Whom In This Photo Do You Hate?

If you said “nobody,” you’re not telling the truth. You see two, maybe three principal actors in this photograph and one of them is lower to you than a bug. It is a snapshot from a morality play with a hero who represents your aspirations, a villain representing those who want you gone, and a neutral party where pretense to neutrality is a lie.


What happened:

Ian Crossland, EDL leader, told MailOnline their minute’s silence was disturbed by protesters. He said: “We were holding a minute’s silence for the victims of the Westminster and Stockholm terror attacks. But members of Unite Against Fascism were screaming ‘Nazi scum’ and spitting at us. Yes, I look angry, but who wouldn’t be if someone screamed and spat in your face?

“In the picture she [Saffiyah Khan] is laughing at me while I am telling her to get out of the demonstration and respect the silence. She’s laughing because she’s managed to disturb the demonstration, she’s completed her aim. She’s since claimed that we were abusing a woman in a headscarf. But that’s not true. We only shouted at them after they disrupted the minute’s silence. She is adjusting her story to suit her own ends. There are two sides to every story.”

The divorced 44-year-old father of three, who runs a building company in Sheffield, has been an EDL member since 2013. He said the EDL were protesting against the radicalisation of Muslims in Birmingham mosques.

One side talks about protesting racism and the other side talks about protesting terrorism. But those are just words you say because you might not tell yourself, certainly not the cameras, what the ancient hind-brain counsels: incinerate the toxic biomass.

The feeling of hate is your instinct directing your sympathy toward one or the other party in the photo because they represent your future. When two incompatible destinies occupy one land, as physics is guide, one or both of them will have to go.

In this case, it’s either the smirking welfare recipients protected by a “liaison officer” or the people who saw that their tolerance gave them nothing in return but their backs against the wall in their own home.


88 thoughts on “Whom In This Photo Do You Hate?

  1. “I was quite alarmed by the level of racism against me.”

    Not to be disagreeable, but is that really a lie, on her part?

    She was seeking to create drama and excitement and alarm, and she did.

  2. Superstitiousness and a ‘willingness to believe’ is hard-coded into our bio-social structure, and that part of us has been swept up into a worldwide sorting scheme that is opposed to what White men of good character would like.

    PC is called a religion for good reason. Everyone knows it is bullshit — but you are supposed and required to just commit to it all the more, to be all the more devoted to equality and justice for all.

    But what it really is, is a pledge of allegiance, to the social order.

    And the Social Order in charge, is what it is: mostly jews. But whether or not it is primarily about that ethnic meme, that ethnic strain, is maybe so and maybe not. Maybe that’s not the point.

    On the JQ, my line is that, if it’s not the jews, it’s going to be someone else.

  3. “… is that really a lie, on her part?”

    It’s the word “alarmed” that’s important there, and she chose it carefully. It’s meant to suggest that the level of racism was a danger to her, and she was in fear.

    The big smile on her face, including when she’s surrounded by angry men, states matter-of-factly that she’s experiencing no alarm and is not in fear. She’s smiling in every picture.

    She wasn’t “alarmed”. She’s a liar.

  4. “But those are just words you say because you might not to tell yourself, certainly not the cameras, what the ancient hind-brain counsels:”

    typo here, please edit before a grammar nazi deletes six million of something in retaliation

    [good eye, thanks! — PA]

  5. The only reason she is smiling is because that white cop is right there, protecting her. She should be dead.

    She knows the police will protect her. The police are not there to protect us from them, but them from us.

    White cops and soldiers are the greatest traitors there are; they know the red pill better than most WNs, but they don’t care. The money buys their silence.

    WNs are still too moderate. Anything to avoid the painful truth – minos and liberals must be completely eradicated. There is no “discussion” possible.

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  7. There is no discussion possible with the invaders because you can’t have a discussion with people who want to eradicate you in your own land. There can be no discussion with liberals either, for similar reasons or because reason doesn’t reach them. The only discussion that is possible on an open blog is among ourselves and with normies. All ideas filter out; ones that sound good and sound congruent with one’s innate sense of truth change the way people think.

    There is now talk of Trump making belligerent noises because his base (not WN/AltRight, but misinformed patriot-Americans) want a war. Whether that’s true or not, they are the people we are reaching. Most people still recoil from the word “Hate,” even when hating evil is the most Christian, the most human thing under the sun.

    The invaders’ arrogance does not help their cause, or the One-Worlders’ cause. It’s easier to foster kumbayah attitudes when the aliens are friendly. Why be a hater and not intermix with those nice, open people! If muzz/mudz were good people, Neoliberalism would not have to rely on lies, force, and demoralization to push their project through, and they would not be running into resistance as they tighten the torque.

  8. I had read her side of the story first. I believe the EDL member is telling the truth, although her side isn’t completely wrong. The only thing that made me somewhat sympathetic to the woman is that this man is an out of towner and she lives there. I have seen how upset non whites get when white people stick up for themselves or advocate for themselves in any way. It is not surprising there were many Muslims coming out to disrupt this demonstration.
    If I were a non white living in England, and I liked it there, I’ll admit I would not willingly leave. I’d probably try not to antagonize the natives, though.

