The Tragedy of Compromise

A nation can be snuffed out though violence or miscegenation, but only if the genocide is complete or they might come back stronger. But can a nation survive a utopia? Huxley pondered the end of history and to my recollection, he did not account for a fissile ruling class or the material goods losing their flavor.

But in the real world, the hard edge of globalism is bruising us hard. Unless you consider the mud invasion utopian. Below is my translation of a poem about the folly of a nobleman who tired to work with the system. That’s a difficult thing to do when the system is implacable and the grievances of your constituents are absolute.

If the war gets hot, what do we fight for? For nothing less than total victory. What is total victory? Securing what’s ours. Reach for more and you are courting downfall. The meek shall…

Aleksander Wielopolski (1803 – 1877) ran Poland’s civil administration within the Russian Empire and to forestall the bloodshed that would result from the growing independence movement, he ordered a conscription of Polish nationalists into twenty-year enlistments in the Tsar’s army. That decision sparked the January 1863 Uprising, the very outcome Wielopolski wanted to avoid.

The original poem is in the YouTube video below under “Show More.” It is written in trochaic meter with an ABAB rhyme scheme.

Margrave Wielopolski

Through Saxon Square, Circassian hundreds gallop
And by the palace, a hundred campfires burn
How do you do it, Your Excellency
That you’re despised on every side?

Lord Margrave, you don’t think in lockstep
So with the Tsar you’re already suspect —
Neither Petersburg nor Moscow will trust
A Pole who has his own plans

Lord Margrave still walks the tightrope
It’s dangerous to walk so high
After all, disaster won’t spare him
Because bad luck has he, who is born here
Your contempt, no one will forgive
We’re superstitious, fervent and teary
And you’re proud, you won’t deign wallow
In the national borscht with us
Why bother splashing logic in our faces?
We did not read Hegel, sire
For us it’s Chopin, peas and cabbage
And from time to time an uprising

Lord Margrave still walks the tightrope
Abyss on the left and abyss on the right
If he avoids death by a countryman’s hand
Then he’ll leave office in disgrace
All that work, Lord Margrave, and for nothing
In vain, the forced conscription
Things will be as they must — business as usual
To battle unarmed, backbreak and welts
Lord Margrave, you won’t change a nation
Here, good sense is rarely used
And the one thing we can do truly well
Is to lose most beautifully in the world

Lord Margrave still walks the tightrope
Though awkwardly and with a wild boar’s posture
And when he falls, he’ll gain only
A traitor’s shame instead of a monument
That you fell, that’s normal Polish fate
In the end, everyone falls off that rope
Only why did you forget, Wielopolski,
That the fall must look good?

– Jerzy Czech (c. 1981)


25 thoughts on “The Tragedy of Compromise

  1. “Why bother splashing logic in our faces? […]
    why did you forget, Wielopolski,
    That the fall must look good?”

    A kind of Irish sentiment in that poem too. Good stuff. Apparently the Polish Embassy in Dublin recently threw together a festival nodding the countries’ apparent cordial relations. (PolskaÉire.)

  2. — A kind of Irish sentimen

    Glad you saw that! in fact I had an effusive paragraph about “beautiful losers” in the draft and called out the Irish and Johnny Reb specifically, but then decided to cut the self-indulgent stuff. I did keep open an implied question though, about long-term winning and losing. The poem itself is ambivalent on the matter.

  3. A noble on the Frontier must always remember that power sits in the Capitial…..until it doesn’t.

    How much of the Soviet Empire still sits outside Moscow’s orbit? The British, the Spanish, the Franks, the Romans? Those who have the inside track on the new order are those who were the first to successfully defect.

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  5. Life is dominated by self-annihilators pretending to be “spirited” agents of goodchange. Deracination is more primitive than primitive. Racialized SOCIALISTS are a scourge upon any nation. Wielopolski chose his fate.


  6. The tragedy of compromise
    Hives all I’s
    Bees to white Supremacy
    These are the stings of our lives
    No disguise
    Can hide
    A traitor’s deceit
    Behind beady eyes
    In sect
    One inspects
    A cult like herd
    Having weaponized sex
    Perpetuating sheepwalkers
    On a stacked deck
    A gigantic titanic
    Delivers an Iceberg wreck
    In reflex
    A check
    And balance
    Equal to a reset to death
    Terminable without consent
    The lone wolf cometh
    Lived to die a betraying assent…

    So the tragedy of the compromise…

    Is a dead, disloyal friend.

  7. This Wielopolski, he was too wiser than the sheeple *PA: but the sheeple doesn’t exist!* to understand them.

    They are constantly on a mission of seeking trouble and predicaments for themselves. Now that they have found the guidance of globalists, they only have to nod and relax, somebody else is doing the work for them.
    The sheeple are merrier than ever.

