Bachelorette Parties

*phone rings*

PA: Hey Ace, what’s up.

Ace: I have a story for you. Today at lunch I overheard a conversation so fucked-up, I was simply unprepared for what I heard.

You know the herbivore phenomenon in Japan, right? Well, this is worse. So I’m having lunch at a restaurant and there are these two young guys in the booth behind me. They are talking about a friend of theirs getting married — specifically, they found out that his fiancee had gotten carried away at her bachelorette party and made out with some men.

Here is the twisted part: these two fellows I’m eavesdropping on, they agreed that — ready for this? — they won’t say anything to their friend about it, to not ruin the wedding.


Ace: Are you there?

PA: … speechless …. this is too surreal to even call it a violation of “bros before hos.” This is so… new…

Ace: Remember, I noticed this fifteen years ago: America is going to shit because bachelor parties are becoming tame while bachelorette parties are becoming wild.

PA: You were perceptive. Not long after you pointed that out, I traveled through upstate New York and stopped in Batavia. Went to the hotel bar to have a beer after my long drive. There was a bachelorette party at the bar, and some twat in a tiara was prancing around flirting with male patrons. Her drunk friend cornered me while commenting on my wedding band. I was disgusted with the whole scene so I paid for my unfinished beer and went up to my room. Anyway, go on.

Ace: That’s not the end of it. Their conversation continued. I pick up on the fact that these two guys are graduate students — or should I say graaaaduate thtudenths — in North Carolina. And they’re going on about how Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill are the only islands of sanity in that state. The rest of the state, as they put it, is a wasteland of ignorant Trump-voting rednecks.

PA: The dweebs don’t even know their own host-state on their terms. You’d think they’d at least give a shout-out to Blowing Rock.

Ace: They remind me of your Stockings Man archetype — a person who gives up on life. Except that your Stocking Man had started out with a fighting chance and either never tried or tried and failed, and he’s is well aware of his degraded condition — while those two buddy-fuckers are healthy, they have freedom and money, but they have no idea of how … hollow they are.

PA: There is a “dead man walking” quality to men who are so compliant to the feminine imperative that they won’t even alert a friend before he makes a catastrophic mistake. It’s an atrophy of the spirit. To such a degree that if someone came to execute them, they’d go along with it passively.

Ace: Except that when, for example, cartels execute someone, they first torture him for days. Come the knife, he’s broken and welcomes the cut.

PA: Those two haven’t been tortured, they just never cultivated whatever it is that torture beats out of a man. If a killer told them to go behind the restaurant to get shot, they’d be afraid, but they’d obediently walk. Their eyes wouldn’t even be darting sideways to make a break for it as they are led around the building.

Ace: This comes down to each generation’s place in history. Boomers were sentimental — “all you need is love” they sang, and forgot about hate. We GenX’ers never saw what hit us and we got it good and hard — but at least we remember what a blue sky looks like. Those two had lived their entire lives in a cloud of gas.

PA: But there are also positives in every generation. We all do our part, even those two idiots.

Ace: A time to every purpose under heaven. Teenagers are now unanimously for God-Emperor.

PA: A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

Ace: The kids who are now in elementary schools will laugh at equality. They are Generation Trump.


138 thoughts on “Bachelorette Parties

  1. Any white man who would “get” the red pill is really a WN. That’s where it leads every time.

    Trump-luv is really just a proxy for racism. We are just giving the public a funny and likeable version of it.

    The children of Milennials will be the real game changer. Those white kids won’t have a chance at all. Their racism will make most WNs today look conservative.

  2. If my fiancee wants to make out at her bachelorette party I will gladly give her my blessing provided I get to choose which of her female friends get to be her partner for that.

  3. Hearing about what goes on at “bachelorette parties” was one of my red-pill catalysts. I have thanked God many times for my Christian wife who, for her bachelorette “party”, went pottery-painting (and gave the result to me as a wedding present, which I still cherish).

    (I went fishing for mine.)

    As for the “Bros before hos” thing, I know a couple where the chick cheated on the dude the year before they got married. They were Asian and I’m pretty sure she wanted to experience a white penis before locking herself down to her long-term Beta. Anyway, we decided indeed to inform the guy about what had happened, but as far as I know nothing ever resulted from that.

  4. And in my experience with Bachelorette parties it’s not the bride-to-be who gets craziest, it’s all her tag-along friends, especially that one who is quietly upset at not being the center of attention. The bride-to-be normally has a (fat) officious friend playing guard over her.

  5. — Trump-luv is really just a proxy for racism. (Ryu)

    Yes. At this stage I see some historic parallel with Jozef Pilsudski. More about that later perhaps.

    I haven’t seen that drawing before. The artist used the same Beatles allusion I did. The Cyrillic writing on the rock says “God loves us.”

    — If my fiancee… (Camlost)


    — she wanted to experience a white penis (SJ, Esquire)

    Much is said about the African population bomb and Muslim expansionism as future geopolitical concerns but nobody talks about the possible East Asian (Chinese) sexual jealousy rage war. There was a viral video of a Chinese girl making out with a cocky American or English dude while a Chinese guy held her hand, crying. I though, “oh shit, that kind of a racial  humiliation is not easily forgotten.”

  6. I’m meeting more young men who want to meet a girl, get married, settle down, and have kids than women, Didn’t it used to be the other way around?

    Not a fan of women behaving badly at bachelorette parties.

    Loving that Breivik fan art. With a random giraffe!

    What the h*ll were you doing in Western New York? I know that area pretty well.

  7. LBF: Recently married, on our way to Niagara Falls. It rained heavily the whole drive up and we were both exhausted. She went to sleep and I wanted to decompress with a beer, until the scene I witnessed changed my mind.

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  9. Most men are pretty flawed themselves. The highest quality women I know are married to equally high quality men. If you want children, most likely you are going to have to settle. It’s better to be realistic about your self and get on with life, rather than waiting for the perfect woman. I suspect his friends understood he probably isn’t going to be able to do any better. They could have told him, though, so at least he can be aware of who he is marrying and be realistic about her faults.

  10. I think bachleorette parties are stupid. She probably was really drunk and out of control. Her friends hopefully got her out of there before she did something even worse.

  11. Western New York is totally underrated. Beautiful countryside. Rolling green hills, farmland, and cold, deep lakes. Reminiscent of Europe in a way.

  12. The lack of respect the two showed for their “friend” is both unsurprising and disgusting. But what does one expect in the Kali Yuga when friendship turns into “social circles” and “networking”? The two probably had some vague desire for her anyway.

    Pretty much everyone but a socially atomized society would view that behavior poorly.

    To the first response, I wonder how much the lack of social organizations had to do with the vacuum that produced the 2016 elections. When one side says that you’re not good enough to be included, and the other invites you to a boisterous rally, it’s a strong horse against a nonexistent horse.

