What Is Progress?

It is the evening of the day
I sit and watch the children play
Doing things I used to do
They think are new
– The Rolling Stones

In response to my maxim “Progress. There is no such thing,” reader Your Favourite Gamma (YFG) leads off a long comment with thoughts and some questions about progress:

You also mean (say your thought on history) that there is no fundamental change. So that means that:

1) Human reality doesn’t get better with the passing of time
2) Human reality doesn’t change, not more than superficially

Yes, time is one-way linear and meaningless change itself is a given. But where irreversible change is either willed or thought to be predetermined by history’s laws toward an idealized destination, it’s called Progress. Progressives, as those who subscribe to this Marxist-derived theory of history and its associated political activism call themselves, see history as a march, its retrograde cycles notwithstanding, toward a goal. From the Left wing perspective, which is the one that has wielded the most influence in the past 160 years, that goal is human equality.

In their long march toward effecting equality, Communists envisioned a classless society of selfless workers in an industrial landscape from William Blake’s nightmares. One century later, Multiculturalists updated the Left wing ideology by moving the domain of struggle from class to race, their stated ideal now being equality across races taken to its ultimate conclusion of blending out all race differences to brown. A monster’s dream of a bulldozed humanity, in both visions.

But Leftists don’t think of themselves as monsters. They profess to lofty aspirations for mankind, centered on the elimination of conflict and selfishness. I’m talking about the idealists here, not the Left’s three-parentheses leadership (we’ll get to the cynical part in a bit). There is a susceptibility in some of us to believe in leftism. Generation after generation sees its true-believers, so that thirst can’t be dismissed outright, even if only because their stirring music — from “L’Internationale” and the USSR national anthem to John Lennon’s ode to lobotomy — comes from and in fact even quenches a certain receptivity toward the revolutionary spirit in many of us, no matter the butchery of leftism.

Yes, my own anti-Left bias colors my prose, and so be it. I have second-hand knowledge of the hell of Communism (my own first-hand experience behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970s was idyllic but by that point revolutionary Bolshevism was just a dead ritual) and we are all living the nightmare of revolutionary Multiculturalism right now. So I stand by my bias.

But in the interest of clear abstraction, let’s take a look at one compelling sketch of the difference between the Progressive (Left wing) and the Traditionalist (Right wing) worldview. Czeslaw Milosz describes the two Weltanschauungs below in “Witness of Poetry,” a collected series of his 1983 Harvard lectures:

After all, this is a century of utopian hope. In its name people have been dying, in its name people have been killing each other — and that hope has taken the form of a revolution whose goal is to replace the ominous power of money with a state monopoly and a planned economy. The vertical orientation, when man turned his eyes toward Heaven, has gradually been replaced in Europe during the last few centuries by a horizontal longing: the always spatial human imagination has replaced “above” with “ahead,” and that “ahead” is claimed by Marxism. The Russian revolution unleashed great energies and great expectations everywhere. There were, however, many disappointments in store.

Note Milosz’s aside: “that ‘ahead’ is claimed by Marxism.” It begs a question: is there a vista of possibilities about an ‘ahead’ that is claimed by a competing, not-Marxist vision? Maybe the Thousand-Year Reich, maybe something else. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

What about some aspects of progress that are self-evidently good and permanent? For example, children no longer work as chimney sweeps. Correlated but certainly not equivalent trade-offs between the 19th and the 21st centuries: instead of being forced into dangerous labor, they are now drugged with pharmaceuticals and electronics, they have small families, no freedom, and no conceptual framework of the universe and their place in it, except for being told that they have no past and no future. And we’re talking about the kids who weren’t contracepted out of existence to begin with.

Some of that progress, such as that which liberated little boys from dying of black-lung disease at the age of twelve is driven by linear advances in technology rather than political, and that gets its own discussion in the latter part of this post.

Back to Milosz’s model of the two axes. Progress, idealism, philosophy, Communism and the aspirations behind it — what are they if not mist inside a dreamer’s mind? For one, the implementation of the exalted visions in its historic iterations consistently reveals itself to have been a means to a cynical end — the Soviet nomenklatura lived like feudal lords and Sidwell Friends doesn’t matriculate 18-year-old Guatemalan rapists.

A conversation I had at some point in my childhood:

ME: Do our leaders believe in Communism?
ME: Does anybody?
DAD: Nobody who matters
ME: But what about all those red banners at the May Day parade?
DAD: Think about Communists as gangsters who took over a country and are forcing people to act like they believe in Communism so that they can keep their power.

So it is with Progressive ideology. Like peeling an onion: under the layers of egalitarian language you find the robber-barons co-opting Leftism as acid to dissolve competing social structures, on down to the most organic social unit, the family. Their goal is one world, one race, one elite. Those oligarchs, in turn, are supported by jealous nobodies who proselytize the egalitarian creed to knock down those they envy, by opportunists who angle for rank under the new order, and finally, by sincere idealists who believe in Progress.

