Photo: Preparing for the Inauguration

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30 thoughts on “Photo: Preparing for the Inauguration

  1. It’s just been reported that the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard is scheduled to be removed from his position during the inauguration ceremony. WTF is up with that?!

  2. I predict very little excitement. Violence happened at Trump rallies because of Soros money. Perhaps the smart liberal money will stay home. Instead of street thugs expect a never ending stream of media effort to create scandals out of nothing and make it hard for Trump to govern. This may work to some extent, but perhaps Trump has a master plan. Speculation about it on my own blog.

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  4. LBF: nice, thanks! I may well buy one of their shirts.

    reluctantreactionary: You didn’t link to your blog but i pretty much agree with you on “I predict very little excitement.”

  5. Rumor is that Trump is keeping the Secret Service at arm’s length too.

    He is surrounded by enemies. Probably feels more comfortable at Trump Tower than the White House.

  6. It’s too late now but I might as well leave a promissory note about the nightmare I had a few days ago, in which shitskin Secret Service traitors launched a live broadcast coup attempt, locking the President and “all of us good guys” (I guess Central Id Casting decided I should be Kiefer Sutherland in “24”) in an auditorium turned kill zone, gunning us down with hyperpowered Uzis from the projection booth.

    This DID have a happy ending– miraculously the tide was turned, though apparently by outside help, and in the end the ecstasy of survival merged with the knowledge that at last the full perfidy of the enemy had been revealed– and would be returned with lampposts.

    But I’ll sound jejune if I try and communicate the visceral suspense and horror of this dream as the plot unfolded, and the terror of death as we scampered, crawling through the aisles, turning the seats up somehow as a useless phalanx of shields, trying to hide from the gunfire.

    Harrison Ford was in this dream too– and got killed.

  7. His foes want him to stay in Trump Tower tweeting away, so he gets nothing done. An old tactic of courtiers, let the symbolic ruler vent his anger while they rule. From that perspective, they win against him.

    The purpose of an investiture ceremony, which is what the inguration is, is for the powerful to come and publicly commit themselves to his rule. Symbolicly, protesting it is aimed to allow his powerful supporters, pledged to the state, to act like his Presidency isn’t valid.

    Of course these fools are at cross purposes, because they tear their own power down with this tactic, and the best they put up was a loose cannon whistle only positive attribute was that she hated their common enemies.

  8. LS – Got to approach death like a phoenix or Hydra. LIke you’ve been there before. Odds are, we all have. DT has also appeared on the torn husks of some of my fleeting dreams. In one we were smoking cigars in a movie theater watching the combination of a live stage play and an IMAX-like film/burlesque (parts of the same “performance”).

    On dwelling on dreams: don’t stare into the sun directly for too long. C’est la vie. I feel happy for The Donald. His ascendancy will cater to those who thirst for mastering/living Real Life. Any bureaucrat’s horror. He will make a fine prez, and restore tenacious risk-taking as America’s crux.

  9. Bro, you had a “nightmare” about a liberal uprising in the USA. I wish I could have dreams that pleasant. I’d either laugh myself back awake or wake up thinking that we that the lefties finally made their last mistake.

    Nothing could help our cause more than a bunch of bumbling Obama coalition types attempting to organize and start a coup, to hilarious results. What could be more funny than the idea of Blacks, gender benders, SWPL’s and effete coastal elites attempting to achieve something concrete and sustainable in the real world…. they wouldn’t even get past the introductory stages where they have to decide which group is “more oppressed” and should get a bigger cut of the spoils afterwards.

    In related comedy news, Rosie O’Donnell continues to be steadfast in her calls for martial law:

  10. As I’ve reported here, I’ve had several dreams about being in a civil war or race war over the last couple of years. Dreams–not nightmares. More recently I’ve started daydreaming about what I’d do in the event of civil conflict. The people in my community are generally so harmless –a lot of them are pro-Trump–that it’s difficult to imagine confronting them.

  11. Lefties would never be able to put up a good fight. That is why they use passive aggressive, womanly tactics to get their way.

  12. I’m hoping there will be enough Trump supporters there, the protesters will be a small minority and marginalized.

  13. I was hoping Trump would dispense with all the lah-de-dah aspects. He cut down the number of parties, which is good. But I would have liked no ceremony at all, no musical acts, none of that. Just five minutes taking the oath and be done with it. Then in the next few hours totally shutting down the immigration scam by rescinding all of Obama’s executive orders, telling the border patrol “enforcement is now job 1” and pulling the plug on sanctuary cities.