    And I don’t think anyone mainstream is rushing in to fill that void of social organizations. Well, no one mainstream by 2016 standards.

  13. Did you guys see Meryl Streep’s speech last night? I thought it was already established that Trump did not mock a disabled reporter. Only he really knows, but I think that it is more likely he was not mocking the reporter.

  14. The two friends of the groom found out about the bride-to-be’s behavior — they did not witness it directly.

    Their obligation to the groom, is different, under those two circumstances.

    Do we tell Steve-o about something we heard?

  15. Strippers for bachelorette parties are selected, self-selected and otherwise, to “take a larger size” (as they might have said in Britain).

    The custom is degenerate to begin with, but then that little detail is the icing on the cake.

  16. Hollywood award shows exist for people in the industry. They are not meant for me, so I don’t care. Some of the movies/shows they put out are good, most are not. The less I pay attention to celebrities, the happier I am.

  17. I don’t think they have an obligation, to tell their friend the groom, about something they heard.

    If they had witnessed it themselves, then they would.

    Yeah, you can’t always pass along a rumor, even if in someone’s best interest. People are often funny and can accuse you of all sorts of ulterior motives (like jealousy or complicity) when you were just trying to be the good samaritan.

  18. “Western New York is totally underrated. Beautiful countryside. Rolling green hills, farmland, and cold, deep lakes. Reminiscent of Europe in a way.”

    Yeah, i once stayed for several days upstate in New Paaltz, and was struck by the same rolling vistas and landscapes; reminded me of northern Wisconsin in certain ways.

  19. Friends in such a case must use judgment with innuendo and should look into it. Smoke, fire. Absolute duty to tell the groom if they know of cheating. How the groom handles it, is up to him.

  20. Beautiful countryside

    Yes. I’m very familiar with Syracuse and Finger Lakes westward. The western portion of the state’s open land, rolling farmland with silos, and the Lake Effect winters are my kind of landscape.

  21. Friends in such a case must use judgment with innuendo and should look into it.

    If there was cell phone video, that would be one thing.

    But in the case where the events of a night muddled up with alcohol, a night which has come to mean and imply what it does in this modern world, and a night which the groom knows is planned to occur; and then the recollection of which is passed through the grapevine?

    I likely would not want to participate in its rumormill, even under the auspices as outlined. I would probably figure that it is his life, and that he’ll figure it out.

  22. Realistically, imagine yourself as a thirsty beta who wants a wife, and you had agreed to her having a bachelorette party.

    You (meaning the hypothetical you) would be foolish to be shocked that something of the sort went on. A little kissing? big deal.

    In this modern world, you might have expected a mandingo stage show.


    In this case of our hypothetical thirsty beta, he probably would not want to hear of it.

    Yeah, he might be wise to heed the warning signs and toss the bitch to the curb — but what are the chances that he would do that. The well-intentioned friend would be buzzkillin his feels, and in the short-term causing tension and ire.

  23. Also, before your lady runs off to a Bachelorette party (whether hers or someone else’s) you ought to have some serious idea of how she behaves socially after her and the little crew are acting tipsy-giggly after a few reislings.

    If you’ve committed to a lush who loses her mind when drunk you’re a fool.

  24. “The less I pay attention to celebrities, the happier I am.”

    I think i could sign onto that as well. without hesitation, in fact.

    That wasn’t always true.

  25. You’re both making sensible points. If it were an acquaintance, I’d probably mind my own business. If it was a friend, I’d tell him.

    My shock, which I described in the o.p., was genuine and as “Ace” heard the convo, the bride’s fooling around was not in doubt. So what were he and I both shocked by?

    A new and alien to me way in which marriage now works? For the average person now, we may well be in a post-love world, back to when marriage was a business arrangement — but with slightly different bargaining terms than before:

    The groom now brings his contribution to the household income and a stamp of respectability for the bride as a woman of married status. The bride brings White genes and a womb to the table. He would accept her sexual past and she would accept an unsatisfying marriage.  That would also go with Lara’s point that betas who want to be fathers in today’s market can’t be too picky.

    But that would make any happy-feels “buzz” of the wedding itself beside the point, and unpleasant allegations fair game to scrutiny, no? It’s a contract-signing ceremony, nothing more. As long as decorum is kept, why not be fully informed about what happened at the bachelorette party?

    Like I wrote in the dramatized conversation, this is “so… new.” What do y’all think?

  26. I think it is better to have the information rather than not have it. A lot of men are blindsided by women’s infidelity because they naively refuse to believe their girl could do that. Personally, I’m not much for fairytales, I like real life.

  27. Women have little sympathy for men who are naive about romantic love. They tend to think that if you were wronged, it was partly your fault for not seeing the warning signs.

  28. “‘Whores’ : Necessary in the nineteenth century for the contraction of syphilis, without which no one could claim genius.” –Julian Barnes

  29. But that would make any happy-feels “buzz” of the wedding itself beside the point, and unpleasant allegations fair game to scrutiny, no? It’s a contract-signing ceremony, nothing more. As long as decorum is kept, why not be fully informed about what happened at the bachelorette party?

    If the groom agreed to the bachelorette party in the first place, he signed off some bullshit to begin with, and telling him of it, is rubbing his face in it.

    He knows but he doesn’t want to know that he knows. That sort of thing.

    Imagine yourself as that groom, having signed off on the party.

    Would you want to hear of the details?


    I am actually shocked at the quality and bent of editorial considering that it was written by David Brooks.

    I’ve read it through and quickly did a once-over—– i think it’s interesting and near-brilliant in its observation and criticism. And this surprises me, because I usually don’t care for his views and interpretations. But I think his distinguishing of this “Bannon-era:” conservative administratIOn with classic GOP conservatism and neo-conservatism of the last few decades, coupled with Trump’s flawed and self-interested relationship between the two forms really, really nails it and makes the prediction-aspect of the editorial actually worthwhile and quite spe cific (IMO a rarity in nearly ALL politically minded editorials).

  31. From the Brooks’ piece:

    “I’m personally betting the foreign policy apparatus, including the secretaries of state and defense, will grind down the populists around Trump. Frictions will explode within the insanely confusing lines of authority in the White House. Trump will find he likes hanging around the global establishment the way he liked having the Clintons at his wedding. In office he won’t be able to fixate on ISIS but will face a blizzard of problems, and thus be dependent on the established institutions…..The result may be a million astounding tweets, but substantively no fundamental strategic shift — not terrible policy-making, but not good policy-making, either……The larger battle is over ideas, whether the Republican Party as a whole will become an ethno-populist party like the National Front or the U.K. Independence Party. In this fight the populists might do better. There’s something malevolently forceful about their ideology, which does remind you of Marxism in its early days. There’s something flaccid about globalism, which is de-spiritualized and which doesn’t really have an answer for our economic and cultural problems.