Behind the solemn notes of “Imagine,” it’s banking cartels all the way up. The idealist finds himself deeper than ever in the very “ominous power of money” that the wreckage was supposed to do away with. Or as Zbigniew Herbert wrote about Leftist dictatorships in blank verse, translated here: a wet pit the murderers’ alley the barrack called the palace of justice.

Don’t we learn from history? Apparently not. The lessons of the Holodomor didn’t sour anyone on the proverbial breaking of eggs to make the omelet. The slaughterhouse churns on, the face-pierced great-granddaughter of mid-Western farmers holds up a “Refugees Welcome” placard, thinking that she’s doing something new. There are things that pass from one generation to the next reliably, but wisdom is not one of those things.

And where you don’t learn, you double-down. Where Progress usurps competing transcendent values and the direction of Progress is equality, then it is easier to keep faith in the omelet that you committed yourself to making, than it is to account for the broken eggs. The more elusive the omelet, the more the eggs need breaking.

But there is another reason why we’re fooled to chase the mirage of progress generation after generation, and that reason is our innate thirst for the transcendent. Like Milosz wrote above, there has to be something more than the power of money — material determinism, in other words. This yearning is acute when the great chain of being is cut and you lose sight of the vertical axis to Heavens. With your roots severed and your upward-gazing eyes blinded, you stand alone in the world of dead matter. In Hell, which is what spiritless life is to the European soul.

Faith in Progress is the shipwrecked man drinking sea water of thirst. Our craving for light never leaves us, which is why some call the devotion-like commitment of liberals to Leftism a religion. I disagree with them, having previously explained why in absence of true religion, liberalism is not a religion, but an episodic outbreak of mass hysteria.


So that covers political Progress. In his comment, YFG also calls out technology:

Where progress means change we have to say that there is progress, and not let our dislike of it alter our foresight. When you have a generation of laboratory-made humans of average IQ 140 or 150, all having access to as-yet unthought technology, all rules that still barely apply today are going to wear off. No way, and maybe no right for anyone, to establish if it will be a better world or life; what’s beyond question is much is changing deeply (and I see you hate it).

While the constancy of human nature makes for history as an endless succession of cycles, the advance of technology is linear and therefore by definition progressive, lower case. On face-value Yes, over the long run science and technology builds upon itself. But how does that relate to progress with regards to the human condition?

Here is one way, a snapshot of technology’s interplay with sex as related by commenter Days of Broken Arrows at Le Château:

Way back when in the 1990s, you could walk into any shopping mall and the young girls who worked there would be standing at the entrances of their stores, bored out of their skulls, just waiting for someone to talk to them.

It was pretty easy pickings. Even the most transparent lines would work if they were bored enough. (Few people went to malls on Monday nights, so this was a particularly good night to meet retail girls.)

So, for example, if they worked at a women’s clothing store, you could strike up a convo and possibly number-close with a line as lame as “I’m looking for a shirt for my sister.” I have no sister, but used this line dozens of times.

The bottom line is that something is always better than nothing. And when they had nothing to do, it was pretty easy to be something to them, so long as you were somewhat entertaining.

If I was in my twenties now, I wouldn’t know how to compete against iPhags. I see this now with the girls who work at the gas station near me. They barely pick their heads up from those phones to ring up your order. Maybe this is the reason younger guys have taken to porn and video games.

Are addictive electronics progress, in the most generic meaning of the word? Sure: while history is cyclical, time’s passage and technological innovation are linear. But are those things capital-letter Progress, a permanent human advancement toward a new plateau of being, for good or ill? That depends. Is man’s changed relationship with the world a permanent condition? Before giving that hypothetical question a Yes or a No response, ask: how permanent can any arrangement be, if it short-circuits reproduction? It’s almost as if linear advancements spur Darwinian cycles of self-correcting human adaptations.

As to YFG’s scenario of lab-assisted super-babies, I’m not saying “never” because anything can happen. In this case though, going with historic track-record of lab eugenics, I will venture a guess that crude nature still outperforms numerically. Gene manipulation, knowing what we know now and cautiously projecting this knowledge to an unknown future, strikes me as too boutique to have an impact on humanity in its sheer numbers. After all, we’ve had cheap lab eugenics since the 1970s. Any woman can avail herself of blond 6’2″ medical student’s donated sperm at a clinic, yet single mothers aren’t incubating Übermenschen, as a visit to Walmart confirms.

Or to make that point differently, leave a female to her devices, and eugenics is a toilet-stall fuck at a club. Contrary to the jaded Red Pill truism, women are the true romantics after all. Their gutter love keeps us from reaching escape velocity on post-humanity.

In the past several paragraphs, I laid out my skepticism on the prospects of meaningful technology-driven progress, limiting my argument to reasonably conceivable advances in technology. What lies beyond “reasonably,” I’m leaving alone in this post. With this next metaphor, I want to illustrate how humanity resists “improvement,” including improvement by technological means.