    *PA: what is total victory? Securing what’s ours.*

    But only what you win is yours. This is the law of property in history and politics. The moral crust is superimposed afterwards. So yours is a circular definition: winning is securing what’s yours, but what’s yours is what you have won.
    Total victory, I say, is securing what you will to own. It may be that you will to keep having what you had, of course that can be. I say “had” and not “have” because currently the people has nothing.

    When on every issue, the major as well as the minor ones, ALL big media from West Germany to the East coast and Southern border of the USA reports the same account of facts with nearly the same pictures, headers, and comment, and this applies to tv newsprograms, books of history from primary school to university, when borders aren’t enforced, you can say that the people have nothing.
    So victory would be, for the people, to be back to having something.
    With all the elite against them, I see no way or hope.

  8. I like that comment, BN. It’s enjoyable to read someone with opposite point of view to mine. Not in an ideological sense like talking with a liberal, but rather someone who holds the same basic premises as I do but has an opposite attitude toward things.

  9. Let’s try that again now that i’m on a desktop in place of a hand-held:

    More suspicious Gorsuch lobbying. This time in the form of a PSA like commercial featuring a female Swpl-ish judge holding forth about what a great nonpartisan transcending judicial wit the nominee is. This female advocate for Gorsuch is a former Obama administrator she tells us upfront, and she can personally attest that he ain’t no partisan dupe in a robe.

    I’ll say it once more: Scour his record on rulings involving immigrant labor!

  10. I’ll say it once more: Scour his record on rulings involving immigrant labor!

    I’m not worried if Gorsuch has some moderating tendencies about him, we don’t need a Robert Bork in there. We just need someone who is nominally Republican, young and who isn’t a psycho far leftist like whatever fruit or nut Obama would’ve tried to jam in there.

  11. We need conservatives who are willing to engage in the public sphere even if that requires some compromise. Liberals are under the belief that conservatives are afraid of mixing with them and go into retreat mode. We are now mixing it up and they can’t handle it.

  12. Liberals are under the belief that conservatives are afraid of mixing with them and go into retreat mode. We are now mixing it up and they can’t handle it.

    Good point.

    The GOP does need a breed of aggressive, vocal new leaders that can weather the storm of new, accusatory political debate and not just fold up and kowtow like a Romney.

  13. “we don’t need a Robert Bork in there.”

    Cam, I wish I could find that commercial or PSA or whatever it exactly was, which itself is weird, ‘cuz i was at a friend’s house watching standard cable-band television and i think msnbc was on in one room, while i was alone in the living room and i’m guessing that I had it on one of the two ESPN stations, as that’s my standard neutral and initial impulse if i’m not looking for something specific. Yet I could not find the clip on YouTube.

    Point is, I felt it was telling; the woman—- white, Swipple-ish, Catherine Powers-like look and earnestness, is peering hard into the camera talking about how she, a ‘Obama administration’ employee, has ‘no problem whatsoever.’

    The question begged: “Why would a newly elected paleocon with a mandate-fervor ring to his other picks go out of his way to get such a relative red-meat milquetoast in the mix? He’s going to get anyone he wants in the SCOTUS, though perhaps a bit more hustle if it’s a obviously redmeat signifier….. But all of the sudden, they’re bending over backwards to get this mod-neo-con through —-WHOSE ONLY OTHER DISTINCTION IN TERMS OF CASES HE’S ADJUDICATED ON ISSUES OF NATIONAL SUBSTANCE ARE IMMIGRATION-LAW CASES.

    Doesn’t that seem fishy to y’all? Geez, it’s usually ‘youse guys’ that get all politically cabal-ish here. And Cam, I usually have your ‘just a little is enough’ attitude about partisan fronting, but not on immigration-labor laws; issues in which bother parties clearly have developed and maintained a hypocritical front and record on.

  14. Doesn’t that seem fishy to y’all? Geez, it’s usually ‘youse guys’ that get all politically cabal-ish here.

    You’re getting me confused with some other 40+ old waycist. I don’t do the conspiracy theory thing, if that’s what you mean by “cabal-ish”. And immigration labor law isn’t so important if they illegals aren’t here in the first place, or get sent home. But there’s probably just not enough

    But I think liberals are smart enough to see that Gorsuch is probably the best they can hope for right now with the GOP having both houses. If they reject him the following candidates will be even more to the right of him. If you remember, John Roberts got through somewhat easily, too.

    Also, liberals are also so moonbat crazy over the “immigration ban” issue right now that they’ve forgotten issues of much larger significance, like this one. But that’s the nature of the new Obama coalition – young, stupid voters with short memory and an infatuation with symbolic social issues.

    And I’m praying daily that Keith Ellison does get elected DNC chair at the elections later this month.