    In short, I suspect Steve Bannon is going to fail to corral the peripatetic brain of Donald Trump. But he may have more influence on the next generation. “

    I think that is an astounding summation; in both detail and specifics; I myself argued that Trump’s egotism and self-obsession would eventually get ahead of any ideological idealism he held and, in the end, he would deploy whatever system served his vanity most quickly and subserviently. And that his coming-into-being as both a serious candidate and as an elected official would help delineate the GOP amongst its neocons and nationalists; Brooks really parsed that distinction. Who else in msm has done that?

    Now couple this editorial and its convictions with that piece that deconstructed Bannon’s turm on “Coriolanus.”

  32. p.s.@ PA: it’s also odd —– striking, actually IMO—– that Brooks compares the fervor of Bannonesque neo-nationalism with the fervor that once gripped early-era Marxists, no?

  33. Not sure what to say about that piece. David Brooks and his group-blog NYT have no effect anything moving forward. Not being glib, they just have no credibility; they’re now even consolidating workspace and renting out floors in their building.

    His marxist analogy is something a college freshman would write on a term paper to show off. Every ascendant movement has “fervor.” He’s being a worried Jew, and not without good reason.

  34. “Every ascendant movement has “fervor.””

    I wasn’t really commenting on how rote were his descriptives; moreso the oddity of comparing nationalistic pride to the mania sweeping early-era Marxists. I wouldn’t figure that to be a likely comparative off the top of one’s head.

  35. Globalists like Brooks are terrified of Trump and nationalism because their gravy train is coming to an end.

    “malevolently forceful” — what does that even mean?

  36. I would think that tepid neocons like Brooks, but with high-status pedestals, would be delighted with leaders like Trump. They’d look at him as great source material.

    Many involved are not ‘partisanly’ so…

  37. “Malevolently forceful” – not beneficial to me.

    Endless USG wars, torture, and white genocide – who cares?

    He’s scared because he knows he’s on the chopping block. He should be.

  38. PA,
    I don’t mean to clutter up your blog-commentary field with links —– but, i must say, this site is not your site of 10/2016 or earlier; i’m truly amazed at the shift in political sensibilities, now reflected by ‘Merica’s official ‘paper or record.’

    Seriously though: this hear is a genuinely interesting development; just to have this story be the lead ‘above-the-fold’ story in today’s book’s section page (at least for the hard-copy edition) is genuinely interesting.

    PA: you and yours ARE the zeitgeist now; prepare yourselves to fend off the partisan shitestorm debris that you and the once-renegate alt-right routinely threw!

    Seriously, when I saw quarter-million-dollar book deals being offered by staid, media organs and institutions, THEN i’m convinced something revolutionary is afoot — or not.

    But in either case, such a giant step has to make itself known before I’ll go concede cultural shifting.

  39. “Malevolently forceful” – not beneficial to me.

    More specifically: not good for the Jews. Of course, the Jewish bolshies had a wee bit of “malevolence” in them, now didn’ they? To the tune of 20 or 30 millions or so. A murderous rampage yet to be revenged. Very conveniently they have owned the narrative and have been able to deep six their perfidy and anti-Christian animus. But the veil is starting to slip.

    As for Brooks’ twaddlings, it all hinges on this presumption: “Trump will find he likes hanging around the global establishment the way he liked having the Clintons at his wedding.”

    Mmmmm… I bet he liked Bill because Bill is a fellow prole and poon-hound. He probably couldn’t stand Hillary and I’d bet you big bucks Trump and Bill, when off alone, would talk smack about her like nobody’s business. The point being, is Trump really going to like the kinds of cucks, homos and creeps that make up the “global establishment”? If Trump went to Davos I think his opinion would be, “how did all these freaks get so much power?”

    Like all Liberals, Brooks is projecting. What HE wants MORE THAN ANYTHING IN LIFE is to be a drooling sycophant at the feet of the global elites. So he assumes Trump must be the same.

  40. Camlost would like to announce that he’s found the first 2017 nominee for his prestigious Amanda Kijera award. Meet 31 year-old Maggie Daniels of NC, a schoolteacher who left us in 2014:

    Murdered by someone she didn’t know in her own apartment, but probably let the perp inside herself since no signs of forced entry. Why would she let her guard down in such a fashion, you ask? Her boyfriend’s mother found her body, here that mother (Addie Shuford) is shown lamenting the death of one of her other sons:

  41. “Mmmmm… I bet he liked Bill because Bill is a fellow prole and poon-hound.”

    Yeah, I’d bet so too—— but the question that feeds into is valid: Does Trump and his needs really care about the distinction between establishment cons and the, you might say, ‘neo-paleo-cons’ repped by Bannon and other neo-right figs?

    I don’t know; i recall that one remarkable sound byte where he went off on globalism and said “they’ll do anything to crush you: call you ‘racist,’ ‘fascist’, you name it,” or words to that effect. That stood out; that registered position to me.

    But beyond that, I’ve seen him capitulate to any force or symbol that reifies him.

    That’s just what I’ve seen.

    RE. Brooks; i knew some profs in grad school who knew him; he’s got about a dime on me in years.

    Here goes nothing: i knew a lot of neo-con-like guys like Brooks; they’re all over Hyde Park; by my lights, they’re not that bad; he’s got his coin from his his Bobos in Paradise book; i don’t think he’s afraid of some pending Trump order; far fuckin’ from it. He’s probably the number one or number two nytimes columnist in terms of popularity, and they’re all pretty rich from their books and are not in risk of losing their nytimes perch; and any diminishment in nytimes reach, power and brick-n-mortar real estate is in sync with hard-copy media ANYWHERE and of ANY political stripe.

    Think of these guys and gals more as famous singers, actors and athletes than partisan-minded political journalists; I bet Trump helps nytimes in terms of reach, sales and influence; any probs that paper is undergoing in industry-wide; incidentally, it’s still the best organ of investigative-reporting in existence; these Breitbart sites are hideously sourced. There are merits galore on both sides of the ‘one-to-many-vs-the-many-to-many” media debate and follies, but everyone still reads the Times when it comes to a neutral story’s facts; the arguments about what to illuminate are valid and would come to ANY media entity of that much influence. But WND isn’t exactly a beacon of objective exposition either, mates.

    WSJ is the other relatively legit msm to keep nytimes in check, though i’m sure many of you here consider that pure hereticism.

  42. I never saw the original ‘Twin Peaks’ series. I’ve also never seen a Tarantino movie, including ‘Pulp Fiction,’ which, when I tell people this today, drives them nuts to the point of outright hostility.

    With some exceptions, the ’90s largely sucked as far as culture was concerned.

  43. “I never saw the original ‘Twin Peaks’ series.”