To see mankind in relation to Progress, both political and scientific, picture an animal. It can be a bull or a wolf, a noble lion, or the most noble creature of all, the frog. That animal is a model of mankind, of a race, or a nation — and to compound the metaphor, imagine it as a self-regenerating creature, just as a human groups regenerate by way of potentially endless birth of new babies.

This animal has a sustainable default condition, which is called health. It can be temporarily made a bit more excellent with a scientific diet and training like a young athlete. And then, there is the animal’s actual condition, which will almost invariably be some degree degraded from optimal, given life’s stings. That beast can be injured, fall sick, or be killed — but it cannot in any meaningful or permanent way be improved beyond simple health, nor can conditions that depart too far from the environment of his native habitat sustain the animal at a salutatory equilibrium. The girls with iPhags and the boys on porn — society will either displace them or a new so-called bigger mouse-trap (technologically or as a social adjustment) will enter the picture as an adaptation to the crippling technology.

We generally know what it takes to keep fauna alive and healthy, But since that animal was, from the beginning, a metaphor for the human condition, thoughts turns toward a tangent that requires a separate post: what is best in life?

Does it look like 24×7 minimum latency no lag?

Ted Kaczynski foresaw the dystopian direction of technology but I consider measures to suppress its development futile. Fortunately though, I also see the ill effects of technological progress (as reasonably anticipated, given present knowledge) to be self-correcting. In an age of nuclear-tipped ICBMs, Stockholm is conquered by chartered flights from Somalia. Yet if unimpeded by Swedish policemen, one hundred Swedish men with baseball bats and the will to swing them can retake the capital. Technological progress is an irritant to which man makes adjustments and it’s always back to muscle. For all of its transformative power, technology is still a club wielded by apes.

The natural human condition is face-in-the-dirt, and be it a primitive tribe or a civilization, men overcome their bestial reality through their unceasing daily labor according to each people’s aptitude and temperament. Every human group reaches to elevate life itself above it being a flicker of light among disease and death. To those chastened by the blood-gorged experiments in Utopia or to those who who never fell for it, Progress is false salvation. The New Man is a phantasm and there is no possible Earthly existence bereft of material trifles, conflict, pain.

Clarity on transcendence might come to you with the morning’s breeze whispering about the endless rhythm of seasons. As the decades pass and your body fades and after you did what had to be done, peace will be the sight of one generation after another of the familiar faces of children discovering the games they think are new.


Everything above was materialist commentary and Christianity changes everything. Someone called it “the real transhumanism.” Just a few words about faith: it makes no sense to evaluate a religion opportunistically, as you would with a political affiliation. Why, for example, convert to some war-religion for its short-term release if that religion is not metaphysically true. It is Pyrrhic victory to gain something in this world for the price of your soul in the next.

Christianity is simply either true or it is false, and that objective fact trumps whatever your attitude toward it might be. When you are convinced beyond mere understanding that it is as real as your very consciousness, then you exist outside of the tumult and the noise because none of this ultimately matters. God is the highest reality and you see your time on Earth as a trial in which you are compelled to carry out your worldly responsibilities from which, as it is clear to me, the 14 Words are inseparable.


40 thoughts on “What Is Progress?

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  2. I have made a career in the tech field. Today when I hear educators today discuss using all manner of iPhags and laptops in the classroom as progress, I just laugh at the lie of it all. A more detached way of learning and approaching the world cannot be had than tapping on a tiny glass screen as part of your education. It is anti-progress to think these children are learning in a better way than simply existing in the physical world to do their work.

    There is in fact a private school that many Silicon Valley elite send their children to that does not use these devices at school. I wonder what they know that nobody else does?

    In terms of Christianity, I have lost my faith in what the church offers and cannot support it with my time or money. I see a lot of Christians today use it as an excuse to do nothing because it is out of their control. Or Christianity is used as a blunt force object to bash over the heads of people when they complain about being constantly punched in the face by Islam.

    Christianity is weak. And because it is weak it is losing followers. Nobody respects weakness and Christianity has been completely rotted out with corrupted leadership and ideas.

  3. “Or to make that point differently, leave a female to her devices, and eugenics is a toilet-stall fuck at a club. Contrary to the jaded Red Pill truism, women are the true romantics after all. Their gutter love keeps us from reaching escape velocity on post-humanity.”

    lolzlolzl You really went for the heartistean mordant jugular with that aphorism!

    I’ve meant to unpack the subtext of Pres. Trump’s Weekly Address video on the space program from the other weekend. Pack with clearly religious imagery and whistleblows, he highlights the Hubble peering over the Christmas season into “total darkness”, before uncovering a plethora of galaxies billions of years into the night.

    Now, as a fervent blackpill-resister on The Administration, we confront a season which truly must be decisive: either the President uncovers the truth on this alleged, possibly non-existent, and certainly not committed by Abbas “gas attack” or, God Forbid, the United States is sucked into an unjust and of course absolutely unwinnable Middle East Conflict No 3, which certainly will destroy the promise of his Presidency and possibly the world as we knew it.