  9. Being of Paskistani origin, she’d get her head lopped off if she got defiant and smirky with men (especially police) in public in her home country. It would be swift.

  10. “The only thing that made me somewhat sympathetic to the woman is that this man is an out of towner and she lives there.”

    The woman is an invader and doesn’t belong in England at all. The Man is from there; she’s not.

    They’ll either kick these people out, or lose their Nation.

  11. They’ll either kick these people out, or lose their Nation.

    What the current liberal European globalists don’t understand is that when their Muslim population gets to a certain percentage they will have the political clout to combine with the far psycho left and push for changes to relic references to that country’s historic Christian roots –
    they will push to get rid of things as mundane as the UK flag (which features Christian crosses). They won’t stop at just getting to make their way onto the public dole and also migrate their cousins and uncles to the UK.

  12. When nigger, migger and sand-nigger, the three stooges of the turd world, come upon genuine white Supremacy, it Dons on them the ruthless disinterest “we” possess for their female.

  13. Sand-jigger: A diasporic Semite imminently terminable due his insatiable worship of a radically autonomous “god.”

  14. In a degenerate society, the dull mass recoils from greatness. Yet, so do those with >140 IQs. And when both a dull mass and its high IQ class witness a “white nationalist” recoil from Diversity, ONLY the high IQ class KNOW that such recoil IS NOT that of a dull mass recoiling from greatnes, but rather, the instinct of white Supremacy tearing away from the degenerate mass.

    The high IQ “white” male is most accountable for the decline of civilization.

    And it is his lack of free will and vacant desire for objective Supremacy which deems him unaccountable for the decline of civilization.

    So high IQ “white” male is both accountable and unaccountable…

    And thus high IQ “white” male is still the most radical of radicals.

    And he makes himself at home in the alt-rite OPPOSING white Supremacy with all his “intelligence.”

  15. When sand-jiggers use their females to conduct psychological war, “we” KNOW of the implicit matriarchy underlying the tactic. And it is at this place of a dominating matriarchy that men shame other “men” IF such a practice were shameful in the eyes of the “men.” It is not. And self-flagellation is not the answer either.

  16. Ryu, I’d modify the anti-soldier and cop position to only include those under 40. They knew they were signing up to essentially suppress their race, while the older ones did not and have few options. However, the old ones should immediately spread their tales of dyscivic behavior upon retirement. Truth will help our cause.

    Greginaurora – ditto on the assertion that any Englishman should be able to march in any part of the kingdom. In fact, it’s probably better to do so in diverse areas. Make them uncomfortable. Impress that we know where they are and we don’t accept them here. And, if there’s trouble, better to bring it to them than have it in our back yards.

  17. Part of the dynamic is that the invaderess has nothing whatsoever to lose. She won’t be hurt; the cops are there to protect her. She won’t suffer social media outrage; in fact, she’s now a SJW hero. She has zero risk of losing her job, if she has one. She has zero risk of going to jail.

    But the Englishman, in his own land, risks ALL of these things. He is far more likely to be knocked on the head by the police. He will suffer social media hatred, he could easily lose his job, and he might very well have gone to jail, or may someday because he says something about the invaders that is deemed “hate speech.”

    The Englishman lives in a land where the ruling class hates him. The invadress is feted, given money, housing, schooling, healthcare, whatever she needs. The Englishman pays for it and is expected to be grateful, too, that such as Mole Nose are squatting on his ancestral lands, and calling him a racist in the bargain.

    Fuck this gay world.

  18. Lol, the media, by deliberately and cynically misrepresenting Sean Spicer’s comments, have vaulted Holohaux denialism into the public consciousness. Hilarious.

  19. Why would anyone who isn’t senile even bring up Hitler. Being sharp is Spicer’s No. 1 job requirement. To smart people, it makes one sound like an idiot, as everyone over a certain IQ who has spent time on the internet knows about Godwin’s Law.

    “What Ryu said” — Yes. The question is, what do we do with our anger?

    Wild speculation about the saber rattling toward the DPRK: there is a no-bluffing intent to nuke Japan or some other intelligence that justifies a US Navy “armada” and the Chinese army to take action. A toppling of the Kim regime (I do not advocate that, btw), followed by a victorious homecoming that allows Trump to implement the domestic agenda we elected him on. The triumph timed ahead of the 2020 election.

    Like I said, wild speculation, not spinning the hamster wheel or white-pilling. I am for now refraining from serious commentary on the President. Too little is known.

  20. Incinerate, without question. Keep in mind that such individuals often have dozens of male relatives and clan members within cell phone’s reach should trouble ensue.

  21. There is no discussion possible with the invaders because you can’t have a discussion with people who want to eradicate you…

    Yeah, I’ve been saying this for years. We’ve moved waaaayyy beyond the point where debate and discussion would be useful with these people.

    If only all the Whites hooked on opioids would take a more productive way out.

  22. Notice the placement of the cop’s hands. That is a clue about why she has the hateful look of one who knows that she can act with impunity.