  14. In a bizarre way I am kinda glad that Obama came along when he did, not only did he ruin liberalism by pushing it to all of its craziest evolutionary conclusions in a very compact time frame, but he directly paved the way for Trump.

    Had Romney won in 2012 the country wouldn’t be ready for someone like Trump yet, and we’d still be committed to open borders and mass immigration in the worst of ways.

  15. Nothing could help our cause more than a bunch of bumbling Obama coalition types attempting to organize and start a coup, to hilarious results.

    Well they managed to shut down Milo and Martin Shkreli at UC Davis by literally flinging poo.
    So I guess they are good for some things.

  16. I would not put it past some Antifa to martyr themselves at the inauguration to forever stain the Trump presidency.

  17. “Civil rights,” “democracy,” “prosperity,” “healthcare,” ….”violation of U.S. politics?”

    All pejoratives I’ve heard directed at Trump. As someone w/ two presidents in his family (the two Harrisons), all I can say is that Trump IS U.S. politicks! The strongest survive. Period. We were strong enough to take this continent over from some quite formidable foe. Those uncut tribes were no joke. If we can get past them we can defeat the poz in our sleep. “Obama coalition types…” — it’s an insult to actual U.S. that these cross-legged punks are OUR ‘hurdle.’ We deserve to pole vault some REAL obstacle. But this is it. Enjoy the victory, men. Never stop winning!

  18. They only win when you don’t fight them.

    Exactly. Just the simple occurrence of finally having to face an opposition candidate that doesn’t kowtow or fold up like a little bit*ch when placed under their PC bullying has literally brought the Obama coalition to the cracking point.

    It’s partly because they’re accustomed to spinless idiotic opposition like Romney or McCain, but also partly because they’re just effeminate and silly.

    No SJW is going to do jack squat on inaugutation day except cry even more.

  19. “Women’s March” planned to protest Trump in Washington, DC next Saturday already experiencing big problems as black women are hijacking it, telling white women to “talk less” and “check their privelige”.

    If even the NYT is reporting on this, you know it must be bad:

  20. “Contentious Dialogues About Race” (NYT)

    The joy of being a red pilled nationalist is that I never have to do those complex self-effacing tributes to angry allies of convenience.

  21. “No Lucious, the people who voted for Trump have guns and they know that. Don’t be a cuck”

    –It was a DREAM, MGE. Set at a fancy WH fete gone wrong. We were shooting back: the problem is, we were equipped with popguns. The “action choreography” was inspired by the helicopter gundown in “The Godfather Part III”, which I’d been rewatching recently.

    I’m not privy to what SS really carries, but this wasn’t a militia vs gangbanger hoedown on MLK. I’m proudly aware of civilian gun ownership trends, but Duck Dynasty wasn’t on hand in the theatre to help us out against Obama’s Soros-preselected Paki affirmative action hire turncoats on the security detail.

    tl/dr: don’t throw that “cuck” poo at me. And the name ain’t lushous, beeatch!

  22. “Other peoples dreams are so dull . . .”

    Well, the day before I had a pair of retconed James Bond dreams: in the first, I was immersed in some bizarre parody of “Live and Let Die” (the speedboat chase involved me paddling along in a gondola) but Afro-Jewish Yaphet Kotto was replaced in the lead bad guy role by Robert De Niro. Even in the dream itself, I had a sudden humorous effusion about the “whitewash” effect (tho since De Niro married black, I guess my subconscious was doing a meta- riff).

    In the other, Sean Connery’s Bond and Charles Grey’s Blofeld (Diamonds Are Forever) discover they share some Alt-Right commonalities as Blofeld convinces Bond to launch a black knighting political campaign with troll tv commercials created by Blofeld. There was a bit of anxiety here in case Blofeld couldn’t be trusted, but I can still see and hear the one spot where Bond, swinging Gene Kelly style around a lamppost in front of what appears to be St. Mark’s Cathedral, tells the camera, “I cannot help but notice how all the best math students are never late for church: COMPULSORY CHURCH ATTENDANCE TILL EIGHTEEN, VOTE 007 2020!”

  23. Whatever else can be said, the above dreams are proof that this site does not lack imagination.

    Once upon a time, the US left had serious street fighters. Apparently they turned on them and threw them out.

  24. I don’t have “AltRight” or political dreams. My memorable ones, and this is a recurring dream, involve killing a fictitious person (someone faceless who only exists in the dream), getting away with it, followed by a great deal of anxiety about how to arrange my life to avoid getting caught, then waking up with relief that it wasn’t real. EPG is right, best to not stare into the sun.

  25. I can’t see one of these protesters actually committing suicide. A half hearted suicide attempt is more their style.

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