    I have (as I do) emailed the White House, and probably will again tomorrow as it is of the utmost importance to hammer home the truth on this question no matter what. And yes, I believe that even airing out the mailroom must have some sort of trickle effect on the oppressive climate of lies.

    Putin and Trump must consummate their destiny as buddy flick heroes taking on the GloboHomo conspiracy: obviously this means allowing Pres. Assad to finish off the ISIS insurgents and keep sovereign Syria intact, it means stopping the immivasion of Europe, it means preventing nuclear war and forbidding Zionist wars, and it means defanging and casting into darkness the Victoria Nuland/Lousise Mensch/Susan Rice/Kagans/Emanuels/et al.s

    Pray for it, write somebody about it– I’m glad you weighed in at heartiste, because Greg E.’s rather saturnine attitude about all this (perhaps understandably aggravated by carlos’ sometimes highstrung), to say nothing of some of the frantic blackpilling by various parties, trolling or not, probably isn’t helping– but if we start dropping bombs on Assad then morally it’s all but over for the Administration to faithfully save Western civilization, and if there are boots on the ground then we truly are through, in every sense.

    OT: the Lucius jihad against “vanamee” has begun! I’ve been so suspicious for so long about this character, I had toyed with letting a note fall here, soto voce, in case you had noticed anything odd. But since CH coyly quoted xir as “he/she”, plus it started flouncing petticoats, nattering Taylor Swift lyrics to itself and weirdly digressing on the popularity of Nancy Drew with today’s girls (a topic upon which the previously studiously butch vanamee seemed dreadfully au courrant)– not to mention cajoling our Greg (as previously it tried to cajole me, though I dismissed it then with a single word, biding my time!), I decided to let loose the dogs of Troll Hunting and declare a crusade against the latest installment (for such I have long suspected it to be) of our own (((“saruh”)))!

  4. –committed by Assad– did an autocorrect take its toll? I mean I literally pray for Pres. Assad’s safety every night, I can’t believe I slip and call him that in writing.

    And by “blackpill-resister” I mean to say, of course, that I’m a Trump Triumphalist. If it weren’t for these noises of disapproval towards Assad, I would be complaining of little in the President’s own conduct, We still have a ways to go with the “100 days”, and there are reasonable explanations for almost anything thus far that is controversial from our views. He may only be giving Ryan rope to hang himself. He may be keeping friends close, and enemies closer.

    But we simply cannot attack Syria. Even a few token bombs– even if only intended as such– will be absolutely ruinous. How can the war end then? How can Putin and Trump reach concord and turn upon their mutual enemies? And there can be no compromise with the internal foes who are attempting soft or hard coup d’état against the President and his mandate.

    “And that Babylon, glorious among kingdoms, the famous pride of the Chaldeans, shall be even as the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrha.” (Isaiah 13:19, Douay-Rheims)

    I was flipping back toward Ecclesiastes to pay homage to the OP’s theme, but my eye halted on that page so I’ll leave you with that.

  5. –One more thing, and OT: wearing my hat as psycholiterary critic: I’ve often thought Steve Sailer’s writing caught in a weird place between affected Anglo snark and a kind of Derbesque placidity. Larry Auster, you’ll recall, thought him a nihilist, and though perhaps that was unfair it’s something worth pondering. I’ve often thought, for instance, that Steve’s occasional asides about cocaine are very odd–he’s had a few incredibly mordant, Swiftian flights of fancy on such topics (one imagining scores of co-eds at spring break with brain hemoragghes induced from legalized coke– now is this a comment on the evils of hedonistic drug abuse, or on the unreliability of the pharmaceutical companies as compared to narcolords?).

    But in this flurry of postings about the Black Lives Matterx100 Bangladeshi boy, I feel like we’re getting The Real Steve. The Steve perhaps Steve himself doens’t meet that often. You can see the mask of Anglo-irony (whether it’s naturally his or just his affected aspiration from idolizing Wodehouse and Waugh) slipping, replaced by real, red-hot hatred just flowing, lava-fresh, like old Palpatine would want it!

    Personally I’m glad when Steve gets truly pissed. Too often what he writes in his snarky way just passes as pissed to his fans. But today, you can feel real rage in him. He’s (for the moment at least) getting Heartistean.

  6. The “Syrian gas attack” is 100% false flag distraction. Why order a meaningless war crime if you have all but won the war already?

    Let’s hope Trump has kept his instincts.

  7. An attack on Syria would beautifully clarify the betrayal.

    — I’m glad you weighed in at heartiste, because Greg E.’s rather saturnine attitude about all this

    Greg Eliot provides the much needed reminder that all the winning we’ve been talking about since the election has been symbolic. Impatience grows and deporting more illegals than previous administrations, slightly slowing things down on legal immigration (“you mean there is still more of them coming?!”) is business as usual. I am standing by the comment I made at CH yesterday: Trump is getting his ducks in a row, and when the timing is right, Holy Fire.