  23. @LBF

    This Spicer thing is great…think about it. What did he get the (((ykw) to admit? He got them to admit that Assad is Literally NOT Hitler. And if Assad is literally NOT Hitler, then Spicer’s boss, who attacked “Literally NOT Hitler”, can also NOT be Literally Hitler. The leftist ((((ykw))) mind fcuk about Trump=Hitler is destroyed by their own Muh-Holocaust Anti-denial Syndrome.

    If they say anyone is “Hitler” then they have placed themselves in the corner of the Anti-Semite crowd because, as per their complaint about Spicer’s comments, for anyone to assert someone is worse than Hitler is anti-semitic and a denial of the holohoax.

    I hope they choke on their idiotic holohoax crap.

  24. greginaurora caught lara, so I won’t have to lozlz

    Just read the New York Post Trump interview shortly ago. Trump says there will be no move into Syria but seems completely earnest about the veracity of Assad’s “gas attack” (which I consider impossible) and also warns there should be no more gas attacks or “barrel bombs” (a piece of language Rex-T has been shopping around: I believe The Saker’s latest piece offered some commentary on this, including the ambiguity and apparent confused understanding the administration has of this term). Sounds like the Soros/Mossad/IA hounds have impunity to up the ante.

    Very worrisome. I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple of days of the famous audio trick in Coppola’s “The Conversation” with the line “He’d kill us if he had the chance”, which Gene Hackman’s character hears one way with one set of presuppositions but takes on a different meaning in a new context.

  25. –on an uncle elmeresque note, I do wonder if this little twat likes to rock her “me so Kama Sutra” vibe when she gets around White men in what she considers more convivial settings.

    Her profile does not, in fact, strike me as altogether without a certain “classic” Indian fetchiness– but apart from England’s keen absence of any need of “enrichment” from such profiles, classic or otherwise, her eyes show that she’s set on playing this game of (political) provocation, of invading his space. Her glance is a kind of frozen rectal scream. It’s hard and maniacal, with a hateful determinedness which probably would thaw very quickly into a whole mess of panicked emotions were it not for the visible support of the establishment for what she’s doing.

    There is something remarkable in how the Staypuff officer is caught in a moment of time which gives his formless face a put-upon attitude of hectoring earnestness–” you there young man! you cannot . . .” –what? Walk on the grass? His eyes are sunken and tiny, as if sinking inside the marshmallow blob of his face. Perhaps he tingles for a moment with the thought of ingratiating himself with this hipster Roxana, and imagines himself as her Alexander and omega.

  26. Perhaps he tingles for a moment with the thought of ingratiating himself with this hipster Roxana, and imagines himself as her Alexander and omega.

    Their body language is very come together. Look at their hips angled in and close.

    And that is the positioning this morality play sets them up for.

    Who is the guy in the safety orange and with the thumb gesture, “move your ass” or whatever it is they would say in England.

  27. On another topic. The (((Washington Post article))) that is making the rounds, about the Alt Right’s “code words”. Commenter Cail Corishev says,

    Someone who’s clued in enough to know who Milo is, claims not to have known what “SJW” means in February of 2017?

    That’s a flat-out lie. A political writer not being familiar with “SJW” in 2017 is like an NFL writer not being familiar with 2016’s Rookie of the Year. He’s lying. (Or he’s so bad at his job that he should be fired immediately.) And yes, it’s more evidence of how effective it is. He hopes that pretending he’s never heard of it will make us think it’s not gaining traction.

    That is dead-on.

    It is impossible to take the legacy press seriously, when that is how they broach the topic of the AR.


    AND anyways the topic in not the AR — the topic is the conditions which lead to the AR.

    They would like to merely treat the AR. But that doesn’t do the trick.

  28. — hipster Roxana

    War’s funny, isn’t it? A while back I described how an officious Somali-“American” female TSA agent kept on interrupting my goodbyes with my mother-in-law. As I explained it then: seeing that hissing mouth under the uniform-adapted headscarf, I dubbed her “cobra-face” and suddenly understood why soldiers commit war atrocities. And in an alternate reality in which borders separate people and in doing so paradoxically allow for flashes of good will across the divides, as I wondered, there’d have been instead a mutual fascination between two strangers, had she and I crossed paths.

  29. Repeating now, but it is an important point, it has been made before, and will be made again.

    Alt Right politics is an emergent politics that comes from White peoples being besieged and not having adequate expression.

    The Alt Right is the emergent expression of White ethno politics.

    The AR will remain in whatever form, until the problems which lead to it, are addressed.

    Those problems are quite simply that White peoples’ ETHNIC and RACIAL interests are not expressed except as by jews.

  30. Lovely smile she has. Anyone with that smile in the presence of a police officer in a tense situation has just pulled what they think is a clever con. However, it’s not the con that has them smiling, it’s that those in authority bought were conned without question.

    [The media and various British public personalities gloated over that photo like over a touchdown dance. As you point out, her smile comes off as arrogant, reflecting the hubris of the system that cheers her on. It might come back to bite them in the ass like the “fake news” meme. — PA]

  31. It occurs to me now, and the basic dynamics of our problems, is very clear.

    We inhabit the Whole Earth. Taken together, as one super group species, we inhabit the entire planet.

    People of good sense, know that a long term approach is necessary and fitting.