    I would think Lynch would be big with the alt-right in that his sensibility, references and literal castings are very Goy, very, very white retro—— tokenism would diminish his particular perspective and i say ‘genius’ much moreso than would mild amounts in other directors. I felt he tried dealing with casting blacks in Lost Highway and it diminished the film’s impact; for when Lynch would do as much, the transparency just seems ten-times more clear and obvious, if that makes sense.

    I’m not sure he ever topped Blue Velvet in terms of big-screen efforts; Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet, i’d say, are his creative zeniths. But Lynch is a true genius, a term that is very recklessly tossed around nowadays.

  44. p.s.— btw; i value and enjoy your brand of pop-cult criticism, but i gotta say i think you are way, way, waaaay off in your dismissal of Lynch and Blue Velvet.’

    Probably with the critic Simon, which you cited on Lynch, is he gets too into the iconoclasm of his ‘takedown voice;’ he literally loves the sound of his own rants.

    That said, yeah, he’s entertaining in his takedowns at times. But IMHO he’s overly arrogant in his overall brilliance —— the Antonin Scalia of movie critics.

  45. Okay, I might give him a try this time around. I remember when ‘Blue Velvet’ came out in London in 1986 or so. Shit, you would have thought the Beatles had reunited! Also another movie I never watched (although my schoolmates loved it). It just seemed too needlessly ‘weird’ for me. ‘Dune’ seems popular with the Alt-Right; I think Richard is a big fan. Also another movie I tried to watch…

  46. The movie Dune sucks. The original book is great.

    There really is nothing comparable to it, in terms of influence of the AR — which is to say, in terms of influence overall (because we are all that matters) — except of course LoTR.

    Those two were singled out as the best achievements in so-called genre fiction a long time ago, and they remain BY FAR the most influential books of the 20th century.

    There is nothing else that even comes close. NYT tweed faggots will dispute that, but they are wrong. Popular appeal is all that matters, and those two dominate the memes in the AR, and the AR dominates the memes.

    I suppose some of the comic book movies of recent times are comparable in influence, but they would be a different category, and themselves downstream byproducts of those first two. I don’t know what that contemporary genre of film and storytelling is referred to: Bane and the Galactic Heroes and those guys. Batman too.

  47. Trump claimed Clinton said worse things to him on the golf course than he said to Bill Bush. I told this to a liberal and she replied that Bill Clinton would never talk like that about women. Like I have already said, it is a waste of time trying to reason with them.
    I agree Brooks is projecting. He is imagining himself in Trump’s position. Who knows what Trump will do. There is no doubt he likes power, but he is a different person than Brooks.

  48. The process of reclaiming our own culture is the meta process of what is the AR, and to jews like Brooks, it is forcefully malevolent.

    He can only be relevant by listening, now. I am not interested in what he has to say. No one who is young and vital is interested in what he has to say.

    Kek is the force to be reckoned now, not the old media. All the best people are interested in the contemporary process of creating a culture that works.

    Esoteric Kekism is what is happening.

    Older people want to disregard it as goofy, but it is all that matters, is what captures the hearts and minds of the people with the passion and the life-force to make something of their world.

  49. Lynch on television. Maybe as some background noise it’ll work. I avoid t.v. in general. Dims the soul/blunts your outlook!

  50. EPG: he writing for Twin Peaks was better than all but one or two of his movies. The prequel pilot for TP:The Fire that Walks is unparalleled.

  51. Twin Peaks from the 90s had its faults. One thing it didn’t have was minos.

    It was set at the tail end of the last white decade. If we looked back on it, there should be no feminists, Muzz, gays, SJWs or jews prancing about.

    The 90s were inferior to the 80s, but there were many shows that look like high racism to the modern standards. No doubt the reboot will have been “improved” by diversification.

  52. It is amusing that the NYT is looking for “conservative” writers. These jew capitalists only care about their money. I firmly believe most liberals would sell out their principles for cash.

    We’re gonna steal their audience and make them pay us top dollar to write for them. I will happily write anti-jew and anti-mino articles for the NYT if the price is right.

    Then, they can be the ones paying for their own extermination, not us.

  53. I’ve checked this across 5 different sources to make sure this is true, but it looks as if Viktor Orban strikes again in a very big way. I’m wondering if this will draw rebuke and/or action from North and West of Budapest. Hungary to crack down on Soros-funded NGO’s:

    The European Union member will use “all the tools at its disposal” to “sweep out” NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier, which “serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments,” Szilard Nemeth, a vice president of the ruling Fidesz party, told reporters on Tuesday. No one answered the phone at the Open Society Institute in Budapest when Bloomberg News called outside business hours.

  54. “The movie Dune sucks. The original book is great.”

    It is amazing how materially successful that book has been and how little corollary respect its given in terms of literary criticism and assessment; in fact, it’s odd that even at this late date, there is still not a sophisticated mantle or pantheon for sci-fi lit; it’s still considered this sort-of adolescent pop-kult ‘guilty pleasure,’ despite ‘serious’ sci-fi canonists a la King and Octavia Butler.

    The genre is probably my weakest in terms of literary familiarity.

    RE. “Dune”: FWIW…1) i was surprised that Lynch, who in ’79 or so i believe when the movie came out, was given the reins for the adaptation; i’d figure such a commercially successful novel would’ve been handed over to a better-known and proven director (perhaps it was; i can see Lucas even getting first dibs) and 2) I contend that it was Lynch’s relative ‘green-ness’ as a director, that led to the adaptation’s commercial failure; i.e., it was an issue of scale, fresh off relatively lo-fi efforts like Eraserhead and possibly Elephant Man (or maybe that came right after), Lynch was overwhelmed by the sudden quantum leap in Budget, publicity, star-power among the cast, etc, leading to issues loss-of-control issues and elements.

    I bet he could do a much, much better job now than than, 35-plus years and counting.

  55. Two comments about the Dune movie. Besides the absolutely unforgettable Francesca Annis/Sean Young pairing you had a soundtrack composed by one of the absolute best bands of all time. 🙂

    Also, where in the world did Lynch get the idea for the ghastly little heart plugs that the Harkonnens had? I don’t think they’re in the book, and when I search the Web I can’t find anyone who knows where that idea originated.

  56. D Lynch should give up exhibiting his paintings. A weak imitation of Bacon, whose message he seems to have clumsily misinterpreted as ‘life is always suspect.’ He does is thing on screen at times though.

  57. David Lynch is the most overrated director in the history of Hollywood. He is one of those annoyingly “deep” directors we are all supposed to puzzle over, but there is nothing worth puzzling over. He doesn’t make sense and he doesn’t try to make sense. His films are turgid, undisciplined snooze fests. It is interesting his popularity seemed to correspond to the 1990’s intellectual fad of post-structuralism, which was similarly opaque and obscurantist.

