realistic about things. Who is your audience and what is the market?

    I can see a market for mucho a lot of personal story type narrative fiction, in the mold of ZAMM. How broken people growing up with broken dicks in a broken society with no future, repair themselves. Or perhaps there is no future?

  12. The AR talks a lot about alternative media, but we have very little to show for it.

    Political roundtable discussions are fun, but on the other hand, it’s like what more is there to say than,



    Linder has his daily reflections back up and going.

    He takes a very hard line on the jews. Vertical elimination.

    I advocate for the Madagascar solution. In either case they cannot be in positions of influence over White societies.

    Things are a mess.

  13. People’s indifference is a good thing. Do you really want people paying close attention to what you say and do?

  14. There are no incentives for those currently in power to seek out new talent, for it might weaken their own position. Where once our society had elements dedicated to raising people up towards their potentials, now those institutions spent more time policing thought. Where the elites of a community were once interested in strengthening their community and it’s member’s potentials, and indirectly themselves, now they are far more interested in playing court games and policing theur so-called lessers.

    Feudalism, at least in part, came from giving local elites an incentive to defend the Empire from organized bandits. Since the Empire of Nothing has been incredibly effective at suppressing organized bandits, so far that step is not necessary.

  15. What a retarded study. I was profoundly anxious about the future and certainly not all that happy at 23, but 14 years, wedded bliss and several children later, my life couldn’t be better and it gets better every day. Any maroon who claims to be “happy” at the age of 23 reminds me of the losers who claim that high school(!) Is the best years of one’s life. Yeah right! Only if you never actually accomplish anything in life.

  16. Green Party/Leftist President of Austria says that one day all women will have to wear headscarves

    Das feeling when you realize you got cücked again.

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