    So that long term solution is the new religion. One World Utopia. It has been called many things.

    And this one world utopia might as well be the new religion. But how that relates to the old religions or whatever, is not something to get sidetracked with, in this comment.

    So that basic human urge to have a belief structure that accounts for our place in the world, and that taken together with the new situation we are as a species super group inhabits the entirely planet down to the last hectare.

    Is being used by malevolent forces to push their own agenda, which is them as ants-in-charge.

    White Advocates will do well to account for our present situation, which is inhabiting the entire planet, and having nowhere else to go.

    Space Futurism is a mistake in our current situation. It allows for us to pretend that we don’t need a solution here and now on this planet.

  32. I don’t know if that comes across as wishy washy, but it is the reality that we are in.

    We inhabit the whole planet and there is nowhere to go.

    We have to account for that basic fact, and our organization in politics and as ethnic groups has to work with this.

    Bowery has the idea that we have to separate into self-sorted groups, which allows for race sorting and allows for not-race sorting.

    But that doesn’t seem likely, does it.

    The alternative is not pleasant. The alternative is not just war, but also the anthopocene age where all the animals except rats and roaches get killed off.

    It’s fucked up and we have to stop our model of exploiting the energy that is available for short-term political and economic gain.

    Those who say it won’t happen … are probably right. But if that is the case and we are going to destroy the earth in a race war, and then after that hope we can have our afterlife in a Maxfield Parish painting …

  33. The picture is a static snapshot of the failure of separation and the various personal realities as it relates to such failure. In fact, in the picture, are all the key stooges. wearing exactly the face signifying their complicity in the failure to resist Totalitarian Integration (IT inversion). And so nearly perfect is this photo in capturing the Narrative in sum that it is reasonable to assume such event was ALL STAGED.

    Which leads back to the alt-rite and its ability to assess reality? Plainly stated, the alt-rite WILL NOT declare its anti-white Supremacy thus exposing its deceptive effort against a sustained separation. Therefore, the alt-rite is not free and should not be followed into its lack of freedom. For a “thing” that cannot speak the truth about itself is hardly a thing at all and so knows next to nothing about separation.

  34. The way that chick is standing so comfortably also tells me that she’s been “at close range” with a lot of adoring white British gents. She’s not ill at ease at all.

    Her look almost suggests a suppressed sense of affection towards the guy in a way that you’d never see from a black American female #BLM protester, for instance.

  35. — In fact, in the picture, are all the key stooges

    Maybe, but I stopped giving in to the common tendency to belittle, if that’s the right word, any activists on our side, even if they are doing something wrongly or ridiculously unless their act was fundamentally driven by a desire to cuck. There are volumes upon volumes of blog comments that criticise someone on the Right who didn’t quite phrase something right or didn’t come off looking ultracool. (I’m not saying that TD is taking that approach, this is a tangent).

    Related to the principle of “don’t shoot to the Right,” there should be one that says “don’t armchair quarterback.” Activism under a hostile system and under merciless social media gaze is nerve-wrecking and like any art, requires talent and practice. It’s also difficult to adlib or speak coherently under duress.

    “Don’t armchair quarterback” also relates to my refraining from telling people to do things I’m not doing. I don’t post comments (now at least, don’t recall if I did in the past) such as “Swedes are pussies! They are letting muds take over their country!” Since I’ve never done anything direct about, say, the refugee resettlement in the US, I’m not gonna tell a Swede to do something either.

  36. Cammie,

    it is a credit to you that you sense that.

    All women are attracted to alpha. An unapologetic WN can sleep with and attract mino women, if he wishes it.

    In other words, WNs have mino female fans. There is another world out there. The keyword is “raceplay.” You can find white men cucking black men, or anything else.

  37. That approach, if adopted by everyone, just leads to a conspiracy of silence and apathy. We should speak out. We shouldn’t be held back from criticizing, haranguing, encouraging, and shaming into action our comrades.

  38. Freedom of speech is a weapon. It takes a skill to use.

    All white men already know the solution to our problems. They must eradicate liberals and minos on a daily basis – the more, the better. THEY must fear US.

    No healthy man want to watch his country overrun, his property and his women stolen. Yet the system outlaws the white man’s criminality, while allowing mino-crime to pass.

    White men must learn to become criminals and turrists. There is nothing left to learn from cops and soldiers, except how to cash checks.

    With Sweden, Laserman showed the way. To the system, a murderer and robber. To us, a hero.

  39. I can’t believe that it’s wise to advocate for terrorism or criminality.

    I advocate for neither or those things.

    My comments from this morning, are about that: seeking a solution that is based on our better natures.

    If people — as in all of us — can’t figure out how to come to terms with our position here on Earth, we are not going to last very long, in any condition that is worth while.

    We can live in a Maxfield Parish painting, where we are the children of the gods and spend our time recreating the architecture of the Ancient World and farming olives and making things by hand. And also, at the same time, having jousting tournaments and bull-jumping contests and according status therefrom so that we don’t get soft.

  40. I think you guys are right. British men seem to go for exotic women more than any other white men. That girl is decent looking. She probably knows this gives her some power.