  58. it’s still the best organ of investigative-reporting in existence

    NYT’s international reporting is unparalleled and actually relatively free from elitist liberal bias that drips out of almost every domestic story they print. For instance – I was just reading this today – a story about Detroit finally getting new street lights after decades of neglect, becomes an opportunity to proselytize about racist car insurance rates. I guess it is just too much cog-dis for (((Michael Kimmelman))) to admit that things are actually getting done in Detroit now that we have a white mayor for the first time forty years. Which goes to show you btw, when things get bad enough, black people will beg for da white man to come back and run things for them. I’ve talked to more than one African who has told me, without reservation, that things were much better under colonialism.

  59. I’ve checked this across 5 different sources to make sure this is true, but it looks as if Viktor Orban strikes again in a very big way. I’m wondering if this will draw rebuke and/or action from North and West of Budapest. Hungary to crack down on Soros-funded NGO’s:

    Yes, I saw this!
    Perhaps we should remove Soros from the Dead Pool. It is more fitting that he should die slowly as he watches the world he tried to create collapse around him. A lonely old Jew whose shekels could not buy him the one thing he really wanted. 🙂

  60. you and yours ARE the zeitgeist now;

    I know… the Russian embassy just trolled the UK prime minister on twitter by tweeting Pepe. Lol!!

    prepare yourselves to fend off the partisan shitestorm debris that you and the once-renegate alt-right routinely threw!

    We’ve been living in the alt-left milieu for years now, which has sharpened our spears. The next step is to move from protest to politics, which means running for office (something I am considering locally).

    And if you consider what now constitutes the left, it will be a miracle if they rediscover their classical liberal roots anytime soon. We have a whole generation of leftists who don’t understand anything besides identity politics. You already have the DNC seriously considering the Islamist Keith Ellison as chair and Symone Sanders, who isn’t sure if the Chicago kidnapping constitutes a hate crime, openly stating that she does not want white leaders in the Democrat party.

  61. I am not really a David Lynch fan, although I have enjoyed watching a few of his shows/movies over the years. I would say he is someone who makes up in style what he lacks in substance. Many people, myself included, will watch something because we like the mood, look and feel of a show or movie, even if the plot or dialogue is not very good.

  62. Jenna Bush Hager misspeaks and says “Hidden Fences” instead of “Hidden Figures” while covering the Golden Globes, causing great offense. She grovels:

  63. I think we should quiz some black reporters about Woody Allen movies. I wonder if they would be able to name even one.

  64. From Reuters:

    Some U.S. companies are reviewing potential mergers while others are rethinking job cuts or looking at their manufacturing operations in China for fear of being cast as “anti-American” by President-elect Donald Trump, according to Wall Street bankers, company executives and crisis management consultants.

    Having seen some of America’s largest companies, including General Motors Co, Lockheed Martin Corp and United Technologies Corp, bluntly and publicly rebuked by Trump on Twitter, many others are worried they may be his next target – especially if they have significant overseas manufacturing, have had U.S. job cuts or price increases for consumers.

    Many are aware of the destructiveness of outsourcing and immigration as economic practice, but few talk about the evil of major mergers and acquisitions of smaller companies by larger ones. And not just because of staff consolidation (layoffs).

  65. ” think we should quiz some black reporters about Woody Allen movies. I wonder if they would be able to name even one.”

    “Annie Hall,” “Hannah and her Sisters”; “Manhattan”; “The Purple Rose of Cairo”; “Sleepers”; “Cafe Cosmopolitan”; “Bananas”; “Take the Money and Run”…….

    I bet i could think of a few more if given the time

  66. Good job. I noticed someone replied to Jenna Hager, “oh yeah, because we all look the same”. I do think I would have more trouble identifying a black man in a police line up than a white man, all other factors being the same. That would be a case were I would be better off in admitting I was having trouble distinguishing between different black men.

  67. @Camlost:

    Check this out:

    Now, proving to Cam, MGE and any others who believe that racial kinship and loyalty comes first and foremost, I can say with utter truth and conviction that I was overjoyed when GB beat Seattle and multi-racial QB Russell Wilson several weeks ago.

    And I will be absolutely ecstatic when multi-hued Dak and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys go down late Sunday afternoon.

    In fact, I have promised to wear a Aaron Rodgers jersey to a 90%+ high school next week if the GB Packers lose their game on Sunday. (And this is only an exercise to placate a few colleagues who were teasing me, because I would wear the jersey regardless of victory or defeat).

  68. Actually, re. that story in the above link; if I were Romo I would be pissed at the sportswriter who said that Prescott had an advantage in ‘perspective’ by being biracial; I think that is nonsense in terms of the kind of bonding that elite athletes in their 20s have as members on a pro sports team; i dont’ think Prescott being mixed adds to his ability to communicate, or that Romo’s lack of such a background hinders his ability to. not at all.

  69. Jeebus, you people don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

    1. Tony Romo is “biracial” – his father is Mexican (correcting Max Kellerman)

    2. Russell Wilson is not biracial. (correcting Trickin’)

    3. “John Hope Franklin” is a black historian, not a white serial killer. (correcting Trickin’)

    4. Now, proving to Cam, MGE and any others who believe that racial kinship and loyalty comes first and foremost,

    I’ve never said any such thing. I believe in citizenism in the Sailer fashion, but the time has come where we should understand that the vast majority of the people on the planet have no ability to assimilate in the USA and the hostility they’re showing to core Americans should make us move to staunch or stymie mass immigration and multiculturalism right dead in their tracks.

  70. “Tony Romo is “biracial” – his father is Mexican “
    Really? Never knew that; interesting…. y’know that Romo is from a small Wisconsin town situated between Milwaukee and Chicago: Burlington; it’s also known for being home to Nestle’s chocolate.

    RE. Franklin: whatever his name is; the guy who has a fetish for shooting porn kings and sporting scary-looking weaves.

    RE. kinship: just kidding, in how i’m pulling for the white QB of GB over the mixed Dallas QB.

  71. camlost; wilson is biracial; just not in typical terms; both his parents are biracial. he has lots of melungeon blood. do you recall us discussing this?

    quick question for you: Stephen A. Smith and his new First Take cohort Max Kellerman?

    Or Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe in their new Fox Sports show, “Undisputed”?

    I’m for Smith/Kellerman; i liked Bayless, but felt his and Smith’s schtick was tired and played out.

  72. I like both of those shows. I question Skip’s sanity because he went to great lengths to constantly predict NFL QB greatness for Johnny Manziel, which wouldn’t have happened for him even if he didn’t have the partying or drug problem. If I’m Johnny I’m more pissed about screwing up what I had in Colleen Crowley rather than the NFL “career”.

    Stephen A. Smith turns a lot of people off but I like him, Kellerman too. And all alt-righters should love Smith eternally for this 🙂 🙂

  73. 1. Tony Romo is “biracial” – his father is Mexican (correcting Max Kellerman)

    Nonsense. His father is total Conquistador American. White as can be.