    This might well end in a civil war. I welcome it, should MAGA have failed. Anything is better than this slow strangulation.

  8. — Christianity is weak. And because it is weak it is losing followers.

    Christianity is either true or it is false. One of those two possibilities is objective reality, and the cucked state of modern churches is, from that perspective, beside the point. Christianity is strong, Christians have to discard the false teachings.

  9. — Christianity is weak. And because it is weak it is losing followers.

    Christianity is incredibly strong for the Western man, but it can’t help those who no longer practice it with vigor. It led the European to unprecedented military/political dominance and a high point of around 50% of the world’s population at the beginning of the century, but down to less than 15% now.

    The European only become soft, weak and open to parasitism when he forsook Christianity and his religiosity declined steeply.

  10. –PA, I was repenting at leisure my bout of “live blogging” parasitically imposed upon your blog last night, but: I’d been migraining through (calendar) yesterday, finally nodded off early to try and sleep it off, woke up now in the very early hours (I guess it was a havy REM sleep), and so of course now I’m stuck with the early news of the Syria strike.

    Markku is keeping a running commentary at Vox Day (under the shirt article) of RT and Pravda commentary, which he doesn’t think is looking too good.

    The “4D chess” scenario, so far as I can make out the most intelligent rendering, goes like: Trump suckerpunches an empty airbase, with Russians informed through channels (one source claims this was done in-theatre, US military to Russian opposite numbers), understanding Syrian forces would be told to evacuate. Neocons and MSM drop “Putin’s puppet” narrative, Trump looks “tough”, pivots onto other vital issues, Syria takes backseat.

    The prevailing scenario, of course, is self-explanatory. Trump is daughter’s baby, son-in-law’s puppet, sentimental buffoon. Those watching Cernovich claim Cernovich is saying his boots-on-ground sources say they are being put on the move. [NB: I really don’t know what I think of C. Of what I think of as VD’s Treehouse Gang (Milo, Cernovich, Molyneaux) I have a mixed attitude with all of them, and frankly with what seems at times on VD’s part a kind of starstruck, too-cool-for-school attitude which makes him value his anointed “media peers” over his own base, as it were) One of the Russian sources quoted by Markku thus far claims missile strikes are “on-going”.

    As an outright Pres. Assad supporter myself, I am passionately against even any move to “peacefully” oust him– any Syria with him in exile must almost certainly become a failed state regardless, to say nothing of a puppet for that Israeli-Sunni alliance our friend Captain Obvious talks about.

    Since I assume no 4D Chess plan can allow for Assad to lose all his airfields, even if they were otherwise empty, I don’t know what else to say but that if this is in any sense an ongoing operation and more than a one-time hit, then we must resign ourselves to the destruction of these Trumpenreich hopes. If he is being played, then he has been played very easily.

    However great Trump’s emotionalism might appear to some, it is staggering to contemplate, after his long twitter record in opposition to Syrian intervention (an isteve commenter in the Open Thread on this has been posting the screenshots in abundance) that he WOULD fold so quickly to a false flag setup– and it is simply unthinkable that Assad launched a gas attack. On this truth I would with the utmost confidence commit my very life. Trump has for so long, and on good evidence, appeared to see through so many things (going back to some of his remarks in the wake of the September 11th events), that it has been easy to believe he would know the dismal truth about a great many goings-on. If anybody could blow the lid off the “Eyes Wide Shut” shenanigans . . . .

  11. Good comments Lucius, today and yesterday. I never liked Ivanka and her ostentatious war-brideism. Then again, like mother like daughter. Ivana ran off with a foreigner too.

    I’m staying put. VD points to a perhaps likely scenario that will have justified this. A commenter there has read my mind:

    “When do we start bombing the Swedish government to protect the women and children from the brown hordes?”

  12. A gratuitous self-pat on the back. The somewhat allegoric vignettes I sometimes include in the Shots of Wisdom series aim at at giving form to occluded reality via extrarational perception. Given the possible Betrayal, I just did a double-take at the Part 7 installment, in which “The Will To Live” concludes thusly:

    This longest night is our trial. Some lose their minds and throw themselves into the abyss. Others trust the invisible laws that guide us toward the sun, with or without the forebrain’s consent. It’s not morning yet, whispers the boy who woke up from a nightmare.

  13. “And what if photos of dead people emerge in Djibouti?” — Porter

    Analyze it to the ends of time, but the simple fact is that there is no up to bombing Syria which is explicitly against what was his platform and principles; and it demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they got leverage on him.

    They sat him down and played videos of the Kennedys’ last limo ride in Dallas.

  14. Gorsuch confirmed. Trump can now fight back against the activist judges opposing his visa policies.

  15. It’s still within reason (given what we know so far) that this strike was a one-off piece of kabuki, and if that’s really what it is, then it’s possible this could go down as a brilliant move.