  41. “War’s funny, isn’t it?”

    lolz when I was writing that, I had stopped to think about the casting of Michelle Rodriguez as Roxana in Oliver Stone’s Alexander, and how the WN film critic whose nom de guerre escapes me caught that as pro-miscegenation Neo-Con propaganda. The film only treats Alexander’s combats in modern War Against Terror lands, and initially highlights the Greco-Macedonians (the Macedonians cast with Irish actors) as blue-eyed Nordics, only to push them later into race-mixing. And while the Persian princesses, as far as I can recall, look basically appropriate, Michelle Rodriguez of course is a mestizo mutt, not a damned Bactrian!

    So that riff of mine was a kind of offshoot of the initial thought that, “you know, that chick, with her profile as well as her androgynous confrontationalism, would’ve been a race-appropriate casting choice for Roxana as the androgynous ball-buster Oliver Stone interpreted her to be, except he also made her a New World mutt.”

  42. Long-term reasonably steady-state ecology and habitat, that allows for and includes

    1) White Eugenics
    2) Human Biodiversity
    3) Respect for Animals and other non-human Life

    is necessary to encourage inspire and develop the best people.

  43. –Elk, that stupid article with all the citations from its (((Berkeley linguist) infuriates me just on the grounds that we still have to live with the bizarre middle school affectation in journalism that the reporter is this curious Charlie Brown who gets to wondering about something and then calls up Mr. Wizard to find the answer.

    It’s like the infamous Diane Ravitch “the internet will allow schoolgirls in Iowa to get help with their homework from PhD Physicists” essay which prompted an hilarious slapdown from Neil Postman in his “Children from Mars” rebuttal. Funny enough, one of my favorite specimens of this was an old slate piece by some Indian chick on regulating sleep patterns. “So I decided to call Dr. blah blah at Columbia University, to find out ways people can help to normalize . . .” blah blah.

    For that needed boost of drama (WILL our heroine manage to get 8 hours straight a night?) at some point in the journalism arc “a friend coaxed me out to a Brazilian dance club” (this phrase, which is verbatim or damned near, has always stayed with me– how odiously multikult! the slate-writing and probably earning-no-income Indian hipster abroad, breaking curfew on her melatonin regimen to sample a “Brazilian dance club”!).

    All of Cail and Elk’s points are perfectly true of course, but it just galls me that writing supposedly for grown-ups still follows this ridiculous format. “I couldn’t figure out this acronym on the internet so I got the number of a linguist at Berkeley to help me out.” And btw, how exactly is “SJW” really the purview of a LINGUIST anyhow? Woulnd’t a (gasp) “Rhetoric” professor be more fitting? Or why not for that matter a sociologist? What a charade of credentialism!

  44. The environmental movement is a no-go with the growth of the third world population. Many countries in Asia and Africa are set to double in population before the end of the century.

    This is why environmentalism is largely dead. In most ways, the white liberal environmentalists support the third world, which just makes the problem worse. Only whites have a relatively stable population, at about 700 million.

    A world without whites is not worth living in. We worry about whites first and all our problems, then worry about the environment.

  45. hey PA lzozlzozl HEY PA!!!!!

    holy crap nancymee JUST BLEW HER LOAD lozlzlozoz

    this is the most epic hasbara wipe-out yet! TEXTBOOK CLASSIC check it out!!!!


    (and for realizes, how does she not understand I can see when my comments are lost in moderation– is she gaslighting or just too stupid to even figure out THAT I COMPOSED FRESH PUTDOWNS BECAUSE THE INTIAL SALVO IS LOST IN MODERATION!)

    tho I’m also a little curious how she can see other people’s comments in mod? hmm . . . sounds a bit hacky.

    That, or if CH recently freed a huge batch going back, she must have some sort of . . . system? . . . that notifies her when this happens?

    Seriously, this is the most anal, stalkery, and shaking-with-feminine-rage thing ever! She out saruh’s saruh!

    lolzlz I don’t even care if it isn’t literally saruh (though it almost certainly is– and it’s so sweetly amusing too, in a way, since if “uh” has a penis of any sort “he’ll” probably molest a ch*!d). This sure as shit is one crazy yenta losing her marbles all over the chateau floor.

    All interested parties, please read. This will be LEGENDARY!

    Oh Pres. Trump, may I be so humble as to suggest: take a page (just this one) from da Lucious phonebook!!

  46. PA…

    I can certainly entertain your sincerity. But ultimately, your stance denies the legitimacy of wS. And so anyone can text/email Ian Crossland to confirm that he is not a “white supremacist” thus proving that I am not only not punching to the right, but Ian Crossland will, in fact, be punching to the right at the “charge” of “white supremacist.”

    PS. Vox Day, who is one of the most adamant proponents of “not punching right,” continues to punch right at white (S)upremacy.

  47. white (S)upremacy defined as white men desiring objective (S)upremacy AS white men IS RIGHT. So the white Supremacist never punches RIGHT and only takes punches from the left. And the true metric of what is RIGHT in the mind of a healthy white man is a regenerating separation from the degeneracy of diversity. And this starts personally by renouncing all acts of self-annihilation, i.e., “liberation.”