  74. Nonsense. His father is total Conquistador American. White as can be.

    LOL, you know how these things work as well as I do. Yes, Russell has “woodshed” blood on both sides but he doesn’t have a phenotypically white parent like you do, so he doesn’t fit the most normal definition of biracial despite the straight Kat Williams hair.

    If someone that looks like Romo’s dad commits an anti-narrative crime the MSM will go out of its way to label him as “white,” just like the tawny brown George Zimmerman. But Mexican = victim group all the way in any other circumstance. It depends on how Tony Romo wants to play it. But considering that he pals around with lots of pro golfers, plus Jerry Jones (big GOP donor) and used to date Carrie Underwood I doubt that he’s out there claiming the “Hispanic” victim points that he has in reserve and he certainly votes GOP.

  75. Syrians kidnap a Swedish woman at gunpoint and keep her chained as a sex slave. Based on the information provided, this brings the war to ordinary people who avoid stupid behavior such as drunk partying, working in refugee camps, or dating foreigners.

    A crime against an innocent individual woman is in fact a crime against all of her compatriot men.

    H/t Vox Popoli, who writes:

    As I said a few years ago, by the time this nightmarish absurdity of a historical epoch is over, there will be statues erected to Anders Breivik all across Europe. [. . .] I correctly predicted that the popularity of nationalist parties would rise in the wake of Breivik’s one-man war waged in defense of his nation.

    You’ve never seen me, and you will never see me, denounce or ‘disavow’ any one of our Sturmsoldaten, past or future.

  76. OT: PA, what do you think of US moving troops into Poland? Seems like more sabre rattling and war mongering by the Zio-Globalists to me. Any word from the home front on this? I really think they are trying to start a conflict before Trump gets in.

  77. Those two had lived their entire lives in a cloud of gas.

    This perfectly sums up the millennial generation. It’s a bold and accurate description.

  78. O.T.@lThor,,

    Here you go Thordaddy,

    The “narrative keeper’s’ take of what you might label “The White Man’s Talented Tenth.”

  79. That’s not what Thals look like at all. They look exactly like a pure modern white.

    The Thal is the “native European.” In fact, they were more human that most Homo Sapiens.

    The truth about the Thals was also suppressed. That’s because their story is exactly the same as the white race’s story today – invaded by mass foreigners, their women taken as whores, the men eaten and the children become slaves.

  80. “That’s not what Thals look like at all”

    I was surprised by the images in the story; I thought Neanderthals signified the distinctly pure’ or ‘northern’ European distinctions and details, while the others contained elements of hybridization.

    And that ‘understanding,’ it should be noted, comes within a larger context of general ignorance of the larger subject.

    But i’ve been curious in the last year or so.

  81. I’ve understood this to be a Neanderthal look, according to University of Zurich researchers (it’s a child below). Look up a young Rosanna Arquette, she has that look.

  82. Those are provocations. Let’s see if President Trump pulls out of NATO.

    I’ve been under the impression that there’s few Russians ethnics still in Poland. But 80 main-sized battle tanks, 1,000 total vehicles and a full armored battalion getting deployed by NATO is a big deal. AFAIK, Poland has been spending somewhat aggressively on defense since the curtain fell.

  83. “It is interesting his popularity seemed to correspond to the 1990’s intellectual fad of post-structuralism, which was similarly opaque and obscurantist.”

    LMAO.I meant to tell you yesterday that this critical comment of yours felt especially phony to me in that its sense of outrage and disdain feels entirely manufactured and affected, I have to say, Mr. Obscuratarian. 🙂

  84. P.A., I recall that very image of a supposed child neanderthal being posted, discussed and ultimately dismissed at HBD blog several years ago, run by this avatar named Sagat.

    Camlost and I were among his regulars, I believe; Sagat and a few others were relatively knowledgeable on anthropological discussion and i believe ultimately the consensus was that the child-like pic of the neanderthal was deemed unlikely to be truly representative.

    I recall this guy Sagat as being a southener who occasionally went to neo-confederate events. I would imagine an Asian such as he (Thai) made for an interesting effect on such an event, as an Asian neo-confederate has yet to be a familiar conjuring in neo-racist America, no?

  85. I recall this guy Sagat as being a southener who occasionally went to neo-confederate events.

    Whoa, Sagat went to what kind of events? I didn’t know any of this. I’m thinking it was Civil War re-enactments, not expressly political events.

    He lives in Charlotte, married to a white woman.

  86. “Whoa, Sagat went to what kind of events? I didn’t know any of this. I’m thinking it was Civil War re-enactments, not expressly political events. “

    I don’t know if he was some sort of regular stalwart at such events. But I do recall him, in the midst of explaining some other circumstance, casually asserting he learned some bit of info from regularly talking to neo-confederates and I couldn’t help but be struck by the image in my head of some Thai immigrant to the south conversant with white American ‘neo-confederates’; calll me superficial, but the mere visual effect of seeing an Asian male as part of such proceedings (which include what? Civil war re-enactment camps?) as being a bit too much to casually process.

    I liked Sagat’s commentary and overall equipoise about his situation; he made me feel a bit less alone as a “NAM” alt-right interloper; he seemed well-grounded and proud of his heritage but sober and well-sourced in his alt-right-inspired observations, yet he was quite capable of calling out alt-right folly when it was there as well. It’s awkward at times to have alt-right dissent when many in the movement don’t concede its justified for you to even be present and offering your five-cents worth.

    FWIW, here is the prime thrust of his post on Neanderthals, which over the years I’ve seen quoted quite often by academic anthropologists as an example of quality populist blog rhetoric on the subject, implying it’s a quality entertainment that manages maintain the ring of scholarly truth:

    “My last post was just a joke poking fun of a story that I thought was getting way too much press, but it ended up raising some questions that I’ve pondered in the past about the appearance of Neanderthals. Now, if you’ve seen reconstructions of Neanderthals like the ones above, then you’ve probably noticed a trend towards making them northern European in appearance, right down to their skin, eye and hair color and even in giving them high northern European hairlines. This has led many that take a glance at these images to claim that, “See, they were just like us.”

    Well, the problem with that is they weren’t. They were a different species. Conservative estimates place their time of divergence from homo sapiens at 600-700 thousand years ago, though I’ve seen claims that the split was as far back as 1 million years ago. So theses images portraying Neanderthals as blue eyed, blonde hair White people have exactly how much basis in science? None. There’s no evidence to suggest that they had any of these features. Though a gene variant was found that showed that some Neanderthals had reddish hair, this gene isn’t the same as that found in modern Europeans.