    But, but: one more strike has to kill this hope. One more strike, and even if it doesn’t lead to boots on the ground, it means there is no détente, let alone Glorious Alliance, with Putin; it means Assad, God save him, may finally go down and all Syria with him; it means floods more immivaders, and probably nothing done against them; and of course a huge bonanza for GloboHomo(TM).

  16. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Ivanka a war bride, but she is not a good representative of white identity. I’d prefer to see a lot less of her and her husband in the news.

  17. — They sat him down and played videos of the Kennedys’ last limo ride in Dallas.

    Taken literally, no excuse for a 70-year-old man to be a coward about dying. In any case, I always thought that the purpose of surrounding himself with competent generals like Mattis was to MAGA extraconstitutionally.

    Waiting and watching.

  18. Putin deployed Syria to bait Trump into this about-face conflict. They figured the US POTUS would react emotionally and vaingloriously. Trump sees his visage as heroic in his reactino to Syria gassing its own people.

    [it would be nice if he got emotional and vainglorious about the shitskins who have invaded his own country instead. Imagine having a loved one killed by a drunk driving illegal spicroach and then hear Trump say “our beautiful Lateeno barrios.” — PA]

    Putin’s election-fixing shenanigans are starting to pay off. The end result in Putin’s eye and praxis: America’s world power is diminished, while Russia’s and China’s is enhanced. Sanctions will now have less effect, thus Russia’s power is enhanced.

    [so at least there is a silver lining.]

    But Trump is happy; his image as a heroic, take charge leader in the face of unspeakable evil will raise his likability index into 40-something-percent territory. So, still work to do but that bump in popularity is a nice start in terms of his top priorities.

    This is what you get when your leader’s intellectual fount brims with celebrity and vainglory; however, it is interesting to see commenters here, who to a man have more classic virtue and self-insight than Trump, do backward somersaults to deny something that their lying ears and eyes are confronting more and more every day.

    [he was and still remains, by a thread, the only known figure who can take down neoliberalism. Hillary would have already legalised everyone, thrown the gates open, started a hot war with Russia, and sent federal marshals after me.]

    So, keep on watching and waiting…

    [what else is there to do at the moment? We don’t know where this is going. Unless you had a viable alternative to Trump and remained sceptical about Trump for reasons other than personal pique, you aren’t in a position to gloat. This isn’t over yet. It’s barely began.]

  19. Unless you had a viable alternative to Trump

    No one ever has an answer to this question when they’re asked. If they do, they conveniently forget the qualifier: viable.

  20. Hillary would have already legalised everyone, thrown the gates open, started a hot war with Russia, and sent federal marshals after me.]

    Agreed. She’d really be worse in that she has a functional competency in terms of reading political reality and understanding its processes —- or at least so better than her victor rival. More specifically, her vainglory, while pronounced, isn’t totally blind.

    Just remember this (no condescension intended; rather, i’m saying the following is prime: anything that Trump delivers that is ‘better than HRC’ or whatever is incidental to its not disrupting his vanity and vainglorious reification; for if that is stymied, he will literally reverse his stated partisan stances —— as he did here in contradicting his stance against Mideast war mongering; anything else, is coincidental in terms of his consistency.

    But the point is that he has no fundamental political convictions or, really, political understanding. AND EVEN IF HE DID IT WOULD BE SECONDARY AND SUBORDINATE TO HIS VANITY.

    It’s funny in that this article from your enemy publication noted that, of all his fractured constituents, Trump’s bombing the Mideast most pissed off his alt-right contingent (however msm is describing this element — i.e., now it’s a given that Richard Spencer ‘coined’ the term ‘alt-right.).

    I would contend that Trump never thought about that fact and surely didn’t anticipate it —- not out of antagonistic indifference but out of ignorance; i.e., i doubt he even knows that a corollary conviction to those who identify as alt-right is a sorta isolationist anti-mideast war mongering stance coinciding.

    I’d bet on it.

  21. Key passage in the above article:

    The most vocal in their outrage were leaders from the small but influential white nationalist movement.
    Paul Joseph Watson, an editor at the conspiracy theorist site Infowars, said on Twitter that Trump “was just another deep state/neocon puppet.” He added, “I’m officially OFF the Trump train.”
    Richard Spencer, a far-right activist and white nationalist who coined the term “alt-right,” said he condemned the attack and hinted at supporting another presidential candidate in 2020: Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a Democrat. Ms. Gabbard met with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria in January and on Thursday criticized the missile strike as shortsighted and reckless.
    For some on the far right, particularly those who are pro-Russia, Mr. Trump’s strike crossed a line.

  22. Trump can now fight back against the activist judges opposing his visa policies.

    You guys have been snookered re. Goresuch; he’s made key decisions in favor of illegal-labor-using corporatists in Colorado and other agricultural states; Hormel’s corporate board will construct a statue and shrine devoted to Goresuch.