  48. “PS. Vox Day, who is one of the most adamant proponents of “not punching right,” continues to punch right at white (S)upremacy.”

    I have noticed that. I’ve begun to wonder if Vox’s native ancestry (and why IS he so coy about which tribe) gets to him more than he would straightforwardly admit.

    Vox has a few times been quite callous about the fate of those who, in his estimation, “didn’t network” or “didn’t find allies” or however he considers it.

  49. (OT, but since it’s stuck “in mod” and may be “used against me” in asymmetric fashion, I paste my reply at the chateau to Carlos Danger who defends nancy and saruh. PA, you can delete this if you like– I’m getting positively nikcritian here but insofar as it concerns chateau hygiene, which obviously is a big preoccupation of mine, I just wanted to pass notes 🙂 . . . .):

    Carlos, I’m aware of the shameful admission you made long ago about “uh” but I consider it beneath your dignity that you condescended to dial a hostile stranger from the internet.

    Our (((friends))) have plenty of personnel to depend upon for their operations, and it in no way contradicts saruh’s copious trail of evil that a male answered your call.

    Saruh was a demonstrable liar, a harridan, a shrill anti-White hatemonger and a gaslighting retard.

    Our friend nancy, whether the same person(s) or no, certainly betrays many of the same foul humors. And, like saruh before her, it takes only one mere online jester such as myself to utterly shatter her façade of hale bonhomie into piles of screeching verbiage– including in young nancy’s case the odd exercise of running writing samples through an online Cosmo Sex Quiz Ovaltine Decoder Ring– which, among other issues, casts considerable doubt upon her pretense of providing a spontaneous meltdown.

    In other words: your’re being played.

    And Carlos: you’re right about many important things, but you really are a shrill anklebiter who tries too hard to top– er, AMOG,– from below.

    [end comment in mod]

    Which is true. Carlos is right about Sandy Hook, probably still right about p#d0g@te, but I wish to god he would stop anklebiting Greg Eliot. Can’t he see it does no good?

    I make no pretense to being Conan the Barbarian myself, but it is so irritating to have a whiny man snipe at your toes.

    And why in the name of God would he dial saruh’s number? Does he really think he’s some suicide prevention officer? After all the foul shit that anti-White psychopath spewed FOR A YEAR at the chateau?

    I hate to wish it on anyone, but I guess hasbara’s having fun with his 411 . . .

  50. Elk: a liberal can watch his daughter be murdered by a mud and he’ll respond with a candlelight vigil and a plea for unity. But harm the rhino, and you’ve crossed the line.

    Camlost and Ryu: all nonWhite women desire an attractive White man above all. Somebody mentioned that Muslim girls who immigrate to the West want to marry a native White man but are frustrated in that wish by the fact that they also want him also to be Muslim, and because they’re guarded by their own men. Houellebecq wrote a little about that in “Platform.” Most nonWhite women, however, don’t pass our attraction threshold (and with those who do, our instinct to avoid committing to a woman who can’t give us babies who look like we do gets in the way). Many of them have sour-grapes antiracist attitudes as a result.

    Laguna Beach Fogey: we don’t want a cone of silence but we also don’t want Walter Mitty armchair quarterbacks.

    Thordaddy: I have no idea if that EDL leader is a wS. I just know that he’s staking a claim on White public space at personal risk and not backing down. His statement, the one I quoted in the post, was well done. He understands the effectiveness of simple words, without saying anything that would be edited down to make him sound ridiculous out of context.

    Lucius: I remember a “Sarah” or “Sara” at Heartiste’s in 2007-2008. She was an annoying feminist commenter with an obvious crush on the host, back when the blog was mostly about pick-up. You think she’s an earlier model of the current and more evolved shill(s) over there now?

  51. Sarah was a transmutation of the commenter jew troll, uh, who has a ten-year history going all the way back to Majority Rights.

    It’s a small world after all
    It’s a small world after all
    it’s a small world after all
    it’s a small small world

    It’s a world of laughter
    a world of tears
    a world of wonder
    a world of fears
    It’s a world of windows
    a world of mirrors
    it’s a small small world


    It’s a world of children
    a world for wolves
    a world of squirrels
    and a world of hooves
    it’s a world of faeries
    and a world of lies
    it’s a small small world

    Chorus x2

  52. Speaking of rhinos, a recent Mark Steyn show featured a review on American’s first international celebrity, who was the Plainsman Buffalo Bill.

    That guy was a first-tier celebrity and the most famous man in the world. Literally the single-most celebrated man in the entire world. When he dies the Russian emperor, who was the last Romanov, made some condolences.

    But there another plainsman about, who ALSO went by Buffalo Bill and so they broke out their rifles to see who could kill the most buffalo and the winner was Buffalo Bill.

    But the other Buffalo Bill killed like 60 Buffalo, and the better Buffalo Bill killed about 100, as i recall. They used 50 caliber rifles i think?

    But it was and not respectful of life. That meat was likely left to rot on the ground. And these were our heroes.

  53. For all his Plainsman-ship, Buffalo Bill did not have an uber high-T face. Certainly not by the standards of those times. Maybe on par with Robert Redford.