    Looking worldwide at the variety of human populations, it’s clear that northern European coloring is unique to northern Europeans. The mutations that produce light eyes and hair are fairly recent. These mutations didn’t enter the European gene pool from Neanderthals. Most scientists believe that these traits came about because of sexual selection, since they offer no adaptation that would increase survival, besides making an individual more attractive to a mate. Some have suggested that Neanderthals would have the same coloring as modern Europeans because they also evolved in Europe. So what about Europe would force them to have blue eyes? Is it something in the water? Other cold adapted peoples like Mongolians don’t have the same coloring or even the same hair texture as Europeans, so why would Neanderthals? It stretches credibility to assert that Neanderthals just happened to evolve the same feature set as northern Europeans when other groups around the world didn’t. (Yes, Aborigines and Fijians sometimes have blonde hair, but none of the other coloring).

    Besides Neanderthal bone structure, we know very little about their appearance. We have no idea what their soft tissue looked like. Was their skin leathery and thick? Were they especially hairy? Did they have hairlines that started right above their eyebrows? We don’t know. No one does. So why the trend towards making Neanderthals White?

    John McNeill, in the previous post, raised a good question:

    Perhaps this is some way (intentionally or unintentionally) of presenting European racial features as primitive, archaic, doomed to extinction, irrelevant and/or ugly?

    I hadn’t considered that before, but I don’t think that’s the case. Over the years, I’ve watched Neanderthals become more and more modern in appearance. They used to be portrayed like this: “

  87. @Cam,

    It’s interesting that ESPN, in advance of Sunday’s GB-Dallas game, ran a replay of last year’s divisional playoff between GB and Dallas and are pitting this year’s rematch as the atonal avengement of that infamous replay call from last year’s game in which Dez Bryant’s seeming TD catch was ruled an incomplete pass. The sum of the hype implies: will Dallas finally get some justice, but the irony is that the even-further scrutiny of that play shows more and more that Bryant, indeed, did NOT catch and maintain possession of the ball, though the gloss for this year’s hype is that he did.
    Anyhow, this goes into y theory on just how certain major-league sports ‘brand-name’ franchises end-up getting the decisive close calls in key contests, while teams in flyover cities, like my humble hamlet, usually get sheisted by referees, the Dallas divisional last year notwithstanding…. i.e. we usually get shafted, as UW-Madison did in the 2015 NCAA final against the national brand “Duke,’ with appalling and outright subversively corrupt calls that maintain national-brand dominance at the expense of flyover upstart victories unpaid, etc.

    Anyhow, I just hope this isn’t leading to a ‘cook-the-books’ job for Dallas, as was that UW-vs-Duke game a few years ago.

  88. Great party idea, Cam. Strong White Russians for L’America, with a cursory nod to Vlad.

    N-crit — Making excuses already? That ardent negro caught it when it mattered, and you know it.

    Happy Wolf Moon, gentz

  89. “I’ve understood this to be a Neanderthal look…”

    Right out of college I lived with a couple girls from way up north that had that look. One was among the biggest slu+s I’ve ever known — but staggeringly demure in conversation (and surprisingly, more everyday tact as well). The other swore like a Scottish sailor and liked to front that she whored around a lot, but was really still refreshingly ‘intact’ when I met her around age 22. I’d say Maggie Gyllenhaal also approximates that look.

  90. Counter Currents looks at a 1980s booklet that correctly predicted the rise of the Alt-Right. The article summarizes the pamphlet’s arguments (including ones below) and looks at how its predictions have played out thus far:

    10. “. . . identity has more lives than the proverbial cat . . .” Fear of subordination or extinction can create a powerful revival.

    11. Ethnic conflict is not necessarily motivated by rational considerations in pursuit of economic gain.

    12. Support for ethnic movements is often stronger among well-educated individuals with high incomes and high-status occupations than among those from lower socioeconomic levels.

    13. Ethnic conflict creates “tribal ethics” where the in-group supports its own and cares little about cheating or doing wrong to another group.

  91. Is there any way of treating these stories in any way but as the morning’s good news? Former Miss Italy is acid-attacked by her black ex-boyfriend.

    In a free country, violence would have made ‘sharking extremely rare. But since we don’t have a country of our own yet, laughter is the best we’ve got. In an ethnic conflict, there is delight in a traitor’s misfortune.

  92. I liked Sagat’s commentary and overall equipoise about his situation; he made me feel a bit less alone as a “NAM” alt-right interloper;

    Sagat was hilarious, he used to get into it with Obsidian quite a bit before certain constellations and water signs lined up in the heavens and apparently took the “astrology Doctor” back to the mother ship.

    and I couldn’t help but be struck by the image in my head of some Thai immigrant to the south conversant with white American ‘neo-confederates’;

    Funny OT story, but there was another famous Thai immigrant(s) in Western NC that made headlines before him – Chang and Eng Bunker, the original “Siamese Twins”:

    The married two sisters, had an army of children and became quite integrated into the community.

  93. @ Nik

    It’s interesting that ESPN, in advance of Sunday’s GB-Dallas game, ran a replay of last year’s divisional playoff between GB and Dallas and are pitting this year’s rematch as the atonal avengement of that infamous replay call from last year’s game in which Dez Bryant’s seeming TD catch was ruled an incomplete pass

    Well, first of all that was a valid catch. 🙂

    Secondly, that particular situation is the ideal type of little “snippet play” that markets well in today’s Internet-driven sports consumption environment – two storied franchises in a playoff “controversy” and a fast, “re-tweetable” highlight that can be replayed in slow motion in 3 seconds. You’re going to see and hear about that Dez Bryant play ad nauseam over and over through Sunday – the NFL couldn’t invent a better story line for today’s sports viewer even if it tried.

    The NFL and NFL have really adapted to the new social media-driven viewership market very well, they’re able to put ads in front of eyeballs 24/7 even when you’re not tuning into the game on Sunday or Monday night.

    BTW, the Badgers completely choked in the Big-10 title game against Penn State.

  94. The great late Lawrence Auster had a discussion about Katie Piper, titled “The Savage Jungle Into Which Liberalism Delivers Young Women.”

    Yes, that article should be subtitled “How anti-racism failed a generation.”

    It’s eye-opening to see the childlike demeanor and lack of mature realism on the part of Katie Piper when you read the story of how she met that guy, started seeing him, then ignored various warning signs and allowed herself into an unsafe situation.

  95. EPG: “N-crit — Making excuses already? That ardent negro caught it when it mattered, and you know it. “

    No, Bryant DIDN’T catch it by the clearly established standard of what constitutes a catch: in the process of his attempt, the ball was cleanched, released, touched the ground and was then re-grasped.

    The multitude of replay angles was hurt by the fact that, of the three most useful replay angles, in each there was some coincidentally obscuring aspect (i.e., a referee’s torso blocking the view at the exact instant the ball touches the ground, etc) — BUT WHEN YOU COMPILED AN EVIDENTIAL CLIP FROM THE SEVERAL COVERING DIFFERING ANGLES THE CALL FOR ‘INCOMPLETION’ WAS CLEARLY VALID.