  15. Also, I don’t think Trump could find a viable SC candidate who isn’t a Bush-type of open borders economic globalist. That malaise infected the whole GOP before him.

  16. Cam’s Merkel link that has her offering immigrants stipends to turn about face eerily echoes Nikcrit’s earlier comment in the preceding “Gambit” post, in which he dips his toes into E.U. tensions and policies and suggests a “Kind Rejection” policy and stipend to curtail the inflow of invaders yet recognize their humanity and cover their political keisters, no?

    Little did PA know that the possible answer in to this dodgy question of sovereignty for 21st-century whites needed the nimble po-mo diplomacy of a detachment that could only be borne of the American Midwestern “Magic Mulatto!”

  17. — the possible answer in to this dodgy question of sovereignty for 21st-century whites needed the nimble po-mo diplomacy of a detachment (Nikcrit)

    Diplomacy is something that governments direct “up,” such as when they couch things in soft language to charm the media or transnational entities. But there is no need to be diplomatic to actual invaders. They are 100% at the mercy of the host state. If Germany’s ruling party tells the police to round up all migrants, put them on airplanes and ships and send them to their own countries, the migrants won’t be able to do anything about it.

    How many invaders are going to take that “stipend”? I read Camlost’s article yesterday, some meager numbers were given. Out of one and a half million who aren’t inclined to leave. Why would they? There aren’t any White women to grope in Shitmuddistan.

    The “stipend” is election campaign B.S. Her poll numbers are low and she’s trying to raise them. People who spoke out against the invasion are still sitting in prison.

  18. from cam’s link:
    “Black students should be offered free tuition and housing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison because blacks were legally barred from education during slavery and university remains out of reach for black students today, the student government said Wednesday…..The Associated Students of Madison said in a resolution that students from suburban high schools are overrepresented. The group said consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications restricts opportunities for the poor and thus upholds “white supremacy.” “

    Most of you here probably think that most minorities would read such a proposal and barely blink. But i can tell you that me and my NAM friends would laugh at such stuff, some of us conspiratorially.

    Why? because I already got my tuition break—– or make that ‘waiver’ and ‘stipend.’

    Which brings up an interesting subject: I wonder how many of these name brand ‘black conservatives,’ these guys like Thomas Sowell and Glenn Lowry and John McWhorter and whoever else is a black academic who’s written essays against the idea of academic affirmative action have taken minority scholarship, fellowship and other forms of academic set-asides? I recall reading stuff about Clarence Thomas deciding against such policies in cases despite receiving academic affirmative action himself; for some reason, the hypocrisy accusations are pretty lax when it comes to that form of welfare…. thank God!

  19. “I made an argument that Eastern Europe cannot accommodate a mass influx of Westerners”

    I understand you. But I disagree. If Westerners want it, you will have no choice.
    But I think you misunderstand the major threat to Eastern Europe.
    Drawing lessons from my little country, we have had to major powers kind of fighting for influence here: “protestant England” and Catholic (really jacobine) France.

    The English are great. We have had our problems with them but they do not threat us existentially. In the south there are whole neighbours of English, who somewhat self segregate sometimes. We’re cool with that. Even before, in the XVIII and XIX centuries, when he had anti-Protestant laws the English came, prospered, but did not threaten us.

    However the French… we are their slaves. Why? Because they come here and they claim to be *like* us. They claim to be better, more advanced, more fashionable, etc. It’s not a superiority complex, is a lets make this more French complex.

    The real threat is the following: The many people (and there were many) who went to England and France and then returned were completely different. They were both called “Foreigners” (they weren’t) but they differed. Those who went to England spoke of English virtues, Anglo systems of law, Anglo Traditions, etc.

    Those who went to French spoke of wow they are more *advanced* we must coppy them.

    As a “westerner” I remember how from 2007 until 2015 all the Polish girls I met (in Erasmus and such) wanted to be West-European and felt European and that we “westerners” were a better version of Poland, or what Poland could become. (reminds me of our emigrés to France) …

    this is in stark contrast to the Romanian girls, who came here, said it was lovely, and nice, and “different” while saying Romania is good but has lots of problems. (reminds me of our emigrés to England).

    Maybe there is pan-Catholic thing that makes us look up and copy those catholics who are better up, I don’t know.

    Bottom line: The problem is not the people wanting in, is those who comeback and have become infected with “globalism” or some kind of “inferiority complex of the lets copy them presuation”.

    I used to find despicable how much Polish girls wanted to be Westerners. More than any other Eastern European people, but then again, we had very little Hungarians or Slovaks, and the Czechs already seem rather Western.

  20. I was talking about Catholic Eastern Europeans in the last paragraphs.

    By the way the Croats. Croat upper middle class and above are Italians and Germans;
    Croats of lower social strata behave like Russians mixed with Romanian gypsies. (maybe the war fucked them up)

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