  23. Putin deployed Syria to bait Trump into this about-face conflict.

    LOL, you are certified crazy now. One cannot “deploy” a country.

    They figured the US POTUS would react emotionally and vaingloriously. Trump sees his visage as heroic in his reactino to Syria gassing its own people.

    Yeah, no duh.That’s how politics works.

    Did you know that Obama lit up various airbases and radar installations in Yemen last year with missiles in exactly the same fashion? Obama launched at least 563 drone strikes and over 1,000 bombing sorties to achieve various results over his 8 years in office. More than 3,000 died.

    The difference is that if Obama had pulled the trigger on a mission such as this the Nobel Committee would’ve already lined up with 8 new awards in hand, and all of the SWPL’s would’ve been declaring him the protector of Mulism and disenfranchised children across the globe.

    Putin’s election-fixing shenanigans are starting to pay off.

    Yes, Putin “fixed the election” by having a few hundred paid, orthographically-challenged Internet trolls putting out stories about how Chelsea is an alien baby whom Hillary gave birth to on a mothership during an abduction encounter. And that’s probably one of their more believable stories.

    By the way, Russian state media (RT) was putting out anti-Hillary content of this type 4 and 5 years ago. Also makes you wonder why it took the FBI several months to notify the Democratic National Committee that their email servers might be compromised.

  24. Trump’s Far-Right Supporters Turn on Him Over Syria Strike

    More crap news from the NYT.

    WTF are these “far right supporters” gonna do, start supporting Hillary? Go back to the GOP cuckservative, open borders crowd like Jeb or Marco Rubio?

    Trickin’ you are an alarmist in the worst way. This is all just business as usual.

    Syria is a little shit*hole crapistan country of around 20 million people, historically ruled by an Alawite Shi’ite minority (Hafez Al-Assad and his son Bashir) The president of Syria (Bashir) controls less than 50% of the country’s territory now – the rest is controlled by Sunni Rebels, Kurds of Isis.

    Who cares? As long as we don’t put troops on the ground, that’s the only way this can become a serious issue.

    Obama bombs coastal radar sites and airstrips in Yemen in October 2016:


  25. cam, stop responding to claim I never made! You’re always acting like i’m a blue-pill HRC supporter….. and stop condescending: ‘deployed’ is clearly and obviously used symbolically here; i.e., ‘they all but literally filled the gas tanks,”etc..

    Whenever you lose a point in f2f’ debates, you turn me into a liberal strawman and then knock it down.

    the only bit of ‘I told you so”-ism I indulge re. Trump is how much i said his psycho-vanity would play in his ability to be politician; but you and others were always acting like it was a blue-vs-red resentment on my part.

    But I know better.

    I’m usually not fatalistic or overly dramatic —- but i’m starting to really believe that Trump is going to be out of office by late summer. IDk

  26. Syria is a little shit*hole crapistan country of around 20 million people,

    Didn’t it actually have a self-supporting tourist industry back in the ’80s for a while?

  27. Good thing it was Gorsuch that was appointed instead of Goresuch. Hate to think what that would have amounted to.

  28. I’m usually not fatalistic or overly dramatic —- but i’m starting to really believe that Trump is going to be out of office by late summer. IDk

    What? Do you know how our government works? Only the House can start impeachment proceedings, and it is controlled by the GOP. in the extremely unlikely event that the liberals could successfully mount anything that could truly destabilize Trump the right (aka the military) would back him with the threat of a civil conflict.

    Are you sure that you are closing in on 50 years old? Did you not pay attention to politics until 2012?

    For you to be ringing alarms on one little bombing run in Syria is kinda weird. Presidents do stuff like this all the time, ESPECIALLY Obama, who was the king of the drone attack and the cruise missile sortie.

    Remember that little mess in Kosovo back in the 90’s. Well, Milosevich wasn’t doing what we wanted and the USA organized a “humanitarian” coalition under NATO to bomb him back into the stone age ostensibly to protect Bosnian Muslims. This little action is no different. And it’s quite inconsequential.

  29. cam, stop responding to claim I never made! You’re always acting like i’m a blue-pill HRC supporter…

    And I never said that you were just a run-of-the-mill, off-shelf liberal Hillary supporter.

    You’re something much more bizarre – a 50 year-old alarmist who jumps up and down going “oooooh lookit” at every little irrelevant happening, and you never tire of it even after all this time. LOL

    Richard Spencer, a far-right activist and white nationalist who coined the term “alt-right,” said he condemned the attack and hinted at supporting another presidential candidate in 2020:

    Seriously? WGA*F? so what if Trump loses Spencer and the 50 fifty votes of the people who attended his alt-right conference?

    Do you understand that Spencer’s big post-Trump “Deploraball” shindig only had a whopping 170 attendees? This is despite the NYT attempting to make it look as if Spencer has millions of followers.