    And what’s often conveniently overlooked but what I noticed from watching that sped-up rebroadcast yesterday is that —- in original broadcast realtime —- upon the initial play in question, Aikman and Buck consulted the resident NFL rules expert in New York , whose SOLE purpose during these game broadcasts is to quickly render expert, rule-driven call predictions, and the league expert casually surveyed the initial replay and said he believed the call should and would be reversed and ruled ‘incomplete.’

    And it was.


    I agree with your elaboration. With the further sophistication of stoking ESPN ancilliary marketing tactics, the league in cahoots with ESPN and other mediated forces have found way to streamline monetary game from Bryant-catch controversey and other once-seemingly obscure moments in sports history.

    Everything is up for grabs AND sale nowadays.

  96. These women have a false sense of security. They might think if he becomes violent, I’ll just call the police on him. They aren’t thinking of all the damage he can do before the police arrive.
    The college student, who was punched in the face by a Oklahoma football player, talked about how that made her lose her innocence. Maybe that is not such a bad thing.

  97. OMG, that Piper case and the other cited here are so hideous.

    There’s a sort-of local cause celebre case of a locally famous couple playing out in Wisconsin; the damaging solvent wasn’t acid but something close enough.

    This couple was suburban and white and involved two with otherwise unblemished criminal records, though their domestic disputes had been somewhat documented.

    I think that sometimes is why such cases are more publicized; not so much because they’re white but because they acting out is from an statistically unlikely pair.

    And that doesn’t excuse the most egregious tendency of these mediated tragedies: covering up the racial component of the more common castings —— which, btw, are b-on-b first and then possibly b-on-w.

  98. The football player used a gay slur against her friend. She shoved him and then smacked him in the face. He responded by punching her in the face and breaking several bones. I would never smack a black man in the face and expect that I would get out of there without some serious bodily harm.

  99. The football player used a gay slur against her friend. She shoved him and then smacked him in the face. He responded by punching her in the face and breaking several bones.

    Of course Mixon tried to use the standard defense by claiming that racial remarks were made towards him first. But that doesn’t make sense because Mixon was the one who approached their table, and also because that’s pretty unlikely behavior from a skinny little 120-pound overtly gay dude towards the 230-pound Mixon.

  100. MGE: “Once and awhile when I’m in a masochistic mood, I’ll wander over to HuffPo, see something like this:”

    Straight-up question re. that gender-switch prisoner link from Huff-Po: would you say the pro-or-con bent in that story was pro-tranny, anti-tranny or neutral?

    If i had to guess before reading the story, i would’ve bet it was somewhere between neutral and ‘pro’; but having read it and then doing a quick once-over, i’m inclined to say it was more between ‘neutral’ and ‘anti.’

    Would you agree?

  101. She was also a huge Oklahoma State fan. She refuses to go to any games while Mixon is on the team. I am glad she is holding her ground on this. Mixon is a loser.

  102. I hate seeing people get beat up, even white girls who bring it on themselves.

    Mixon just decks her and breaks her face, and to be sure, he feels good about it. He is getting respect from his football bros and more ghetto cred so that when he ends up back where he came from he can point to that video as a highlight.

    A big strong man (of any race) can flatten a typical woman, or anyone slightly built, with a single punch, especially if it is out of the blue.

  103. And that Huffpo link, check out the face of that there,

    Shiloh Heavenly Quine

    a shining example of white womanhood, complete with mascara and eye socket tats. What are the odds she will be amenable to some jailhouse romance?

    “Gender confirmation surgery” they call it.

    They are putting her out and going in there and doing whatever it is they do, and then putting her up at a woman’s prison.

    Prisoners have rights to have the mental health problems treated, and so therefore gender confirmation surgery. That makes sense?

    First name, Shiloh: Purebred California trash
    Middle name Heavenly: the eyes are the shining light of her soul
    Last name Quine: probably descended from the shanty Irish indentured

  104. I just read an article written by Katie Piper. She said before her attack, she did not realize there was any badness in the world. She doesn’t seem very political, but I would bet she is also more conservative now.

  105. “but it is not a bad song.”

    Right, it’s worse than bad; it’s horrifically overwrought yet trite….. Yikes!

    (Dude, you are a much, much MUCH sharper literary critic than you are a pop music critic. To wit: you were all over —– like white on rice —— that young Columbia University prof’s p.c. manifesto about Trump, pointing out its heavy-handed earnestness and stereotypical phrasings, etc.Yet, those very sins of bad writing infect “Hotel California” and you can’t say the obvious: that it’s a bad, BAD song! 🙂

  106. “A big strong man (of any race) can flatten a typical woman, or anyone slightly built, with a single punch, especially if it is out of the blue.”

    Which is precisely why there should be no currency in bragging about such a task. I mean, that and its obvious despicable-ness. That said, i fear elk is right that bros would revel in such a dubious task overall more than would other groups —– though perhaps not as readily and heartily as he implied.

  107. — (Dude, you are a much, much MUCH sharper literary critic than you are a pop music critic

    Oh I don’t know jack shit about music, I just enjoy posting Idle Thoughts about it 🙂

    Stand by for another instalment tomorrow.

  108. OK, Mr. Pop Novice, here’s your first review project in becoming more hip and aware; none other than the New York Times Arts-&-Leisure staff recommends the following Residente ‘Somos Anormales’ video as the new cutting-edge ‘must’ for your portable-device player….(warning; explicit-and-then-some content ahead!)

    Hey, the New York Times knows you gotta be risque to be on the vanguard, y’know fellers?

  109. p.s. re. nytimes critics picks….

    The list of picks is interesting in its FKA twigs X Nike vid/music spectacle is interesting in how it plays with the who’s-hustling-who? question inherent to any such pop-art-advert mash-up; actually, three of these crit picks are advertisements in some form or another —— a fact that would have made the late 70s/early 80s post-Marxist po-mo modern studies academics flip out and/or wet their panties…some truly interesting stuff in these such lists, but where I wouldn’t know where to even start if diving into this mess nowadays.

  110. Straight-up question re. that gender-switch prisoner link from Huff-Po: would you say the pro-or-con bent in that story was pro-tranny, anti-tranny or neutral?

    It’s so absurd it’s hard to tell anymore. I mean, “gender confirmation surgery” are you serious?

    I suspect this guy is just trying to serve out the remainder of his life sentence in a cushy women’s prison. One wonders about the motives and psychological state of another infamous tranny serving a very long sentence, Chelsea Manning.

    This case obviously sets a very bad precedent. So now every inmate, no matter how violent or deranged, can claim to be woman, undergo “confirmation” surgery and hormone replacement at taxpayer expense, and be transferred to a female prison population?

    California really is full of fruits and flakes.

  111. Real “racist” meme one and two:

    Solid black top half background with white lettering…

    “Once you go black”

    Picture of latest dead or acid faced white female…

    “You never come/go back!”

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