    Redford for all his English name is kind of a blockhead. Redford is like half Saxon looking and half blockhead.

  54. The Saxon is not the particular Germanic tribe of that name.

    The Saxon is a strain of the White Race, which that tribe exemplified, that has permeated its history.

    It is the strain that expanded into the West and up into the Gold Rush, but it’s not just that particular Germanic tribe. The Saxon type is a Nordic type that is all over the place.

    Willie Nelson, whom I have met, has an archetypical Saxon face.

    This idea of the Saxon was understood more popularly in the beginnings of the last century and with that best selling book by Stoddard.

    Also this idea was gone over in detail in a recent Red Ice podcast with a Iranian guy from New York. He said that the Alans of the Steppe were Saxons, and that Saxons were also the Aryan invaders of India for instance.

    So when the Saxon begins to hate, it’s not particular to America and England.

  55. Roman Lance ~ I still think Spicer bungled it. He’s an idiot. Only the Stupid Party would choose a spokesman who is inarticulate in cheap suits. They need to replace him.

  56. I was at the local strip mall yesterday, getting a couple unnecessary items from the grocery, and these two white guys, who would be young men, were on the sidewalk what passes for public space, but which is not as it is owned by the mall owners.

    But these two guys were like 25 and very large-framed. Twice my size, total local boys but unkempt and smoking. In the old days they woulda been driving trucks around with animals dead or alive.

    But they seem lost. They are lost. These are the guys who ought to assert ownership over the other scumbags who hang out in mall parking lots. But for some reason, in spite of them being the biggest, they are not feeling the will to assert themselves. The public space itself is so shitty that owning it is a pyrrhic victory or something.

    That last sentence sounds like a clever joke, right? but it is more than that.

  57. It’s never a pyrrhic victory to own something. The Russian WN and dare-devil videos are set in post-Soviet urban wastelands.

    The genius of “Clerks” was capturing the landscape of a highly stylized depiction of an authentic White American culture in its own (sub)urban wasteland. The strip mall convenience and video stores in which the main characters worked became pilgrimage destinations.

  58. Unfortunately, “armchair generals” are all we have at the moment, apart from a few real life exceptions none of whom is genuine leadership material. The movement is in dire need of input from older, more experienced WNs (and non-WNs). Not being in the exact situation at the moment shouldn’t stop us from offering direction and encouragement to our comrades.

  59. Speaking of Spicer, there’s something about his face that annoys me. Something about it says peasant. Is it classic New England Irish? I can easily imagine him in a colonial tavern drinking ale with a chubby wench at his side.

  60. It’s never a pyrrhic victory to own something.

    I don’t mean to be defeatist. The environment that we built here, for our own living use, is less than user friendly.

    The effect of its ugliness on the morale of the people who live there, is not nothing.

    I get your point about the Russians being intent to own the space around their Soviet apartments, no matter how bleak and desolate it might appear on an April morning before the thaw.

    The White Americans who live in the apartments around here, do not own what passes for the common space outside and nearby.

    What then is the difference between those Russians and these Americans?

    Why is one asserting themselves, and the other retreating?

  61. –PA, that would be an interesting piece of synchronicity, if an obsessed CH troll who had chosen to be a “Sarah” was later dubbed a “saruh” in her turn!

    Young “vanamee”‘s lengthy series of posts indicting me/excusing herself contains some very odd items. Even though she’s already been calling me all sorts of names (faggot, sperg, stalker, yada yada, plus she told me to “shut my fucking mouth”), in that particular commentstorm she presents herself as if she’s JUST NOW discovered my animus against her– and of course, pretends to believe this is all the part of a stupid misidentification on my part.

    Now, for a no. of reasons I consider her a hostile, stalking presence even if she weren’t eerily reminiscent of saruh, and ever since CH pasted her compendium of pick-up lines in a recent OP with the studied ambiguity of choosing to refer to “vanamee” as a “he/she” (Great Minds Think Alike!) she’s delightfully stepped into a number of suspect behaviors.

    Hilariously, she insists she’s a (((Protestant))) and even demands I retract my implications she’s Jewish because I’m “bearing false witness” and this is a sin: meanwhile, Carlos, typically oblivious, types in right below complimenting her on her supposed frequent forays into “Catholic theology” lozozloz

    And bizarrely, she attempts to correct me at length for some alleged mispronunciation of her moniker. Of course, the only way this could even make sense over the internet is if I’d used it as an end rhyme in one of my verses– but when did I do that? Certainly not in TLH!

    The odd thing is, with my almost superstitious aversion to everything that sounds retarded, I’ve always hated the “vanamee” moniker since I first saw it (and why would anyone at the chateau choose an avatar that looks like a negro Mr. Potatohead, whatever’s actually going on in that cartoon? seems a tad passive-aggressive), so I can hardly bring myself even to type it out. With her wildeyed insistence on the French “may”, it only makes her sound (and again, “poorfag” was her self-description of choice!) more ghey

  62. –North Korean wardrums. Scanning the comments at VD’s, I find myself starkly agreeing with the “trolls” DJ/AMDG and Whisker Biscuit. HOW is NK’s nukes any different than Iran’s? Do we really think NK intends to preemptively nuke San Francisco?