  30. Ca
    I”m not talking impeachment; i’m talking something as-yet inconceivable; perhaps a resignation based in his own will. ….. anyhow, i think it IS intriguing; all this sudden alt-right this or that being caught in the media klieg lights….. you keep responding to my observations like i’m some hard blue partisan…You’re not used to the concept of a politically indifferent ‘NAM.

    You make jest of this stuff, and who really couldn’t, if one is set on doing as much, but FWIW, i’ve been the one most prescient on how a Trump admin would turn out..it’s fun predicting, though you’re 1990 blue-vs-red straw-manning is boring as hell.

  31. Thing about Gorsuch; there’s something so fishy about his candidacy: he was rolled out while the administration was just naming its key figures —— all these hardcore paleocons brought to the fore in the fresh height of the new admin’s glory and all the sudden you get those totally soft-moderate centrist neo-con nominated by the new potus to replace Scalia…… it just doesn’t add up.

    But then you read about his decisions on major illegal-labor cases and precedents.

    And things start to add up.

    I wonder where Trump really stands on illegal labor? Would he say he believes in the enforcement of currently on the books labor law?

  32. “Putin deployed Syria to bait Trump into this about-face conflict.”

    “LOL, you are certified crazy now. One cannot “deploy” a country.”

    ‘Trickin’ (spl?) sure does use language sometimes in that incautious way familiar from babymammas in the delivery room.

    But I’ll cut him a little intellectual credit (even if he be trollin’) on Gorsuch. That female pastor crap alone rings major Souter bells.

    Souter bells
    Souter bells
    It’s treason time
    With our court pick! . . .

  33. –I weighed in one last time on the current VD thread (“Constant Right”?), with a rather passive-aggressive tactic of linking to an old Snidely Whiplash quote-and-post I made back in October (there may be more than one of those– I remember thinking he was quite funny).

    It wasn’t said directly about me, but the SeeNoEvil crowd was gloating about the alleged presence of “thirty or more trolls” on that thread, and I felt implicitey compromised. Some guy I”VE never heard of calling himself “Averyfineeducation” (or something to that effect) was raving in what I consider a vaguely subliterate way (“You people shouldn’t extrapolate from a single data point!” –NB. Does Vox Day talk like this? I know he gets irritated himself when people parrot back to him phrases he considers above their pay grade, but frankly I sometimes suspect he may not be quite as profoundly versed in the intricacies of logic as his ‘do you even syllogism?’ type put-downs indicate– or rather counter-indicate, unless he’s being funny, which sometimes I can’t even tell . . . ), and jumping over me as though I were a supposed Trump-traitor.

    Well, this is a new emotion for me, because frankly I don’t remember EVER blackpilling throughout the campaign. Our friend Greg, for example, was very skeptical after Iowa that Trump was a viable candidate, but I kept my chin up.

    But as I tried to convey in my last comment at VD, I don’t understand what they think they gain by, as it were, keeping quiet about the ALLEGED fault here. If this is a ploy for a pivot towards Putin, then when that pivot comes, it must of necessity be couched in some sort of “mistakes were made/ people misinformed me” way.

    More drastically: for those of us who believe in Pedogate, the Sandy Hook hoaxdom, et. al., what the hell is Trump’s real attitude toward this ridiculous “Assad gassed his own people” farce? THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. So what does he do about the next false flag? Play along? Play disinterested? Invent a fake missile attack for every fake event? That’s gong to get old fast. And what about domestic false flags?!?

    If Trump actually believed this shit, then it’s surely untenable now to think he understands the gravity of his situation. Yes, perhaps he sees that Obama spied on him, perhaps he sees that Hillary was up to something. But how can he not tie these patterns of deception together? And as long as they are in operation and he refuses to understand or expose their intricacies, then the GloboHomos are calling the shots and he is– contrary to our exalted hopes– dangling on their string.

  34. Lucius: “And as long as they are in operation and he refuses to understand or expose their intricacies, then the GloboHomos are calling the shots and he is– contrary to our exalted hopes– dangling on their string.”

    Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!!

  35. O.T.@Camlost: Check out the latest LaVar Bell-father lunacy; apparently, his NCAA basketball analyses are advanced in the face of evident historical reality. What a f-ing fool:


    Here’s a comment on the story by some older black dude that i came across on FB; don’t know him from Adam but i agree 1,000 percent with his pithy remark; love the point he made about varying consensuses on ‘blackness’ in majority-black countries.
    To wit: This is a strange form of parenting. Why does the dad have anything negative to say to the public about the talent level of his son’s teammates? It’s also a strange race analysis. In most majority-black countries, both father and son would be looked upon as white. Better, in my view, to say only good things about your son’s teammates. If, perhaps due to insanity, you are compelled to say negative things about your son’s teammates, then confine the negativity to the negative qualities, not their mythological origins. Finally, look in the mirror before you say stuff!

    Also, I wonder what Duke, UW-Wisconsin and several other Sweet Sixteen perennials have to say about the corollary of number-of-white-players and number-of-tournament-victories.

    What a nipple-brained idiot is the senior Bell. .

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