    Yeah, he’s whacked his whole family, but that behavior has a looooong history, perhaps esp. in East Asia.

    Vox is a brilliant and complex man, but I’m astonished he can make of the Iran/NK cases such drastically different issues. And if war in the Zagros Mountains would be a disaster, what on earth do people think will happen if America tried it on the Korean peninsula?

  63. These events always bring to the fore the legitimacy of pre-emptive strike and whether modern “white Christian” can even know a just war?

    As it stands, “white” self-annihilator must publicly renounce both pre-emptive strike and the reality of a just war even as he believes in striking first as just war.

  64. Those are excellent developments. I can appreciate the cold calculus (even as the economics are unsound) of turning a blind eye on illegal Mestizos. But bringing in Somalis is a naked act of aggression against the native people.

  65. I knew some Nigerians, and they said even Africans can’t stand Somalis. Somalis are the most worthless people on the planet. They are a biological weapon in the purest sense of the word.

  66. In that photo the smirk from the imported enrichment is worth of a fist. But the person I hate the most is the white cop (and these globalist governments) that are protecting these invaders from their rightful punishment.

  67. “The pitbulls of humanity” as some wag once said.

    Though I still ask: if the “out of Africa” hypothesis is correct, when did black Africans get to be human . . . ?

  68. — a little late to the fray, but I extemporized this “remix” of BOTM candidate with the prose poem to his future wife:

    Hail to thee, my future Queen!
    On thy support I gladly lean:
    Each day’s an odyssey of random trips
    As I wait upon thy affirming lips
    To succor my soul, and give me goals
    To endure with patience your facial moles,
    Those proofs our love’s based on higher views
    Like those we see from TV Jews.
    Each past cock you’ve rode is my refreshment
    For no amount of whoring will change my assessment:
    You’re the best, babe, and though we’ve never met
    On your older, looser holes I’m set.
    Oh baby, I’ll gladly digest your daily shit
    While in your personal safe space alone you sit;
    I don’t want to intrude or act insecure
    So I’ll hover around and gladly demure
    To your every whim, come at your gesture
    Or alone I’ll creep and let my balls fester.
    Honeybun, of you I swear I’ll never be ashamed,
    So let not the father of my future wife’s children go unnamed.

    –I’ve had a brainstorm for a more . . . comprehensive satire on our hasbara renters. Stay turned! lozlzolz (by the art of metonymy, I propose calling “Caligula” Messalina, “Tom Jones” Shirley Bassey, and “Putin” Col. Kleb)

    “facial moles” was just a random, “off-script” image that popped into my head to fit the rhyme, but perhaps Roxana was haunting the waters of my id lozlz

    And I didn’t even quite think through the sexual implications of:

    ” . . . . come at your gesture
    Or alone I’ll creep and let my balls fester”

    with the implication in the first line that he’ll satisfy himself sexually simply by masturbating while looking at her. The “alone I’ll creep” in the 2nd line I simply thought of literally (sulking away) but upon a 2nd glance I think it’s a nice précis of a porn habit.

  69. As an antidote to that photo, watch Jared Taylor smackdown this Paki trickle down media whore. The whole interview is available on YT. Amna Nawaz calls her show “Uncomfortable,” however she is clearly not prepared to discuss anything that is actually “uncomfortable” such as black crime or HBD. Anytime Jared goes near those topics, she nervously puts the kibosh on it or changes the subject.

  70. And as an antidote to that white pill, check out the black pill photo on the cover of CH, of the dark meat continent.

    Holy shit, the internet is great and all, but that picture is a little too much reality.

  71. Her look almost suggests a suppressed sense of affection towards the guy in a way that you’d never see from a black American female #BLM protester, for instance.

    Yeah, that’s the exact sense I get. She looks as if she’s turned on by the EDL man’s belligerence. I can almost see her eyes sparkling.

    Leftoid men actually do believe in that sh!t, but many leftoid women just do it to sh!t test the men on the right, secretly desiring the men’s genes. I think this chick is yet another example of that.

  72. Her look almost suggests a suppressed sense of affection towards the guy in a way that you’d never see from a black American female #BLM protester, for instance.

    VFM – Yeah, that’s the exact sense I get. She looks as if she’s turned on by the EDL man’s belligerence. I can almost see her eyes sparkling.

    Yes, she’s a little aroused by it but also has some underlying smugness on the topic, as if to say “tatted up white Brit boys normally wanna shag me but this one’s playing hard to get.”

    Her look is strangely free of condescension, though. Maybe she’s even the type that “tries to understand.”

    Either way, you can tell she really digs (and has dug) white guys. She surely isn’t the type to go home from there and hang out with the type of Pakis that preach anti-Western dogma and send money to ISIS, that’s for sure.

  73. An uppity Pakistani girl, who in her home country would be beaten to pulp if she dared to smirk that way at any of the local man, can do that to an adult white male with impunity.
    This is sickening.
    And I do not even hate her.
    Do you know who I hate?
    The white cop white-knighting for him.
    And I do not even hate the cop, I realised while typing.
    I hate those who give orders to the cops: the shabos-goyim politicians and their globalist Jewish masters.

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